Boston Bombing — 30 May 2013
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Is the Brannock Family a Fake?

It has been demonstrated (PC Geek and others) that Erika Brannock is a fake and that she was already an amputee. However, is the so-called Erika Brannock family also a fake, consisting of Nicole Gross, Carol Downing, and Michael Gross (supposed brother-in-law)? Was this, too, like her being a real person with a real left leg, created out of thin-air: virtual reality? It would appear that this is the case; in other words, the mother is not the mother, sister not the sister, and brother-in-law not the brother-in-law. All that is associated with Brannock is a deception and fraud. This is proven by the Zionist-controlled media, largely through the Jewish-owned great lying entity, CBS.

In a series of new posts it will be shown that all the people associated with Erika Brannock, if this is her real name, are fraudsters. The focus will be on the CBS video. While the images are grainy they do give evidence for the scam. Besides the fact that virtually everything touted in the video is now proven a lie specifics will be quoted as evidence. According to the CBS local Baltimore affiliate, News13, the parties involved are as follows:

  • Erika Brannock
  • Carol Downing
  • Nicole Gross
  • Michael Gross
  • Liz Harmon
  • Erica Leonard
  • Tina Shubert

These are the visible individuals of this money-grubbing and attention-gaining scam. No father of any kind is mentioned. The following screenshots were extracted from the video. The greatest lie was that they were all milling around the finish line, that is Brannock as well as Nicole and Michael Gross. CBS made it clear that these are the involved parties, the ones who were wounded. It was also noted that “President Obama is planning to travel to Boston on Thursday to attend an interfaith service for the bombing victims, one of the victims is a local pre-school teacher, 29-year old Erika Brannock of Conkesville (MD), recovering from severe injuries from the blast.”

The network specifically states that at this ‘blast’ her “sister and brother-in-law” were with her. According to CBS the three were on-site when the smoke bomb went off. Then, a quick recording of the initial blast site, with a few seconds so of the detonation of the smoke bomb. Within that few seconds of smoke and disguise both Erika Brannock and Nicole Gross arrive on the scene. In these distant shots she is not readily visible. By this time she is likely in the infamous pile on the ground, along with Nicole Gross. Regarding Michael Gross his whereabouts is not yet confirmed. Even so, what is certain is that Brannock was not injured and couldn’t be, as this was a non-lethal mere smoke and pyrotechnic bomb that had no explosive power and couldn’t hurt anyone–and certainly couldn’t break or sever limbs. erikabrannock22
The extension of his arm, pulling off the pink hood can be seen further, below. Whatever Brannock or Gross was doing there surely there was an attempt to disguise it. Note, too, that the suspected blood drizzler more is there with what appears to be some kind of apparatus. There is the pink-hooded mole who can be seen stripping off his identifying disguise, plus other operatives, including the woman in the blue tufted jacket, the wheelchair woman, and the woman in the yellow scarf, along with possibly Christian Williams against the façade of LensCrafters. Back to Brannock and Gross:

At some point Brannock is there, identified as the woman lying supine on the ground, knees up. The man in yellow is a likely moulage mole who is creating the appearance of fake wounds on her body. Why he hasn’t bothered to remove her fake stump by this time is unknown. Perhaps it’s too late: that would be caught under camera. Nicole Gross is also in the immediate vicinity but can’t be seen in this frame: she’s off to the right. Michael Gross, though is still not identifiable in the area. Here is Nicole Gross, some distance from Brannock. Where is her doting husband Michael, or is he merely one more high-paid phony?

Note how the charcoal and oil were applied all over the legs but they forgot to apply it on the top of the left knee. This is all make-believe through the moulage kit. Surely, though, there is no Again, where is he? CBS said he suffered severe burns: The ‘family’ also claims he was there:

nicolegross-7 Erikabrannock-29
It says what it says: that Michael Gross was right there near the finish line with Nicole “when the explosion occurred.” This fraudster is nowhere to be found, that is in the near proximity to his supposed wife and sister-in-law. He’s had several seconds to collect himself and find his wife, and CBS says he was right there, right were the bomb went off. Shouldn’t he at least be checking on them? Or, was he one of those who fled the scene, clothes shredded as if going through a paper shredder? Yet, he did show up at the hospital, even though he wasn’t injured:[1].jpg
Where are those burns this liar suffered? Always a furtive glance to make sure the cohort gets it right. Notice the psyops ribbon: the man is a huckster, just like his green-wearing collaborator.

Awfully happy for a woman with a severed Achilles tendon (the most extreme pain imaginable), along with broken tibias and fibulas.

The fires of hell aren’t nearly as minor or temporary as these filthy liars might think.

Photo inventing?
Several photos from the Brannock album are deserving of careful analysis. An extract from the video, definite anomalies are noted, though the resolution is admittedly poor. There appears to be a semicircular blur tool residue left of Downing’s head (right screen). Regardless, this photo would appear to be corrupt; look at the triangular-shaped halo on top of Downing’s head. Part of Brannock’s head is missing; only half the sunglasses are on the top of the head. If any posters have high-res images, those would be highly useful.

There is no resemblance of anyone on-site near his ‘wife’ to him: he doesn’t appear to have been there at all.erikabrannock-84

Moreover,what is this? The CBS narration on the video coincides with these people as follows: Nicole Gross on the left, Carol Downing, center, and Erika Brannock, right screen. There is no way the person on the far left screen is Ms. Gross:

Plus, it would that this picture is not legitimate. Brannock’s features are exceedingly soft, especially in the face, more so than the others. The black could be the sunglasses frame but, more importantly are the soft features of the face, the blurring of the edge of the hair and what could well be the residue of the cutting tool, a tiny mark, seen emanating from her shirt.  Could this head have been pasted in on another body? Regardless, the key finding is the claim of the other woman being Nicole Gross which is clearly not the case.
Here is a real picture, not likely photoshopped, showing the three together:

Harlan is her real sister; Gross is an invention, as is Downing, at least as they relate to amputee Brannock. The injuries are fake, the amputation already in existence, therefore, it is no surprise that the family is artificial.


“My sister needs help; she lost her insurance. Pay up: Obama says this is a communist country now. We deserve it.”  Sure she’s the real sister, the other being the fake:

Then, who is her real mother? She was correctly identified by PC Geek as follows, the woman, right screen. Look at the hair, forehead, eyes, nose, and especially the mouth and chin. This is her mother, not Downing.

Note the great difference in the naturalistic photo versus this contrived one. Also, see how huge is the head of Brannock, the discolored ear lobe of Downing, and the seeming missing index finger. Did they combine real photos with photoshopped ones? However, what may not be artificial is this:

These two could very well be related as mother and daughter.

With the discovery by PC Geek that she is a prior amputee with an existing prosthetic leg, then, no surprise that everything that surrounds Erika Brannock, including the extrusion-like fundraising, is a diabolical hoax.


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  1. Now fake bomb victim Sydney Corcoran is named fake Prom Queen:

    Sydney Corcoran, High School Student, Named Prom Queen After Surviving Boston Marathon Explosion (VIDEO)

    The Huffington Post | By Krystie Yandoli Posted: 05/29/2013 2:23 pm EDT
    After suffering from severe injures in the Boston Marathon explosion, Sydney Corcoran was worried she would not to make it to her prom this year. But on Tuesday night, not only did the 18-year-old attend her high school rite of passage — she was also crowned prom queen.

    • Corcoran is a fraudster supreme. She or her cohorts are constantly posting here in the attempt to corrupt the truth. Time to find even more evidence against them.

    • Great work guys. As to Sydney Corcoran her twitter motto is “All the world is a stage and we are all just actors men and women, everyone” Ha. Well Sydney, take a bow sweetheart because the show is about to end. I have found Ms foul mouthed Sydney and will report soon.
      Be well guys.

  2. Reveille,

    If you need any help with your Sydney
    Discoveries let me know i can make gifs, movies or provide high def pics of the scene.

    • Thanks PC! I enjoy the research but I stink at presentation. Just saw the article you shared from the Nashua Telegragh thank you! I think this just got interesting. I had not seen Carmen
      Accabo’s name in this till now . But I’m sure I have seen it before. Let you know what I come up with. I want to ask the others doing research questions but I would rather not do it publicly
      My E-mail is not hidden [email protected] but I will send Drkresearch some questions and maybe she can send you guys the email privately.


    The Brassards, Durands and Corcorans are all good friends with ties going back to their childhood days living in Lowell. The Brassard family, with their 20-year-old daughter Krystara, attended the Boston Marathon that fateful day with Celeste Corcoran and her now 18-year-old daughter Sydney, to cheer on Celeste’s sister, Carmen Acabbo, in her first-ever marathon race. They were all very close to the finish line.

    The Durands said they were horrified when they learned later that evening their friends were maimed in the attacks. The blast took a portion of Ron Brassard’s inner left leg, an injury that required three surgeries and a skin graft, and left him with nerve damage. Karen Brassard had two surgeries to deal with shrapnel wounds to her ankle and calf, injuries since complicated by infection. Krystara had small pieces of shrapnel in her legs and an ankle injury.

    • PCGEEK how can I send you photos? You can email me at [email protected] or could you post link, to site or other place where we can share pictures?

  4. You are all a bunch of ignorant fools with no lives. What satisfaction do you get from being such close minded jesters who revel in filthy lies to compensate and cover up for the sad sorry lives you all lead?

    • Suck a fart.

    • I would like to ask everyone here that does not believe that there is a conspiracy taking place at these and other events I.e sandy hook, what will you accept as proof? Surely you understand that the media can be monopolized and that is a danger to truth and an informed public. So please tell me what it would take for you to believe that what you are being told is in fact lies and that you are being manipulated?

  5. I think that all of you people need to get a life. To say that these people where faking their injuries and to say that the bombing was fake is just disgusting. You people should suffer what these people did and then we will see how you like being called a fake and a fraud. I am horrified that people in this day and age still do not have the intelligence needed to make smart choices. I hope that every single on of you has some horrible tragedy so others can tell you that you are fakes and frauds. You should all be ashamed of yourselves.

    • Smoke a fart.

      • Grow up. What are you, a child or something? Do you really believe all of these lies enough to tell myself and another person to suck and smoke farts. Wow, if this is the extent of the people in this world than in the words of the great Dr. Farnsworth…”I do not want to live on this planet anymore.”

        • Then go back to whatever planet you came from.

          • Gentlemen that is no way to treat our visitors. Can’t you see they are clearly in the throes of some sort of Shakespearean mental break?
            Perhaps our visitors would like a proper cup of fart tea?

    • Hi m quirk
      You interest me. I have a degree in psychology.
      Obviously you have a need to believe what authority figures tell you to think. You must have been inconsolable when Santa and the Easter Bunny were revealed to be frauds. Is that why you feel compelled to condemn others looking for the truth?

  6. Is everything a conspiracy?

    • Yes, if more then one person is involved then it is a conspiracy.

  7. Hey idiots…I grew up with this girl and have known her all my life. What a bunch of pathetic losers you are. So sad. Get a life. Or better yet go blow yourselves up.

    • OK. You know her. How about some proof?

    • Perhaps you could give us your physical address and save us some time? Sounds to me like you may be called to testify on behalf of your friend “you grew up with.” This isn’t a game and these people are going to face hard prison time.

  8. Do you even realize that Michael Gross is in the very picture of the scene just above where you typed “This fraudster is nowhere to be found, that is in the near proximity to his supposed wife and sister-in-law.” He can be seen in many of the scene pictures. He is wearing a brown hoodie with a camera in his hand. Clearly seen in many pictures right there…

  9. My name is Jim Adams and I own the Falls Road Running Store in Baltimore, Maryland. I had a team at Boston, I personally know Carol Downing, and this really happened.

    It is sad that people will hide behind aliases and avatars to spread vicious and false rumors about events that have so tragically affected real people.

    Jim Adams
    Falls Road Running Store
    6247 Falls Road
    Baltimore, MD 21209

    • Really, glad to hear from a local. How about studying the pictures on this site and the extensive research which proves that it didn’t happened as advertised. You want us to believe you: prove that even one person, including Ms. Brannock, was really injured. Proof, not accusing people here of spreading rumors.

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