**Breaking News** — 10 June 2018
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NBC is Out to Get Bill Cosby, and so is the Gay Lesbian Movement

Including Fake Tears, Phony Sadness, the actual Coaching for Fake Crying by NBC, in the Bill Cosby Sexual Assault Hoax

That two of the main accusers of Bill Cosby as being a rapist and also one to take advantage of women through drugging them are lesbians is no minor issue. The jury in the latest Cosby trial was well-aware of the nature of the main accuser, Andrea Constand, as a lesbian. Did this influence the decision-making process, that is to convict the man so as not to run afoul with the gay-lesbian clique?

Nevertheless, rape is a violent act to the extreme. Did Bill Cosby do this to any of those who have publicly accused him? It is impossible to determine with the evidence at-hand, although when the testimony is carefully reviewed, the Constand claims against him are certainly suspect.

All the evidence, if it can be deemed this, that exists is based on her word alone: her specific testimony in police reports and under oath before a jury. The fact is her claims cannot be verified. The malicious drugging remains an accusation. However, what is possible to confirm is actual fraud and hoaxing, including well-planned fake crying, in this case on behalf of NBC to support the claims of wanton sexual abuse.

In what is obvious proof of a sham NBC’s Today Show was caught perpetrating a propaganda campaign, coaching accusers of the besieged comedian, Bill Cosby, to fabricate grief and even to commit fake crying. This would indicate that, all along, the network has been doing this. Moreover, on what basis can a guilty verdict for the entertainer be deemed legitimate when the primary movers and coordinators of this hostile action include a purported lesbian victim, a gay-lesbian lawyer, and a California-based purported feminist activist?

Even so, the objective, here, is to determine element of hoaxing and staging in any given event, and there is certainly hard evidence of this in the aftermath of the Cosby sentencing hearing.

Moreover, it is not known, here, what else to deem these claims of rape other than a hoax, especially the claims that the individual in-questionl is a “serial rapist.” A hoax and a fake are the only words conceivable to define purposely acting-out or over-acting, falsifying statements, fabricating accusations, hamming it up for the purposes of the crying and sadness episodes, and orchestrating fabricated rage.

The caption for the NBC video reads, “Bill Cosby’s Accusers Brought to Tears on Today Show, while Discussing Conviction. Are we supposed to believe this, simply because the network says so?

This is a lie. She is not tearful. The woman to which this was referenced, Lili Bernard, was not brought to tears to any degree, in fact, quite the opposite. Instead of any tearing and/or actual hurtful feelings or true sensations of sadness, all that is seen is grimacing and contrived facial expressions. This is proven by the various screen captures provided in this post. It is believed, here, that such false acting out is a detriment to the truth, including the prosecution of actual rape cases.

Making up faces to influence public consciousness, especially when accusing another of an actual crime, is treacherous itself. It also is highly sophomoric, if not inane.The fact is when it involves destructiveness aimed at human lives and entire families, then, great notice must be taken. In this regard let it be said to all so-called women’s rights activists is there an actual Statue of Limitation for spreading great lies in the land?

Watch the video and see the proof. No one is “brought to tears,” ever. It’s not even close. The network is staging this in order to further demonize the hapless comedian. Surely, then, the objective of NBC is to spread corruption and to cause great damage, amounting to nothing other than libel and slander.

Moreover, it is not an issue, here, of what may have happened in the past in regard to any sexual indiscretions. Nor is this a defense of any such indiscretions. Rather, it is about hoaxing, fabricating, and falsifying, and this is precisely what NBC has fully achieved.

The network cannot be trusted. Whatever it reports in regard to this case is suspect.

Proof of the coaching of the actress can clearly be seen and heard in the video. It is horrendous to see: and hear. People’s lives and future are at stake, and she sees fit to coordinate filthy lies with the great ones of the NBC hierarchy. This is conviction by not a court of law but, rather, by the media, proven, here.

It started out like this, with her being coached directly by network agents, after playing a clip showing Mr. Cosby walking away with colleagues after the verdict:

It can be seen that she was caught by surprise, but, quickly, got into the act: as best as she could, which was not very well.

The above demonstrates the imagery of the first hint when she was told that she was there with the anchors during the clip and she was so hurt, emotionally, and thus:

…she responded, “Yea,” at which time she smirked and raised her finger up to her right eye. Also, notice the jaw jut, or tightening of the jaw, in the first image above, a sign of lying and fabricating. The following is the full sequence for the coaching by NBC to induce her to act as if crying:

The sequential screen shots are provided, as above, and demonstrate, categorically, the fake crying and phony eye ‘welling’ routine. She then, in the final screen capture, looks over to the anchor-coach, as if for approval, while merely touching, barely, the outer corner of the eye.

Bernard is fabricating the grief and crying. No one could demonstrate otherwise. Moreover, if she is falsifying this, what else is she fabricating?

Here is the image captured when the host said, “even now,” that is, right now, you are welling up in tears.

There are no tears. It is entirely staged. Thus, it must be presumed, the claims by the individual of actually being raped by the accused are assuredly false.  Obviously, NBC has an agenda, a hard and aggressive one, in attacking and undermining the accused comedian.
Here, above and below, are additional screen-captures which demonstrate fraud, fabrications, and hoaxing. She seems highly unsure of herself, as if she is needed to come up with the necessary lines to satisfy the scheme.
Here, of a matter of the utmost seriousness, she found herself smiling in glee after talking about ‘moving on’ and now focusing on her children.
However, when she realized she was hamming it up too much, then, she shifted back to the fake grief mode:
This, then, is obviously a media-sponsored act. The question is why is she faking it? Why is she hamming it up? Why is she attempting to convince the world that she truly is upset or tearful? How does this represent the real needs of rape victims? It is, in fact, a detriment to them, let that be made clear. Now, anyone can make such accusations and simply act it out on TV, summarily destroying another.
Thus, there is an agenda here, fueled by arch-pro-gay-rights agent and obvious Zionist mole, Gloria Allred. It is Allred who has her own devious scheme in all this, self-glorification, along with the advance of the so-called feminist, even gay-lesbian agenda.
It cannot be explained otherwise. How can she be, if this was really true of her being a victim, as described, actually staging her pain or hurt, going, alternatively, from sensations and mannerisms of happiness and glee to absolute despair?
Nevertheless, if an individual was the victim of a horrific sexual assault, there would be no need to fake it or to take acting points on cue from the arch-extremist Zionist-controlled media.”

Who does anyone find believable, here, Allred and her group of random accusers or Cosby and his methodical, document-based legal team?

From her mannerisms it would appear that Bernard didn’t experience any of what she claims to have experienced, as she looks to the sky and frowns for answers.

Nothing about these two accusers seems realistic, for instance, these scenes captured just after the verdict:

Image result for accusers; women; reacts; verdict; trial; bill cosby; images

They were joined by California feminist, Caroline Heldman, seen far left (more on her, later), who played a key post-verdict role. She is also seen in the video rapping the back of Bernard and also acting as if she is emotionally reeling. No doubt, Heldman is there for the public image doctoring, not as an actual supporter of rape victims.

As certain of these actors sit on the marble floor after the verdict, two of them are seen intensively studying the images they have shot on their cell phones:

Bernard starts clapping for the cameras, as they all act out in a silly, sophomoric fashion.

Here she is, again, below, suddenly acting out as if she is dying.  They are actresses, after all. They know how to do this. Moreover, each of them is acting as if in horrific despair. The one acting in the greatest despair isn’t even an accuser, which is Heldman. Yet, they are not in any such agony or despair. So, once again, how could they be actual victims of traumatic sexual assault, as alleged? Moreover, why is their focus to make such a dramatic effort, just for the purposes of the media cameras and their cell phone imagery?

Image result for heidi thomas; reacts; verdict; bill cosby;

In all these videos, including the one below, the accusers have been described as crying and tearful. Yet, no tears can be seen anywhere. Thus, this is a fabrication.

Bernard is now an activist to alter the laws of the land, suddenly out of nowhere, dramatically on the scene. Joining up with Heldman, purported co-chair of End Rape Statute of Limitations, they are tackling together the existing laws in California. People are in prison for false rape charges. It would appear that these individuals seek to increase the risks for this.

Heldman was on-site, hoaxing it up with the rest of them, hugging and faking sadness, playing out the “strong women, stand together” routine:

She is an embedded college-associated feminist who supports various lesbian and gay rights elements.

She works with Ivy Bottini, a major agent for the homosexuality movement.

The fact is these individuals are leveraging the Cosby case to advance their own vile, deceitful agenda, as are co-chairs of End Rape Statute of Limitations (ERSOL) Campaign.

See, for instance, the statement of Bernard, as published in Glamour Magazine, demonstrating the nature of this as a politicized movement aimed at spreading corruption in the land:

“A number of us Cosby survivors have come together and [helped to] reform patriarchal, antiquated rape laws. In California, we have actually abolished the time limit on rape prosecution. There is power in numbers.”
In the article she mentions that “MeeToo” movement at least 7 times, giving it heavy credit for the conviction.

Moreover, this is an attempt to exculpate anyone for actions that have been taken in the past, including Mr. Cosby. Rather, it is a matter of pointing out the fake from the real. All the people pictured, here, are feigning grief and also faking as if they are crying. In a world filled with lies and deceit and where no one can find even a tiny shred of real truth these are hard facts that cannot be denied.

Even so, Cosby has admitted to less than savory behavior in regard to sexual indiscretions as a married man. Meanwhile, the top official in the land, Trump, denies all allegations, and it would appear that despite multiple similar indiscretions or at least affairs, will get a major pass. There appears, though, to be a much broader agenda in this, which explains the aggression by the Allred clique regarding the existing laws of the land visa vis the statute of limitations. As well, in conclusion, hard proof of scamming is found in the presence of Heldman, who is acting out fake despair, just like the various accusers, who ran out for the cameras at the culmination of the sentencing. Yet, the point is simple, which is, “Why fake it, if this represents the real horror of a malicious rape or various multiple cases thereof?”


Though this is second hand it is significant enough to publish as a part of the research into this case (extracted from commentary on a YouTube video), as follows:

This is just the kind of thing that has disgraced Americans. Lili’s real name is Rodriquez, she is NOT black, she is Cuban born and her family moved into my neighborhood in 1972 in Princeton, NJ, West Windsor. Lili has always been emotionally unstable, demanding constant attention from her family growing, so it is no surprise that sought this opportunity to become the spokes person for this group of women who were fully formed before Lili joined on the band wagon. Lili has claimed that her Cuban family was not welcomed in to our all white upper middle class neighborhood in 1972.
I have several pictures of her and her family. Lili was always one to intrude upon my sleep overs at my house as I was 12 years old at the time and she was 6. Her sister’s Georgina and Alicia were my age and were the ones actually invited. The Rodriquez family had 5 children at that time, the girls enjoyed our clothing as we gladly bequeathed to them. Their family was welcomed into our neighborhood by my family since we very much set the tone of the neighborhood. Lili had a very short lived and uneventful acting career and she has used this opportunity to gain national attention.
I believe this matter should be handled in private between the accusers and attorneys and not be allowed to launch the career of a very disturbed woman. Lili’s own parents who retired and still live in Spain, have argued with her unceasingly that although she may have married a black man, she, in fact, is not black. Lili has aggressively joined the Black Panthers movement of LA and other radical hate groups in a desperate attempt, once again, for attention. I finally removed her from my FB as she harassed me with invitations to radical hate groups. I have friends from coast to coast and in the UK of all colors, creeds, races and cultures, most importantly of non -hating walks of life. Get the help you need Lili, it’s long, long, over due.
The poster’s claims and assessment seem to be confirmed by Bernard’s own posting:

Lili Bernard is a Cuban-born, Los Angeles-based visual artist and actor. She has exhibited her artwork in numerous galleries and institutions. Her work examines issues of trauma born of sexism and racism, past and present. As an actress and member of SAG/AFTRA, Lili guest-starred in the last season of The Cosby Show (1984) as the zany and very pregnant Mrs. Minifield. On Seinfeld (1989) she played Kramer’s Black girlfriend, Anna. She co-starred in the Stephen King CBS TV mini-series, Golden Years (1991), and played the female lead in the BBC film, Murder in Oakland, (i.e. _”Screenplay” (1991)_) opposite Ving Rhames and Eriq La Salle. In theatre, Lili has performed extensively in New York City, Off-Broadway, and in Los Angeles.

Lili graduated high school from the American School in Japan, where she spent 11th and 12th grade, and attended New Jersey public schools from kindergarten through tenth grade.

It can be shown, here, that she wrote this biography:

– IMDb Mini Biography By: lilibernard


She also lists herself as a community activist, which goes along with her most recent role as a so-called feminist activist to forge forward in creating new laws on the books. This is specifically to enhance the Allred agenda of elimination of the statute of limitations.

The race card has definitely been played in this injustice. It is well-established that Black men have been lynched for minor infractions involving white women. General Lee, a black man, was lynched in 1904 by a white mob in Reevesville, Ga., for knocking on the door of a white woman’s home.



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