Other Hoaxes Zionist Terror — 24 July 2014
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The Movie Set that is MH17 Crash Hoax

Regarding the phony MH17 crash, surely, it is nothing other than a movie. Not even the most remote element of it is real. In this regard before any of the dramatics took place the movie cameras were well in place. Furthermore, they were rolling constantly for days. It was all an attempt to manipulate the consciousness of the people, an attempt that has failed miserably.

The entire hoax is a creation of world Jewry; it is the Zionists who currently run the Ukraine.

Now, let us view the movie in screenshots. On one of the earliest phases an official Ukrainian vehicle comes rolling up as the Zionist-installed camera-man captures the scene. Note the cohort with the microphone in hand.


Notice that at this time the useless security tape is already up.


Right away, the Ukrainian arch-Zionist cabal published imagery which made the hoax clear. Note the cameraman walking through the pyrotechnically-lit rubble.

How could it be more clear than this? Who can call this anything other than a diabolical scam? There were no pro-Russian separatists there. It was all a set-up by the Zionists, with the masked and armed men being mere well-paid crisis actors.

It’s just a movie set, fellows; no rush, just amble along. Moreover, it’s hot; the large water bottle will prevent any real injury, that from dehydration.

The Malaysian Airlines logo would be shown off as often as possible. What jet crash into the earth has such pristine, clean wreckage, especially in regard to the logos and other identifying components?


Then, there is this, which is so obviously staged and fabricated that it hardly needs comment:

Who in the world could say otherwise other than the fact that this is a piece of metal merely thrown on top of the crops.

This is mere strewn wreckage, as Zionist spies call it: scrap metal. It was merely dropped in various places just off the road. It was all done off-site and then brought there. This is almost assuredly the Malaysian Airlines jet that was stored in Tel Aviv, bought with US taxpayer money.

There is no possibility that this wing component is an element of a plane crash – not in a billion years. What happened to all the fuel? Why didn’t the fuel-laden wing get set on fire?

How about this for staging? Someone put all the scrap aluminum into a plastic component. Was a scrap metal deal made with the locals? Note also, too, the wiring and how it is rolled into a tidy role. Moreover, it is all right next to the road, which is absolute proof that this was staged.


It’s obviously fake. This pile of scrap is right in the middle of the road. Plus, it is absolutely clean. There is no scrape trauma to the road. What a terminally inane hoax it is.


None of the luggage shows fire damage, dirt, soot, or char. Why is so much of the plane burnt into a crisp, while the luggage made it out in good order? It is pristine beyond pristine in the fact that there is not a bit of dir nor a drop of oil or kerosene on it. Nor was it burnt or charred even to the most minimal degree.

Then, there is the phony luggage. This is a part of the emotional staging component. In the entire history of jet crashes into the earth there is no luggage in such condition, especially being unzipped. How does a crash lead to dozens of pieces of unzipped luggage?


What about this scene? It’s all fake gore, mere silicone, made to look like real dismemberment. How did the bits of silicone get all over the road? That’s strewn fake body matter. Can anyone imagine the stench of such material, if real?


Credit: Jerome Sessini

Even if it were real, how horrible; it would mean that the Zionists brought it in from the morgue. Yet, it must be realized, silicone gore experts readily produce such objects, and they are highly realistic.

These seats were merely drug out to the field and dropped there by stage hands. Murderous arch-Zionist billionaire Ihor Kolomoisky coordinated and funded this hoax. He paid big money to perpetrate it, and this included the hiring and utilizing of his as the Zionist spies call it, “network.”

It is absolutely ludicrous. There is no actual debris field. It’s just refuse from a decommissioned plane dumped into the fields.

The seats are artificially smashed. Other than that they are perfect. They don’t even have any grass stains from the high-speed impact. Compare these fakes to the leather seat enduring a real crash, in this case in Greece:


Like any movie the attempt is to make it as dramatic as possible – therefore the need for the missile. How does an actual missile on the ground have anything to do with this? Did the ‘separatists’ fire a dud? Or, did they simply leave it there so everyone would know they were responsible? This is a planted fake, Hollywood-style.


Here is more refuse from the jet airliner seen here, once again free of all dirt, soot, charred matter, and stains. Once again, the operation is obvious. Zionist moles in their attempt to frame Russia merely dumped this wreckage, pillows and all, in the field. Then, the put their media machine in operation to support the scam. Clearly, this is merely strewn wreckage with its clean, unstained nature.

The black box has to be a part of the movie.

When in the history of plane crashes has the delivery from the field of a black box garnered so much attention?

The perfectly new passports are listed in captions relative to this image as being ‘found’ in the field. They weren’t found by any means. Rather, they were planted there.

Look at the size of that ‘corpse’, right-screen. That’s bigger than is humanly possible. There are no dead people in such bags. Note also the staged nature of the wreckage, with it being right off the road.


What in the world is this supposed to represent? Are they guarding the pillows and the stuffed animals?

The Zionists used the train as a prop in the scam to give it a certain ‘flavor:’ that of the HoloHoax. Zionist crisis actors, such as the fake aggrieved, leveraged this, bringing back into this fraud the holocaust canard.

Anyone with the slightest degree of scrutinizing powers can see that this is a mere movie set and that nothing about it is real.



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  1. Ok. I will take the bait.

    Photo 1.
    Not a microphone. It is a camera with a zoom lens.
    Not security tape. It is not attached to anything.
    Photo 2.
    Nothing but stupidity walking through and over anything on fire or smoldering.
    Photo 3.
    Is suspect, I will admit that but I do not see a water bottle.
    Photos 4 & 5.
    Is there a full photo of photo 4’s shot? Of course the media will show a logo as much as possible when there is a tragedy. This is to drill it into our brains “Look at this tragedy. We want everybody to take a moment of silence as we show you the logo of (insert blah blah name)” What a tragedy. We are saddened by this aren’t you?”
    Photo 5. Same thing as photo 4.

    Sorry but this is all I care to put right now.

    I make no apologies for my bluntnes and lack of tack. All tack has flown out the window. Take it or leave it.

    • Photo 1.
Not a microphone. It is a camera with a zoom lens.
      >>>The microphone is the element ABOVE the zoom lens… you’ll see TWO black things. The upper one is indeed a mic. Not security tape. It is not attached to anything.
      >>>If the stripes on the strip are NOT security tape, what the heck is it?

      Photo 2.
Nothing but stupidity walking through and over anything on fire or smoldering.
      >>>The FEET would burn. I wore SAFETY boots at the steel plant I worked with and firemen wear special boots too. BURNING embers would QUICKLY heat up even a stupid person’s feet. The photo is phony baloney.

Photo 3.
Is suspect, I will admit that but I do not see a water bottle.
      >>>Its light green and hanging off the right arm of the guy holding the pole. If it’s not a water bottle, what is it? Besides, dosn’t the photo look suspiciously like a staged photo even without the water bottle?

Photos 4 & 5.
Is there a full photo of photo 4′s shot? Of course the media will show a logo as much as possible when there is a tragedy. This is to drill it into our brains “Look at this tragedy. We want everybody to take a moment of silence as we show you the logo of (insert blah blah name)” What a tragedy. We are saddened by this aren’t you?”
Photo 5. Same thing as photo 4.

      >>>>#4 is hard to tell but #5 indicates that that twisted metal piece JUST HAPPENED to have the logo clearly visible and JUST HAPPENED to be upright and non distorted. We call that a COINCEE DINTY– in technical jargonese.

      Sorry but this is all I care to put right now.
      I make no apologies for my bluntnes and lack of tack. All tack has flown out the window. Take it or leave it.

      >>>All TACT has flown out the window … not “TACK”. A tack is what school brats put on the seat of the kid in front them to make them scream when they sit down. No need for apologizing for FREE SPEECH. Help us keep the internet free speech safe by continuing to be TACTLESS and WRONG. It’s fun for people like me to point out the errors of others… with diplomacy, friendliess and TACT. Ouch!

      • Anonymous,

        Grammer Nazi.

        Don’t really care about spelling.

        Apparently you missed the posts fro about 1 month back.

        John Doughnut and myself are using our phones to get on this site. Misspelling something does not bother anybody else so why does it bother you.

        If that is all you have to insult me with then I has to say: WEAK.

        I will still post a comment mispellings and all.

      • * Did not explain the phone thing….*

        It is difficult to spell every single word correctly when using your phone to mske comments.
        Get. Over. It.

    • Of course the media will show a logo as much as possible when there is a tragedy. This is to drill it into our brains “Look at this tragedy.

      Thank goodness all those logos and serial marks remained intact, butter side up for AP/Reuters/AFP/CNN/BBC. Amazing! No, it’s to drill it into our impressionable brains – this fake crash site really was MH17….

      • The first para, I should add, is a quote from Larin Noel

        • Xelifelix,

          Lol. I just get sick of the media milking things for all they are worth.

    • “Of course the media will show a logo as much as possible when there is a tragedy. This is to drill it into our brains…”

      Yes, just like the Pentagon on 9/11, where the media showed a partial “American Airlines” logo from what they said was Flight 77. You can search the net and find the picture.

      They will do what has worked before, of course with modifications for improvement.

  2. I agree with NoDisinfo.com that this is a complete fabrication. I realized that when I watched the original mainstream cable tv news with the smoke on the horizon– noting that there was no smoke coming down as a flaming crashing jet would leave. Ok– So for the guys at NoDisinfo– Why in the world is Putin and the Russian military NOT exposing this hoax like you are? What’s their motive in holding back on the rubber dummies and fakery? Don’t you think we ought to relay something to them just in case they don’t “get” it?

    • Dear Uncle Vlad,
      Between a rock and a hard place on this one. If BRICS gets funded …. well my guess is Rothschilds will do what they feel it takes to protect their interests , millions , hundreds of millions of lives , its economics.
      I did see you checking out your spacecraft the day after MH17… , you planning a get away in the ‘event’ of the Sampson option ?
      Anyways , 50 billion to fund BRICS , a bank that will lend money to countries that fail to pay back , worth it , I don’t know.
      I’ve got my Iodine and mask , let’s party.

      • Don’t worry John, nuclear bombs and power are hoaxes too. See biglies.org

        • Me worry ? haha anyways you see the 3 different colors of seats , blue ,purple and Mauve counted so far ?

    • Gabriel,

      Bahahaha! Yup. Seems so with a few new fanboys such as anonymous and Cecilia coming out of the woodwork in his defense.
      The problem with them is they do not carry a certain humerous flare such as our friends: John Doughnut and Cow.
      At least we still have them and Christinne. I have actually enjoyed reading her comments and links lately.
      Non of our original friends attack us when we misspell something. They understand when accidents of the verbal nature happen.

  3. Those ain’t rag tag Kiev rioter Russian “separatists” with rocks and sticks. Those dudes dressed in cammov, masks and high tech assault weapons are stone cold killers , paid mercs loyal to the Zioligarch Ihor K

  4. The reported fighting around the site is staged to “prevent” investigators reaching the site.
    “We have pre-deployed 50 people to London. We have 40 people working in the Ukraine and Netherlands doing the painstaking work around the identification,”
    Prime Minister Tony Abbott has meanwhile confirmed a further 100 federal police officers and a small number of Defence personnel have been deployed to Europe ahead of a possible “humanitarian mission” linked to the tragedy.

    “Fifty Australian Federal police remain on standby in London”


    check the “three Australians specalists including a forensics expert” at the crash site at 0.40 in the top video, all wearing dark glasses….one “saw seats and children’s games, it was very heartbreaking”; These “pro-russian separatists” could be actors. Amazing coincidence that the Ukrainian govt is in “caretaker mode” suddenly.

  5. In the Netherlands, a journalist called Martijn Vrijland took a copy of the list with telephone numbers and made a friend call them all. The people answering the calls, cannot reacall anybody they know flying on this plane.
    Now i ask myself, What or whom are those bodies brought to the Netherlands?
    Bizare and surreal all this ****.

    • They stuffed them with cotton; who knows. They were probably empty. Thanks for this. The journalist was quite savvy to do this.

      • Yep, forgot to mention, the list appeared in one of the videos of this crash. Now something also very important, how many seats can we find on the site? And why different colors?
        How come some of the villagers that had a couple of members that fell on his home had to take them to the wreck on the double because they were stinking already? It takes like 48 hours at least to start smelling bad.. I am sure if rescuers find one or two dogs among the wreck this will be world news, think of the emotional impact such does. But once the owners talked about they all of a sudden got repatriated to…Weird huh?
        So where are the living passengers if they weren’t on that plane?
        How can a government such as the Dutch work along wit a possible hoax? I say possible because reality is weirder than news.
        Now the Mali crash ahead, the military stationed in Mali has arrived and found the black box. Media is silent..
        For the time being, Frau Merkel is pissed off with all their NWO lies and seems to take steps to join the BRICS!
        They have awesome intel i can assure you, because the CEO from the KLM, as the MH was also a KLM combined flight said nobody ever told the company it was dangerous to fly above Ukraine. And this guy was a minister once! It seems the following flights will be above Syria.. Comes out fantastic for them Zionists NWO if they do such.
        Malaysia had issues with the Zionists, and this is what happened, they had the black boxes but now it appears the UK got them now to do research.
        Then i wonder how this is going the way it goes, but i understand this people, There is a place that committed a very heavy crime against the Bankgsters once. That place is Iceland and until today no retaliation has been done, other is Libya, they got democracy in no time and the place is a mess. Anyway, there is this HAARP system under control of the Zionist NWO Illuminati. A hit on Iceland with and volcano explodes like an atom bomb. That means a mega tsunami all the way down North sea, and it is like a gulf there, no escape and most of the land is flat as a pancake for miles and miles, also like in The Netherlands, even 30 to 60 feet below sea level. Is this the reason them governments here are lying?
        Them poor NWO politicians must **** rainbow colored bricks by now. Popular intel is doing a great job.
        Yeah, maybe it will be handy to watch the HAARP movements when all crumbles down for the ZionNazi bastards and politicians here become more honest..

    • Phpstolle,

      Please publish this list with the phone numbers so we can call the numbers ourselves.
      No offense, but lately I have major trust issues. And yes, this does include the media.
      Not that you would, but please do not ask as to why I don’t trust anyone or anything. I will just tell you that I have recently had a major tragedy happen recently.
      But please if you will, give us this list with the numbers or at least a link to it.
      Thank you

      • don’t be lazy, Larin – it was a sheet of easily readable names addresses and phone numbers in one of the russian videos – the 12 minute long one. at about 6.40. Go back and read the Inflatable Fake Corpse thread. i know you’ve read it and watched the video – you’ve commented there. L A Z E E E …. but once againjust for you, here is the video….don’t forget to charge up your mobile phone – lots of numbers there.
        just before the fortuitously placed, immaculate I Love Amsterdam tee-shirt sequence.

  6. where are all the crows, magpies, foxes dogs etc all feeding on and drawn to all those alleged body parts scattered everywhere? The photographers must have had to fight them off to get those shots.

    • What about the hyenas? Are the scavengers tied down in the bunkers of the Zionist strip, afraid to raise their heads?

    • They have all been shot by the men with the big guns.

  7. Why yes Gabriel. We do. 😉

    For the asshole who goes by xelifelix…

    it’s not a matter of being as you put L A Z E E E.

    It is a matter of myself not being able to get to a desktop. I am forced to use my phone just to get onto this wonderful shithole of a site. Certain videos do not play on my phone and this is one of them.

    So if there are no more assaholic accusations, Please post the G. D. List.

    Thank you

    • It is indeed a wonderful “shithole of a site” which is at the forefront of exposing this complex and expensive fraud. That’s why your handlers keep sending you back to it with inane chatter. Perhaps your handler can transcribe a list?

      • Xelifelix,

        My handler is handling um something else at the moment. …
        Forefront of exposing this complex and expensive fraud?
        If this wonderful shithole is at the forefront, wouldn’t there be alot more oh I don’t know, commenters on this site besides our happy, insane and dysfunctional family?
        Keep wishing on those stars. Maybe, just maybe it will be at the forefront and be taken more seriously.

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