**Breaking News** — 26 May 2017
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Zionist Agent Salman (Solomon) Abedi and the Manchester Suicide Bombing Hoax

How much more terminally inane can it be, which is to blame the Islamic faith through false terrorism, faking a suicide bombing? To do so it is necessary to have a false perpetrator, that is an actual individual, who would pose as the phony bomber. That person would presumably have to be dark-skinned and appear to be Islamic.

Regardless, there can be no doubt about it the actual claim for a terrorist attack in Manchester, England, is a terminally corrupt hoax as well as an arch-Islamophobic scam. No one died, and no one was injured. It was all staged, including the inane screaming and running about in the theater. As well, it is all a Zionist plot against Islam make no mistake, regardless of the nature or ‘religion’ of the perpetrators.

Doesn’t anyone remember the Batlacan hoax? The entity was owned by a Zionist mole, who lent it out for the phony fake show.

Boy oh boy, are those ‘Islamists;’ they are sure to be feared to the extreme. It takes an entire legion of arch-hoaxing SWAT members, all lined up for the cameras, to take one or two potential ‘terrorists.’ Regardless, no one can find this plausible to any degree.

Yet, who would do this? Who would stage this to demonize and attack the Islamic faith and to, in fact, undermine the people at-large? It is only the Zionists who would do so, and only they have the position in the UK to do so.

Regardless, this is exclusively a Zionist plot, fully to demonize Islamic people. Make no mistake, all those involved are Zionist agents and their collaborators. This includes the Abedi clique, which is working for the Zionists either as embedded agents or actual crypto-Jews themselves.

The tribes are intermixed. Who’s to say if the pro-Zionist Abedi’s are actual Muslims to any degree rather than being false Muslims with ancestry as Sephardic Jewry?

Regardless, by no means is the supposed perpetrator, that is the fake suicide bomber, Salman Abedi, a devout Muslim. He apparently attended the mosques in the area, but not as an Islamic worshipper but, rather, as an agent provocateur. He attempted to hide from others and sleep in the mosque overnight. Reportedly, through direct eyewitness accounts he would use the toilet while in his street shoes and then walk into the prayer room, which is prohibited. For these reasons he was kicked out of the center.

Look at this individual; he appears to be wearing a thick silver chain. This is rare for devout Muslim men to do so.

The MI6/Mossad embedded Zionist agent is also seen, here, in a preemptive photo for the upcoming arch-hoax:

Notice the fact that there are shadows of several people in the foreground.  His brother, Ismail, got in  on the act, posing with the same gun:

Neither of these individuals are religious/Islamic people. Nor would they ever participate in any kind so-called suicide bombing. Nor are they associated with any Islamic group that might be held culpable for a terrorist attack. Regardless, terrorist attacks against the common people, against unarmed civilians, is categorically banned in this faith: no exceptions.

Once again, who is this individual who has, categorically, taken false blame for this hoax? He appears to be none other than a crypto-Jew, in fact, a Zionist agent posing as a Muslim. It is fully reported that he is a heavy drinker. What Muslim would be seen drinking in the bars with scantily dressed women?

Image result for salman abedi; images; photos; manchester

Sure, right, he was a drinker and pot smoker plus a womanizer, but he then got radicalized: for ISIS, not doubt. Sure, he did: for the Israeli Secret Intelligence Service. After all, his father is in the intelligence services of Zionist-controlled Libya. Notice his tendency to give the so-called victory hand sign, which is a masonic sign.

What about his sister? She maliciously supports the narrative, claiming that he was out to purposely kill:

Thus, his sister is in on the act, claiming that the bombing was real, even claiming it was an act of “revenge,” where Abedi did it to ‘get back.’ This (fake) pay-back, it was acclaimed, was because of the Trump strike on the Syrian people.

Yet, how did the Wall Street Journal, which claims to have done the interview, find her? Even the Manchester Muslim/Libyan community had a hard time finding any relatives. Per the Mirror:

Abedi doesn’t appear to be a renegade Muslim at all. Rather, it would appear that, instead, he is a hard-core Zionist Jew. Why else would he participate in falsely blaming the Islamic faith of a terror attack, which would surely impugn its reputation among the people. No devout Muslim of any degree would do so:

The word Abadi is derived from Hebrew, then Arabic:

It relates to a group of Sephardic Jews, who are African in origin and derive from one of the so-called Lost Tribes of Israel:

Abedi (also as Abadi) is a Hebrew derivative of the name of the Old Testament Prophet, Obadiah. No doubt, Abadi doesn’t work for Islam to any degree but, rather, is employed by its enemies, Zionist Jews. Employed means what it says; he was paid to play this role.

Yet, it is said that he really was ‘radicalized,’ in this case as a result of a trip to Libya:

Who was he actually ‘radicalized’ or in contact with? If the reports are to be believed, which are likely dubious or trumped up, even so, it is none other than the agency of Zionist criminal elements itself: as seen above UN secretive spy forces. Moreover, his father is part of the lie, himself being in the security forces: if, in fact, this really is the father.

It matters not. The Libyan connection is none other than hard proof of the role of US-based Zionists and their lackeys in this hate-generating, treacherous lie:

Image result for Abdelhakim belhadj; Hillary Clinton

Left-to-right: CT Senator R. Bumenthal, Zionist asset and ISIS Commander Abdulhakim Belhadhji, Sen. John McCain, and Sen. Lindsay (homosexual) Graham.


Clearly, then, this individual is a direct asset of the US-UK secret services, who are fighting to undermine Islam therefore the newest example of fake terror heaped upon it.

Belhadj is associated with Vitol Oil, which has reportedly paid him handsomely for his cooperation.

Image result for Henk Viëtor[1][2]

The entity is worth some 150 billion dollars per year in transactions and is heavily vested in the trading of Libyan oil.

So, it is with Solomon, the hidden Jew. His first name is Jewish, and so is his last name, in fact, they are both Hebrew:

Here are some miscellaneous reports. None of them can be confirmed as true, even though a pattern emerges. Thus, it is said:

Both callers said they had been worried that “he was supporting terrorism” and had expressed the view that “being a suicide bomber was OK.”

The pal said: “He was a weed smoker – he was one of the four or five in the school that would smoke weed and cigarettes every day.

“I remember he always wore his trousers really low so everyone could see his butt. And he was always joking about girls…

“He always tried to portray this image as a type of hard gangster type – wearing a large silver chain but no-one was taken in.

Image result for Ronald Fiddler; manchester; ISIS; image

He is somehow associated with a supposed ISIS recruiter, Ronald Fiddler, a purported Islamic convert. This, too, is a Jewish/Hebrew name:

Even so, the family of Fiddler claims they are Christians.

Here is Fiddler in Afghanistan, 2001, a photo which it is acclaim depicts him after he was arrested by US forces. Does he look like he was arrested?

Image result for Ronald Fiddler; manchester; ISIS; image

Surely, such individuals are cooperating with the powerful ones behind the UK government.

It should be remembered that regarding the 7/7/2005 UK tube bombing hoax yet another Mizrahi Jew posed as a Muslim, Addas Isaac, who falsely named himself as Osman Hussein and, like Fiddler, even took a Muslim-appearing woman, fully covered, as a wife. He, too, it was said, attempted to ‘radicalize’ others and was thus banned from a mosque, in this case the claim being after slugging a mosque elder.

Thus, it would appear that Jews and/or crypto-Jews commonly ‘convert’ to Islam in order to infiltrate it. Regardless, such Zionist assets are commonly associated with fake terror attacks aimed at undermining this faith and also aimed at all freedom-loving people.








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  1. Islamists destroying Europe? But that is PRECISLEY what your BFF Rudolf claims. So what’s your problem?

  2. pertinent analysis, doc.

  3. ExV10) Manchester Hoax Zio Mossadlim Bombing Time on Rothschild’s zioPuppet Queenie Elizabet Bathory’s 90th Birthday for 33° Mason/ZioTrash Hoax!


    90 aka 9 aka 3×3 aka 33° Hoax for evil Rothschild’s old inbred hag ZioPuppet Queenie Elizabeth !

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    Dino Spinetti MAY 27, 2017 AT 3:07 AM
    Eh! I always thought Lindsay Graham was a Homosexual takes one to know one what a bunch of Malakas!


    Gabriel MAY 27, 2017 AT 3:20 AM
    Shalom Dino,
    We can’t have anymore attempted Persian conquests of Europe. We are cashing in on the embedded psychologies and fears of Euro’s. Our hoaxes work on the shock and awe concept. People may be scared and they can’t understand why. It’s because a lot shared a past life in the times the Islamists tried to topple the fragile European Order.

    (Brokeback *** Gabriel fake version of )—> Cowboy (Free Palestine) MAY 27, 2017 AT 3:38 AM
    Well well well despicable Ziotrash worm Gabriel has manifested again under his own despicable name Gabriel instead of posting under my name here Cowboy.
    Gabriel is faking history once again by claiming Islamists tried to destroy Europe, what a low life Sewer Rat you are Gabriel.
    Your despicable trannie zio-fags are the only low life scums on a global conquest of faggotory. Now I see your confessing your own subversive queerness by posting under the name Dino Spinetti, what a zio trash clown you are Gabriel LOL!

    Brokeback trannie *** boy Gabriel posts under the name of poster Dino Spinetti.
    May 27th 2017 @ 3:07 am.
    I always thought Lindsay Graham was a homosexual takes one to know one.

    LOL! Ziotrash Gabriel is projecting Satans word from his Babylonian Talmud which he carries everywhere. Despicable Devil Gabriel!

    Rod Rocket MAY 27, 2017 AT 5:54 AM
    Islamists destroying Europe? But that is PRECISLEY what your BFF Rudolf claims. So what’s your problem?

  5. ExV) Manchester Hoax Rothschild’s Bloodthirsty ZioPuppet Queenie Elizabet Bathory @ Freemason Hospital Visit Happy Hoax Bombed Kids/VicSims!

    All the children just have bandages on their wrist! Pure Fakery! And a One-eyed bear is the mascot of this Hoaxpital!


    Manchester Happy HoaxLiar Crisis ActWhore Girl & Mum who met the Queen Hag of GB!


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  6. ExW) Manchester Nurse Tells Bloodthirsty Queen “We Practiced It (Bombing Hoax) A Month Ago & It Worked like Clockwork!” Queen Shakes her hand! On Video Proof!!

    Watch especially after the 2:42 sec mark Rothschild’s Puppet Queen asks: “So you Practiced it all” Nurse answers “We Practiced it (the Bombing PsyOp) a month ago & it all worked like Clockwork!” The You could see the excitement in the old Bloodthirsty ZioTrash Puppet hag’s voice and vigorous hand shake & congratulations of her fellow traitors!


  7. ExW2) Proof of Manchester MadBomber ISIS Crisis Actor Photo- his Shadow goes opposite direction of his “Mates” in picture!


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    These Israeli jew fraudster lying Scumbags certainly are the new Worst Lying Crisis Actors of 2017 & Most Ridiculous & most despicable to perform such an evil & insane script about your own son’s supposed death!

    Mossad Zionist Jew Scum Public Relations Con Artst Fake Dead Fraudster Crisis Actor Martyn Hett:


    Ziotrash Israel Jew Fake Dead Fraudster Martyn Hett-Man Doing a TV Show With his Homosexual Mossadomite Lover:


  10. ExY-2) Manchester Crisis Victim ZioJew Martyn Hett (Public Relations/ConMan Actor) Parents “Not Sad, Upset or Angry He is Dead! Happy He Made Stardom!”

    These Israeli jew fraudster lying Scumbags certainly are the new Worst Lying Crisis Actors of 2017 & Most Ridiculous & most despicable to perform such an evil & insane script about your own son’s supposed death!


    Even the most evil psychopath parents in the world still love their children! Even scumbag zionist jew Mossad agents like these two pieces of $h#t love their own children & this insane impossible to be real script is just part of the PsyOp to destroy all sense of reality among the hated goyim masses to make them pliable to believe any lie the media & government presents to them to steal their rights, & kill their enemies in bloody genocidal Zionist wars!

  11. Ex-Z) Near Exact 2017 Manchester ISIS Mossadlim Crisis Terror Bombing PsyOp Practiced 1yr Ago ’16 @ Manchester Mall! Allah Akbar Yelled! Busted Ziotrash!

    The Zionist Occupied Govt’ Practiced & they & zionist jew owned & run media staged the treasonous PsyOp again a year later as a real event!


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    These filthy murderous bloodthirsty, hatemonger, warmongering Zionist Jews practice it & staged it with full intent to blame it on Religious Muslims & Arabs who they wish to exterminate! You just can’t get more evil than these vile beasts! No humanity no goodness, no God in them, no souls!


    I’ve went from A to Z on these scum on this Mamchester Hoax! So now we go thru the Letters Again!

  12. ExY-4) Manchester Hoax Mossad Agent Actwhore ZioJew Israeli Fake Dead Fraud Tranny *** Martyn Hett In Drag!


  13. Gabriel, Has anyone besides your own fraud posts & troll posts under troll names, ever appreciated any your idiotic disinfo, perverted, and fraudulent comments?
    Ofcourse not you degenerate ziotrash jew extremist freak!

    In reply to:

    (Zionist Jew troll Gabriel troll posting as) RolandMAY 28, 2017 AT 12:02 AM
    Hey Cowboy, in all seriousness…

    Has a single person other than the handful of nutjobs on this board ever acknowledged your “research and revelations?”

    Anybody? Like academia? The news media? Political organizations? The alt right? Activists from other countries?

  14. SAUD KING !

    About “SALMAN ABeDi” (Salomon the Servant) – why no one have reported yet, that it is a name of Saudi King “SALMAN bin ABD al Aziz” (Salomon the Servant of Abundance), just a day after Trump visited them, as the name was too early reported by WaPo Washington media…

    The name seems as fake as Tashfeen Malik (abrade malik, abrade the king ??), which was not a name of Mrs. Farook, who did not shoot in San Bernardino…

    (Your showing, that the name “abedi” is hebrew, yes it means “servant”, and is also arabic, because those two languages are quite similar…)

    Generally about muslim renegade&drinker terrorists – they are convinced by some zionist-agent “”muslim”” imam preacher, that they are so damned for their vile life, that only thing that can help them to be purged, is to make some attrocity like this… The full guilt is on the wrong imams/preachers…

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