Michael Jackson Hoax Other Hoaxes — 11 February 2014
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Michael Jackson’s Mother Proves His Death was a Hoax

Deaths are either real or fake. With fake ones there is always a pattern of fraud and deception. Nothing could be more evident of this than the various interviews given by Katherine Jackson, mother of Michael Jackson. The DailyMail interview is highly revealing. It does not give evidence of a distraught, grieving mother. Even so, the reactions of the various members of the Jackson family regarding such a sudden, unexpected fatality make no sense. The source for many of the photos and interviews adds to the suspicion of the hoax. It’s Zionist-controlled TMZ, the same source for the Paul Walker death hoax, which is the facilitator of many of the images regarding this fabrication.

Below is a photo of supposedly shocked, grieving relatives, denoted with the TMZ.com credit.


There is no evidence of any distress, shock, or grief  in any respect regarding these individuals. They look no more distressed than the relatives of Paul Walker. At least they are not smiling and smirking.

The tabloid-like DailyMail was yet another source of the death scam information, both at the time and also in the months afterwards:


Our note: Is this an ill-fated attempt to spread propaganda about the hoax, since virtually all other frauds and hoaxes are being revealed? Why produce such an article at that time? It is beyond mere sensationalism and, rather, reeks of a cover-up. She “struggled to come to terms” to her son’s death. It is highly suspect to portray this. Who wouldn’t exhibit such emotions, that is what makes this so unusual? According to the DailyFail:

Emotional: Katherine Jackson said Paris was particular traumatized by her son’s death in 2009 Michael Jackson’s three children went to visit their father’s body ten times in the morgue following his death, the singer’s mother revealed in her first TV interview yesterday. The star’s daughter, Paris – who tried to commit suicide earlier this year – was particularly traumatised by the tragedy. ‘She was screaming and crying when Michael died saying ‘I want to go with you daddy, I don’t want to live without you,’ said Katherine Jackson.


Caption: Photo offered by the AP/DailyMail as evidence of shocked, grieving, that is devastated children of Michael Jackson. None of these children or those associated in the photo are in grief/shock mode. Moreover, who is the clown in the background with the white paint on his face?

Speaking days after what would have been the King of Pop’s 55th birthday on August 29, the 83-year-old Jackson family matriarch added: ‘I was feeling so bad for her. ‘Paris suffered a lot after his death. She had to have pictures of Michael all over her room. Every picture that was hanging on the wall had to be of Michael.’ Mrs Jackson, who has 26 grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren, said all three children struggled to come to terms with their father’s sudden death in June 2009. ‘Michael’s kids went back to the morgue where Michael was about ten times.

When I was in the room, I couldn’t go there,’ she said, adding that she asked her daughter LaToya what the children were doing at the funeral home. ‘She said the children are all kissing and hugging Michael. Even though he is dead they are still doing that,’ she explained.

Editor’s note: This is not plausible. No legitimate coroner would allow a group of children into the morgue for hugging and kissing the corpse. This can be done at the Funeral Home, but it is not believable happening in the coroner’s domain. Notice also the mention of going there 10 times, which is clearly a fabrication. These are mere story-lines, actual lies, to embellish upon the hoax.

The grandmother said Paris is doing ‘much better’ after cutting her wrists and swallowing an overdose of pills in her failed suicide attempt.

Editor’s note: Where is the evidence for this supposed suicide? Moreover, why is this grandmother mentioning it so casually?

Emotional: Katherine Jackson said Paris was particular traumatised by her son's death in 2009


Michael Jackson Dead Body Gurney Photo

Posted on September 28, 2011 by  in Entertainment

The ubiquitous “gurney” photo of Michael Jackson released during the trial of Dr. Conrad Murray this week is indeed disturbing. What I have yet to hear is who took this photo and why. It’s not standard protocol for doctors or staff to take photos of recently the deceased, even if they are celebrities.
It’s not uncommon for family and friends to take such a photo as a “last memory” but the person responsible for taking this photo has not been given as of yet. I’m by no means trying to fuel a conspiracy theory – I just think it’s a piece of information that should have been released with the photo.
The above photo is a Photoshop fake. Note that the head appears to be connected to nothing. There is no obvious neck to be seen. There appears to be a Photoshop cut line about the jaw or some rudimentary attempt to create a minimalist beard. The perspective/nature of the band across the face makes no sense. The arm appears to be drawn, fabricated. The left shoulder is anatomically corrupt. There seems to be no real, definable wall or floor to which the gurney is related. The eyes are shut; the nose does not appear to be the same as the real Michael Jackson.
The edge of the image near the head is also corrupt; there is no real edge to the end of the mattress or to the top of the head. The hair appears to be mere computerized coloring. Cut lines are evident around the fake head. This is an amateur job and faking a photo. A full analysis of this photo will be forthcoming in a future post, God willing.
Therefore, MJ is alive, somewhere. He is likely worth hundreds of millions, even billions. Where is he? Is he living on his own island with full security and in isolation?



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  1. Michael Jackson did fake his death but he is still the KING OF POP… GET A LIFE PEOPLE!!!!

  2. I think hes alive too, but why have the pain of leaving his children?

  3. I am beginning to think that Michael Jackson isn’t dead because I’ve seen lots of vids on YT and it has evidence etc. That MJ is alive! I’m really wondering if this is true and apparently he’s going to return for his film anyone know what this films called?

  4. Catherine definitively looks like a grieving mother in 60 minutes. That is the only thing confuses. I saw Michael coming out from the ambulance car (maybe that is some previous occurence, not the ambulance that took him to the hospital) pictures are fake, it is obvious… I don’t know.

    • There is a site where it has ben said that, michael coming out from the ambulance was just an experiment to know how quickly rumours spread. You can refer to that.

  5. He is still alive in Canada and I have seen him only once 2016 it was a hoax

  6. It’s rare to see mj he was black at first but he took shots to be white this whole thing is fake the body could be a maniquin to fake his death mj is old rn u can die from cardiac arrest but he didn’t die at all

  7. I knew he was still alive he didn’t have a childhood because of music he wanted to get away from it. He did not rape kids u can think what you want to but I know the truth I always did

  8. I don’t believe the king of pop is dead cause why would he have a close casket

    • Whether alive or dead, can’t we just leave him and his family alone? Hasn’t he earned peace and tranquility by now, for goodness sake?

      Remember: humanity tortured Jesus, too, and all he tried to do was bring love, peace, healing and joy to a hateful, ungrateful, world. Just goes to show that we as a race truly don’t deserve the love that’s showered upon us from time to time.

  9. I love you mic from the dance floor to the hair glove and high water pants lol i had a lot of girls because of you thanks so much Rip still invincible!!!!!

  10. I have a feeling that everyone who has commented on here is the same ******* person… take a look at the spelling and you’ll understand what I mean….


  11. Micheal Jackson is dead. The efforts he was putting into his concert rehearsals was real! I find it hard to believe he would just decide that this was the time to fake his death! And let’s just say for talk sake he did fake his death, all you people are doing is exposing him! Ever stop to think about that!?… no, just people thinking of their own selfish wants and needs as per usual, I guess some things never change! Let the man be whether he be dead or alive!

  12. I don’t think he’s dead
    I have been thinking about this for a very long time we all care

  13. I think he probably faked his death and he was going to come back. He would have gotten scared and maybe chickened out. He didn’t want his kids to know because kids are unrelyable. They would have still been happy and told the public. The nose in the infamous gurney picture isn’t a nose he had in all his life. I also think he was doing the drugs and stuff to make it realistic. His private medic didn’t go to jail. MJ did know he was shady and told him the plan at the beginning. MJ please come back, I know you were broke and were hurt by the news. If you come out in a surprise, the news will praise you like when you died. If anyone can do it and succeed, it is you. You broke many boundaries in music that people didn’t expect and you can surprise people once again. At least come back before you die.

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  17. There was one more thing that others have checked out about this photo. I can’t remember where I read it, but it was about the hospital bed that he way laying in. Apparently this bed was no longer the style or make of the beds that the hospitals had. This style and make up of the bed was no longer made and used in this hospital. Why was he in a bed that the hospital didn’t have any longer? This may seem like it’s no big deal and something simple, but it’s worth checking. I truly believe this was a pic taken a long time before his supposed death. I honestly think that this was a plan that had been in the works for a long time!! I pray if he is alive and that he is somewhere that has given him peace,safety, and happiness!! It’s so sad that such a good hearted, extremely talented human being had to suffer so much because of greedy evil people. He was only human like all of us. Everybody wanted a piece of him. I wish I could just hug him and let him see that I as well as others love him unconditionally. Even though he doesn’t know me, I feel he is a part of my family or a close friend. I would hide him if I had to. Not because of who he is or what he does that made him so famous, but because I genuinely love him. I would never try to gain anything from him, just his friendship. I know that may seem odd, but I feel like I know him personally and I love him very much. My heart huts for him!! It would be a dream to meet him face to face. I would never tell a soul. I still mourn over his absence. I said absence, not death!! Michael, if you are out there and ever read this, I hope you are happy and free. I will always love you and wish I could be your friend!! I have loved you for 35 years of my life!! I am 44 now!! Please stay happy and free!! I pray for you all the time!! ~Stephanie~ From Almost Heaven

    • I meant to say From “Almost Heaven West Virginia”

    • You are right about the bed, they used Stryker. I found out that if you read the Coroner’s report type in Oscar Quintana and look at the Alias says Michael Jackson!

  18. I need to express myself about the accusations about child molestation!! Just want people to really think. Don’t you think it’s possible that there are a legion of evil “secret” people behind scenes that created all of these lies against him? Evil people that run this country or may even the world. They probably control those that are famous like actors, and music artists. The ones that are influential to the common people in the world. Michael is one that everyone listened to and loved very much!!! These elite people were scared of him, just like Sony was!! Michael this, and was fearful of what they were gonna do to him. He also had the courage to expose Sony, which he half of, but walked away!! He was tired of being manipulated!! These evil people have the capability of doing anything to ruin someone that was a threat!! He was most definitely threat and I don’t know this is a fact, but I believe he was getting ready to expose this evil to the world!! I know his new tour was called “This is It” because this was his last tour, but I think with his intelligence, this name of the tour had a deeper and personal meaning. I think he was finally Done with someone or many, running and manipulating his life. They had the ability to threaten or pay large amounts of money to the families yo come out and lie and make accusations about him. Why do people just automatically believe what they hear on the news! They wanted to destroy the on that was probably the biggest threat, which was Michael, and they knew he had the power to do it. Also, there was some guy that came out a few months ago that made accusations that Michael had molested him from an early age until 14. My question is, if you are 13 or 14 by the end of this kind of abuse, why did you keep going back? At that age, you should have known something was wrong!! I’m sure that no one forced him to go!! Why wait til you are a grown man after all these years to day something? MONEY!!??………..Anyways, before you make snap judgments without digging for the truth yourself, and searching for the facts!! Keep your nasty comments to yourself. You may be a common person that could easily be accused by any child. Where I live. If a child make an accusation about someone molesting them, that man or woman goes straight to jail with no questions asked. I’ve seen it happen to innocent people that I know because a lot of teenage girls get angry with someone and they are smart enough how to get back at that person. It’s so easy for them to do that it’s scary!! Don’t get me wron, because I know this happens to children in the world, and the sick molesters need to go to prison!! The thing is, people need to look at the facts before coming yo the right conclusion! Sometimes you just to be around the accuser long enough to study their action and the way they talk and carry themselves. The same for the accused!! At my church there are a lot of young boys and girls that want counciled or mentored by an adult that they can trust. My husband is a magnet to young boys and girls and they always want to talk to him for advice. He loves them and doesn’t even think about protecting himself from potential harm. It never even crossed his mind until an awful accusation was made by an angry teenage girl about our youth pastor. The girls parents was needing help with their daughter over a boyfriend that the girl was dating and asked for counciling form this wonderful man. The mistake that he didn’t realize that he made was talking to this teenage girl alone. Make a long story short, the girl was trying to get back at her parents and the youth pastor for ending her relationship so she did the unthinkable. He went to prison for 6 months. He lost his credentials from the Christian College he had attended and was afraid to even be around children alone after that. Now my husband understands and makes sure that I or another individual is present when he is speaking to young girls!!……..In saying all of this, I am trying to say, if this can happen to common people, it can most definitely happen to someone like Michael Jackson. It is all greed, money, Evil, and Elite people behind the scenes that not only run the world, but uses famous Artists, such as MichealJackson to get what they want or destroy what threatens them. Btw……..Not only our country, but the ENTIRE WORLD loves him, and that scares this secret society!! I believe in my heart, that if the WHOLE WORD knew this for a fact, I think that with love they have for Michael, they would ALL come against those that have hurt him!!! MICHAEL JACKSON’S army would be the most ENORMOUS ARMY that the Universe has ever seen!! He would probably be the first human that had or has the ability to bring the world together as one, and it would be all for him!! To the “secret ones”, he is “DANGEROUS”!!! His fans are that loyal, and ever ethnic group in the world would look past their differences to come together for him!! The thing about it, even still if he wad dead and his fans around the world knew this information, they would still probably RISE!!!…….LOVE YOU MICHEAL!! I will always have your back!! Wish I could do more!! ❤

  19. Michael You re my first and last love I will. Never forget you and love you forever You are in my heart .I love you since my 5 year of age.Love you MJ. Miss You.

  20. I’m a part of http://www.storiesbeyond.com team, where MICHAEL JACKSON`S FORMER BUTLER RAVEN reveals his message that he received last January that his former boss is STILL ALIVE! maybe just a few are interested to read the inside story, thanks, and kudos to the owner of the site GODSPEED

  21. I had just came across this page. I would really like to place down here with my own suspicions in relating to the whole issue claiming that Michael had molested a child. Firstly, is like to say that I believe that this story was made out by the ones who wheee trying to ruin Michael. And also to say that relating to the boys mother who had agreed to take a money lump sum to not have it taken to court. Well I am sorry,, but as a mother myself to say that what more important if this happens to your own child. (Taken money, or getting the real justice that was meant to be). Absolutely not in anyway would I therefore accept money. If this was truth then I’m sure the mother wouldn’t have taken money but to have wanted justice!

  22. Saved as a fаvorite, Ⅰ really likе your wᥱbsite!

  23. He’s alive

  24. That’s all real I’m related to Michael I’m Joanna Sikes Jackson I’m his cousin I’m 27 years old he’s in Canada living in a nice home just visited him this summer he’s doing great BTW

  25. Also I’m apart of http://www.storiesbeyond.com/ you guys should check that out it’s very important if you do it means a lot to me and Michael we’ll keep all of you guys updated next on Michaels house tour coming up August 20th 2017 you guys should come out were celebrating his house warming party in LA if you guys are near stop by I’ll let you guys no the details later….From Joanna and Michael need details now call me at 3187303122!!

  26. I knew he faked his death by the way they Ctook him out of his house the mask was not lined up with his mouth and the helicopter him looking down plus the who van he jumped out of and the service his sister turned around and said Michael

  27. u r alive michael n u r everywhere , miiisss uuu around

  28. what lunatic that michael jackson hater! causer are losers.

  29. Hi Every Body I Know theres proof That Michael Jackson Faked his Death and he still Alive Theres proof he live in Canada or somewhere Living out There plus the Funeral was Faked and all so the dummy its was a wax dummy of Michael Jackson Cause I seen a video how they made a wax dummy that looks like Michael Jackson and All so the casket with the dummy was all so Faked and they had a closed casket so Michael Jackson is still alive some where and I know he coming back To his Fans love his huge Fan Veronica from Barstow

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