Other Hoaxes Zionist Terror — 01 August 2013
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Mohammed Merah is a Mossad Mole – the Video

Fraudster Mohammed Merah (pronounced MeH-Rah) is an arch-Zionist agent, a Jewish impostor, who posed as a Muslim. His purpose was to demonize Islaam through the association with a fabricated terror act, while attempting to gain sympathy for the Israeli entity.

Merah was just a name and a face. Dark complected, he was used by the Zionist as the basis to incriminate Islaam for a terror act that never occurred. The purpose was to create undying sympathy and support for the Zionist entity as well as to establish a more deeply rooted system for the Zionist security apparatus in Europe.

He is clearly a Jew posing as a Muslim. Moreover, surely, he is alive. What’s more, no doubt, he killed no one. Nor was he killed. It was all a fraud set-up by Zionist agents, as demonstrated here:


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  1. Mohammed Merah seems to be Cherif Kouachi in Paris shooting…check out images for Mohammed Merah,so similar,both rappers, both have brothers involved.Except Mohammed Merah was shot dead (supposedly)by French Comandoes, after a manhunt not to discimilar to the Paris manhunt.

    • Interesting. Will look at that. Regardless, they are all Zionist agents.

      • It must have hit a nerve because I cannot comment anymore on Yahoo and RT,blocked now and most comments not there.

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