**Breaking News** — 23 December 2016
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Murder of Russian Ambassador an Act of Revenge by Rabid Zionist Extremists

Rather than the CIA, NATO, and a host of other purported culprits it is rabid Zionist extremists who are behind the murder of Russian political envoy, Andrey Karlov. Mr. Karlov was a martyr to the cause of peace, make no mistake about it.

He was shot dead by a Zionist agent, Mevlűt Mert Altinas, aka Mevlűt Goldstein (Altin means gold in Turkish).

Goldstein reportedly shouted: “We die in Aleppo, you die, here,” before shooting the ambassador repeatedly in the back.

He likely meant it. In all likelihood fellow Mossad agents, that is fellow Zionist, Turkish Jews, may well have died in the Russian offensive against Jewish-occupied Aleppo.

It was, not doubt, an act of vile revenge orchestrated by Zionist extremists, just like the assassination of Yitzak Rabin, just like the hit called on John F. Kennedy. Per the UK’s Independent:

The shooting came a day before Russia, Turkey and Iran were due to hold talks over the ongoing conflict in Syria. Russia and Iran have backed Syrian President Bashar al-Assad while Turkey has supported his enemies.

It cannot be a coincidence. It was a plot to scuttle these talks, orchestrated at the highest levels by agents of the world Zionist cabal. Thus, it is, the ambassador was sacrificed. Moreover, the assassin was no Islamic person but, rather, a secretive, treacherous Jew, who himself was an agent of the local secret police:

Image result for Seher Altıntaş; images

See the emblem, which he proudly bears. It is on his suit jacket as well, seen before he guns down the ambassador:

Image result for Seher Altıntaş; images

The Turkish press is reporting it, categorically; he was an agent of Erdogan’s Special Ops forces:

Attacker on Russian envoy identified as a serving police officer named Mert Altintas. Member of special ops – Ankara mayor says


Furthermore, he began speaking in Arabic, then switched to Turkish.

Sneakily, he begins to reach for his gun, while the ambassador and his interpreter have their backs turned.

He then pulls out the gun, left frame, then begins aiming it, right frame. Then, he gets in his stance and begins firing.

The vile coward, this Zionist agent shoots the unsuspecting diplomat from the back, an act which could only be carried out through the auspices of the Israeli Mossad. Islam condemns, categorically, such an act. Extremist, rabbinical Judaism endorses it, for instance, the slaughter of Germany’s ambassador to France, 1938, Ernst von Rath, also killed in cold-blood. The gunman? A Jewish ‘student’ named Herschel Grynszpan.

Image result for Ernst vom Rath; jewish student;

Caption: assassin Grynszpan, left, and victim German aristocrat von Rath, right.

After shooting the Ambassador five times in the abdomen, he claimed he killed him to avenge “12,000 persecuted Jews.”

An exit wound can be seen from the killer’s bullet, right through Mr. Karlov’s left upper chest.

Moreover, see this murderer gloat in his high crime, prancing about, after cowardly shooting the defenseless ambassador from behind. He was a man of peace. He didn’t even take a security detail with him on his excursions.

Some say, most likely trolls and disinfo agents, that there are no bullet casings. There are a number of them, which can be seen next to the far wall.

The ambassador fell hard, and his glasses shot off, also against the wall. Goldstein had one aim, which was to kill the envoy in a fit of rage and raw vengeance. Only the Mossad and its collaborators would commit such a barbaric, treacherous act, one born of fanaticism to the most extreme degree.

Then, too, who trains the Turkish secret police other than the Mossad itself? Here is Mr. Erdogan shaking hands with the Zionist extremist. It’s the same individual, no doubt about it; notice the Zionist’s hair pattern: same person.

Other murderous Jews have gloated in this crime, notably that Ukraine-based war criminal, Volodymyr Parasiuk:

Ukranian MP Volodymyr Parasiuk said on Facebook that the gunman was a 'hero'

Ukranian MP Volodymyr Parasiuk said on Facebook that the gunman was a ‘hero’

Volodymyr Parasiuk, 29, is an independent MP who is believed to have been a volunteer fighter for Ukrainian forces against the Russians in the east of his country. ‘When a man puts his life at stake and is ready to take radical measures for ideas, for truth, then you can definitely say – A HERO!’ he wrote.

The fact is the only people gloating in his death are rabid, extremist Zionists, including the editors of the New York Daily News. 


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    ZioPuppet Italy Hoax SpokesLiar Marco Minniti Says: “One of our police officers on patrol stopped a person who was just walking around looking very suspect.

    “And the moment he was stopped, the man, without hesitating, he immediately took his gun and shot at the police officer who asked him for his identification papers.

    “Police officers reacted to the shootout. The person who attacked our police officer was killed.”

    One of the officers was shot by Amri and is in hospital in a non-life-threatening condition. The other officer shot Amri, Mr Minniti said.
    (Just read this ridiculous Propaganda by this [email protected]$$ Liar sleazebag!)
    Mr Minniti added the two police officers who stopped Amri “have done an extraordinary service to the community” and they demonstrated the excellence of Italy’s security services.

    Mr Minniti said: “As soon as this person entered our country he was the most wanted man in Europe and we immediately identified him and neutralised him and this means our security is working really well.

    “We are talking about an operation that happened at three in the morning in the middle of a really important city centre and it happened in complete security.


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