Other Hoaxes Zionist Terror — 28 July 2014
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MH17 Passport Staging Proves the Hoax – Nodisinfo Video

The passport staging alone is hard proof that the entire claim for a real crash of a 777 jumbo jet, dropping down to the earth from some 33000 feet, is a diabolical scam.

There can be no other explanation for the pristine nature of these passports, inside-and-out, other than the fact that this is a treacherous act by the Mossad, the leader in passport fraud.

One of the primary plots in this scam is diversionary, that is to take attention from the ongoing Zionist plots to commit massacres against the Palestinian people. Let their be no doubt about it these corrupt ones seek their extermination, which they are attempting to achieve with American-made weapons.

The Gaza ground assault was on July 17, the same day as the fake crash; this is also the anniversary for the Mossad missile downing of TWA Flight 800.


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  1. A parallel with that twitter image of the MH17 boarding pass on instagram conveniently by Regis Crolla bears close analogy to Stephen Barton of CT(he of the fake injuries) tweeting his Aurora CO theater ticket: photo. at about 1:20 here and again at 4:04

    • Thank you, “Xeliffelix,” we will alert our Connecticut colleagues re: Barton’s Southbury, CT residence. This Mossad worm is really making the rounds, to say the least.

      We note that Colorado patsy James Holmes’ mother’s Zionist-owned “lawyer” Lisa Damiani ([email protected]), San Diego, won’t utter a peep when we contact her office.

      She has a homegrown CIA/MOSSAD terrorist training camp – a San Diego branch of http://www.Academi.com (formerly Blackwater Security) – right in her backyard ! LOL

      Not far to the east in Sierra Vista, Arizona, Lisa has her private terrorist command center (CIA / MOSSAD) at the ” ISIS ” facility, Fort Huachuca, Arizona.

      Thanks blog contributers, for alerting us to the ISIS camp.

      If we go to war on American soil, you know where to attack – and that may include your local and state police headquarters, also ! LOL

      Brad DeShane, Worldwide Press Agent

    • Stephan Barton from near Sandy Hook is an actor and PR man and involved as a fake victim in the Aurora Movie Theatre hoax Gun Confiscation operation event and works for corrupt zionist former NYC Constitution hating dictator Michael Bloomberg in his Gun Confiscation groups.


  2. ‘Proof’ Russia is firing at Ukrainian troops: U.S. State Department publishes satellite images it says show Russian artillery being used to back pro-Kremlin rebels


  3. Thanks, Christinne – the proffered “proof” is suspect, as is the Zionist-owned http://www.dailymail.co.uk .

    We can’t trust Muslim leaders either, as noted by a http://www.PressTV.ir blog commentator in the article linked below. These fake “Muslims” may very well be Zionist pawns and stooges.

    Please see


    Some of our colleagues will be “testing” American Muslims, going to mosques and Islamic centers to see if they are taking an active stand against the Israeli war crimes.

    Frankly, we expect that most American Muslims are remaining silent, cowering in fear of retaliation from the Zionists. The mosque folks also fear the loss of their cherished tax-exempt status. LOL

    Like him or not, U.S. Attorney General / Zionist stooge Eric Holder was correct when he called us a
    “Nation of Cowards.” That was circa 2008 .

    Brad DeShane, Worldwide Press Agent, for CT GLOBAL at http://CT-Global.webs.com and Sovereign CT AMERICA’s WORLDWIDE BROADCAST FORUM at http://www.TalkShoe.com/tc/125501

  4. We are archiving Dr. K’s astute comments, to wit:

    “Let their be no doubt about it these corrupt ones seek their extermination, which they are attempting to achieve with American-made weapons.

    The Gaza ground assault was on July 17, the same day as the fake crash; this is also the anniversary for the Mossad missile downing of TWA Flight 800.”

    The Israeli terrorists’ use of American weapons supports the war-profiteering motives of many American businesses and citizens; in other words, they are benefiting from the war crimes, even if they’re employed as a low-paid janitor at a war-related plant in Ohio that’s supplying the Israeli thugs.


    Brad DeShane, Worldwide Press Agent

  5. Yes, the analysis of the passport video is spot on.

    The disbelievers and naysayers who blindly accept the official story of MH17 must create their own “conspiracy theories” as a defense to convince themselves that these passports are real. One such defense, as we have already seen on this site, makes the claim that some of the bodies fell outside the charred area and therefore their luggage and personal effects were not as damaged.

    Of course, if one uses simple logic, this makes no sense. The passport staging is simply part of the Mossad psy-op to convince the sheep that MH17 actually existed with real people on board. It also sets the stage for the crisis actors to appear throughout mainstream media, which helps to solidify the foundation lie of MH17 actually existing.

    When you watch an action movie that shows an actor using a passport, you are fully aware it is a stage prop and not a real passport, even if the passport LOOKS real. Watching a media driven psychological operation is no different than watching a movie, except it’s on TV.

    If the masses simply observe this fact, then it will become very simple to see how they run their scams.

  6. Q: Where did the MH17 hoax crew get their random Malaysian plane part from; was it from an identical (stored) 777 in Tel Aviv Airport? Another thing:– Someone has pointed out that the 9/11 Commission has erected 2 (Memorial?)Iron Tridents (war symbol of Satan?) near the destroyed WTC area, which is creepy, plus, if you turn the Malaysian Airlines Logo sideways, it looks very much like a 3-coloured Trident, which is also a bitcreepy….just saying, folks….

    • There is a picture of a crane near the crash site. Maybe it was used to hoist the “random Malaysian plane part” from a truck to the ground. Obviously Malaysia Airlines is part of the hoax, with support from the Malaysian government, just as they were with the MH370 scam. Perhaps your assumption is correct regarding the stored plane in Tel Aviv. They could have blown up parts of it on the ground, and left the wing section to display the logo. However, other videos have proven that a 777 has a much larger engine, so it was most likely a smaller plane used for the purposes of the hoax.

      Regarding creepy symbolism, Christine Lagarde (head of IMF) made a bizarre speech in which she started talking about numerology and the number 7, and how important “the magic 7” is to world events. This was recorded in January of 2014. You can see her speech in the link below.


      • Isn’t the number “7” a “good” number, according to the Gospels / Bible and the Qur’aan ? Pardon my very limited knowledge of these (alleged) Holy Books .

        Brad DeShane, Worldwide Press Agent, for CT GLOBAL at http://CT-Global.webs.com and Sovereign CT AMERICA at http://www.TalkShoe.com/tc/125501

        • Well, I guess it’s all subject to interpretation. A quick internet search result pulled up this link, which all lots of symbolic references for the number 7…


      • Thanks, Wake The Sheep… You sound like a very intelligent & well-informed & well-woken-up guy. (I suppose you could be female, but I don’t think so). If the Malaysian Government is in on the hoax then this is quite something, because people think the opposite, i.e. that ‘terrorists’ are trying to collapse the Malaysian Airline Industry. The Christine video was creepy!!

  7. North Korea won’t tolerate any **** from Zionist owned and controlled Corporate America (USA, Inc.), and is now threatening to nuke the White House (self-defense, really) if we mess with them.




    Also PREPARE FOR HAND-TO-HAND COMBAT with BOWS and ARROWS, CROSSBOWS, BLOWGUNS with POISON DARTS, MACHETES, COMBAT KNIVES, and MOLOTOVS – the last lead smelting plant in the USA, Inc. (Herculaneum, Missiouri) is NOW CLOSED.


    Your successful fight against GUN CONTROL and CONFISCATION was a diversion. Now your guns are useless, unless you MAKE YOUR OWN BULLETS – most Corporate Americans are too stupid and lazy for that ! LOL

    Brad DeShane, Worldwide Press Agent

  8. Yes, Gabriel, and add to the arsenal a good supply of high-powered slingshots – you may be able to stun the enemies long enough to get their guns AND THEIR BULLETS / AMMO ! God / Allah knows that your bullets will be few and far between – and at a VERY HIGH PRICE.

    AMMO for the slings is readily available with DOLLAR / TWO DOLLAR BAGS of MARBLES.


    As stated, the .22 is useless if there’s NO AMMO, or if the PRICE of BULLETS IS THROUGH THE ROOF due to no lead smelting in USA, Inc.

    Anyway, “Blood and Guts” USA, Inc. may turn in to a BIG BUNCH of QUIVERING MASSES of PROTOPLASM without their beloved bullets !

  9. Fake Video of Alleged Pro-Russian Militia Claiming Responsibility for MH 17 Attack Was Made Before Plane Crash


  10. Fake Satellite Images: The Latest US Government Hoax against Russia


  11. Pro-Russian rebels say they have lost control of the MH17 crash site as explosions force investigators to abandon latest attempt to visit Ukrainian plane wreckage


    • oh how so convenient…fake explosions, fake conflict.

      • It’s all just a dog and pony show. No such forensic investigation will take place of the crash site, and by now the crows, bugs and whatever nocturnal animals lurk in those fields have already picked away at the remaining silicone dummies.

        The world has already been sold the lie, now it’s either time for U.S. and NATO intervention in Ukraine, or another hoax to ramp up the gears of war.

    • “Convoy: Forensic teams and international observers are pictured on their way to the MH17 crash site. The team were forced to turn back a short time later amid sounds of explosions”

      note the same use of that smoke bombing again at 1:00 to ramp up the tension. and again at 3:35 to emphasise the fake message. Is that all the footage they have of allegedl fighing and shelling?

      • If independent analysts are let in and they do find real body parts , just to cover my ***, ill say Ihor Kolomoisky is quite capable of slaughtering real people and spreading em around , so to speak.

  12. Facts discussed in this Nodisinfo video appears to be correct!

    Another Zionist murder here:


  13. Zionists have hijacked the Netherlands government and corruption is the result. They have a lot of power in Netherlands (as well as in Belgium) and Zionists are capable of orchestrating any kind of hoax with help from Zionists in these powerful positions.

    Another Nodisinfo video with interesting facts further proving the nature of this hoax!


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