Michael Jackson Hoax Other Hoaxes — 11 February 2014
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Michael Jackson’s Mother Proves His Death was a Hoax

Deaths are either real or fake. With fake ones there is always a pattern of fraud and deception. Nothing could be more evident of this than the various interviews given by Katherine Jackson, mother of Michael Jackson. The DailyMail interview is highly revealing. It does not give evidence of a distraught, grieving mother. Even so, the reactions of the various members of the Jackson family regarding such a sudden, unexpected fatality make no sense. The source for many of the photos and interviews adds to the suspicion of the hoax. It’s Zionist-controlled TMZ, the same source for the Paul Walker death hoax, which is the facilitator of many of the images regarding this fabrication.

Below is a photo of supposedly shocked, grieving relatives, denoted with the TMZ.com credit.


There is no evidence of any distress, shock, or grief  in any respect regarding these individuals. They look no more distressed than the relatives of Paul Walker. At least they are not smiling and smirking.

The tabloid-like DailyMail was yet another source of the death scam information, both at the time and also in the months afterwards:


Our note: Is this an ill-fated attempt to spread propaganda about the hoax, since virtually all other frauds and hoaxes are being revealed? Why produce such an article at that time? It is beyond mere sensationalism and, rather, reeks of a cover-up. She “struggled to come to terms” to her son’s death. It is highly suspect to portray this. Who wouldn’t exhibit such emotions, that is what makes this so unusual? According to the DailyFail:

Emotional: Katherine Jackson said Paris was particular traumatized by her son’s death in 2009 Michael Jackson’s three children went to visit their father’s body ten times in the morgue following his death, the singer’s mother revealed in her first TV interview yesterday. The star’s daughter, Paris – who tried to commit suicide earlier this year – was particularly traumatised by the tragedy. ‘She was screaming and crying when Michael died saying ‘I want to go with you daddy, I don’t want to live without you,’ said Katherine Jackson.


Caption: Photo offered by the AP/DailyMail as evidence of shocked, grieving, that is devastated children of Michael Jackson. None of these children or those associated in the photo are in grief/shock mode. Moreover, who is the clown in the background with the white paint on his face?

Speaking days after what would have been the King of Pop’s 55th birthday on August 29, the 83-year-old Jackson family matriarch added: ‘I was feeling so bad for her. ‘Paris suffered a lot after his death. She had to have pictures of Michael all over her room. Every picture that was hanging on the wall had to be of Michael.’ Mrs Jackson, who has 26 grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren, said all three children struggled to come to terms with their father’s sudden death in June 2009. ‘Michael’s kids went back to the morgue where Michael was about ten times.

When I was in the room, I couldn’t go there,’ she said, adding that she asked her daughter LaToya what the children were doing at the funeral home. ‘She said the children are all kissing and hugging Michael. Even though he is dead they are still doing that,’ she explained.

Editor’s note: This is not plausible. No legitimate coroner would allow a group of children into the morgue for hugging and kissing the corpse. This can be done at the Funeral Home, but it is not believable happening in the coroner’s domain. Notice also the mention of going there 10 times, which is clearly a fabrication. These are mere story-lines, actual lies, to embellish upon the hoax.

The grandmother said Paris is doing ‘much better’ after cutting her wrists and swallowing an overdose of pills in her failed suicide attempt.

Editor’s note: Where is the evidence for this supposed suicide? Moreover, why is this grandmother mentioning it so casually?

Emotional: Katherine Jackson said Paris was particular traumatised by her son's death in 2009


Michael Jackson Dead Body Gurney Photo

Posted on September 28, 2011 by  in Entertainment

The ubiquitous “gurney” photo of Michael Jackson released during the trial of Dr. Conrad Murray this week is indeed disturbing. What I have yet to hear is who took this photo and why. It’s not standard protocol for doctors or staff to take photos of recently the deceased, even if they are celebrities.
It’s not uncommon for family and friends to take such a photo as a “last memory” but the person responsible for taking this photo has not been given as of yet. I’m by no means trying to fuel a conspiracy theory – I just think it’s a piece of information that should have been released with the photo.
The above photo is a Photoshop fake. Note that the head appears to be connected to nothing. There is no obvious neck to be seen. There appears to be a Photoshop cut line about the jaw or some rudimentary attempt to create a minimalist beard. The perspective/nature of the band across the face makes no sense. The arm appears to be drawn, fabricated. The left shoulder is anatomically corrupt. There seems to be no real, definable wall or floor to which the gurney is related. The eyes are shut; the nose does not appear to be the same as the real Michael Jackson.
The edge of the image near the head is also corrupt; there is no real edge to the end of the mattress or to the top of the head. The hair appears to be mere computerized coloring. Cut lines are evident around the fake head. This is an amateur job and faking a photo. A full analysis of this photo will be forthcoming in a future post, God willing.
Therefore, MJ is alive, somewhere. He is likely worth hundreds of millions, even billions. Where is he? Is he living on his own island with full security and in isolation?



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  1. o.k he is alive soo WHAT?you never,ever going to see him anymore!!thanks to m.j to you for telling lies,and faking his death for money and it was over with his music career”THIS IS IT”remember?dumbo(RIGHT IN YOUR DUMB,STUPID FACE!!)WHAT MORE DO YOU NEED TO KNOW?you are crying over a person,who is screwing with your head,feelings,emotions,life,etc..**** MICHAEL JACKSON THE LIAR,FRAUD,SCAMDEVIL,LIAR,LIAR,LIAR,LIAR,LIAR,LIAR,FRAUD,FRAUD,FRAUD!!!WAKE THE **** UP!!michael jackson is a FALSE “PROPHET”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • 25 years, wow! But why are you are so hard hearted towards Michael? He was scared for his life, he wasn’t kidding -his lawyer took a bullet to the head he honestly thought he was next.
      If you try to look beyond your anger and understand why he did this then maybe we could have a good debate on here.

      • WHY?mrs jackson?do you read my comment(s)?WHY?come on,mrs jackson…(did you see the links?on you tube?i can give more links….but first did you see the links?and what do you think about kayne west,beyonce,jay z,rhianna,jeniffer hudson,whitney houston REAL DEAD!(did you see on you tube:satan’s son part 1 t/m 7?did you see the 200.0000 sacrifice club ?etc..etc..etc..if you watch the video’s,links we can have a VERY GOOD DISCUSSION….I PROMISE YOU,IT WIL BLOW YOUR MIND!(did you see the vma’s 2013-2014?did you already looked on the black child channel on you about the vma’s etc..etc..etc..?)bye..(my ex-favourite c.d from liar,satanist,hoaxer,fraud michael jackson is “off the wall”……..)and off course the song “beat it”reverse to him;)

      • sometimes fighting is good!why?TRUTH MATTERS,LIES DON’T,and maybe i can wake you up a little bit,I WAS ALSO FOR A LONG TIME LIVING IN A LIE,WITH MICHEAL JACKSON-NOW I SAY **** HIM!bye mrs jackson

    • Fighting on here gets boring, to be honest I’d rather have friends to talk to about Michael. How we quit bitching??
      I am always up for a good discussion on Michael.

      • mrs jackson,i did ouestions you a lot of questions,I AM THE ONE WHO WOULD LOVE A DISCUSSION,LOOK AT ALLLLLLLLL MY QUESTIONS,LINKS,VIDEO’S…come on..mrs jackson…who are you kidding….(all my comment(s),links,video’s etc…)

        • I didn’t watch any of the links but if it means a good debate over Michael I’ll watch them. I can’t be fairer than that!

          I don’t generally have any interest in Kanye or Beyoncé etc, they bore me.
          Could you send me the links again please so I don’t have to search through the posts on here I would be grateful.
          Thanks Seven Deadly Sins. I look forward to watching the links.

          • and mrs jackson?did you look?YOU TOLD EVERYBODY YOU WOULD LOOK!remeber?just look at your OWN comment(s)..PEOPLE WHO are reading these comment(s) from mrs jackson,ask yourself one simple question(s)WHY IS/DID MRS JACKSON not look at the links,video’s etc…abouth michael jackson is a illuminati puppet or michael jackson is gay on you tube/internet etc..etc…MRS JACKSON would look she told,REMEMBER??and why she NEVER,EVER came/come with a good answer,link,video etc…to PROOF ME WRONG???

          • You mean PROVE you wrong? Lol.

            I will debate MJ hoax death with someone intelligent, that leaves you out of the equation 🙂

            Any fans out there I’ll be happy to chat to! Rachel? Lauren? What you make of Jermaine sayjng he had a plane ready to whisk MJ away in 05 if the trial went the other way! If he had a plane then he could easily have done the exact same thing just prior to 25th June 09. LAX shut down for 2 hours on 25th June- they NEVER shut down unless a fire or terrorist attack, so who has the power to close LAX? FBI?!

            It’d be great if somebody with a decent IQ replied!!

      • I agree Mrs Jackson. I would love to be your friend and talk about Michael. I love him. I have lots to share and have done so much digging and thinking about all I have discovered about the whole situation with his death. It’s like a puzzle being put together. The “puzzle” is not complete, but the majority of the “pieces” points to Michael being alive!! There’s more clues pointing towards that than than what points to his death. There’s too many things that are unexplainable to believe that he is dead!!

  3. mrs jackson?do you really think,i am gonna type AGAIN the links for you?if you really wanted a debate,and wanted to know about the links…1:you already had a look(1 week on this page,are the links!)2:very easy to SPOT,SEE,WRITE THE LINKS over on a paper!3:it takes you 10 to 15 min to write the links over.4:do you really think i am gonna TYPE THE LINKS AGAIN?.5: the links are above these comment(s) very,very,very,very,very easy to SPOT(I TYPE BEFORE EVERY LINK YOU TUBE!!!bye mrs jackson till next weel,i only talk to you if you have seen the links about m.j gay,illuminati,satan’s son part 1 t/m 7 etc..etc..etc..ENJOY WATCHING.

    • I’m not gonna trawl back through your messages with all the nasty **** you wrote- are you kidding? My time is too precious!
      Michael is NOT gay! Was he ever in a homosexual relationship? Nope!! Was he in straight relationships? YES!!
      You do realise he was INNOCENT of ALL charges against him right? So why would you assume he’s gay?
      As I won’t be watching the clips I have to assume from what you’ve written they are full if **** too!!
      Bye SDS 🙂

      • still michael jackson is gay,a illuminati puppet,a liar,faker,hoaxer AND DID **** KIDS!in neverland….and he was peter pan..and you are a COWARD MRS JACKSONSHIT,FIRST YOU SAY THAT,THAN THIS,BYE CHILDABUSE SUPPORTER!

        • You are totally unable to have a decent conversation on here without resorting to stupid, childish comments!
          Grow the **** up idiot!!

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        • to the owner of this blog, I am TIRED of ppl writing (ie 7 deadly sins) he/she is obsessed……….I’ m done with this place………..bye!!!!
          LEAVE MICHAEL ALONE, he isnt what you say about him!!!!
          you should moderate ppl’s comments!!!

          • rachel,this is nodisinfo,i give nodisinfo,links,truth,YOU ARE THE ONE WITH MRS JACKSON WHO GIVE DISINFO!(did you look at the links,video’s?rachel?)do your homework girl,research and then TALK!every link,video’s is on you tube for months,years…blame yourself for not looking at the video’s,links….if you can’t handle the truth,that’s your weakness,problem….blame yourself!blame michael jackson,for faking his death,for be a fraud,liar,illuminati puppet,HE DON’T GIVE A …. ABOUTH YOU,MRS JACKSONKNOWSJACKSHIT,THE FANS…have a nice day,and wake the …. UP!!!crybaby!!

          • how do you know,that he is nothing what i’m saying about him?ALL MY INFO,RESEARCH FOR THE COUPLE OF YEARS ABOUT HIM,AND SICK,SATANIC HOLLYWOOD…..THIS IS WHAT COMES OUT”THIS IS IT”…..i only look at the facts,and truth!!you are thinking with your emotion,emotions don’t count in the TRUTH……..you and mrs jackson are talking ****,and give disinfo,and a stupid braindead sheep,fantasygirls,….DON’T FORGET I WAS 25 YEARS FAN OF MICHAEL JACKSON!so i have right of telling,speaking about THE REAL MICHAEL JACKSON,HOLLYWOOD!!

          • You can’t have been a fan for 25 years because surely you are a child!!! Your comments are very very childish so I don’t believe you!!
            Who tied your shoe laces little girl? Does your Mummy know you’re using bad language 🙂

          • moderate people’s comment(s)soo only people like you and mrs jacksonknowsjackshit can leave a comment….PROPAGANDA,LIES,DUMB COMMENT(S),NO TRUTH AT ALL,GIVE FALSE INFORMATION(f.b.i witness protection,hidding for the illuminati,the three kids are from him,he was a good person,he is not gay,….)LOOK AT YOUR COMMENT(S),RACHEL,MRS JACKSON…ALL LIES!!and dumb comments!!!!!!!DISINFO!

          • Oh Rachel please don’t leave here cos of that idiot!! You are one of very few lovely people on here who is intelligent and is up for a good debate on the whole hoax.
            That moron should be taken off here it’s ridiculous!!

          • intelligent?rachel?and you mrs jackson?fbi witness protection,michael jackson hidding for the illuminati?michael jackson is not gay?IS THIS INTELLIGENT?hahahahahaahahahahahahahahhahaaaaahalmaohahahahaha

          • Yeah….,.,..,.you’d really know what intelligence is lmfa 😀

          • i thouhgt you don’t used your precious time….because you told that yesterday…mrs jackson(knowsjackshit)

          • my comments are not childish,only true I THINK YOU ARE THE CHILD(believe me i WAS fan for 25 years of wacko jacko!!)if you don’t believe,i don’t care…why?YOU ARE A LIAR,FRAUD,COWARD!

      • i love the south park-michael jackson episode-sooooo funny-sooooo real!!hahahahaaaaaaaaaaaa

      • your time is sooooooooo precious…hahahahahahaha…your are such a liar,you have time to respons,and you just don’t want tooooo see the truth,COWARD!michael jackson DON’T GIVE NOTHING ABOUT HIS FANS!!AND YOU MRS JACKSONKNOWSJACKSHIT,HE’S LAUGHING HIS GAY,FLAT *** OFFFFFFF,WHILE FAKING HIS DEATH AND LIVE THE GAY ILLUMINATI,SICK WAY OF LIFE IN PEACE,WITH NO PAPARAZZI,HE CAN DO WHAT HE WANTS NOW……POOR KIDS:(

      • i hope his plastic fake nose,is falling of now and then :)-while sucking……

      • the words from mrs jackson:i look forward to see the links(9-4-2014)AND LOOK NOW,WHAT A COMMENT SHE POSTED(THE SAME DAY!!)THIS WOMAN IS A LIAR,FRAUD,COWARD CON “ARTIST”,JUST LIKE MICHAEL JACKSON………….

      • EVIL WITCH!!(*****)

      • of course he was not in a gay relationship,DUMBO!(behind the scenes he was/is GAY!!)HE IS NOT THE ONLY ONE…..LIL WAYNE,PUFF DADDY,CHRIS BROWN,TOM CRUISE,JOHN TRAVOLTA,WILL SMITH..ETC…..(all in secret,and some are not sooo secret,anymore-you tube: gay rappers,tom cruise gay,lil wayne gay,puff daddy gay etc..etc..

      • do you remember o.j simpson case?he was also free of al charges…but he did kill nicole brown,IF YOU ARE A STAR IN HOLLYWOOD,A JUDGE,JUSTICE WILL HELP YOU FOR DON’T GET ARRESTED!MONEY TALKS!

      • affraid of looking of links,video’s(if you didn’t look mrs jackson,at the links,video’s how on earth can you know it’s rubbish?!?!?)FIRST LOOK,AND THEN RESPONS….(truth hurts….)

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      • And you wonder why no-one will take you seriously!! Idiot!

        • so you say nodisinfo channel/drk is a idiot?mrs jackson…because nodisinfo channel has also joan rivers pages and paul walker and robin williams fake deaths/hoax!!!!AND JOAN RIVERS IS A MAN/TRANSGENDER!!!ARE YOU BLIND!MRS JACKSONKNOWSJACKSHIT?and the rest of my comment(s)YOU CAN ALLLL LOOK IT UP!!MRS JACKSONKNOWSJACKSHIT!!!remember?THE LINKS…..YOU HAVE NOTHING TO BACK YOUR “INFO””OPINIONS”UP!!!i have dozens!!!IDIOT!!liar….(did you see the links,video’s?????)

        • you tube:joan rivers fake death.you tube: joan rivers is a man.you tube:joan rivers is a transgender…..(look on the you tube channel:max malone,jungle surfer,dave johnson……about joan rivers hoax/man/transgender…….IDIOT!!!

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        • how do you know no one take me serious?i think some people look at the links,comment(s),opinions…and think different about THE HOLLYWOOD “STARS”puppets,liars,illuminati puppets…and some don’t…I DON’T CARE!!why?BECAUSE I KNOW MY TRUTH….and i know what i’m talking about,AND i back my comment(s)with links,video’s,info for back my storys up!!!i hope/think everybody who is reading you bullshit comment(S) and MY comment(S)with ALLLLL THE LINKS,INFO,VIDEO’S…can tell who is for REA\L and WHO ISN’T!!!you never did see 1 video of the dozens of video’s about m.j,joan rivers,robin williams,jeniffer hudson etc..etc..etc..etc..etc..etc..etc..etc..etc.,.etc..etc..etc..etc,..etc..etc..etc..etc..etc..and people think WHY?mrs jackson with her BIG mouth doesn’t look at the links,video’s,info….SHE IS THE “DETECTIVE”(catch my drift….)

          • mrs jackson?where are the links/proof from you?about the fbi witness protection,hidding for the illuminati?STILL WAITING;)

          • I cannot compete with you, you’re too clever for me 😀

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  6. thanks seven deadly sins for the good info and links.(good humor also)mrs jackson has nothing on you!only blablablabla……

    • and joan rivers is alive and is born as a man.who doesn’t understand that.shame on you..

      • All we need on here-another moron!! Let the poor woman rest in peace!

        • With u 1000% Mrs a Jackson:)
          Seven Deadly Sins has seven stupid brain cells she is a MJ hater who needs to **** off this page. If I ever see her I’ll smash her face in!
          She’s as stupid as **** can’t even spell lol. What an idiot!
          Mrs Jackson only one on here making sense! **** off MJ haters you’re not wanted here!

          • tina?are you mrs jackson?12:52pm and 12:57pm..mmmmmmmmmm(by the way drk/nodisinfo has a page about the FAKE DEATH joan rivers!!why you aren’t angry at him?about joan rivers FAKE DEATH?why is michael wacko jacko still alive and joan rivers and robin williams not?by the way michael jackson is a illuminati puppet,liar,abused by joe jackson and mrs jackson knew it,and did NOTHING about it!!remember?soo you used the same name (mrs jackson)of somebody who did help,and says nothing about….SHAME ON YOU EVIL,DIRTY,FAKE ****!!!**** YOU!!

          • Hello my dear!!
            Ooh such language from an illiterate idiot!! You can’t even curse properly lol.

            Grow up!!

          • Hey Tina, thanks for your comment!
            The company on this site is pretty dismal I’m afraid, the usual troll whores.

            Did you hear the Rabbi Shmuley tapes? What about Pearl Jr’s book?

          • hello my dear!why you never answer CHILD questions?my dear?;)

          • tina?**** OFF,disinfo dumbo’s/bimbo’s are not wanted here!!!(go play with a barbie doll,or go to disneyland,maybe you see michael wacko jacko undercover with some KIDS and peter pan……;)neverland…..

          • Lol Michael isn’twhacko (he’s a very astute business man, very clever, gifted).

            Yet another intelligent response from you SDS (sounds like a nasty transmitted disease)!

        • the “poor”MAN you mean…joan rivers is a MAN and ALIVE and a dirty,ZIONIST…

        • YOU TUBE:look at alllll the video’s from jungle surfer about JOAN RIVERS is a MAN and just type on you tube channel:joan rivers is a man or joan rivers fake death or joan rivers hoax or joan rivers zionist or joan rivers says michelle obama is a man/transgender or joan rivers says barack obama is gay……(BY THE WAY:nodisinfo channel has also aq joan rivers fake death/hoax page!!didn’t you know that mrs jackson???;)GOOD LUCK-“DETECTIVE”;););)

  7. and what about the strange white painted clown on the photo above in the article/nodisinfo?IT’S 100% ILLUMINATI!!!it’s mockery,it’s a **** right in your face…..don’t you get it?is everybody soooo dumb?

    • NO ANSWER mrs jackson.WHY?

  8. Yup, you caught me out lol……I’ve got an imaginary friend 🙂
    Gosh no wonder you are shite at piecing together the MJ Death Hoax if that comment was anything to go by…….,,Sherlock Holmes you are not!!

    Now, why the heck are you spewing on about Joan Rivers? What has she got to do with Michael? Illuminati? You DO realise she is actually dead?? Every celeb that dies isn’t involved in illuminati you know!
    And no, I won’t watch the links. I shall decline-have no interest in Beyoncé etc!

    • That last comment was for the intellectually challenged Seven Deadly Sins 🙂

      • you are soooooooo dumb mrs jackson..pfffffffff what got joan rivers fake death got to do with michael wacko jacko?first: also a fake death.2:also a illuminati puppet.3:also a liar.4:also a hollywood satanic celebrity.5:NODISINFO HAS ALSO A PAGE ABOUT JOAN RIVERS FAKE DEATH/HOAX and ROBIN WILLIAMS FAKE DEATH and PAUL WARKER…and you don’t look at the links…because you are a coward,liar,and believe in your OWN lies….and by the way i gave you also links about michael jackson illuminati-gay etc..etc…etc…etc..etc..etc..etc..etc..etc..etc..etc..etc…..so why you are saying only beyonce?DONT YOU GET THE BIGGER PICTURE WHY I ALSO PUT KAYNE WEST,JENIFFER HUDSON,JAY-Z ETC…..as links,video’s,info??are you sooo dumb miss “INTELLECTUAL”??and YOU do REALIZE that joan rivers is ALIVE and ROBIN WILLIAMS?why is michael jackson alive,and joan rivers and robin williams dead?mrs jackson?why?come on…give some links…”sherlock holmes”soooo?EVERYBODY CAN SEE YOU ARE A TROLL OR A LIAR OR THE DUMBEST PERSON ON THE PLANET…..you never come with a good argument,link,video,opinion etc..etc…why?answer:because you are full of ****!that’s why!!everything i told,the links i gave etc…you never,ever had 1 good proof,argument i was/am wrong…EVERYBODY CAN SEE THAT YOU FULL OF ****,AND A LIAR…..IF THEY SEE THE COMMENTS FROM ME AND YOU….

      • you only say something about spelling mistakes(i told you i am not from the usa or the u.k remember?)and i am not a child mrs jacksonknowsjackshit…would a child give such GOOD LINKS,OPINIONS????and ask very,very good questions.YOU NEVER ANSWER the questions back.WHY?because liars don’t answer questions back,if they are TRUE!!that’s why

        • so you are telling,mrs jackson that you can’t answer questions from a child?(if i would be a child)are you soooo dumb?that you can’t answer child questions?REALLY?:):):)if these questions,comments,links,video’s,i did make are sooooo stupid,why you don’t proof me and EVERYBODY i am wrong???i must be easy for you….don’t you think…”detective”;)

        • if i am wrong mrs jackson….proof it!!or come with some good arguments,links,video’s etc…i gave you 10000000000000 links,proof,video’s,questions and ANSWERS….you ZERO,NADA,ZIP,O,O,NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WHY??????mrs jackson?(miss intellectual aka “detective”…;)

          • LOL 😀

        • and why you don’t answer the joan rivers fake death/hoax and paul walker fake death/hoax and robin williams fake death/hoax ON THE NODISINFO PAGES???IS DRK AND NODISINFO A LIAR about these fake death’s??is that what you are saying?is DRK and NODISINFO only right about the fake death/hoax about michael jackson??is that what you are telling/saying??

          • no answer back from you….MRS JACKSON!why?

        • PLEASE ANSWER for once these simpel/child questions….mrs jackson…even for you it can’t be that hard….(i wonder…;)

        • if you don’t answer EVERYBODY knows you are a liar,coward or a troll…come on BIGmouth mrs jackson answer the questions(CHILD questions;)GOOD LUCK….;)

        • Lol you don’t have to be from UK or USA to spell, I’m not from there either.
          I said you were childish because of your ridiculous comments……..all you can do well is curse lol. So immature!

          Just because you put links on here it doesn’t mean they’re viable and relevant to the discussion in hand!

          Robin Williams is sadly dead!
          Joan Rivers-dead.

          Why are they dead and not MJ you ask? Because they weren’t in fear for their lives! They didn’t have a lawyer that was murdered! They didn’t tell somebody(on tape) that they need to get away, they had found somewhere they want to go!

          They didn’t leave in one ambulance and another arrived at hospital!

          So many clues!

          • robin williams his career was over,he needed rest,money,and is a illuminati puppet!!and also gay!HE’S STILL ALIVE(i wish he was dead,because he was/is never ever funny!!and a illuminati puppet/satanist)JOAN rivers is also alive,and is a MAN/TRANSGENDER/zionist/not funny SCUMBAG,he can now LIVE in peace with HIS old AGE (81)and the 2 fake death’s is a distraction,fake news,mockery…just like paul walker fake death,and wacko jacko fake death!!if you don’t believe it mrs jacksonknowsjackshit,WHO CARES?you are living in the LIE…(NODISINFO has also pages about paul walker fake death,robin williams,joan rivers…)and your “clues”are a JOKE!!hahahaaaahahaha(STILL YOU DON’T ANSWER THE QUESTIONS,only a few….COWARD,LIAR,!!)what do you think about paul walker is he dead or also a fake death???mrs jackson?

          • and my FEW sppppelllinnnggggsssss mizsstakes DON’T MATTER(the info,links,video’s,details,TRUTH MATTERS!!)what do you think about sandy hook shooting?a hoax or real?boston marathon bombing a hoax or real?the 3 beheadings real or fake/hoax?9-11 a inside job/hoax or real?

          • I’m gonna start calling you Patrick Star!! You sure do remind me of him 😉

          • michael jackson is still a con artist,a liar,illuminati puppet,abused by JOE JACKSON and MRS JACKSON,gay,the 3 kids are adopted!!and he is NOT hidding for the illuminati HE IS PART OF THE SATANIC,ILLUMINATI!!(why don’t you answer the abused questions,what joe jackson and mrs jackson did to michael?MICHAEL himself spoke about the ABUSE!remember?mrs jackson?why you don’t answer these very IMPORTANT question(s)what is the REASON?

          • about my links,video’s you are saying they are NOT relevant?are your LINKS only relevant?mrs jackson aka the liar,child abuse supporter!

          • is your idol MICHAEL JACKSON a LIAR in your eyes,about the abuse joe jackson and mrs jackson,is that what you are telling mrs jackson?michael jackson HIMSELF told about the abuse REMEMBER?

          • and the white painted clown photo in this michael jackson fake death-nodisinfo article do you think it isn’t creepy,illuminati,satanic,strange,weird,EVIL?mrs jackson?

          • if you answer the questions mrs jackson,i would be very proud of you,and i have respect for you!these aren’t such difficult questions(FOR MORE THAN TWO WEEKS,YOU DIDN’T THESE QUESTIONS,ABOUT THE ABUSE JOE AND MRS JACKSON…)WHY????????(let me guess…mmmmmm BECAUSE THEY ARE TRUE!!REMEMBER michael HIMSELF spoke about the ABUSE!!

          • STILL NO ANSWERS?mrs jackson!!only a patrick star comment?is that allll you got?COWARD!

          • people who don’t answer simple questions,hidding something!what?THE TRUTH!!(they can’t handle the truth!!that’s why they called those people COWARDS,LIARS!!!OR MRS JACKSONKNOWSJACKSHIT!

          • you remind me of jim carrey in the movie!LIAR,LIAR or pee wee herman or cassidy stay….

          • and linda blair in the movie the exorcist!or rifki in the movie midnight express….

          • or carlos arredondo aka biggest fake “hero”aks carlos arredumbo(boston marathon hoax:)or just a dumb,on crack streethooker in the bronx!

          • or jim carrey or jeff daniels in the movie dumb and dumber part 1 and 2!!or ben stiller in the movie zoolander….

          • bye mrs jackson aka liar,fraud,child abuse supporter….aka braindead rat….

          • i’m gonna call you child abuse supporter…

  9. http://www.facebook.com/believethemichaeljacksondeathhhoaxinvestigation Get the rel truth and latest discoveries daily…. The truth will set you free. The king of pop really is still ALIVE.




  10. Seven Deadly Sins youre a fucking idiot! Michael said Joe abused him physhically, emocionally but never sexually you idiot!! Yed obviously theres smoke without fire idiot Michael is innocent and no one could find one teeny bit of evidence against him!
    He left to get away from stupid fuckers like you!

    Now **** off!

    • sharon?in hollywood allll the young teen stars AND the older new stars get FUCKED once in a while by dirty,old,sick,illuminati,hollywood,elite,scumbags(even lady gaga aka blabla,beyonce,katie perry,lill wayne,justin bieber etc…)DO YOU think that michael jackson when he was 6,7,8,9,10,11,12 years old AND the jackson 5 did not have tooo go under this SICK,PERVERS,RITUAL?you don’t make it in HOLLYWOOD if you don’t sell your mind,body,*****,***,****….TALENT IS NOT THE MOST IMPORTANT THING,IT’S COMES SECOND…sooo?who is the daddy from michael jackson and mother?JOE JACKSON AND THE EVIL WITCH MRS JACKSON!they are the one who sold their kids,body,soul,mind,***,**** for FAME,MONEY,GRAMMY’S etc…SOOO?YOU **** OFF SHARON!you don’t now jackshit!read my comment(s),links,info,video’s what you can watch on you tube…and educate yourself…DUMBO!!good luck!!watch:on you tube:the 2000.000 sacrifice club.YOU TUBE:satan’s son part 1 t/m 7 .YOU TUBE:micheal jackson illuminati.YOU TUBE:micheal jackson gay.YOU TUBE:pedophillia hollywood.YOU TUBE:jeniffer hudson illuminati bloodsacrifice.YOU TUBE:bruno mars mom bloodsacrifice.YOU TUBE:kayne west mom bloodsacrifice.YOU TUBE:JAY-Z FREEMASON-ILLUMINATI etc..etc..etc..etc…watch also the other links,video’s,info what i put on this page….AND THEN TELL ME IF I AM WRONG…..and for now **** OFF!!!!dumbo,stupid,braindead,mindcontrol SHEEP!!

  11. sharon sooo physhically and emocianlly abuse is O.K for you?and physically can also mean SEXUALLY don’t you think?DO you think michael jackson would told it in the media that joe jackson sexually abused him?OF COURSE NOT!but he told physhically AND emocianlly..it’s a thin line for also SEXUALLY!!dont you think so?and you talking about the physhically AND the emocianally abuse by joe and katherine ALSO,because she did NOTHING!to stop it!IF IT’S nothing!!ARE YOU SOOOO SICK SHARON?WHAT A GREAT FINE,LOVELLY,GOOD,HONEST PARENTS THEY WERE/ARE?for michael jackson and the jackson 5,don’t you think SHARON?are you that crazy,sick in your head?sharon?AND it doesn’t jackshit that michael jackson in court was spoke free…because he could still abused that/those kid(S)or other kids and STILL!he is not the only one in sick,evil,pervert,dirty,satanic pedophillia HOLLYWOOD!!most of them(90%)of the child/teenstars alll get abused sexually,physhically,emocianally,mindcontrol,brainwashed!!!AND when they are getting older….THEY DO THE SAME THING!!!do understand it now a little tinny bitty sharon?or do i speak,writing chinese?BE angry at joe jackson and his evil ugly dirty wife and sick,evil,dirty,pervert,peophillia hollywood and michael jackson for feaking his death and lying to you and for **** kids!!!!and for NOW **** OFF DUMB STUPID EVIL SICK BRAINDEAD COW/SHEEP!!

    • Fucking idiot MJ hater!! Michael never abused anyone- fucking do research loser!! Physical abuse= physical abuse
      Sexual abuse=sexual abuse-there is no blurring of lines here thicko they are 2 very different things!!
      MJ NEVER once claimed Joe raped him are you serious??!! Show me a link where MJ claimed this?? He claimed Joe hurt him physically and mentally! No thicko of course no abuse is ok with me, did I say it was????? Blind and stupid you are!!

      You’re as thick as ****- now piss off thicko!!

      • sharon aka mrs jacksonknowsjackshit…still you don’t get it,poor braindead baby(no hope for you)i said of course michael jackson never did once telling the media joe jackson and the rest of the sick,pervert,pedophilles in hollywood abused,**** him!!because if he would(dumbo)they would killed him!!YOU TUBE:corey feldman talks about pedophillia in hollywood…SHOW ME 1 LINK THAT 100% CLAIMS M.J IS ALIVE!!because why the mainstream media like mtv,tmz,cnn isn’t on this claim?and do you think/find it normal that little children/kids were sleeping in his bed when he was 30 years old till ?(now?)and that he ALWAYS was surrounded by kids?almost 24/7?a grown man,with pyama parys with kids 7,8,9,10,11,12,years old in neverland?and physical abuse=that o.k by you from joe and also katherine jackson(because she is also guilty)and alllll the people who knew it but didn’t do something about it..like the producers,the managers etc…(hollywood sicko’s)do you have 100% proof michael jacckson never did a sexual thing with a kid/child?or 100% proof joe jackson did not **** michael jackson or “play”with him…JOE JACKSON IS A EVIL PERSON…DON’T FORGET THAT(stupid *****!!!)if he physical abuse michael and emocianlly,why not also sexually???IT’S A VERY,VERY,VERY THIN LINE….JOE JACKSON A SICK,EVIL,*******(don’t forget that *****!)and michael jackson did the same thing.”.playing” with kids,and sleeping with kids,pyama partys in neverland(he was peter “pedo”wacko pan;)paying the parents a lot of cash,for keeping their mouth,about the sex sleepovers,pyama partys…(REMEMBER sharon aka mrs jacksonknowsjackshit aka child abuse fan/supporter michael jackson pay a couple of million dollars as a pay off in 1 of the many sexcharches over the years..REMEMBER?why would he do that if he’s 100% not guilty?bye sharon aka mrs jacksonknowsjackshit aka child abuse fan/supporter…..you’re as dumb,sick,evil,blind,stupid,and a liar,and piece of filthy rotten **** as can be!!SOOOO?piss off and **** off and….GO TO HELL!!!or get a stroke while,playing a record from wacko jacko….by the way:michael jackson is still a liar,fraud,gay,child abuser,scam artist,con arist,illuminati-puppet,satanist,and he was married to that presley chick as a cover up for his GAY LIFE and he never put his johnson in the box from that presley chick only in man asses and kids asses and in theit mouth,and by the way ‘his”children are adopted children ….bye….

      • and in the “80 s brooke shields was his ‘girlfriend’as a cover up!!!for his gay life …..

        • YAWN!!!! Are you still here you troll??
          So now I’m Sharon? Tina? And myself? 🙂
          Yup, I really need to hide behind a fake name.

          Michael never paid off Jordy Chandler- his lawyer did, Michael wanted it to go to court! Why don’t you research this stuff?
          Jordy has admitted recently that Michael NEVER abused him, his Dad made him lie to extract money from Michael!

          Michael never even slept in the bed with those kids, and he was so child like it was purely a fun sleep over with friends- only someone with a nasty evil little mind could see evil in a pure thing!!

          Michael was NEVER EVER raped by Joe are you stupid??
          Michael is innocent, Cory Feldman lied to get publicity.
          Michael could never ever harm a child! Why can’t you focus on all the good he did?? The only whacko is YOU!!

          • HAHAHAHA me a troll?hahaha(very funny;)michael DID sleep with kids in bed!!and his lawyer DID paid jordy chandler…WHY WOULD HE DO THAT?michael jackson did agreed with it.why?BECAUSE the lawyer works for michael,do you really think that the lawyer NEVER ASK michael and his TEAM/FAMILY that he would go o.k with it to pay JORDY CHANDLER!!(are you that stupid?)and why is the dad never ever going to jail for his “lies”and why he never ever did pay the money back?and michael did sleep with kids in bed,do you think that is NORMAL??if another GROWN man would do that,EVERYBODY would find it very strange,and would think that this GROWN man is not normal,and could do some SEX things with the little kids!!and you saying that michael was/is childish SO WHAT??he is still a GROWN MAN FROM IN HIS 30S till now!!he should know better AND his tewam/family/friends!!!and corey feldman did speak about pedophillia for publicity??(are you soooooooooo stupie mrs jackson?)do you really think,he get FILM parst/acting roles for telling this?(stupid ****)and joe jackson did ABUSED michael (HOW DO YOU KNOW HE DIDN’T and how do YOU KNOW MICHAEL NEVER EVER DID ABUSED A CHILD IN HIS PYAMA SLEEP OVERS OR ELSE where?and focus on the good things?faking his death for money(NOT FOR THE ILLUMINATI-HE IS PART OF THE EVIL ILLUMINATI!!!)he is gay(that’s no problem,but he is a liar for pretending he was/is straight!),for sleeping with little kids in bed,for abusing kids,FOR hanging a baby outside the room in a hotel?for being a illuminati puppet?for telling lies?for pretending he is a CHILD LOVER(he is,by the way but for doing other “love”games;)bue mrs jacksonknowsjackshit…try harder,stupid TROLL!!

          • LOL Yes I’m that stupie………….God you’re thick and stupid!!!!! When you’re birthday comes around, how about asking for a brain cell as a gift-if you had 4 cells you most certainly would be gifted :p

          • i did make some spelllingmiszzztaakkesssss;)doesn’t matter…why?the truth matters!!!!!!

          • did you see the links?video’s?mrs jackson?NO?why?do some RESEARCH!!about the OTHER side of MICHAEL JACKSON……if you are a researcher you MUST research everything …DON’T YOU THINK “detective”?mrs jacksonknowsjackshit?

  12. you are irish,and you told me,you aren’t from usa or u.k…that’s true,but you are STILL SPEAK,WRITE ENGLISH…sooo?it’s easier for you writing english…(YOU ONLY SPEAK,ABOUT A FEW SPELLINGSMISTAKES..and telling i have 4 braincells because i did made a few spellingmistakes…)HAHAHAHAHA..i am not from USA,U.K,IRELAND,SCOTLAND…that’s why i did made a few spellings miszzzztttaakkeeesssszz;)by the way did you see the links,video’s?mrs irish jacksonknowsjackshit?by the way the band u2 is a evil,illuminati,satanic band.bono,is a liar,illuminati puppet,and most priest is ireland are also CHILKDABUSERS/SICKO’S JUST LIKE MICHAEL JACKSON and JOE JACKSON!!AND YOU,BECAUSE YOU SUPPORT CHILABUSERS…..evil irish ****!

    • Stupid girl- I called you immature because of your childish cursing, immature comments and not because you can’t spell! I did point out your mistakes after you had the audacity to call me stupid lol…….or was it stupie??? 😉

      I’m flattered you checked out my profile but I am not from Ireland I just live here!!

      Michael abused NO ONE!!! Prove he did!!!!

      • ask jordy and that home alone kid…….(when he/they were home alone with MICHAEL JACKSON…)they still on drugs,and have pain on there asses from the sex abuse…….CAN YOU PROVE MICHAEL JACKSON never,ever did anything to a kid/child??you STUPIE;)mrs jacksonknowsjackshit aka child abuse lover…(still/AGAIN you don’t answer the REAL QUESTIONS!!)coward….!!!just like ALWAYS the last month….nothing new…

      • or maybe…..COREY FELDMAN…or poor bubbles(r.i.p;)

      • i didn’t check your profile,because you wrote ireland before your STUPIE;)name…remember?

      • michael had always a LITTLE banana for me….(and it wasn’t fruit or yellow..and something DID come out of the banana,something white….;)

        • Once again you’ve shown what an immature moron you really are!!

          You wonder why no one will ever take you seriously!!
          Grow the hell up loser!!

          • a little bit FUN is that wrong?mrs jacksonknowsjackshit with no humor and(almost) zero answers michael jackson questions…….michael jackson your HERO,IDOL,LIAR,SCUMBAG,ILLUMINATI-SATANIC PUPPET,JESUS,FALSE PROPHET,DIDN’T GROW UP!!!(remember he did funny games with little kids,in bed/pyama party’s,sleepovers-neverland etc..and hanging a baby outside a hotel,when he was on DRUGS)remember?;)

        • Wow!!! What a mature input to the hoax investigation!!


          • investigation?YOU??mrs jacksonknowsreallyjackshit?YOU?are you on drugs or drunk?did you see after 5 weeks…the links,video’s??or at least 1 or 2 or 3??INVESTIGATION….is a dirty word for you mrsjacksonknowsreallyjackshit….investigation…YOU??hahahahahaHAHIHIHAHAHOHOHAAAHIHALMAOHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAinvestigation?you?mrsjacksonknowsreallyjackshit…..really?..this is a joke,you are very,very funny…good for you!!!hahahahihihihihihoehoehoehahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!hihihihoehahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaa

      • by the way,greetings from mr ed and flipper and free willy……

        • and JAWS…..;)

      • and the elephant MAN……..;)

      • and my best friend KING KONG……..;)

        • AND nemo…i did FIND him..he’s o.k..he’s with me….(he says blublublublubblluuubblubblobblobjablubsonblubknowsblubrealltblublobjackblubshit)…it means go **** yourself mrs jacksonknowsreallyjackshit!!!from NEMO..to you!

  13. Unfortunately Michael is gone everyone. His cousin David saw him in the casket at the private viewing and all the people involved including those employees at the office of the coroner are not going to endanger their lives, professions, and reputation to help fake someone’s death.

    • really?look at sandy hook shooting hoax,the houston shooting hoax,boston marathon shooting hoax!!!etc..etc..etc..etc..etc..etc(thousends of people involved in these scams,lies,hoaxes)**** professions,reputations etc…MICHAEL JACKSON IS STILL ALIVE!applehead?WAKE UP!!the world is a **** up place,with liars,corrupt evil people,satanist,illuminati!!**** his cousin david and the other liars,illuminati puppets THEY ARE ALL SICK,MEAN,SICKO’S,LIARS !!!

      • correction!boston bombing HOAX!!!!!!!!!!!

      • applehead you are a SCREWHEAD!!and a liar,dumb person,and i wish michael jackson was dead,but the sicko still is alive!!

        • Shut up idiot!! Michael is a million times the person you’ll ever be- loser!

          • for once you are telling the truth mrs jacksonknowsreallyjackshitwithnobrains ,he’s a million times a bigger liar,satanist,illuminati puppet,gay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!than me(thanx for telling,for ONCE THE TRUTH,GOOD FOR YOU!!!)

          • LOL!!

          • LMAO!(you are soooooooooooooooo stupid,braindead,dumb mrsssss jacksonknowsreallyjackshittyinherunderwearnotthatpretty;)

      • and why you never did post this “BREAKING””EVIDENCE”?applehead before???????if i would know this “info”i would already a long time ago,give this MINDBLOWING”EVIDENCE”catch my drift?applehead aka LIAR

      • you are even more worst and a liar than that ***** mrsjacksonreallyknowsjackshit!!(where is that dumb *****/child abuse lover/supporter/liar/”detective”/blablablablabla *****?(looking the video’s,links?;)

      • did she see the truth about sicko,illuminati puppet,satanist,liar,scumbag MICHAEL JACKSON?is she in a STATE of SHOCK?

      • POOR BABY

      • “this is it”?

      • “BEAT IT”??

      • “man/woman in the mirror”???(did she find the truth?)

      • was it confronting?THE TRUTH!!!

      • was it “BAD”?

    • With all due respect, the family are bound to say they saw Michael’s body. They’re all in in it and will say whatever they need to.
      PEACE 🙂

      • that’s why they are LIARS,SCUMBAGS,CHILABUSE SUPPORTERS,SATANIST,ILLUMINATI PUPPETS,and LIVING IN A SCAM/LIE…and fooling the FANS for 5 years,and selling records,video’s,t-shirts,c.d’s,etc..etc..OF THE FAKE DEATH OF MICHAEL JACKSON aka GAY,LIAR,SCUMBAG,LIAR,SATANIST,KIDS LOVER….(not for the good reason)!

        • You’re stupid!!

          • you’re a LIAR,CHILD ABUSE SUPPORTER,DUMBASS,NEVER GIVING ANSWERS….(by the way michael jackson is GAY!)

        • that’s the TRUTH!!

        • really?i am stupid?poor baby…one day in YOUR braindead,mindcontrol life you wil wake up!!and YOU wil think of me…and telling yourself,**** seven deadly sins was telling the real deal….sorry seven deadly sins,i was wrong for calling you are stupid and a moron,it was me that was stupid,a moron,braindead,dumb,blind,arrogant,living in a lie,dream,scam,being a donkey,timmy from south park…TIMMY!!TIMMY!!!TIMMY!!!;)

          • If your stupid, ignorant posts on here are anything to go by, of course I’m not going to waste my valuable time watching that ****!
            Life is too short, watching rubbish about MJ is time I’ll never get back.

            Now come back with something interesting to add to this discussion would ya ?!

          • than don’t watch…just saying….;)you always come back,because you like it(in secret,its you’re little THING..)did you watch the links,video’s?mrs jackson aka TIMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!(how old are you mrs jackson?)

      • michael jackson in the casket is a PLASTIC DUMMIE……

        • just like his NOSE;)—-(and his plastic LIFE!!)

          • You’re the only dummie, thinking Michael’s gay- moron!

          • I’M the only one with BRAINS!dummie….by the way mrs jacksonknowsreallyjackshitty…did you see the links,video’s after 2 months?!?!!???!!!???let me guess,no time?;)confronting?;)nightmares?;)michael is 100% GAY!(the kids are adopted!,the time with brooke shields was a shield for his gay life,the time with that presley chick also a shield-cover up for his GAY life)michael jackson is GAY!doesn’t matter if you’re black or white,doesn’t matter if you’re straight or GAY…hihihieeeeeeeehoeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeejhambooooooneooooooaaaaaaaaaaaa(not sooo hard,putting your johnson,in my *** JOHN TRAVOLTA or robin gayilliamson..ooeeeeeoaaaaaahihihiehhhiiiooooooeeeeeeeeoaaaaaaaaaaa;)

          • mrs jackson=TIMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!;)

  14. LOL my dear, I wil NEVER, EVER think of you! Do not flatter yourself, please 🙂

    • Apologies-my last comment was for the idiot that is SEVEN DEADLY SINS!

      • WHO?you are such a idiot mrs jackson aka TIMMY!!!!!!!!!(the last comment is for seven deadly sins!?!?!?)DID ANYBODY ELSE MADE A COMMENT?of course it’s for me,WHO ELSE?did you think of me?mrs jackson?(sometimes,moments…)just admit it,you think sometimes of me….i think sometimes of you…

        • TIMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Ok I admit it, I sometimes think of you……..like if a bird craps on my windscreen or if I see dog **** on the pavement in the park, or I think of you if I see a camel’s **** at the zoo 🙂

          • that’s stange…i think the SAME,when i see those things,i think of you and when i see the dumb and dumber movie and when i see a donkey on animal planet channel…i think of you mrs(mes)jacksonknowsreallyjackshittyinherunderwearnotthatprettywhensheisstillshitty

          • by the way michael jackson isssssss GAY!!!(didn’t you know that?)

          • and meeeeeeeee(thank god i’m death)

          • when you wanna see a camels ars just turn je back/**** and look in the mirror,you dont have tooooo go tooooo a zoooooo….and when you ****,**** in front of the mirror and you see a dog take a ****;)

        • hi timmy,do you want a banana?or a new pyama?or both?come timmy let’s “PLAY”with each other……..mmmmmmmmmWHO’S BAD!

          • Yup………real mature! I can see why I take you seriously 😉

          • You are not THE REAL MICHAEL JOSEPH JACKSON ,He would not be so vulgar.ice researched him extensively… HE DOES LOVE CHILDREN ..AND

        • TIMMY?!?!?!!??!!??!!

        • hi timmy…..

        • TTTIIIIMMMMMMMYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!????!!!!!

        • Gosh you’re stupid! If you had a brain you’d see I replied to DRKResearch and not your comment.
          That’s why I let them know my comment wasn’t aimed at them.
          Where is your brain????

          • mes jackson?(where is your brain????)not mrs jackson?and you didn’t replied to drk,because claim is sooooo stupid and a DUMB lie!!(and did you watch some links,video’s AFTER almost 8/9 weeks?)and a little bit of child humor(TIMMY!!!)is good,now and then ,you know michael jackson was also a child in his mind,and did LOVEEEEEE children(wonder why?)and you didn’t replied to drk!!because why didn’t you type his name in the comment-replied?bye mrs jackson,sleep,dream thight…

    • LIAR!

      • LIAR!is for mrs jacksonknowsreallyjackshitty,not for you they live!

  15. i LOVE seven deadly sins,her jokes,her links,her battle with you mes jackson.you are full of **** mes jackson!!

    • lmao!!thanks seven deadly sins,keep on the good work!and everything you are telling is true!(thanks for the links!)

      • thanx!they live!

    • Wow!! How sad!!!! Desperate and very sad!

      • desperate?!?why??!!sad?!?why?!?are you talking to yourself?if somebody likes my links,jokes…it’s sad,desperate??!!(did YOU see the links,video’s after 2 months mrs jacksonknowsreallyjackshittyinherunderwearnotthatprettywatchingtheshittymoviemoonwalkerwithmichaeljacksontinnywilly

      • there is only one person desperate and that is YOU!!for not looking at the links,video’s..mrs(mes)jacksonknowsreallyjackshittyinherunderwearnotthatprettywatchingtheshittymoviemoonwalkerwithmichaeljacksontinnywillyakafreewilly…that’s SAD!!

      • WHO’S SAD!!youuuuuuuuu!!!

      • TIMMY!!!!!!!

      • child’s play was/IS michael jackson favourite movie(wonder why?)

      • and HOME ALONE part 1 t/m 45667

        • ooops correction part 1 t/m 45668..

  16. Whitney Houston, MJ, Paul Walker, Elvis, Tupac, Aaliyah

  17. robin williams,joan rivers,heath ledger,jfk,left eye,biggie….

  18. nice work,seven deadly sins lmao.

  19. the police told me to come and get michael jackson body after his death i only knew of him michael faking his death mrs. queen tonya jackson 10/13/2014!

  20. the police told me to come and get michael jackson body after his death i only knew of him michael jackson faking his death mrs. queen tonya jackson 10/13/2014!

    • Smoke Less CRACK…CRACKHEAD…mrs queen basehead/crackhead jackshit..GET A LIFE..LIAR!

  21. It’s ridiculous how you all are so goo-goo-gaa-gaa over Michael now but before June 25 2009 you didn’t give ONE **** about him. Get a life guys, stop dwelling over the fact if he’s dead or alive. He was just a human being, a music super star. Nothing special about him. I just find it stupid how people hated him before June 25 but yet are in love with him now………SMH!

    • Hi Emily, speaking for myself I’ve ALWAYS been a huge fan of Michael and as a fan I believe he’s a very special guy!

      But, I do know what you mean- even the press seemed to hate him then when he ‘died’ they had a massive change of heart. They’re hypocrites!

      I believe he’s still with us, if he’s not there’s certainly a lot of stuff that doesn’t add up.


    • I’M WITH YOU KATE!he’s still fucking young boys

  23. He’s dead and millions of stupid fans can’t believe it!

  24. I am from France, michael and i dated from 01-03. Our relationship ended bcuz he got too wrapped up with other things and started shutting me out, ignoring my calls, had his security lock me out then him n his kids moved so i went back home to france never talked to him again. I was so hurt, he never gave me a reason, he just all at once lost contact with me. Yes we were intimate, i was age 18-20 at the timme, when we were intimate he’d have use roleplay like batman spiderman. Thought it wS unusual. Anyway his kids r wellbehaved,i have a daughter of my own now,i am engaged,iam 31 now. Iwill never forget the bf i had michael.

    • Joanna do you have PROOF?photo’s,a video?roleplay batman-spiderman?i don’t believe you joanna…if it’s true proof it with photo’s or something..or give a link…Call me crazy joanna,you full of……;)

    • Joanna do you really think anyone believe you?…i think you are right when you thinking that some believe your ****…because michael jackson fans,are the dumbest people on the planet…..mindcontrol-brainwashed-stupid-dumb….

    • Joanna?go suck inspector CLOUSEAU…..!!FRENCH ****/LIAR!

      • So you’re now using the name of Charles Manson

      • @Charles Manson


    • Alicia?GET A LIFE!Michael doesn’t give a **** about you,he’s only a LIAR FOR FAKING HIS DEATH,AND SCAM EVERY FAN!wake the hell up!please..bye

    • Honestly you bunch of absolute nuggets get over yourselfs seriouly have u no got anything better to do if micheal is alive at least hes away from you weirdos ranting on like hes your fsmily no hes not a d will never be absolute trumpets hahahahah#

  26. micheal is not dead he is allllliiiiivvvvveeee people open your eyes niggars

  27. Michal Jackson is dead and he did not fake it. So why don’t you open your eyes because the people who say he is dead your the *****.

  28. Some people say that Michal Jackson is gay but he is not and I know that he would not lie to his fans because he is kind, nice, and loyal and if you think that he is your stupid.

  29. y be so stupid to fake his death when he can live a bit longer

  30. you are beyond ignorant. Every single desperate and pathetic idea that you have mentioned have an explanation.

    If you are suspicious because you don”t see them in obvious pain and agony in every single photo after his death, than you are very naive. Do you expect to see contorted, frowning faces with tears? Nobody has that expression at all times…riding in cars…at events…in interviews. For you to even point that out as suspicious, only proves that you are completely oblivious to human emotion, the grieving process, and context.

    Second, they weren’t hugging and kissing him at the morgue. She was talking about at the hospital as he was still in the hospital room as he was pronounced dead shortly before. The photo was taken by the coroner, before having him transported to the morgue. That is standard procedure for cases of someone dying under suspicious circumstances. They deemed his circumstances to be highly suspect. That photo of him was used in Court. It wasn’t photoshopped for the sale to a media outlet. It was official evidence shown in court, which ended up online simply because the trial was televised. The trial in itself proved everything that happened that day. For you to assume that hundreds of professionals would risk their careers, and their freedom to perjure themselves into claiming he died when he really didn’t…again points to your ignorant and naive outlook on reality.

    Not only had he no reason to fake his death, but if he were to have faked it, this would definitely not be the circumstances. Nobody would create such circumstances which would require the cooperation of hundreds of people to testify and lie about being involved with his death…from firefighters, police, security, EMT’s, nurses, hospital staff, ER doctors, coroners, morticians, assistants, and everyone in between. All that for a black entertainer who some believed was a child molester?

    He would never create circumstances which would separate himself from his children. After the trial, he took his kids to Bahrain, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and other areas…if he wanted to get away and live in seclusion, he had the ability and means to do so. He wouldn’t fake his death…resulting in him living somewhere in isolation…especially the way he looks. You don’t think any of the hundreds of people who cooperated with lying, would leak that information with credible information and sell the story for millions?

    WELCOME TO THE REAL WORLD RETARD. That **** is not possible.

  31. If he did fake his own death well who could blame the man he was in fear throughout his life I felt so sorry for him honestly me and all his fans miss him mj wherever u are we all miss and love u :'( LA Toya made a few slip ups in the interviews and well it actually gave me hope he wasn’t dead so thank u LA Toya

  32. Man dead let it go so he can rest pleassssseee he had no reason fake it not afraid.

  33. Michael Jackson is not alive no effence to the guy who made this but he should know that michael died of cardiac arrest and was in a coma and almost everybody knows that u would not wake up from a coma especially with the amount of drugs in michaels body . The person who made this should have looked at the definition of cardiac arrest and severe coma.

  34. Apparantly he is at africa, he is rich he can do anything

  35. Sorry he is really dead. They want to do it to be famous those websites. (People)
    Anyway, It says he is dead on Google.

  36. sir Michael Jackson if your alive let us all know it .Don’t do this to your loving fans. i know how much you love your fans .we are all in confusion. We are all waiting for you. We all love you, god bless you and children and mother Katherin

  37. seriously do you really think mj is alive he would have been out by now

  38. but I wish he was because I haven’t finished learning my dance moves and he is dead. come on I think mj is alive somewhere

  39. Michael Jackson sir I loooooovvvveeeee you. If your dead, let your soul leave in peace. PRINCE ,PARIS, BLANKET you all must try to bring up your father name in future. Be good, do good dear’s.I love you all three.

    • I’m alive.

  40. Michael Jackson died he’s dead and people are still making up things like seriously let him have peace for the first time in his life

  41. I really believe that he is alive and I hope oneday I can see him and I really. Understand why he did it my god keep him safe and well love always Darlene

  42. the pic is REAL! GET OVER YOURSELFS! ****! LET IT GO!

  43. Of course he’s still alive like Elvis, ‘J.A.,’ [email protected], Adolf, Austria, also faked HIS.

  44. Wtf dude

  45. If I am alive, don’t wright stories about me! That photo is not me! You can’t take death photos. Look, Paris never tried to commute suicide! If you don’t stop writing about me, i might as well die to get from you!

    • I believe that Michael Jackson is still Alive and is some where out there so just keep the faith believe in MJ in Michael Jackson in Apple head in smooth criminal stay strong stay positive stay proud of MJ of Michael Jackson The King Of Pop Rock and Soul Forever MJ I love Michael Jackson I was born during his bad Era and I share his birthday just in different years I believe in you Peter Pan MJ forever I love you more I love you most keep your heads held up strong and proud don’t loose the faith keep the faith doing forever I love you more I love you most MJ I hope to meet you one day!!!!!!!!!✌️✌✌I’m your #1fan in the entire universe in the entire world in the entire galaxy you are the greatest entertainer and humanitarian and dancer and actor and singer and songwriter in the entire universe in the entire world in the entire galaxy!!!!!

    • Iim Debbie a fan but also a descreet .mature woman im a ggrandmother..I am a christian and have searched hours and found no evidence of truth of you being gay or a pedophile..I do know for a fact that you a brilliant,entertainer and business .man .you stated recently God had been talking to you..and hes been talking to me as,well.about you.I would like to share with you but will not on this comment page..you will have my email..now iwill not share with anyone else..I did write a semilsr message to l. Jackson .I hope shes youy sister or some family member and notifies.you..for me ..its difficult ro type on my cell phone….you are a child of God. .you need to know what that means…do not listen to anyone that is negative,or cruel or judgemental….I dont have ..all the answers but I can try to find them..I am praying for God give you wisdom and knowledge
      Really yould like to communicate with you.you can contact me. 7/24. . You are alone.He is there.. and noow you can talk to me if you wish..if you cant

    • You never have to defend youself to me …after serious investigations on my own im convinced you are simply a genius,loving,caring,giving so much of your self ,your donating so much to needy foundations..you are so sensitive to all the trash..I cry for your broken heart I pray for you and your family..im afraid you may not be able to come back in public..the fans are already waiting for crazier than ever….I stated before I have a message (devine),but will not tell you on this.site ..I was praying for you last night and recieved another message this more urgent..I can only pray you believe and trust me..I want nothing in return. URGENT

  46. Micheal is alive if is dead who is that woman who have an adams apple since no woman have one in his funnel she is blonde hair and white sitting in the front. I have been his fan ever since I was 6 yrs old I know some of his songs. But the past don’t make no different from now. So if he is dead let’s go back how many times he done it

  47. Dave Dave

  48. I know you guys are making up stuff saying Michael Jackson is not dead. I know you are very sad and miss him, and I am, too. I almost cry each time I think about him and I really miss him and think ” Is the king of pop Micheal Jackson dead?”, but you just got to face the fact that he is dead and move on. We all will see him one day in Heaven but right now he is in a better place. R.I.P Micheal.

  49. I just saw a guy who looked like Michael Jackson in Virginia beach, VA. of all places by himself driving a jet black new kind of sporty Lincoln it looked like a very expensive car/bran new…he had that same plastic look to his face and a business sports coat on and like a fake hair doo….with dark sunglasses on…I had to look twice couldn’t believe what I saw…a guy named Bruce in DE. told me a few years back that Michael Jackson faked his death and that other famous people do it too in Hollywood because they are sick of people with cameras always following them around etc…That guy named Bruce told me that’s what Michael Jackson did…I thought he was crazy…but maybe he is right? The guy named Bruce worked for a pallet recycling company outside the port of DE. where he found out the info on Michael I don’t know…used to run into him during my job…he the one who told me about the stars in Hollywood…

  50. I’m not sure if michael is alive r dead but In my heart n my soul I feel very strongly he is alive and I wish him all the happiness he was longing for n I prey he gets the peace he has always longed for n the normal life that he dreamed of,
    Peace n love to all

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