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Louisa Moritz Fakes Accusations Against Cosby for a Pay Off

It is a most dramatic case, that is this case of Cosby accuser Louisa Moritz. Born Ciro Netto Castro, of Havana, Cuba, the Sephardic Jew has levelled a most heavy accusation against the comedian without the slightest basis. Moritz aka Castro purportedly told the New York Daily News that, somehow, Mr. Cosby successfully accosted her not at a mere hotel or in, for instance, his home but, rather, at the most impossible place possible. This was the dressing room at the Tonight Show, 1971.

If that really happened, wouldn’t she have filed a report? The Jewess would have surely prevailed in a major way. At least she could have sued for major damages.

Instead, not a word was heard about it until recently. She’s a has-been actress and surely is in need of money. She did this for a pay-off, the amount being significant but unknown.

The accusations are vile and there is no need to repeat them here in graphic detail, but they involve forcibly committing sex acts upon her body, followed by threatening her “backstage at the Johnny Carson-hosted talk show…” It’s the same story lines, with her claiming that she was approach by Mr. Cosby with promises of advancement of her career, that is he “knocked on her door and told her that he was impressed with her work,” implying “he was going to see to it that I will become a major star through his direction,” when suddenly he sexually accosted her, just before he was to go up on stage.

Yet another standard story line of the hoaxing accusers is regarding the aftermath, that which represents an all-powerful Hollywood mogul. Per Hollywood Life:

According to Louisa, Bill allegedly threatened as he was leaving the room, “Now you don’t want to upset me and the plans for your future, do you?”

No one can find this believable.

She was there, she claims, with Cosby in that 1971 episode of the pre-recorded Tonight Show. Yet, the Internet Movie Database demonstrates that “Cosby and Moritz never appeared together on an episode of The Tonight Show in 1971.” Mr. Cosby did appear on the show in that year, March 3, but this was with fellow guests Clifton Davis and Bob Kaufman, also appearing in October of that year with Buddy Greco, Sam Levenson, among others. Moritz was simply not there, not at either occasion.

Instead, she appeared at a different time unrelated to the comedian, which was the July 23, 1971, show with Troy Donahue, Stan Kann, Rex Reed, and July Wilson, also appearing again with other guests on both August 23 and 26. No wonder she used the Tonight Show as the basis for her false witness. She thought no one would check and the story line would fall through as true.

It was the DailyCaller which first revealed this. According to the online journal a bit of direct, thorough investigation further confirmed the degree of the scam:

Presented with the discrepancy by phone Thursday, Moritz admitted that she wasn’t actually sure what year the alleged assault occurred.

“I think it was the year,” Moritz told The DC.

“I was on the same episode,” Moritz said. “When they called my name and he went out. He went out when they called my name and he said ‘Hi.’”

NOTE: What in the world does that mean? It is merely double-speak. Regardless, she was not there at the same time as the comedian and now she is forced to withdraw from the original (and false) claim:

“I’m not sure exactly when it was but my attorney was looking for that,” Moritz added. “I’m not sure, because I’m in bed and I’m tired.”

She’s tired, really? What is she tired of, being put on the spot? This is typical, standard hoaxing procedure for an arch-liar and fabricator. She added:

Moritz provided the name of her Washington-based attorney Joseph Cammarata, who represents multiple Cosby accusers. Cammarata did not respond prior to publication.

Louisa Moritz

It’s all lies. It means that Moritz’s claim of an actual and most bizarre sexual encounter occurring in the green room of the NBC studios is an arch-fabrication. No, no, no; by no means is her claim of a lewd encounter imposed upon her by Mr. Cosby real in the least degree. She made the story up and made it appear as graphic as possible. An additional note: one of the common characteristics of this accusatory fraudsters is that they have subjected themselves to plastic surgery and are thus physically arch-fakes as well as falsifiers within their minds.

According to Cosby attorney Marty Singer:

“We’ve reached the point of absurdity. The stories are getting more ridiculous,” Singer said. “I think people are trying to come up with these wild stories in order to justify why they have waited 40 to 50 years to disclose these ridiculous accusations.

He called into question her credibility, because Mortiz, a trained lawyer, has been ordered not to practice by the California State Bar.

Of interesting note according to the Bible almighty God has made hard and fast laws for human behavior, giving dire warnings for their violations. Per one poster:

“Lying lips (are) an abomination to the Lord, while those who deal truthfully (are) His delight.”

“The thought of foolishness (is) sin, and the scorner (is) an abomination to men.”

“For my mouth shall speak (only the) truth – and wickedness is an abomination to my lips.”

“Love works no ill to his neighbor (that is fellow person); therefore, love is the fulfilling of the law.”

“The Lord does hate these six things, yea, seven are an abomination to Him:

  • a proud look
  • a lying tongue
  • hands that shed innocent blood
  • a heart that devises wicked imaginations
  • feet that are swift in running to mischief
  • a false witness that speaks lies and he that sows discord among brethren

Note: we thank the poster for this thorough list of Biblical wisdom and the bravery to post this in defense of Mr. Cosby.

The total number of false accusers who follow no moral code but the code of self-gain for their actions are now as follows:

  • Chelan Lasha
  • Sammie Mays
  • Janice Dickinson
  • Beth Ferrier
  • Helen Hayes
  • Lili Bernard
  • Jewel Allison
  • Lise Lotte-Lublin
  • Linda Brown
  • Jennifer Thompson
  • Cloe Goins
  • Louisa Moritz
  • Linda Joy Traitz

These amounts to 13 of the some 35 prominent accusers or over one-third. All have been paid significant cash to spread their false story lines. Regarding Moritz, it is 100% proven; her claims of being accosted by Mr. Cosby is a terminally wretched lie.




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  1. We should be giving the DailyCaller journalist mentioned in this report some very loud and obvious credit for engaging in some fact-checking. He or she used 30 minutes (tops) to gather information concerning Tonight Show episodes of 1971…and still even this amount of fact checking is rare. If this journalist can be mentioned by name, someone should post the name. This person is a rare gem in the realm of journalism. Thank you, whoever you are.

  2. Jesus, who the **** is this? Or what?

  3. She was so ugly then and now if Cosby DID anything with her it would have been to dunk her head in a toilet. I doubt she was on Johnny Carson show. Doing what? Being a dog look alike maybe?

  4. you can read through a description/history of this actress on Wikipedia. I looked at this as this nodisinfo article appeared. Louisa Moritz (not her real name) was born in Cuba. She renamed herself with the name of a hotel in NYC. If you look through her “filmography” you can see that she played the parts of prostitutes and bimbos in a number of sitcoms, and had one appearance on “Mash”. She played the part of the prostitute in “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” with Jack Nicholson as the star. This Wikepedia entry is really over the top with flattery for a lady who played bit parts in 1970s sitcoms. You can see this glowing report for yourself. She is listed as an “attorney” even though she was disbarred in the state of California.

  5. Apparent Mossad Agent & Old Lecherous Bull Dike Gloria Allred’s own hired liar to takedown Cosby (who’s supposedly 24 yr old) a Vegas prostitute & stripper, possibly actually 29 to 36 yrs old & an obvious plastic surgery & botox addict– Chloe Goins alias Chloe Jardine. Look at her ridiculous cheeks & lips & she even has a blonde lesbian lover she calls her love bug. Lol
    She also recently managed to buy her on home suddenly in Las Vegas. So mossad scum Allred must have secured zionist Mob money $$$ to pay her off & get her a home & reward this sayanim frivolous, vain, Jewess bleach blonde high leaving stripper & prostitute for agreeing to perjure herself to take down Cosby & get his wealth. And remember degenerate old lecher, impotent pervert zionist Jew Hugh Hefner is a zioMobster & Mossad agent himself. Cosby better stay away from that old zombie-like freakshow!

    • Louisa is anything but a Jew and I lived with and worked for her in 1976. She was paid triple scale in many commercials when she was busy and that money was enough to buy the Saint Moritz Hitek in Beverly Hills on S. Reeves. We moved out of her apartment at Hollywood Blvd. and N. Fuller to a house she bought on Mount Olympus. She always had a home. Her husband William Finexwas the Jew, and that marriage didn’t last long. She was the girlfriend of Joe Namath and co-host of his tv show. Later she dated Mac Davis. In the book ‘Johnny Tonight’ the author writes about how Louisa heard Johnny Carson say her name during his monologue and walked from the green room onstage. The end result was Johnny was furious and she never did the show again that I know of. But in her Cosby allegations Louisa claimed that Cosby heard his name and walked onstage interrupting the monologue. She’s been in Judge Waoner’s People’s Court for not paying a photographer. She was always getting sued. She told the hotel in Oklahoma that a maid stole a two-thousand dollar nevkless abd I saw the check they cut her. There never was a necklace. She was street smart and even ate candy out of the bag in Ralph’s Supermarket when I was with her before putting the half-eaten bag back on another shelf. I came home many times abd heard her and a man upstairs in her bed. I went back outside and cane in again, slamming the door to let them know I was home. They didn’t care. The continued.

  6. Netanyahu’s Genocidal Threat To The West– Destroy Iran Before Israel Destroys You!
    Israel truly is a Psychopath State! It’s truly a unique terrorist state brought about by barbaric genocide that has lasted 66 + years & beyond even zioHollywood movie level insane with it’s Satanically Evil Sampson Option! What other country would make threats & by so many of it’s evil, psychopath leaders in agreement on it!??? Even N Korean zioHoax character Kim Jung Cartoon is not that insane–plus he is only a fictional character! A zioPuppet via China the giant zionist slave labor factory & slave plantation.

  7. Slime Bag Fraudster Louisa Moritz Is a Disbarred Lawyer
    “…Moritz, who became a lawyer after her acting career ended, is no longer permitted to practice in California for “violating the Rules of Professional Conduct in her legal practice.”
    Also notice she claims he walked into her dressing room, out of the blue, at the tonight show and forced her (sober) to perform a sex act on him then left basically. And she admittedly never protested, never slapped him, never scream!!! LMAO! Who in hell can believe such BULL$HIT??? It’s beyond an believeability & credibilty..just ridiculous beyond comprehension! Like she at the least she would’ve just slapped him &/or screamed & security would have pulled him from the room. This was the Johnny Carson Tonight show not Sevile the Vile pedo- Babylonian Jew’s BBC Rape Show!

  8. What kind of disgusting website did I happen upon that has this BULLSH!T article and so many comments by ignorant neanderthals? Every one of you is pathetic.

  9. These are some of the aliases of this extremist zionist Jew, Mossad Agent, Hollywood Sleazebag, zioScammer, Extortionist criminal fraudster, pathological liar Louisa Moritz:
    Louisa Cira Netto, age 68
    Louisa Moritz,
    L Munoz,
    Louisa Munoz
    Luisa Castronetto,
    Louisaneto Moritz,
    Linda Netto,
    Louisa Castro,
    Louisa Slater,
    Luisa Moritz
    Louise Fine
    Luisa Netto, etc..
    Lulu Moritz (also a grand daughter’s name in with homes Rio Linda & Sacramento CA)
    (also most likely she uses her apparent sister’s name also as an alias Janette & Janet Moritz)
    She has homes & addresses in:
     Los Angeles, CA; Beverly Hills, CA; Woodland Hills, CA; North Hollywood, CA, Santa Monica

  10. Christinne the aspiring actress hits the screens in her first BiG ROLL.

    • With Cecelia as co star. Lol.

  11. Was Tunisian beach killer known to the authorities? Neighbours says murderer’s home was raided 18 months before attack


  12. Spivey is a tool himself, but sometimes he’s rite


  13. Mossad Hitwoman Tamara Green, zionist Jew fraudster, is a DISBARRED LAWYER just like sleazy fraudster Louisa Mortiz. This fraudster, zio criminal Green sleazebag is so despicable that she stole $20,000 in needed medical expenses money from a suffering client! These zionist Jew sleazebags have no moral bounds!
    Cosby accuser Tamara Green has filed a defamation suit alleging that Cosby sullied Green’s “good name and reputation” by denying Green’s sexual assault allegations against him.
    Several years ago, Green was suspended from practicing law by the State Bar of California and was placed on probation.
    The State Bar Court of California recommended on Dec. 27, 2005 that Green be “suspended from the practice of law in the State of California for a period of two years” and that she “be placed on probation for a period of five years.”
    The court found that Green “has a mental health problem, and the court found that there is sufficient evidence of a nexus between that mental health issue and respondent’s misconduct in this proceeding.”
    Green also failed disburse a $20,000 medical settlement to a client and instead pocketed the settlement for herself. Green also accepted a $1,000 retainer from a client that she did not contact or represent, and disconnected her telephone and changed office addresses without even informing a client that had retained her services in a civil case.


  14. Cowboy on December 13, 2014 at 3:35 pm

    This Fraudster & Extortionist & Zionist Change Agent /Mossad Agent Crisis Actor
    Barbara Bowman alias Barbara Hubbard
    & 4 of this Zio Mobster’s Proven Aliases
    I believe she is older than her listed 47 years she may well be past 65. I bet many of these liar mossadomites them selves have drugged/ poisoned & blackedmailed & even murdered powerful men themselves. It was probably hard to do with Cosby since he never drank!
    Intelius Indentity search results for this slimebag fraudster:
    Barbara Bowman
    Address History
    Hollywood, FL
    Beverly Hills, CA
    Scottsdale, AZ
    Cave Creek, AZ 
    Deerfield, FL

    Barbara A Bowman
    Barbara C Bowman
    Barbara A Hubbard
    Barbara H Barron

    Christopher Bowman
    Worked at
    B H Bowman Studios

  15. Louisa is not Jewish LOL. I worked for her. Her husband Billy (William) Fine was a Jewish producer. She’s totally Cuban. She does not have several houses, she owns apartment buildings. Go take your prozac or abilify! She lived on Mount Olympus and she has since moved from Jupiter Drive off Hercules Drive. You’re going overboard by seeing her ex-husbands name “Fine”

  16. Louisa made a killing on commercials. Movies were a side thing. She also did game shows and series like ‘Happy Days’ where she jumped out of the cake at Richie’s 18th birthday party, “Chico and the Man,” “All my Children,” etc.


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