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Angelic Man LaVoy Finicum Murdered in Cold Blood While Fighting for Rights of the People

Mr. Finicum also Reportedly Sabotage by Federal Agents, Fights for What is Right, is Martyred, Fighting for the Cause of Good

Updated, Feb. 11, 2016

One of the finest, kindest, nicest people in America, LaVoy Finicum, was shot to death in a plot by the American government. His murderers include a legion of criminal minds, which, as they are uncovered, takes the crime to the highest levels in the land. As a result of his stance for justice a hit was called and Mr. Finicum was executed.

God help him, Mr. Finicum was nothing but good.

He was so good that he wouldn’t even swear in public. All claims registered against his character of being anything other than a person of the highest degree are false.

His intentions were pure and good. He went to Oregon to fight the good fight, to stand against against tyranny: to wage the honorable war against corruption. For this he was slaughtered cold-blood.

People speak of heroes. Mr. Finicum is a real-life American hero. Moreover, the key is the word, “is.” He’s still alive, working for justice and in the fight against corruption in spirit: and through others.

How could anyone do anything other than cry tears of love and sadness at the thought of the loss of this many? My God, who could have  been better and more kind, move loving and caring, than he?

Said Mr. Finicum, wisely and prophetically, about so-called federal overreach:

“They shouldn’t have the power, period…”, because of the abuses they commit and also because it is not their right to have such tyrannical power over the people. See the video. The man doesn’t even curse. What a clean-cut American he is. Absolutely, he went to fight the good fight. He will be remembered forever for his goodness. What a most astounding legacy it is.

For those who set up the government psyops, the infiltrators and other criminal elements, Finicum represented a major threat. In contrast to the frauds and various psyops agents he is (not was) a real human being, a true fighter of spirit, among an infestation of criminal minds.

Here, when probed by so-called news media, while at the refuge, he made it clear that there are more important things in life than “living in a concrete box,” like freedom. He is free, now, more so than anyone could ever fathom.


With his dry wit he even had fun on the snow, while being interviewed by less than friendly individuals. In many respects he predicted his own demise. He died in this very snow, his blood draining out before the entire world, after being maliciously targeted for his forthright stance. Yet, he was at peace throughout it all, even the day before, when he said that there was obvious hostility toward him from the ‘FBI.’ He knew he could be killed but was not afraid. This was just how angelic he was. Would anyone else be so blessed to have died while standing in such a way.

Moroever, in his own words it is proven. He waged this war not for his own self or any personal interests but, rather, to support others in need, in fact, others who were under the oppression of tyranny.

Said Finicum, ” I’ve been following what has been happening in Oregon with that rancher family, the Hammond family, and I’m pretty upset with what the BLM has done to them…They had a prescribed burn…got off onto a hundred acres, burned a hundred acres of BLM land, just range land….It’ll come back just as green next year as ever. They threw them in jail, they fined them a tremendous amount of fines. And now it looks like they are facing five more years of prison. These are real lives. These are real people, and…I’m angry about it.

“Here, in this area, the BLM is good to the people…some good, decent people, there…But the question is, should they (even) have the power to do good? If they’ve got the power to do good, they’ve got the power to do bad.”

He added, wisely, “But the question is, are they doing good? The question is, should they have the power to do good? If they’ve got the power to do good, they’ve got the power to do bad. If they’ve got the power to help, they have the power to destroy. They shouldn’t have the power, period…cause look what they’re doing over to that family, the Hammond family. It’s outrageous. And I’m pretty ‘dang’ angry. I’d like to use a lot stronger language, but my daughters, my wife, and my mom would probably watch this, and so I’ll refrain, but ‘dad-gamit,’ it’s gotta stop, it’s gotta stop.”


“That’s a good family, America. These are good people. They’re being hurt and destroyed. The rancher in New Mexico they took out. The ranchers in all other parts of the country that they have taken out, that they’re putting pressure on. I know they’re putting pressure on one of my neighbors, right now…these are families. These are our livelihoods. This is our grazing rights. This is our heritage. And you want to trample on it?”

He is right in this fight. Here, the effort he waged is supported in-full.

Ammon Bundy was also fighting this battle. However, all these men were under surveillance. Moreover, no chance was taken, as there were government moles right by their sides, including that arch-agent provocateur, Ryan Payne. Thus, there was no chance for them to prevail in their effort.


While Mr. Finicum is a true and real victim, then, there is the issue of Payne being purportedly arrested. This arrest was staged as a mere ruse. The real target were the Bundys and, particularly, Mr. Finicum.

Yet, a top patriot talk show host and blogger, Gary Hunt, makes a very wild claim, which is that Mr. Payne himself was shot and wounded:


Then, too, he is calling for an armed insurrection: after the assassination. Anyone would well know that the movement of the militia at this late stage after the assassination would be catastrophic. Why would this man call for such a wild and uncontrolled movement? He even names people that must come to the ‘defense,’ attempting to embarrass them if they don’t answer the call.  Curiously, the call out was made specifically to the so-called Operational Mutual Defense, itself a Payne entity, which itself is highly revealing:


It is yet another shill organization, like Mutual Aid, operated by psyops moles:

Ryan Payne, now Response Coordinator for Operation Mutual Defense (OMD), was the Advisor/Coordinator for the foundational predecessor to OMD, Operation Mutual Aid (OMA), from 2012 to mid 2014. Mr. Payne became aware of the situation in Nevada through social media after the Bundys posted a picture of the snipers positioned on hilltops overlooking their home with sights trained on the family, which included their children and grandchildren. Contact was made between Mr. Payne and Cliven Bundy, the Patriarch of the family…

NOTE: It was Payne who sought out by all reports Mr. Bundy, not the other way around. Then, too, he reportedly in 2014 drove all the way to Nevada from Montana. It is well established that this state is the domain for a number of federally-paid operatives.

The soft-spoken, law-abiding Finicum posed the greatest threat. This is why he was not merely arrested and/or wounded but was, instead, brutally murdered.

It was brutal. His body reacted to a wide range of shots, and he was systematically slaughtered, being shot all around his bullet proof vest.

The FBI released the video, because it gave the appearance that Mr. Finicum was reaching for something, that is something that might indicate a gun. Even if he did so it was his right: of self-defense against a vicious, premeditated attack. Yet, this was not the case, which makes the murder even more cruel. All he was doing was reaching for his wounds, an automatic reflex, as he, initially, had been shot in the hip, just below his vest. He is even, therefore, belittled and maligned for merely reaching for his wounds. It would all indicate that the low shot was perpetrated for no other reason other than to cause his arms to fall down: all so it could be said that he was reaching for a weapon.

The brutal feds and their more secretive collaborators attempted to ‘David Koresh’ him, that is kill him as if he was a death-seeking martyr, make no mistake about it.


It was for the entire world to see, this revelation of the brutality of the ruling powers. Mr. Finicum jumps out of the car, defenseless, and attempts to, apparently and heroically, draw fire away from the vehicle, which contained two women. Even so, there was no way he would be taken alive. The order had been issued. He was to be executed on an isolated stretch of road before no outside witnesses, cruelly, brutally, and in a premeditated fashion. In this regard what is missing from this narrative is the degree of the event, that is the extent and degree of the cruelty and how he was viciously slaughtered, tazered, then struck with bullet after bullet and even reportedly shot in the face and upper body after lying dead in the snow.

There are provocateurs still there, still attempting to degrade the real patriots and freedom fighters such as the martyred LaVoy Finicum. How rare he is. He is a man who is nothing but good. Listening to this man speak bring tears to the eyes: for anyone who has a heart to consider. Even so, there is a consolation. Mr. Finicium is alive and well, eternally with all who stand up for the truth.




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    • Ex 15) DHS Harford Co. Hoax Double ShootOut Cops Vs Homeless Man with 2 Cops & a Fake Homeless man Crisis Actor All Dead!

      Criminal Fraudster Sheriff Twitted About the “Deputies” shooting before even the official time the first was (Hoax) Shot! The shooting shooting supposedly happened inside Panera Bread Restaurant at 11:46am EST) & the 2nd shootout much later yet this lying fraud Sheriff originally posted a tweet about comstacting families of both officers (supposed shot) at 11:45 EST) Baltimore & East Coast Time This is not a time zone isse Next Time zone is Central & you don’t reach it until parts of KY, TN & IN & Mich, etc.

      Anyway this ******* is a lying fraud just like zionist reporter Jayne Miller! Sheriff Gahler “Gayliar” ziopuppet is a treasonous gun grabber for DHS & his fraud has genocidal intend against homeless man as well!
      His Tweet @ 11:45 EST Feb 10- 2016:

      Harford Sheriff

      MEDIA ALERT: Sheriff Gahler is currently checking on deputies’ families. He appreciates your patience. Next media briefing at 4 p.m. HCSO

      11:45 AM – 10 Feb 2016

  1. Angelic man…. OK, its clear, somebody either smoked smth, either makes fun of us or both.

    • He was angelic you lippy zio-slag. In fact, Finicum should be canonised as a saint! Lol!

      • Gabriel zionist scum troll stop posting kosher disinfo under my name you gutless fraud piece of $h#t coward!

        Again zionist Jew Gabriel posted this under my name:

        Cowboy on February 11, 2016 at 7:24 pm
        He was angelic you lippy zio-slag. In fact, Finicum should be canonised as a saint! Lol!

  2. Exhibit 6) MD Hoax Shoot Out Cops Vs Homeless Man PsyOp Near Baltimore

    This Is Harford County Sheriff ZioPuppet
    Jeff Gahler “Gay-Liar” Happy Hoax Sheriff of Harford County near Baltimore
    The Official Hoax SpokesLiar for this treasonous PsyOp Event Perpetrated by the Zionist Enemy Against Marylanders & Americans in treasonous criminality!

    He announces both the fraudster Crisis Acting cops are dead! Let the Gofundme & other fundraisers begin! & Brainwashed cops in Baltimore will be angry & much more trigger happy & kill more homeless men completely unnecessarily do to this fraud for real now soon!

    NOTHING about this double shootout with two dead cops with a supposed homeless man dead as well is true! It is a complete pack of lies. The whole ridiculous scenerio of hox hero cops targeted by an Eeevile homelessman from Florida with a car & a loaded guy waiting & lurking for cops to nurder is a very evil lie.This will certainly lead to more trigger happy & angry & scared cops killing homeless men unnecessarily in Baltimore & elsewere in Maryland & nearby DC & Wilmington, DE & Philly & even NJ & NYC, throughout the country who hear this hoax & are programmed by this evil lie & hoax PsyOps!
    Hideous Zionist & Crytp Jew Jayne Miller of Baltimore longtime TV Reporter/anchor /host is 100% proven by me & herself to have posted /tweeted at 9:32 am EST) on twitter almost 2 hours & 15 minutes about the fake shootings before the first shooting supposedly happened!

    • What a horribly contrived hoax.

      • It is horrible, contrived & ridiculous but very evil & with real consequences since most will believe it. Since most people think little of homeless anyway & many hate them– even most peaceful ones more than they do criminals, so it plants very sinister ideas & motives into people’s minds about homeless everytime they see one. And leads more to call the cops on one even when he’s done nothing. And even though cops even in crime ridden Baltimore City’s worst areas who know most homeless are harmless, and would normally laugh as ludicrous at a tv script about a homeless guy with a gun & car waiting to kill cops– since this shows a (crooked) respected Sheriff & all these (false) witnesses & the Governor & next a coming endingless parade of cops & cop families mourning the dead cops–they are forced to believe this was completely real. Real Dirty cops already provoke & beat homeless guys half to death for nothing, even provoke them & then shoot & murder or have them locked for years based on lies & their own provocation claiming tgey assaulted them. So with an evil PsyOp like this much less dirty cops will do things in anger & hate & revenge & even fear over this fake event to homeless men. I’ve seen a cop swerve dangerously off the road into a side street or parking lot and almost hit a homeless guy just to try to provoke him into jumping or running or “resisting”, right near where plenty of drug dealer thugs are nearby hanging out & dealing crack & herion & meth & never bother the drug dealing criminals! But jerk the homeless guy down hostilely, brutally & cuff him & spend 45 minutes trying to find any possible thing to arrest him for & have 5 or six other cop cars show up and join the show!

        • TV script eh? That reminds me of something. Did this happen in the Hamsterdam section of Baltimore?

  3. Exhibit 7) Harford Co. MD Hoax Homeless Man Hoax Shootouts vs Cops with Hoax Hero Dead Cops & Dead Homeless Man

    VicSims Hoax Cop VicSim Hoax Heroes

    Notice in this Scripted zioDHS Hoax Press Conference Hoax SpokesLiar Sheriff Gahler Happy Hoaxer “Gay Liar” this lying zioPuppet fraudster tries to re-spin the earlier versions of the script where this pathological liar on-script claimed this man (fake Homeless man Crisis Actor) was lurking & waiting, lying in wait targeting innocent cops to murder them…and transforms it into…well he wasn’t lurking & lying in wait exactly but he knew he’d be arrested so he was going to murder any cops whenever they approached him so they could not arrest him. LMAO!! So though he’d had been arrested before & had minor warrants for non court appearances etc he was so afraid to be arrested that he would murder cops..which would make him spend the rest of his life in prison or be executed! Just complete lies & hogwash, bull$h#t from this evil lying corrupt treasonous cop! As I said this is a very despicable PsyOps & now they have admitted this fake homeless crisis actor is white & by now have they should have released his picture, & it more than likely is the same Crisis Actor by that name who I have already found with pictures…yet I just looked and find no official pictures of the shooter. So why would that be??? Huh??? If he was arrested they should have pictures of him, media should have found & released them. I have pictures of the actor I believe they will use. And I know why they are not releasing his picture…yet…!!!! Because they want to see if anyone finds his mugshots or other pictures before release them since he is not anywhere near the listed age of 67. They merely picked 67 for gematria occult reasons & to not show you the actor’s real identity & age so he can go on using that name! 67 even yr is the closest to hust saying 66.6. They use 33 in atleast 90% of these hoaxes & apparently a “hidden” but “seek & findable” 777 in all of them. So they like to leave out the 33 once in a while…But hell one false witnesses may be 33! lol
    I know another reason also why they have not released his picture..because of another role he is playing!

  4. Exhibit 8) Harford County Hoax Shootouts Hoax Cops vs Homeless Man Who Mutually Killed Each other..Not Real!

    Notice this old gezzer Deputy Fraudster Crisis Actor Pat Dailey (on right) with half inch thick glasses, 30 yrs on the force supposedly & yet supposedly the first to approach this Eeevile homelessman who supposedly shot him dead. And also he also was a career marine & simultaneously on the fire department for 30 years! Right! So he was getting multiple pay checks. Certainly if he was really a deputy he had a desk job with his age & extremely poor eyesight with his half inch thick glasess as the side profile picture reveals. Other hoax dead deputy Mark Logson Crisis Actor VicSim Hero is also a retired marine! I am getting some of this info as I listen to crooked zioPuppet Sheriff Gahler give his much longer, even more lying Hoax SpokesLiar Press Conference today February 11, 2016. He can lie like crazy on script & he with as tiny amount of audience this site has recently it is quite obvious that sayanims & so-called DHS cyber warriors trolled the net & specifically responded to point I made. lol More DHS & cops read what I said than regular readers,evidentally lol.×480/local/-/media/2016/02/11/WTSP/WTSP/635908102400643030-deputies-shot-killed.JPG

  5. Exhibit 9)
    Zio DHS PsyOp Flowers Picture For Hoax Dead Cop Pat Daily fraudster & not killed
    Hoax Hero & Traitor Against the People..

    Deputy in the Fake shootout with a Crisis Actor Homeless man Character David Brian Evans in The Harford County Maryland HOAX Shoot Out Near Baltimore

    Let any DHS lying scum, or supposed family member liar come here & explain how he is dead when when I can prove & have proven this operation begin before 9:30am proving it a PsyOp, Hoax & treason since it is designed to divide & conquer the American people & to usurp more power for police & DHS & goverent away from the people & to destroy the Bill of Rights of the US Constitution especially the first & 2nd & fourth amendments of the Bill of Rights. Also this is especially designed to demonize & stir up tremendous hatred again powerless homeless men lead to their unnecessary deaths & persecution & imprisonment! And let Zionist Jew sayanim treasonous reporter Jayne Miller explain she posted about the event before it even officially happened! Almost 2 hrs & 15 minutes before it even hoax happened!??? lol Unless she wants to explain it was a preplanned murder of three men– which I know did not happen either! So it is a complete hoax, fraud & treason!

  6. FBI has illegally Kidnapped-arrested Cliven Bundy in Seattle WA Airport! With No charges, this is completely a tyrannical kidnapping claiming this is investigate him. Investigate? No such lawful arrest exists! Are they going to torture like GITMO style or give him some Diesel theropy??? You don’t need to or get some arrest someone to investigate them! Obviously he was going to Oregon to try to metigate the situation. If he dies in custody they know it will be easier to steal his land! This is not the zioRuled USSR!

    • so who do u say owns the land in nevada that clive bundy grazed his cattle on?

      • Supposed Paiute person:
        The people own the land. The Federal government of US has no authority to own any farm or timber land anywhere in the USA. Any land supposedly owned by the Federal Government, other than relatively small parcels for very specific purposes specified in the Constitution is null & void.
        Do you understand the what Constitution is & that it’s entire design is to limit the power of the government & to protect the rights & lives & liberties & properties of the people?

      • So fake Paiute Gabriel who do you say owns the millions of acres that US government & BLM & National Parks Service & National Monuments & National Heritage Sites, etc., & Nature Conservancy has stolen from the Paiutes & Cherokees & Navaho & other tribes & from Ranchers? Huh? who own all that land? Existing treaties have been broken & usurped agains the tribes. Don’t give me this **** that some millions of acres of unused stolen & controlled created wasteland by government is somehow helping the Paiutes or any other tribe or ranchers or any normal non government American people! The Constitution protects rights of the people & their rights to own land. No rights belong to government, only authority to be used to protect the rights of the people. This is not supposed to be a British crooked feudal tyrannical system where government & King & feudal government overlords own & steal all the land as they see fit against the peasantry! We beat those filthy ziopuppet Rothschild ruled King & Queenie scumbags twice! So we did not want or need their tyranny! And we still do not want it & will not allow it!

        • And so “the people” gave permission for Bundy to take that land as his own?

  7. Oregon Zionist & Fed Criminal Consiracy To Steal Ranchers Land & Rights!

    Harney County Patriot Fire Marshal
    Chris Briels who is exposing Evil ******* Mob Boss Zio Freemason Judge Nasty Grasty & the BLM & Fed Criminals!

    Liar Fake Truther MattyD4truth has been lying about this courageous guy Chros Briels & others & protecting this evil monster Nasty Grasty who help murder Lavoy Finicum & is the main mob boss in Harney & Burns enabling the FBI & BLM & other Federal & state & zioMob & zio Corporations like “Uraranium 1” criminals!

  8. Shawna Cox testimony of the setup & cowardly murder by Feds of Lavoy Finicum & murderer set-up man ZioPuppet Scumbag Fed Goon Mike McConnell!

    Mike McConnell is as lowdown a murderous coward as they come!

  9. Zio Google & zio Tube-youtube & Fed’s trying to erase Lavoy Finicum’s Legacy now that they have murdered him like the despicable truth & free speech hating murderous cowards they truly are!

  10. We Never Went To The Moon.

    Never in 1969 or before or after. It is a complete hoax & giant series of PsyOps! Went even went into orbit! NASA is a complete fraud & theft of hundreds of billions of dollars stolen from the American tax slaves! Even satellites do not exists since GPS do not work at all in the oceans in the “Southern Hemisphere” during flights or on ships or even in large swaths of land in south America. GPS is based on land based radar systems & cell towers & suppliment by cable. If satellites existed, as said, GPS would work every place in the world the same.

    This is Bart Sibrel’s words & quotes below not mine below.
    Published on Aug 25, 2015On December 5, 2014, NASA sent the Unmanned Orion spacecraft to a destination of 3,600 miles above the Earth, to promptly u-turn and then return. What is at this important destination? The “Van Allen” Radiation Belts, a 25,000 mile thick band of Lethal Radiation which surrounds the earth, beginning at an altitude of about 1,000 miles. (The space station and space shuttle orbit at about 250 miles, safely below this dangerous radiation.)

    The primary purpose of the Orion mission was to send two Geiger Counters into the Radiation Belts and then return them to earth, to see if Radiation Shielding could be developed IN THE FUTURE to protect crews from this Lethal Radiation Exposure, if they wished to SOME DAY travel FURTHER THAN THIS POINT INTO SPACE. When Sibrel asked NASA to provide him, as a Journalist, with the Radiation Readings from the Geiger Counters onboard the Orion spacecraft, he was informed by a NASA spokesperson that this information was classified. The question is, if the temperature of the sun, or the amount of helium in Jupiter’s atmosphere, is not classified, why would the Amount of Radiation in the Radiation Belts surrounding earth be classified? After all, all of these readings are merely a part of nature, and taxpayer funds were used to acquire this scientific data, so why not share the information gathered with the public, including all scientists?

    The reason for keeping these Radiation Readings a secret, is the fact that if NASA shared them, it would prove the Radiation Belts to be too severe for humans to survive passing through this region of space. The question is, this being the case, how then did the Apollo crews survive passing through this Dangerous Radiation nearly 50 Years Earlier with 1960’s technology? This is precisely why the radiation readings, which are simply a part of nature like the barometric pressure of the atmosphere, are classified, because they would prove that the Apollo astronauts dis not go through this Region of Space, and thus to the Moon, otherwise the crews would have died from Radiation Poisoning, none of whom even got Sick or later developed Cancer.

    NASA’s Kelly Smith, an engineer in his 20’s, was chosen as NASA’s spokesperson for their prelaunch Orion promotional film, probably because of his Youth and Intelligence. In the film, Smith accidentally admits, on camera, that the technology DOES NOT YET EXIST to protect crews from the Dangerous Radiation of the Van Allen Radiation Belts. After this admission, when Sibrel asked to interview him about his remarks, NASA said that Kelly Smith, though once Orion’s Spokesman, was no longer available for comment to Journalists.

    At 2:48 into the video, Smith begins his admission by saying that the Van Allen Radiation Belts being entered by the Unmanned Orion spacecraft are 15 times farther away from Earth than the space station (yet only 1/66th of the distance to the moon) and therein contain “Dangerous Radiation”. The Apollo crews, nearly 50 Years Ago, are the only ones in world history to have Claimed to have gone though this Dangerous Radiation Barrier.

    At 3:33 Smith admits, “We (NASA) must SOLVE these (radiation) challenges BEFORE we send people through THIS REGION OF SPACE”, which they would have to do to reach the Moon.

    This is an Absolutely Amazing and Unprecedented Admission by NASA. They just acknowledged that the technology DOES NOT YET EXIST to send manned crews through the Van Allen Radiation Belts, which you would have to go through to reach the moon!

    The finger of Truth is coming out of the dike of lies.

    • gps works fine for me all the time hundreds of miles off Australia. Cruising. Fyi

      • Do you lie/deny it does not work on any flight tracker sites on Southern Hemisphere flights once you get ofter less than 100 miles off the coast? Pilots admit the GPS does not work as well until near the coast.

        • Who knowz. Look it up. I don’t use gps to track flights. I use it to navigate

  11. Exhibit 10) Maryland Hoax Cops Vs Homeless Man Shooout gets even more ridiculous in technicolor Pictures

    Blue Jeans Wearing Hipster Hoaxster
    KKK- Kosher Khazar Kops The Fake
    Hoax-vestigators fake investigating the fake Abingdon Harford County Hoax Shootout Cops Vs Eeevil Hoax Homeless man!
    As phoney than that short little zio fake Cop (who looks like fake NAZI Frank Collin aka Cohen) leading the a ragtag dressed bunched of Sandy Hook Crook Hoax Cops across the St Lima School Parking lot! And C grade hollywood actor buffoon David Wheeler playing both a SWAT Sniper who doesn’t know how to hold a rifle while walking with it, and a Sandy Hoax parent of Hoax dead VicSim Ben Wheeler!–/YXBwaWQ9eW5ld3NfbGVnbztjaD0yMDkyO2NyPTE7Y3c9MzI2MDtkeD0wO2R5PTA7Zmk9dWxjcm9wO2g9MjkyO2lsPXBsYW5lO3E9NzU7dz00NTU-/

  12. Ex 12) Harforford County MD Hoax DHS Shoot Out Cops Vs Homeless Eeevile Hobo Stone Cold Hoax Killer! Everybody dead! Not!

    Meet Maryland AP PsyOp Hoax Photographer Patrick Semansky who did famous Freddie Gray Baltimore Race War PsyOp Photos & The New Hoax Shootout Pics Too! A reliable trusted DHS sayanim Mossadomite PsyOps Photo Specialist!

    Yes Patrick is a popular name for zionist actors in this PsyOp! It just sounds so Irish & trusty good ol’ boy..ziorish Irish!

  13. Criminal Conspiracy by Feds & Zionists to steal the Ranchers’ Land In Oregon
    The Stand Against Tyranny Made by David Fry the Last Patriot Standing
    Courageous Martyr, Murdered Lavoy Finicum who died for Americans’ Freedom unlike American misguided soldiers who die in foriegn zionist Genocidal Illegal Wars. Who die only in vain & in service to the satanic evil zionist enemy of America & all of humanity, even any jew of sanity!

    The Patriot Heritage of David Fry
    By Jake Morphonios
    February 11, 2016

    Several weeks ago, I first heard the name “David Fry”. I had been doing some research on Ammon Bundy and the Citizens for Constitutional Freedom. When I learned that the 27 year old from Ohio had traveled out to join others at the Malheur Wildlife Refuge in Oregon, I was intrigued. I asked myself the same question that is now on the minds of many other Americans:

    “Who is this fearless millennial kid who is taking on the federal government – fighting to end the corruption?”

    David is half American and half Japanese. On his paternal grandmother’s side, his roots reach all the way back to the American Revolution. Major John Cessna served at Valley Forge with General George Washington. Major Cessna’s daughter, Rachel, married Thomas Heming – another Patriot to have served with General Washington. Thomas and Rachel named their son Richard George Washington Heming. And a heritage of patriotic service to America is also found on David’s paternal grandfather’s side. United States Marine Corps Sergeant Isaac N. Fry, who fought in the Civil War and received a Medal of Honor, is also purported to be one of David’s ancestors.

    His maternal mother’s side of the family were Samurai in the area of Hofu City in Yamaguchi prefecture Japan. Bush Sadamitsu was the last of the Samurai in his mother’s family lineage once the Samurai class was eliminated during the Meiji restoration period. 

    One of David’s great uncles, Robert Leo Heming – a United States Marine PFC , was killed in WWII at Saipan on July 24th, 1944. David is surrounded by noble men who have done their duty to the United States of America, including his grandfather – a Retired Marine Major, his uncle – a retired Marine Gunnery Sergeant, his father – a retired Marine gunnery sergeant, and his brother – a Marine Staff Sergeant presently serving on active duty following his recent return from duty in Iraq.

    David’s bloodline includes a long line of patriots and warriors; standing for freedom is in his DNA. This heritage leaves him little choice but to fight for what is right. His name was chosen by his father as both a biblical and American heroic namesake. 

    While David of the Bible fought the dreaded Goliath, David Fry fights against a Goliath of his own – the federal government. Fortunately, David’s presence at the Wildlife Refuge did not end as Davy Crockett’s did at the Alamo. Instead, David was able to walk out bravely, with his head held high, knowing that he was the last man standing against the federal government at the Refuge. 
    As David prepared himself to depart and fearlessly submit himself to federal agents, he wondered aloud why more Americans, who see the great problems facing our country, are not taking a principled stand against tyranny. With the grip of the federal government continuing to tighten around the throats of American citizens, I can’t help but echo David’s query: 

    America, where are you? And when are you going to take a stand?

    • Didn’t you say that this dude was “part native american”?

      • I think he said he was a Cherokee warrior… Lol

    • Well Ted Mac Gabriel what kind of hated goyim half-breed do you hate more, a Half Japanese & white or half Cherokee & half white? Huh zio?

      To me he is an American Patriot & Hero who stood up for all Americans!
      He rightfully spoke out against the evil zionists as well!

      This little guy David Fry had ***** and he left his little town in Ohio, Blanchester near Cincinnati, but way out in the beautiful countyside to stand up against corruption & tyranny & the Federal government & other crooks like Zio Freemason Mob Boss Judge Nasty Grasty! So I admire him tremendously just as I do the great Lavoy Finicum who the zios had the Federal coward assasins murder! They can’t keep him in prison forever! He served his country with honor better than any soldier in any recent illegal & unConstitutional genocidal wars for the zionist psychopaths as they use young naive American men as human fodder to murder innocent people to set up their Satanic Greater Israel upon the dead bodies and towns of millions of Muslims & Christians & others! Just as cancerous genocidal Israel itself was setup in 1948!

      God Bless Lavoy Finicum & David Fry! David stood until the end against Goliath!
      The example & lives of these two fine men will not be in vain! Dead or alive!

      As the State Motto of New Hampshire says:
      Live Free or Die!

      And the great Virginia State flag says: “Thus to all Tyrants” with a Patriot Standing Over a Dead Tyrant he just killed defending his freedoms, rights & Liberty against government tyranny!

      • Why dodge the question? Did you make that claim or not?

  14. Exhibit 13)
    Harford Hoax HomelessVsCops ShootOut

    ZioFraudster involved in this Hoax PsyOp
    Jayne Miller admits it’s a script as the script changes. So now they are insinuating this homeless character shot his wife in 1997..Right! ziomagic new script! …Yet no charges were outstanding for this & no arrest was ever made or attempted because it’s Bull$h#t as they are changing the script to make him sound more EEEEEvile & dangerous! The
    Only supposed charges for him were in Florida & minor charges for obstructing & would not even allow an arrest of him in Maryland since it is a non-felony minor mistominor charge & not an extraditable to Florida charge! This all is a hoax PsyOp for the zionist Gun Confiscation agenda & zionist agenda to cause massive hatred & fear by the public of homeless men & massive retaliation by the cops against the homeless.
    Also I showed an older cop last night the time Jayne Miller posted her first twitter tweets & pics about these shootings long before it started & he admitted it must be a hoax. He told me he knew about a couple shootings in the past in Baltimore he thought were fake or a coverup because he was not let in on the investigation even though he was on duty the two times & he was blocked each time from the crime scene. He also is 90% sure one of the guys supposedly dead he gave a ticket to years later with the exact uncommon name. And he never was blocked from crime scenes any other times even if he was outside his jurisdiction!!! He is retiring later this year & moving out west to avoid Maryland Taxes on his pension! In several states they don’t take your pensions. Some also have no state income taxes!

    So listen closely to sayanim Crypto jew reporter reputed Lesbo lover of a female prosecutor Jayne Miller spinning the script..And look at this totally unconcerned “son” fraudster Crisis Actor that his father is dead! You just can’t get faker as he only tries to do his script & give this insane, ridiculous murder motive for his father to murder any cop who approaches him! So he didn’t want to be arrested on a minor out of state charge where he’d know they’d have to release him..So he kills cops knowing that they would then do anything to track him down anywhere & either kill him as cops do to cop killers anytime they can..or if they did not kill him..he’d spend the rest of his life in prison or be executed!
    One billion % Treasonohs DHS orchestrated & funded hoax PsyOp!

  15. Exhibit 14) Lying Despicable Crisis Actor Son Jeremy Evans of Hoax Homeless Cop Killer ShoutOut Actor David Brian Evans
    of the Harford County Hoax Shootout

    Even an estranged son would still be crushed over his father killing & getting killed in a shootout with cops! Not this cartoon goon zioHollywood caricature of a hoax son! This is a lying paid Baffoon like his fraudster fake dead father who may not even be his father!

    All these crisis Actors are Traitors working for the zionist foriegn genocidal maniac enemy against the American people! DHS is more evil & dangerous than even IRS & FBI & BATF!

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