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Melbourne Car Attack Hoax Aimed to Demonize Afghanistan Muslims

Make no mistake the Dec. 21, 2017, Melbourne car attack hoax was directly precisely at the Islamic people of Afghanistan in order to demonize them. They had nothing to do with it. The man implicated is a mere patsy. This is a clear and evident fake, like all the others.

In Afghanistan Islamic people are slaughtered and maimed routinely by so-called joint Western forces and their Afghan patsies; this murder and mayhem is a daily affair.

Here is simply one of countless Afghan Muslims martyred by so-called Western forces and/or their proxies. There was no such senseless murders occurring in this land prior to the Zionist-sponsored invasion.

It’s an obvious hoax. What is this cop-actor doing? What about the man with the sunglasses on his head? What is he doing there?

Why in the world is this blonde man holding the man on the ground’s head?

What business does the sunglasses man have shooting a picture of the poor slob that is on the ground?

What is this SWAT-style militaristic individual doing there? Why is he needed for a mere car rampage?  What are all these crisis actors doing there anyway? Clearly, this is what they are. They would be aggressively moved aside if there truly were injured people there and would play no role in rescue or any other element.

Yet, see them abounding everywhere. The are mere Hollywood-style extras, make no mistake about it.

There is plenty of bloodthirsty murder, but it is against Islamic people, not by them. They are the true victims of treacherous schemes, where people are brutally murdered and viciously wounded merely for materialistic, pro-Zionist plots.

Melbourne is yet another Zionist plot, like the litany of other Islamophobic hoaxes: Charlie Hebdo, Nice, Munich, London Bridge, 911, the hoax London tube bombings, and countless others.

What about the purported car? How could it have run all those people over without their being the slightest bit of blood on it? Moreover, how could it have suffered that much damage without the slightest damage to the post or anything else before it? It is clear that there is no damage to any degree to the elements to which it supposedly slammed into. It is, after all, claimed that it stopped “after crashing into a cable car stop.” Moreover, this is clearly not the case. In other words, it is a lie.

This image is clear and hard proof that this car did not suffer any damage at the site and is, rather, a mere junk-yard vehicle deposited there by the staging agents. No matter what anyone states or claims this is a non-event, fully staged, where no one was hurt, injured, and surely not killed. It’s the same pattern, repeatedly. Crisis actors do the (faux) emergency care and do lovingly caress the fake wounded and there are virtually no emergency workers to be seen anywhere, surely not attending to the fake wounded.

So, the car crashed into no one. These are mere lies. This is an image typical of the Melbourne hosts. Zionist criminal agents are fully in control of the operations of that city:

Crisis actors would not be attending to truly wounded. Such imagery can only be the result of a hoax and a scam or a mere drill at the least.

What about the purported culprit? Why is he being treated so gingerly by the police? Why are they holding his face up for the cameras? How did the camera-person get so close to the (faux) arrest site?

This is what the people of Afghanistan must endure: continuous hostile invasions and great aggression directed at them by mercenary forces.

This is daily, oppressive life in this land, where people are being slaughtered for arch-Zionist machinations courtesy of the mercenary forces of the US-based military-industrial complex.

The people of Afghanistan had nothing to do with this. Nor was it Islamic-inspired to any degree. It is merely another act of hostility and vile corruption perpetrated by the Zionist-controlled Australian government: a hoax, a fake, a fraud, and a mere scam.




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  1. Ex10) Paintsville & McKenzie Hoax Shooting- Super Weird shaped Paintsville & Johnson County on Kentucky Map.

    Only 1 County in Kentucky has a uniform shape, a rectangle. All the rest are irregular shaped.

  2. Someone explain why all these crazy-*** mass shooters are church-going Christians?

  3. Ex03) Sandy Hook Crook Hoaxwhore Meets Westerville Hoaxwhores To Push Zionist Jew Gun Confiscation Agenda in Ohio 2017

  4. Ex04) Westerville OH Hoax Double Cop Killer’s Black So..We Have Triple Zionist Agendas: RaceWar, Cops Vs Blacks & Gun Confiscation..aka.. Divide & Conquer the HATED Goyim! & Steal their rights!

    Eeevile CopKiller Blackman, CrisisActor Quentin Smith

    MURDERED White Cops, Crisis Actors : Eric Joering & Tony Morelli

  5. Ex06) Westerville Ohio Double Cop Killing PsyOp Crisis Actwhore Exposed As Jewish Theater Actor!
    See @1:26 sec mark as Kristina Cameron alias Kristina Allen aka Kristin Silverman Vermont & NH Theater Actress!! & Hat/ Costume Maker!

    She is wearing blue contact lenses in this role & she is spouting off Freemason/ Kabbala Good coming from Evil acts is her zioHollywood PsyOp Script! She has a teacher shell jobs in Westerville probably sub teacher & arts & theater teaching while she is in Ohio.

  6. Ex06-b) Westerville OH Double Cop Killing PsyOp Proven By Theater Actor Zio Jewess Involved!! Kristina Allen aka Kristin Allen aka Kristina Cameron aka Kristin Silverman of Colchester area Vermont & New Hampshire, & Westerville/ Columbus Ohio!!!

    See her eyes are really dark brown & she uses blue contacts & fake heavy forehead wrinkes above her nose as Kristina Cameron in Westerville PsyOp!

    Marriage of her as Kristin J Allen to zionist jew actor Greg Silverman in 1996!

    Name Gregory S Silverman
    Age 21
    Name Kristin J Allen
    Age 24
    County Franklin
    State Ohio
    Cert Number 035536
    Volume Number 17052
    Marriage Date 13 Jul 1996

  7. Ex06c) Westerville Ohio Double Cop Killing PsyOp Proven by Jewish Actress Kristina Allen aka Kristina Cameron aka Kristin Silverman being used as fake blue eyed blonde at church memorial!

  8. Ex06-d) Westerville Ohio Double Cop Killing RaceWar PsyOp Husband of Kristin Allen aka Cameron Is Ziojew Adam Silverman (alias Greg Sliverman) of Colchester, VT works as editor at Burlington VT Free Press owned by zionist Gannet Media Conglomerate! Also he works another simultaneous shell job in Wash’ DC as a Treasury agent inspector general office in total conflict of interests

    Notice he is connected Greeley (Aurora area) Colorado like many Crisis Actors. & She has addresses in Aurora Colorado.

    From Radaris on this Adam Silverman
    (I removed his exact addresses & phone#’s)

    xxx Stone, Colchester, VT 05446
    (802) 879-****
    *** Stone Dr, Colchester, VT 05446
    (802) 879-****
    *** Sandhill, Essex Junction, VT 05452
    (802) 878-****
    Columbia, MO
    **** 46Th, Greeley, CO 80634
    (970) 339-****
    Washington, DC
    United states dept of treasury
    Assistant inspector general managment
    1500 Pennsylvania Ave Nw, Washington, DC 20220
    Public Finance, Taxation, and Monetary Policy

  9. Is this the face of mental illness? Wow, just wow.

  10. Dylan Farrow’s accusation of being molested by Talmudic & Zionist Ashkenazi jew sex pervert Woody Allen at age 6. In the twisted Babylonian Talmud this type of behavior is allowable!

    Allen was caught by Mia Farrow with nude pictures of another daughter Soon Yi (sister of Dylan) who he was having sex with & later married!

  11. Ziotrash Jew Psychopath Barbara Walters vehemently defends Woody Allen as a wonderful husband of his daughter Soon Yi & father ofvher children and says Dylan & Mia Farrow’s accusations are beyond rge statute of limitations. & says Mia & Dylan are bringing this up again because Woody Allen is up for an award!

    Ziopig Barbara Walters also attacked Corey Feldman for exposing pedophile producers & execs & others in Hollywood!

  12. Ex07) Westerville Hoax used NBC 4 Columbus TV Weekend Anchor Mindy Drayer As Organizer Of School Memorial & Crisis Actor For Fake Killed Cop Tony Morelli! They don’t even mention she was the Wkend Anchor & Morning Show Host until 2 yrs ago!

    Also she still is working at a Sports & media Company & still does special features & stories for this NBC 4!

    Watch the happy hoaxer smiling Duping delighted Crisis Acwhores at this preplanned gathering!

  13. Ex07-b) Westerville Fake Double Cop Shooting Event Organizer, Crisis Actor, TV Host & Anchor Reporter Mindy Drayer of NBC News 4 Columbus!

  14. Ex07-c) Westerville Fake Double Cop Shooting Event Organizer, Crisis Actor, TV Host & Anchor Reporter Mindy Drayer of NBC News 4 Columbus!

    Stepping down as Weekend Morning Anchor Host in 2016 but remaining as employee for special events, special features…and PsyOps/ Hoaxes! LMAO!

  15. All of cowboys posts are so psychotic that I really can barely tell anymore which are really him and which are parody. Lol!

    I wish someone could post a picture of him. I imagine he’s quite old and probably pretty hideous looking.

  16. Ex1) Parkland- Miami Area School Shooting Massacre 29 Shot! 17 Dead! IN HOAX! @ All ZioJew Crew Run Parkland in Broward County FLA! Mayor , Sheriff Scott Israel, Mayor, Commissioners all jewish!

    PARKLAND FL Government:

    Christine Hunschofsky
    • Vice Mayor
    Stacy Kagan
    • Commissioners
    Ken Cutler, Grace Solomon, Bob Mayersohn
    Scott Israel Sheriff of Broward Cointy

  17. It’s time for the Boogie to end and the Woogie to begin.
    They are running a limited hangout on us. It’s always the same. They make sure we get all the stories about bad guys in power working us with deception. But they don’t tell us that the entire show this drama called life on earth is controlled using deception. They keep us wringing our hands and debating tons of issues which they create and we never solve. And by the time we give up on an issue they have created plenty more. Amazing how the herd keeps falling for this. It’s not the countless never ending unsolvable totally controlled issues, it’s the system stupid.

    Every significant position in every significant organization is controlled making every significant organization controlled including politics, education, military, government, corporations, police, all the institutions, etc.

    I forgot to mention the opposition to all this wrong is also controlled. That’s why we debate the countless never ending issues instead of stopping the magicians who cunningly create the issues and the opposition.

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