**Breaking News** — 22 June 2017
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The Man in the Window Hoax of the Grenfell Fire Catastrophe Scam

The “Son of the Man in the Window” in the midst of a purported high-rise fire, in this case, the Grenfell fire hoax, surely would get the world’s attention. This is just as it should in a well-designed movie-like scheme.

This involves a supposedly trapped man, Elpie Bonifacio, father of the oft-interviewed son, Gordon. Noted the son about the imagery of a man seemingly trapped in the high-rise:

“Before the images were shown, we’d kind of given up, on the phone he’d already said his goodbyes, he said the fire was here, and these were his last words.

It is also said that he was there in the building for 12 hours, which hardly seems plausible:

Elpie – who is thought to be in his 70s and partially blind – was rescued by emergency services shortly after midday and is currently suffering from serious smoke inhalation.

Gordon Bonifacio is in the marketing and advertising business:

His father is reportedly blind, and this would be a means of obfuscation. This is in regard to explaining away just why he hadn’t left the building at that point.

Clearly, regardless, there is no danger at this point. There is no fire, here. Nor is there any smoke. Nor regardless of claims otherwise is there an danger for this man, whether from fire or smoke inhalation. Various screen-captures clearly prove this:

The imagery shows that the fire, largely a pyrotechnic display, was fully burned out by the time these photos/videos were captured. Reading his lips he appears to say, “There is a fire…” If so, where are the flames? Meanwhile, despite the fact that there are no flames water is sprayed all about him, clearly seen in the live video of the scene.

This is why his image is disguised; it’s from water, not smoke.  You can see the water running down the outside cladding after it is sprayed. If he was smoke intoxicated, why is he able to speak so loudly, yelling, “Fire, fire?”

Ah, but the drama of it all, with the fireman taking time to look towards the camera.

Immediately, money is being solicited, because he was wounded and is ‘blind,’ although now it is said that he is only ‘partially blind.’ God only knows how much money has thus far been collected based on such false premises.

He was, according to his son, put in a “medically induced coma.” For what reason, that is for mere smoke inhalation? That is implausible:

He was perfectly fine in the window, resting, calm, not in shock. Why does he need to be induced into a coma? Is this so he can’t talk to reporters and reveal the degree of the scam? Regardless, who would upload such imagery: for what purpose other than the perpetration of a hoax?

If he is truly intubated, why is there no breathing tube clearly placed into his system? It does not look like even the air/oxygen device is connected. Too, remember, it is reported that the fire started as early as 12:00 a.m. Yet, he’s there until noon? This is impossible. In a real fire after it was put out the fire brigade would have been fully through that building, pulling out any survivors and even corpses well before that.

This is why, because it is all a hoax and a scam, as demonstrated also by the following screen captures:

This is the other man in the window, yet another crisis actor or, perhaps, professional stunt-man. He can be seen to look towards the fire and the, incredibly, do the implausible, which is to shut the window. He’s dying of smoke inhalation, and he shuts the window? It gives it sufficient realism to fool the people and to cause sufficient emotional reaction to uphold the lie.

Thus, all the various people in the windows are likely crisis actors there to act out the stage, there to create a sense of realism and to cause obfuscation. This is a well-crafted hoax fully revealed by various Internet researchers.

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