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Melbourne Car Attack Hoax Aimed to Demonize Afghanistan Muslims

Make no mistake the Dec. 21, 2017, Melbourne car attack hoax was directly precisely at the Islamic people of Afghanistan in order to demonize them. They had nothing to do with it. The man implicated is a mere patsy. This is a clear and evident fake, like all the others.

In Afghanistan Islamic people are slaughtered and maimed routinely by so-called joint Western forces and their Afghan patsies; this murder and mayhem is a daily affair.

Here is simply one of countless Afghan Muslims martyred by so-called Western forces and/or their proxies. There was no such senseless murders occurring in this land prior to the Zionist-sponsored invasion.

It’s an obvious hoax. What is this cop-actor doing? What about the man with the sunglasses on his head? What is he doing there?

Why in the world is this blonde man holding the man on the ground’s head?

What business does the sunglasses man have shooting a picture of the poor slob that is on the ground?

What is this SWAT-style militaristic individual doing there? Why is he needed for a mere car rampage?  What are all these crisis actors doing there anyway? Clearly, this is what they are. They would be aggressively moved aside if there truly were injured people there and would play no role in rescue or any other element.

Yet, see them abounding everywhere. The are mere Hollywood-style extras, make no mistake about it.

There is plenty of bloodthirsty murder, but it is against Islamic people, not by them. They are the true victims of treacherous schemes, where people are brutally murdered and viciously wounded merely for materialistic, pro-Zionist plots.

Melbourne is yet another Zionist plot, like the litany of other Islamophobic hoaxes: Charlie Hebdo, Nice, Munich, London Bridge, 911, the hoax London tube bombings, and countless others.

What about the purported car? How could it have run all those people over without their being the slightest bit of blood on it? Moreover, how could it have suffered that much damage without the slightest damage to the post or anything else before it? It is clear that there is no damage to any degree to the elements to which it supposedly slammed into. It is, after all, claimed that it stopped “after crashing into a cable car stop.” Moreover, this is clearly not the case. In other words, it is a lie.

This image is clear and hard proof that this car did not suffer any damage at the site and is, rather, a mere junk-yard vehicle deposited there by the staging agents. No matter what anyone states or claims this is a non-event, fully staged, where no one was hurt, injured, and surely not killed. It’s the same pattern, repeatedly. Crisis actors do the (faux) emergency care and do lovingly caress the fake wounded and there are virtually no emergency workers to be seen anywhere, surely not attending to the fake wounded.

So, the car crashed into no one. These are mere lies. This is an image typical of the Melbourne hosts. Zionist criminal agents are fully in control of the operations of that city:

Crisis actors would not be attending to truly wounded. Such imagery can only be the result of a hoax and a scam or a mere drill at the least.

What about the purported culprit? Why is he being treated so gingerly by the police? Why are they holding his face up for the cameras? How did the camera-person get so close to the (faux) arrest site?

This is what the people of Afghanistan must endure: continuous hostile invasions and great aggression directed at them by mercenary forces.

This is daily, oppressive life in this land, where people are being slaughtered for arch-Zionist machinations courtesy of the mercenary forces of the US-based military-industrial complex.

The people of Afghanistan had nothing to do with this. Nor was it Islamic-inspired to any degree. It is merely another act of hostility and vile corruption perpetrated by the Zionist-controlled Australian government: a hoax, a fake, a fraud, and a mere scam.




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  1. Good work again, doc!

  2. Ex9) Melbourne Car Killer #2 Hoax Crisis Actor Gets Instant Citizenship! Impossible In Australia! Zioscript:
    “Noori arrived in Australia from Afghanistan in 2004 & became a citizen of Australia 2 yrs later.”

    It takes atleast 4 years to get a citizenship in Australia & that is on a fast track for the most skilled, “needed”

    He got instant citizenship but hevwas hired by the services probably already signed up trained by M-6 / Mossad and/or CIA before he entered Australia!

  3. He got instant citizenship because he was hired by the spook services, probably already signed up & trained by M-6 / Mossad and/or CIA before he entered Australia!

    He might even be a jew or a Saudi or Kurd or Turk ziopuppet embeded in the Aussie military who served in Afganistan for several years to learn the language & culture to play the role.

  4. Ex10) Dual 44&666 Code- Melbourne Car Killer Attack Crisis Actwhore court charged with 18 (666 code) counts of attempted murder. LMAO! 32 aka dual 16 aka dual 44 since 16 is 4×4! ZioPsyOps always coded

    Psycho Ziotrash, Freemasons & Babylonian Talmud heads throw there Occultic coding into all their hoaxes & PsyOps & Terror Attacks!

    • Fascinating numbers Cowboy. Why, it’s almost as if you pulled them out of your ass.

  5. Ex1) Aventura Miami Mall DHS Shooting Cancelled @ Apple Phone Store- Zionist Jew Owners Soffer Family aka Turnberry Associates & Simon Properties!

    Watch this Crisis Actwhore Juden!!!

    This Drill Style Hoax PsyOp went live & was being reported as real & then they cancelled it just like two previous Shootings this year at Zionist jew owned malls & one at a Texas Highrise Office Tower!

  6. Ex2) More Marrano Juden Crisis Actwhores Crappy Actwhoring At Aventura Mall Shooting PsyOp Before It Was Cancelled!

  7. Ex3) More Theatrics @ Aventura Mall Shooting PsyOp Pre- Christmas DHS Hoax Before It Was Cancelled!

    Not saying this guy was a Crisis Actor but the Cops certainly are staging the theatrics here for this botched PsyOp Fake, Now Cancelled Shooting!

  8. Ex4) Yet More Theatrics At Aventura Mall DHS Fake Shooting By EMS & Cops Before It Was Cancelled!

  9. Ex5) Adventura Mall Shooting Hoax Cancelled Director Caught here at 1:58 to 1:59 mark! Man in Blue Shirt to the right of Screen Directing a Scene!

  10. Ex6) Watch Shooters & Crisis Acwhores Get Stampeded (Told Run To Run there’s a shooter) after 1:40 mark to 1:59 in parking garage & at a mall entrance! Also here at 1:40 mark here Crisis Actwhore Doing scripted phoney filming screaming inside her car saying “I’m scared, etc as she films people running in garage!

  11. Ex7) Adventura Mall Shooting Cancelled- Watch as Ridicilulous fake supposedly shook up Santa Woman Crisis Actor Says I lost my one daughter & camera scans to the Daughter –>who is laughing her @$$ Off in Duping delight & excited to be on Miami News TV!

    Just after the 2:05 mark!

    Zionist jew owner fraudsters at Simon Properties has been involved in numerous DHS fake shootings at their malls including this year just like General Growth Properties & Westfield & Lucky Larry Silverstein & Frank Lowlife Lowy!

  12. Bethlehem Locals say (Ziopuppet) President Trump Ruined Christmas! By Trying To Force Jerusalem As The Capital Of Israel! & Take it & Bethehem away from all Muslims & Christians & Palestians eventually!

    Locals in the city of Bethlehem— the traditional birthplace of Jesus Christ — are blaming President Trump for ruining Christmas amid his decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

    The city’s Manger Square held its annual Christmas Eve march and worshippers went to midnight mass on Sunday, but crowds were significantly thinner.

    Locals say tourism was lower than last year — as many stayed away from recent clashes between Palestinians and Israelis.

    “Trump is the first reason this is a sad Christmas,” Khulud Ilayan, a student at Al-Quds Open University, told the Jerusalem Post. “I see less people and people are sad. All of the people here don’t like that man.”

    French tourist Claire Degout said Trump’s decision didn’t deter her from celebrating Christmas in the Holy Land.

    “The decision of one man cannot affect all the Holy Land,” Degout said. “Jerusalem belongs to everybody, you know, and it will be always like that, whatever Trump says.”

    The President announced on Dec. 6 plans to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and said the U.S. Embassy would move to the Holy City. His announcement prompted massive protests across the West Bank, Gaza Strip, and near Bethlehem, which is south of Jerusalem.

    The U.N. General Assembly voted 128 to 9 on Friday condemning Trump stance on Jerusalem.

    Anton Salman, Bethlehem’s mayor, said Christmas celebrations were toned down in response to Trump’s foreign policy decision.

    “We decided to limit the Christmas celebrations to the religious rituals as an expression of rejection and anger and sympathy with the victims who fell in the recent protests,” the mayor said.

    “We want to show the people that we are people who deserve life, deserve our freedom, deserve our independence, deserve Jerusalem as our capital,” Salman continued.

  13. Good buddy Cow. Is there room in your basement for my chemtrail heroes Rosario & his brother Antonio? They suffer severe legal penalty imposed by the zio Imperia for the defamation on 2 dirty females. If no can you donate them €30,000? This would settle the problems before the families of crisis actwhores from the Bataclan scam come for them in the zio Imperia in January. The amount is just a small downpayment of what you owe for my therapy. Thank you.

  14. A list of improbable thoughts, true mental onanism of a wretched, cerebrally short. Why else would you repeat the phrases made (and demolished a thousand times) of Amerikan trolls, which are notoriously the most idiots on the planet?

  15. American Rock N Roll Legend Del Shannon Born Charles Westover was Born Dec 30, 1936. He was one if the first to use a synthesizer as the Lead instrument in his #1 song Runaway & he had an amazing falsetto even though his voice could sing much deeper. And really he does an amazing doo wop type line in this song is like an instrument in itself. No wonder Tom Petty & Steve Miller Jeff Lynn & Bob Seger & Beach Boys & even Elvis were fans of this guy. A very unrated singing, music writing & guitar talent who added to Rock & Roll & Country & Pop music & became more popular in UK than USA.

  16. WOW Rock & Roll Genius Jeff Lynn of ELO was also born Dec 30th, Yesterday IN 1947! This man is still at a very high level of ability & performance so if you get a chance to see him & his ELO or any other variation of his band or Orchestra do see him!

    This an amazing double (or triple /3 sided) album he wrote most of in 3 &1/2 weeks in A Swiss Chalet & recorded in Munich soon thereafter! This was not their best album but still great & it would be a masterpiece & the best possible for most bands! It sold over 10 million copies & It was so nice to have this when Disco was taking over! They managed somehow to do great even in the disco era of the late seventies to 80-81.

  17. More pervert Gayfagriel Gabriel the Ziotrash jew’s faggotry in his fraudulent posts….

    Brokeback fag Gabriel fake version of Cowboy
    DECEMBER 31, 2017 AT 11:48 AM
    I lost my virginity to Rudolf in the Milan station toilets where he works. LMAO.

  18. Ex1) Loser fake Band Beck’s blatant theft of Van Morrison & Them’s arrangement & version of “It’s All Over Now Baby Blue”…He calls it Jack A$$ which this little punk “Beck” is! He basically just replays a few seconds of it over & over & tries to talk/sing like Lou Reed over it with really lyrics!

    Beck’ s stolen [email protected]$$ 1996 song fake version of Van’s 1965 hit song:

  19. Ex2) Loser fake Band “Beck” & his blatant theft of Van Morrison & Them’s arrangement & version of “It’s All Over Now Baby Blue”…He calls it Jack A$$ which this little punk “Beck” is! He basically just replays a few seconds of it over & over & tries to talk/sing like Lou Reed over it with really lyrics!

    Van Morrison’s great masterpiece of “It’s All Over Now Baby Blue” completely copied in Jack’s [email protected]$$:

    THIS version of this song in Van’s arrangement & singing style here greatly influenced several Rolling Stones’ songs too.

    • You can’t bear to mention my name can you? You bovinetine bigot!

      Van Morrison’s cover was the worst. I hope they play it at your funeral. Loser dweeb.

      • This is in reply & refutation of Ziotrash Gabriel troll posting this as-> Robert Zimmerman (Bob Dylan) DECEMBER 31, 2017 AT 9:03 PM
        You can’t bear to mention my name can you? You bovinetine bigot!

        Van Morrison’s cover was the worst. I hope they play it at your funeral. Loser dweeb.

        As usual gutless Gabriel you can never reply anything truthful or inciteful. Anyone honest would never say Van Morrison’s version was the worst cover of It’ All Over Now Baby Blue. Firstly it’s not a mere cover, goofball, it’s a completely redone, rearranged, modernized vastly improved song. And Amazingly Van did this when he was under 19 years old! & He was Already an accomplished Singer and Writer in two Bands the Monarchs & then Them. Bob Dylan wrote it & recorded it as a folk / pop song like most of his songs. It was a good folk song. And Bob Dylan was a great writer of poetic songs & good at rhyming & cleverness but his songs/ recording are rudimentary, basic, simple folk songs as he learned from Guthrie & Seeger. He knows his limitations of arrangement & writing music for choruses and backing vocals & multiple instruments & complex interlacing of instruments & such so he mostly sticks with what he is capable of. Just like Bob Dylan knows his voice & voice range & singing ability is very limited so he keeps things simple that he can do. Even if Dylan tries to use a great producer & arranger to do things he can’t, it only makes his voice sounds more deficient & worse. So he knows what he can get away with. He best sings folk, old fashion country & certain blues, etc.
        Anyway it’s so laughable you would troll such stupid dishonest troll reply, Gabriel! Anyway Dylan has told reporters trying to kiss is @$$, in reply to being told what a great singer he, “Sing?? I can’t sing! Van Morrison he can sing!!!”
        My favorite songs by Bob Dylan being sung by Bob Dylan are: “Like A Rolling Stone” & Just Like A Woman & his voice & style are perfect for them! Beautiful to me in fact. But many people even hate his voice even in those two songs. I don’t his voice is great for both the way they are: Folksy with great insight & wisdom, etc…
        Yet still Van Morrison does a version that is also acoustic & and folksy to but quite different of Just Like A Woman from a bar performance in a 1968 to 70 bootleg that is so much more beautiful, it’s astonishing! Richie Havens did an incredible version of Just like a Woman at Woodstock too.

        Anyway this you-tube vid below is Bob Dylans version of It’s All Over Now Baby Blue. It’s great that did it, otherwise Van never could have made a masterpiece out of it! Lol Also the Byrds did a great Rock version of it too, not as good as Van’s, but still a great song. And the song as done by Van inspired & influenced the Rolling Stones greatly in many songs. But a spiritually blind, musically dead fool, and psycho like you Gabriel could never understand great music anyway! Lol

        And 1 more important point to make is that Van’s version of this song is no where near his best song! lol He probably has 50 to a hundred better songs in many ways!..And another thing, zioclown, if they play any Van Morrison Song at my funeral I’d be honored!

  20. FAKE dead Fake Musician Kurt Cobaine aka Rivers Cuomo! Same talentless music stealing thief clown! Every hit song Nirvana had they stole the rift, beat & music from other songs! Then hear fake music critics how great grunge music was! Don’t bath & steal songs and Rolling Stones Mag fags will love ya!

  21. 2a) Fake dead fake musician Kurt Cobaine is fake musician Rivers Cuomo! Same talentless corporate push twit!

  22. 2a) Fake dead fake musician Kurt Cobaine is fake musician Rivers Cuomo! Same talentless corporate pushed twit! HAIR Dye =Equals New Guy!

    RECYCLED Crisis Actwhore! HERIONE Addict fake suicide Crisis Actwhore! Anything to screw up the goyim youth!

  23. Ex3) Fake Cobain & FAKE Band Nirvana making fun of their “Smells like $h#t Teen Spirit” Stolen Song! ADMITTING they stole the song from a real Rock Band “Boston” & their original hot song “More Than A Feeling”!

    These douche bags/ phoney thieves were crappy like the media-darling punk band the Ramones only much less original!

    • Boston. LMFAO. You are so far beyond help. So glad you’re spending NYE on your own, obsessing about 3rd rate musicians and fuming about punk rock.

  24. Incredible “King of The Road” Singer Songwriter Roger Miller was born today in 1936! This man was a brillant comic genius in addition to being a Honky Tonk, Country, comedy & love song & pop & novelty song singer & writer & guitarist. To me it is obvious his influence on on two brillant comedy & country song writers Jerry Reed & Ray Stevens. & He also had a big influence on (fake dead) comedian Robin Williams. After watching many TV & Radio show appearance of Roger Miller today it’s obvious Williams picked up most of the rest of his crazy, eccentric style that he did not get/steal from Jonathan Winters from Roger Miller. Facial expressions & wise cracks & silly & funny & ironic statements & clever purposeful mistatements..etc. Robin Williams I believe just copied Roger Miller’s style to give himself something that seemed original to audiences since the rest of his act was impressions & Jonathan Winters. I think Robin was too insecure & had to low self esteem to ever try to develop his own personality. Anyway Williams was wise when he picked such an original to copy.

    Well anyway in 1965 & 1966 he won 12 Grammys by my count, Dolly Parton says 11.. I not going to recheck it! lol But very impressive. And a number one song on difference genre music charts as well! And Miller guy could rap really fast & had this crazy Honky Tonk version of Scat Singing & crazy musical made up words & vocal sounds as musical instruments.

    He wrote Broadway Songs for plays with ease. It was natural to this guy. And he acted & Sang in a musical play on Broadway (featuring all songs written bybhim for the musical) when Actor John Goodman playing the role left for movie or TV contract obligations! And won a Tony Award! Also NBC gave him a TV special around 1966 & he had an incredible 45 share rating!

  25. Ex 2) Roger Miller – Willie Nelson on Roger Miller

  26. Ex3) Roger Miller Induction Into Country Music Hall of Fame in 99 long after his death–> which was in 1990.

  27. Ex4)Roger Miller’s Crazy Eccentric Instant Song Writing Game according Larry Gatlin (who he always called Lorenza because he thought it funny or something)! And how Larry & this other guy wrote a crazy “Baltimore, not Balti-less” song in the spirit & honor of Roger Miller & his crazy song writing on the spot style!

  28. Ex5) Dirty Double Dealing Dean Martin Does Roger Miller Really Dirty! LOL! Deans gets the Girls & Roger gets the pussy….Cats! lol

  29. Ex6) Roger Miller was the first artist to Record Kris Kristopherson’s Bobby McGee in 1965 & had a decent hit with it & this spurred atleast 9 other artist record it before finally Janis Joplin recorded around 1971 it which became one of biggest & trademark songs!

  30. Ex7) Roger Miller Documentary

  31. Can’t you poofters find a single picture of this event that allows us to compare facial features?

  32. Denver Fake Shooter Matt Riehl Shoots 5 COPS Kills 1
    Is This ZioJew Denver Crisis Actwhore A Relative of ZioScammer ZioJew Joe Riehl of Metatron Zioscam Corporation?? I bet he is!

    SO HE supposedly shot 5 armed COPS In A ShotOut?? BULL$H#t! Another Fake SuperJew playing an evil goyim white Cop Killer! 1 Billion % Fake!

  33. EX2) Denver Fake Cop Killer Matt Riehl (Real) & THIS IS Denver’s Joe Riehl of CIA Contractor Zioscammer Metatron Fraud Corporation! Got to be related! Riehl funds entire teams of YouTube shills! I BET Joe Riehl is the uncle, father or cousin of this Matthew Riehl!

    Amazingly with all the scams Joe Riehl has going on I just noticed he has time for a paid $$$ position at St Mary’s Academy of Denver!

  34. Ex 1) Mexican Carribean Cruise Tour Bus Fake Wreck – Kills All 8 (of 12) jew Crew of Crisis Actwhores from America! Israel Franco & Rabbi Haim Shambaba’s families get killed!

    The Tour Bus wreck on It’s side yet not a scratch on it when it is lifted up! It shines like a mirror reflecting an entire large van on the side! Only damage is to the front! FAKE HOAX DAMAGE FROM Jaws of life & cutting, etc..

  35. Ziotrash Psychopath Jew Jared Fogle The Typical Talmudic Pedophile On Tape On How To Trick Goyim Middle School Kids to Gain their trust so he can rape & Molest them!

    And this Pedophile Monster was using his fame & power as Subway Sandwich Spokesman for years to molest young children!

  36. Ziotrash Talmud Fundamentalist Convicted Pedophile Jared Fogle gets his evil face beat down by an old man who hates Pedos in Prison like he deserves!

    Ziotrash Jew Harvey Levin is offended by him getting a good beating!

  37. Michigan Militia Leader Constitutionist Mark Koernke aka “Mark from Michigan” Vs Sam Donaldson around 1995…

  38. SuperStar Janet Jackson Stole Her “Let’s Wait A While” from Mega Band
    America & their “Daisy Jane” song 100%!

    Blatant as hell!..vocals, everything, just different lyrics

    This was not a big hit by America but it is a nice song & certainly she knew who they were as one of the biggest selling & touring bands of the 1970’s! She copied the first maybe 40 seconds note for note almost & then changed it up a little. You could overlay the song note for note, same tempo, listen to how she copied every note & style he sang & the music just changing the words.

    • Cowboy. A serious issue regarding Lana del Rey and Radiohead, the latter of which is suing the former for the theft of chords. What is far more concerning is that Radiohead initially stole YOUR lyrics that you wrote in the early 70s:

      I’m a creep
      I’m a weirdo
      What the hell am I doing here
      I don’t belong here
      I’m a creep
      I’m a loser etc

      Time to get your attorneys in gear.. if you can afford them. Loser, creep, weirdo.

  39. SuperStar Janet Jackson Stole Her “Let’s Wait A While” from Mega Band
    “America” & their “Daisy Jane” song 100%!

    Blatant as hell!..vocals, everything, just different lyrics!

    I looked it up & actually Daisy Jane was a much bigger hit than I thought. It went Top 20 hit & #4 On the Easy Listening chart. & In Canada the chart peak of “Daisy Jane” was #16 on the Pop singles chart & #2 on the Adult Contemporary chart! So it may have still went gold in USA. Sister Golden Hair went to #1 off the same 1975 album.

    • Which is why there was an out of court settlement, cowboy, you dumb-ass fundie! Lmao

  40. To me America was basically great rock band with three terrific lead singers Dewey Bunnell, Dan Peek, and Gerry Beckley and all 3 were musical geniuses. They were all three son’s of American soldiers in England & formed their America band ironically in UK! Anyway 2 of them had UK moms too. They say they greatly influenced by surf Rock bands like Searchers & Ventures & certainlyvtgeur harmonizing skills were influenced by the Beach boys who also had two lead singers too Brian Wilson & Mike Love & two occasional lead singers (not counting Glen Campbell for a year or so). And ofcourse Frankie Valli & the Four Seasons must have influenced them to in their harmonizing & all the Rock bands of the mid & late 1970’s with their rock guitar & piano keyboards & singing style.

    So this was their first US hit Horse With No Name & a Number #1 USA after they became an instant hit with it in UK & Europe. They had to add the song to their USA version of their album since they thought it was too much of a novelty song to be a hit with the funny name. When I see the video I think about being in Nevada in the High desert and mountains where the mustang horses are all over the place just like in this video. To me they look just like quarter horses beautiful often solid black, all white, all dark brown, light brown, palamino, buckskin, etc just like quarter horses!

    A Horse With No Name (1971?)

  41. Cowboy wrote the lyrics to Creep before Radiohead ever performed it – and he won’t even stand up for himself. What a loser. What a weirdo. What a creep.

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