Other Hoaxes Zionist Terror — 17 July 2016
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Turkish Coup Staged by the Mossad – Fake Blood and Crisis Actors

Regarding the purported Turkish coup there is great evidence of vast corruption. The timing is telling, coming in the aftermath of the Zionist-orchestrated, arch-fake Nice truck attack. Too, regarding Turkey there is much evidence of staging and hoaxing. Even so, it appears that military conscripts were largely unaware of the nature of the hoax that was perpetrated upon them and were brought in through deception and deceit. These conscripts are reporting that they thought that they were participating in noting other than a drill, while only realizing its true nature in the midst of the aftermath.


This seemingly peaceful disarmament does not mean that no one died. In fact, the number of dead and injured appears to be significant. It just means that the coup itself wasn’t a real, that is as an actual Turkish military revolt and was, rather, fully orchestrated by mere filthy spies. Moreover, it was all headed by the Israeli Mossad.

The Zionist agents are captured in the imagery, in the midst of the chaos and carnage:


This man is clearly not a Turk, not by any stretch of the imagination. Therefore, the entire plot was orchestrated by the Zionists.


Once again, what was this Zionist mole doing on the ground in the midst of the chaos? Why is the image published on the Internet in black-and-white? It is just like Egypt during the El-Sisi coup; the Zionists are completely behind this, just as they were during their murderous rampage in Ukraine.

With some effort the color image of the Mossad agent was discovered:


WARNING: Graphic image follows

Notice the watch and wrist band. Regardless, Zionist agents, such as this Israeli spy, are fully embedded within the Turkish infrastructure. He is taking pleasure in fomenting chaos, as well as bloodthirsty murder, this agent provocateur, this embedded Israeli spy.


The man, a mere youth, has been clearly beaten to death, a victim of mere treachery, all as a result of a diabolically orchestrated Zionist plot.

Let us see the image of the Israeli again. It’s a repeat of the murderous Zionist plot against the people of Egypt:


How is this arch-murderous Kazarian mole anything other than a non-Turk, that is a Zionist criminal agent?


What about these two individuals? The man with red matter is not so obviously wounded. The one to his right is most likely an Israeli agent as well. By no means does he appear to be Turkish, although it is possible. Regardless, these men are fully engaged in the staging. This was a full-fledged attack against the Turkish people; it is organized chaos. Anything is possible:


This is a completely different scene than the one previously. It appears these two are working together. The man on the right is clearly acting.


These are Kazarian, arch-hostile, arch-extremist Zionist Jews, not Muslims. Therefore, the entire “Erdogan supporter” protest and anti-coup reaction was fully staged, fully coordinated by agents of the Mossad. The fact is all this chaos and carnage perpetrated upon the Turkish people is not from within themselves but, rather, as a result of a Zionist plot.

Nevertheless, the Zionists have their reasons for orchestrating this plot and arch-scam, even if it leads to the deaths of hundreds of people. They have done so before, failing to unseat the Turkish leadership numerous times. Perhaps they desired an even more compliant ruler than Erdogan himself. Per PressTV in its 2008 report:


Too, the Zionists are deeply concerned with what appear increasingly friendly ties between the Erdogan government and Palestinian groups, notably the Hamas. Said former Mossad Chief Ephraim Halevy:

…Hamas’ shares have risen in many countries including Turkey which hosted the movement’s Chief Khaled Meshaal in Istanbul two days before concluding the agreement, but chose to brief the Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas two days after the agreement.

Staging: evidence

It can be seen on the video how the coordinator is drawing the crowd to the unsuspecting military conscripts. He keeps flailing his arms forward and backward as part of that coordination. These are not Islamists but, rather, Turkish nationalists, among other, fully under Zionist leadership.


This directional action is hard proof of staging and scamming by the purported pro-government, anti-coup elements.


A man is seen looking to another person; they are looking in the direction of each other. He is the man next to the one with the plaid shirt.


If he is so worried about his injury, why is he looking off in the other direction instead of paying attention to his wound? Then, he rushes up to the camera to display his hand, as if he has been injured by the big-bad coup-based military. There is no evidence that his injury is anything other than a mere fake.


She shakes his hand, back and forth. Why would he do so if he had a stab wound or some other injury?

Here is additional hard proof of staging. Clearly, these men are faking it, acting as if they are fighting, the common man against the law enforcement agent:


He raises his arm like he is going to hit law enforcement. No one bothers to do anything against him, even though there are other police to his left.  He strikes in this fake above the officer and by no means intends to hit him.


“Hey, good job, man. I think it looked good.”


Other can be seen in the video striking towards the vehicle, hitting nothing and not attempting to do so.

In this part of the scam and arch-staging a police officer is seen being mobilized, actually being carried along, as if he is mortally wounded. It’s a fairly good act, except a major blunder was made. First of all there are no actual wounds to be seen, and surely no entrance wounds through his shirt.


He is definitely being carried. The Zionists are orchestrating all this through their embedded spies. Notice the two men capturing it on camera. Notice, too, that nowhere to be seen is an ambulance.


Then, when they believe they are off camera, they drop him back on his feet, while he stares towards the camera-person before him.


Why not keep carrying him until he reaches medical care? It’s because he wasn’t wounded, because he was faking it.

Nevertheless, the confirmation of hoaxing and staging is hard proof that by no means was this a secretive, spontaneous act by elements of the Turkish military, as is popularly claimed. Rather, it is proof of the role of Zionist criminal minds in plotting, once again, against the Turkish people and far more.

Regardless, it cannot be a coincidence, that is this coming in the aftermath of the terminally corrupt Nice hoax, also perpetrated by the Zionists. This is a horrific Zionist plot. There were numerous Jewish agents on the ground, coordinating it, just as in Cairo, just as in Alexandria, throughout the Ukraine, and throughout Syria.




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    dudes this is amazing, turkish press covering mr. mossads ass (beardy guy in the pix) they say that mysterious HELPING HAND was one of the turkish actors!!!, Just look at the photo man…. person w half brain can see thats not the guy.. witnessing real time mind control wow.. shameless press, wow wow

    im almost 100% certain he toook a semi conscious soldier and just dissapear w him… I also can see probably he was the one who started shooting around… wow

    also the crowd around him… check them out, Turkey is boiling hot atmo… you would be tanned as fuck, they are all pale as fuck…

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