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Lies and Fabrications About TransAsia Crash – Role of the Mossad

Updated, Feb. 22, 2015

It is the Mossad and its collaborators who are responsible for spreading great lies about the TransAsia crash. Already fully established within the Internet these arch-Zionist agents are among the medium’s truth-seeking and investigatory network, carrying, for instance, large Internet/YouTube channels with massive viewer-ships. These Mossad operatives are surely paid agents. Nothing else could explain their behavior. Furthermore, they are wretched, make no mistake about it.

See them virtually yell and scream, raising their voices. Notice the intonation. It is a tactic, mere attempts at intimidation. What else could explain such behavior?

Then, too, what about acts of maliciousness, that is the spreading of great lies: that is lies that they fail to retract after being exposed? What else could explain that other than the fact that such operatives are arch-Zionist moles? Now, here, it will be demonstrated that regarding the TransAsia crash great blunders are being made which amount to nothing less than absolute buffoonery, if it were not for the fact that they may well be done maliciously. Surely, this is not the case in all cases, yet with some major channels the motives and basis are suspect.

Consider Russianvids, known, here as Israelivids. Consider the catastrophic errors made by this channel regarding the TransAsia issue. In the early rescue scenes he offers what he deems proof of a hoax, that is the claim that the plane crash isn’t real. The premise was completely erroneous, which was, incredibly, the existence of a submerged platform upon which the survivors were standing.

A platform, prefabricated for this purpose, that is the purpose according to this psyops channel of a hoax:


This false claim, this lie, was used as the basis for the following claim: “This is nothing more than a live drill passed off as real.

It is a bold premise considering that his premise is now proven categorically false. It has been proven false for a number of days now. Yet, the videos are still fully up on the network?


He calls a mere securing cord the edge of a platform. No one could be this short-sighted. Surely, it is obvious that regarding submerged objects, like parts of the plane, much of this can be seen down under the water. Why would the platform be an exception?


Here is the source of the “platform edge,” as touted by the video channel. The video is still in circulation, perpetuating this lie. Even so, people do make mistakes. If, then, if this is a sincere error, why not take action? Why not remove the catastrophically erroneous video from the net? Here is another erroneous upload made by Russianvids, although according to some posters the source is attributed to another. Russianvids claimed that these two images represented two different planes:

Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 12.14.19 PMScreen Shot 2015-02-18 at 12.11.44 PM

It is merely a perspective issue. There is nothing else here to be seen. Since this actual hoax has been exposed the video has been removed, as was the original video source. That latter videographer recognized the error and immediately pulled it from the network.

Instead of focusing on what is obviously a non-issue, why not focus on evidence, hard evidence of a crash? Here is an example. It is well-known what the force vectors of a crash would be. See what happened to the tail section as a result of such force vectors. Does anyone really believe this could be faked? If so, pray tell, how could this be done?


This is a catastrophic type of destruction that can only result from an airline crash. Notice the asymmetrical nature of the damage, along with the jagged impact crack going downward (upward in camera) of the aluminum shell. This crack and impact damage is hard proof of the occurrence of a spontaneous, uncontrolled crash.


See how the tip is shredded completely from its impact with the bottom of the riverbed.

See the obvious directional impact on this tail section, a result of impact into the water and bottom muck? It is shattered in the direction of the force vectors, as expected. How could that be faked? Can anyone who claims the hoax possibly explain that?

Further great lies are being spread by the Zionist agent, Mr. “Throw the Yarmulke Out” D. Johnson, surely an alias for his true arch-Zionist name. It is he who makes the incredible claim that the entire event was staged using crisis actors launched from shore – real time on TV:

Screen Shot 2015-02-12 at 1.42.40 PM

A partial transcription of his treachery is as follows

All liars, every one of them. As you could tell it was CGI, because…it kept in a straight line and didn’t start to turn, as anything would not held by anything else in open space…and in contact (with) a solid point. That’s physics…all of you liars, shills…Notice all this activity along the road.

(Now, for shock value) I’m about to show you something very important. About to show you something that was put out, in fact, by the Max Malone shills..”

He then berates them all, saying that they are ‘all liars,’ to include ” freeradiorevolution, the Red Pill liar, Peekay shill, Max Malone liar, White Rabbit liar, all of them, they’re all liars, every one of them. But man, if they are part of that crew, there lying to you.” Conveniently, he omits any mention of Nodisinfo.com.

He also adds that the “Husk (was) put into place (presumably in advance). And if you know the pictures that were put out, since the crane is actually all the way on the back road and it reaches all the way out where they can drag it, and all the liars have been busted on this one..”

Now, here is where he reveals himself to the extreme:

“Look, you can actually see the frogmen out there (and) there’s already frogmen out there, ready and waiting.”


Frogmen, really? Where are the frogmen? He is patently lying, no doubt about it. The Zionist mole and his handlers are using subliminal techniques but also overt ones to create a basis for suggestion: forcing the mind in the desired direction, hoping no one will look.

From the video it is difficult to make out what is seen but there is no evidence of rubber-suited frogmen, and no image has shown them there as yet. He’s attempting to pawn off these poor images, hoping no one will realize it:

transasia-crash-rescue-image  transasia-crash-early-9

The only images available are those such as this, and none of them show “frogmen” setting up the stage anywhere:

Count them. There are ten of them. Where are the frogmen? Now, there is another corrupt act committed by this arch-Mossad agent which reveals his criminality even further:


See the psyops messaging; the subliminal message runs through the video continuously: a fairly sophisticated operation. He says they will fake it as wounded passengers. Did anyone see any of these professional rescue people taking on the role as passengers? What did they do, change their uniforms under the water? Moreover, how could they hold on that moulage and who put it on?


Yes, the man in purple can be seen. All that does is prove that real nature of the crash hoax-promoting trolls. They have by these further lies merely revealed themselves to the extreme:


The man in purple is nowhere to be seen.  It’s just another lie by Mr. MoonHologram hoaxer. Oh, and by the way, where are these firemen women look-alikes? There are no women at all in the Mossad agent’s scene. Too, note the bright red blood flowing from the woman’s bloody nose. She is a real wounded passenger, and the Zionists seek to scandalize her for their own wretched gains. No one is that color-blind. The rescuer in purple with the suspenders is nowhere to be seen, at least not in this image.


“See the guy in purple,” (he will be re-used as a crash victim).


There is a man in purple or rich blue seen later, but in a mode entirely different from the Mossad claim: as a real rescuer, not a crisis actor passenger.

transasiacrashcloseuperescuredavej transasiadavejmossadagent11

Notice how he is giving instructions to the other rescuer in the dingy. Also, notice the chin injury pointed out in the crash victim. Where, then, it shall be asked of the Mossad and its collaborators: where are the crisis actor women who were supposedly on the shore and who came out here for staging?



(Video seen at the above link; it couldn’t be embedded).



Does anyone see a person wearing a sweater such as this in that scene of the rescuers above? Once again, how about any women? Where did they come from?


In his video he makes the claim that in the image below, “Now, they are being shipped out there to be rescued,” which he states, adamantly. This is a well-published image. If he is so confident that the has uncovered the real truth, why does he block it out?


What’s the need to blur this scene other than a gross attempt to disguise, that is to disguise the lies of the Mossad.


So, Mossad and collaborators, where is the purple man in the actual wounded passenger scenes? You made the claim. Now, prove it.


Does’t the Mossad know what death looks like?

Or what is hard evidence of a real airplane crash? Take note in particular of the rear stabilizer, right side (it’s upside down at this time). It has the same injury pattern as expected from the tearing off of the lamp pole.

After faking Entebbe, surely that treacherous entity knows the real from the false.

This is what can be said regarding the aforementioned investigation. It is categorically true, undeniably so that:

  • Israelivids spread lies about a non-existent prefabricated platform, supporting this with another lie about a securing cord used in the rescue effort
  • Israelivids also spread the lie that the reason for the eddy was that non-existent platform
  • the same video entity also spewed lies about there being no oil or gas slicks, and yet the oil/gas slick, as pointed out by Max Malone videos, was nearly a mile long
  • Russian aka Israelivids also spread fabrications about the crash wreckage, claiming mere photographic perspective issues were evidence of two different planes being used in a video since then taken down
  • arch-Zionist agent Davej falsely claimed that people on the edge of the water-way were involved in staging, specifically faking it as wounded/surviving passengers, a claim categorically proven false, here
  • this same individual made a strong claim that a man in a purple shirt with suspenders specifically acted out the role of a fake wounded/surviving passenger

These are absolutes. Regarding his claim of their being in the specific imagery “frogmen” already in the water there is no evidence for this. The imagery is distant and would need to be more carefully analyzed. Even so, all the available imagery from all sources shows no frogmen in the scene at this time, with this Mossad spy being the only one to make the claim. Yet, making such wild claims, including the inane claim of a transference of the people on the river’s edge to the inside of the plane: surely, this is nothing other than an act of desperation.

Even so, what is most important, here? It is the act of lying maliciously. If there was proof for the claim of a hoax, then, why spew lies? Why do so repeatedly, even after being warned? When the lies are confirmed, then, why not purge any such lying, fabricating videos from the Internet?

Yet, it raises a crucial issue. Regarding the TransAsia crash what else are such filth of the earth, these terminally corrupt arch-antagonistic Mossad agents, lying about? Even so, will Dave ‘Mossad Mole’ J. continue to speak about “throwing out his yarmulke?”

He threw it out long ago with the moon hoax claim. The moon; it’s a mere hologram, says this Mossad infiltrator.


Notice the tactics that are used, the forcefulness, the indignation: the same as is seen in TransAsia, among others. Assigned to this role by his handlers this criminal mind actually insist that this is the case, incredibly, adamantly claims the moon is non-existent. The goal is to produce such a grandiose lie, a fabrication so great, that the world will accept it. In fact, nearly one-third of the viewers found it compelling. No comment needs to be made about this to any degree. The moon is what it is, an orbital satellite of the earth. He is an agent provocateur, a paid arch-Zionist mole, make no mistake about it.


Addendum: Thanks to Futurevids10 –

Fake-Truther Check List
☑ Makes Assumptions Not Based on Facts, Evidences or Reality
☑ Dreams Up Theory Not Based on Facts, Evidences or Reality
☑ Does No or Little Investigation/Research
☑ Doesn’t Provide Evidences
☑ Doesn’t Provide Facts
☑ Doesn’t Provide References
☑ Doesn’t Provide Sources
☑ Doesn’t Provide Records
☑ Doesn’t Provide History
☑ Seeks Sensationalism Not Truth
☑ Thinks Everything is Hoax
☑ Doesn’t Use Logic
☑ Doesn’t Use Science
☑ Doesn’t Use Common Sense
☑ Doesn’t Use Critical Thinking
☑ Makes Up Gossips From Thin Air
☑ Imposes Theory as Realty
☑ Syndicates With CIA Disinfo Agents, CIA Shills, Fools, Crisis Actors
☑ Doesn’t  Allow Others to Decide (insults whoever refuses hoax theory is liar & murderer)
☑ Refuses to Answer to Cross Examination
☑ Falls Apart By Cross Examination
☑ Immature, Childish, Not Serious
☑ Doesn’t Look At Whole Picture
☑ Focus Solely on Just a Small Selection of Few Details
☑ Only Looks At Only a Few Things and Ignores All Others
☑ Afraid to Engage in Debate With Real Truthers
☑ Can’t Answer Questions from Real Truthers
☑ Refuses Reliable Source Links Offered by Real Truthers
☑ Deletes Real Truther Comments
☑ Censors/Bans Real Truthers
☑ Joins in With Other Hoax-Card Flashers
☑ Afraid to Appear on Online Live Discussions With Real Truthers
☑ Avoids Real Truther Round Table Discussions
☑ Calls Other People Liars Because They Don’t Believe Hoax Theory
☑ Calls Other People “Murderers” Because They Don’t Believe Hoax Theory
☑ Believes Moon is Hologram
☑ Believes World Wars 2 Never Happened, No One Died, No One Got Hurt
☑ Thinking Everyone Else is Liar
☑ Promised 100% Hoax Evidences But Still Nothing Shows Up After Weeks
☑ Disappears When “100% Hoax Evidence” Gets Busted by Real Truthers
☑ Twists Facts
☑ Twists Truth
☑ Twists Evidences
☑ Thinks Reality is Hoax
☑ Denies Solid Evidence
☑ Denies Fact
☑ Denies Logic
☑ Denies Common Sense
☑ Denies Reality
☑ Keeps Repeating Same Old Propaganda Line
☑ Keeps Saying “It’s Fake” Without Providing Logical Explanation or Solid Evidence
☑ Mocks Real Truthers
☑ Tricks Other People Away From Real Truther Channels
☑ Tells Other People Not to Watch Real Truther Videos
☑ Failed Elementary School Science Class


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  1. Eeevile Mossadlim RussianVids!!!
    ……or NOT!


    • Made In Taiwan ZioHollywood Hoax Plane Crash PsyOp Update:
      More Crisis Acting
      Super Stuntman Victim
      Watch this Drone footage Rescue Victim before 2:04 a Guy without a yellow bicycle helmet being helped by others then he just decides to be super plane jumping crash victim and jumps without help from the plane to a zodiac raft at 2:04 and then to another raft at 2:09 and he sits up on the very front like he’s having a good ol’ time then they cover up the corner of the screen to coverup whatever he does next. Maybe he’s having so much fun getting paid to crisis act he decides to stand up on the edge of the front of the boat next?? He decided he was becoming a daredevil star like Douglas Fairbanks doing plane & boat jumping! Hey dude your supposed to a rescued victim crisis actor..not a stuntman! I bet you won’t see barely any footage of this crisis actor plane crash hoax recued victim! The director must have cussed this guy out when he found out about this Happy Hoax Crisis Actor’s shananagans!
      And this is supposedly long after the intial rescue since all the raft-motorboats are on the scene & the super baby & super ol’ Gene Rosen Sayanim twin-like Jin Sun are rescued!

      • Referencing to this video found by Cowboy,


        Earlier, major news have claimed this old man as a native of Guangdong province in China. He was here in Taiwan as a tourist.

        Before I go further, I want to explain the two languages: Taiwanese Mandarin (or just Mandarin) and Taiwanese Hokkien (or just Taiwanese). Both are in the same family but drastically different — like English and German. Linguistically, they are at least 1000 years in separation.



        Mandarin is full of ‘r’ sounds, but it is completely missing in Taiwanese. Mandarin was forced on the Taiwanese people after 1945 when Taiwan, part of the Japanese empire, was annexed by China. In China, Mandarin came earlier to most part of China that had not yet speaking the language. Thus, mainland Chinese do not speak Mandarin like Taiwanese.

        The video interviewing this old is the first time without voiced translation. This allows me to analyze what he said. Well, he speaks Mandarin without any emphasis on ‘r’ sounds. Remember that Mandarin is full of these annoying ‘r’ sounds. This old man speaks Mandarin with Taiwanese accent. Just like Taiwanese speak Mandarin, a sentence would also mix with a few words of Taiwanese in between.

        Although my Mandarin is very bad, my Taiwanese skill is still good. There is no problem for me to identify the following words.

        ** Yim Dieu = submerged under
        ** Jwee = water

        I can tell you 100% that this old man is of Taiwanese origin and not a native of Guangdong province in China, and with very high certainty, that would identify him as a crisis actor.

        • And why would the Old man Laugh in the Hospital,a few hours after the “crash”?what’s there to laugh about?it’s called: crisis actors DUPING DELIGHT hoax syndrom

          • And the CNN anchor also gave us “duping delight” when Richard Quest said the reason passengers survived was due to “luck.”

    • Busted Busted! PsyOps Busted!
      Nobody puts bumper stickers on a van after it has just been wrecked! LMAO! Nobody puts the front tag on after a wreck! No Taxi Driver drives around without his front tag on when required by law to have a front tag! What a zioHollywood Plane Crash Hoax this is! PROOF THE VAN WAS Hoax PREWRECKED before it ever started doing all the retakes required to get the right footage for the “taxi crash into plane scene” for this PsyOps Movie! …with footage of plane wrecking into it to be added later!


        • Why would there be any damage on the rear or the left side?

          • Have you ever seen a large prop passenger plane hit a car and leave it drivable?
            There certainly would be no damage on the left and back if you wanted to be able to keep doing multiple filming retakes as they obviously did to get the best footage to create this PsyOp movie and Hoax Plane Crash. Which is why you see it parked in different places with the same damage. It was a car crash setup car.

          • What Cowboy’s suggestion that this damaged taxi is a show-and-tell vehicle is very likely as well. Where was it made though to specially incurred such horrific damage?

            The subtle clue comes from the license number itself. We see “159-8D”. Now, let’s consult with Wikipedia.


            The taxi cab is considered as a light vehicle of taxis. Since it is clearly not an electric vehicle, the expected license plate is either “ABC-123” or “AB-123”. However, the observed number is “123-4A” which is close to “123-AB” specifying cargo light trucks. I think some field officer fucked up by relaying the distorted information back to the United States about what the license plate should be. Don’t they have access to Wikipedia or what?

          • “Which is why you see it parked in different places with the same damage. It was a car crash setup car.”

            Yes, good point, and more evidence in furtherance of the deceptive scheme to fool the world of a plane crash.

            The hoax deniers will have a difficult time creating a valid defense as to why the media is showing the SAME taxi with the SAME damage at THREE different locations.

        • The taxi was totaled when hit by the wing tip of that airplane. There is no way to be driven away. The accident to this taxi happened in some other time and some other place — definitively not on that elevated highway.

          Meet the actual customers and the driver of that taxi when it probably rear-ended a bigger truck.


          Oh, the taxi comes from a real company.


          • It may not look so from the front but it was driveable. …Since it was seen parked in atleast 4 different spots, that is proven: Middle of road, side of road, a parking garage, and parked on the side of the nearby surface street like in your video. Which I think I posted too. Anyway on command you had a front airpowered lift suspension (like on trick cars in Rap videos that can bounce all around) let loose and dropped one side and making the wheel seem to drop and the driver then swerved, etc. THIS COULD BE DONE OVER & OVER AS THEY DID EACH FILMING RETAKE TO GET THE BEST FOOTAGE to combine with the plane hitting van scene and other special effects to make a real crash appear to have happened. No wreck at all of any kind happened. The car was smashed up with a sledge hammer and leverage tools like pipe wrenches & jaws of life, carefully so that no damage was done to any mechanics, performance or safety of the car while driving, other than the poor visibility. (I’ve driven a truck on icy dangerous roads at night with ice covering the entire front window with my head out the side window, so this van was much easier to drive than that.) The broken safety glass window was reinforced with an extra, thin plastic safety plastic layer to keep it (the chards) from coming apart during driving and multiple filming takes. And pulled down loose from the widow frame so the driver could see over it to drive and bracing attached on “broken window” on the inside to keep the window safely in place while looking completely destroyed.
            Stop thinking of “accident” and plane parts just thrown around in the river everyone. This was a Hollywood production, so think as Hollywood would do a film. The van taxi was a mockup-simulated wrecked vehicle perfectly setup to do multiple movie takes–Hollywood!!! The river scene was an outdoor, on location, in the water movie set, In the river, everything rigged & anchored down for safety and hideability and command performance and for maximum theatrical effect. And they fooled most people with it…& with extra incentives or whatever they coopted the most of the biggest supposed truthers.

          • “Stop thinking of “accident” and plane parts just thrown around in the river everyone. This was a Hollywood production, so think as Hollywood would do a film. The van taxi was a mockup-simulated wrecked vehicle perfectly setup to do multiple movie takes–Hollywood!!!”

            And that is why Dr. K would be well informed by watching more Hollywood movies, especially the ones already mentioned on the TransAsia threads.

            There are way better special effects in Hollywood. Plus, when you watch a movie on the big screen, you don’t get to see the several takes they did to make the final production.

            Here, you can see several different cuts of the production within the various media clips, thus making the case for a movie rather than a real, live event.

          • Why did the BBC anchor said the “driver AND the passenger” were in the hospital and would be released in a few days time? That is PURELY part of a script.

            The driver walked away unscathed, since there was no real accident of a plane crash.
            There was NO female passenger. The media has clips where a lady wearing a red ski cap is holding a bag of ice on her head on a chair in the lobby of a hospital. In some clips her face is visible, in others it’s blurred out.

            She is a crisis actor. There is no mention of this lady now. The media shelved the idea after it was evident that the bridge scene only showed the driver getting out, with zero evidence that a passenger was in the car. But the SCRIPT is made in ADVANCE, so the media read it as it was provided to them.

            Poor editing, they should have removed all references to the passenger, since there was no passenger in that cab on the bridge, and therefore when the media claims there was a female passenger who went to the hospital, it’s just another lie.

      • Cowboy,

        That video you posted has grave errors. I don’t buy his claim that there are two screen shots of the front of the cab, one showing a plate, and one with no plate. The “disappearing front license plate” is disinfo.

        The video claims the taxi on the bridge has no bumper sticker and no handicap sticker. That is simply INCORRECT!

        Freeze frame this BBC clip, full screen at 1:15. Notice the upper right hand corner of the rear window, the cab # is 1098, it DOES have the rear bumper sticker, it DOES have the VW emblem and it DOES have the handicap sticker.


        • Notice the paint of the thood of this taxi struck by the wingtip of this airplace is lagrely intact. Anyone involved in an accident would immediately understand the paint of the impact area would be largely scraped off. I am soory. I do not see the aftermth of a dramatic trauma being hit by the wing tip of an airplane.

          As Cowboy has suggested, the taxi is a model made to look just like that.

      • “…with footage of plane wrecking into it to be added later!”

        Yes, this is a correct analysis of the event. The footage of the plane wrecking both the taxi and the bridge were added later.

        BOTH the taxi and the bridge were manually wrecked for the movie.

        • You made the statement. Now, prove it. Pray tell, just how was the taxi “wrecked” in real time, and how did it know to put it’s brake lights and flashers on in that real time? How?

          • The mini-van taxi was not wrecked in real time. It was a created mock up “prewrecked looking” vehicle, (non wrecked looking vehicles from 2 sides) made to perform multiple filming retakes until the director felt he had enough good takes to choose from to combine & integrate it with the created Plane Crash footage to create a realistic looking plane crashing into a van & wall & highway, etc.., scene. The driver follows a script and does as told to do thru radio communication prompting each time: slow up, slow down, hit the signal, swerve in two seconds, etc. No real wrecking. Hollywood.

          • Calling people names of such a serious nature will not be tolerated on this site: one warning only.

          • You made a statement, “A plane Crashed” YOU prove that you Murderous Fraud. Nothing else matter your Team of Shills and Mass murderers is done for. You simpleton.

          • Accusing people of being ‘m’s’ will not be tolerated on this site, final warning. If you have something constructive to contribute, fine: slinging names as a part of your paid troll routine, no more warnings.

            Since you can’t contribute anything constructive and you also have done little other than spread lies, proven here, all you can do is to attempt to intimidate people.

            You still haven’t answered the disclosure question: how much $? You absolutely are a paid agent.

          • Is a mossad agent not a murderer, now Dr K?
            You are saying Dave J is a Mossad agent??? Are you not?
            And No I am not call you a murderer or a mossad agent.

  2. Go for all the Red Herrings, cling to them.
    They are all you have to keep the lie alive.
    This Entire Made in Taiwan zioHollywood Hoax Plane Crash PsyOp is Dead In the Water, destroyed by this video by hated, scorned and Ridiculed Patriot know as RussianVids. Water must drain down, water must drain from the plane wreckage to water level of the River while still sitting in the River. Yet it does not, which is impossible, again proving this is a Staged, PsyOp hoax plane crash. You can push the hoax but you can’t stop the river and you can’t stop water from draining…unless you build a Rubber sealed, water proof tank in your zioHollywood hoax wrecked plane tail section for you PsyOp movie.


    • What side did you say you’re on?

      • I am on the side of truth… who looks at the evidence and exposes the zionists’ PsyOps Hoaxes, and zionist Warmongering and genocide by whoever, and zio International Bankster corruption and all the zionist media lies and deceptions. I am on the same side as I have been on. Have you switched sides?
        If a good man is standing alone telling the truth, I stand with him. If a good man to decides to support a lie or a hoax or PsyOps I cannot and will not join him in doing so. Especially I will not attack a truther for telling what I know to be the truth.

        • Russianvids and the other channel (DJ) are spreading lies. Do you stand by the lies? You said you are “on the side of truth.” Which one is it?

          • Just like with this HOAX in 2012


            No one hurt no one died PERIOD DR k you are a Liar.

          • I stand with all the truth and evidence that I have posted on this very thread and all the posts I’ve been making on this PsyOps Hoax in Taiwan. I am not responsible for everything ever said or done by RussianVids, DaveJ or by Dr K or anyone else in the world. But I am here to discover truth & reveal it to others and expose lies as I find & see them. I am under no obligation to obey any Orwellian group think or coverup any zionist hoaxes or terror or genocide or any other evil act that the zionists are so apt to commit. They have their ziopuppet minions, let them use them. I am not here to take the zionist Hoax or Warmonger side once a month, once a year nor ever. I will stay their enemy fulltime, exposing them every chance I get. If others wish to serve them part time let them.
            I will fight the zionists & their NWO with words as long as I can, then with bullets when need be, as we all must do.
            And I won’t support zionist PsyOps that will lead to later deaths of Taiwanese or anyone else.

          • Did you not see that they are purposely lying about the issue? You said you stand with the truth. They have yet to retract these lies. Those lies are fully proven, here. They are malicious. Whose ‘side’ are you on?

          • I saw just the vid from Dave j in the case of the russian air plane crash Hoax-Why are the people in the car NOT screaming their lungs out?

          • You think someone who doesn’t know the difference between the moon and a hologram is a good source of viewing the difference between passengers and frogmen? How about the difference between a dying passenger and a so-called CPR dummy?

          • Dr.k there are sooo much other sources-links-vids-forums-channels-the 12 hour “rescue'”operation” etc…to judge for myself and other people if the taiwan plane crash is a hoax or not.Not only Dave j.And in the russian plane crash case,the question is very normal to as:Why the people in the car NOT screaming their lungs out?that’s allll

          • You know very well that there is no way to fake that dash-cam footage. Why even raise any doubts, just on mere speculation of what would be the reaction of a person inside a car.

          • These channels also claim that the Taiwan plane crash is a Hoax;CastleJenBasset channel-Concernd Citizen channel-Lesta Nediam channel-Benjamin Donkey channel-Jungle Surfer channel-Russianvids channel-Crisis Actor Ken Johnson channel-Steve Keays channel-tachyon timewarp channel-schroominnewman channel-HOOKEDonYourHOAX channel etc…to name a few

          • Google: Moon is a Hologram i don’t know if it’s true or not but i do know that there are more people claiming that the moon is a hologram—but i do know that the Taiwan Plane Crash is a Hoax and i’m not the only one of alll the people who are searching for truth…that’s allll

          • Come, now, what do you mean that you don’t know if it is hologram or not? Come, now, you do know the moon exists.

          • I just find it very odd that the person/people are not screaming in the Car and we all know that if a plane crashes in MOVIES aren’t real-people can FAKE everything….that’s allll

          • They faked also the SFO plane Crash sooo everything is possible

          • dr.k maybe you must WATCH more Movies or You Tube video’s…….YOU CAN FAKE EVERYTHING these days and years ago with CGI-GREEN SCREEN etc…

          • That is INCORRECT! It’s the MEDIA CLIPS that are spreading the lies. Both Russianvids and Dave J, as well as other YouTube handles, are making OPINIONS of the media clips. Can some of those opinions be incorrect? Sure. However, the majority of the media clips are self evident of a DRILL, a FAKE, a FRAUD, a phony fake show.

            Do you believe there was a passenger in the tax, according to the media clip? YES or NO?

            Do you believe there was wreckage on the bridge when the surveillance camera from the overhead helicopter was shooting the video of the wreckage shows no damage to the bridge and no taxi? YES or NO?

            Do you believe the first set of passengers escaped through a gap in the carcass of the plane, with a little toddler, who supposedly was underwater for 3 minutes, when there is clearly an emergency exit door intact and that opens from the INSIDE of a plane during an emergency, yet none of the passengers used it, YES or NO?

            Do you believe Cindy Sui on BBC who CLEARLY said divers were going in to rescue bodies, but the rescuers told her everyone was dead, even though you see some supposed survivors being pulled out? YES or NO?

            Do you believe the media when they show you THREE different locations of the wrecked taxi, one on the bridge, one on another street, and one in a garage, if it’s not a staged event? YES or NO?

            Sorry Dr. K, it’s the MEDIA who is doing the lying. Everyone else is just analyzing the media.

            And YES, you can get dash cam footage in Hollywood to look even BETTER than what you saw on television. I already gave you the movie suggestions. Watch them, and then explain why you still believe the dash cam footage is real.

    • Here is the original video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b_8cW0TI5u4

      I did not make it, SO all this guys lies are catching up to him. And yes Frogmen

      • Those are not frogmen and you well know it.

        • ONLY focus on what you CAN prove. FRAME by FRAME, widescreen, starting at 15 seconds. Go FRAME BY FRAME, just as Morgan Reynolds suggested on Fox news back in 2006 to enable anyone who sought the truth on how they faked the plane going into the South Tower.

          This is a different scam, but the TRUTH is within the FRAMES. Forget about who posted the clip and what THEY say about the clip. Dave J did NOT make the clip, and neither did your “Irsaelivids”. The MEDIA made the clip doc, always go back to what the MEDIA is showing.

          What do you see at :15, :16, :17, :18, :19, :20, :21, :22? What do you see doc? Be true to yourself doc.

          It IS the man with the toddler. He’s there, already in place for the photo shoot.

          Why are you in denial of the proof that is right it front of you?

        • Now look again, at 1:42 minutes, frame by frame, look at JUST THE TODDLER. That’s it, from 1:42 for the next 20 seconds.

          You want to believe the official story? According to the official story, the father was frantically searching for the toddler in the water. The toddler was missing for at least three minutes. His face turned blue, his heart stopped beating. Yet the father, aka Jason Bourne aka James Bond, performed magic cpr on this toddler.

          In a prior thread, you claimed the media reports were “unsubstantiated” yet that IS what the media reported. There are several media clips which state exactly that. Then you made allegations that Dave J and Russianvids were providing “disinformation” regarding the reports of the toddler. And finally, it was YOU who claimed the toddler had water in his lungs.

          Now, go back to the video, frame by frame, starting at 1:42. Does that toddler look to you as if he spent 3 minutes underwater (or 10 minutes, whichever story you believe), had cpr, had his face turn blue, had his heart stopped beating? Or does he look like a happy and content little child, with both verbal and physical reassurances by his father as he is placed and taken away in the life raft?

          As a further insult to the braindead sheep, the media then made the claim that the toddler was sent to intensive care, as reported by BBC.

          Really? Intensive care? Or perhaps to the closest ice-cream stand?

          The story of the toddler was PART OF THE SCRIPT in this phony fake show.

          • Yes, an update in the info indicates that this story is seemingly official, not confirmed so much from the father but by other relatives. That element of the post will be updated. If there are mistakes made here, they are corrected. By the way, has he cleaned up the Platform and Cord hoax? How about the “two different planes” hoax? How about the “no gas slick” fake? Have you checked on him lately?

      • It’s better when people watch the frogmen claim footage/video on wide screen or big screen and zooming in– look at +-18 seconds till +-25 seconds and judge for yourself…

        • x,

          LOOK CLOSELY, when doing a FRAME BY FRAME, wide screen, at .15 seconds to .22 seconds. What you will see is the man and the miracle baby. He was the one they set up FIRST for the photo shoot. You can clearly see the movement. There is another video where the baby is wearing a black jacket or is wrapped in a blanket. The other videos show the little baby without the jacket/blanket.

          They are doing real time edits with cut/paste from different parts of the filmed DRILL.

          Notice at first, the rear emergency exit door is CLOSED. Then look at 2:56, it’s OPEN! But nobody comes OUT, since they first had to get the crisis actors IN to take their positions, before all of the rescue boats are seen surrounding the wreckage which we see in the RT 1 hour video.

          So at 2:56 it’s OPEN, then it’s CLOSED, and they cut again to the OPEN door, and then cut again to the CLOSED door, all while claiming it’s “LIVE” footage.

          What a joke. This WAS a drill pawned off as a live event, period.

          • @ dear Wake The Sheep of course it’s a DRILL-HOAX also the thousends of people at the DRILL-HOAX doing nothing standing there…the 12 hour”rescue'”operation”on tvbs channel is one big TELEVISION BULLSHIT operation

          • Upon further review of the video that Dave J posted, it is CLEARLY EVIDENT, no debunking required, no denial is valid, and no excuse is needed.

            It IS the man with the miracle baby. But wait a minute! He said the boy was underwater for over 3 minutes, and his face was blue and his heart stopped beating. If that is true, then why don’t you see the remaining first set of passengers already by the plane? What, were they still swimming underwater, trying to find the opening to exit the plane in the river? Was the boy with the yellow life preserver still underwater? What about the old man? Where is he? Is he still underwater helping others to unbuckle their seat belts, as per the official narrative? And the toddler’s mother? Where is she? Where is the man in the white shirt?

            NOBODY IS THERE, because they put the man with the toddler near the plane first. The brought the other passengers there a bit later.

            STAGED EVENT. The media is the one LYING.

  3. Its dreadful what Israel is doing to our country and youth dear my son tells me all the time yet I cant except or understand it.
    Hes a good for nothing dropout.

    • He’s not a good for nothing, pray for your son and encourage him. You raised him, he cannot be all bad. God can change anyone.

    • What are you talking about Jewess

      • I couldn’t stop ROTFL when I saw that! After 3 days on seeing her repies I really think she inherited the name and is not even aware of it.

  4. This Eeevile Patriot RussianVids is by far the worst singer of all 3 of these Eeevile Patriots who dare to defy the Official Government Line aka Lie & zioMedia Line aka Lie & Group think & shill line that the Taiwan ZioHollywood Hoax Crash is real!
    They are Enemies & Defiers of the Zio Police State! They Defy Group Think! They dare defy this Satanic New World Order!
    Eeevile Dave John
    Eeevile RussianVids
    Eeevile Jungle Surfer
    These 3 dare defy the group think & rest of the world’s media, the zionist media and all the other supposed truthers who said ok I’ll say it’s real! Gimme’ money!
    And since RussianVids is the worst singer of all three he must be the most Eeevile of these lie-hating, truth telling Patriots! More most be done to fight these defiant Patriots when others like Max Malone & Jeff C bend over for master and comply like go little slaves! Future Mossad & Zionist PsyOps Hoax Operations could fail miserably and not be believed if these 3 Patriots & others like them are not defeated! The lies & hate & scorn & threats must be cranked up to defeat these real truthers! Why can’t they just lie like all the fake, compromised, deluded and sellout truthers are willing too do??


  5. My late husband always said Israel would obliterate us one day and start another world war bless his soul.
    Why doesnt Obama stand up to them?

    • Obama’s mother was Crypto (secretly) Jewish and he was raised much of his life by radical Jews like the father of this Daniel(?) Ayres terrorist character. Ayres & his father were his mentors. He probably doesn’t feel like a Jew completely but he is very compromised by the zionists. The zionist Jews & Israel at the top probably have pictures of him committing homosexual acts and evidence to show he is not an American citizen and never graduated from the colleges he claims to have graduated from and other things. These are ways they control politicians.

  6. Sisters of Mercy dont tell me your one of them as well? I would never have guessed Im drinking again because of it.

    • I’m no Jew is that is what you are asking. I am a Christian, if that is what you mean or what ever you mean. Some posts are sarcasm.

  7. 3 Patriots alone can defeat a bunch of Redcoat Shills! DaveJ, RussianVds, & Jungle Surfer just doing what they know they must like these three!


  8. i am sorry, i was curious to see what has further transpired and not surprised Dr Kildare is still hammering away trying all possibilities at saving his reputation. The truthers won. Dr Kildare, you are an embarassment sir. Have no trust in you anymore. You wont even reveal your true name. go watch the specialized wrecker machine at work at a used airliner wrecking yard such as Roswell and observe how the framework of the fuselage, wings etc turn out. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lvnOVU4KeRg blackboxes for sale also at 1:23

    • Is Dr. K. the same entity as Jeff C? Perhaps, same circle with Max Malone?

      The only way to explain their behavior is that they all took the bribe money from a Taiwanese agent asking them to defend a hoax. Shown with CGIs, they went for it. Why not? Taiwan is a remote, non-significant country. What harm can one do by covering up a hoax for them?

      Little did they know that it was the Americans that is the mastermind of this operation, and Rudolf Friedrich 01 was assigned to be Dr. K. / Jeff C’s handler. Now, the mastermind has released bits of information that would tarnish these guys’ reputations.

      I no longer have the same respect as I did for Dr. K. in the past. This is my opinion.

      • “I no longer have the same respect as I did for Dr. K. in the past. This is my opinion.”


        The videos you found from the overseas news stations regarding the taxi cab were EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to solidify the case against the media.

        1. In one video the taxi is being shown by the media as if it’s pulled to the side of the bridge, however the media is clearly showing a DIFFERENT street, the one you pointed out with the double yellow line, clearly NOT the bridge!

        2. In other video the wrecked taxi is being shown parked in a garage, so the viewer is to now believe that the driver was allowed to tow his company’s taxi to his house? Ya, right.

        2. The original video shows the taxi on the bridge, the one captured by the dash cam.

        It is incontestable that the taxi was moved to another street, while the media pawned that off as being the bridge in order to trick the viewer that the taxi was on the bridge at that moment in time, when it clearly wasn’t.

        The media simply ran a MOVIE, with lots of edits/splices/cuts in their real time footage, both in the bridge scene and in the rescue scene. They made many fabrications within the script, such as claiming there was a passenger in the taxi, claiming the taxi driver fainted, claiming the man in the water gave his son cpr, claiming the old man saved lives, etc.

        The key to the scam is the inserted cgi plane, made to appear as if it’s wing caused the damage to both the taxi and to the barrier of the bridge.

        The lady in the car with the dash cam is NO DIFFERENT than the “Oh my God” vocals you hear on some of the 9/11 clips as the fake plane enters the South Tower.

        Dr. K has all of the videos, he can view them objectively without attacking any particular YouTube handle. It’s the MEDIA CLIPS themselves that reveal the scam.

        So yes, one has to question their respect for Dr. K, given that he has yet to admit, despite the mountains of evidence, that the Transasia plane crash is a fake event.

        • Dr. K. was either bought out earlier or has been an agent of New World Order trying to blame everything on Zionism.

          • OK, enough of this nonsense. Paid agents are:


            This site: pays money for Admin and hosting fees for its existence and has never made even five cents in its history, and that includes the ‘accused’ Dr. K. Your either/or statement is nonsensical. What’s the purpose, here?

            Do you really want to know the total money generated by this site? It is minus several hundred dollars.

            How about a donation to help keep it in operation?

          • And you know for a fact Dave J and Russianvids are paid agents? How?

            The only assumptions that have any validity here are claims against anyone who cannot admit the video evidence of staging at the rescue scene or the fake/cgi plane crash over the bridge.

  9. Im very sorry cowboy for blaming you for my drinking dear. My late husband was a Polish immigrant years ago at the church Pastor Smith was talking about Zionism it was the first time he mentioned it and I vividly remember my husband said there were wealthy bankers there on the day its beyond me.

  10. Asian Gene Rosen and his unbelieveable zio PsyOps Hollywood Hoax tales!


  11. Videos don’t match, time stamps don’t match in the Made In Taiwan ZioHollywood Hoax Plane Crash PsyOp.
    Busted Against, PsyOps Destroyed!


  12. HookedOnYourHoax joins the few & the brave truth video makers who have not sold out or bent over for or deluded themselves Into becoming ziopuppets for the zionist Enemy perpetrated Taiwan Hoax PsyOps Plane Crash! He proves they used a fake version of the plane with black striping on the wings, apparently to try to get the CGI & greenscreen type tech to work better. But it still turned out pretty cheesy in the first versions so they introduced better versions, all with different time stamps as the Global Agenda video I posted earlier on this very proves! And none of the car cams timestamps even match the official time of this hoax crash! Can it get any more busted??? THE ZIONISTS MAY PRETTY MAD They thought this one was a sure thing..BUT THIS HOAX IS GOING DOWN LIKE A LEAD BALLOON & the Shill with it… so all the shills & ziotrolls better try to save it! Lol!


    • Watch the NEW vid from Lesta Nediam channel

  13. Miss Cassandra had almost the same thought! LMAO
    Come on! Help kill the hoax! lol

  14. a lie repeated often enough can be a fact. and is there a well known drama school in Tapei? perhaps called FAKES-R-US?

  15. or what about ‘ROOT EM SHOOT EM AND ELECTROCUTE EM’ ?

  16. The Zionist Enemy of Australia are chumping at the bits trying hard to use the Sydney Australia Hoax Seige PsyOp & the other Zio-Corrupt Aussie Govt’ Hoax Terror Operations Events to further destroy the rights and freedoms of Australians!
    Get off your @$$es Australians and fight these devils for your rights! …or lose them all!

    • White Plains, NY is where one of the two NY Hoax Trains wrecked one the same day! & In nearly identical wrecks into SUV’s. On the 4th I believe–Feb. 4, 2015. Off memory.
      So as I said near each DHS Active Shooter Drill Workshop there will be 2 to 4 Hoax PsyOp events within 3 to 4 weeks or so! And some strange $hit is going down in the So called Truther community. Shills are the allies, truthers are the enemies.
      Not even sure what this link is to. i gpt distracted.


  17. Obama Mamma’s
    Fuddy Freaky Feind Fraudster Friend’s French Fried Fake Flight & Fake Plane Crash Death by Hoax!


    Normally I would assume Mossad just Wacked her but being she is obviously a zionist Jew & AshkeNAZI with the goofiest zioCartoon Fake name & easily the fakest plane crash footage ever… WELL OBVIOUSLY IT IS A HOAX DEATH TO GIVE SOME FOOD-FODDER TO CONSERVATIVES & truthers & keep others in-the-know about Obama’s past mouths’ shuts, while simultaneously keeping Obama inline as a good little ziopuppet. A masterful, evil, multiple purpose hoax move by the zionist enemy!

    • Media Fakery CNN & CBS GreenScreen Reporting Ukraine Crisis and Gulf War-You Tube

    • Obama Refers to his wife as “Michael”-You Tube-Fake Faintings Obama-You Tube

    • Barack obama says the media puts out fabricated news stories-You Tube

      • The corvette museum Sinkhole Hoax-You Tube

        • The Eeevile Russian guy busted that Hoax!
          And where is They LIVE???
          Is he hanging with THEM???

  18. cowboy, know what is going on in Australia. The Man Harem Monis idiot was a paid spook. He was apparently buried as would be a pauper at an undisclosed grave at an undisclosed cemetery in NSW. NSW is about the size of Texas. The burial people were all paid to be silent. The tell tale sign was the number seen very briefly on the rear of the bus of footage taken some months earlier when Monis was publicly drawing attention to himself. see video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=bxE0mTBmTGs&list=LLO8IMIEY16TYubmkIkwSdbA at 9:34 coincidence?

    • His real name is not anything like Man Monis orbthe others. I forget what it is even now. I found his identity through his sister in law and niece’s pictutes from what I remember.
      THIS CLOWN Jihadi John is a Federal Policeman in Columbia, South America. I posted his identity him on Nodisinfo. His FB Account name was different but his FB Accnt original name and Adress was STILL one of the Jihadi John aliases. So he went from Columbia to USA trying to act and DJ and rap & zioScam then he went to England figuring he’d have a better chance with his crappy rapping to Brits and African Immigrants. BUT he was already and sayanim & Mossad before left Columbia whose Federal police is full of drug dealing Mossad & CIA criminals!

  19. ok lets place my comments correctly in the cue Dr Kildare.


    February 22, 2015 at 4:50 pm

    cowboy, know what is going on in Australia. The Man Harem Monis idiot was a paid spook. He was apparently buried as would be a pauper at an undisclosed grave at an undisclosed cemetery in NSW. NSW is about the size of Texas. The burial people were all paid to be silent. The tell tale sign was the number seen very briefly on the rear of the bus of footage taken some months earlier when Monis was publicly drawing attention to himself. see video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=bxE0mTBmTGs&list=LLO8IMIEY16TYubmkIkwSdbA at 9:34 coincidence?

  20. Over-the-top SCENE CUT from Made In Taiwan zioHollywood Hoax Plane Crash.
    See the Engine -Wing Piece in the Jungley Woods Shore across the River obviously set there by one of the big Cranes. See 1:52 to 1:59 mark to see magic bouncing wreckage in the Jungle.
    The Zio Hollywood Producer must have overruled the director: “You got cut that [email protected]$$ over the top script from the movie or you’ll never make another movie in Hollywood Rueben or even a Hoax shooting! You’ll be doing low budget hoax machete attacks in KENYA you damned fool! Get rid of that footage from the news feed footage and stills of that @$#!&$# Hunk of junk engine scrap across the river in the jungle! Get the prop guys to put the camoflage fake trees back over it! And get the crane and get it out of there tonight after dark before some local news crew or drone cam sees it! I can’t believe you thought even these dumb goyim would fall for a motor ripping off an airplane crashing in the water and bouncin’ 70 feet over into them woods! This ain’t supposed to be a comedy? You see any Leslie Nelsons around here!” ..”.You pull another stunt like that and you’re not gonna’ be the assistant director to Speilberg when we do the Chicago PsyOp Hoax Terror attack!” And where is that footage of the underwater rescue inside the plane Reuben? Look Ruby we spent a lot a money paying off and blackmailed a lot of people in the alternative media and even these conspiracy theory & truther SOB’s but a few of these bastards we didn’t have any dirt on or they couldn’t be bought! So ya’ better make this thing look first rate like one you did last year!


    • http://www.straitstimes.com/sites/straitstimes.com/files/imagecache/story-gallery-featured/20150207/jlplane07e.jpg
      Is this the same wreckage parts from from the aforemention 7 or 8 seconds of footage from the jungley woods across the River all tied together as they retrieved it from the woods??? Zio Hoax Operation Busted Again!

    • Cowboy,

      What’s more suspicious is the clips clearly shows the emergency exit door is already open, yet the rescuers do nothing, and instead keep looking back ashore as to get their queue for the next step. NOT realistic if it was a tragedy, but realistic if it’s a staged production.

  21. Other Mossad atrocities:

    Mossad and Zio orchestrated charities such as “World Vision” employed to create trouble to innocent people in Sri Lankan villages including a medical doctor who works for a government hospital.


  22. “The “War On Terror” Turns Inward – DHS Report Warns Of Right Wing Terror Threat”

    A new intelligence assessment, circulated by the Department of Homeland Security this month and reviewed by CNN, focuses on the domestic terror threat from right-wing sovereign citizen extremists and comes as the Obama administration holds a White House conference to focus efforts to fight violent extremism.

    Some federal and local law enforcement groups view the domestic terror threat from sovereign citizen groups as equal to — and in some cases greater than — the threat from foreign Islamic terror groups, such as ISIS, that garner more public attention.?

    The Homeland Security report, produced in coordination with the FBI, counts 24 violent sovereign citizen-related attacks across the U.S. since 2010.

    The government says these are extremists who believe that they can ignore laws and that their individual rights are under attack in routine daily instances such as a traffic stop or being required to obey a court order.


  23. The only ones “farting lies” are those who are unable to accept the PROOF that has been routinely presented among these threads.

  24. Proof? If someone doesn’t have proof, it’s this disinfo writer! Spending 99.99% of this rambling post on name calling and accusations of being some Zionist disinfo conmen is pretty pathetic and a total waste of space. When you fail to prove that your right by using facts, and the other guys you accuse of being shills are using actually images and information to hit their conclusions home, means the only Zionist shill is the one writing this stupid, childish post. Grow up! I remember when you morons came out and said the MH370 was legit! I should have stopped coming here after that clueless claim! You take 2 or 3 bits of video to use as your proof it’s real, and throw out the remainder?? How is that being truthful? This stupid name calling, prepubescent rant to attack people that are using common sense and not just accepting every BS story the media spews, is the last straw! I’m done wasting my time visiting this hack site

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