**Breaking News** — 01 April 2018
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Muslim Palestinian Youth Running for His Life Shot Dead by Zionist Criminals

UPDATED, April 3, 2018

A Muslim youth attempting to run away from the danger of gunfire was shot dead by cowardly Zionist criminal elements. It is clear that this youth,  Abed el-Fatah Abed e-Nabi, was shot in the back. Moreover, he was only 19 years old.

How could he have possibly harmed anyone, especially those fully armed, militarized Zionist militants? He was running precisely away from them, attempting to avoid being shot dead. Yet, the cowardly Israelis shot him regardless.

These are the same Zionist extremists that blew people to smithereens in the WTC complex. They got away with that there, just like they are doing so in the Zionist strip.

394263 06: (PUERTO RICO OUT) A person falls to his death from the World Trade Center after it was hit by two planes September 11, 2001 in New York City. (Photo by Jose Jimenez/Primera Hora/Getty Images)

Martyred by the Zionists, he is yet another example of the nature of treachery committed by the Israelis and their collaborators. People are  protesting their tremendously oppressive living conditions and also all the suffering they have endured, including continuous loss of lives and assets. It is hopelessness imposed upon them by the Israelis, who have stolen not only their land and physical assets but also their potential for even the most minimal opportunity in this life.

These brave youths and others have no option but to challenge the Zionist hostile ones who continue to through criminality and treachery still all that they have. Even so, the Zionists will lie. They will say he was a danger, like the other 15 or so they have just slaughtered. They will claim he was armed with God knows what, perhaps, a gas bomb, a rock—that the martyred youth was somehow threatening them. It is all lies, as anyone can clearly and undeniably see.

The arch-Zionist criminal mind can conceive other than this. It is incapable of acting in any way legitimate. All this hideous one can do is, to shoot dead the one who has no weapon to defend the self:

Israeli sharpshooters (actually, mercenaries) take position at the border with the Gaza Strip. (Atef Safadi/Atef Safadi/European Pressphoto Agency-Efe/Shutterstock)

So, the Zionist shoots the youth in the back, killing him virtually instantly. This is all such a one knows to do, which is to kill those who have no means to fight back against them.

Image result for Abed el-Fatah Abed e-Nabi

The youth bravely saved the other man with him, by taking the tire away from him, after which he was targeted by the Zionists and murdered. Both these men were running away, attempting to dodge the gunfire.

Here is an image of the youth just before he was senselessly gunned down. He was killed for protesting the oppression that he and fellow Palestinians are enduring. Thus, Israeli repression leads to protest, and the Zionists respond through adding oppression upon oppression.

Here is an image of Abed al-Fatah just before he was martyred by those Zionists whose modus operandi is to commit great acts of vileness, in this case, is to cowardly shoot a person in the back, while such a one is fleeing for his life:

Image result for Abed el-Fatah Abed e-Nabi

God rest his soul and that of his family he bravely went against the violent, murderous Zionists with no means to protect himself, and as can be seen from the video seemed to help assist his fellow, and for that he was shot dead. Moreover, it is these arch-rabid ones, these religious fanatics of Zionism, who feel that can do whatever they want, slaughtering youths and other unarmed people at-will, godless that they are, as if there will be no consequences.

Consequences there will be, make no mistake, the one gaining the pleasure of Paradise before his Lord, the other roasting in misery alive in the fires of Hell.

Anyone can see from the video that the Zionists were merely committing what is nothing other than target practice against these youths. Claims by the Zionists that this was self-defense is merely another standard of their way: which is to lie, cheat, and defraud: all whom they encounter.

See these noxious ones here. See their cowardice. They are so feeble in their nature that, under the slightest threat, they lose bladder control:

Image result for Israeli; cowards; IDF;

Can anyone imagine what would happen to these obnoxious ones if they were forced into a real battle against even a reasonably armed enemy? So, yes, the Zionist sits hidden behind the hill, so that no rock could strike him. Then, for fun, he shoots dead a Palestinian youth.

This is his way. The entire world sees it. He has no spine, no capacity: no means to actually fight a legitimate fight. All he can do is be a coward to the extreme and to torment, torture, and slaughter the innocent, including children, pregnant women, the elderly, mere stone throwing, oppressed youths, and even crippled people.





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  1. Exactly cow-
    Happy Easter

  2. The Israeli Mossad placed explosives on the 92 floor of the WTC towers to simulate an airplane crash….on 911.
    Israel is a terrorist state. They also placed mini nukes in the basements of the WTC towers to take down the buildings and turn 80% of the two towers into dust. 911 was basically a nuclear event. Israel likes the USA for one only one reason…MONEY. The USA has given Israel billions.

  3. Thanks for the valuable info, Doyle!

  4. NoDisinfo? More like ALL disinfo.

    If there was ever an evil site that deserves to be mercilessly mocked and trolled, this is it. Go at it, folks!

  5. Fascinating!
    So there really was no airplane crash? I didn’t think so. Holograms? That’s my guess.

    With the tactical nukes in the basement, though, how is it that the building fell from the top down? That’s the part I don’t get. Valuable info, Doyle! Thanks dude.

  6. Jox….the top floors were structurally compromised by the Mossad [ Israeli Art Students, who were actually military explosives experts] placed explosives. That’s why it fell first.. The blast of the mini nukes was directed upward and laterally, that’s why parts of the Tower were thrown 600 feet outward and into other nearby buildings. Its likely that the mini nukes were brought into the US in Diplomatic Cargo from Israel.

    Hundreds of nearby cars and trucks were “toasted” by nuclear fission. That’s why their cast iron engine blocks were missing. That was the result of atomic disassociation. Google “Israeli art students” for info on who placed the explosives..

  7. Engine blocks Toasted by nuclear fission? Never heard that before. Can you cite any references?
    Could that radioactivity still be detected today? I would guess it could be. Are there any stories of anyone detecting radioactivity then (or even now)?thanks

  8. That electric wheel chair is a deadly vehicle of mass destruction!….. According to zio-Think! The IDF’er was forced to machine gun the Eeevile Palestinian Goyim to death in his wheelchair!

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    ZioJew Loser troll Gabriel troll post as \\X// says on
    APRIL 2, 2018 AT 12:36 PM
    NoDisinfo? More like ALL disinfo.

    If there was ever an evil site that deserves to be mercilessly mocked and trolled, this is it. Go at it, folks!

  10. Please tell me this cowboy clown is 12 years old.
    I’ve never seen anywhere this level of immaturity in any adult in my life.

  11. according to Dr Judy Wood, the WTC towers were brought down by “directed energy weapons”;
    (she has written a book on it…. Where did the Towers go? )
    also: the so-called “aircraft” crashing into them were nothing more than CGI;

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  13. Ex1) BREAKING New 2018 Youtube Headquarters in San Bruno Fake Shooting Super Fake! You can’t get faker or more zionist than Youtube aka ziontrash jewtube! Where truther videos exposing zionist hoaxes & treasonous PsyOps are pulled & deleted by the thousands!

    And when a mass shooting is done by a woman shooter you know it must be fake as hell!


  14. Judy Wood is a disinfo agent & a zionist jew actwhore! She has no proof of such “energy weapons” at all!! But everything at the WTC Centers proves hitech modern, proven to exist demolition by thermite charges of various kinds preset, prewired & working it sync throughout the buildings! The molten steel pouring out the sides & also into the basements & the burned-up cars outside, all points to thermite used & also thermite cutter charges! It’s thermite of various kinds used top to bottom not imaginary pie in the sky energy weapons. And yes CGI was used as well for the planes hitting, etc & people jumping, etc…

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  22. Judy Wood PhD. has ZERO proof that DEWs even work or exist in the real world of 911 2001. She can’t accept that mini tactical Nuclear weapons were used