**Breaking News** — 06 February 2017
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The Louvre Museum Machete Attack Hoax in Pictures

What an arch-hoax it is, this so-called Louvre museum machete attack. It’s another Islamophobic scam, make no mistake about it. The French fraud artists are in high-gear with this one, expecting the world to believe that a man with not one machetes but two actually charged armed French troops.

Regardless, who finds it plausible that the man would do this, one machete in each hand? What in the world would he hope to achieve, especially attacking well-armed gunmen, who could shoot him dead on the spot. Nevertheless, somehow, people believe it really happened.

The poor French armed agents, poor fellows, one of them was “slightly wounded” by a machete. Sure, he was, right: that is right in the middle of the Louvre. What happened to the metal detectors anyway?

No wonder the policeman is smirking at the entire thought of this as he enters the arch-staged scene, that is this farce and absolute fraud.

The world is to believe that this man did this, mad as he was, in isolation, just as some form of payback. What beef does an Egyptian man have with the French secret services?  Moreover, why are these police looking directly up the steps instead of at the machete man? Do they fear another knife-wielding madman is on the loose?

Counter-terrorism experts describe the scene, for instance, on the George Galloway Radio Show, that the man entered the region against four heavily armed gunman, French anti-terror police, who tried to talk him down. What in the world were they doing there in the first instance?

Below is the typical headline seen throughout the Internet. Where is the CCTV film confirming it?

Machete-wielding man shouting ‘Allahu akhbar‘ shot by (police).

What is this paramilitary man doing looking at the camera? Why isn’t he paying attention to the knifeman?

Oh, I see, right, he is looking for the cue, as the French espionage agent acts like he is putting out his finger, that is ‘There is no God but Allah,’ etc.

By the way how Egyptian does this man appear, regardless? It seems that his skin is a bit too light for that.

The accused just happens to be related to a powerful military person. Thus, it is said: “Retired Egyptian police general Reda al-Hamamy accused the soldier who shot him of “using brute force with a poor young man.” Even so, who finds it plausible that the precise son of a Western-trained Egyptian general would actually be the terrorist attacker?

Here is also what the father said:

“This incident doesn’t make any sense… They said he hurt a soldier and then another soldier fired at him… Why haven’t we seen this soldier’s injury?

“This is a cover up so they don’t have to apologise or justify the acts of this soldier who used brutal force with a poor, 29-year-old young man.”

Here is the supposedly wounded soldier. He is just casually being wheeled out, as if nothing happened. That is right, because nothing did happen.

This is a total hoax. There is no possibility it is real. It’s merely staged as an Islamophobic fake. Now, the people are coming forward saying, “But of course we like this, all this security. It makes us feel really safe, more safe than before.”

This is an image purportedly ‘right after the attack.’ What’s so funny about it? Yet, all is well. Another ‘crazy’ has been put down. The all-knowing, all-powerful French system has again prevailed, the good guy winning over the bad. We’re all safe know. Thanks, officers, for keeping us safe.



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  1. It’s totally plausible. These muslim terrorists aren’t too bright. Who could argue otherwise?

    • I am totally alone in my family, church and community as I am looked at like a crazy person with wild beliefs. So called wise men of God who are asleep and look at me and treat me like I am crazy. I am totally confused on what to do now. Is there anyone else out there who is being treated like this and feel hopeless?

      • LOL you don’t know why everyone thinks you are crazy? EVERYONE? Perhaps it is time to consider that perhaps they are right and your need to believe that EVERYTHING bad that happens is a hoax perpetuated by mysterious Zionist with such super-powers as to be everywhere and undetectable.

        You are a nutter, as are most on here. You need to get some help.

    • Ziotrash TrannyFag Gabriel Gabriela making fraudulent shill comments under a real poster’s name trutheralways then shill & red herring replying with his disinfo under another troll name:

      ( Ziotrash tranny *** Gabriel fraud post as)rutheralways FEBRUARY 7, 2017 AT 10:36 AM
      I am totally alone in my family, church and community as I am looked at like a crazy person with wild beliefs. So called wise men of God who are asleep and look at me and treat me like I am crazy. I am totally confused on what to do now. Is there anyone else out there who is being treated like this and feel hopeless?

      (Ziotrash *** Gabriel Troll posting as) Get Real FEBRUARY 7, 2017 AT 11:31 AM
      LOL you don’t know why everyone thinks you are crazy? EVERYONE? Perhaps it is time to consider that perhaps they are right and your need to believe that EVERYTHING bad that happens is a hoax perpetuated by mysterious Zionist with such super-powers as to be everywhere and undetectable.

      You are a nutter, as are most on here. You need to get some help.

      ——Yes Gabriel we know you a nutty Talmudist jew extremist and tranny *** obessed weirdo, obsessed with protecting & covering up for all ziotrash hoaxes scams and lies! You are a pitiful little hateful lying faggot of a ziotrash jew Gabriel!

  2. Rudolf is sneaking like a snake into other threads & emitting noxious substances.


  3. The Jewish nation did reject and crucify there messiah as they are blind to the truth and they have paid dearly for it. Through tribulation and at there most desperate hour they will recognise there messiah Jesus as savior of the world . The early followers of Christ were all jews first. Just like the jews you are all blind to your phony religion. Salvation is through a man not a religion. Jesus died a horrible death but rose for us to be able to have eternal life. You can not buy it or work for it, just accept Jesus as Lord and Savior. The jewish people are used and have been used for a example of how and how not to live. They are Gods chosen earthly people. But the church are his heavenly people.

  4. Stand by for my phone call you Zionist fraud Cowboy

  5. Ex2) Louvre Museum Hoax Machete & Rifle Attack- Happy Hoax Crisis Actor Says: “We Though it Was A Drill!”

    Idiot Ziopuppet says: “Central France was thrown into panic yesterday!” Thrown into panic only by your ziotrash media & gpvernment warmongering PsyOps & Lies! Not by any real events you ziopuppet pieces of Garbage!


  6. Ex3) Louvre Museum Shooting & Machete PsyOp- Ziotrash Jew Media Claims Cop Shot 5 Times Yet No Blood & lots of Mockery of the Hated Goyim Admitting It’s a Training Drill!

    ..Atleast a PsyOp done under cover of a training drill..And portrayed as a real event to Psychologically terrorize the masses with visions of Boogeymen murderous Arab & Muslim & Africa cold bloodied, merciless killers on the loose looking to kill non Muslims! A false projection of the real psychopathic bloodthirstiness of the zionist jews themselves
    Projected onto others to fearmoner, hatemonger & warmonger & divide & conquer the Masses of hated goyim (all non jews) into giving up their rights, and profitting the jews by endless wars & totalitarian security apparatuses setup by & run by ziotrash Jews!

    Also constant idiotic interchanging of knife with Machete! Two such different items used interchangeably in PsyOp after PsyOp to dumb down the goyim to new lows of dumb & dumber!


  7. Ex4) Louvre FR, Machete ISIS CRISIS ACTOR Attack PsyOp- Constant Interchange of “Soldiers” & Police to Brainwash the Masses Into Accepting A Military Police State Ziotrash Syle where Enemy Troops Rule Over People as in ZioOccupied West Bank Palestine!


  8. Ex5) Lourve Hoax Machete Atracker ISIS CRISIS ACTOR Abdullah Hamamy is Egyptian General’s Son On Business Trip!! Attacks France For His ISIS Enemy: Syria! LMAO!

    So in this dumb & dumber ziotrash insane zio Hollywood Script he’s a businessman who was angry over Syria suffering even though ISIS & Al Queda is The Enemy of Syria, & is murdering Syrians and fighting the Syrian Army & Hezbollah – the defenders of the Syrian people & their sovereignty, so he decided to join ISIS & murder French people so The French would be angry and want to bomb & murder more Syrians & other innocent Muslims & Christians! Only in the Talmudic minds of ziotrash psychopaths can such a ridiculous, contradictory PsyOp Screenplay be written!

    ZioTrash BBC Story:
    The man suspected of attacking soldiers with two machetes at Paris’s Louvre Museum on Friday has confirmed his identity to investigators and given his version of events, judicial sources say.
    After initially refusing to talk, he has confirmed he is 29-year-old Egyptian Abdullah Hamamy.
    He was shot in the stomach as, authorities say, he lunged at soldiers.
    President Francois Hollande says there is little doubt it was a terrorist act.
    The Egyptian remains under arrest in hospital.
    His father, a retired Egyptian police general, said his son had not shown any signs of radicalisation, AFP reported.
    Reda al-Hamamy said his son was in Paris on a business trip, lives in the United Arab Emirates, and has a wife and a seven-month old son.


  9. Good thing Cowboy has a Jewish doctor to help him recover from his self inflicted gunshot wound. Luckily, he is also eligible for subsidized Obamacare because his income is below the poverty level. Count your lucky stars, Cowboy!

  10. Moon and sun over Yakima WA when moon is also over Australia! Impossible on Ball Earth but it is a possible on a flat earth, & proven Real!

    This US Army Soldier proves this is real. Prove it to yourself over & over using time & date dot com. If earth were a ball you would not be able to see the moon in Australia & USA at the same time. Yet you often can. Earth must be flat for this to be possible. Reconcile this in your head! It’s real. Ball-sphere earth is fake no matter how many people believe it. No matter how silly a flat earth seems it light of your lifetime of conditioning.


    • This is a challenge – do not be a COWARD COWBOY. Watch this video from start to finish and return to this page with your algorithms to explain the difference in distance from Sydney to Johannesburg based on the flat earth model. With evidence based facts, explain how an aircraft manages to to fly DIRECTLY between these two destinations without refuelling on the flat earth model. If you claim that the aircraft refuels, WHERE does it refuel.

      No lying now Cowboy and no Cowardice. Debunk this video and you may be forgiven. If you cannot do it then STFU about the flat earth.

    • The whole earth thinks you are a fool.

  11. Ex6) Louvre Hoax- Ziotrash ActWhore Mossad Agent Genocidal Maniac Pam Geller 1st to get out Picture of Louvre ISIS CRISIS ACTWHORE MOSSADLIM!


    You have to give this traitorous zionist jew Geller Credit she’s as lying and despicably as her Israeli mossad agent coworker & fellow sewer rat Rita Katzslime! May they both rot in hell!

  12. Ex8) Louvre Hoax CRISIS ACTOR Jewish Couple from NY: “We thought it was terrorism,” Lance said. “9/11,” his wife Wendy said. Yep! Just Say 911 & Trick The Dumb Goyim! & Remember Israel & Ziotrash did 911!

    Welcome to the Twilight Zone!


  13. EX3) Moon Spotted SameTime AUS,JAP, GER, USA,BRZ, Holland, UK, By Truthers 9-26-16-Proves Flat Earth Ziotrash FBook Blocks Pics,Posts &VIDS

    Literally Facebook blockrd videos about this under the guise of Facebook Security! ZioLies Security must protect the spinning ball thru space that magically always stays perfectly aligned with non moving stationary Polaris! Lol!


    Trying refuting this Proof ziotrash Troll Gabriel (posting as Rolo & Ha hassan & other troll names here on this thread) instead of posting idiot video of some ziotrash Buffoon using the f word & retard every other word!
    Also note for the red herring about flights: No direct flight from Santiago Chile to Australia has been proven to exist. Many have tried to book these fake flights and you can never complete the booking. Also such a flight could be done possibly by flying a jet at above allowed (by FAA) speed with extra fuel but this would be unprofitable anyway so if they did one or two or whatever like this it would be just for show & fakery. It is 13,000 to 16,000 miles from LA to Perth or various other points not the ridiculous under 7000 miles listed in fake, non-existant non stop flights!

    • OK…deep breath

      There are 10 DIRECT flights per day between LA and Sydney; 8 per week to and from Santiago and 12 between Jo’burg and Sydney. Conservatively you might say there are 300 people on each flight – a 747 can take 512 and an A380 is 583 and probably half are 737s with a capacity of 215 and 777s with 396. That’s approximately 1.4 MILLION people travelling on these routes each year at a very minimum.

      But you claim that these flights are all hoaxes? Does anyone actually board these flights or are all these millions of people liars according to you? Are they being tricked into thinking that they’re flying to these places but they’re really being dropped off on some pacific island that looks exactly like LA or Jo’berg or Santiago? Where did I go in July last when I flew between LA and Sydney twice, taking 15 excruciating hours each way, much of it spent staring at the map on the screen in front of me, wishing every one of the 9347 miles away? And this wasn’t the first time I’ve done it either. Was I dreaming every time? I’m sure there are other people reading this who have done the same trip.

      There’s an easy way you could PROVE me and all these millions of other people wrong Cowboy – by traveling to Australia yourself. From Baltimore you could do it in about 22 hours via Dallas, LA or San Fran.

      If you’re not prepared to do that, then you should SHUT THE HELL UP! Why would anyone believe your flat earth nonsense when you make such completely outlandish claims and you’re not willing to do the first thing to back it up. Same with your other nonsense. Why would anyone believe you when your credibility is totally shot down by the sorts of claims you make above.

      And finally, where are your algorithms as requested? Put up or shut up altogether, fool.

      • PS the problem with the link you provided to youtuber Vic Button, who does not appear to have any scientific qualifications whatsoever, is that when questioned in the comments section, he acknowledges that he is not able to VERIFY that the photos referred to as ‘evidence’, were taken at the same time! So what good is that? Vic proves nothing and even admits it.

        Stop wasting people’s time with your rubbish.

        • Finally, this isn’t a gish gallop, but you need to account for your claims:

          What is the parameter of the flat earth?

          How many vessels does it take to patrol the parameter so as to ensure that no one reaches the edge?

          How many crew on each vessel?

          Where do the vessels and the crew come from?

          Who pays for it?

          How much does it cost?

          How many troops patrol the icy land mass? At what intervals are they stationed?

          How many years has the organized patrol been operational?

          More questions to come. Keep your calculator handy.

      • No one is traveling on those flights & they don’t exist. You cannot book them. You cannot fly on them. You can show no proof of anyone traveling on them at all. The multistop flights are all much further & you can fly on them. Quantis & LAN are lying about the non-stop fly. You can only have them if they take some variation of a 747 or 777 or such & carry extra fuel & carry no freight or mail & travel well over 1000 mph. Which is probably possible. But I have seen no evidence they even did this. They took a couple flights with NASA photophers & Travolta & Media people propaganda psyOp purposes but never proved they how far or how many hours they took.

  14. Cowbort demonstrates what a hillbilly he is by claiming that long haul flights are a hoax and proves once and for all that nothing he’s ever said is credible.

    I’ve got booking confirmations and corresponding boarding passes and passport stamps but I guarantee he won’t want to see them because he’s simply not interested in facts.

  15. Cowboy what is at the edge of the flat earth?

  16. Peter Kusznir has a mental health assessment. Make an appointment today.


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