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London Terrorist Attack is a Fake and a Hoax

Updated, 3-23-17

Minor errors were made on the ‘dummy’ post and also the youtube video on dummies. These are now private posts being updated and correct, to be re-posted shortly. Here is one of the purported dummy images. It’s not a dummy. It’s a real person, an actor, under the bus:

The person is not injured or run over. It’s just for shock effect, nothing else, meant to manipulate public consciousness.

Make no mistake about it the London terrorist attack is a non-event, a mere drill: an absolute fake and hoax. Now, the following is widely touted as “eyewitness video” of the “immediate aftermath” of a supposed attack. What in the world about this looks anything like an attack to any degree? Instead, it looks like a staged event, an amateur movie: a fake and fraud to the extreme:

These are all paid actors. This is a fake, complete with fraudulent blood. There is nothing real about it. Notice the man calmly video-taping the event:

What is the purpose of the shoe off? It’s merely more evidence of hoaxing and staging. Here are additional shoes off, which make no sense. Why leave the man on the dangerous lane of the road? At least in this case the used a real person instead of dummies, although, surely, these, too, were applied.

Image result for london; attack; Westminster bridge; images

Here is an image which clearly shoes staging with fake blood applied. It cannot be anything else. No wounds are seen anywhere. Notice, too, how nice and neat the shoes are placed on the pavement. None of it makes sense as a real terrorist attack.

This woman, despite being potentially ‘mortally wounded,’ is taking time to look directly into the camera. It’s the same old story with fake good Samaritans and phony heroes, yet another terminally corrupt Islamophobic hoax.

That’s fake blood, not real blood, make no mistake. If she was bleeding out that bad, she wouldn’t be staring at the camera. She would be in shock, period.  Yet, it is said:

London police say they are treating a gun and knife incident at Britain’s Parliament “as a terrorist incident until we know otherwise.” The Metropolitan Police says in a statement that the incident is ongoing. It is urging people to stay away from the area. Officials say a man with a knife attacked a police officer at Parliament and was shot by officers. Nearby, witnesses say a vehicle struck several people on the Westminster Bridge

No one can find this plausible. Regardless, what is the purpose for the long-gun? There is no need to be willy-nilly pointing such guns about.

Here is another view of that image with the fake blood being even more obvious than ever:

If she was really struck by a car, hit head or or hit in the head, it would be obvious. This was dressed up to make it look real. If she was run over, where are the tire tire marks? How did she get into that area?

Emergency services at the scene outside the Palace of Westminster, London, Wednesday, March 22, 2017. . (Stefan Rousseau/PA via AP).

Moreover, for all the purportedly injured people about, for instance, on the bridge, why are there no ambulances found?


Here are some by-standers by a staged wounded person. Notice that, right there, is seen a professional camera-person:

Why doesn’t someone attend to the (fake) dying person? Regardless, this is fake blood. It makes no sense that a real person could get knocked over into this region by a car rampage.

How many good Samaritans does it take to deal with the fake wounded?

What about this man? How is he wounded? There are no wounds anywhere; this is supposed to be the result of mouth-to-mouth that he administered. Yet, regardless, this is fake blood, applied by a moulage mole. Originally, it was said this was a fake wound, so this was a minor error that was made.

Hoax index: not measurable.




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  1. Ex9) 322 Skull & Bones London Mossodlim Hoax Attacks – This is 777 Crisis Actors, Drill Badges, Makeup & Water Bottle Previous Attack…Just like this Hoax Thames attack..

    Except we also have a dummy I discovered..see my other posts.. More Ziotrash orchestrated Psychological Terror to hatemonger & warmonger the hated goyim by the zionist Jews & their Freemason zioPuppets!

    • This is the video of the car driving on the bridge towards Parlament buliding , as you can see there are cars and busses everywhere . Compare tis video to the one on this page with staged actors , it is completely different !

  2. Lying Shabbas Goy Crisis Actor & False Witness in London Thames MOSSADlim Hoax Terror Attack! Claims Ambulances Came in 2min’s yet Crisis Actors are hoax & Cops are Hoax treating(applying Makeup) on VicSims In Pictures Long after the Fake Attack!

    Also early zio news (hoax) reports say 3 dead 22 injured to double code the Yale Skull & Bones Occult Code #322!

  3. Ex 10a) London Thames Mossadlim 322 Hoax Attack- Special Force Police present & Crisis Actors fake treat bloodless fake Victim/Vicsims with no real EMS!

    See the pure theater where a scripted Special casual style dressed SWAT team clown runs by as if in total urgency while a director /crisis manager casually chats on the phone- no worries at all!

    Meanwhile this will give more cover for Trump to drone murder more innocent people in Syria & for Trump & UK to attack Syrian forces to help Israel’s ISIS & Al Queda terrorist mercenaries in Syria!

  4. Ex 10b) London Thames Mossadlim 322 Hoax Attack- Special Force Police present & Crisis Actors fake treat bloodless fake Victim/Vicsims with no real EMS!

    This Video’s camera swing around footage & brief wide angle shots & wide pan reveals that numerous ambulances are staged right at the end of the bridge!! Yet the on the Thames bridge & even next to the staging area no EMS are present help the (Hoax!) Victims! Yet only Dirty drill cops & fake cops & crisis actwhore Civilans are hoax treating the VicSims! This completely 1billion percent proves this a complete disgraceful hoax by the treasonous murderous Zionist parasite ccupied British government & the Zionist run media!

  5. There’s no suggestion that the guy in the last photo was injured. His name is Ellwood – a parliamentary secretary, who gave the dying cop mouth to mouth. (Interestingly, his brother was killed in the 2002 Bali bombing)

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  7. Ex21-b) London Attack Hoax- Fake Dead Mossadslime Jon Ellwood fake killed In 2002 Zionist Terror Attack in Bali with Totty Ellwood Siblings of Fraudster Zionist Jew Israeli Traitor Tobias Ellwood of Brit House of Commons…Member of JFOI & B’nai B’rth no doubt

    Also notice how BBC PUT 777 Order Out of Chaos Hoax Code on this link!!!

  8. Ex23) London Bridge Hoax Fraudster Mossad Agent Crisis Actwhore Tobias Ellwood’s Official Wife Hannah Ryan a Barclay Zionist Jew Bankster: NO PICTURES TOGETHER!!! No shared Addresses!!

    Fake mossad wife to cover up this filthy traitorous warmongering Zionist Crypto Jew’s Faggotry???

    See my post Ex 22)..

    Also see this fraudster giving CPR to a Hoax-Drill-Dummy-VicSim.. in one picture he gives it Electro Shock! Supposedly mouth to mouth too!

    Even in his USA addresses I found in Florida & Minnesota I find no connection to Hannah Ryan or Hannah Ellwood!

    This mossad agent was born in NYC USA & RAISED in Austria & Germany, yet he ziomagically gets elected to House of Commons! Special rules & rights in UK for Israelis & jews & Mossad enemies ???

  9. in still on benefits scrouging of the systen LOL

  10. dont worry a that fag gabreil………ruldolf cowboy christinne hassan mahdi hes just a wanker hiding behind his computer no life cunt

  11. Ex24) London ThAmes Hoax Attack-Crisis Actwhore Slime Tobias Ellwood Mossad Agent MP Attacks Syria but Never Israel’s ISIS & Al Queda Murdering Syria! What a piece of human waste this ziotrash Puppet Traitor & Fraudster Is!

  12. This site has as much credibility as the lying Donald Trump. And if you believe any of the assertions here, then YOU are the victim of a hoax.

    And if you believe anything the certified paranoid schizophrenic Cowboy has to say, you’ve really lost touch with reality.

    This site is the epitome of Fake News. The only thing it is good for is a laugh.

  13. So the police officer Keith palmer, how is this staged?

    • Officer Keith Palmer is just a name given to you. Nobody checks.

      They stage everything these days with MANY Crisis Actors and list of victims. Yes amazingly.

      That is the part they do best.iii The rest stinks the fake…

    • It’s not staged. This site is a joke. I mean ffs if he thinks that some guy who has a professional camera in London serves as evidence of a hoax then I’m part of it. I have a Canon 70D SLR and I take it to London with my kids, that makes me complicit in any scenario.

      Next: the claim there are no ambulances. There are, the vehicles in the photo are rapid response paramedics, in the UK we use these cars to handle situations before the ambulances arrive.

      The woman who is apparently injured and glances at the camera is there because she was hit not driven over, her husband is the dead one in black surrounded in the other photo by three people and who was knocked over the wall and fell 20 feet onto the concrete below.

      On a final note there is footage showing the car hitting pedestrians and one falling into the Thames.

  14. Have you seen the image of the poor girl behind the back double decker bus wheel. I can’t understand how you can go under 2 wheels of a double decker bus (note iconic London symbol) and just look like you’ve climbed under there to lie down. Yet people with knocks to the head are in pools of blood.

    • well….without hours of mobile ‘phone footage whacked up on YouTube and, dare i say it, lots of footage from the innumerable CCTVs that are, literally, every-where in Londonistan these days, it is more than reasonable to remain skeptical;
      these days: its becoming increasingly difficult to discern fantasy from reality any-way! 🙁

      • You are my fantasy Mlky Wilky.

  15. The last photo is of my Member of Parliament Tobias Ellwood, he wasn’t injured because the blood is of the officer he was trying to save, he arrived shortly after the officer was stabbed.

    If you imagine the possibility that if you have blood on your hands from preventing bleeding whilst others are doing compressions to restart his heart you may wipe your forehead, it’s quite intensive afterall. In that photo the officer had just died but then it doesn’t serve your narative to show the whole photo.

  16. Listen here you bunch of absolute IDIOTS.. unlike 99.9% of you keyboard warriors, I was on that bridge the very moment all these people got run over. This was not a hoax. This was a real event causing real pain and suffering to the people involved. Who orchestrated this is irrelevant to me and the other people who were there. You can all claim to have whatever conspiracy knowledge you want but I was there! I was lucky enough to not get hit but the images you see above are of real people with real wounds with real blood. Do not be so fucking retarded to think that bad things don’t happen. Fucking idiots

    • and….if you believe that, then, i got this large, coat-hangar-shaped bridge in Sydney i can sell you…cheap!

      • Who would consider buying anything from a morally bankrupt fake aussie Vietnam veteran?

        • a lot more people than would consider buying any-thing from a smelly, kinky-haired, hook-nosed KIKE

    • Of course you were there…now take your pills and have a lie down….it’s all a dream….

      Holy fuck! You are fucking retarded!

    • There must be footage or even a picture of you on the bridge. Fancy sharing ir with us? Thought not, you delusional cunt,,,,

    • Carma, c’mon :

      everybody’s got a phone these days, send us pics fom this tragic event…
      Maybe you can “make believe” someone…
      Either this is crazy konspiracy stuff or She’s a paid troll.

      Greetings from France,

  17. Oh, dear… It’s happening all over again. London bridge is falling down, falling down… Give him a pipe to smoke all night,
    My fair Lady. Sherlock Holmes………… Is that you? Please come in, sir. We’ve been waiting…

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  19. So is everything fake according to you fucking idiots?

    • This website is also fake, created by idiots, who are involved with one another of the web, viral co bloggers

  20. Fake for the great Holy War.

  21. Unauthorised bungee jumping off the bridge just after the car passes. CGI Car? Puts a different perspective once you don’t watch the distraction about the gates. Suspect seems to have been shot by 2 plain clothes police/operatives. Also, there’s some bizarre behaviour going on around the suspect. The car seen leaving the via the gates at the start is probably the Deputy Commissioner leaving after his ‘routine visit. No sign of the of the Ellwood or the other 2 ex-army heroes.

  22. Carla!!!!!! Pls stop talking horse shit! Guess the zionest jewish cunts got you on their payroll aswell
    . Or maybe u just a dumb ignorant bitch who coudnt even tell that it was a staged event when u were on the bridge at the time! Oh!! And please send us a pic of u at the “terrorist attack” PLEASE!!!! So i would like to send you a BIG fuck you and good basi from Cape Town S.A.

  23. The photo of the policeman just before he was ‘stabbed’ showed him wearing his stab vest. So who was the ‘policeman’ that was stabbed, who wasn’t wearing a stab vest?

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