Other Hoaxes Santa Monica Hoax — 09 June 2013
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Hard Proof Santa Monica Hoax is a Plot for Gun Control

A plot has been uncovered by Mahyudi monsters, like Dianne Feinstein and her collaborators, including the Obama White House, to destroy all civil liberties for Americans, the current emphasis being on both the 1st and 2nd Amendments. This will be proven in a series of posts, God willing, all of which will clearly demonstrate the scope of the scam.

Watch these two videos as the Zionist gangsters make use of foreign students inclined towards socialist countries to aid in the Santa Monica terror hoax & scam for gun control. These students, if that is what they are, are violators of the law of the land and should be booted from the country. See these hostile ones tell tall lies to aid the Zionists in their scam. There is additional hard proof besides this. Yet, this alone is a highly compelling component. In video I note how the fake witness, Marta Fagerstrom, invents what happened on the fake bus incident, saying one person was “bleeding,” when she was summarily cut off, since no one was bleeding. Then, the Zionist-inspired anchor covers up for her, saying no one was injured.

At the end of her fabrication, as expected, this socialist-Zionist goes for the guns: watch.


View more vhttp://www.nbclosangeles.com/news/local/More-Details-Expected-Santa-Monica-Shooting-Rampage-210692431.htmlideos

The Santa Monica event was a drill with witnesses. Any red material anywhere on the ground or carpet is fake. No one was injured; no one died; no ambulances, no paramedics, nurses, doctors, or EMT. Promises of federal money by the Zionist cabal, including the Obama White House, ensured the fraud and deception. This a direct Zionist strike, like orchestrated by the arch-enemy of the people, Dianne Feinstein herself. The use of such foreign students is a new tactic. All that spews from their mouths are lies.

Misc. screentshots

First we had mere children and teenagers, including the Soto clan, telling Americans what they should do with their freedoms. There was the Zionist mole Mark Barden, along with other such hostile ones, like David Wheeler and Nicole Hockley, who added fuel to the fire. Now, it’s foreign students: they shall attempt to dictate our rights, incinerating our freedoms?

Swedish student speaks and is supposedly “still haunted by the images.” How many times has that been spouted as the tag line by the Zionists? She started out, as expected, attempting to create the basis for a ban on semi-automatic weapons: “He shot one shot after the other, like “bam, bam, bam, bam, bam.”  She claims that she was on the bus “where she saw the shooter open fire.” Not possible: there was no shooter, only fabricated CCTV images plus a seemingly headless rubber dummy lying on the street, Woolwich-style.


It was like this guy with this big rifle standing next to the bus on the left-hand side, and then he just started shooting at the bus.

“People started to scream and throw themselves on the floor of the bus. And I did that, too (cover-story). One woman, she was bleeding (gets cut-off immediately).”

The reporter follows this with, “All the people on the bus made it out safe with no severe injuries, including Fagerstrom.”

She then added, “But that wasn’t the case for teh man gunned down in his red Ford Explorer…” Editor’s note: good, there should be evidence of this such as blood, a listless body, a body being extracated, EMTs on the scene, an ambulance: something. She also added, of course, that the Explorer crashed through a brick wall near 19th St.

“Get away: no unauthorized people allowed. Note the parking lot attendant but no EMTs or ambulances. What are all the duffle bags all about? Notice the orange box: is that a moulage kit?

The air bag is deployed; but where are the purported victims? Can anyone see human beings in the view? Moreover, surely that is the same kind of orange container as seen on the ground during the Boston smoke bombing hoax.


This is a fairly good stunt. Yet, that’s what Hollywood is known for. There was likely no one in the car when it crashed.

Here is the only “Big Black Guns” that were around, that is by the Martial Law participants:

No trauma scene or triage anywhere: just Martial Law-oriented police officers and more with those big black guns, along with a vast amount of media agents.
Man in sunglasses carrying extensive equipment. Woman with lanyard and badge pops into the scene. The only big black guns are those held by the cops. Seems to be a production scene. Lots of people with tinted glasses.


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  1. Clearly the fat-ugly woman from Sweden is a liar. She said the gun-man was on the left side of the bus. However, that is impossible if you look at the windshield of the bus and the entrance of the bullet to the windshield entered from the right side of the bus. Stop lying to us you dumb, dumb people.

  2. One of the initial oddities is the requisite “weapons cache police trophy” evidence photo which shows a table with several odd colored plastic mags, cheap sports style protective gear, a partial AR, and a 19th century style black powder single action cap lock. WTH!

  3. I tried to do a student search on the Santa Monica College website – to see if the ‘witnesses’ are actual students. They don’t have any such search device. My college has one – you type in the student’s name and it gives you their email address. I wonder if this element of the website has been removed.

  4. How convenient that she is heading back to Sweden

  5. Sometimes we need a little humor as we deal with our corrupt government. So, here is something that is funny, but at the same time also really scary.


  6. When the news of this was breaking live on the L.A. news, I heard something mentioned that Obama was actually in town. Not sure if that has been noted in any of the articles, I may have missed it. But came across even more noteworthy material last night. I will post the link , but it is a somewhat graphic site with offensive advertising, so proceed with caution:

    “On June 6, 2013 hundreds of people participated in terror exercises held at Figueroa and 5th Street in Los Angeles, California. They were a part of the 7th annual National Homeland Security Conference held in LA. Two heads of policy at Homeland Security are Jews David Heyman and Alan Cohn – yes, DHS policies are coined by Jews. Michael Chertoff – former head of Homeland Security is now a principal of The Chertoff Group – the primary consultant and advisers to Homeland Security. A Jew Noah Kroloff – DHS Chief of Staff was just replaced by Amy Shlossman – a Jew. The chief diplomatic officer at DHS is Alan Bersin – a Jew.”
    Video: http://www.prochan.com/view?p=81e_1370698438

    Source: http://www.bestgore.com/brain-fart/terror-exercise-la-keep-public-constant-state-fear/

    • This will be invaluable information. Keep posting this, as it will be worked into the posts regarding the actual hucksters behind these scams.

  7. That blond policewoman in the last photo looks very similar to the fake EMT at the Boston bombing who bent over to check the pulses of fakers Krystle Campbell and her friend. There’s a picture of that fake EMT at this link:


    • Regarding the similarities looking at the back of the head of a blond chick (EMT) when comparing her to a frontal photo of another blond woman (cop) – they both have blond hair and both are women.

  8. Wow, nodisinfo deleted my original post….good thing I got a screen shot to prove this site is bogus and denies truth. I’ll repost the main points again and see if this actually makes the cut: life time NRA member and SM resident here. Saw this stuff firsthand,its not fake. Student searchable database is a FERPA violation and a huge no no – You can sue your school for privacy violations. Lastly, if you believe the crap in the “story” above…you guys are as crazy the numb hole who did the shooting.

    • Itsme, since you saw the stuff first hand, could you be more specific? Did you see him shoot his dad and brother? Did he shoot his brother first, or his dad first? How many times each? Do you know in what part of the house (room) he started the fire? Do you know what items he first burned to set the blaze? Seems that you make the assertion that you saw this first-hand – and I can guarantee to everybody this one of your pathetic lies. Did you see him hi-jack a car and force the woman to drive down the road and stop at least twice to shoot at people? Were you on foot or did you follow this guy in your car? Hey, were you the person that ran into the school library behind the guy with the rifle so you could later come on this site and post that you saw him and all his activities first-hand? Were you there when the police dragged his body out of the library for display on the sidewalk? Please be specific because your lies are completely full of holes.

      Please take notice that this site is about “nodisinfo”. When your posts are chock full of lies, they need to be removed from this site. I speculate your first-hand account of this stuff was that you saw one of the first news releases out and you were immediately fooled into thinking it was actually real. Please take your pathetic lies elsewhere, ok?

    • As Ron asks, Did you follow him? “Lifelong NRA member”,eh? Why didn’t you do anything to stop him? Do you even own a firearm?

      • hahahhaha, itsme is a confirmed liar. It’s CA, so it’s nearly certain this guy doesn’t have a concealed carry permit – which renders him useless against a criminal with a gun.

        • shhh, I know , L.A. resident and gun owner myself. I just wanted to hear his response. lol.

  9. The Santa Monica patsy was not wearing combat boots that was seen by the witnesses so the staging crew removed his shoes and placed boots on the sidewalk. Watch “Absolute Proof Santa Monica Shooting was Staged.” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a4weXpd8r9M

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