Other Hoaxes — 21 June 2013
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Moon hoax a Zionist Scam? How much of this can be confirmed?

This video is, apparently, a Mock Documentary. Why do this? Thus, this post will remain: how much of this is true and how much of this is fabricated? Let the readers add information and posts in this regard. One issue: the circumstances with Stanley Kubrick. This seems to be the real deal. Use this post to confirm.

Interviewed in this documentary was former CIA director General Vernon Walters. As a result of doing the interview, the general was murdered. Bugging his room, when he announced he would reveal some hard facts never before revealed, what happened? The next day while still involved in the documentary he turned up dead, purportedly dying of a stroke, In fact, he was executed by Kissinger and his fellow Zionist thugs. The man was obviously under constant surveillance. He was followed. When he said this, he was assassinated.


Producer Stanley Kubrick, hardly a willing participant. CIA mole in background, who likely played Neill Armstrong, the man who never went anywhere near the moon. The pay was good. Was he assassinated afterward?

The underside of the stage built, apparently, inside a London studio facility. That makes sense. Top secrecy, indoors: no witnesses. And no distractions from changes in weather.

Christiane Kubric-k: “They tried and tried and it didn’t look right. I remember the thing with the stars. They had huge sheets of paper and there will little pin holes.”

Christiana Kubrick: “Kissinger was the” main player. The role of the Zionist cabal is confirmed. This picture is apparently of Kissinger speaking of Kubrick’s untimely death.

“One small step for man..” Woops, God is watching; as soon as he jumps off the phony lunar module (module, from model is the appropriate name), here it comes, the light fixture falls off its hanging and swings over towards him:

NOTE: IT IS BEING SAID THAT THIS IS A SCAM CREATED TO MOCK ANYONE RESEARCHING THE MOON FAKERY. Let this severe as a vehicle to confirm any or none of this as true.

Apparently, it actually strikes him, as it should have: liar.

See the light bulb still visible; he says, “Cut” and raises his hands.

Men start crawling up on the stage towards him. How did they get on the moon, and why aren’t they wearing a protective suit?

CIA and Mossad moles galore come up on state and surround the espionage operative. Hmm, the astronouts are total frauds, and weren’t involved at any level other than being well-paid shills for the scam.


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  1. Isn’t this a “mockumentary”?

  2. Would anyone in their right mind create an exact duplicate set of the moon and the shuttle to create a scene in which the stage light fell down? I would suspect not. Although this shows a failed scene take on the set, there are hundreds of other things that support the moon landing was faked. An also hundreds of reasons that the moon landing could never have occurred in the first place.

  3. Wires are getting crossed here. This mockumentary was a subversive attempt to discredit the Kubrick connection.. Probably to contain Christina Kubrick’s contentions revealing her awareness on film turned to comedy by the ziomob industry.

  4. That flick with Kissinger and Rumsfeld and Kubrick’s wife is a mockumentary trying to dissuade people from realizing the truth about the moon hoax. See jay weidner’s interviews and documentaries about Kubrick and the shining. Fascinating stuff. He explains that film your linking to as a intelligence honey pot created for people that are figuring out the truth about appollo and Kubrick.
    I also think that lamp film is a hoax.
    And of course the appollo moon landing is a hoax but this evidence your featuring is mostly co inte pro.

    • Has anyone confirmed 100%: since it would appear that the general was murdered. Links, please.

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