Other Hoaxes Zionist Terror — 12 April 2015
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Kansas Bombing Plot is a Staged Arch-Fake FBI Sting

Regarding the acclaimed planned suicide bombing attack against one of America’s most fortified institutions, Ft. Riley, sure it was, right. A lone wolf Muslim convert, formerly named of all things John T. Booker, sure he was, ready to go: ready to bomb the place to oblivion. Sure he said this, right, this man named Muhammad Abdullah Hassan. He did so just as he was attempting to become a recruit in the military. He said it, so he could reveal his intentions before he would go about his mad act. Who in the world believes such gibberish?

“…so, goodbye!” Goodbye to who? His fellow fake adherents? He wants to be with his ‘lord,’ little ‘l’, by the way, so badly he will bomb himself to death, as if this is somehow a high deed. “I am so broke that my pockets are sore.” What 20 year-old speaks in such a manner? Moreover, what does that have to do with committing suicide through a truck bomb? Now, for the ultimate proof of this fraud as an arch-Zionist scam there are the following statements, that is he is so fired-up to bomb himself to death i order to gain access to heaven that he:

“cannot wait to go (to?) the Prophet Muhammad’s door” at which time he will perform a “prank” against Jesus, that is “Isa bin (son of) Maryam.” Now, it is well established that the Christ Jesus was not into pranks nor would he find such behavior commendable. After committing that prank Mr. Hassan would then “party so hard that it will rock Jannah (that is the heavens) to its core.” The arch-Zionist writer then adds, incredibly, “Only Allah knows what the future has in store, so that should make you fear Allah much, much more.”

None of this makes any sense. No actual Muslim would write it, and surely this would not be written by such a one who would be planning his death. Once again, these are pro-Zionist story writers, not Muslims. This means the entire claim for a real attempted terror attack by any such man is absolutely fraudulent, a mere set up: an absolute hoax.


The sone of a military man, suddenly he went sour and decided to turn against all that he knew, all in order to take revenge in the name of Islaam. It’s a perfect story line for the Zionists in their terminally wretched scheme to demonize this faith and to maintain the arch-fraud of Islaamic terror.

‘We need a strong leader like Hilary Clinton, who is willing to fight the threats of ‘radical Islaam.’ Look what abides among us, none other that one of those enemies from within – sure he said, yes he did, a perfect distraction to take away any potential interest in respectable candidates for President and more. America needs tough leaders who’ll go after those bad guys:


Does anyone believe that this 20 year-old really said this? What fools have people become.

It is also said:

His friend, Alexander E. Blair, was charged with a felony in federal court Friday afternoon. The 28-year-old Topeka man is accused of sharing Booker’s extremist views. Blair allegedly loaned Booker money, which he used to pay for storage. After Booker was arrested, Blair was questioned by federal agents and then charged himself.

According to court documents, Blair admitted to knowing about Booker’s bomb plot and failing to alert authorities even though he believed that Booker would carry out the attack. He told agents that “he urged Booker to cease talking openly about his intentions to conduct an attack for fear of attracting public attention and being reported to law enforcement,” according to court records.


NOTE: Blair is a US government espionage mole. There is nothing else to see, here.

During his afternoon court appearance, a shackled Booker was smiling as he walked into the courtroom while wearing a Muslim prayer cap. He told the judge that his first name should be spelled as Muhammed not Mohammed as listed on court documents.

His father told KCTV5 Friday afternoon that he is scared and sad. He was wearing a Desert Storm veteran’s hat when KCTV5 went by his Topeka home.

“I love this country. I’m a veteran. Somewhere my son went wrong,” John T. Booker Sr. said with tears in his eyes.

He added that he fears for the safety of his son’s twin and his wife.


Big, tough Mr. Desert Storm and he is afraid of a 20 year-old (and his boogeyman accomplices) even though they are now in prison? Moreover, this is the person they are so frighten about?


Booker seems completely out of place in that image.

TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) — The father of the man accused of plotting to detonate a vehicle bomb at Fort Riley said he was glad that his son was arrested and that no one was hurt.

John Booker, Sr., is an Army veteran himself and had once served at the military base his son wanted to attack.

He told 13 NEWS that he had only seen his son, John Booker, Jr., four times in the past two years.

The elder Booker said his son moved out when he was 18 years old and partially attributed it to the differing views between them.


These are men who are apparently associated with Booker. Do they look like Arab militants?


This is a set-up by the arch-corrupt one s of the US government. There is nothing real about it. It’s all staged, 100% fake: a hoax. Nothing more to see, here.



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  1. Dishonest Zionist lawyer who seems to not know the rule of law!

    Bruce Fein makes himself liable to criminal charges for deformation, libel, and slander


  2. There have been cruel schemes at work where drugs were planted on innocent White people including College students aimed at destroying their lives. And this drug war just like the war on terror is a war on innocent people on a global scale which allows cruel Zionist bankers and organized Jewry and their agents to go after anyone they dislike and many lives have been ruined by this global crime syndicate.

    Is the “War on Drugs” as phony as the “War on Terror”? By Professor James Fetzer

    The former Chief Psychiatrist for the FBI, Alen J. Salerian, M.D., of The Salerian Center for Neuroscience & Pain (formerly, The Washington Center for Psychiatry), in Washington, DC, has been blowing the whistle on false statistics being disseminated by the Center of Disease Control (CDC).

    These stats are being used to justify the “War on Drugs”, which criminal elements within the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) appear to be enforcing by conducting their own “War on Physicians” who are attempting to change the nation’s drug laws for the benefit of the people.

    The physicians who have dedicate themselves to exposing this charade and to doing something about it by creating “The Pain Relief Network” on-line and by organizing “The Pain Brain Festival” in Washington, D.C., have not been dealt with kindly.

    In what may or may not have been merely a remarkable coincidence, on Christmas Eve, a plane crash occurred near Columbus, Ohio, that took the lives two of the leaders of this effort.

    The exposure of these false statistics threatens to undermine the “War on Drugs”, which undoubtedly would have the effect of encouraging the legalization of drugs, reduce if not evaporate the vast profits accrued through the sale of illegal drugs, and thereby diminish if not completely destroy the wealth and power of the major drug cartels, including of the CIA, widely regarded as the largest drug dealing organization the world has ever known, which appears to me to have led to the harassment and even death of physicians across America whose only offense has been to assist their patients in coping with pain, where, if treated as a medical rather than a criminal problem, it could be dealt with relatively easily and cheaply and improve the lives of millions worldwide.

    But it also would dramatically reduce the profits that are derived from the “War on Drugs”, which, alas, appears to be as phony as the “War on Terror”.

    Read more:


  3. It’s indeed a pleasure to see two great thinkers and civilized people on the same platform who deserve their friendship together!

    Pastor Dankof joins Dr. Duke and they discuss how Israel and the Zionists benefit from the ISIS terrorism against Europe and America and how they manipulate us through that external threat. A powerful sow that you should share with your friends and family!


    Look for the radio program on 4/14/15 in the link below to hear Dr David Duke and Pastor Mark Dankof


  4. Look for the radio program on 4/14/15 in the link below to hear Dr David Duke and Pastor Mark Dankof


  5. Correction:

    The correct date is 4/15/15 [not 4/14/15]

  6. Criminal Zionist hijacked US interfering with another sovereign country!

    US Assistant Secretary’s threat to Sovereignty of Sri Lanka.

    Addressing Journalists, visiting US Assistant Secretary for Democracy Human Rights and Labour Tom Malinowski is reported to have reminded that it is the interest of US and others in the International Community that various allegations against the previous government be investigated and resolve the unanswered questions remaining from the War in Sri Lanka.

    In the course of addressing the journalists he has admitted that, had he raised the same issues that he is discussing today about a year back everything would have been rejected and what he is seeing today is not just change of government but a change in commitment and direction, where problems being acknowledged. Further he has cautioned that as long as the government moves in the direction that the people who elected it wanted to, the International Community would be there to help it. He has also said that they will grant time until September this year to conduct an independent domestic probe into war crime allegations.

    This tells whole story of the recent change of Government in Sri Lanka, and about crazy and utterly irresponsible utterances and activities of the government thus elected . Now that the cat is out of the bag, and story comes out of horse’s mouth, this is a situation that no nation with a sovereignty can tolerate any more. If the sovereignty rests with people, as the so called International Community says, this is indeed the time to exercise it unhesitantly , in order to free our beloved Nation and the Country from the clutches of Anglo American neo colonial rule. It is not a at all a matter of going against an elected government but certainly an exercise of sovereign right of the people to safeguard the Nation and of its Country from its imminent disaster caused by the failure of the elected government to exercise its paramount duty. The gravity of the National Disaster and its undercurrents has been exposed by no lesser person than Thamara Kunanayakam,one time Sri Lanka’s permanent Representative to UN office at Geneva. She has categorically stated in a recent interview with Ceylon today, that the US will eventually partition Sri Lanka. This is what the concerned Sinhala groups had been continuously saying for more than last thirty years, When the divisions of the nation and its country is being facilitated with several measures like National Language , the National Flag , the National Song, National Festival as well as every other national entity that are recognized as Sinhala National. All these were carried out at the behest of the so called Anglo American International Community. From the US Assistant Secretary Malinowski’s address to the media it is more than clear that they are now seeking to take more direct measures in their mission of partitioning Sri Lanka, by even changing of Government. Assistant Secretary has admitted it. More than that he has threatened the government, to move in the direction that the people who elected wanted to, or face consequences.


  7. Citizens of the world need to wake up and rise against all criminals including those who run the rogue institutions such as the EU, UN, WHO who are destroying humanity through terror, fraud and deception.

    It is time to get rid of these evil elements once and for all!

    These criminals who are looting the world have now set their eyes on Sri Lanka after robbing Palestine and after destroying many Muslim and other countries.

    Where are the do gooders – those globe trotters who have dedicated their lives to help those in trouble?

    “Foreign-imposed regime change violates UN Charter: Who will defend Sri Lanka?”

    From Iraq, we witnessed the occupation of Afghanistan, the independence of Kosovo & Sudan, killing of Gaddafi, ongoing attack on Syria besides the scores of Middle East/African nations with the latest jaunt of obtaining steady flow of brainwashed jihadists to be trained and exported to nations to start ‘rebellions’ as Islamic terrorists to enable the humanitarian charlatans to descend as saviour while a well-palmed international and local media gives all details of gross violations conveniently omitting to mention the role of their paymasters! Robin Cook resigned over the illegality of the Iraq invasion in 2003 and in an article in 2005 he confirmed that there is no AL Qaeda only ‘kharjees along with Mossad, CIA & RAW led and trained mercenary gangs like TTP who pose as Islamic jihadists and create justification for global information war and propaganda to launch a new war against another Muslim country’.

    Let us stop fooling ourselves. Since the end of World War 2, the US has overthrown more than 50 governments most of which were democratically elected. US has attempted to suppress populist or national movements in 20 countries and has interfered in democratic elections in at least 30 countries. US has also assassinated more than 50 foreign leaders. Since 1945 the US has carried out regime change in 69 countries in all the continents of the world. For 70 years the US has been functioning as a bully and meddling in the affairs of nations that are supposed to be independent and though we blame America in reality America itself is ruled by corporates and the general public are clueless about what its Government ends up doing on orders of those who actually rule America.

    It is not difficult to now understand behind the veil of good governance, human rights, freedoms blah blah blah that are being preached to us by entities like the UN wasting millions on reports, conferences etc beneath all of this a handful of people own and control the world and they plan conflicts, invasions, occupations and economic collapse of countries. In reality the world and its people have become nothing but slaves in systems created by them for their profit and survival only. 90% of US media rests in the hands of just 6 corporations, the entire supply chain will naturally be determined by these 8 or 12 families who control the banking systems, governments and politicians, food and other essentials and the reason for regime change is nothing other than hunger for more profit by returning to colonial-led plunder of resources in nations now supposed to be independent.
    Read more here:


  8. “Israel and the Khazarian Mafia now secretly condemned and plotted against by World’s Top Military and Intel” By Dr Preston James

    Much of the World is now secretly turning against the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia Banksters and their main action agent Israel which has infiltrated and hijacked America.

    It is now recognized that America has been infiltrated and hijacked to the degree that it is functioning as a Rothschild Khazarian Mafia Vassal State and Israeli Occupied Territory.

    It is also realized that Israel used Nuclear Blackmail to set up Homeland Security as their own personal Secret Police internal Occupation Army inside America, designed to be used to tyrannize and oppress Americans and transform America into GAZA II, the World’s largest open air prison camp and make Americans the New Palestinians to be herded like cattle and then progressively mas-murdered.

    Several nations now realize that Israel is a Nuclear Terror State with a large arsenal of nukes, many already pre-planted in Israeli embassies and Synagogues around the World, ready to deploy and detonate. They know that Israel has often used its Samson Option as a threat to blackmail nations leaders to get what it wants. they also realize that Israel has been willing to sell nukes to any nation that supports them, and some have secretly obtained them from Israel.

    These advisory groups involving most large nations of the World now view terrorism in general not as an Islamic problem but as the covert crimes of the World largest Organized Crime Syndicate, the Khazarian Mafia and Israel.

    Read more:


  9. Geo – engineering and Chemtrails and Weather Manipulation have the potential to destroy all life and should be banned:


  10. “Houthi Blames US for Saudi Air Strikes”

    Abdul-Malik al-Houthi made the remarks in a televised address on Sunday in reaction to Saudi Arabia’s deadly attacks targeting Yemeni people across the country.

    “The US is sponsoring the attacks. The US is directing the attacks against Yemen,” the Houthi leader said.

    The US has authorized its “criminal hands” to kill people in Yemen, he added.

    Al-Houthi described Saudi Arabia’s move to target the Yemeni people as “silly and unacceptable”, emphasizing that the aggressors, Saudi Arabia, the US and Israel, are killing innocent Yemeni people and are targeting Yemen’s infrastructure by destroying mosques, schools, markets, and other places.

    The claims that the attacks are for the sake of the Yemeni people is silly and illogical, the Houthi leader said, adding that the attacks are a “justification” for killing innocent people.

    The reason behind the aggression is that the US and the Israeli regime want such attacks, he added.

    It has been revealed that the Americans choose the targets for the Saudi regime to destroy, he said, noting, “Israel supports the aggression and is happy with the aggression.”

    Israel and America are the main beneficiaries of the Saudi aggression against Yemen, he added.

    Read more:


    • The Houthi freedom fighters are right. A big mistake was made, here, RE: the mosque bombing. The Zionists murdered and injured those people.

  11. Thank you Sweden for standing against US, Saudi and Israeli terror!

    “Swedes Slam Saudi Invasion of Yemen”

    TEHRAN (FNA)- Dozens of Swedish people took to the streets of Gothenburg and denounced the Saudi invasion of Yemen.

    The rally was held on Sunday, with participants holding placards reading “Stop Genocide in Yemen”.

    The protesters chanted anti-Saudi slogans and called on international bodies to intervene and swiftly stop the massacre of innocent men, women and children.

    The Swedish people also carried the national flag of Yemen, expressing their solidarity with the steadfast people of the Arab country.

    Saudi Arabia has been striking Yemen for 26 days now to restore power to fugitive president Mansour Hadi, a close ally of Riyadh. The Saudi-led aggression has so far killed over 2,655 Yemenis, including hundreds of women and children. The attacks have also left thousands of people injured.

    Hadi stepped down in January and refused to reconsider the decision despite calls by Ansarullah revolutionaries of the Houthi movement.

    Despite Riyadh’s claims that it is bombing the positions of the Ansarullah fighters, Saudi warplanes are flattening residential areas and civilian infrastructures.


  12. What are they conspiring to do?

    President Putin needs to keep an eye on Al – Sisi and be cautious and even better if keeps away from Egypt altogether!

    Egypt’s President Sisi meets with CIA chief in Cairo


  13. Former CIA official Philip Giraldi has recently reported:

    “The abuse of Christian clergy and laity in Israel has been widely reported, and there are 50 laws that discriminate in various ways against non-Jews.

    “The Israeli bureaucracy de facto aids the process by refusing basic services for non-Jews, appropriating or infringing on Christian and Muslim religious sites, and systematically denying things like building permits even if there is no law that is directly applicable.

    “Some Israeli politicians are on record calling for the expulsion of all Arabs or creating incentives for them to leave voluntarily. Christians, many of whom are in communion with Rome, confronted by a government hostile to their interests have already done and will continue to do the latter, emigrating to find a better life within their diaspora community overseas. The number of Catholics in Israel declined by half between 1980 and 2008.”[12]


  14. UN, WHO, EU are all Zionist controlled fraudulent agencies set up to protect Zionist Jews and their crimes and all these institutions must end.

    Israel is committing atrocious crimes on Palestinians and UN does nothing.

    Houthis are only trying to take back their country from the Zionist puppet who has been installed by the Zionist hijacked US.

    Sri Lanka defeated the Mossad front LTTE and the UN and EU have been trying to create trouble for the previous Rajapakse Government for defeating the terrorists.

    “Framing bogus War Crime charges: WHO are the ‘civilians’ who died in Sri Lanka’s Final War?” By Shenali D Waduge

    The efforts to frame war crimes changes has been an ongoing affair for the past 6 years. Other than emotionally charged outbursts, ridiculous guestimates not a single name has been given for the dead. As of 9 April 2015 only 16,179 civilian ‘missing’ have been logged with the Presidential Missing Person’s Commission (with a mandate to investigate between 1983-2009). In the meanwhile from UNSG downwards a very concerted campaign is taking place to make Sri Lanka’s leaders the guilty party by propaganda campaigns and framed ‘evidence’. Therefore US envoy may walk up and down Mullaitivu beach but he first needs to prove who the dead were first before asking Sri Lanka to admit accountability for the supposed dead. When an LTTE-cadre recruited by TNA was caught collecting signatures on blank war crimes forms to be filled and sent to the UNHRC investigators it highlights the mischief taking place and the hypocrisy inside international organizations (the UN & UNHRC). It must be noted that details of 5000 missing soldiers have been lodged with the Presidential Commission.


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