Other Hoaxes Zionist Terror — 23 May 2017
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Manchester England Suicide Bombing is a Fake and a Hoax

Make no mistake the purported Manchester, England, suicide bombing at a pop-concert is not real to any degree. Instead, it is a staged fake: no doubt about it. Yet, it is said there really was an explosion. The sound of this on videos sounds like nothing other than a typical pyrotechnic false bomb, a minor boom at best.

It is said that the bombing occurred in the foyer area by the box office. Why would a murderous bomber detonate a device in such an area, where there would be minimal carnage?

Image result for manchester; terrorist attack; bombing; images; dead; wounded; injured; photos

This is supposedly the scene of that foyer bombing. How could there be a bomb, here? There is no damage to the structural elements. High explosive would have caused significant damage. There is no such damage seen. In fact, notice how there is no smoke of any kind. Nor is there any char. This is a physical impossibility. Moreover, it is surely not likely that a group of men in green and yellow would be marching about, dealing with these individuals: other than to set them up and any dummies as staged, that is fake, wounded.

What about the injured? Where are they? There is no evidence of any injuries, here. That double streak of red matter is obviously applied as moulage. Symmetrical and unnatural as it is it could not represent the real spillage of arterial blood. This was supposed to be a shrapnel-filled and/or nail-filled bomb. That would have caused severe injuries. There are no such injuries, puncture and shrapnel wounds and more, to be seen anywhere. There are plenty of crisis actors being photographed among the (fake) wounded.

However, what is seen in that background among the images? Look at that huge chest. It appears to be a dapper cadaver dummy.

No one appears to be attending to this dummy: no surprise.

As well, there were supposed to be a number of dead children. Does anyone see any images of children in that scene?

What about this woman? What about this image is real? Why in God’s name would a woman bleeding to this degree be allowed to sit there for a camera-shoot?

She’s obviously not injured. Why is she given a “number 3” about her torso? Why isn’t she being whisked away to the hospital? Of course, this wouldn’t be the case, because she wasn’t wounded and that is fake blood.

How did that red matter get all the way around her neck and, of course, on a white blouse? Why is there no arterial splatter to any degree to be seen?

What about this man? How could he possibly be wounded? Where are his wounds to any degree? Why doesn’t he have shrapnel wounds on his exposed torso? Did the nails only strike his head? Where are those embedded nails?

What about these women? How are they victims? Shouldn’t the nails have at least punctured the pink balloon? If there was a terrorist strike, would she really be still hauling that balloon around?

As well, what about these men? On the one hand how is the man, left screen, a wounded person to any degree? Is he allowed to walk around with a nail or two driven into his skull? No one can find this plausible.

Image result for images; manchester; terrorist attack; injured; wounded

What about the other individual? What happened to his pants? Where are any actual wounds? There are no actual wounds, no puncture wounds and no abrasions.

Yet, of course it was staged. As the fake scared people are running off, there are two people before them, front and center, capturing it on their cell phones. Regardless, where is the smoke from the bombs? There isn’t even a wisp of it.

Thus, categorically, it was staged. There is nothing real about this. No one died, and no one was injured. It had to be fairly well organized, as it involved a number of people. So, the stage was set well in advance before the letting loose of the (fake) concussion charges.

Image result for manchester; terrorist attack; bombing; images; dead; wounded; injured; photos

What about these women? What are they doing there? After seeing this, that is the woman with the bunny, how can anyone believe this is real?

Image result for manchester; terrorist attack; bombing; wounded; injured; suicide bombing; images

Which represents more hard proof of the fake, the bunny lady or the fake streaks of painted-on blood?

These women don’t think it was real, all that noise, scream, crawling out of seats, and the rest of it. They obviously think it was a prank, and that is precisely what it is:

It cannot be a coincidence that this is in concert with the US visit to Apartheid Israel. That arch-Zionist criminal regime is fully capable of staging this, once again, as an Islamophobic hoax, just for leverage and power-brokering.

Hoax index: beyond the pale, not measurable.





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  1. tens of thousands of iPhones ….. CCTV cameras every-where…where’s the footage ?

    fake as a $3 bill !


    Where’s the arterial spatter and all that bollocks…. FFS…go back to watching CSI instead of pretending to be a know all………..

    • where’s the mobile ‘phone and CCTV footage, eh?
      put up or SHUT UP!

  3. the media said…. the media said…. the media said…. blah blah blah…

    the only thing you can believe from “the media” is the sport and the weather….
    and…the date and page n°s on the news-papers…

    • But even the weather is controlled. Google geoengineering. That’s what the chemtrails are, and rich people now make even more money by betting on the weather. Also, sports people are being tampered with through the MK Ultra CIA mind control programme. Tiger Woods is currently going through an MK Ultra breakdown. You can’t trust anything the mainstream presents to you nowadays.

  4. you lot really live in cloud cuckoo land….

    many of your so called evidence images are wrongly labeled for starters
    many of the young girls that were not near the explosion did not truly know what had happened have never been in that sort of situation before and no idea how to act.
    the location of the blast, all the windows are blast proof anyway care of the ira bomb late last century of do you call the devastation that caused a fake also?

    the foyer in question is not the main entrance to the arena but the route from the rail station and that is mostly concrete

    the IED bomb used was never going to cause damage to the flooring or the building it was a poxy small bomb designed by the looks of it to cause a lot of shrapnel like a nail bomb for instance
    there is little smoke the images where taken approx 10 minutes after the attack, what little smoke the explosive devise caused was dealt with by the air flow extraction…

    again this site is a pathetic excuse for the truth

  5. Yes Doctor K your analysis is not very good but **** it one has to be suspicious of the date, the age of the bomber and the victims 22,22,22

    • hey Mike u sound like interesting. Du u no how to felch? no probs if ur a cretin I can teech ya

      • Hey Christine do you even know how to spell are you dyslexic or something.

  6. Anyone who has taken even an introductory Comparative Religion course should quickly recognize the nature and reason for this site.

    What’s being done here is known, in Islam, as “Taqiyya” or “Al- Taqiyya”. Google it for unbiased explanations of its role in Islam.

    In short, taqiyya allows those of the Islamic faith to “stretch the truth” about incidents which could portray Islam in a bad light.

    That is the purpose of this site for the webmaster here. It is his religious duty to protect the honor of his people. His lack of convincing arguments is his way, also, of clueing us in that he doesn’t really believe what he is saying either. But still, in the eyes of his faith he is doing the right thing.

    have a blessed day.

  7. These psyops are so played out it’s boring. Show me 1.) actual video of the explosion. 2.) photos of all 22 dead bodies. 3.) photos of all 120 people who suffered injuries along with their ticket stubs proving they were there. If any of that can’t or won’t be provided then I have no reason to believe it was real. Present the EVIDENCE or I call BS.

    • Mike c-

      Who owes you **** and who gives a rat’s *** what you believe?

      Are you someone important?

      • Poor Mike C. Such an over inflated sense of entitlement. He doesn’t even realise that his health benefits are about to be canceled. So why Mike, tell us why, you would be privileged with gruesome photos of the dead and injured? Is it so you can drool over images of mortally wounded children with your friends on youtube and proclaim ‘FAKE’. Or is it so you and your necro-pedo buddies like Cowboy can fap fap upon them? Either way it ain’t gonna happen and it’s not because it’s a hoax.

        Anyone with an ounce of common sense can understand why such images are not splashed across the internet, but not you apparently.

        If you really want to slather over images like that, you should become a forensic officer, join law enforcement or get a job as a criminal attorney. Not qualified? Not surprised

    • Very good. A pyrotechnic dud!!

      • “if you hearing anything”? sounds legit for sure.

  8. 100% Hoax, they are not even trying to cover this **** anymore, these internally blind people will believe anything that their criminal Zionists government tell them to believe.

  9. So many Christians and Muslims keep failing for these Hoaxes, this is the price you pay for being internally blind, trouble times ahead!

  10. No lights got knocked out in the hallway

  11. Send all y’all earshots to ed chiarini…apparently since Lucille ball is the queen of England her daughter’s family(lucy arnaz) is heavily involved in this manchester mashup…

  12. These events are done by despicable people
    The people who offer themselves as Crisis Actors
    are just as despicable.
    To have young girls believing it’s a bomb when that is lies lies lies
    What do we expect from a government with a inhuman Foreign Policy that kills millions and arms thousands of little brown children in Iraq Syria Libya

  13. People such as you need locking up – and that isn’t a hoax. I mean it you peevish minded backward piece of ####!

  14. The photos on the Getty images site are hilarious.

    So this is a real copper?!?!?!?!??!?!

    Dave Thompson is a Stockport-based freelance portrait photographer who is “often placed in positions of trust”. What does that tell you?

    18,000 people at the concert and yet the only ones photographed outdoors look like zombie film extras

    Also, spot the JD Sports bags (3 in the first photo)

  15. False flag event. Crisis actors. New world order. Illuminati. Predictive programming.
    The answers are out there people. You’re all holding a computer in the palm of your hands, so instead of wasting time throwing insults why don’t you instead find out the truth instead of continuing to be played by the elite. Open your eyes and your minds to truth.

    • Don’t tell me what to do asshole.

  16. It’s true. Manchester was just another hoax in a long line of hoaxes. On another note though, this writer should not be writing because the writing is HORRIBLE!

    Sorry to disappoint you. I’m very open for all possibilities.
    But i am not blindly believing the believers or the dis-believers of this kind of news/events…
    So open minded I did some research myself, which I recommend to all those who don’t want to blindly believe all stories.
    It took a little while but most people who died in Manchester arena I found on Facebook – and websites of schools. Very obvious it is NOT fake. Despite reactions of family and parents that looked weird in our eyes – it;s not fake…. (unfortunally)
    And surely this can have been an inside job, that is possible, but I don’t enough prove for that.

  18. The ‘person’ who jumped off the bridge changes direction at least TWICE in mid flight and leaves a black con – trail! (video still available on net as at 11/09/17) I’m still not sure why the cop does not drag out the ‘person’ from the bus wheel (or the person taking the pic). Etc etc

  19. You think this is hoax? What is wrong with you!
    Let me tell you now that this is in no way fake. I knew Georgina Callander who died that night, where is she now then if it was a hoax? I went to college with her and then one day she wasn’t there. If they have named her and the other people who were killed how comes they have not been spotted if it isn’t real. Georgina’s family is still living in the same place and if Georgina moved or whatever you must think then they would have gone with her. Just think about all 22 who died that night. They can’t just make these people up if the public actually know them.
    It’s nearly been a year and if you still believe it was a hoax then you need to get your head looked at mate. Pictures can prove nothing. Also if your walking out of a concert and concentrating on going the right way and going to where you need to go then you won’t be filming it will you?
    Just think about the people who lost someone and even the people who are still suffering now because they were there. Maybe not physically but psychologically.

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