Other Hoaxes — 18 July 2014
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The Crash of Malaysian Airlines MH17 is a Hoax

UPDATED: July 19, 2014, title change, July 20 with added commentary, Updated, again, July 23, 2014

How could the acclaimed crash of a Malaysian Airlines 777 over the skies of Ukraine be anything other than a false flag act, considering the date of the supposed event, July 17, the same day as the ground and tank invasion of the Gaza strip?  Then, too, there is the issue of the date connection to TWA Flight 800, whose anniversary is on this very day which, in fact, was blown out of the sky most likely by a missile.

Video rewind: July 17, 1996: TWA Flight 800 crash

  1. HLNtv.com
    On July 17, 1996TWA Flight 800 took off from New York’s JFK Airport en route to Paris. Just 12 minutes into the flight, the plane exploded over …

Plus, this is the maiden flight of MH17 – July 17, 1996, July 17, 2014, and Flight 17. That could be no coincidence.

Now, there were witnesses of this who described what they believed to be a mid-air explosion. Many such witnesses claimed seeing a missile aiming towards and then striking the jet.

Yet, what is seen regarding MH17? All that is seen is an explosion, not in the air but, rather, on the ground. It just so happened that certain individuals were in perfect position to capture that explosion or, rather, detonation. In this case a hovering helicopter is in place to document the image. It is not plausible that such a vehicle would be just in that position to do so.

Of note, now did the people who took this image possibly do so, unless they had advance knowledge?

If it got torn apart by a missile, how could it, then, explode on the ground in a fireball? The fuel is in the wings. The missile would have detonated that fuel, and the fire would have burned mainly in the air on the descent down.

Unlike Flight 800 there are no witnesses of fire in the sky, at least none that can be deemed as credible.With Malaysian Airlines MH17 all the fire that can be proven occurred without exception on the ground. Plus, that fire was set right next to the road, the road itself being clear of any char or debris.

In pics: Crashed MH17 Malaysian plane

It was a considerable fire-ball. Notice the char on the telephone pole.

In pics: Crashed MH17 Malaysian plane

The water trucks were there with the military conscripts ready to put out those fires, giving a relatively rapid response for the remote nature of the locality.

In pics: Crashed MH17 Malaysian plane

Surely, amongst all this charred rubble there would be major evidence of the nearly 300 passengers that were supposedly on this flight.

In pics: Crashed MH17 Malaysian plane

It just looks like a bunch of garbage was dumped into the region and set on fire. Note the two men walking away in the distance.

It was a sufficiently intensive fire to roast whatever this was into oblivion. Did the Israelis provide for this false flag act their Malaysian Airlines 777 that they had put in cold storage?

Where are those countless body parts? Where are the hundreds of charred corpses? The scene should be exceptionally macabre. Even so, there is imagery of corpses, this is not being denied. What is being disputed, though, is the official story that this jet was blown out of the sky by pro-Russian rebels.

In pics: Crashed MH17 Malaysian plane

Moreover, it all occurred not in some exceedingly remote area, randomly falling down, but, rather, right next to a road:


The occasional, random, that is strewn, wreckage is also found closely associated with roads. Yet, as a rule the road is free of any such large wreckage. In image upon image it is found that the wreckage is largely near the edge of the road.


Here it becomes categorically clear. The road is the conduit for the performance of this hoax. The plane was not shot down. It was ferried there and then blow up via detonation.


Here is additional strewn wreckage. There can be no doubt about the fact that this was plopped there. A careful assessment demonstrates the fact that this jetliner component is sparkling clean and is free of all evidence of char or explosive damage. What is the man doing with his hand? Is he not punching out the windows?

Notice how the grass on the far right edge isn’t even pushed over from impact. This piece of plane component was simply dropped there manually. This does look like strewn wreckage.

The same is true of this plane section, once again being placed there purposely by agents of the arch-Zionist cabal:}~

In pics: Crashed MH17 Malaysian plane

Here is additional wreckage dropped right by the road. Yet, the road itself is essentially free of such debris – how convenient:

In pics: Crashed MH17 Malaysian plane

Oh, but there are people. Yet, is it so gruesome after all? Of note, there is what appears to be a body on the far edge of the wreckage, right screen.

In addition, the bodies of at least three individuals are seen:

They seem to be in relatively good condition. They are surely not blown apart. They fell 35,00 feet and in that good of shape? They do, though, appear to be real bodies of deceased individuals.


How is it possible that these people could have survived the fire-ball without being roasted alive? Moreover, what are they doing just on the edge of the char line? Yet again, if the woman is dead, how could she be holding her arm up in the air. Yet, it is said:

Dozens of severely mutilated corpses could be seen strewn in the wreckage of flight MH17 that crashed Thursday in rebel-held eastern Ukraine but there were no signs of survivors, an AFP reporter at the scene said.

How about this for a pile of luggage? The captions read that it was gathered and piled there. How did it get placed there in such a convenient pile? There is no possibility that luggage could have survived in such a condition in the aftermath of such a missile struck plus fireball. Nor could it have fallen from the sky and still remain in such a state. It would have been scuffed and also dirty; there would have been stains. It could not have been in this condition:

Too, how is it that the wreckage or hard parts of the jet so charred, while the luggage and passports are pristine? This would indicate that, clearly, the luggage is also part of the staged act.

It is the passport grouping, though, that is proof of staging. This pile of passports is described as ‘passports found among the wreckage.’ That is impossible. They would not fall there together. Nor would they be in such a high-gloss, brand-new (and unused) condition. Nor would the stubs still be in them after going through a 35,000 foot free-fall. If those passports would have fallen out from 35,000 feet, the stubs would have been blown out.

This is absolute proof of the planting of fake evidence, which may be deemed “strewn passports and ticket stubs.”


A physical impossibility, the state of these passports and stubs proves manipulation of the crime scene

The passports would be in people’s close possession, in their purses, coat pockets, pants pockets, and other. There is no way this can be real. The passport prop scene is absolute proof that the crash is a hoax and that, rather, this was a staged event, a plot by Zionist perpetrators.

Even so, the lies are great, like all Zionist-orchestrated frauds. According to AFP-based reports:

Debris was spread out for kilometres and the tail of a passenger jet lay in a corn field with the Malaysian Airlines insignia on it while insurgent fighters and several fire trucks were seen nearby the crash site.

Eyewitnesses told AFP that the jet appeared to explode in mid-air before wreckage rained down over a large area.


If it exploded in mid-air, then how could it have exploded on the ground also? Also, again, what is being asked, here, is why is the wreckage found so close to the edge of the road in the majority of instances, especially if this plane broke up in the sky from a missile strike?

The crisis actors have come to the fore to give an element of reality to the fake. Note the camera-persons strategically placed in the background. The man in the white shirt seems familiar. Was he also involved in the Malaysian MH370 hoax?

He’s angry. What’s he going to do, punch the ticket counter attendant? There are three or four people holding him back. This is mere drama. No one reacts in such a way when learning of the loss of a loved one.

There is a heavy camera presence with this man also. Note the fake hand-over-the-mouth sign.

The MH17 scam is a hoax perpetrated by the arch-Zionist cabal. The purpose is to distract world attention from the great treachery being committed by this murderous clique against the people of Palestine. It’s the talk of people’s minds, where the first bit of conversation will likely be, “Hey, did you hear about that plane crash in the Ukraine? Isn’t that terrible, 284 people dead?” Now, no one will consider the treachery committed by the Zionists, as they roast and murder chilren, teens, pregnant women, and more alive.

There is also a degree of agenda in relationship to the local politic of Ukraine.

Yet, Ukraine is a compliant Zionist enclave. It’s the ideal place to stage such a false flag act.




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  1. Not 100% proof, but a plausible hypothesis and well worth the effort. Good work.

  2. Finally again, dr. K! Many thanks for the post/s….

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  4. Video emerges claiming to show final moments inside the cabin of MH17 before it took off on doomed flight


  5. ‘This baby’s death is on your conscience, Putin – **** you for centuries’: Ukrainian government releases horrific picture of infant lying in a field that it says was killed when rebels shot down MH17


  6. Epic find Dr. K and fellow researchers. Gr8 job as usual. Convenient of the timing while Palestine is getting bombed.

    • Exactly.

  7. You sir, are a fucking idiot.

    • What a lot of rubbish. So disrespectful and selfish. People are capable of feeling sympathy for the victims of the MH17 plane crash and the victims of the Gaza. But when I read this type of rubbish my sympathy and interest in what is happening in Gaza diminishes. Such a selfish post – reminds me of people who think their problems are the only important problems. Enough about me, lets talk about your, what do you think about me. Grow up and and show solidarity with the suffering of others.

  8. I had a friend on that plane, I guess in your fucked up mind I am also a hoax. I hope I can track you down and beat your fucking head in.

    • Dumb ***!

    • I also know 3 individuals who lost family/friends
      These idiots here are crazy!
      People died there!

  9. What if this is the plane that got lost earlier MH17…???

    • I mean MH370

    • It didn’t get lost. Yet, it could be this plane that was crushed and then the parts spread apart. There is no actual proof of a missile strike or an actual plane being shot out of the sky.

  10. Why aren’t you in Ukraine doing your investigations instead of behind the keyboard ?


    • It is talking about how could the lug gaged and passports be in such good condition, with the ticket stubs still in there if it fell from such heights after the plane “exploded” if it was shot down by a missile, not how come it was all together by themselves in that place,,, did you read the article properly or did you just scan through or something?

      • There are friends and relatives on board that plane. You know nothing, absolutely nothing. People like you pretend to be educated and smart but all you can do is come up with conspiracy theories which benefits no one at all.

        Do some charity work, use your knowledge and time for something better, rather than unfounded claims as this.

        The plane exists. We HAVE friends and relatives on board THAT plane. People we KNOW and were ALIVE and EXISTS. We have lost friends, families and here you are, denouncing their existence. We are in mourning, please do not disrespect the dead with you foolish conspiracy theories

  12. Insensitive piece of **** article…

    • And you an ignorant and apathetic piece of ****! Look how they fake the video saying the pro Russians had done it! The **** video was created a day before, look at the time stamp! You people keep on drinking the cool aid your government gives you.

      • Perhaps YOU are the one that needs to get your head out of your **** Alom?? Please keep believing what you so badly need to believe. Meanwhile, my mother in law can go to a fucking funeral, and one of my close friends also has someone to mourn. Perhaps you’d like to join??You Asshole.

  13. There are idiots, then there’s you. You seriously need to seek mental help.

  14. If you think this is all a hoax, I wished you were on that flight and probably save one life.

  15. Haha…makes no sense. Most of the assumptions are quite silly and start off with the writer trying to think “hmm looking at this photo what can be seen as odd” then finding explanations that aren’t validated. For example, he says why aren’t the bodies charred, passports charred..there was a huge fireball. Well, the missile doesn’t travel to the airplane. It detonates a distance (although small) away from it with the intent of damaging the aircraft, not exploding it. Thus it stands to reason parts that were not directly hit by the explosion may have fallen to the ground naturally.

    Lastly, date connections…lol. You can start to question any article that claims the significance of a date. “that could be no coincidence” yes. it can be. Why would someone specifically target certain dates. There is no benefit from doing so.

    “Witnesses saw the missile striking the jet”. Witnesses 12,000 meters under the jet. The missiles don’t work by striking the aircraft.

    “Why didn’t anyone capture the sky explosion?” It takes time to react to film something….

    “How did they capture the footage of the ground explosion unless they already knew this was going to happen?” He just answered his own question. Witnesses saw the explosion. Took out the camera, filmed the debris and the explosion which is likely the fuel carrying part of the plane hitting the ground.

    Then there’s so much where he creates issues within his own argument: “how were water services deployed since it’s so remote”, then later: “look, there’s a road here…so it’s not remote”.

    “the plane was ferried there and blown up”. Lol. There is radar data, and footage of people leaving amsterdam airport. There are multiple websites with data points all pointing to the exact area where the plane went down.

    “road is free from debris”: this is a part of the road. The explosion is 12,000 meters in the air. The blast spreads debris. It’s also likely the emergency services cleared the road to allow access for vehicles.

    Comments on how is it that the arm is up in the air. Why aren’t bodies charred are silly. This is not an expert. And he’s taking two small frames. There are some ridiculous NSFL images of people. Some got ‘lucky’ and were not as mutilated.

    Passports comment is again silly. Not everything was on fire. The passports were clearly collected and put together for photo taking and identification. They didn’t randomly land together.

    Lastly, this has no benefit to the Israeli attacks on Gaza. Both can still be covered by the news, as they have been.

    • I agree

  16. You wouldn’t be calling this a hoax if you knew someone who was on the flight. A friend of mine works for Malaysian Airlines. She knew all the crew who died in that plane.

  17. Not everything is connected to Gaza my friend. Nobody is going to benefit by hiding what’s happening in Gaza except Israel I guess. But they have no part in what you refer as hoax. And how do u know the guy with hand-over-the-mouth sign was fake. He could be someone who just lost his wife or grandchildren. Not everyone will fake their emotions. Have faith in humanity. Do your research based on facts not emotions.

  18. If this whole MH17 thing is indeed a hoax, then what exactly happened to the 298 passengers, including MAS flight crew? I thought that the explosion footage and degree of the wreckage scene somewhat of a setup as well but you really have to think, if MH17 didn’t fall out of the sky / get blown up, then where are the passengers and crew members as listed in the passenger manifest? They are real people, with families grieving and mourning for them. It’s just basic courtesy that we show them respect and not come out with an article on how you think this whole thing is fake and dramatized etc.

    • No one is mourning over them. Watch them carefully in their interviews. They are hoaxers.

  19. Aren’t you worried about your health in bringing your truth to the world? I mean you must be near the top of the CIA’s and FBI’s covert hit list for exposing conspiratorial deceit and lies.

  20. Alleged amateur camera man knew exactly when to rotate camera up to hide the fact that nothing fell to the ground. He was probably instructed to pivot up on the countdown when it reached 1 and then readjust the angle when at 0. It was rigged with explosives obviously. This is an attempt at a provocation to expand US/NATO eastward, get Russia to push back and allow Washington to plan an attack on innocent Syrians. Keep in mind that the Kiev fascist junta is funded and trained by the West, mainly the US. Its now a war it’s a planned subversion by the US. Syria is the next target

  21. Correction: It’s NOT a war it is a planned subversion and proxy destabilization. Ukrainians are being slaughtered by US funded fascists and Syrians are also being slaughtered by US/France/UK/Italy/Germany supported and Saudi/Qatar funded terrorists

  22. This is pure BS… explain this to the family of Joep Lange, clinical researcher specialised in HIV therapy. He served as the president of the International AIDS Society from 2002 to 2004.People have other better things to do then create a hoax like this.

  23. Even thought I do not believe in his theories I have to say that I asked myself -before reading this article – how could some of the baggage and passports be in such good conditions… I do find it strange, though.

  24. Looks like each second person in comment section had a friend/relative on that plane… Names, please.

  25. Wat een volkomen ziek en bovenal kwetsend artikel. Uit elke vriendengroep in Nederland treurt men om het verlies van een dierbare. Sommigen van ons zijn al op de rampplek geweest. Ik weet niet wat de bedoeling is van als deze rare suggesties, ontsproten uit zieke geesten. Zijn ze allemaal gek in de VS?

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