Other Hoaxes Zionist Terror — 01 November 2013
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UPDATED: LAX Hoax Confirmed – TSA Busted with Fake Blood Packets?

Regarding the LAX shooting and proving it fake, it’s done; it’s finished. There is nothing, here. 1000% a hoax.

There is no shooter no matter what the fake eyewitnesses report. The so-called MSM can’t even get the story straight, one minute it’s a former TSA employee, the next minute it is an unknown element, a lone wolf who is the opposite of a TSA mole: fiercely anti-government.


This alone proves the whole claim of a live shooting is a phony. Yet, there is more, in fact, much more: hard, absolute proof that this shooting is a scam. It is the discovery of TSA hoaxers and other DHS employees with none other than the standard material of all Zionist-inspired hoaxes: the fake blood packet.

The TSA is busted absolutely. Wretched, thieving and diabolical entity that it is, busted and busted some more. Here it is, the hard proof. Look at this TSA fraudster. In no way is he injured? Where are the fraudster’s bullet wounds? Where are the entrance and exit holes? Where are any tears in his clothes from the hot bullet(s)? Where? There are none.


Instead, this is what is found: a packet of fake blood. It is being used by this hoaxer to rub a phony appear injury pattern on his face.


“Wanted: people with no morals and education who will for 15 dollars an hour defraud the American people and turn a blind eye to the criminal acts of the Obama regime.”


It is precisely as is seen, potentially a fake blood packet, Hollywood-style, which is attempting to disguise until an opportune moment when the camera-people settle down. Even if it isn’t a packet as such, the blood isn’t real. He was supposedly shot in the hand? Where is his entrance or exit wound? Why isn’t there an arterial spurting?

What about the fraudster he is closest to, talking to? What does the have in his hand? It could also be fake blood, but nothing definitively can be seen.


The fraudster seems to be possibly hiding something in the right hand. Is there a fake blood packet in that hand, too or just preventing the tempura paint from running off?

It’s possible: can’t say for sure.

Before he got there he was parading about, with his black-clad fellow in crime, being guided to the final place, on the ground as a good mole should be:


Moles, you have been caught scheming, once again, against the American people. Moles, money and notoriety, mere hedonistic gains of some kind, are more critical to you than honor, decency, and honesty. None of that matters to those vile ones at the TSA. Rather, what matters is to hold power over the American people and to brutalize them, rob them, even fondle and sexually abuse them – while stealing them blind.


Here is another view of the fraudster. He has painted his fake wound to make it appear is if he has taken a bullet through the palm: 100% fake. Note the fact that he has a bunch of staining about his abdominal area. Does anyone really believe that anyone in this world would be allowed to walk about with a major abdominal wound from a gunshot, especially in the presence of emergency care crews?

“Hi fellows up in the helicopter? Can you get a good view of the moulage?”





There is neither an entrance or exit wound in this man’s hand. Nor is there any real bright red arterial blood. Thus, clearly, this TSA agent is a liar and a cheat, a fraudster to the extreme.



Down with the TSA. Down with it forever. Let it rot in its own wretched juices.

The TSA is hated more than any government entity, perhaps, in the world, and rightfully so. Like Monsanto, the consequences of its existence is raw tyranny, as is clearly demonstrated by the LAX hoax.

This man is a fraudster, and so are all those in TSA uniforms, moving about before the cameras at LAX: all are fakes and fabricators. None of them were shot by a crazed madman; it was all crisis actors playing the role, all to gain support for the TSA and DHS, which are Zionist-imposed entities.



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  1. Just laughed our asses off watching pierce morgan/Andy cooper and the fake ziofraudsters scripted interviews. Even my wife (who thinks I rat-hole too much on this stuff) had to call bullshit. Total fraud.

  2. Nice work! So fake!

    To put things in proper context, on 10/11/2013 a democratic California governor Brown vetoed the strictest gun control laws! 21 days later we have the LAX hoax! I see the false flag as sending a message to governor Brown to reconsider the vetoed law.


  3. Thank you again, Dr. K ! Your analysis of this latest fraud will be widely distributed – as always, the scammers will get DUE NOTICE that they’re caught – again !

    Speaking of $ 15 dollars an hour – that’s MUCH BETTER PAY than we’re getting ! (( – : Of course, we are PAID IN TRUTH, which will sustain us.

    Bloggers, we thank you for the references and links to supplemental articles. Here is where the INTERNET can greatly speed up an investigation. Fantastic.

    Keep up the great work.

    Brad DeShane, for CT GLOBAL at http://www.CT-Global.webs.com

    and CT AMERICA at http://www.TalkShoe.com/tc/125501

  4. BUSTED! LAX False Flag Shooting Hoax Exposed!


  5. LAPD Chief Admits to Training For the Exact Scenario of the LAX Sh


  6. LAX Police Chief says Shooting was ‘PRACTICED AND PLAYED


  7. You people will look for anything to make these tragedies seem a hoax when it’s really paranoid people like yourselves who jump to conclusions not even 48 hours after a tragic event like this takes place who end up commiting these crimes. Radical idea linkers who read into minute details that have not even a shred of solid evidence behind them. I don’t agree with a lot that our government is\does and I do agree that it could be corrupt as all hell. But you people are wrong and worse you are contagious. Influencing others to become conspiracy nuts such as yourself. I hope you realize this is why a lot of these tragic events happen. Crazy people like you! I only hope you keep your beliefs to yourself and don’t one day act on them like this young man did. Peace and love

    • “seem” “Jump” “radical” “contagious” “Crazy” “Conspiracy Nuts” plus the implication that, here, there might be the inspiration towards murder?

      Are you a troll?

    • Where is the footage of the dead shooter being wheeled out in a body bag? Only a few of the injured were filmed? Why is it that we only see what they want us to see?

  8. Blood packet? My friend was shot in the hand and was bleeding all over his uniform, his hand was to be elevated to stop the blood from gushing out of the wound. He was released from the hospital after he went into emergency surgery… but good job on th “hoax” investigation.

    • Exactly which hospital, which emergency room, and who was the attending doctor? Explain it: how did he have a gunshot wound in the hand from a high-powered rifle without a hole? Does he not have arteries? Why wasn’t he gushing or spurting blood if he was hit with a semi-automatic round? Or was it a “shotgun” or a “pistol?”

      No one in the real world would allow such a gunshot victim to walk around with his hand in the air.

      How about protocol, like pressure on the artery, to stem the flow of blood?

      • I have treated many GSW’s downrange, and some to the hand. That being said, if the rifle was a .223 “high powered” rifle the entrance wound would be roughly .224 mm in diameter with little to no deformation in the round over such a short distance through flesh. The exit was probably in the palm and not all hand wounds have arterial spray like you see in the movies because our hand isn’t laced with major arteries that would produce a significant spray. The Ulnar, and radial arteries are located further up in the arm and wrist and branch down after that. Our arteries also contain a defense mechanism against said spraying and losing large quantities of blood, in which they basically close themselves off at the injury point for a period of time. Depending on where the shot was located, most of the bleeding would have been contained within the hand itself, and losing most/all the blood from the exit. I have seen some .223 entrance and exit wounds look like the person has been slit with a knife and have little bleeding at all. Not saying that some of this stuff isn’t more than a little fishy, but having seen many injuries I can say that this particular one looks legit. And I don’t really agree with you asking for all the personal medical information, which cannot be legally disseminated in an open forum like this without some major lawsuits if the person found out. I have to end this by saying I do love my guns and my rights, but I think we should investigate things just a little more thoroughly before we jump to conclusions so the libtards don’t start shouting “Nutjob” and the like.

        • Glad you are here. However, look very closely at that red fluid. Do you really think it is blood? Look, again: do you see even the slightest evidence of any kind of entrance or exit wound? Do not forget: they are walking around with presumably gunshot wounds to the chest and abdomen: look, the fake coloring has been soaked into many of their shirts.

          If you blow up the hand in the other post on LAX hoax proven in pictures, you will see there is no gunshot wound to that hand.

          • I don’t mean to argue, but the fluid does appear to be blood…I have seen gallons of it in every way shape and form in my military and civilian paramedic career. The exit wound appears to be in the palm which is dressed with what appears to be a couple of 6×6 gauzed pads that are soaked in blood. The report did say there were chest and abdomen wounds, but also said a couple of agents had “escape” wounds, and one had minor wounds that weren’t specified. Like I said, I am in no way defending our government, just this picture and the situation. My crew went over a lot of the pictures on our shift for training purposes, and to identify what types of wounds we saw and how we would triage a mass casualty like that. I stand by our assessment that this picture is of a legitimate small caliber rifle wound to the hand, with an entrance on the anterior, and an exit on the palmar portion with possible compartment syndrome evident by the lack of bleeding on the anterior portion.

          • Really, real blood? What does it mean, “Like I said I am in no way defending our government?”

  9. You need help immediately.

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