Other Hoaxes Zionist Terror — 17 September 2017
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London District Line Tube Bombing is a Fake and a Hoax

The London tube bombing, purportedly on the District Line, Parson’s Green Station, is fake to the extreme. It’s an obvious phony, and no one will be able to demonstrate otherwise. It is as if, though, they don’t even try any more. They just run these hoaxes and see how they fall. There is no decided effort to any degree to make them realistic.

What in God’s name are these obnoxious ones attempting to do? The powerful ones behind Western governments have destroyed the Middle East, causing countless deaths and injuries. Iraq is on fire, Afghanistan is dying of radiation, and Syria has been obliterated. There are refugee camps, in fact, death camps abounding.

Is this some inane attempt to prove that the ‘West’ is superior, that we will “carry on and won’t let them tarnish our values?” How absolutely treacherous it is, the perpetrators attempting to gain sympathy after they have caused great destruction in the land.

Moreover, this is supposed to be a bomb, right, of course, on the tube? No one finds this plausible to any degree.

Then, if this is a real ‘bomb,’ then, what are people doing? They are just standing about watching it about to blow-up as the ‘fire’ expands? “It’s an Islamic bomb. Run for your life.”

People were panicking. Sure they were, right. Do these people look like they are in a panic to any degree?

Anyone with the slightest degree of intelligence can tell this is nothing other than an arch-fake.

Even so, incredibly, the world is supposed to believe that people were injured. Yet, if it is blamed on Islam, most people will believe it, despite the fact that this faith bans any such acts against the general public.

Look at this man. He is supposed to be representing a “charred head,” though he calls it “Chard,” from a supposed fire ball. Where is the char? In fact, there isn’t any. Instead, all is seen is bits of moulage charcoal plus moulage make-up to mimic singing, a poor job at faking it, indeed:

Where is the injury pattern? Where is the singing of the hair? Why doesn’t he wipe that crud off his forehead?

We’re supposed to believe that this woman is injured. What about this represents a fire-bomb injury?

LONDON, ENGLAND – SEPTEMBER 15: A police officer escorts an injured woman from the scene at Parsons Green Underground Station on September 15, 2017 in London, England. Several people have been injured after an explosion on a tube train in south-west London. The Police are treating the incident as terrorism. (Photo by Chris J Ratcliffe/Getty Images)

Getty says she is a victim. Are we to believe it?

Why is the camera-person smirking? What is he doing there, front-and-center? It makes no sense other than the fact that it is a fake.

By the way, the man with the phony singed head “sought no medical attention” and instead, bravely, went back to work: at a carpet shop, apparently. It appears that the man is a rabbi:

This is a fake, make no mistake. There is nothing to see, here. No one died, and no one, certainly, was injured. There were not “22” people hurt in this ‘event.’ It’s the same as all the other London fakes, and the rabbi has proven it.





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  1. Juden Judas Mossadomite Gen Goldfein is about as real of An American General as General Actwhore Tom Hanks here!


  2. Ex6) RaceWar & PsyOp Terror
    @ Air Force Academy by Zionist Enemy!

    Zionist & Crypto Jews/ ZOG Goldfein & Silveria Terrorize & Falsely Accuse & Threaten Innocent 4000 White Cadets In Racist AntiBlack RaceWar PsyOp of Threats Against Blacks & Now Stage Fake Shooter on AFOA Campus!
    So in the middle of this racewar PsyOp where a near constant lockdown was occuring for days they have a fake shooter on Campus & a lockdown within a lockdown!! So ridiculously fake it’s unbelieveable & Gomer Pyle / Cartoon Buffoon level!

    This is demeaning racist psychological terrorism committed against nearly the Entire Air Force Officer Academy (Minus involved Sayanim & ziopuppets) by these vile treasonous zionist jewish Supremist scumbags! These bastards should be court marshalled tried & convicted & severely punished for their sedition & treason especially Goldfein & Silveria & then their sayanim & puppets involved!


  3. This Redhead woman fake VicSim in Pink is zionist Jew Mossad Thamina Stoll of Duke Univ & Israel & Germany, Daughter of Mossad Scum Gutjahr & Israeli Spokes Liar Eniat(?) Wilf! See my other posts I made on it! Investigate it yourself. Self body, eyes with contacts slight disguised nose & neck to hide moles! Same exact legs. I am the only one who identified her so far. Also I believe truther always is right on the Victoria Munoz being used in the tube hoax as well! It’s the third PsyOp for Stoll & 7th or 8th known for Munoz!! I don’t believe she plays Barbara Starr, though she may fill in for her on location since she easily could! I found Starr’s real name one but don’t remember it. I also fould Wolf Blitzer’s real name!


    Thamina is just as bloodthirsty a zionist Psychopath as her mother & loves the limelight despite her horrible acting and reporting at Duke she will take part in many more PsyOps! She may end up a SpokesLiar for Israel or USA if she can’t lose her dread Israeli / German/ Yiddish/ Hebrew screwball accent! She may soon within 3 years try to take the most Crisis Actwhoring roles world champion title from Munoz! Although Munoz probably has many Latin American & European Crisis Actwhore roles we have not seen!

    • Hey Cowboy – can you do that number thing where you add up random numbers that have occult meanings that prove the Jews did it? Love that!

  4. What happened to the 65 other comments? You only needed to remove the 35 or so disinfo, fraud & troll & gibberish & faggetry comments by ziotrash pervert & fraudster/ Lie-whore, Brokeback *** Gabriel! Lmao! Atleast you could leave up the research comments by truther always & me.. And any such by anyone else ofcourse..

    • Another obvious fraudulent threat comment by ziotrash jew Gabriel under Dr K’s Name!

      Dr K Research SEPTEMBER 30, 2017 AT 2:29 PM
      Moving forward, this forum will require a higher standard of accuracy. Any assertions or claims that cannot be backed up by hard data and irrefutable evidence will be removed. This includes accusations against individuals. Violators will be subject to banishment from this board, and if subpoenaed, their email addresses and identities will be handed over to the authorities.

      And you piece of zio$h#t Gabriel idiot: Dr K Nor anyone else on any forum has my name or identity! Only you’d be stupid enough to think he did Gabriel! You are an arrogant, ignorant & stupid buffoon Gabriel! A true piece of ziotrash proving it daily with every post! F#%# you and your tribe of maniac murderers & Israhell & Mossad & NSA & DHS & FBI Gabriel!

      • Yawn.

      • Gaybee will never have enough.

        Let’s remember the Weird Twitter, Reddit sub com user &, the SA goon, is well used to post in many platforms.

        But call it Jill and you’ll get a free pic of a pole dancer dwelling near Pomona power equipment.

    • They were deleted for being boring.

    • By hard fact… you mean your deluded opinion and inuendo?
      You never provide a shred of a “fact” in any of the hate you spew

  5. Juden Judas US Air Force General & Israeli 1ster Traitor David Goldfein the fraudster along with his Crypto Lackey fudge packey Silveria turning US Air Force & US Air Force Academy into a ZioHoax PsyOp Playhouse of Crisis Actwhores & terrorized, demoralized, traumatized soldiers! And making Americans think white US soldiers are all evil white racists thru ziotricks & Ziotheatrics & zioPsyOps!


  6. Hey Cowboy – see how many people are responding to your nonsense. Zero. Nobody cares you fool.

  7. More & More Zionist Jew Israeli Traitors like this bloodthirsty Witch Jeanie Leavitt in 2016 (as head of 57 Airwing of Nellis AFB) are being promoted as US AF Leaders to serve Israel & murdering innocents abroad to create Greater Israel!


    This evil creature ran dozens of Bombing Raids against innocent, mostly defenseless people in Iraq & Afghanistan in illegal, UnConstitutional Undeclared US Wars for genocidal Satanic Israhell!
    More & More Zionist Jew Israeli Traitors like this bloodthirsty Witch Jeanie Leavitt in 2016 (as head of 57 Airwing of Nellis AFB) are being promoted as US AF Leaders to serve Israel & murdering innocents abroad to create Greater Israel!

    And this hideous creature looks like Ellen **** Predator The Degenerate Crypto Jew!

    • According to you Cowboy, Jews, who make up just .02% of the world’s population, control the entire world. If that’s the case, you may as well just give up. There’s no way you can complete against the Jews’ magical powers! LOL

  8. Two more idiotic Fraudulent post made under my name here as Cowboy by zionist Jew weirdo troll Gabriel the pitiful zioclown pervert!

    (Brokeback *** Gabriel Fake version of –> Cowboy SEPTEMBER 30, 2017 AT 2:44 PM
    ‘The Day of Judgment will not come about until Moslems fight Jews and

    kill them. Then, the Jews will hide behind rocks and trees, and the

    rocks and trees will cry out: ‘O Moslem, there is a Jew hiding behind

    me, come and kill him.’ (Article 7)

    ‘The enemies have been scheming for a long time … and have

    accumulated huge and influential material wealth. With their money,

    they took control of the world media… With their money they stirred

    revolutions in various parts of the globe… They stood behind the

    French Revolution, the Communist Revolution and most of the

    revolutions we hear about… With their money they formed secret

    organizations – such as the Freemasons, Rotary Clubs and the Lions –

    which are spreading around the world, in order to destroy societies

    and carry out Zionist interests… They stood behind World War I …

    and formed the League of Nations through which they could rule the

    world. They were behind World War II, through which they made huge

    financial gains… There is no war going on anywhere without them

    having their finger in it.’ (Article 22)

    ‘Zionism scheming has no end, and after Palestine, they will covet

    expansion from the Nile to the Euphrates River. When they have

    finished digesting the area on which they have laid their hand, they

    will look forward to more expansion. Their scheme has been laid out

    in the ‘Protocols of the Elders of Zion

    CowboySEPTEMBER 30, 2017 AT 4:48 PM
    Black Lives Matter!!!

    Black people deserve reparations for past and continuing harms. The government, responsible corporations and other institutions that have profited off of the harm they have inflicted on Black people — from colonialism to slavery through food and housing redlining, mass incarceration, and surveillance — must repair the harm done. This includes:

    Reparations for the systemic denial of access to high quality educational opportunities in the form of full and free access for all Black people (including undocumented and currently and formerly incarcerated people) to lifetime education including: free access and open admissions to public community colleges and universities, technical education (technology, trade and agricultural), educational support programs, retroactive forgiveness of student loans, and support for lifetime learning programs.

    Reparations for the continued divestment from, discrimination toward and exploitation of our communities in the form of a guaranteed minimum livable income for all Black people, with clearly articulated corporate regulations.

    Reparations for the wealth extracted from our communities through environmental racism, slavery, food apartheid, housing discrimination and racialized capitalism in the form of corporate and government reparations focused on healing ongoing physical and mental trauma, and ensuring our access and control of food sources, housing and land.

    Reparations for the cultural and educational exploitation, erasure, and extraction of our communities in the form of mandated public school curriculums that critically examine the political, economic, and social impacts of colonialism and slavery, and funding to support, build, preserve, and restore cultural assets and sacred sites to ensure the recognition and honoring of our collective struggles and triumphs.

    Legislation at the federal and state level that requires the United States to acknowledge the lasting impacts of slavery, establish and execute a plan to address those impacts. This includes the immediate passage of H.R.40, the “Commission to Study Reparation Proposals for African-Americans Act” or subsequent versions which call for reparations remedies

  9. And you, you piece of human garbage Gabriel, since your tribe of monstrous genocidal jewish supremacist barbarians ran the slave trade almost exclusively & murdered millions of Africans slaves they took into bondage & often killed 60 percent during shipment from starving & keeping them chained in the bottom of the slave ships in their owns excrement & urine then let your beastly supremacists pay the reparation you claim white goyim owe them in your fraudulent posts under my & other posters’ names! You are the lowest of cowardly fraudsters & cowards Gabriel… likd the ziotrash filth you truly are Gabriel!

  10. And thanks for the excellent research by the real Truther Always on the London Plastic Bucket fake Tube Bombing! Keep it up!

    • As you can see, Cowboy, we deleted that post due to falsehoods and inaccuracies. Please support all postings with your sources of information. Making stuff up is just plain lazy of you.

  11. Brand new shooting hoax in Marseille, of course the attacker is “Muslim”


  12. Ziotrash PsyOp Marseille Mossadlim ISIS Crisis Actwhore Attacker Yelled Allah Akbar before He fake Stabbed People!

    & Juden Hoax Prez Macron the ZioPuppet Is Involved in the PsyOp ofcourse! He said it was a barbaris act!

    Marseille knife attacker allegedly yelled ‘Allahu akbar!’ before slayings

    By EMILY SHAPIRO (Judenrat Reportwhore!)


    Oct 1, 2017, 5:14 PM ET

    French police officers patrol outside the Marseille railway station, Oct. 1, 2017. French police warn people to avoid Marseille’s main train station amid reports of knife attack, assailant shot dead.more +

    Before a man wielding a knife at a Marseille, France train station stabbed and killed two women on Sunday, witnesses allegedly heard him shout “Allahu akbar” — Arabic for “God is great.”

    France’s Interior Minister Gerard Collomb spoke to reporters hours after the fatal knife attack at Saint Charles station, saying investigators there “don’t know yet” if the double murder “was of a terrorist nature.”

    Collomb noted that of the 10 witnesses being interviewed, some say they heard the unidentified assailant shouting the Arabic words “Allahu akbar” before committing the slayings.

    The suspect, according to Collomb, apparently rushed French soldiers responding to the scene, and they shot him just outside the train station in the port city in southern France.

    ISIS’s Amaq propaganda agency said that the perpetrator of the attack was among its “soldiers,” according to SITE Intelligence Group, a for-profit company that tracks online activity of white supremacist and jihadist organizations.

    French President Emmanuel Macron weighed in on the incident, calling it a “barbarous” act.


  13. Ex2) French Marseille Cop Point his sub machine gun at a cockroach or ant on the ground in case it is with ISIS & Attacks!


  14. Don’t you scum buckets even TRY to suggest that Mandaly Bay Casino mass shooting is staged. There is footage. It is REAL! #banthegun.

    • Any mass shooting inside a large high profile, high security casino is obviously a hoax! The ziotrash mobsters own the casinos you stupid liar! Those lowlife criminals would do any PsyOp DHS paid them for & gave them free publicity! They film fake movies nearly everyday in Vegas!

      • Great PR! Everyone just can’t wait to go there now. Dumb **** in denial.

        • PS it wasn’t even inside the casino, you ill informed POS.

  15. Moron Cops Open Fire On Movie Actor Fake Robber In Indiana ->Is A Hoax! & Moron Movie CO. Says Cops did a good job!!! WTF??!! LMAO!

    So they almost murdered an innocent Actor & the movie company says the cops did a good job!!! Right! It even claims the cuffed him after they Shot at him! & Then the buffoon cops verified he was an actor! Well 1 billion percent this hoax is idiot! They still use large cameras & film & crews to film movies & TV shows! The dumbest Keystone cops around would see the lights & cameras & crew! These is a DHS Hoax! & incredibly stupid & fake one!


  16. Mandaly Bay Vegas Super Fake Casino Shooting Crisis Actwhores Army Style Running As Other Actors Lie on Ground! Same Staged Running As Usual!


  17. ExB) Vegas Keystone Cops Searching Giant Tent For Evil Active Shooters/ Shootwhores/ Crisis Actwhores!

    They should have a Circus Tent Freak Show sign up! It’s as real as a half monkey man at a 1920’s Circus Freak Show!


  18. ExC) The Vegas DHS Active Shooter Shot Killed 2 & Shot 24 more for a 26 aka Dual 13, & 888 Code!

    At 10:30 for 13 code!


  19. ExD-2) Vegas Hoax PsyOp Shooting Uses Same 2 Hispanic/ Marrano Cops on Multiple Scenes!

    The fatter Keystone Cop Actwhore is smiling in this staged picture!


    • Same scene. Two different photos moron. I guess background shot analysis is beyond your limited intelligence.

  20. ExD-3) Vegas Hoax PsyOp Shooting Uses Same 2 Hispanic/ Marrano Cops on Multiple Scenes! The 2nd Cop is here in this staged pic running Next to the Same column where both were playing secret agent men in the other picture!


    • If the columns are the same, how is the scene different, dumbass?

  21. Ex-E) Vegas DHS Active Shooter Smiling Crisus Actor & Hoax Huggers & Phone Selfie Camera Movie Set Picture Takers!


    • Who’s smiling fucknuckle. Do a close up idiot? And how does wounded & distraught people embracing make this a hoax, retard?

  22. ExF) Ted Nugent Lookalike Wheel Chair Actor at Vegas Concert Fake Shooting PsyOp! LOL!


    • That looks like you. Admit it!

      • It so fake I can’t stop belly Laughing my @$$ off! No one with half a brain who looks into this one a few minutes can believe this is real! Fake Reportwhore!

  23. ExG) Ridiculous Vegas Shooting ZioMagically Goes 10 Fold Dead! From 2 to 20 dead & 24 to 100 Injured!


    • That’s not strange in the slightest as the shot are taken to hospital and assessed at the scene. NO HOAX. Just a nutcase like you.

      • And you just happened onto this site because you wanted to confront the hoax deniers? Yea right, your job is to wait for the truth to be told so you can ridicule those that expose the hoaxes you shill!

  24. ExH) Ridiculous Vegas Shooting Hoax SpokesLiar Names Shooter Girlfriend (Asian) Mari Lou Danley 4’11” But not (Now Shot-Dead) Hoax Shooter! Lol


    • I should have said above. Cue Cowboys rabid racism.

  25. ExI) Watch all the drill style Runners run Single File Drill Style in Waves!… While others are Lay down Crisis Actors! lmao! While fake gun shots go off!


    • People are going to be laughing THEIR fucking asses off at your funeral just before pissing on your grave. LOLLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!

      • You are so obvious! How much do they pay you to be so lousy at what you do?

  26. ExJ) The Fake Shooter was on the 27th Floor! So What is this female buffoon Crisis Actwhore aiming at –at 4ft straight eye level???? 4’11 MariLou Danley Actwhore?


  27. 32nd floor dipshit. Exactly at what time was this photo taken? Get ur facts right fuckwit.

  28. ExK) eEeevile Vegas Killer Girlfriend MariLou Danley Found! Reno NV Gambling Casino Employee Crisis ActWhore!


  29. Death toll now 50 country music lovers. Still NOT A HOAX!

  30. ExM) Super Ridiculous Fake Vegas Shooting Now ZioMagically Grows 2& 1/2 Times Again! Now 50 Dead & 100 Wounded! & Becomes The Greatest Mass Shooting PsyOp In USA History! LMAO! FAKE!

    Yes It Surpasses the Homo Hoax Holocaust in Orlando Even! & His Amazing Accuracy is one in three shot dead by sniper Fire! But ofcourse he the Crisis Actwhore Stephen shot no one!


  31. No one died! No one shot! No one Dead! Just Crisis Actwhore$ getting paid for Treason by DHS & contractors!

  32. ExN) Vegas Fake Dead Super Sniper Shooter & ShootOut Crisis Actor Hollywood Actor Steve Paddock Has Addresses in Hollywood, CA & San Fran,CA & Mesquite TX & Mesquite NV! LOL!

    1372 Babbling Brook Ct
    Mesquite, NV 89034
    Current Address
    1735 Del Webb Pkwy W
    Reno, NV 89523
    (Jan 2013 – Jan 2017)
    317 Keswick Ln
    Mesquite, TX 75150
    (Sep 2006 – Aug 2016)
    9362 Moonbeam Ave #10
    Panorama City, CA 91402
    (Oct 1996 – Sep 2014)
    105 Clear Lake Ln
    Mesquite, TX 75150
    (Jul 2004 – Sep 2014)
    255 N Sierra St #1513
    Reno, NV 89501
    (Dec 2012)
    4804 Via Ventura
    Mesquite, TX 75150
    (Apr 2009 – Dec 2012)
    12531 Fallcreek Ln
    Cerritos, CA 90703
    (Nov 2012 – Nov 2012)
    4804 Via Ventura #OFC
    Mesquite, TX 75150
    (May 2010)
    12906 Doty Ave #A
    Hawthorne, CA 90250
    (Jul 2001 – Mar 2008)
    PO Box 2004
    Calif City, CA 93504
    (Dec 2000 – Jan 2008)
    13629 Kornblum Ave #5
    Hawthorne, CA 90250
    (Dec 1993 – Nov 2007)
    1264 W 37th Pl
    Los Angeles, CA 90007
    (Jun 2007)
    715 Hayes St
    San Francisco, CA 94102
    (Aug 2006)
    3031 Friendship Hill Cir
    Henderson, NV 89052
    (Aug 2003 – Sep 2005)
    12906 Doty Ave #D
    Hawthorne, CA 90250
    (Feb 2004)
    5059 Bakman Ave
    North Hollywood, CA 91601
    (Apr 1997 – Jan 2004)
    2768 Thunder Bay Ave
    Henderson, NV 89052
    (Sep 2002 – Mar 2003)
    PO Box 2004
    California City, CA 93504
    (Apr 1996 – Jul 2002)
    12906 Doty Units
    Hawthorne, CA 90250
    (Nov 2001)
    8648 Jacaranda Ave
    California City, CA 93505
    (Mar 1996 – Mar 2001)
    PO Box 132014
    Big Bear Lake, CA 92315
    (Jul 1995 – Apr 1997)
    6577 Holiday Ave
    Rosamond, CA 93560
    (Feb 1996)
    5059 Bakman Ave
    N Hollywood, CA 91601
    (Jan 1995)
    9362 Moonbeam Ave #10
    Van Nuys, CA 91402
    (Dec 1993)

  33. Fraudulent comment by Ziotrash jew mossadomite Gabriel… (And his idiotic comment is about as realistic as this Vegas fake cartoonish shooting!)

    (Brokeback *** Gabriel fake version of–> Cowboy OCTOBER 2, 2017 AT 6:03 AM
    Guns don’t kill people brokeback zioslime mossodimite Gabriel. I could throw a thousand knives from the 32nd floor in under 5 minutes and they’d be bringing out 1000 body bags! Lol. Cowardly fraud ziotrash filth! LMFAO! LOL!

  34. ExO) Vegas Fake Super Sniper Mass Murderer Stephen Paddock Actwhore of Hollywood CA & [Mesquite, TX & Mesquite, NV]<– (Bizzaro!) & Reno Has Wife Peggy Paddock! & Is Not Dating Fake Renegade Fugitive Girlfriend Actwhore/ Gambing Dealer MariLou Munsayac Danley aka MaryLou Bustos, etc!

    & This Hawaiian Crisis Actor Marylou [Munsayac] Danley is married to Geary Danley & is not Indonesian at at all! Just another zioHollywood lie!

    Stephen Craig Paddock
    age 64

    Hawthorne, CA; Mesquite, NV; Reno, NV; Mesquite, TX; Henderson, NV; Big Bear Lake, CA; California City, CA; Cerritos, CA; San Francisco, CA; Pacoima, CA; North Hollywood, CA

    Peggy Paddock (Wife!), Bruce Paddock


  35. And no, fake dead greatest mass murderer in US history Crisis Actwhore Stephen Craig Paddock won’t be suing anyone for disclosing the public information of his addresses proving he is a Hollywood Actor & just moved to Mesquite & it was a Talmudic “in your face it’s a Hoax!) statement by moving him to a town last year prior to this planned PsyOp with the same name with a town in Texas where he has addresses!

  36. ExP) Will The Eeevile Villainess Renegade 4ft 11in Marilou Danley Strike Again Before The Capture her? Will she shoot it out with the cops & not let them take her alive! Will the Script Have her drive back to Reno & have a ShootOut with the Keystone Cops there???

    You know whatever the scene in this script is it will be more pure ziotrash Hollywood fakery & Bullcrap!


  37. & Ziotrash buffoon troll Gabriel will keep posting as Las Vegas Reportwhore & other troll names & insisting it was a real shooting!

  38. ExQ) Vegas Fake Mass Murderer / Crisis Actwhore Steve Paddock ‘s main Residence apparently his address in Cerritos California since his real wife Japanesse Hawaiian Peggy Okamoto Paddock is President of the Homeowners Association there in the wealthy Sundance Neighborhood!

    Yes this is his real wife & yes he has an address there!
    They married in LA County CA in 1985 so 32 yrs ago aka dual 16 aka dual 44 Death & Destruction Hoax Code! & 32 is 2nd highest degree of Scottish Rite Freemasonry aka USA branch of Freemasonry!

    So these two couples involved in this PsyOp are close friends because both have Hawaiian ancestry wives & longterm involved in Hollywood & LA & Hollywood area high Society & PsyOps, etc.. And they are Freemasons too obviously..


  39. And another fraudulent gibberish & disinfo comment by idiotic desperate zionist jew full time paid troll Gabriel! Let him explain or refute the evidence I just posted on these despicable treasonous Hollywood HoaxWhores/ Actwhores! He can’t.. LMAO! But he can post fraudulent comments & troll comments over & over! And explain how my comments proving a supposed dead mass murderer Stephen Paddock being really just a crisis Actwhore is Libelous to him??? LMAO! Are you claiming being a Crisis Actwhore is worse than being a murderer of 50 innocent people? You truly are one of the most idiotic nonsensical ziotrash loser trolls ever Gabriel! See if you can pretend you are a man, ziojew boy & post as Gabriel in reply to me! Loser! LMAO!

    Brokeback *** Gabriel fake version of –> Cowboy CTOBER 2, 2017 AT 10:43 AM
    My name is Cowboy and I am a coward.

    I post libelous unfounded accusations against innocent people all while hiding behind my computer screen.

    I don’t have the ***** to personally present my “evidence” to the accused, to the media, to academia, or in legitimate forums because that would mean I would have to disclose my true identity. Which I won’t do, because I am a big *****, and know my “evidence” would be summarily laughed at, ridiculed and ripped to shreds. And then I’d be exposed as the fraud that I am. In addition to being the coward that I am.

    A lot of people are fascinated by my zealous hatred of Zionists and my prolific postings on NoDisinfo. Today, I am going to open up and reveal some truths about the man, the myth, the mysterious character, Cowboy.

    I spend hour and hours, day after day, month after month, year after year, railing against Jews, the government, Zionist conspiracies, and people who don’t believe the earth is flat. Deep down I know what I’m posting is utterly ridiculous, but I can’t help it. It’s a manifestation of my OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) .

    Because of this affliction, and other mental conditions I suffer from, such as schizophrenia, acute paranoia, Asperger syndrome, and a variety of anti-social behaviors, I am unable to hold a job, and live off welfare and disability payments from the government. (The same entity I incessantly bash). Talk about biting the hand that feeds me, LOL.

    Anyway, because I don’t work, I have limitless hours each day to comb through sites like LinkedIn, Facebook and people-finder databases like Intellus to cobble together non-existent morsels of “evidence” identifying secret “crisis actors” who get paid big bucks to make believe they are victims of violence and terrorism. It’s hard to believe, but there are literally thousands of these folks in this clandestine program. And they’re a loyal bunch. In all the years they’ve been operating, not one of them has ever come forward to rat the program out…….etc..etc..

    etc..etc…etc…and more disinfo & gibberish from Gabriel which he cowardly & fraudulently & bizzarly posted under my name here while saying I’m the coward! LMAO! Does that somehow give a wormy little ziotrash jew psychopath like you more credibility to post your arguments & attacks against me under my name here instead of as Gabriel or one of your dozens of other troll names here you use! It’s so stupid it’s hilarious & your so amazingly foolish, arrogant, ignorant self thinks it’s clever or a smart trick or something? ..No it just shows the clownish fool you are Brokeback fagboy! You think your idiocy disproves or hides my hard proof Zioclown? huh??? ROTFLMAO!!! You better try to get someone to pull some more posts because you are burnt toast little zio buttboy! Just like this already completely proven Vegas Massacre Hoax!

    • Thanks for reposting, Cowboy. LMAO!!!

  40. ExR) Vegas Idiotic Fake Super Sniper Shooting Now being Called by All Ziotrash Media Greatest Mass Shooting In USA History & Fake Deaths Climbs ZioMagically to 58 & More Amazingly Wounded climbs, doubling+ again to 515! LOL!!!

    So Crisis Actwhore Stephen Paddock shot atleast 573 People Now!!!! ???? LMAO! Such a ridiculous & impossible number! This A- Hole is a Hollywood Actor & spook & & he shot no one at all! NO ONE!


  41. ExS) Vegas Hoax Massacre… Mossad Terrorist Rita Katzslime’s ISIS CRISIS Actwhores Studio Now claims Responsibility also!


  42. So ziotrash jew mossadomite loser you are claiming Stephen Paddock the Crisis Actor who you & ziotrash media claim murdered 58 People is an innocent citizen who I am defaming by exposing him as a Crisis Actor??? LMAO! You are a pitiful fat little ziotrash psychopath deviant, murder-lusting & lying jew Gabriel!

    NOBODY GOT SHOT AT THIS PHONEY SNIPER SHOOTING IN PHONEY UBER CORRUPT ZIOMOB RUN VEGAS! ROTFLMAO! No one got shot or injured unless it was being being too close to a pyrotechnic firecraker & getting some smoke on their pants or something!

    You are a world class slimey little douchebag Gabriel! Go cry to your Rabbi douchebag! Your Vegas hoax is all jokes!

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