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Trump Presidency Gets Intelligence on Syria Missile Strike from Mossad Not CIA

Mossad Mole Jared Kushner and the Deadly US Missile Attack on Syria

UPDATED: with new title, 4-14-17

As on 911, as was the case of the George Bush Presidency, the US Trump Presidency gets its critical military intellgience not from the CIA. Rather, it comes directly to it on behalf of the Israeli Mossad. It was disastrous then, for instance, when the Bush clique quoted exclusively the Mossad and its collaborators, which made the fully inane claim that the WTC complex was attacked exclusively by Muslims, when, in fact, the attackers were strictly rabid, extremist Zionist Jews.

No one can doubt this. This ‘fake’ intelligence then led to malicious, murderous wars, causing the deaths of some two million Middle Easterns, mostly Islamic people but also a certain amount of Christians.

In this latest case of trumped-up, no pun intended, intelligence it was arch-rabid Zionist extremist Jared Kushner and his converted Jewish wife who were largely behind the treacherous, treasonous, and murderous, attack against the sovereign nation of Syria. It was they who had the heaviest influence on the sitting President, compelling him to make this disastrous decision. Like former White House Press Secretary Ari Fleisher they find Muslim blood of no consequence and would freely slaughter them “and wouldn’t mind,” so says Fleisher, if it would lead to so-called regime change.

Who, then, wants any Middle Eastern regime to be changed other than the rabid extremist criminal minds who run Zionist Israel?

There can be no doubt that these two Zionist moles in their incestuous, licentious relationship to the sitting President played a most predominant role in facilitating this act of aggression.

In order to facilitate his role Kushner went directly to the Middle East, in US-infested Iraq, a mere 48 hours before the missile strike. What vile nepotism it is. Surely, this is a Zionist-controlled presidency, like the others: make no mistake.

Regardless, what is this Mossad mole doing there other than acting on the agency of Israeli spies?

Image result for jared Kushner; Iraq;

This arch-traitor works for only one government, the illicit one of Zionist Israel.

Steele also notes that the CIA made it clear to Trump that this wasn’t a real chemical attack by Assad but, rather, was a false flag to create fabricated blame. Yet, of course it was a false flag, supported fully by the Zionists, in fact, clearly orchestrated by them: and them alone, using Kushner as a chief spy.

After this Zionist spy returned from his mission in Iraq, fully funded by US taxpayers, he could be found in what function? That as the chief adviser to Trump regarded the planned Syrian strike:

Make no mistake that is Kushner, there, in this war-room, fully influencing the directive.

It was in this room that the final decision was made to perpetrate that act of aggression, to, then, ultimately, kill children in order to ‘protect’ them. The only exceptionally stressed one in this image appears to be Trump himself. Yet, let there be no surprise regarding Trump’s loyalty. It is to Zionist extremists and their collaborators: at the expense of the American people.

Image result for Herbert McMaster; Netanyahu; images; israel

Said former CIA top-level agent Steele:

I have heard from an inside source that I absolutely trust that the false flag attack was planned by Sen John McCain, former CIA director John Brennan and the National Security Advisor to the President of the United States Herbert McMaster, who is in a state of treason to the United States president. 

Who is Herbert McMaster? He is none other than yet another agent of the globalist crime syndicate, a facilitator of the arch-Zionist, terminally murderous CFR:

Image result for Herbert McMaster;John McCain

CSIS is the CFR, for which the arch-traitor and Zionist apologist McMaster works:

The CFR & the Center for Strategic and International Studies

CSIS Counselor CFR member Henry Kissinger chairs the semiannual meetings of The International Councillors. This group of international business leaders …

McMaster gains much pay and status for forging forward the plot to attack Syria: on behalf of his Zionist masters.
Yet, he isn’t the only Zionist agent that facilitated this. There was another nepotistic member of this arch-fraud, which is the President’s daughter herself. It was she who, in her Jewishness, weighed in, along with her Mossad agent husband, on behalf of Zionist schemes:

Yet, it is widely reported, even by the office of the President, that, in fact, Ms. Kushner-Trump played a major role in steering Trump into this disaster.

Image result for photo; trump; advisors; decision; missile attack; syria

…on Monday, White House press secretary Sean Spicer told reporters “there is no question that Ivanka and others weighed in” with their reaction to the images, but would not say if Ivanka lobbied in support of military action.

Nepotism is corrupt. It is not allowed in top-level business organizations: not in the least. Yet, incredibly, it runs the most powerful office in the land, courtesy of the Israeli Mossad.

Again, to quote Steele:

“Now, to his enormous credit, CIA Director Mike Pompeio, identified this correctly as a false flag. But as best I know the FBI has not informed the president that this false flag in fact was an act of treason planned in the United States and funded by Saudi Arabia and Israel. They split the cost.

Then, how much were people paid off to drug and/or gas people to make this appear as if a real terrorist attack? If they used sarin gas in an extensive way, however, the ‘aid’ workers themselves would have been harmed. This was not the case. Regardless, it was staged no matter what was the exact nature of the illnesses and fatalities.

Bay of Pigs moment

Donald Trump got chumped. This is his Bay of Pigs moment. But to CIA Director Mike Pompeio’s credit, all my intelligence colleagues are saying that the CIA Director got it right, told Trump that this was a false flag perhaps by CIA rogue elements, perhaps by French intelligence, mostly likely by Mossad and the Saudis.

Make no mistake in their extremism and rabidness the actual son-in-law and daughter of the President of the greatest country in the land would instigate a great crime: to initiate international wars, international aggression, and even a world war, all on behalf of that illicit, vile entity, Apartheid Israel.



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  1. Collateral damage. It was a dog and pony show, as the base was largely empty. However, no one wants 60 cruise missiles raining down on them; there will always be destruction, unwarranted.

  2. This is another idiotic fraudulent disinfo gibberish post by zionist Jew troll Gabriel..

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    (I’m with Hezbollah) APRIL 14, 2017 AT 1:59 AM
    Yet more gibberish and Ziotrash posts made by Mossadomite *** boy Gabriel.
    Write under your own name Gabriel if your Man enough despicable Baphomet loving Trannie. Gabriel posts despicable lies here at Nodisinfo to spread disinformation onto the hated Goyims which Gabriel wants to spit on. I see your many troll names. Gabriel is still posting under my name here Cowboy now I see you are stealing and posting under real posters names like Asteroth Queen of star worship. Well Gabriel at least I don’t worship Satan like you, you little worm Gabriel.
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    April 14 2017 @ 1:24 AM.
    Brokeback Trannie despicable Baphomet loving Ziotrash version of Asteroth Queen of moon worship.
    Attacks and deaths on gaza etc are more note worthy etc.

  3. Ex1) Fake Killed Fake Hero ISAF Afghanistan Green Beret Soldier Mark De Alencar Is Zio Jew DHS Crisis Actor/Mossad Agent Frank Wicker

    Frank Wicker of GA & Indiana:

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    I linked this zionist Crisis Actwhore Traitor’s identities via various identity searches and photographs. But even better I finally directly linked both these identities to Stephanie DeAlencar Wicker!!! They look exactly like the same Zionist Jew because it is the same Zionist Israel agent jew psychological terrorist!

  4. Ex 10b) The Truth About FEMA!

    The Zionist cabal who run FEMA is collecting data about what people think about Judaism: not even our opinions are safe from data collection anymore. Movies about Judaism are frequently rated very highly by the Mainstream Media, even if they aren’t very good. That can’t possibly be an accident.

    Hikers recently discovered a secret facility operated by FEMA underneath North Korea. It wasn’t on the news — and you know why? That base was used for doing nefarious medical research on Muslims back in the 60s. Trump and those in power could do something about this, but they’ve deliberately decided not to.

    If you listen to radio waves coming from the constellation of Orion, you will be shocked to hear what sounds like routine transmissions from FEMA in Hebrew — because the Jews have now taken over outer space! After reporting the truth here on NoDisinfo, zionists have reported me to the FBI who have contacted me three times. The solution is clear: Support the NRA and buy a gun!!!

  5. There is not much damage. Yet, one image shows holes in the tops of one of the bunkers.

    • No, it makes no sense, as it looks like the planes were torched. However, the hole is really there in the roof.

  6. In a strange turn of events the Easter Bunny, a known Jehovah’s Witness, arrested with his brother yesterday on a charge of ‘running amock in an Elementary School’ has entered a ‘not guilty’ plea on his own behalf.

    He has appealed to the court for leniency saying that he was forced by his parents to attend services at Kingdom Hall and was forced to accompany them on their Witnessing on Saturday mornings.
    He went on to say that he was so embarrassed knocking on doors because many times they were the doors of his classmates’ families and this resulted in much teasing and bullying at school.
    A court appointed psychiatrist has suggested that The Easter Bunny (as he is now known as a result of him being only 15 years of age and thereby being anonymous in the eyes of the law) has been ‘brainwashed’ by he cult he was born into, and is, therefore, not deemed to be responsible for his actions.
    A plea of ‘insanity’ is expected to be used in his defense and that of his brother, who, himself, suffers from the same form of bullying at school.

  7. Ex-CIA man Robert Steele… on par with cowboy… thought pizza-gate was real. Probably also a flat earther.

    • Interesting. Once a spy always a spy.

  8. Cowboy,

    How does the time in the US relate to this alleged Gabriel allegedly being in Indonesia?

    Are you always this much of a cockhead?

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