Boston Bombing — 18 May 2013
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 MIT Hoax Uncovered: Richard Donahue Busted as a Total Fake

Note: Richard Donahue is a fraudster and a fake, who, like countless others, fabricated an injury – in this case a life-threatening one, that is a purported ruptured femoral artery. Nothing he says could be real. There can be no way he was shot through the femoral artery. He would have virtually died on the spot, and if he recovered, it would be slow, difficult, and agonizing. Also, there is a great deal of  information demonstrating the fakery. Hopefully, more screenshots and other evidence will be added here or as a separate post as soon as possible.

If Richard Donahue is real, why is his photo, notably with supposed MIT shooting victim Sean Collier, faked? It is clearly fake make no mistake about it, as demonstrated by careful and close inspection.It would appear that both these individuals have been shopped into the frame.

Clearly, these men’s heads have been installed in the frame strictly through computer manipulation. This photo has that same contrived appearance seen in so many of the Sandy Hook photos made of virtual reality. Look carefully, though What is seen? There are cut lines on the right sides of each of the men’s heads, especially noticeable on Donahue’s right side. There is nothing normal, photographically, about such a line. The facial features are soft to such a degree that the use of the blur too is suspected. On the uniform of purportedly Collier are many anomalies; the white lines, especially the diagonal one, could be cut lines.

Notice, too, the window in the back with its supposedly metal security bars. That is a fixed feature. Yet, upon encroachment near Donahue’s face the bar disappears. Metal or wood slats cannot just disappear. That can’t be a reflection; the rest of the bars around him remain visible.

The bars are seeming missing also lateral to Collier’s head. Is this the consequence of the use of the Photoshop blur tool?

This is a fabricated identity and friendship: these men are not colleagues. Yet, can it be determined how this was done? Let’s isolate the area and take a more in-depth view of the background to see if there is evidence of manipulation:


Caption: sloppy Photoshop work, where iron bars or wooden slats were covered up by the paint or blur tool; there appears to be a triplicate defect, common residual of Photoshop, on the tip of Donahue’s hat visor.

It can be seen, clearly, that the hard fixture of presumably iron bars–or it could be wood but less likely–is missing. On right screen it appears that the color yellow could well have been added, likely with the paint tool, covering up the bar, the say being true on the bar to the left. Or, white: note the horizontal straight line over the green background . Note also the white, straight lines arising adjacent to Collier’s left side of face. This is evidence for the use of the blur tool, which effective covered up or blurred out the hard fixture. Reflection from the sun has been considered; however, again, this cannot account for the erasure of the bar next to Donahue’s face.

Another claw hand and more?

The soft features of the face are also indicative of Photoshop corruption. Furthermore, in a significant revelation a cut line appears to be visible running vertically at the level of Donahue’s right ear. There is no way, though, the fixed bars in the window could be missing or covered up with color. This alone proves the picture as fraudulent.


It’s a ghost, literally: yet another piece of unattached anatomy. Yet another cut line is evident, the white line arising at the at the man in the grey shirt’s neck, following down, then not as visible across the shopped-in hand, then, down the posterior aspect of the Donahue’s shirt. The hand is also clearly a phony put in Sandy Hook-style for that dear, close friend effect; the anatomically incorrect angle compared to its source also impossible. The anatomy of the wrist can be followed: it is obviously unattached. It is anatomically impossible for the hand to be at that angle and also be a part of Collier’s arm.

Finally, there are what appear to be residual cut-lines on the torso of purported Collier, the white showing through on his uniform, especially the diagonal lines following the edges of his uniform.

Other photos
Cut and paste defects galore. Note for one how the hat is in far greater focus than the face, as is the uniform.

This head was cut into this suit. The cutting edge along the neck line is clearly evident, as is the bizarre triplicate pattern Photoshop residue clearly evident at the root of the neck.

Caption: Cutting tool residual lines and bizarre triplicate pattern represented by three dots.

Is, then, anything about him real?




Yet another claw hand? Some mighty big knuckles. What happened to the finger-tips? They surely are not buried into the uniform. Therefore, this photo is fabricated.

And another corrupt hand?

This is clearly a corruption; there is no way this is a normal hand. It is a combination of hook and claw, with the appearance more of a garden tool that a hand; clearly this was painted in by Photoshop. Note also he residual cut line in white following the edge of his uniform. Note also the soft appearance of her hair and face, the varigation of color of the hair, as if i was cut and pasted in. It can also be seen that there is a scooped out appearance of the left side of he hair, a hard edge: from the use of the blur tool.

There is also this: ignore the dark line going across from the CBS banner (which crosses some of their neck lines); the flag banner appears bizarre: the photo is suspect.

The entire identity of this individual as a Transportation Security Officer is now suspect.

The interviews

A fake to the most extreme degree Richard Donahue has told nothing but great lies about his involvement or role in the Boston Marathon hoax. He was not involved in any dangerous event. Nor was he hurt. Moreover, making the incredible claim of being shot in the femoral artery, now, he has the appearance as if he had not even endured a mere scratch. A blown-out femoral artery is a catastrophic injury. Through his words and behavior, clearly, this was an impossibility.

Miller: Did you have any idea that you were looking for the Boston Marathon bomber?

Donahue: From what I’ve been told at first it was no. This just appeared to be some crazy, random act of violence. But there was gunfire being exchanged and, uh, and once they started throwing the bombs or IEDs, that, uh, I guess, you don’t even need to say a word. This is it. These are the guys.

Miller (in narration): Not long after arriving at the scene Donahue was shot. Miller (questioning) So, what do you do about it?

Donahue: My partner tackled me just to get me down, and it was in front of someone’s driveway, and he applied pressure trying to figure out where I was shot and that sort of thing.

Miller: Kim Donahue was at home when the doorbell rung (where she was faced with a Transport Police officer in uniform)

Kim Donahue: And I immediately answered the door. And I just said, “You are my worst nightmare.”

Miller: You said those words?

Kim Donahue: Yea, it was the first thing I said to him. I said, “I know why you’re here (another expert seer, with that Sandy Hook-like crystal ball). I said you better tell me if Dick is dead, right now.” I said, “Don’t walk past the door.” I said, “Tell me if Dick is dead.” And he said he’s not dead. He said he is in the OR. He was shot in the groin.

Miller: A bullet severed Donahue’s femoral artery. He lost so much blood his heart stopped, and he quit breathing.

Miller: I mean, technically, you kind of died.

Donahue: I did, I did die, yea.

Miller (speaking to ‘Kim’ Donahue): You know, there’s this horrible cliché  that out of every terrible event there is a silver lining. Have you found one?

donahuesaved  donahuewife-0
Caption: besides the facial expressions of lying a mighty happy person for an individual who nearly lost her husband from a gunshot wound. She, too, is an obvious fraud. All that issues from her mouth is a lie.

Kim Donahue: There’s more of a silver lining in this than anything bad that’s come out of this. And when Dick got out of the ICU and when he feels better, this will ultimately be the best thing that has ever happened to us. We will never not enjoy every day. We will never not enjoy a hug or kiss.

Now, moving to the TV studio:

Scott Pelly: So, John, when does officer Donahue get out of the hospital?

Miller: Well, right now he is in the ICU. But (protests) that’s really because they can’t feed him solid food. So, their goal is to get him back out of the ICU and into physical therapy, so he can learn to walk again.

Second interview

Miller (partial transcription): What occurred from the time you arrived?

Donahue: Uh, in one word, um, mayhem. Just complete craziness. you know I’ve heard it was, you know, you had, I don’t known: tons of cops from different departments firing on them, them firing on us, explosives going off. Granted, this is not the suburbs of Watertown. This isn’t exactly what we call a war zone. And there are families who sleep with their kids in these places. People trying to come home or learning on finding out what’s going on. And, um, all I’ve heard is that there was complete, you know, there was just mayhem. There’s lights; there’s flashes; there’s bangs; there was just loud and crazy.

And you realize you’re hit, because you’re saying, “I’m hit; I’m hit.” But you’re going forward. Where are you going?

Donahue: I don’t know. Maybe to get, probably to get cover and make sure I got my firearm secured…I’m tring to get into the car or get down for my partner…He, uh, he grabbed me and got me down and definitely got me to safety. I can’t tell you the whole thing. Once I went down the ambulance got there so quick and got me out of there, quick.

Miller: That’s not exactly the kind of police (work) you signed up for. It’s a little bit like Fallujah.

Donahue: It sure is, it sure is, you know, but we jumped in there and did what we have to do. That’s why we put on the badge, take the oath, and put the hand up…You just gotta go with the gut instinct and what you think is right (like framing an innocent man, while enriching yourself).

Another version

Narration by CBS’ Scott Pelly: A police officer nearly died in a shoot-out with Boston Marathon bombing suspects. Richard Donahue is still recovering in the hospital. He gave his first interview today to our correspondent, John Miller. Collier had been shot in the head at close range (a falsehood to make the Tsarnaev brothers appear diabolical). Collier and Donahue were former classmates at the Academy – and good friends.

Donahue: Yea, I was sitting down for so long that it feels good to move around.

Miller (in narration): Transit Police Officer Richard Donahue is beginning to walk again after he took a bullet in the leg during a shoot-out with the two Boston Marathon bombing suspects that night. That’s right, he almost bled to death. Donahue had responded to a call about an officer down, MIT police officer Sean Collier had been shot in the head at close range.

Donahue then told the tall tale of a shoot-out that never occurred and served as a cover-up for Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s murder, that they engaged the Tsarvaevs with himself and others in a “massive fire-fight that included gunfire, shots fired, and bombs.” He added, “Once I was shot, my partner said that, um, I started to, uh, take a couple of steps, and, um, he tackled me just to get me down. And, you know, guys helped from a whole bunch of different departments, you know, ripping my shirt off, ripping my vest off, um, starting CPR, you known, really physically really into my leg: to hold stuff together.

Miller: So, you’ve got a severed femoral artery in your leg.

Donahue: Right

Miller: It’s pumping blood out.

Donahue: Yes

Miller: And you’re draining faster than a body a replace that.

Donahue: Absolutely (sounds like he is in a deposition, being coached)

Donahue: I had some text messages I sent to, um, to a couple of friends of mine about Shaun going down, um, somebody said, “Hey, are you on scene?,”I said “Yes,” and she said “Was it Collier?”, and I said, “Yes.”

Miller (in narration): At the time Donahue didn’t realize it was the Boston Marathon bombing suspects who had killed Collier. Donahue didn’t remember much about that night. But his wife, Kim, remembers vividly how the nightmare unfolded and the last contact she had with her husband before he was shot.

Kim Donahue: He texted me at 12:00 and said, “Phone dying, gonna be late,” and that’s all he said in he text.

Miller (in narration): Officer Donahue was rushed to Mt.  hospital. His heart stopped beating and he wasn’t breathing.  Sleeping at home, Kim Donahue was awakened at 1:30 a.m. by the wailing of their 7-month-old baby boy. It was like he warning of a coming storm.

Kim Donahue: Right, at that time the baby just went nuts, was hysterical, going absolutely nuts–and while I was tending to him is when I got the doorbell.

I didn’t understand the severity of what had happened until a doctor pulled me aside

Miller (in narration): When Kim had arrived at the hospital, her husband was alive but just barely.

(Donahue then reported she her interaction with the doctors): “Well, we just got his heart back.” I said, “Why do you mean?” We just got his pulse back. They had a priest, waiting for me, They were handing me his wedding ring, his badge, his phone…

Miller: Donahue was in surgery for 8 hours. It was only then that Kim was able to see her husband.

Kim Donahue: He looked like he was dead. When I saw him, he had tubes coming out of  everywhere tubes could come out of, out of his chest, out of his mouth, out of his nose,. I remember, I pulled a couple of surgeons, the doctors, aside. We have a seven month-old baby–I said he has to come, here. It’s not a question. I said you can’t come in this room and tell me anything else. I said that’s the only answer I want. And every time they came in it was a little bit better.

Caption: there is nothing wrong with this individual and it is ludicrous to have some actress tying a mere bow-tie around his uninjured tibia.

Editor’s note: it becomes glaringly clear that Donahue and his purported wife are fraudsters. In fact, the claim for them as real husband and wife is highly suspect. These individuals are paid operatives playing a role. This would confirm the suspicion that the claim of the MIT shooting was a mere Hollywood-style fabrication in the manner of the fake Boston Marathon bombings.


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  2. There were no crime scene photos of the ‘murder’ of the MIT uni cop. This is because there was no murder scene. There were no photos of dead children at Sandy Hook…same answer. Also, we see Sandy Hook ‘victim’ Dylan Hockley attending his own funeral. These fakers have no shame and use their own children in their illegal schemes to defraud the world. In this photo we see Dylan…he’s supposed to be dead. See link:×471.jpg

  3. Here’s another criminal (literally) faker in this lie. Tyler Dodd:

  4. Great find, Ceruleanlake. I remember reading about his liar, Dodd, but didn’t know about his criminal background or the extent of the lies. Another screw-up by the perpetrators of this fraud. They’re probably thanking their lucky stars that Carlos the Cowboy managed to stick to the script ( outlandish and inane as the script was).

  5. Richard and Kim look more like siblings than husband and wife.

  6. If you knew anything about photoshop you would know it would be much easier to stage this than to photoshop. You can’t build a complete image in photoshop from nothing. The background, the people, the uniforms, the faces would all be real, you cant just make them up – so for you to keep pointing out silly little irregularities in a badly pixelated image is pointless.

    Here’s a challenge for you, try photoshopping a person into a scene yourself. Then come back and read through your research. Or at least view a youtube video on one. Here’s one

  7. Please do listen to NJ. You might have many valuable points here (I didn’t read enough to know a lot about this site), but with the highly probably widely or totally false claims about “photoshopping” you’re bringing those presumably rightful claims into disrepute for all those who know a bit about graphics alteration software.
    With a lot of time and patience it would be possible to a certain degree to fake fotos – to a rather limited extent! What you have sometimes called shoddy worksmanship -or so :)- would rather be quite excellent results such photo-manipulation attempts.

    NJ is trying to warn you about this in several posts, while otherwise you can see he/she is supportive as far as I can tell. In my opinion this photoshop-nearing-obsession will devalue most other pnts you might have in possibly many people’s eyes who tend to superficial general assumptions.

    (I’m still learning english, n’kay? bye 🙂

  8. Hello NJ. Greetings from Ghana. I can’t watch this video, but if that is the endresult shown in the preview screen, then I could do much better. But it would take me quite a while and you need correct photomaterial for it (lighting angles, ambient light color ASO). With a mouse and GIMP I need some hours at least normally to insert a foto-part quite perfectly into an other one, I guess with a graphics tablet and some superspecial software it might be possible in some cases, depending on complexity, in shorter time. But ONLY with the matching circumstances I have mentioned, especially lighting.

    You are however totally right that rarely any of the “photoshopping” related ‘evidence’ preented here holds up to educated scrutiny in a conclusive manner. Not from a technical, nor from an realistc-artististic point of view – some of the pics look partially odd, but that usually can be explained by other factors, such as lighting effects. There might be even many truthful points presented on this blog, but the “photoshopping”-allegations do large not exhibit clear indications.

  9. Hi Alexander, It is good to get your views on this. You obviously have a lot of photoshop experience also and you can see the point i am trying to make!

    Yes you’re right that is the end result on the vid, it isn’t very convincing and i’m sure i could do better.


  10. I have to state all these “facts” pointing to “photoshopped” images, are absolutely untrue. Problem is garbage in equals garbage out low res photos are called low res for a reason, as a professional designer everything you cite as suspicion, is crap. Dark lines, shadows, EVERY thing indicated as proof is nothing that can’t be dismissed due to the quality of the image. If this hoax is so elaborate and with such professionalism, as suggested Hollywood effects, I am quite confident these images would be flawless. I suggest forensic (real forensic) review, every digital capture device has a signature, and cut and paste would be clear. I have done a lot of photo manipulation, and under extreme magnification it is undetectable. So is it an elaborate hoax or a bunch of hacks manipulating images? Once again that which makes the most sense is correct. To go to all of this trouble and use high school students to edit images, makes no sense. Have you ever seen CGI?

  11. To the Writer of this article. You are truly a piece of fucking shit. Where do you come from? This took place in MA. FYI, Cities and towns police departments send their new recruit officers to a police training academy. So in an Academy class, there are multiple police trainees from various departments. That is how they met.

    The picture of the two together is not photoshopped. It was taken during the day of their graduation from the police academy in October in side the fanuel Hall. Additionally, the diagonal line you deemed to be fake is the Transit Police patch. That is why you can’t see the whole thing. Transit police uniform has two identical patches placed on both side, one on each arm. Perhaps you should do some more fucking research and provide more concrete proofs. For example, maybe you should have provide some recent photo of Transit police officers uniform that has different patches on both side to prove me wrong. If You can’t travel to obtain such information then what kind of fucking research did you do?

    I read the article and the entire thing is based solidly on your own opinions. The same through out most of your blog posts anyway. I know you purposely did so to draw people to read your blog and have a debate. But please, have some fucking respects. His brother+friend+buddy, officer Collier, was shot and died. And keep in mind why he joined the force, to protect people and freedom of speech, the freedom of speech so talking shit that absolutely based solely on just those photos. Plus, you are fucking clueless about photoshop and here you are telling people where to look. You should have or hire some experts to exam those pictures before you made your presumption and write this up lime you know it all. There are more pictures of them together, but not in their uniform. That is why the picture was chosen.

    You are probably never been in the service, never done a thing to benefit this country. All you do is writing such bullshit sloppy articles, disrespectful to those who served to protect the constitution that you fucking enjoy practicing. Wait, are you even an American? Don’t fucking link everything together and assume they are ok. You probably have the ability to and will delete my comment to hide it. I know how WordPress works.

    • Seriously couldn’t have said it better myself. As someone who knows the Donohues personally, I can attest that this entire thing is bullshit. There is not an ounce of “evidence” provided in this piece of trash that proves anything other than the fact that you are a fucking paranoid piece of garbage. Get a life.

    • Right you POS traitor to the American people. We will be sure that the Hamm, Caudle and multiple other Crisis Clan participants in this hoax make it to the court including Dayton Castleman. How dare you participate in putting this country through such BS. We will track you down, as well, and ensure that you get a DEFENDANT SEAT for the furtherance of a criminal racketeering conspiracy and the aiding and abetting of TREASON.

  12. Your an idiot… I served with Dickie Donahue aboard the Uss lasalle… He’s definitely real, he was my division officer for 2 years. He was one of the most honest and caring naval officers I’ve ever served under. What a bullshit article… Makes me fucking sick… I served with him during operations enduring freedom and Iraqi freedom so your stolen valor claim is ridiculous… Paranoid scumbags

    • His death was faked. Prove otherwise.

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