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Zionist Mole Richard Quest’s Fake Malaysian Airlines Hoax Cockpit Ploy – Videos

In this post various videos are provided which prove the Malaysian Airlines crash hoax and also demonstrate the plot for cover-up. Both the Anderson Cooper video on Phillip Wood and all the videos of Richard Quest are cover-up attempts by the Zionists.

Look at this fraudster and arch-Zionist mole. Could the nature of this hoax be more clear than through viewing his supercilious facial expressions? He is a liar, clear and simple, and he makes this abundantly evident in his various interviews.

It just so happens that Psyops-News’s aviation correspondent just happened to be in the cockpit of the co-pilot of the ‘ill fated’ flight. That’s a fairy-tale. Who could believe otherwise?
A more complete version of the image is as follows:
In real life Quest never looks like this. What real, unaltered image in the world has such a contrived appearance? The background contains more detail than the image of the man in the foreground, including the headrest, seat, and back panel. That would indicate that both these men were brought into the image artificially. The pixillations have gone wild on Hamid’s shirt, especially about the bars and the black patch but are not so dramatic in the background.
What’s he sitting on? It’s not in the copilot’s seat.  It is as if his torso was simply cut-and=pasted into the frame. Regardless, all his features are soft and the eyebrows appear as if painted. The hair, too, appears to be a paint job or at least heavily altered with the blur tool.
Is he even a real person? In fact, the person is not real but is, rather, an artifact, a creation in a computer laboratory:
In real life pilots and copilots wear their bars and insignias on their shoulders, not on top chest area lateral to the clavicles. Those patches were put there artificially via cut-and-paste.
The pilot above is represented in a real image in a real cockpit with a correct background. His image is crisp and equally as well defined as the background. There is no blurriness or haziness of the image; the bars are where they are supposed to be, on the top of the shoulders.
Therefore, there is simply no way that the image of Hamid can be real. Plus, surely, the image of Quest is contrived. Thus, the entire claim of the two being together on a flight, both being in the cockpit, is a filthy lie.
Something is wrong with Hamid’s face. Does he have vitiligo on only one side, or is something else going on?malaysianquest2

The image is a mere clone. Nothing about it is real. A residual cut line is seen along the edge of the face and also along the shirt/shoulder.
The rabid Zionist extremist is truly the mole of moles, and look at this maniacal one as he spreads lies across the globe. All that issues from his mouth is fabrications. The rabbis told him that it is OK to spew such venom, as long as it doesn’t harm the Zionists and regardless of any harm done to the gullible goy.


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  1. richer is a psychopath sex drug addict.

  2. Even without going into photoshop creations, the tip-off is one of probability. Of all the planes in the sky, and there are thousands, what was interesting about a 777 that someone needed to film inside of it, and what was the probability that the person filmed would later go missing. The reason I knew this was some fakery was that when Richard Quest announced he’d been in the cockpit with Hamid only TWO WEEKS before it went missing, his interlocutor on the screen, Anderson Cooper, like a skillful trapeze artist being tossed a swing by Quest, took off instantly on another topic. They wanted us to believe the reality that they’d met so the character of Hamid could be built up and explored — “The guy who shares his flight deck with others on a whim” (those blondes) and almost simultaneously, so we could register then stop asking questions about the likelihood the Quest would have met him.

    There is of course a gross inconsistency in the story brought out by the “blondes in the cockpit” angle – Hamid is said to be 27, he was said to be training to go into the Malaysian Airlines 777, and this blondes photo is old. Nothing adds up.

    So even if some other explanation would be found for photoshop, the very admissions of CNN reporter Quest and the inconsistency of the story about Hamid – which is a mash-up of impressions designed to direct the viewer into thoughts about hijacking (think Mohammed Atta drinking with lap dancers in Florida in the nights before his fake hijacking).

    But I think we can both agree that this story is a not-so-clever lie designed to create American opinion and send it in the direction of some sort of action against Malaysians, perhaps in concert with the Chinese, perhaps directly as coup d’etat to assert rights against the Chinese.
    Someone is selling out someone else for profit.

    • Oh, yes, and oil and gas is the resource at the heart of this, even if somehow this is used to attack Iran. You cannot have this much coordination without a very real quest at the heart of it.
      Capitalism as we know it needs growth, and the fossil fuel based world we live in depends on finite resources, so taking over territories which produce them (in as shallow waters as possible – think Gulf of Mexico or South China Sea), is key. The oil guys think decades in advance, and as far-fetched as it might sound, probably dreamed up the whole Vietnam debacle for the same reason. They want to control all the areas where oil can be found and used in development. They do not believe China can claim it through ancient rights to the resources of Southeast Asia. Remember? That was what the fight was about.

      If there are other entities, they are there to create the propaganda, as they have been doing for almost a century in the US. One hand washes the other.

  3. This **** and bull pit story stinks to the upper atmosphere. Why should anyone want to believe this CNN troll can hitch a ride in this one in a million plane cockpit days before it hits the headlines. Not as if he has a side job inspecting Malaysian Airline cockpits!?

    It’s as incredible and unreal as the security drill, which by an amazing coincidence just happened to be taking place at only the 3, (out of a total of 274 London tube stations) at that particular time and date subjected to train blasts!! The things the criminal zionut cabal expect us sheeple to believe!??……yes! yet another self inflicted false flag attack blamed on alleged terrorists on 7/7/2005

    Can anything coming out of the zio lie factory be taken as real?

    Could this be a countdown to start, another zio atrocity somewhere, if they can get away with it?

  4. yea this is a total insurance scam

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