Other Hoaxes Zionist Terror — 22 July 2014
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Malaysian Airlines MH17 Fake Crash is a Mossad Plot

It is Zionist spies who are behind the fake crash plot of the so-called MH17 flight. The crash is a complete fake; the entire act is the result of Zionist treachery.

In fact, the treachery of such Zionists knows no limit. The had long before planned their murderous assault against the Palestinian people, seeking to butcher to death as many of them as possible. In order to do so under the full view of the public eye these hideous ones needed a distraction. That distraction came in the form of the plot for the creation of a fake airline crash, one occurring on the precise day of the ground invasion.

Too, the use of the Malaysian Airlines element is part of the Zionist scam. Apparently, these arch-corrupt ones are seeking to punish Malaysia for its role in attempting to hold the Zionists accountable for their crimes.

Too, it is the Israeli spy agencies which at the time of this hoax held a plane, just like the one that was broken up. A 777 with the full Malaysian Airlines markings it was assuredly the one that was smashed apart and strewn about the countryside.

Hard evidence for the extensive role of the Mossad is seen in the trumped-up passenger list. On that list is the Israeli Itamar Avdon. In fact, Avdon is one of the most rabid, extremist Zionist Jews conceivable.

Soldier died over battlefield

Make no mistake about it with his role in the Israeli terrorist army now over he has taken on the role of an international Mossad agent. Through this treachery he has now assumed a new identity.

The story lines are all lies. This Mossad mole was not on any such flight. Nor did he die in a kerosene-based fireball. Rather, he is fully alive, operating as a spy:


His father, too, is a man of treachery, spreading vile lies on his son’s behalf and also to advance the scope of the plot.

The elder Avnon is also a Mossad operative, as is clearly demonstrated here:


He even advertises himself as an espionage mole:


What better proof of this nest of spies than the names of his business entities, TechniTrace and IQTrack:


Dov Avnon issued another statement describing the moment his daughter—-who learned of her brother’s death through a radio report—- told him about the tragic death of his son.

“We received the news in a conversation with our daughter Ruth, who was listening to the news while driving. My wife Janet screamed at me, ‘Did you hear what happened?’ And I told her, ‘No way, maybe he was on a different flight.’”

NOTE: It is always the same with these Zionists. They are continuously touting how they ‘got the news’ on the news. Too, not so good of a spy Don Avnon leaks the fact there is no past tense when it comes to his Mossad operative son:

In eulogizing his son, Avnon wrote, “Itamar is a special guy, but good—-every child is special. At school he had problems, but Itamar knew how to manage and even finished high school with a diploma. Do not ask how, but get is knowledge.”

Despite growing up in Holland where his family moved when he was very young, Itamar was determined to return to Israel and fulfill his lifelong dream to serve as an IDF paratrooper.

“I’ll never forget the moment he finished his military training and was informed that there was no more room for him in the paratroopers,” Avnon wrote. “He called me up and said, ‘Father, I’m not going as a paratrooper. I don’t want to leave.’ Do not do nonsense, I told him, and then two hours later he received a message saying that extra room had been made for foreign soldiers. He called again and said, ‘Dad, I’ve been wearing the red shoes.’”

Itamar’s grandfather, 95 year-old Abraham Avnon from Kiryat Tivon, said, “I’m proud to have a grandson like that while living in the Netherlands but was completely Israeli and served in the army and made me proud.”

Avnon essential proves by his espionage activity -that is his lies – that by no means was his son killed in any such crash.

A woman walks at the site of a crashed Malaysia Airlines passenger plane near the village of Rozsypne, eastern Ukraine Friday, July 18, 2014.  (Photo credit: AP/Dmitry Lovetsky)

He attempts to disguise the fully alive Itamar as a Christian. Really, a Christian fighting for the IDF?


He continues on revealing the Israeli plot by touting the HoloHoax canard, in this case attempting to attribute a relationship or correlation of the hoax to the atrocities in Siberia:


The Avnon’s are a Zionist lying machine spreading nothing but filth on the earth.

In this regard as hard evidence of the role of world Jewry in this scam there are two additional Zionists to consider, Rob Ayley and Benoit Chardome. Like Avnon, both these Jews faked their deaths. Like the others, their ‘relatives’ and supporters are spreading nothing but lies:

Rob Ayley


Rob, 29, and his widow Sharlene had two boys, Seth, 4, and Taylor, 2, and the family home is on the Kapiti Coast. His parents, Jonn and Wendie, live in Tawa.

“He didn’t die on the ground among the wreckage, he died in the sky. And it’s in the sky that we’ll think of him.”

Wendie Ayley said Sharlene quickly matched the flight details to her husband’s travel plans when she heard about the crash.

Malaysia Airlines were able to confirm he was booked on the flight, but were initially unable to say if he had taken his seat.

Wendie described her son as generous and loving.

“He wasn’t a man of money, but he’d give you the holes from his pockets.”

In a statement, his family remembered a man they described as “passionate about life”.

Benoit Chardome, a restaurateur who lived in Queenstown before moving to Bali six years ago, was on the Malaysian Airlines flight.


A former Queenstown man is understood to be among those killed in the MH17 tragedy.

Chardome was originally from Belgium, but spent several years in Queenstown, where he owned the Bathhouse and Pasta Pasta Cucina restaurants.

Benoit Chardome

The gay former restaurant owner took the payment and faked his death, like the others.


Chardome had been recalled for work in Bali and Puput remained in Switzerland with friends.  Puput wrote on Mr Chardome’s Facebook page: “I love you my honey bunny.”

It has already been seen in previous hoaxes, for instance, the Boston smoke bombing fake and the Santa Barbara hoax shootings, that homosexuals play a prominent role as faking deaths.

Therefore, it is hedonistic Zionist Jews who are behind this plot. They are the ones who are the primary fabricators giving substance to the fraud. There was no plane crash. It was all staged. No one died, and no one was injured.










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  1. MH17’s Cargo Of Infected Corpses
    Was Targeted At Tehran-


    • I wouldnt trust Rense. He’s just another Alex Jones

      • Who can trust a guy that looks like a Poodle or has 9 ex wives , or lives in an $800,000 home paid for by donations all the while crying poor me , or (allegedly) seduces under age girls or ….

  2. Where are all the bodies? Australian air force plane and refrigerated trucks arrive in Holland to wait for MH17 victims – but Ukraine says there were only 200 recovered from the crash site


    • If 200 burned and cut up cadavers show up it will be the victims of the Odessa massacre. Guarantee it.

  3. Key Piece of Video “Evidence” for Russian Responsibility for Malaysian Plane Shootdown Debunked


  4. MH17 bodies leave Ukraine rebel area and reach Kharkiv


  5. DR. K, I know its not related to the subject literally, but sorry, cant take it anymore. Its beyond words:

    Dermer: IDF deserves Nobel Peace Prize for ‘unimaginable restraint’


  6. And this too. So its not terrorism when Jews/Zio’s do it, rite? Only Muslims are terrorists, I got it, fucking idiots….


    • When the most evil book ever written is your most Holy Book that is how you think:


      • i hate all religion, they are all murderers!

        • John Lo
          You may enjoy Christopher Hitchens (RIP) work , a brilliant anti theist.
          John Do

  7. Is this the same Dov Avnon Mossadomite Christ hating genocide loving zionist Jew pretending to be a Christian minister??? Sure looks liie him with glasses! This animal Dov Avnon is busy perverting Christianity from peace, loving your brother as yourself, forgiveness and justice into a zionized vengeance & genocidal mass murder loving warmongering false religion serving the evil Babylonian Tamud !


    • Yes, it is precisely the same Mossad mole and Zionist fraudster who is helping his criminal ex-IDF, now full time Mossad agent, son fake his death. Very good.

      • You’re so stupid! It’s laughable!

  8. He is not just is not just another Alex Jones–Rense is completely antizionist, whereas Alex has allowed himself to be nearly completely co-opted by the zionists who now make up most of his advertisers.

    • Not completely antizionist. Gives the appearance of being antizionist.

      • Drk,
        During my research on you I found a video about chaga , I didn’t see any for sale on your site in bulk form but I found some. 2 cups o tea for a week now and my face is getting younger by the day , I’m working out again , just wanna say thanks.

        • There are so many natural cures. The takeover by the AMA & pharma is one of the greatest evils against mankind by the zionists & NWO criminals! People used these natural herbs and plants & fruits and other things for thousands of years. Plus now we have geoengineering aka human pesticide going full scale now along with the evil Forced Fluoride poisoning that been going on for 70 years. And their filthy GMO’s & MSG and chemical food additives. The evil they do is making us weak and deseased and steadily murdering us and shortening our lives. And the Fluoride especially, lessens our will to fight their evil they do to US and others. People must stop drinking all fluoridated water and the sodas full of that poison.

          • I believe the mid evil witch ( healer) hunts were sponsored by the budding big pharmas. Kill off the independent herb growers and healers.

        • That’s an amazing but not unexpected result, SuperOxideDismutase. I also use the sublingual drops (chag-o-power) and the chagacream for rejuvenation purposes.

    • ¿ Do I sense a cowboy rense bromance ?

      • No ..look at his site and tell me any site with more links against zionism? Any site with more links exposing the Talmud? Any site with more links to stories and people defending the Palestinians?
        No one is perfect.
        When you fight amonst yourselves the zionists win.

    • Ok , so Jeff’s father , a retired sports columnist lives in Hebrew Retirement Heaven Las Vegas, and I should believe he is anti Zionist ?

  9. I would just like to know what has happened to 2 longtime friends who were booked on flight 17 who we’re coming home from Europe and have not shown up here. Proof required, not theories please.

    • Aussee a J mafia Don,
      If it is proof your request please post all relevant info you have in re “2 longtime friends” , names etc thanks.Plans for memorial ,FB,Twitter all will help in providing you with the most courteous (cough) and thorough presentation.
      We will get back to you in a timely manner.
      Galactic gumball

      • John Doughnut

        The names of Darwin couple are Wayne and Theresa Baker. They were friends of 30 years of my brother. They were due home from holiday in Europe and were to meet in Queensland in 2 weeks for friends daughters wedding. I know them personally and know them to be a fair dinkum Aussie couple. Absolutely NO conspiracy about them.

        • A Don,
          I get that YOU didn’t know them but all you gave us is less than the MSM has published , what are their sons names ? Is there a memorial scheduled ? They were vacationing in Europe for 6 weeks so they must be affluent ,do you know what his job for the Government entailed ? Do they have any social media accounts ?
          Please if you really want a detailed analysis you must be honest and forthcoming here & now. There’s way to much important bs to be thinking about rather than play footsies with AU Mossad.

      • * goofball
        Galactic goofball


          Shame you people all talk hot air. Plain English would be a help. I am very aware of the Ashkenazi plans and all the false flags, but this was a genuine reply and I resent being treated as a “goofball “. Maybe I’ve read it wrong but you have been no help whatsoever. In Aussie we talk straight with none of this “cool ” double talk. I KNOW this couple and was looking for a genuine comment. This smartarse double talk is what discredits the net and doesn’t help in the spread of a genuine source of info to combat the cabal controlled main stream media.
          It also discredits this site as a serious source. Aussie Don

          • I was typing my , genuine , response at 1029 apparently as you were prematurely spewing.
            Research takes time and wasting time is the only sin.Take a chill pill or drink a gallon of beer or whatever you do down unda

          • I got some pictures you will enjoy AUSSIE DON….


  10. It’s the same with all of these hoaxes. The dissemination of the stories throughout the mainstream media regarding “victims”, which fool the naive sheep into associating the “plane crash” with actual passengers. Since no such crash existed, there can be no passengers, and thus by logic and default, the stories are mere works of fiction.

  11. Ken those photos look more fake then the ones on this site. Sure you got the right photos.

    • The comment is made – why do the bodies have no cloths? The 777 cruses at about 900 km per hr which is about 5 times free fall speed. Air resistance is proportional to square of speed so 5 times faster would be 25 times gravity force when body hits the air stream. A 100 Kg body would have about 2.5 tonnes of air resistance acting on it immediately and would be decelerating at about 25 g. I would think these forces would take cloths off immediately. This situation would only last a few seconds or so and the body would have slowed down to terminal velocity. I would expect that there would be strips of cloths still hanging on parts of the body though? Can someone who knows something about this comment please.

      • In other plane crashes its a combo. Sometimes there is complete stripping of clothes in some cases, but in most of the human remains portions of the clothes remain, including large portions, some torn up to shreds. Keep in mind that the claim by the ‘media’ sources is that part of the plane broke up, but a big part involved an impact crash.

        At the impact crash in particular it would be expected that people would still bear a good deal of their clothes. Moreover, it would be expected that those clothes and/or body elements would be stained: by dirt, dust, soot, and also grass stains. No grass stains from ground impact, for instance, are seen.

        Regardless, this is a TV-style staged event. More on this later.

    • Does anyone know of any eyewitness reports from MH17 on the first day of the crash that the bodies were in a state of decay? I have heard it reported that a Dutch doctor and one of the leaders of the separatists reporting on behalf of his men that the bodies were in a state of decay and smelled bad and were drained of blood. I am assuming that this was observed within hours of them hitting the ground. If this can be properly verified – game over! This is a MAJOR MAJOR MAJOR point! This by itself must carry order’s of magnitude more significance than all the other hoax claims you care to point a stick at. Has someone taken the trouble to contact anyone on the ground in the area that MH17 crashed?

  12. Remember the Hacked Emails (real) from Army Attache at Embassy in Kiev to Ukraine Military “Create False Flag to Blame on Russia”


    • Very well done. Now in the post.

  13. Thank you Gabriel, the link says that cloths do come off the body in long falls. As I pointed out the forces on a body would be about 25 times greater in the first seconds and I suspect is when the cloths will come off. The rest of the 3 minutes to fall 30,000 ft would be much lower forces. I think this is not usually seen in air crashes because for this to happen the bodies have to be thrown into the high speed air and this will only happen if the aircraft breaks up while traveling at speed. Thank you.

  14. Can someone comment on the claim that the bodies in MH17 have a bad smell and were badly decayed before the flight was downed. Some are saying that the bodies are silicone plants – how is this consistent with bad smell and decay? It is summer in Ukraine and downing happened in afternoon. I understand body will start to smell 12 to 24 hours after death. Can someone verify if this bad smell was observed on the same day or several days later? What are the precise facts here?

    • These are all verbal reports, arising largely from one man. Not been able to verify it at this time. The stench would be unbearable if they were previously dead and were left out in the open; flies, etc, along with carnivores looming about.

      • I would trust verbal on the ground reports over against any “official” reports – wouldn’t you? Particularly if there is a possibility that we are dealing with a huge lying machine that will want official status. It is the eye witnesses that we want to hear from – yes? I want to know if there is any more detail on when these bodies had a bad smell – the same day? This is very crucial information don’t you think. In my humble estimation if it can be demonstrated that the bodies – even some of them were dead and decaying before the plane was downed. then all the other things become almost irrelevant by comparison. Don’t you think?

    • If there were stenchy bodies , they could have been from the Odessa massacre a month prior. Real bodies on hand just incase anyone not in the loop needs to see some real corpses, they were burned alive and hacked with machetes to resemble plane crash vics

  15. Thank you for your warning Gabriel, is that the price I have to pay for asking questions to try to find out the truth? I want to go where the evidence leads – Isn’t that how we find out truth? I see nothing wrong with the question I asked – or that we want to hear from eye witnesses? You say I have come to the wrong place – aren’t we interested in truth here? Perhaps I just have to go away unsatisfied.

    • Clem,
      Yes. This is the price you pay for speaking your mind and asking questions.
      I haven’t been on for a while due to a tragedy which happened.
      Gabriel, David and myself have been attacked, abused, made fun of, accused of lying and being Zio’s, shills, each other and blah blah blah.
      Drk will never admit he is wrong on anything. Cowboy will robotically spew actor crisis links which never have any pics to compare and when backed into a corner, he will accuse you of anything under the sun. Christinne Radu is an acquired taste. She comes on strong but she has been giving interesting links which make you think. That alone makes me respect her 🙂
      Welcome to our dysfunctional “family”. I really hope you stick around awhile.

      P.S. I just want to give a shout out to Gabriel. Hello my friend 🙂 I see you have single handedly been keeping the circle jerks in check. Good job. Now read my email!

  16. John Donut, I apologise for my reply at 10.19 but I had not seen your reply at 10.29pm. I think I might be out of my depth here as I am not sure this is the forum to divulge the details your are asking for. I am honestly an up front Aussie who has been researching for a long time this whole nasty business of the zionists,Vatican,freemasonry vs sovereignty conflict and have only recently started making comments on line.
    Maybe I should just let it go and keep researching as I am not sure who to trust but I assure you it was a genuine inquiry about longtime trusted friends.
    Thank you and forgive me if I have got it wrong.
    Aussie Don

    • Don,
      You sounded so sincere but anyways thanks for not wasting more time. The sick thing is there could very well be real victims involved , take a few undesirables , list them as travelling on A fake flight destined to crash in fiery hoax , dispose of the real corpse or just bury it in the fake wreckage , maybe that’s what MH370 is for , air service for hoaxes , transporting real dead vics around to insert them into real hoaxes.
      Serious madmen running around .

  17. MSMabriel,
    You repeating “real crash real vics” ad nauseam is like me sqwuawking “it was a hoax….” on A Jones or Rense , it just sounds ridiculous for the audience. You should be shooting for the $5 k payday , get on tv , fake some grief, what was your uncle’s name that faked his death. If you really dont see what’s going on around you , they sell reading glasses for .99 these days.

  18. Gabriel,
    Thank you 🙂
    No rush on the email. Kind of in limbo here anyway.
    I see doc milking this one. My question is when in the world is he going to stop with the “nobody exists so therefore nobody dies” crap. There are so many false flags to research, so many dirty and underhanded things to expose and possible terrorist acts that need to be looked into. I just don’t understand why he is so hung up on everything is a hoax.
    I guess nothing bad ever happens. …
    Anyway, I am glad to see that you are still here and I will look at those photos. Thank you for sharing the links.

  19. you guys are absolute fucking retards, I am itamars best friend anyways, his body will actually be burried this week. You guys are a bunch of cunts, why waste your time spreading lies like this. The actual picture you posted of itamar with that thing on his head was from the eclipse festival in Cairns. What would a spy be doing at a burning man like festival? If you want to have more pictures that would help support your claim he is a mossad agent please email me and I will hand you thousands of em..
    What a dickhead

  20. Please delete your article. You know noting about the victims of the crash and their lives, their families and their friends. I knew Itamar and he was a great positive person. War is always sad and negative, but by twisting the truth and posting articles which are not based on solid facts, you are making war yourself. It’s easy to write something based on 2nd hand info, try writing an article based on facts and your own experience, if you have any. Have heart for all who experience the pain that came with the loss of their closest companions and just delete your empty words, because they are very harmfull.

  21. To all those who have a relationship to those killed in the crash, flight MH17.
    Dear People, the survivors were killed your countrymen, they are victims of dirty politics and the United States is absolutely abnormal bandits who seized power in Ukraine using vile and inhuman policy, and laundering the United States.
    In such circumstances, where people are allowed between meanness, deceit, double standards, we can not delay the investigation of the disaster MN17 – investigation should put an end to infamy the United States if we are to survive on our planet Earth!
    This is not propaganda. This is a requirement of life on the land where we – people need to understand that humanity is on the ground, there is, perhaps, the last hope for the revival of the mind of the Creator of the universe.
    We invite all people in the world to remember their human dignity and not to forget the great grief of World War II. We invite all people in the world not to forget that this is the truth, justice, honor and human dignity – a reasonable, and that these categories can have different meanings for each of us – it is the same for all categories of people living on planet Earth! And Russia – it is a state of people who understand that evil is a false policy of the ruling circles in the world, for which the Earth – the planet has a house just for the elite – THIS IS NOT RIGHT!
    Hurry up with the investigation, the results of which, however, and so are known to all, but it is necessary to give a legal assessment of this crime on a global scale, as it was at the time, made in Nuremberg.
    We are an independent, from any state, Think Tank on interpersonal relationships on the planet Earth. We believe that the only ideology in the world should be MIND, aimed at the preservation and development of the whole of mankind, as a unique phenomenon in the universe, to which should be the same categories: truth, righteousness, justice, rationality, morality and honor of contributing to the preservation and development of people the world beyond ideologies and selfish greedy world heap, stunned by their secret plans, the world’s oligarchs who have turned these essential for life and survival in the tool category nefarious and greedy desires.

    This conclusion has been published August 22, 2014.
    At the conclusion of the Independent Analytical Kiberagentstva crisis situations (Independent analytical Cyber-agency crisis situation on the Earth), a disaster with the Malaysian Boeing 777-200 in Ukrainian airspace is – planned action of the United States intelligence agencies in cahoots with criminal Ukrainian government Poroshenko having multifaceted response goals and tasks aimed (in key areas) on undermining the growing prestige of Russia in the world, in order to prevent the reconstruction of the Soviet Union in the form of the Euro-Asian Economic Union (which, as permitted, has not been achieved in full); Hitting the growing competitiveness of Malaysian airlines Malaysia Airlines; due to national interests affected many European countries whose citizens had to suffer in the crash, the calculation was based on the public outrage and the government forces of the EU against Russia’s role in support of the separatist South-east of Ukraine; compromise government Poroshenko, in case of failure inherent in its creation, strategic expectations of the United States in tandem with the European Union (switched fallback “Ukrainian Spring” – the elimination of Poroshenko and drive to power in Ukraine, Yulia Tymoshenko. consider the growing differences of opinion among the oligarchic elite of Ukraine) ; attempt to charge the separatists in international terrorism, in order to justify a full-scale military intervention by the United States and NATO in the situation in the south-east of Ukraine; one of the side effects which are taken into account – the creation of “chaos” in the understanding of what is happening around the Ukrainian crisis and the role of the ruling circles of the USA and the EU, their actions to achieve true strategic interests …
    Further, the mass of other anyway affecting direct okoloukrainskuyu situation and factors according to different embodiments of measures, depending on the initial effect of each factor. One of the factors taken into account, also referred to as – the time delay in solving any situations that arise, to obtain the maximum possible time thinking through the changing situation in each area.
    The whole operation, elaborate logistics plan for Ukrainian crisis as directed at weakening the influence of the EU and strengthening the strategic influence of the USA in the World. And how were taken into account force majeure this adventure, will depend on the success of strategic plans in this Third World War, the United States unleashed again. And the seriousness of the threat of American aggression for the whole world, is confirmed by the dying economy of this paper and the Powers at how Europe is ready to let themselves be deceived cunning “Uncle Sam” in another historical moment.
    Worse things with Ukraine, which has made itself completely prey, caught between the hammer and the anvil in the blacksmith of the “Uncle Sam”, which sought American tycoons and ultimately possible to destroy the economy and integrity of the country. in order to prevent the possibility of a merger between Ukraine and emerging stronger and more obvious rival Euro-Asian Economic Union, as it seems to us the most sober understanding of the purpose of humanity on planet Earth.
    Representation of the Independent World Analytical Department of the Earth

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