Other Hoaxes Zionist Terror — 17 August 2013
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Live Footage of El-Sissi the Zionist Agent Butchering and Murdering Fellow Egyptians

Who is this El-Sissi (or El-Sisi)? A hero in the Zionist entity, he is despised on the streets of Egypt as a new-age, American-inspired butcher. Regardless, El-Sissi is a Zionist agent and also in all likelihood a Zionist Jew. His surname, Sisi, comes from old Hebrew. The fake interim President, Adly Mansour, is a Jew. So was butcher and torturer El-Adly of the Mubarak era fame.

Sissi: a hero in the Zionist entity. Fine: he is hated in his own land, already proven as a genocidal criminal.



Let the people get anywhere near him. They will capture him, the Zionist agent and Hebrew infiltrator that he is, bind him, and drag him through the streets like a dead piece of meat.

Better: put him on trial for all the crimes he has committed and get him to confess to the system, the way it is done: that he is nothing other than a Zionist mole, just like the Shah of Iran, same model, same culprits, taking orders directly from the secretive, cowardly higher-ups: the stooges in the Israeli entity and Washington, D.C. Regardless, what can D.C. and the Zionist strip do about it? That’s it. All of Egypt is in an uproar. They have nothing with El-Sissi. They have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

The people of Egypt have had enough. Can Kerry-Cohen and his Zionist masters mount a demonstration like this? It’s a sea of people: no visible end to it, and it is not a fabrication with fake flags dropped from El-Sissi’s helicopters.

Fury: Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood supporters walk towards Ramses square in Cairo as they take part in a 'march of anger'. Violent clashes have already left 17 people dead

Can they put this kind of righteous fury into their stooges on the street? Can they make even a modicum of this as a counter-protest?

Fury: Muslim Brotherhood supporters in Sanaa shout slogans during the rally in protest at the recent violence in Egypt

Duplicate this, Sissi; do it if you can. See if your coterie of secularists, atheists, Muslim haters, and Coptic extremists will do so, will put their lives at risk, even after many dispersed: standing firm in the midst of gas, smoke, falling cannisters, gunfire, raw metal, imposing tanks and armored vehicles, all courtesy of the criminal Satans of Satans, the United States hierarchy and that wretched, illicit element, the Zionist strip.


Let them attempt to do so. They will fail miserably.

Let the people rally around THEIR President, their only choice in the most legitimate way: the people’s President, Mr. Morsi, chosen at the ballot box.

According to the DailyMail:

Much of the anger was directed at Egypt’s army commander General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi.

‘The people want the butcher executed,’ said Mustafa Ibrahim, 37, as he marched with a crowd of several thousand demonstrators.


Duplicate this, Kerry-Cohen: duplicate this degree of commitment by the people for real change and real freedom, that they would pit their bodies against gas, hot, piercing metal, and raw steel as well as the unknown – that element of Israeli mischief, the roof-top snipers who aim specifically to kill.

Unstable: Protestors run away from tear gas during clashes in Cairo

Al-Owlad-il-Kalb “Children of Dogs”

Duplicate this, Axelrod, Kerry-Cohen, Barack the Jew Obama, Michelle Cohen Obama, and, yes, Binyimin “the butcher” Netanyahu: find one single individual from your wretched clan of criminals who would do as this man, place his whole life at risk, his flesh and blood, against the raw brutality of tyranny, not merely for his own sake but for the sake of all his people – all of Egypt, not at all: all the whole world.

Starts out with a small group of people, protesting with their inalienable right for free assembly, a right completely usurped by the agents of Zionism:


At this point there is one man pointed at each tank. Soon, though, there will only be one strong-hearted man, the man on right screen.


Defiant: As most people ran away, one man remained standing directly in front of a tank with his arms raised

Everyone else is hunkered down or cleared out, as the gunfire, source unknown accelerates.

Now, he begins falling down after being struck with multiple bullets, not rubber ones but, rather, live rounds.

Struck Struck

The friend is in agony and despair, as he sees his associate mercilessly gunned down:


He is attempting to right himself on the ground: still alive at this point, though shot multiple times:


The pain and agony of raw metal in the body. He seemed to have survived, and one of the victims on the truck may well be this brave man.

Protesters who support the ousted Egyptian President transport injured people following the clashes in Ramses Square

Sissi can’t duplicate any of this, that is this kind of commitment and resistance from his followers, if any such individuals exist. All he can do, the puppet that he is, is take orders from Washington, Oh, and lest we forget, Tel Aviv.

Addition: there is also this from PressTV, a poster’s observation and quotation:

“Angry Arab” has reported the same thing. He writes: “I have no doubt that many of the acts of violence against churches and other targets this week were perpetrated by agents of Sisi’s secret police: “There also appeared to be provocateurs. At a pro-Morsi march, two masked men with machine guns seemed to pose as Islamists. First, they seemed to support the march, herding passers-by into its ranks. Then they aimed their guns at the terrified protesters, who fled in fear. “Who are these men with guns?” one woman among the Morsi supporters asked in terror. “Are they with us or with them?” Al Qaeda is controlled by US and they don’t act against allies of US/Israel, the kurds.


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  1. Colonel Gaddafi is laughing at you Brotherhood dogs from on high, the vengeance of the lord is swift and sweet indeed. The Egyptians have knocked together a strong coffin for this rabble that would exile the Shiites and foment war upon other Arab and African people. You were Obama’s lap dogs and now you are dead dogs.

    • The real lap dog of Obama are the new-age Egyptian puppets, the puppets of all puppets, El-Sissi and Adly Mansour. Morsi was never fully assumed into their fold: but these real dogs, and as the people on the streets of Egypt call them, owlad al-kalb, “children of dogs”: these are ones who have earned the people’s rage, not Morsi.

      This is the mood of the people. Even so, those Muslims who specifically and maliciously wage war specific against sects by targeting them and their innocents are doing exactly the bidding of the Zionist plotters. There are incredible elements that do think that slaughtering people who are of Shi’ite descent is a good thing. Let them be condemnned.


    Gen. Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi: Egypt’s new strongman


  3. George Galloway Attacked in the Street over Israel Remarks



  4. Zionist bankers are destroying the world through IMF, World Bank and Federal Reserve

    “The Financial Missiles of the IMF that made sovereign countries indebted..”
    Posted on August 30th, 2014

    By Garvin Karunaratne, Ph.D.(Michigan State University)

    Argentina is in the dog house once again. This time it is hounded by the Vultures”- the Hedge Funds who have obtained a ruling from the US Supreme Court that the debts amounting to $ 1.5 billion on bonds has to be paid at full value immediately. That decision made the Argentinian Economic Minister Kicillof remark that the Hedge Funds were Vultures as they refused to negotiate terms for payment and instead obtained the Court Order.

    Back to 2001, Argentina had a massive debt of $ 132 billion and failed to pay up. Then they had to freeze bank accounts, workers were not paid for months all because under the IMF’s neoliberal model- the Structural Adjustment Programme(SAP) which Argentina had closely followed they did away with exchange controls, freed imports and allowed the people to raise foreign loans and when it came to paying up the loans in foreign currency the economy crashed. . Then I wrote:

    In its 2002 Budget Argentina agreed to implement budget cuts of $ 8 billion, tighten the stomachs of the people further. This did not satisfy the IMF to release funds. Riots erupted and the Government of President De La Rua gracefully resigned. Mounted Police charged the unarmed crowds and bullets rained in vain. (The Island: 3/1/2002)

    Since then Argentina tried hard and actually paid up all its dues to the IMF , but Two Hedge Funds –The Vultures led by a US billionaire – who snapped up Argentinan bonds at rock bottom prices following Argentina’s $ 95 billion foreign debt default in 2001 (went to the US Supreme Court.) . The US Court in Washington decided that the debt should be paid in full”(Argentina fears new crisis as Vultures Circle after US Supreme Court ruling” in The Guardian 18/6/2014)

    Let us see what this Lesson holds for Third World Countries.

    Most Third World countries in the Fifties and Sixties had sound economies, stable currencies, had no foreign debts and could meet their foreign commitments through careful handling the foreign exchange they earned. Sri Lanka then even had funds to finance the Gal Oya Irrigation Project entirely without seeking any loans and so were Ghana, Tanzania and all Third World countries. In fact it is on record that like in the case of Sri Lanka, in 1977, Tanzania was advised, because it had ample reserves, (in the words of Cheryl Payer in Lent and Lost”): to abolish the foreign exchange budgeting system… lift controls on imports: and consequently by the end of 1978, Tanzania had only reserves for ten days worth of imports. Then the IMF imposed its Structural Adjustment reforms. Tanzania which had a stable self reliant economy was broken down and brought to its knees”(From my book: How the IMF Ruined Sri Lanka..”(Godages)

    This is exactly what happened to many other countries that followed the IMF policies.

    Today these countries have for decades gone on the path dictated by the IMF to disband exchange controls, allow free imports, have a low tax regime, impose burdens on the poor through austerity measures and they all have economies that have in that process piled up an unbearable foreign debt- to service which- they have to raise further loans. Today, Sri Lanka is saddled with a massive foreign debt of around $39 billion . In fact a former Permanent Secretary Chandra Maliyadde commented that that At the end of 1976 the total outstanding Aid to Sri Lanka was only $ 75 million.” This was then the foreign debt. Referring to the current debt he questioned; how the external debt liability was increased by more than 500 times in 35 years?” (The Island23/6/13) The answer is simple. Sri Lanka borrowed money and spent in on unnecessary imports, foreign travel and extravaganza- all as dictated by the IMF.

    The current situation of Third World countries is that all are indebted and have to adhere to open their economies further and further to investors from abroad, for them to come in and exploit the resources in the country and take away fat profits. The IMF’s solution was a new strategy called the Heavily Indebted Poor Countries Initiative(HIPC) by which they wrote off some debt, but in actual fact in writing off the debts they compelled the countries to open their economies for more exploitation by investors. When the IMF forgave the foreign debt of Ghana the new conditionality included forced privatization of water services and opening up agriculture for foreign companies. Though Ghana was given a reprieve of $ 4 billion in 2006, the liberal economy without exchange controls and free imports meant that by 2011 the foreign debt had balooned to $ 13.4 bn……..”

    Read more:


  5. Only 3 Countries Left Without a Rothschild Central Bank



  6. “San Juan La Laguna – Jewish Community, Lev Tahor Members ‘Forced Out’ Of Guatemalan Village”

    “San Juan La Laguna – A community of 230 Orthodox Jews from several countries Thursday began leaving the Guatemalan Indian village where they have lived for six years after claims and counterclaims of discrimination and threats.

    Their exit from San Juan La Laguna, on the banks of Lake Atitlan and 200 kilometers (125 miles) from the capital Guatemala City, follows a meeting Wednesday in which Jewish and indigenous representatives failed to reach an agreement.

    “We are a people of peace and in order to avoid an incident we’ve already begun to leave the village,” Misael Santos, a representative from the Jewish community, told AFP.

    They had received threats, Santos said.

    “We have a right to be there, but they threatened us with lynching if we don’t leave the village,” he added.

    Most members of the small Jewish community are from the United States, Israel, Britain and Russia, and around 40 are Guatemalan. Approximately half are children.

    Since October, the local indigenous population has accused the Orthodox Jews of discriminating against them and of violating Mayan customs.

    The Council of Indigenous Elders said the Jewish community “wanted to impose their religion” and was undermining the Catholic faith that is predominant in the village.

    “We act in self-defense and to respect our rights as indigenous people. The (Guatemalan) constitution protects us because we need to conserve and preserve our culture,” council spokesman Miguel Vasquez told AFP

    Pedro Vasquez, leader of San Juan La Laguna community, speaks during a meeting with members of the Orthodox Jewish community at the headquarters of the Humang Rights Office in Guatemala City on August 27,2014. Representatives of the Orthodox Jewish community in an indigenous municipality in the West of Guatemala, asked villagers Wednesday for a reasonable time to move, after Mayan leaders expelled them for alleged acts of discrimination.


  7. $9,000,000,000,000 MISSING From The Federal Reserve SHOCKING FOOTAGE



  8. Minister Farrakhan is mistaken about Michael Brown but what he is explaining here about what’s going on in Chicago are true facts including a threat to his own life. Zionist Jews hate him for his courage and they hate him also because he is a Muslim.

    God bless Minister Farrakhan and his congregation!

    Farrakhan warns Chicago of Militarization worse than Ferguson! Mike Brown Murder



  9. Minister Farrakhan usually doesn’t talk about lower chakra functions and the way he did it in the video above while explaining the Jewish Star of David in front of his congregation was rather embarrassing and even despicable.

    It is also disappointing that he continues to show ignorance about the difference between Jews and the White people. He talks about the Jews and then in the next sentence he blames the White man for the crimes Jews did to the Black people. He refers to the Jew as being White which is grossly inaccurate.

    Jew and the White person are not the same. Jews are a Mongolian Turkish tribe from Central Asia and the White people originated from the Aryan (meaning noble) race and they are very different to the Mongolian Jews.

    White Westerners, Russians and other Eastern Europeans, Iranians, North and East Indians, Pakistanis, people from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Palestine and certain other parts of the Middle East, people from Western and Southern Sri Lanka (Sinhala people) do all have a common ancestry and the Zionist Communist Jews know it and it is one reason the Jews deeply hate them all and want to destroy their heritage and their very existence.

    Except for these Minister Farrakhan is a precious person because of the courage he has demonstrated in handling the Jews. He also has been a good teacher to his people about the Federal Reserve and other Jewish crimes while the Christian church has done nothing about these things.

  10. There is some overlap between this video and the one above. Nevertheless the following video contains additional information.

    These videos that provide information about the Aryan heritage are very precious because the Zionist Communist Jews are trying to destroy every bit of evidence in order to totally erase the Aryan heritage.

    And there is enormous effort put forth by these enemies to destroy the Aryan heritage.

    Rigvedic tribes – Indo-Europeans in India – 1 of 2



  11. Zionist Jews and Zionist agents like (1) Dr Subramanian Swamy (Tamil) and Zionist agent (2) Professor Sudharshan Seneviratne (? Tami with a Sinhala name which he may have taken like the Jews take on White people’s names) are making a considerable effort to destroy the heritage of all Aryan people (eg: White Europeans, people in Russia and Eastern Europe, Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Iran, Palestine and other parts of the Middle East, Northern and Eastern and some parts of Western India, Western and Southern parts of Sri Lankan who are Sinhala)

    Rigvedic tribes – Indo-Europeans in India – 2 of 2



  12. Zionist Jews have used America and Europe to destroy Muslim, Christian and Buddhist nations in order to rob their wealth as well as to make them leave their land to become refugees in other countries. Wars have disastrous consequences. People die, starve, lose their homes and families and ultimately lose their culture when the Zionist Jews get them to foreign lands aimed at destroying the culture of the country where the refugees ultimately land against their wishes.

    After creating war and destruction wicked Zionist Jews dispatch the refugees to other countries and most of these innocent people would rather be in their own countries and enjoy their own culture

    Culture of the refugee as well as the culture of people in the host country become lost. This is the game this cruel tribe has played for centuries.

    They want to destroy the culture and heritage of all people. African land is abundantly resourceful but the inhabitants are poor because of the greedy Zionist Communist Jew who exploits the African land. Same exploitation goes on with other cultures of people. The African or other ethnic person unless he wants to emigrate individually to a foreign country (who wants to accept him) should be living comfortably in his own land.

    Zionist Communist Jew converts unhappy people into terrorists and gang members by providing training and then plant them in various US and European cities and soon will start doing (if not done already) the same in South Eastern and Asian countries aimed at terrorizing people. What is Fast and Furious about? What is the opium trade about and why are Zionist Jewish banks involved in organized crime?

    Zionist Jews also act as social engineers and “diversity” experts aimed at destroying countries and cultures of people harming everyone.

    Multiculturalism in Europe:Who is Behind It? by David Duke



  13. President Hugo Chavez and several other leaders from South American countries developed cancer and President Chavez in fact died from it after battling for few years. He was an outspoken and courageous man who blamed Zionists for giving him cancer which I fully believe.

    Zionists have many ways (vaccines, GMO food, pharmaceutical drugs that are toxic to the cell, wireless/microwave technology such as smartmeters that emits radiation, addition of poison to the water supply, coating of vegetables and fruits with pesticides etc) to create disease in otherwise healthy people. There are also secret ways such as installation of a cell phone tower that emits radiation nearby someone’s home or office/other work place.

    Thus they create disease and then make treatment available through their Medical Industrial Complex and the treatment is as toxic as the disease they have created and the end result is depletion of ones savings and death.

    Legendary Bollywood movie stars: Rajendra Kumar, Rajesh Khanna, Nargis Dutt (mother of movie star/director Sanjay Dutt who is right now in prison on fabricated charges by the Zionist Jews who run the Indian government), Meena Kumari – they all died of cancer. Everyone except Rajesh Khanna came to US (or Switzerland) for Zionist Jewish treatment and became poor in the end (except Rajendra Kumar who was extremely wealthy). Rajendra Kumar’ son in law who was a US movie maker who also made movies in India died of cancer quite young in his forties I believe.

    Our water is oily since the unnecessary replacement of water pipes few months ago for some fake reason. Through deception Zionists installed equipment such as smartmeters and other modern technology where they can poison people selectively in our area. In addition most vegetables and fruits that are sold in the supermarkets in this area are coated with some kind of oily poison. After consuming these contaminated foods and the poisonous water my family and I developed several symptoms such as muscle weakness, fatigue, increased sweating, increased saliva, increased urination etc pointing to a central nervous system over stimulation caused by inhibition of acetylcholinesterase (AChE) leading to the accumulation of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine (ACh) consistent with organophosphate poisoning most probably caused by pesticides in the water and food. US food and agriculture are totally controlled by Zionist Jews. So is the water supply and Zionist Jews are cruel people with a criminal mind and I have been writing and speaking about Zionist Jewish crimes on humanity for the last several years.

    Between 2006 and 2012 I discovered most of the crimes of Zionist Jews. I also found out what was going on in the nearby Ivy-League University which was headed by a Zionist stooge by the name of Ruth Simmons (till two years ago). She was also on the board of Goldman Sachs. I wrote about her corrupt activities at Brown University and mailed letters to people all over the United Sates and Zionist Jews know about all these things I have done and continue to do. During this period of six years I also have spoken to well over 500 college kids of all religions and ethnic groups, White, Black, Asian etc. I also looked into discrimination of White kids as well as the murder of White young men in the Midwestern towns where their bodies were found to be floating in the Midwestern rivers and lakes – over 25 of their dead bodies at least! This was heartbreaking. Letters about these things were mailed to different police and fire chiefs, presidents of universities as well as various politicians. Telephone calls were also made questioning several police chiefs in Midwestern towns and Zionists knew and didn’t like these things I have done. Why did these things bother the Zionists? You only have to connect the dots!

    If I and my family die all of you need to know that Zionists are responsible for murdering us.

    It is not a secret that many people had paid a heavy price after criticizing Zionist Jews for their deception, lies, corruption or crime which Zionist owned Mainstream media covers up. Zionist owned social media interferes with people who try to share the information about Zionist crime. These two groups should be held responsible for enabling Zionist Jews [who were also the Communists] to continue their crime on the rest of humanity which they have already done for decades or even centuries.

    Out of the people Zionists have punished some have been imprisoned for years (Congressman Jim Traficant, late Congressman George Hansen, US Attorney Edgar Steele (who died in prison on 9/4/14), British Historian David Erving, German Artist and Activist Ernst Zundel (still imprisoned) and countless others, some have been physically violated and even badly beaten up (Belgium MP Laurent Louis, French Professor Robert Faurisson [“One of Europe’s most prominent Holocaust revisionists, Dr. Robert Faurisson, was severely injured in a nearly fatal attack on September 16, 1989. After spraying a stinging gas into his face, temporarily blinding him, three assailants punched Dr. Faurisson to the ground and then repeatedly kicked him in the face and chest. “He was conscious, but he couldn’t speak,” said a fire fighter who gave Faurisson first aid. “His jaw was smashed and they destroyed his face”] and UKMP George Galloway in more recent times faced a similar fate). And many have lost their profession, livelihood and other means of survival.

    Jews through a concerted effort as a tribe destroyed the livelihood of Trevor Labonte as a musician, In the same way they took away Jim Rizoli’s TV program.

    There were four people who were mistakenly left out from the list (in the above post) which was quite an incomplete list anyway. There are thousands of people who have been victimized by the Zionists and it is not possible to list them all.

    American movie star/director Mel Gibson’s career and marriage were ruined by the Zionists because he made the movie “Passion of the Christ” which Zionist Jews didn’t like.

    Indian movie star/director Sanjay Dutt also became a victim to Jewish tyranny in his homeland: India that is controlled by Zionist Jews. Sanjay Dutt who is the son of legendary Indian movie stars (who later became politicians) late Nargis and Sunil Dutt became a threat to the Zionist Jews who wanted to own the Indian Film Industry. He also had political ambition which Zionist Jews didn’t like. Sanjay Dutt also had Muslim relatives and friends which was an added thorn in the eyes of Zionist Jews. Most of all Sanjay Dutt was a person who had sufficient means, influence, personal power and popularity to become the future prime minister of India and could have changed India’s political future for the better which the cunning Zionist Jews knew and didn’t like.

    Zionist Jews already have a host of candidates who are Mossad/CIA assets and could not allow Sanjay Dutt to change the course of his own country and after conspiring with one another as a tribe (which they always do) as well as getting together with certain corrupt Indian politicians and corrupt local police in Mumbai India – succeeded in framing Sanjay Dutt for a crime he didn’t commit and ultimately sending him to prison on fabricated charges.

    Dr Aafia Siddiqi an educated and young Muslim who was framed by NY Jewry before she received a prison sentence. Her family was destroyed as well. She became a threat to Zionist Jews because she was an educated young Muslim who was attractive and fearless and was passionate about her religion.

    Peter Markan has been one of the few people in Queensland Australia with courage to have fought and continue to fight the battle against Zionist tyranny which the Zionists didn’t like as a result of which he was convicted of a crime he didn’t commit and was sent to prison on false charges.

  14. Joshua Blakeney threatened by the Jewish extremists

    Gilad Atzmon restores Trevor LeBonte’s career destroyed by Zionist Jews

    Vaccine Induced disease

    Zionist war on free speech

    Zionists create problems for Jim Rizoli



  15. Zionists are behind all the wars and police states and all events leading to them and many other undesirable things and unbalanced Jewish power is driving the world into disaster after disaster and people are being severely oppressed by the Zionist tyranny which is trying to take away the freedom of all of mankind and it is crucial that we know and care about what is happening to people globally. And “the war on terror is a Jewish hoax” according to the website: Real Jew News and many other people who own websites and/or write blog articles who are aware of what Zionist Jews are doing in the US, European countries as well as in Asia.

    People like the Australian: Peter Markan, Belgium MP Laurent Louis, German: Ernst Zundel, late American Edgar Steele have all fought on behalf of individual freedom of each one of us in the entire world,

    Thank you for doing your own research about these courageous and selfless individuals and spreading the information about them to the general public.

    Thank you for giving Peter Markan a helping hand by going to his two websites (links posted below) and learning about the huge problems Zionists in Australia had caused him (and sharing that information with everyone you know) as well as whatever other ways you can!

    Peter Markan needs your support and deserves it.



  16. Here is a functional link to Peter Markan’s other website:


  17. Zionist Jews have used America and Europe to destroy Muslim, Christian and Buddhist nations in order to rob their wealth as well as to make them leave their land to become refugees in other countries. Wars have disastrous consequences. People die, starve, lose their homes and families and ultimately lose their culture when the Zionist Jews get them to foreign lands aimed at destroying the culture of the country where the refugees ultimately land against their wishes. After creating war and destruction wicked Zionist Jews dispatch the refugees to other countries and most of these innocent people would rather be in their own countries and enjoy their own culture. Culture of the refugee as well as the culture of people in the host country become lost. This is the game this cruel tribe has played for centuries.

    They want to destroy the culture and heritage of all people. African land is abundantly resourceful but the inhabitants are poor because of the greedy Zionist Communist Jew who continues to exploit the African land. Same exploitation goes on with other cultures of people. The African or other ethnic person unless he wants to emigrate individually to a foreign country (who wants to accept him) should be living comfortably in his own land.

    Life of each person is precious and it is up to each person to realize it and make the most. It should not be the responsibility of the Anglo-Saxon White individual to take on the burden of minorities in order to be politically correct based on the Zionist Jewish measurement of the diversity rule of social engineering.

    Zionists invade countries and rob the resources and then try to hang the burdens of the people whom they have robbed by palming them off to usually White people and White people are supposed to feel guilty and spend their life taking care of minorities. What did Jesus Christ say? He said to give Him the burden. He didn’t say to “take on the burden of the world”. White people are not born to shoulder the burden of minorities but to advance their own spiritual experience and face the short and long term challenges of their lives while attending to their earthly business.

    Now the Zionists and their agents working from all different angles are doing the same thing (what they did to Anglo-Saxon White Christians) to Sinhala Buddhists with this Indian Dalits who are poverty stricken and spiritually deprived tribal people despised by the Indian government. This is something like the conspiracy between the Jews and their English agents before they stole Palestine. There seems to be a conspiracy between the Jews and the Indian government to get rid of Dalits from India on to Sri Lanka. The ultimate goal of the Zionist Jews is to get millions of Indian Dalits to intermix with Sinhala Buddhists and to get them to settle down in Sri Lanka in order to totally ruin the lives of the Sinhala Buddhist people and ruin the entire nation as well as to rob their land in the same way Jews stole Palestine.

    Dr .Bhadant Rahulbodhi Mahathero (India) who appears to be a Zionist agent (like Dr Subramanian Swamy of India and Senaka Weeraratna of Sri Lanka) is working from behind the scenes from India along with other dark forces to destroy the heritage and culture of Sinhala Buddhists. Dr Bhadant was praising a man by the name of Dr Ananda Guruge who for decades worked as a foreign diplomat in other words a Zionist agent who too was working behind the scenes with other evil people from the US (and India and perhaps Europe as well) towards the same goal as Dr Bhadant Rahulbodhi Mahathera and other Zionist agents.

    It is not up to the Sinhala Buddhist to take on the burden of nurturing the Indian Dalit Tamil. It is something the Dalit community and the Indian government should work on. These so called Buddhist scholars (Dr Ananda Guruge, Dr Bhadant) seem to know nothing about the real teachings of Buddha. Gautama Buddha said to keep everyone at arm’s length because that is essential to preserve the individuality of each person. He didn’t tell people to take on the burden of others.

    The lecture (below) Dr Guruge gave has listed several organizations that have been working for the Zionists from many angles with the common goal of destroying the Sinhala Buddhist culture of the ethnic Sinhala people in the nation of Sri Lanka. It tells a lot about the evil people and their activities on behalf of their Zionist masters. Zionists are the ones behind the agenda and their agents bribed by the Zionists carry out their evil work. Late Dr Ananda Guruge was a man who misused his education to harm Sinhala Buddhist heritage and culture. Professor Sudharshan Seneviratna is another.

    This obsession about Indian Dalits fueling the Zionist plan to install them into the Sinhala life thereby helping the Zionist agenda earned Dr Guruge a lot of money while alive.

    The following part of Dr Guruge’s lecture highlights the plan:

    “…..Already in India are a fair number of Sri Lankan monks who are effectively engaged in safeguarding the sacred Buddhist shrines, assisting pilgrims and educating the people. Sri Lanka should be able to send more Dharmaduta monks to support the relatively meagre human resources at the disposal of the Indian Sangha.

    Equally important is to involve the lay Buddhists of the two countries to cooperate in joint operations to promote Buddhism and attending to the needs and challenges they encounter. Solidarity and unity among them is a vital need. Buddhist channels in radio and television in the two countries can function as social media among Buddhists and develop intellectual and social communications. Similarly the sharing of information, opinion and knowledge through the Internet can be explored.

    Exchange of students, seminars and conferences can bring scholars and students together. Pilgrimage already functions as a means of taking Sri Lankan Buddhists to sacred sites of India. A significant element of tourism could be added to the usual pilgrimage sites by adding popular centres of Buddhist art and architecture like Sanchi, Ajanta, Ellore, Karle, Bhaja and other cave temples of western India. Reciprocally, Indian Buddhists should be provided facilities to come as pilgrims and tourists to Sri Lanka to our sacred monuments to be inspired by how the Buddha’s teachings had impacted the cultural and spiritual development outside its borders.

    There is no dearth of things that can be done to bring the Buddhists of the two countries to appreciate how each country has contributed to the promotion of Buddhism. Already Anagarika Dharmapla is remembered and honoured in India with statues, memorials and publications. The steps taken to erect a statue of Dr. Babasahab Bhimrao Ambedkarat the Headquarters of the Maha Bodhi Society in Colombo and establish an Ambedkar Centre in Arawwala, Pannipitiya to educate and train monastic and lay Buddhist leaders of India can go a long way in creating an awareness of this eminent Indian Buddhist leader’s services to humanity. Honouring those who have worked hard and struggled to revive and spread Buddhism in our two countries will be a direct way of encouraging the present and future leaders to emulate them.

    The efforts of Buddhists to cooperate in joint activities will have significant benefits in building better understanding between the two countries. We have been neighbors whose interaction in diverse fields has had invaluable results. Ignorance of each other’s aspirations and the unintended consequences of what each country has done in self – interest, result in prejudices, misunderstanding and even hostility which are inevitable in the present world. Buddhism with its emphasis on loving kindness, compassion, sympathetic joy and equanimity has the capacity to enhance tolerance, accommodation, and forbearance. It is a task for the Buddhists of the two countries to undertake together and severally. With our spiritual goals and training, we certainly can and should preserve and build upon the friendship between India and Sri Lanka…”

    More here:


  18. Zionists got rid of the democratically elected president of Egypt: President Morsi to put in their corrupt puppet.

    Did they do the same thing in Sri Lanka to get rid of President Mahinda Rajapakse? – is the question that needs to be asked!

    Who is the politician who was chosen to replace President Rajapaksa?

    And thanks to the author and the website: Sinhalanet for the following article which provides some answers:

    “Sirisena sinking in corrupt deals of UNP and Chandrika”


  19. Sissi showing his true colors in full sight – Israel’s Membership in “The Peaceful Uses of Outer Space Affairs” (UNOOSA): For the First Time since 1948, Egypt votes for Israel at UN


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