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Moscow Nanny Child Decapitation: Under Review

Alterations, Mar. 1, 2016

This revelation thanks to one of our posters, updated, Mar. 2, 2016

Traffic may be coming to this site, because of the original title. However, errors may have been made in the original post, visa vis police actions, among other errors.  It is not a hoax but is, rather, a horrific crime. Claims made in the original title are also under review. These claims have been removed for purposes of evaluation and confirmation. There will be no attempt on this site to retain information that is erroneous.


The police were there while the accused woman was roaming about back-and-forth over that 15 minute span, as is commonly acclaimed. Other sources stated the following:

In scenes that shocked the world, the hijab-wearing nanny was seen walking the streets of Moscow brandishing the head of the dead girl for an hour before she was detained by police.

NOTE: no one can find this plausible that she would do so for an hour without action being taken against her. It is also clear that instead of looking towards here the two police officers are looking away.

Regardless, clearly, the individual is at the minimum fully deranged.

It can be seen, here, that the police were blurred out of the image:


Why would they blur them out? That makes no sense.

It is also curious that a major reporter just happened to be on the scene:


Such reports will be used to attribute this to Islam, while, in fact, this faith has nothing to do with it. Murdering a child of any kind is absolutely banned. Anyone who does so will suffer severe consequences, including permanent residence in the fires of Hell.

Now, the previously removed material is under review. For now, there is this:

A Moscow nanny has been arrested after waving the dismembered head of a toddler around a subway station on Monday.

The woman has been identified Gyulchehra Bobokulova, an Uzbek national believed to be in her late 30s. Bystanders said Bobokulova was clad in all black when she was seen holding a small package, yelling “Allahu Akbar” and threatening to blow herself up. Then Bobokulova pulled the head of 4-year-old girl from the package and began waving it around.

“I hate democracy! I’m a terrorist!” she yelled before being tackled by police, according to TV Rain.

The whole incident lasted about 15 minutes, Rain TV reports, adding that despite her threat, no explosives were recovered.

Earlier in the day, a fire had torn through the apartment of the girl’s family. When first responders arrived, they reportedly found the girl’s headless body.

Bobokulova had worked for the little girl’s family for three years, with no complaints about her from the parents. Russian newspaper Moskovsky Komsomolets reported that the mother indicated the girl had a serious developmental disability, and that the parents were preparing to take her to Germany for surgery.

Authorities have scheduled a psychiatric evaluation for the woman, to determine whether she understood the gravity of her actions. One law enforcement source suggested to the agency that the nanny might be under the influence of psychoactive drugs.

In response to the incident, Russia’s child protection ombudsman called for parents to get psychiatric evaluations for nannies before hiring them.

Russian federal migration service spokeswoman Olga Kirillova told Interfax that Bobokulova was working as a nanny illegally, without a worker’s permit, though she had registered with a migration office and was in the country legally.

Sources told Interfax that they are looking into whether Monday’s events might have been precipitated by Bobokulova’s trip home to Uzbekistan around Jan. 1. Russian special forces are collaborating with their Uzbek counterparts to piece together details of her travels, the agency reports.

Meanwhile, Moscow’s head Imam issued a statement asking people not to link the brutal murder with Islam. “We’re talking about an absolutely inadequate person, so it’s completely incorrect to associate these actions with Muslims and Islam just based on her dress or some kind of slogans,” Ildar Alyatdinov said.


He is correct. It is ludicrous to associate any such issue/event with Islam. The fact is this faith is diametrically opposed to the commission of any harm against any defenseless person, especially tiny children or defenseless animals.


It’s the Zionists who have made a global association of Islam with terror. It is clearly a distraction so that the great murderous acts of Zionist elements remain disguised. There is a constant plotting against this faith. The plot has been to a large degree effective. Most of the world truly associates Islam with terror rather than the ultimate and most extreme source, Zionism. In the Middle East beheading has been popularized by the fully Zionist-controlled Saudi Arabian entity. The tactic was fully endorsed by the Israeli Mossad for purposes of creating great corruption and fear, that is in relation to the attempted conquest of Syria. In the Islamic faith the beheading of common people is strictly prohibited. So are any other atrocities committed against people of any background, regardless of their affiliations, religion, race, or creed.

Yet, now, the story lines are that supposedly the woman claims that “Allah told her to do it.” That’s like saying that G_d told Netanyahu to invade and destroy Gaza with phosphorus bombs, cluster bombs, massive tank shells, and dime weapons. The rabbis do, in fact, make such claims, while they murder hundreds and even thousands of people in each such operation. Yet, no one publicizes their crimes to even the least degree the way this issue has been publicized. In contrast, any such horrific act, where innocents are maliciously targeted and where these is senseless aggression against the people; any act like this earns Islam’s complete and full condemnation.

Regardless, no one in Islam every makes the claim that God directly speaks to them, that is other than the original Prophets.

Every effort is being made to tie this to the Islamic faith. The fact is this faith has nothing to do with it and, in fact, fully prohibits any horrific acts committed against defenseless and innocent people. Through the this way of life atrocities are blocked and prevented. For instance, unlike Western powers, who do so routinely, in the entirely of modern history no Islamic country has ever invaded another nation, where it committed vast corruption and much bloodshed in the land.

Something provoked this horror. Just what did so is still unknown. However, it wasn’t a conversation with God, perhaps Satan, by not the divine Being. Regardless, no one would do so other than a criminally minded person or, possibly, a person under the influence of powerful, hallucinogenic drugs.

No Islamic person would ever behead a child in a baby crib. No one has ever done so in the past. There are no devout Muslim baby killers or toddler murderers on record. Why would it happen, now?

Moscow is certainly in grief over this. Despite being trusted as a nanny for a number of months, the woman is surely deranged. Could she have been on powerful psychotropic drugs?


WATCH: Video Shows Moscow Woman Carrying Child’s Decapitated Head


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  1. Exhibit (5) NASA Hoax Magic Tricks with Zero Gravity Planes & CGI & Greenscreens Fraud!

  2. Exhibit 6) NASA Hoax Space Junk Shuttle!

    Now watch video after 16:40. See anything impossible??? Huh? Look at the ridiculous metal common House type door! Thin house door! No Seals or pressure locks like a sub!! This piece of junk with a door like that can’t even go as high as a Cessna with a crappy unsealed door like that! & Look at cheap common flood light atop & near the door! You think those thin glass light bulbs traveled in Space??? Did they do a Michael Jackson moonwalk & change the bulbs??? No wonder they don’t show closeups of this fake space junk! You think that piece of **** went over 245 miles high?? Huh? You think that piece of **** can go 17,000 miles per hours plus ??? That’s what’s required to catch up with the Hoax space Station??? That’s how fast the hoax space station is hoax traveling!! You believe that Bull$h#t?? Huh? If the Concorde could only go…well they used to say 2000 mph they say 1600! You think that piece of **** can go ten times the speed of the French/UK Concorde??? And more ridiculously the Hoax space station ISS IS going like 150,000,000 miles PER YEAR Right! NASA Claims 100s of thousands of meteors & meteorites hit the earth per year at high speed!! So how would the ridicuously fake, flimsy, flim-flam, shim-sham zioscam Station Station going over 17,000 mph withstand atleast hundreds of super high hits per year??? Huh? It’s all a big fat hoax! Shame on all US for ever falling for NASA’s Hoaxes & lies all these years! Braindead, brainwashed programmed dumb goyim idiots we’ve been! Start rethinking all the lies they ever told us! We must!

  3. Exhibit 7) Little Lemming Proves NASA Hoax Mars Landing Proven Done On Earth!

    Lemmings on Mars don’t lie! But Zios & NASA Freemasons Hoax Fraudsters do! Don’t be a Lemming!

  4. Exhibit 8) NASA Mars Hoax Landing Site Is In Devon, Island near Greenland! Busted NASA Hoax Liars & Fraudsters!

    • I think the reason masons worship Saturn and have the rings of Saturn represented in all their dealings (just watch the news and look for them, especially during weather) it may be because Saturn was once the earth’s true sun (Masons seek light). The current sun is new and the earth and other planets have only been revolving around it for about 15,000 years.

      Also, all this flat earth stuff has me confused. The flat earthers have some very good points like why is the sun the same size as the moon when the sun is much farther away and why can’t we ever see the dark side of the moon from earth, and why does the north star never move and why doesn’t water fall off the earth if it is a globe. We just don’t know that much and must trust NASA which is a hard thing to do.

      • earth isn’t flat. Not a difficult one. Pure disinfo.

      • Here is a fact that I, nor you–> Jihad John & Dr K nor anyone cannot dispute or refute but please try to if you want: The moon & the Sun not only appear to be the same size but also appear to rotate around the earth in the same orbit every day! Now if the earth is spinning at over 1000 mph at the equator & traveling much faster around the sun how can the moon apear to have the same orbit around the earth. The Sun’s part in this strange coincidence– Sun’s apparent visual orbit around the earth, alone, can be explained by by the earth spinning around, yes, ok. But it is impossible for the moon to appear to have the same visual orbit around a sphere earth when the moon is orbitting the earth at High speed plus the earth spinning. This makes it impossible for both to visually have the same apparent orbit! So it is impossible. It is only possible by these visual facts that either the sun & the moon are nearly the same size revolving around a sphere/ball earth or the Sun farther & revolving much faster or they are both about the same size revolving around a circle over the generally flat plane, surfaced earth like hands of a clock.
        (2) All ancient religions believed this to be so– including writings in the Bible & the Koran.
        More indisputable facts that are not disinformation:
        (3) All pilots use a Gyroscope and are taught to fly following a level horizon too, as if flying over a flat level plain or plane.
        (4) Pilots never adjust for curvature of the earth, not ever.
        (5) If this curvature existed a pilot would constantly adjust curving downward along with the curvature or he would soon reach a dangerous altitude & his plane would rip apart or he’d go into space & die. The accepted rate of curvature of the earth makes this unavoidable. If curvature was real, constant adjusting to Curvature would be necessary & would be the foremost, important thing taught to pilots, yet it is never taught or done at all. The opposite is the case: fly level, into the flat level horizon & using your gyroscope to remain level.
        (6) Fighter pilots practice going hundreds of miles as low as 50 ft over the Ocean at 700 to 2400 mph–perhaps yet they never adjust to any curvature at all! They fly straight and level over the ocean at super high speeds just flying level with the horizon & gyroscope & it matches the level flat ocean perfectly! At 300 miles they would fly 10’s of miles up above the earth if it & ocean had curvature & they do this not adjusting for the curvature. Check for yourself on an earth curvature calculator. But remember it is not a slope or grade it is a curve, so the amount of curvature increases at a greater rate each mile, not at a flat rate per mile!
        The so-called flat earth is the most idiotic sounding, insane thing you have ever heard of as long as you never investigate it seriously. I thought it was completely insane & I refused to watch any videos on it. I considered I should stop watching anyone’s videos on any subject who posted or made or recommended any video about it. But once I watched a couple videos & I tried to desprove it it was impossible to disprove & instead everything seemed to prove the flat earth. Yet nothing seems to prove the Spherical spinning ball earth at all when you challenge it & examine the facts.
        Another amazing think that proves the flat earth are the admitted globe/ ball earth flight routes! They never make any sense at all & fly hundreds to even thousands of miles off course shown on a globe or globe based map even for many non-stops! Yet these same flight routes are nearly straight and the nearly shortest apparent distances to distinations with only being slightly off for refueling & connection stops using the official US Govt Map USGS Azimuthal Equidistant. Which is now used & referred to as flat Earth map.
         If this Azimuthal Equidistant map is insane why do so many US government agencies use this map?
        Why do governments & scientists & engineers & others around the world use this Azimuthal Equidistant map??? Why does NASA even use this map!!
        Why does this Azimuthal Equidistant map make nearly all non-sensical Air flights make sense?
        Investigate it! Refute it & Prove the flat earth wrong or let the facts prove it to be true!
        Everything I posted above here is off the top of my mind, some of of what I have studied & remembered so far on this topic, except the crazy spelling of the Azimuthal Equidistant map!
        I only planned a short reply but this is too important a subject not to research & try to refute for yourself. I have not seen anyone who seriously researched this who did not change their mind about the Globe or “Flat” Earth. But if you do not look at serious flat earthers videos & research & instead just watch a bunch of debunking videos then you are not serious about finding out the truth for yourself, but merely trying to refute something without actually understanding it since the debunkers always leave out real arguments & Facts & makeup red herring arguments.

        • Rudulf, listen things about the moon landing never made sense to me like the crappy Footage yet I never really researched it. Like the tiny Capsule leaving the moon & flying back to earth. The extreme heat & cold of the moon. How the large car fit into the tiny capsule with the men. I mean actually I did read all my encyclopedias A THRU Z: Childcraft, Collier, Encyclopaedia Brittanic, Encyclopedia Americana & library book but it never gave me any answer. Yet I never really researched it. Even trips to the Smithsonian as a kid were useless! But later I found out it was a hoax thru the net & thru accidentally leading Jim Collier (a NYC Jew who also told my the zionists were psychopaths) on an a research of NASA FRAUD Amazing Adventure of a lifetime by introducing him to Bill Cooper at a Militia Gun Rally in Lansing Michigan. I tolx both of them to go to that Rally & pestered the Orgaizer to have them as Speakers. Collier about Computerized Vote Fraud. Cooper about the NWO.
          Anyway my point is I should have picked up the ball & really researched NASA & space travel & Space & the ridiculousness of the of the Sun being 93 million miles away. How could you see thru all that black & obsticles that far away???
          Also the biggest thing that showed me that supposed science was BS was that all my Encyclopedias liseted completely different ages of dinosaurs & other Animals supposed existances and extinctions & prehistoric ages. And the crazy school books listed yet more completely contradictory time frames!! lol Like for example one would say the same supposed dinosaur existed 7.5 billion years aho and another might say 80 milion years ago! lmao! And at the Smithsonian in DC the Curator admitted to me the a giant Dinosaur I forget it was a T- Rex or Bronchiasaurus contained on like two bones & some teeth & the rest of the bones were theorized or calulated from this couple bones & a few teeth! It always seemed complete BS & impossible to determine what the hell an animal lokked like from that kind of Crappy non scientific theorizing! But they determine all the dinosaurs just like that except some large lizards & Woolly Mammaths! But we still have Komoto Dragons & Elephants & the have no wool from the hoax Wooly mammoths! ‘Cause they are ELEPHANTS! LOL.
          Finally my point truth is truth regardless of atracks & trolls & being made fun of, hated scorned or ridiculed!
          No excuses Rudulf Research the Flat Earth now!!! It’s amazingly exciting once you start! It just keeps proving it self they more you look at the facts. You can try to disprove it all but you can’t! Not by what you think you know now about it but what you will start discovering!
          It’s like discovering a thousand Sandy Hook Hoaxes at once! And people from every walk of life are finding it impossible to disprove & becoming flat earthers as most people 500 years ago. And as a third to half scientists & the engineers & architects still were in 1848! Architects & engineers never account for any curvature of the earth! Not Even Railroad, highway or Bridge engineers. They simple build & engineer the bridges & Railroads according to they lay of the land and deepth water if footings required and all the obsticles in their way like hills & Mountain. I just ask an old retired Bridge & Highways engineer/builder recently if he ever accounted for curvature & he said no he never heard of doing such a thing! See all these guys are never taught to account for curvature so they never even think about it really. When I showed him tge accepted formula for curvature ofbthe earth he said that was crazy. He said that was impossible the earth must be bigger than that…See they always assume the earth must be so big that the curvature never comes into play but it does. We all assume it is to account for our own experience of never observing curvature. And by rationalizing we are seeing the curvature when traveling over hills, dips, valleys & mountains. But–The curvature rapidly comes into play. The next time I saw him he said he was looking for me for days because it was driving him crazy for a couple weeks wanting to have somebody to talk to about it! He said the earth has to be flat & it only took him two days on the internet & doing research to be completely convinced the curvature was completely impossible with all his experience in light of the formula of earth’s increasing curvature per each mile.
          If Pilots & Engineers can be completely oblivious to this their entire lives there is no wonder everyday people are! And pilots & Engineers are never taught anything about accounting for curvature or they would either screw everything up dangerously or they’d soon figure out there is no curvature at all! If you tried to adjust for curvature building a highway you’d soon being digging dozens miles into the ground over a few hundred miles! And you would not do that insanity so you would figure it there is no curvature of the earth ever! ..except hills, valleys & moutains & such. The road from South Florida to Key West is a bunch of Bridges atleast 150 miles– Across the Ocean! Yet there is no Curvature a flat level plane of Ocean! Except for places for boats to cross under & such! They built it level with no accounting for the non-existant curvature!

        • The flat earth movement is run by the FBI, a co-intel program, “cognitive infiltration of paranoid libertarians” instructed to mock 9/11 truthers and anarchists, to attempt to demonstrate how insane the views of the extremists are. Thus when a meme comes out saying that those who investigate 9/11 come away convinced that the government is lying–then the government agents and their contractors put out flat earth memes saying the same thing about the flat earth. One way to combat this sort of evil unethical behavior is simply block anyone who mentions flat earth as a seriously held belief.

        • Hey Cowboy. I guess you were talking to this guy:
          Engineer, W. Winckler, wrote into the Earth Review October 1893 regarding the Earth’s supposed curvature, stating, “As an engineer of many years standing, I saw that this absurd allowance is only permitted in school books. No engineer would dream of allowing anything of the kind. I have projected many miles of railways and many more of canals and the allowance has not even been thought of, much less allowed for. This allowance for curvature means this – that it is 8” for the first mile of a canal, and increasing at the ratio by the square of the distance in miles; thus a small navigable canal for boats, say 30 miles long, will have, by the above rule an allowance for curvature of 600 feet. Think of that and then please credit engineers as not being quite such fools. Nothing of the sort is allowed. We no more think of allowing 600 feet for a line of 30 miles of railway or canal, than of wasting our time trying to square the circle”

          But maybe you should look here:

          How to eliminate error due to Curvature and Refraction
          Proper field procedures (taking shorter shots and balancing shots) can practically reduce errors

          Wherever possible, staff readings should be kept at least 0.5 m above the ground,

          Using short observation distances (25 m) equalized for backsight and foresight

          Air below is denser than air above Air below is denser than air above, Line of sight is bent downward which Negates earth curvature error by 14%.

          Simultaneous Reciprocal Trigonometrical Heighting

          Observations made at each station at exactly the same time, cancels the effects of curvature and refraction

        • Rudolf the autopilot merely flies the plane straight & level on course & level according to the Gyroscope. It does not make the plane constantly fly downward to an (imaginary) earth curvature. It does not adjust to any curvature or terrain of the earth. A large airline plane is usually usually flying higher than the highest mountains so the pilots do not need to asjust for them usually except near takeoff on landing ascent or descent. And Autopilot certainly does not use GPS since it completely unreliable & does not work in tge Southern hemiphere very far off land. This is repeately comfirmed be flight tracking sites, flyers & pilots!

    • Christinne or anyone wish to comment on why this guy literally begs for bucks at the end of his speil? No wonder dr k dropped this story. Go fund me…

  5. All Muslims believe that Mohammed is the last prophet then how this woman claims that Allah spoke to him,!! no Muslim has believed such bullshit See even in case of war the military code in Islam forbids killing women civilian children and old men Russia had a lost many soldiers in Syria and therefore they should legitimize their presence for Russian people by inventing this STUPID STORY compared to 9/11 and charlie hebdo and more the media tell that this woman mouse saying Allah spoke to him (what is considered “as disbelief among Muslims) is it a joke ?? AND smiled !!! therefore this story is true: these woman is psy. if not then the Russian made film is played bad and ridiculous because in islam Allah does not speak to Muslims find out

  6. Exhibit 9) NASA Hoax Proven
    Caught Using Greenscreen with Fake AstroNOT Jerk Tim Peake w’ Bonesman CIA PsyOp Occultist GHWBush Present!

    & Gabby GunGrabber Giffords zioSlime there too or the Treason Fun too & Her Fraudster AstroNot Husband Kelly Klown!

    Putting the zioMagic Fraud Tricks Right in Your Hated Goyim Faces! …As NASA Brainwashes & Robs the American People aka Rothschild’s Federal Reserve Tax Slaves of Billions of dollars of the wages & wealth! Every thing Rothschild & his gang of Psychopath theives have stolen should be confiscated & given back to the people!

  7. Exhibit 15) Zionist Jew Satanic Witch Pam Geller Genocidal Maniac Takes Part Russia Fake Muslim Nanny Child Beheading Hoax!

    Pamela Geller is as beastly a zionist monster as Hillary Clinton! When this psychopath is involved you know it is a Zionist hoax & complete lie!

    • Cowboy you are as thick as pig ****.

  8. Exhibit 17 (b) Russia Zio-Hoax Child Beheading By Fake Muslim Crisis Actor Busted Crisis Actor: Nasiba Bobokulova
    aka Насиба Бобокулова

    Compare this picture to Exhibit 17) of Nasiba Bobokulova relative & likely sister in law of aforementioned Shakhodat Bobokulova. This Nasiba Bobokulova is of Uzbekistan & Rawleigh NC & maybe Brooklyn, NYC USA & Russia. Насиба Бобокулова

    She plays her clearly Gulchehra Bobokulova aka Gyulchekhra Bobokulova. Notice the coldsore at the bottom left center of her lip it’ can be seen in some of her court pics. **Notice in these court pics she looks like another woman & not blurred & digitized. Also notice how she left her eyebrows not shaved down to size, but bleached light & then makeup/drawn on Eyebrows of a thinner different shape to make her look different & older. Who gave her makeup to use in jail after this supposed brutal barbaric chopping off of little hoax “girl’s” head??? And why is she allowed to have special treatment of padding under her hand cuffs?? Huh? Special treatment for this Crisis Actor! Or how about the turtlneck & coat allowed under her Jail out fit?? LMAO!! Or the Spandex looking pants she has on?? You think that is standard issue in Russian jails?? Not!! is this Beverly Hills Jail???
    ..And Notice the prison guard cuffed to our Eeevile Murderess Beheader Mossadlim Crisis Actor doesn’t even get the same special star treatment of padding between her hand cuff as the Star of the Hoax!

  9. Exhibit 18) Happy Hoaxer Crisis Actor Bobokulova the Bozo Clown Happy Mossadomite FAKE Killer! Not a Real Event! Not a Muslim! Not insane woman!
    A Hired Actress!!

    A HOAX! Hoax! Hoax! By an actor!

    No Schzio Zio Bull$chitzo! No woman did this! She is an actor Committing treason for the zionist power grab & Psychiatry Tyranny power grab against the Russian People & Uzbekistani people to take their their rights & freedoms! And for the never ending zioWars to mutually distroy the Goyim! I’d sooner trust the the trash man to decide who could watch my kids & how I raise them than some nutty (often Talmudic raised ziotrash psycho) & Psychobabbling psycho called a psychiatrist! It’s like letting Woody Allen or Alan Dershewitz or David Burkewitz watch your kids!

    I had to listen to some idiot tell people how we & the world need go to war to over this since even the Muslim women are like this & exterminate all these Muslims over this fake Beheading! So unless you want people to believe this is real & have billions of innocent people soon exterminated you better find some clarity of mind & reason & common sense & some backbone and tell people this is a lie, a hoax and tell them who is behind it!
    It did not happen! Not partly, not at all & it is the evil zionists behind this $h#t as always!!! Their fingerprints & zioMedia are all over this scam!

  10. Ziotrash Crypto Jew, no class clown Jimmy Fallon mocks Bill Cosby in 2014 & keeps doing it until he almost walks off stage!
    Jimmy Fallon has no class at all & no original jokes or thoughts at all. This bozo zio Cryto forced replacement of Jay Leno was even monumentally dumber than replaying him with Harvard deviant Freemason Conan Obrien!

  11. Nanny Beheading Hoax More Impossible Pics!

    Exhibit 19) Getty Photographer Doing a Photo Shoot Inside Bobokulova’s Jail Cell Proves It’s A Zionist Hoax Beheading PsyOp! LMAO!!!

  12. Exhibit 20) Nanny Beheading Hoax

    If you enlarge this picture at look closely you can see this Crisis Actor has tge same cold sore or mole covered by makeup under her lip your right as the Mossad Agent named Nasiba Bobobkulova from Uzbekistan, & North Carolina & Russua & Brooklyn. I think she is related to a NYC Uzbeki media/film Company of Odil Ruzliev from Brooklyn NYC & Uzbekistan. All the people/actors involved in this scam are linked to this Rushana Bayramova & her Lesbian lover in named Bobokulova in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. This way they can disppear away from Russian after this PsyOp Hoax Theater is over & only made camoes for court appearances & propaganda reinforcement programming!

    • Exhibit 10) NASA Hoax Buffoon Cartoons

      NASA HOAX-Star Scott Kelly Lands His Hoax SpaceSip In Kazakhstan & On The Front Page of USA Today Zio-Lie-O Rag! AstroNOT! Yes This Buffoon is On The Front Page of USA Today– This Very Day!

      Yes Treasonous Zionist Jew GunGrabber Gabby Giffords the Crisis Actor Fraud’s Hoax Husband & his Ape Suit Show in Space Is Over For Now! And his 340 days in Hoax Space In The ISiS Hoax Space Station broken the record! Ofcourse this zionist Actor Fraudster never was in space at all!! NASA is a complete Hoax! Check out his space suit & Helmet!… I will detail the obvious fakery of those next!! Go check this USA Today at the library but please don’t actually buy this warmonger Fraud & Hoax Heavy Rag of Zio Lies! lol!

      I am not Kidding This ZioJew & His Twin Buffoon Brother Swam Around like monkeys in Space in Ape Suits Dangerous flying past wires & gadgets hangout out everywhere like two Apes in an Old Sampsonite Lugguage commercial throwing luggage around!

  13. Exhibit 22) Russian Nanny Hoax Beheading of Young Hoax Girl-Played By a Boy
    Son of Rushana Bayromova of Uzbekistan

    Bobokulova Crisis Actors Mossad Cell is Linked to This CIA-Mossad Operative
    Odil Ruzliev A Powerful Propagandist Liar for CIA Zionist Front “Voice of America”
    He hosts a Show from Washington DC & other Locations broadcast into Parts of Russia & Uzbekistan & dozens of Caucaucus & Central Asian Countries to Keep
    Them Under the Zionist & ZioUS Agendas & At Each others throats & at Russia’s
    To Fomant Hatred Lies & Wars & Genocide!

    • Ex22(b) Russia Uzbeki Nanny Beheading of Child Evil Zionist Hoax!

      I forgot to Mention this Zionist Propagandist Odil Ruzaliev also has his own media Company Simultaneous with his Powerful Voice Of America CIA/mossad Propaganda Talk Show Host & Editor, Writer, Photographer postion! So he must make a fortune with CIA, State Department & Mossad & DHS Film & Broadcasting & Flim & Radio Productions Contracts! He probably had a big part in Orchestrating & Filming & Broadcasting this Hoax Hate the Muslims PsyOp!
      Also he broadcasts and films in Turkey not just Central Asia & Caucaus & Russia, etc. So I bet also his Propaganda VOA shows go into various Arab Speaking Countries too since he is a Multiliguage Speaking Mossad/CIA Spook Crypto Zio!
      I did view some antiRussian tweets he posted also… doing his job as a Mossadomite Hate & War Propagandist Liar Warmonger!

  14. Exhibit 11) Why Are All These NASA /Astronomy Phototagraphers /Picture Takers also Graphic Artists??
    Because They Are Picture Makers & Picture Fakers! Not Picture Takers!

    Check Out these Astronomy Photographer/Graphic Artists’ Supposed Real Photographs!! Total Fraud! You cannot take this colorful, fabulous Disney Cartoonist, Star Trek/Star Wars Pictures with any lense or even thru a super Powerful NASA Telescope! Because they are not pictures! But yet, these fraudster’s claim they are! Yet when pinned down NASA people repeatedly admit they use composite images & photoshopping…”because you have to” they admit!! NASA & these celebrated Astronomy photographer graphic artists are all fraudsters!

    Stop Drinking Any of NASA’s poisoned Kool-Aid!

  15. Very Informative & Explanatory Video of Flat Earth, Federal Reserve & Fiat Currency Vs Gold or Precious Metal Money or Precious Metal Backed redeemable Currency…aka real money vs Fake, Fiat, debt money!

  16. Most Long Flight path routes make no sense on a Globe map especially involving the Southern Hemisphere, yet most all of these same routes make complete sense on the Flat Earth map!

    • Nonsense.

  17. I challenge you to prove me WRONG on this Flat Earth Theory!

    What IS round in fact is a single 3-dimensional plane of Earth.

    Problem is that earth. is made of many 3-dimensional planes just like an apple is made of many 2D planes (theoretically).

    Take for example two peaces of paper with “living 2D beings on them” they are separated by
    WIDTH which is in fact our 3D space with air we breathe, for those beings we would be invisible and a 2D man on one of those papers would consider his place as “EARTH”, but we (3d humans) would keep telling them (NO, that is not earth… Earth has width!! you live on 2D plane) but they would call you
    “devil, liar” etc…

    You see, humans are 3D beings with 2D perspective, while 4D beings have 3D perspective. So they see Earth as FLAT!

    What is 4th dimension?

    Just like you can see 2D being on paper from every direction, 4D being can see humans and all 3D objects from all directions at once.

    If you take a 3D object, you would need to rotate it to explore all directions, and that takes TIME!

    4th dimension is TIMESPACE, just like WIDTH is next dimension for 2D.

    Now for 4D being (Devil, Angel) Earth would appear FLAT, but not only that, instead of a single 3D plane, their Earth would be round with all flat 3d planes around the SUN.

    Stars are the LAMPS on Earth!

    What you see as “SPACE, VACUUM” it doesn’t exist in the way you see it, and those PLANETS, are just missing parts of the REAL Earth.

    Distance from your land, to the clouds is 72 years. If you would throw a rock from top of the clouds, it would fall on earth for a 2 hours for those waiting it to fall, however if you would jump with a rock and started falling down together, it would take 72 years to hit the ground.

    From 3D plane Earth where YOU live, Neptune appears to orbit sun 84 years, but if you would be standing on Neptune it would take only 1 years (just like your earth) but planet Earth would be moving around SUN extremely fast.

    For example, people were worshiping devils of Mt’ Olympus… ie.. Zeus.. and now you say “BUT THERE IS NOTHING ON THAT MOUNTAIN”..well you don’t see entire mountain don’t you?

    Start using your BRAIN!!!

    • The flat-earthers are possibly the most simple minded of all the conspiracy theorists. Its no good masquerading yourselves as intelligent, when the basics of your theories can be shot to pieces in seconds….

      • Why dont you DO IT FATSTUFF? GO ON give me a FEW SECONDS of your time!

        • Do what??

  18. SHOOT ME and the other TRUTHERS on this site to peaces in a FEW SECONDS FATSLUG!!!

  19. Exhibit 1) Madison Ohio Zio DHS Hoax School Shooting with Silly Sideways Handgun Shooting!

    ZioHollywood Movie Style Shooting with Sideways Gun! Means it is ZioHollwood Fake! A Hollywood Scripted Fake Shooting!

    Watch ZioPuppet Reporter “Jason Law” deliver most of Crisis Actor Fake Witness Jacob Phelps’ lies/lies/script for him!

  20. Exhibit 2) Zio Ohio Hoax School Shooting

    Ridiculous 30 yr old Bearded Crisis Actor playing scared supposed 11 grader proves Madison Jr & Sr High School Shooting is A Complete Zionist DHS Gun Confiscation Agenda Fake Shooting Treasonous PsyOp!

    • A reporter asking questions?? A high school senior with a beard??? Dear God! Come take my guns already because I don’t know how much longer I can stand these endless arch-zionist gun-grabbing hoaxes.

  21. Ex3) Madison Jr & High School Shooting Zio Ohio Big Fat Lie-O BS! Crisis Actor’s Prior Posts Times Prove Hoax!

    Crisis Actor Andy Wendt (Student’s Father) posted about the Fake Shooting hours before it the time it Supposed Happened!

    • Cowboy, that tweet was made at 11.48am on 29 February.The shooting started at 11.18am. When are you going to learn how to read tweet timestamps? I don’t know if you’ve noticed but this site is called nodisinfo…

      • Exhibit 4) Madison High Hoax Shooting Con-Man /Ad/Man Andy Wendt Crisis Actor Busted !!! Zio Magic Man Who Post Shootings Before They Happen!

        Andy Wendt is an AdMan, a marketing & Advertising Man like so many Con-Artist Actor/Change Agents used in these Treasonous Hoax Events perpetrated a by the Zios & DHS against the Dumb, hated Goyim! Again he has several operating companies so he likely has DHS contracts to help plan & orchestrate these fake events & drills portrayed as real events, real murders, real terror & real shootings, etc! And among his many qualifications this he is a professional events planner! Futhermore he looks like a Famous Sandy Hook Crook Actor! Can Anyone guess who???

        This Andy is another zioScamming Actor like WDBJ Fraudster Andy Parker & Robbie Hoax Parker of Sandy Hook Hoax!

        • Just getting this straight. You searched for and found a tweet posted half an hour after the shooting started (3 hours earlier in US Pacific time) by some random parent which was retweeted 29 times, and now this guy is pegged, sorry proven as a crisis actor all because you got the tweet time wrong?

        • Beard growth can start at 14. It depends on the genes. I know a 17 yo with a full beard, looks ridiculous and makes him look old, but there you go. Youth of today. (His dad’s pretty hairy too).

          The reporter is repeating back what the kid has said, not putting words in his mouth. The kid is awkward and shy, so he’s doing what reporters are trained to do, feeding back to clarify the answer.

      • Exhibit 5) Madison Hoax High Shooting Actor Andy Wendt Posted at 8:48 am Central Time (Contrary to Zio Troll Evidence/ EP/GABRIEL Lies) Not 11:48 CST!

        Andy Wendt– ‏@AndyWendt

        Just heard my son’s school (Madison Local Schools) is on lockdown. Kids inside the school report there was a shooting. Prayers needed. #Ohio

        8:48 AM – 29 Feb 2016

        Cincinnati, Ohio (like Middletown Butler County Ohio) is in the Central Time Zone Not in Alaskan Time nor Pacific, nor Mountain nor Eastern Time nor any other American nor Foriegn time zone. My time zone is Eastern Time Zone so if it would still be too early if were EST. But it is Central. As Always ZioTroll Gabriel aka EP aka Zerg & “Evidence Please” likes to try to confuse readers & posters & Dr K & everyone he can with fraud posts & lies & disinfo.

  22. Exhibit 2-(b) Middletown Madison Jr & Sr High 30 Year Old Fake Student DHS Crisis Actor Supposed 11 Grader Fake Witness!

    I believe his name is Zyad Amed. He is quoted as an 11th grade with a similiar fake scripted stories in the fake shooting but they don’t label the picture directly as him or in the video scripted fake interviews!
    You believe this clown is 17 or 17 years old??? Anybody?? LMAO!×480/local/-/media/2016/02/29/Cincinnati/Cincinnati/635923635721444223-madison.reaction4.jpg

  23. To alleged Tom Grant: I said a supposed High School Junior not Senior. And it is a very thick beard not some peach fuzz!
    And I want a reporter to ask lots of question. I never mentioned him asking questions, what I said was he was delivering/ telling the young Crisis actor’s story for him– the supposed student’s script/lines/lies. Why deliver his story for him? Most likely because the crisis actor was doing a poor job delivering his lines & his eyes kept darting & head shaking like was lying & they were tired of doing retakes so the only kept a minute or so of his lines & let the reporter as to it more of the written DHS script.

  24. One mistake I made is Cincinnati & all of Ohio is in the Eastern Time Zone same as me. I guess was thinking about Southwest Indiana where the time is Central Time confusing it with Southwest Ohio. Regardless He ( Andy Wendt) posted it at 8:48am EST & it did not supposedly happen until 11:15! But of course it never happened at all. No School shooting happened at Madison Sr & Jr High on February 29th 2016 or on any other day! It is a lie, a hoax & Fraud & PsyOp!

    • Thanks for the clarification. My problem is that when I view the tweet, it’s timestamped 11.48am so it makes sense that you’re actually viewing it in twitter server default time (if your not logged into twitter) which would be 8.48am US Pacific time. It’s a well documented timestamp issue and has caught a number of journalists out before.

      • Why don’t you mind your own business. Cowboy’s mistake is clear for all to see. And quit spamming – you’ve made a real mess of this page – again. Nobody’s afraid of your juvenile threats.

  25. Exhibit 7) Middleton Ohio Zio DHS School Shooting Hoax Star Andy Wendt Loves Guns & Shooting…For Himself & Familty…

    …Just Not for you & me the Hated Dumb Goyim!

    Treasonous Crisis Actors & Zionist Jews Like Andy Wendt Love Guns & Shooting but they Are More Than Willing To Get Paid $$$ & Commit Treason Pulling Scams & PsyOps To Trick You Into Lettibg Your Guns & Rights Be Taken Away!

    • And only one gun massacre since then. Zero in Australia during the same time. Wow. Looks like gun control actually works.

  26. Wow! Even the Time Zones Worldwide make much more sense on NASA & USGS’s AE Azimuthal Equidistance Map! Than on other maps including Worldwide Time & Date Zone Maps!

    (Also known as the Flat Earth Map.) AE Map = FE Map = Flat Earth Map
    Funny How NASA & USGS & other Government agencies use this AE – aka FE- Flat Earth Map! huh?

    Muslim Persian scientist, astronomer, philospher, genious Al Burini who invented this AE map nearly 1000 years ago sure was a wise man! How did a man so long ago make a map so accurate that it is still used today! And I am not being sarcastic at all.

  27. Hey rudy go play with your reindeer your nose is red its got blood on it

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