Nairobi Hoax Other Hoaxes — 24 October 2013
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Kenya’s Hired Gunmen Prove the Mall Shooting Hoax

As revealed by one of our posters the claim of an actual shooting and massacre in the Israeli-owned and  operated Nairobi Westgate Mall is a hoax of vast proportions.


It all looks so serious with the deployment of all those gunmen and heavy weaponry. Yet, is it serious, or is it a hoax?

Turns out, it is a total hoax, made readily evident by the various mercenaries, hired, armed moles, and state-sponsored gunmen themselves. In particular, the local Kenyan gunmen freely reveal the degree of the scam.

The video begins with this image, one of the most easily debunked fakes in the entire scam:

Screen Shot 2013-10-24 at 1.45.24 PM

This is a Zionist specialty, the Israeli smear technique, where the tempura paint is squirted on the floor and then they have the crisis actors rub their bodies in it to spread it out. Next time, they’ll have to do better than that. No one finds this believable.

A close-up proves even more:


This is as obvious as it gets. That’s a good deal of ‘blood.’ It would necessitate a major wound. The blood (fake) is concentrated almost exclusively next to the torso. Therefore, the wound would be there, an entrance wound presumably in the chest or abdomen. Anyone see such a wound? Anywhere, anytime? 1000% a hoax.

Of course, she’s got perfect color plus good muscle tone, the right leg still in good use. It would have been more believable if she would have been full supine or prone. Yet, not here: show the young lady’s face, just a young person: how ruthless and brutal are those ‘Mooslim’ fanatics.

It’s smeared up everywhere. No blood packets, though, visible. It’s under Israeli control: less blunders than Boston hoax, the Israelis own this place. The shoe issue: hardly worth mentioning, truly sophomoric or, rather, moronic.

Here is another phony: a supposedly dead businessman, picture taken by Zionist mole Sobecki. He’s not dead. It’s a fake.

In this hoax picture the man has covered up his uninjured head with his sport jacket. It’s just a hoax: no need to be appalled.

Here is a close-up of the supposedly wounded hand. See any laceration or bullet wound?

This is just painted or drizzled moulage. There is no wound on that hand. The glass was busted out with most likely blunt force: a total phony.

Armed men joking around (no wonder)

The men are having a good old time playing out the Israeli movie set. Notice one of the key operatives on the tile, the man with the communication device in the light or beige jacket, the bald man between the two gunmen. He is a key liason between the Israeli directors and the Kenyan understudies.

Screen Shot 2013-10-24 at 1.46.25 PM

Screen Shot 2013-10-23 at 3.22.19 PM

It is clear, undeniably so, that these men are not involved in a crisis or public emergency of any kind and that, rather, they are joking, completely relaxed, never focused on any serious threat.

Screen Shot 2013-10-24 at 1.46.34 PM

The man, right screen, gives a thumb signal backwards; presumed head of this group of armed agents looks in the same direction.

Screen Shot 2013-10-23 at 3.22.25 PM

A close-upo proves the man has a big smile on his face. The walkie-talkie man looks on for further instructions, awaiting the next part of the movie.


“Uh oh, guys, uh, we’re on camera. We shouldn’t be joking about; it will look bad. Get serious. Quit mucking around.”

Screen Shot 2013-10-23 at 3.22.31 PM

Raised up some more, more and more. He’s all serious, now.

Screen Shot 2013-10-24 at 1.47.49 PM

“OK, I’ll raise up my weapon and switch to a serious face. Me too, I’ll look around like I’m hunting for a terrorist. No one will notice.”

The world did notice. The same man in the middle can be found in this infamous chase scene, complete with Hollywood-style fake sound effects as if gunshots:

Screen Shot 2013-10-24 at 1.48.24 PM

He moves on up and gives instructions, or receives them, when the noise of a gunshot occurs, but there is no evidence that either of these guns were fired. See how he is giving notice to the sound effects department for purposes of coordination.

Screen Shot 2013-10-24 at 1.48.39 PM

“Honey, don’t worry. The movie won’t last much longer. I’ll be home in time for dinner.”

Screen Shot 2013-10-23 at 3.23.45 PM

Four Zionist moles in a row, all under the employ of the Mall’s owner, Israeli and hostile, diabolical Zionist, Frank Lowy. No one cares about any terrorist. They just want to finish their work, get their paycheck, and go home, that is all except the Israelis. They made it their life mission to commit wretched acts, including murderous ones, and then heap the blame upon others, especially the people of Islaam but also ‘Arabs’, ‘Africans’, and patriots.


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  1. Great work there with the chuckles brothers.
    The fake smeared blood looks around the vicsim looks just like the floor of Sugar Heaven at 669 Boylston Street, Boston after the smoke bomb attack.
    BTW, there was no real damage yet Sugar Heaven wanted USD 65,000 for smearing, then cleaning up the fake blood ….[gross revenue is not profit….]

    …..and Sugar Heaven needs to dispose of $20,000 worth of melted chocolate, sanitize candy bins, and collect phones, purses, and other baggage left in the aftermath of Monday’s twin explosions.

    David Sapers, owner of Sugar Heaven, estimates the store lost up to $40,000 in revenue because of the shutdown, and another $25,000 in melted chocolate and ruined candy. The store is located near the site of the first blast, and Sapers hasn’t been able to assess the extent of the damages

    A likely story. Melted by what?

    • That’s a hoax, too. What a freaking fraudster.

  2. For every hoax the number of potential leaks and snitches increases greatly. We have already seen some leaked videos where the purpose clearly has been to try to wake up the world without getting in trouble yourself. They do these hoaxes live . Sooner or later something big will fail.

  3. The shoe thing is interesting. I guess they don’t want the “victims” to leave shoe prints when the photo shoot is over. Leaving the shoes next to them means that they can use these clean shoes afterwards and sneak away leaving a nice untouched pool of blood on the floor (after their corpse was taken away).

  4. Here is the video of these clowns laughing and chitchatting before realizing they’re on camera..

    Not to mention the guys with their nines drawn, playing hide and seek in the corridor.. I wonder if one of them pulled a groin muscle doing that cool semi-split a la Bruce Lee?

  5. Close ups of the perps in the Sobecki video:
    [Siegfried Modola]
    [Tyler Hicks]
    source page:

    Must have been great fun in the mall doing this photo shoot. At least nobody was injured.

  6. Some great Sobecki fake blood pics

    Notice the soldier at 7 & 8 taking a pot shot at the coffee machine

    It’s a total farce.

  7. shame on all of you. I lost my friend and her unborn child in that massacre. You’re all heartless freaks looking for conspiracy theories where innocent children, women and men lost their lives.

    • Exactly what is the name of your friend? Do you live in Nairobi?

      • I live and work in nairobi. Friend’s name was Ruhila Adatia. I dont know why that would mean anything to you anyway, its not like any of u care. Believe what u wish. But we lost friends and relatives over here.

      • I dont know how i came across your website, but i truly regret it. You have a right to your opinion, but i dont think you have any right to blatantly concoct lies. As a writer i believe that you have a responsibility to your readers to do some kind of investigative journalism before writing articles that are filled with lies and potentially hurt those who were affected by an event. Write the victims’ families and the survivors, get the facts, hear their stories… i think its hateful and offensive to just make things up
        Here is a list of the victims. Perhaps you will realize that they are human beings and develop some kind of conscience

        • Looks like some kind of investigative journalism to me, real investigative journalism – the kind which is no longer permitted in the MSM. Serious analysis. You seem to be some kind of shill. Shills never analyse, they never produce any original research. They stand out a mile.

          • Alright

  8. Westgate attackers ‘spent four months planning’ in Nairobi

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  10. Iranian President Speak about Mumbai Drama by pakipowerboy

  11. Militant woman Condy Rice and other criminals agitating for a war of India with Pakistan. My prayers with people in Pakistan. War on terror is a Jewish hoax.

    US & Israel Confirmed Support For India In Case Of War With Pakistan

  12. kenya govt should hunt u down…seems 2 m u r part of the terrorism….. but jus imagine….. u’ll account sooner……

  13. **** you ignorant brainwashed zionist controlled, retarded dumbfucks. If only the universe was great enough to wash you idiots and this dumb website away.

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