Paul Walker Hoax — 21 January 2014
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NBC Universal Behind Death Hoax, Not Paul Walker

The real power in Hollywood is not the actors or even directors but, rather, those who make the actors. These are the ones who decide not only who will be the stars of any Hollywood production but also even the nature of the series or production. If an actor is retired or discontinued, as a rule, that is Hollywood’s decision, not the actor’s.

It had apparently been decided long ago to retire Walker. Yet, how would this be done. In what way could he be retired to maximize the economic benefits? A death hoax would surely achieve this, if it was handled in the most emotionally compelling way. Even so, the point is that Walker couldn’t have done this as a solo act. In fact, without the fullest cooperation, if not outright urging, of NBC Universal he couldn’t have done it at all. It would appear, then, that the original plan for this scam came from Zionist-run Universal Studios, not Walker.

The man is essentially car-destroying drag racer on the movie screen and is always flirting with death and personal destruction. In his fake life countless cars are crashed and destroyed, or at least so it appears. There are countless close calls, yet, of course, these are always fake. What better way to create shock-and-awe within his public following than for him to ‘die’ in the precise manner of his movies – a car crash resulting from recklessness due to excessive speed.

It was the perfect hoax to jar pubic consciousness. For his fans it seem like such a waste – a man with such a great future and career to die, movie-style, in a senseless and avoidable high-speed crash. For both the fans and the general public the senselessness was dramatized by the events leading up to the fake crash: the supposed PW charitable event promoting his charity, Reachout WorldWide (ROWW). Yet, this, too, is a phony, as there is no evidence that any such event was occurring. Rather, the evidence shows that the people exclusively Walker associates and also various people involved in the hoax production, not regular people from the general public.

If regular people were there, that would prove to risky. It could somehow be revealed that the entire claim of an accident crash associated with the event is a hoax. Regular people could bear witness that rather than a real accident with fire- and blunt trauma-induced deaths that it was all staged systematically, Hollywood-style.

From our Russian investigator there is this finding, which gives evidence that there are elements far more powerful than Paul Walker and his clique alone which are behind this scam:


It is an incredible revelation. Even the ROWW entity itself fails to publicly mention a charitable event. Why would Walker and his group do so? They would be inviting unwanted people to this gated business park. No one other than production moles and fellow collaborators in the hoax was allowed anywhere near the scene.


Therefore, there was no charitable event. Screen captures and pictures from the site prove this, with only the agents of this obvious set-up being found on the scene. They were all familiar to Walker and Rodas: no strangers were allowed. Anyone claiming otherwise is a fabricator.

Such a set-up was surely beyond Walker and Rodas alone. This was done by clever people who write such fake stories as a career. This leads us to the powerful ones at NBC Universal itself.



Note the couched wording. Yet, if anyone reads this carefully, clearly, there was something major that would be developing regarding this massively profitable Universal Studios series, although the profits were in decline in its later phases. Who had heard of Paul Walker prior to the death scam? Surely, the number of people who would recognize his face and name recognition has been vastly enlarged as a result of this clever, though devious, Zionist plot. It is reasonable to say that for every person who did know of him, after the plot of Langley and her fellows in crime that number has reason exponentially, perhaps 10- to 50-fold or more. In this respect the Zionist schemers of NBC Universal had been hoping for a major coup with wildly increased exposure for Walker and the series, resulting in a great increase in DVD sales as well as attendance to the movie upon release.

There were other elements, though, of this plot that are rarely recognized, which was the desired new direction that the series was to take, all plotted out not by Walker or his fellow co-stars but by the scheming plotters of Universal Studios itself:


“Twists?” How about twisted minds.

Note: Fogelson and Langley were involved in a power-struggle, or so it is claimed. Fogrlson was let go, and Langley was promoted to her high position, which occurred in Sept. 2012, the details noted, as follows:

Jeff Shell and Ron Meyer
NBC Universal chief Steve Burke asked Meyer to mentor Comcast’s choice to run filmed entertainment as corporate infighting between Donna Langley and Adam Fogelson reached a boiling point.

A version of this story first appeared in the Sept. 20 edition of The Hollywood Reporter magazine.

For many months, Industry executives had been shaking their heads over how NBCUniversal had marginalized Ron Meyer, the long-reigning chief of Universal Studios. Some believed Meyer’s 18-year run finally might be over. But in August, NBCU CEO Steve Burke secretly invited Meyer to his house in Montana for fishing, horseback riding and a rapprochement. Meyer, 68, emerged with the title of vice chairman of NBCU and a contract extended to 2017.

Burke told Meyer that Jeff Shell, the 48-year-old chairman of NBCU International, would become chairman of the Universal Filmed Entertainment Group. In the subsequent shuffle, studio chairman Adam Fogelson, who had been enjoying a run of success, abruptly was dismissed Sept. 9 and replaced by co-chairman Donna Langley, who had been seen as standing on shakier ground than Fogelson.

PHOTOS: Top 10 Dramatic Studio Shake-ups

Industry observers say these outcomes result from a combination of pragmatism on the part of the suits at NBCU and the most old-fashioned type of corporate intrigue within Universal. They say Burke recognized that Shell — a TV executive who lacks film experience — needs Meyer to serve as his mentor in Hollywood.

The resulting shake-up is the first big move at the studio since Comcast acquired NBCU in 2011. Sources say Burke had come to recognize that finding a strong candidate to run Universal was no simple feat. At the same time, Burke and Comcast CEO Brian Roberts were seen as eager to put one of their own in charge — a well-regarded, no-nonsense executive with a Harvard MBA. (A source says Shell has made it clear that he feels no burning desire to mingle with celebrities.)

The actual nature of this “in-fighting” has not been confirmed.

Regardless, this manipulation of events was no minor issue for the Studios. The series grossed nearly 3 billion. There is no way Walker and his family alone could undertake this. They were mere collaborators in an act orchestrated by powerful Zionist elements.

Though Fogelson surely played a role it appears that the chief agent of plotting the fake death was Donna Langley. It was largely Langley who coordinated all the major elements leading up to the hoax and also in its aftermath.

Donna Langley - 'Fast and Furious 6' Premieres in LA

‘Fast and Furious 6’ Premieres in LA

In This Photo: Donna LangleyWiz Khalifa

Universal Pictures Co- Chairman Donna Langley (L) and rapper Wiz Khalifa arrive at the premiere of Universal Pictures’ “Fast & Furious 6” at Gibson Amphitheatre on May 21, 2013 in Universal City, California.
Ron Meyer and Donna Langley - 'Fast and Furious 6' Premieres in LA

‘Fast and Furious 6’ Premieres in LA

(L-R) Universal Pictures Chairman Adam Fogelson, director Justin Lin, Universal Pictures Co- Chairman Donna Langley and President and Chief Operating Officer of Universal Studios Ron Meyer arrive at the premiere of Universal Pictures’ “Fast & Furious 6” at Gibson Amphitheatre on May 21, 2013 in Universal City, California.\

It is she who is the acting Universal Studios agent who handles the highest level PR elements related to this hoax:
She knows full well that this is all a charade and is, therefore, spreading vile lies. This in order to support the wretched Zionist plot of creating a frenzy around fake deaths. It is a money-grubbing plot, as is proven by the constant emphasis on the ‘good deed’ image of Walker, the Charity, and the F&F franchise, DVDs, and future movies. The ‘announcement’ of charitable contributions to be made by NBC Universal is merely another element of this heavily planed farce. Make no mistake about it NBC Universal made that announcement for only one purpose, which is to ramp up the sale of the DVD. In her phony eulogy Zionist mole Langley makes a deliberate point of emphasizing the charity. It is all as a means to extort as much money out of the people as possible on the basis of fraudulent deaths, likely a part of the deal made with Walker.
It can be seen from the following screen capture from the DailyMail that Langley is the primary NBC Universal spokes-person for the fake deaths:
She is the chairman, after all, and, apparently, the Paul Walker hoax is her wretched scheme.

Production on Fast & Furious 7 shut down for now in wake of Paul Walker’s death… as it’s revealed his charity will receive profits from sixth film’s DVD sales


PUBLISHED: 21:39, 4 December 2013 | UPDATED: 00:43, 5 December 2013

Following the unexpected and tragic death of star Paul Walker, production on Fast & Furious 7 has come to a halt while the cast and crew attempt to salvage the upcoming Universal Pictures summer feature.

‘We have half a movie shot and we are working through it,’ Universal chairman Donna Langley told Entertainment Weekly on the decision to stop production.

There were other NBC operatives who essential elements of the deception. These include those elements which leveraged social media to give credibility to the hoax as real. Consider one of the persons responsible for the earliest tweets regarding the Paul Walker death hoax, Ryan Drake. As has already been published here, Drake’s association with NBC Universal is no minor issue. He is the Program   of NBCi, which is the social media and Internet divison of the entity:




Board of Directors | NAGW, 3 Nov 2013 [cached]

Ryan Drake Region 8 – West West Region (8) Director

Ryan has served as the Webmaster for the City of Santa Clarita since 2006. In 2007 he was instrumental in launching the City’s social media presence on Twitter and laterFacebook. In Ryan also spearheaded a complete redesign and restructuring of the City’s main site,, in 2009. In addition to his everyday duties as Webmaster hecontinually looks for innovative ways to engage the citizens of Santa Clarita via open and transparent government.

Is it a coincidence that the Webmaster for Santa Clarita was the primary force behind spreading the death hoax on social media?

Drake’s powerful times to NBC Universal and, therefore, Donna Langley and her superiors is undeniable and acts as stark evidence of the deaths as being nothing other than a planned Hollywood hoax.

PR agent and likely NBC Universal collaborator Heather Leuing also posted one of the earliest tweets, and it can be no coincidence that she is in the business of spreading PR campaigns through social media:


Early tweeter of the death hoax (before the ‘official announcement) Sande  Charles was also a player in attempting to legitimize the fraud; all such individuals knew very well that Walker’s and Rodas’ deaths were being faked:


Like the others, Charles, as an early tweeter, is nothing other than a PR agent working the social media circuit in order to support not merely Walker’s plot but, more crucially, the plot of all the hierarchy of Universal Studios.

PR agents, NBC Universal Webmasters and Web Program Director, and the F & F crew are all working together to spread lies about the fake deaths? Then, how is this other than yet another Universal Studios production and also PR pitch?

Therefore, this hoax was orchestrated at the highest levels, with all the top elements of NBC Universal as participants. Walker was not likely the financier behind this event. Rather, it was NBC Universal which was responsible. That’s because the plot originated from the Studios, though surely with the willing cooperation of Walker and perhaps to a degree at his urging.

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  1. What’s interesting is if you’ve seen the movies, then you know that Brian was actually becoming less and less prominent as time went on. It was starting to mostly revolve around Dom and Hobbs. Hell, F&F7 is mostly about these two. It’s also interesting because the franchise started because of Paul.

  2. Okay Lets say PW did this because he wanted to retire and he was never really into acting like he has said in many interviews. I dont nderstand why roger would fake his death because of PW, he is a friend and all but he has a life of his own with a family and stuff. So why would he Jeopardize that?

    • Ani – Someone had a theory about that. I’ll just quote what they said:

      “I would have to say because if it’s just Paul hi gets in an accident it’s easier to say it is a hoax, now you add in his “buisness partner/financial advisor” (who better to help you fake a death with your financial situation) now it’s all more believeable because there are 2 people who were in the crash not just 1.”

      From here:

      In other words, it’s more believable because Roger was a part of it and most people would think (like you) “Why would Roger do this?”

      • I am still very confused because other sites confirm that PW died and refer to Nodisinfo site as a bogus site. I really wish that what is said here is the truth that he is alive. No fan would want to believe that he is dead. Let’s hope he gets spotted somewhere then we could ease up on the death claim.

  3. I think you’ve brought out some very good points and I am very skeptical that Paul’s death was a hoax, but I do think the toy drive was real. It is an annual winter event held by AutoCon. It was sponsored by AutoCon, Purist Group and Reach Out WorldWide

    • Meant to say I am very skeptical that Paul’s death is not a hoax; I think he is alive and free of the industry BS.

  4. Its been nearly two months already, I am getting so tired of constantly checking for news about his death. I am literally going insane I just want to know the truth and accept it.This is constantly on my mind throughout the day and I’m fucking going crazy I don’t even know what to believe anymore!!!!!

  5. One things always bugged me,why did pw have the folded flag military style at his funeral

    • This always bugged me as well…perhaps it was someone else funeral all together, masking as pw funeral?

    • This does seem rather odd considering he was a civilian. Plus there were (what looked like) military Honor Guards there. How would they get the Air Force (presuming they were from the AF) to attend?

    • He was a cop in the movie.

  6. Könnte mir bitte jemand erklären, warum so angeblich so viele Menschen in diesen “Scherz” eingeweiht sein sollten? Wenn auch nur einer etwas ausplaudert, würde doch alles auffliegen. Das kann ich nicht begreifen. Wenn ich meinen Tod vortäusche, dann würde dass doch nur meine Familie wissen. Hier wird behauptet, dass alle Kollegen und Chefs, … Bescheid wussten?

    • Samira

      just wondering if this was the question you were asking?

      Could explain to me why so supposedly so many people should be privy to this “joke” please someone? If even just one divulges something, but everything would fly up. I can not comprehend. If I pretend my death, then that would still only know my family. Here it is claimed that all colleagues and bosses, … knew about it?

    • Aus demselben Grund wie bei anderen unwahren Geschichten, wie 911 etc.
      Weil alle sagen dass es unmöglich ist dass niemand plaudert.

  7. Dear DRK
    Are you not afraid of being sued for issuing such information?

    • When this is really considered, what is there to sue about? This type of investigation is based upon the trail left by the entity and its cohorts, and surely Fast & Furious was presumably the beneficiary of the hoax, and this is an NBC Universal division. These entities left the trail of evidence. It’s just reported, here.

      • Drk what do you think to the “flag”

        • That was a prop to use for subliminal effects. They had no idea it would backfire on them.

      • Point taken, thanks

        • And thank you for asking and your consideration.

  8. I will always believe this all to be a hoax, no doubt in my mind at all, anymore, but often wonder how they can permanently guarantee this will remain a secret, with so many being in on the entire charade that day.
    The information on this site is freely available over the internet and everyone is entitled to an opinion, I thought 🙂 I actually enjoy the comments on this site and glad to know that i’m not alone, as I found this site through randomly googling about PW not being dead, as I thought it was all too suspicious from the get go. Personally I hope they both stay hidden, as I was a great fan of PW for his acting and charity work, , but now, it goes to show how much he cared about his fans, to accept going to this length to leave the industry, one which I may add give him quite a few millions in his bank account, due to his loyal fans going to see his movies etc.
    Cody Walker replacing him in Fast 7, Cody Walker talking over his place in ROWW, very convenient.!!

    • Dez I hear what you are saying but remember PW had/have many interests in life of which acting was only considered “on the side” his words. We don’t know what happened behind close doors with NBC Universal. He might have been co-erced into the decision making and bowing out with his dignity in tact so if he was given hobson’s choice it would have been to the regret of his large following. I first took note of him in the Skulls and followed other movies he acted in. Even recognised him in shark tagging in which he was not the main attraction but the great white!

      Yes, to say I am disappointed that we will no longer see him on screen is an under- statement of great magnitude. Paul Walker I still think you are great irrespective of the decision you were forced to make.

      • I understand what you’re saying Lor, but whether he instigated this decision or merely just agreed with it, he still had a nice settlement figure for doing this. I can imagine having any sort of normal life whilst famous is impossible, but there were other ways to leave, other than causing his fans to grieve and of course bump up sales on the F&F franchise products, and lets not forget the big fat bonus pay out, that they are hoping to get with Fast 7 in 2015. I won’t be going to see that, even though I enjoyed all the others in the series, but theres no way that the F&F greedy, despicable people are getting any more of my money, because faking someones death to rack up sales and profit is disgusting. I wish them the best of luck in their new lives in the sun somewhere, but no matter what way you try to cut this, the guy still tried to convince his loyal fans and followers, that he burned to death in a car, so badly that he was unrecognisable, and to me that is just shameful..

  9. Just a note on the crash in my opinion the way the car was wrapped around the tree surely both PW and RR should have been crushed in the mangled mess of the car. A point perhaps that the hoaxers did not take into account. Just wondering!

    • Exactly. But no matter how many times I ask, people cannot tell me where Roger’s body is in that wreck. There was one photo floating around with a ‘chalk’ mark but that didn’t represent a body at all. Then you’ve got this massive ‘chalk’ mark that’s supposed to be Paul who looks like he could have squashed Roger, given the size (no disrespect intended).

      Another question of mine people haven’t been able to answer is why didn’t that car smash that puny tree down, and roll down the embankment given the force it supposedly hit it with?

      • If the car was doing 100+ like they said…instead of the embankment, the car should be in the **** building. See look at this wreck, oddly they both happened on the same day and sort of same circumstances.

      • Always wondered about the tree to me it looked no more than a shrub? And wouldn’t it have disintegrated in the heat of the fire

  10. Bilderberg.

  11. Dez … I understand, everyone is free to think in a way suo.Ma I also believe that if all this is true it is shameful! But I could never be angry with Paul Walker, if he did it must have had his reasons. however, at this point I will not even look fast 7

  12. A person with the same name on the autopsies, Kristy McCracken, has an IMDB profile…and look at what she’s played in the past…

  13. I’m not sure where to post this comment maybe I’ll post it to every link on here that has to do with Paul idk. Anyways, I’ve been trying to do my own research and I’ve had my own ideas about Paul’s “death” from day one but I’m not good on finding things out on my own, if that makes sense!? Well I was thinking that since there is like 15 links here on this website alone about Paul and 100’s trying to prove this was a hoax, I thought maybe someone could look into this person and maybe find out stuff I don’t know how to look for and get back to all of us here???? On Facebook there is a person who has a page called Paul Walker forever. This person post a **** ton of pics of Paul through out the day it’s crazy and kinda gets on my nerves….I know who cares what I think, Paul is a wonderful man we should post pics of him but it’s like to much and I don’t get the “fan” thing from the posts. It’s almost like it’s over done, u know what I mean? Well one day there was a post that said “mmm I want one…our star….II be back ppl soon”. I said “II be back ppl soon??? So u don’t think he is dead either? I never got a response. This page has lots of pics u can find anywhere but it also has a lot of private looking pics. I asked how they had such pics and the person running the page said “we have our sources….plus we are good investigators”. Also supposedly Paul’s aunt dotty sry if that’s not her name but his aunt either way post on this fan page about how sweet it was and how it was great seeing such a fan page…I can’t remember the exact words but it was along those lines. Why would his aunt be trolling fb and just happen to say something on that page? How do they really get those pics? Why say things like II be back ppl soon? Can anyone look into this and find some answers? I don’t think Paul died that day, I’m not sure if we will ever see him again but I’m really getting tired of ppl posting stuff that makes me question things even more. SOS ppl who can help pls and thank u

  14. Ok I’m so nervous to even say a word in fear that I may jinx it or be wrong haha but I think I figured it all out!!! I put a few things together and I think everything makes sense and is possible., I saw an interview that paul did before he died talking about if fast 7 tanked there is for sure an 8 to come and there is talk about 9, 10 and more. He’ll be in his 50’s he said. In another tmz interview, again before he died he was talking about all the fasts that are being talked about to come out and how he would be using a walking in them. Vin told everyone there was more to come in a London interview too. So I think the crash was probably planned for awhile. Isn’t it weird The only leak of the movie is Luda asking Paul to promise no more death? How about vin’a fb posts? Calling Paul brain and saying things like he is talking to Paul himself? His cheesy what the hell was the point speech at the crash site? Sry I’m gonna end up getting off track and I’m already losing my train of thought lol. I just feel like I had a break through and want to get this out there just in case. Feel free to add ur own ideas and clean this up. Anyways….I think fast 7 is complete, I think they are working on 8 as we speak if not already close to done. I think with the new director they thought they needed to go big or go home, as Paul has been know to say!!! What’s bigger then faking one of the main characters death in real life to get big movie buzz!? I think they are gonna make it look like brain dies in fast 7 and probably at the end of 7 will be the beginning of 8 and it will be of brain coming back. I think they told us they wouldn’t kill brain off so no one wouldnt be upset and feel they were being disrespectful to Paul’s memory and come watch but they are gonna kill him off. Think about it….it’s genius really! They might even use the crash in fast 8 somehow. Think about it….that’s why only ppl from the movie showed up at the crash site and no one: friends, family, movie cast were shown crying. That’s why none of this has made sense from day one and why there was so many answer less questions too. Does anyone else feel like everyone involved in this was giving hints to this being a hoax from the start? Like all the answers have been under our noses the whole time? Idk maybe I’m crazy maybe I have no idea what I’m talking about. Maybe the idea of him being gone has finally caught up to me and I’m about to have a break down lol. Maybe I’ve jinxed it all and it won’t happen and I’ll feel like I should have kept my mouth shut. Or maybe I really have figured something out!? I guess time will tell. If the movie comes out this yr. like it was suppose to then I know for sure I’m onto something. Or for whatever reason they bring Paul back at the mtv movie awards….why else would they nominate a dead guy for an award?? Ok I’m grasping straws with that one maybe lol. I’m ready for this all to be done. Ready for hard proof one way or another.

  15. Starting to give up hope with each day that past. The mtv movie awards show was a joke!!! She seemed very rush and very insincere. Where was everyone else they didn’t even make a video type thing for the “memorial” then to topknot off they didn’t even show them winking for best duo!!?? But the more this keeps dragging on the more I’m thinking he is never coming back. He is alive but never coming back.

  16. When u hear things like his brothers are suppose to fill in for him during filming then u see the pic of them in dubi….u have no choice but to start believing he might really be gone. I’m feeling so sad right now. Even with the unexplained taking down of the pic by Luda himself, I’m still feeling the doubt. Paul u r so missed pls just come back to is all.

  17. Cody walkers interview has me really thinking Paul is dead. No I still don’t think he died in the car crash but I think he could very well died some other way, why make it look like he died in a crash and not the way he did, idk. Either way Cody showed emotion like no one else has this whole time. He cried, couldn’t speak and when he did his voice cracked, it felt so real, unlike tyreses break down at the crash site! I felt my heart start to race an tears running down my face. I’m feeling so sad now and convinced Paul is gone and he is never coming back! My heart is so broken, I feel kinda sick.

  18. Idk anything about making a tv show or how long it takes to film it. I’m sure it’s different for each show and takes awhile either way. Ludacris and tyrese went ridding around the studio and came across a tyrant bus and talked to ppl on the set. It hasn’t even aired it’s pilot yet, that’s June 24th. Do they film a series all at once or do they stop for pilot sake then go back to filming? Or do they film second season just in case they are picked up for it, like ok we were picked back up good thing we filmed second season already?How does that work? I guess my question is tyrant is still filming, how is fast 7 still being filmed? One should have been done before the other, tyrant u woul think I guess. My feeling was fast 7 was already done filming, has been for awhile and now seeing the tyrant set, I’m really thinking it’s been done for awhile. They are just showing us pics and videos from the past to keep us thinking they ant up to anything, to throw us off. Unless I’m wrong, someone tell me if I am!

  19. Cody is going to be in FF8 not sure how they will write him in probably some relation to Brian? although i do suspect that all this could of been Paul’s way to leave behind his film career, but there has still not been any sightings of him anywhere?

  20. There is another dimension to this that no-one has mentioned. Insurance. How much was paid out and to whom? Follow the money ….

  21. I know I’m a little late to this page to comment, while I do think that Paul Walker faked his death, there is something on this page that is incorrect. The calendar that is highlighted is from October 2013…there aren’t 31 days in November.

  22. Censoring the comments..come on you jerk..

  23. I am SURE you wear an aluminum foil hat and think the government is listening to your every conversation too. Paranoid delusional is the least offensive description I can think of for you. Ridiculous nonsense…everything is a conspiracy! LOL

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