Paul Walker Hoax β€” 04 March 2014
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NBC Universal’s Zionist Moles Fake Paul Walker Death to Make More Money

Regarding the faking of the death of Paul Walker it was NBC Universal, that is its subsidiary, Universal Studios, which was behind it. In other words, this was not merely an isolated action taken by Walker and his associates. Hollywood itself was the real force responsible for it. Walker could not have done it on his own.

It was done to create an increased awareness of the Fast and Furious movie franchise, in which PW was featured, in order to increase sales for the upcoming DVD as well as future movie performances. Celebrity deaths, real or otherwise, have increased demand and sales for related products, and Zionist-controlled Hollywood is well aware of this.


They thought they got away with it. Apparently, they do not realize the power of the Internet, along with investigative research. The images always reveal the truth about whether an even is fake or not. This one is fake, and there is no doubt about it. It’s a monumental act. Walker alone couldn’t have pulled it off. Have no mistake about the power of Hollywood. It is fully capable of doing it and has the assets to do so at every conceivable level. This includes making special deals with the County Coroner’s office as well as local law enforcement and fire.

The focus on tribute pictures, such as the one above, has been on Paul Walker, Sr., and the various Fast and Furious co-stars with their smiles, smirks, and supercilious behavior. Yet, one of our posters observed an element far more revealing. It is the woman in the dark top with the manila-colored scarf. That’s Donna Langley, the current Chairman of Universal Studios:

donnalangleywalker donna-langley-president-d-universal-pictures

Here is Langley with all the other heavy hitters of the Studio, again in relation to the Fast and Furious franchise:


How could this, then, be achieved without the acquiescence of Langley as well as her superiors, including Meyer? Surely, too, the director Lin contributed to the hoax as did, as is well established, all the co-stars. Too, the funding for the faking of Walker’s death, as well as the various actors and players, must surely have been under the auspices of the Studio.

It takes money – and connections, in other words, power – to fake a death of such a relatively high-profile person. It also takes powerful connections to cover it up, that is to prevent its revelation. The area had to be blocked off. Moulage moles had to be brought into play to dress up the dummies. Photographers and bloggers had to be brought to bear. TMZ needed to be coached/coordinated as the launching pad, supporting by a litany of other fraudsters and hucksters who would blog and tweet on behalf of Universal Studios to support the phony event.

Fake security had to be hired to pose as legitimate law enforcement such as the man seen in the image below:


Coordination by such powerful ones had to be achieved with the coroner’s office; otherwise, the hoax wouldn’t hold.



No easy achievement, it all had to be carefully and systematically coordinated, Zionist-style. It was, therefore, Zionist-owned and operated Universal Studio which was behind this orchestration. Moreover, it was done purely for nefarious motives.







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  1. Hey DrK, just a quick question. In your opinion, since this is a hoax which i truly agree with you, do you think PW and RR will be seen in the future or do you think thats it for them????

  2. I knew that it’s a hoax.

    • Actually, I have no idea. However, in all likelihood someone will spot them and photograph them.

      • Most likely yes they will but then again he is gone and he would miss his family and friends

  3. I like how some people still believe paul walker is dead. I used to think he was dead until I started reading these nodisinfo posts. Even though you tell people about this site they read it and say he is still alive. Just saying if he is dead I’m sorry for commenting on all these and rest in peace you were always my best actor and I have everything that paul walker have came out with BUT I am 95 percent shur that he is not dead.

  4. I wish you were right and PW still alive, but honestly, with all the theory how much the studio would had payed for this hoax, and mainly, for what?? If the policmen were fake, firemen the real police should have know and at the same time being payed, as well as the coroner office. Someone from all this people should have talked by now. I think we agree that there are no secrets between more than 3 people, and here you’re involving family, friends, studios, police, coroners….like I said I wish you were right, because I liked that guy, he was really a good person, a good father…but unfortunetely he is gone πŸ™

    • Confidentiality agreements like this example were probably required ahead of anyone working on this. Like he says, he wouldn’t want to risk his job. And neither would anyone involved with this probably would want to risk their job…especially in a bad economy like this. And probably wouldn’t want to be sued. Something this high risk if revealed to the public would probably be a huge lawsuit nobody would ever financially recover from.

      • I agree. Confidentiality agreements would have had to be set up/signed beforehand. I wonder how far they would span out though? I wish someone would leak something regarding this! πŸ™‚

        • I believe they’re actually signed before every movie done now at the larger studios. I had a conversation with someone once and theirs was a 5 million dollar lawsuit for anything deliberately leaked. And that was a few years ago before the height of everyone using social media all day. That was just a normal movie. I would assume this production is probably an astronomical price compared to that for the specific highly needed secrecy. It would have had to be signed by anyone even in the vicinity if they saw something related to them filming or by anyone to even knows something about that day. Like probably people that work in that area of the wrecked car scene. If something hasn’t been leaked by now, I doubt it would be ever. PW probably never had to sign something since it’s his thing, if something is leaked, it’d probably be by him or a co-star. I doubt any of them were required to sign something for confidentiality.

    • Yea they had to pay alot of people to be able to pull this off. But at this point they made 384 million on fast & furious 7.

  5. Your site hasn’t considered the possibility that PW was murdered elsewhere for unknown nefarious reasons. The car crash was a staged incident to cover up the real murder..

    • To redyfordem – that’s my fear, it’s clear that this was no ordinary accident. If he’s not alive, then he was murdered, because the known facts do not support a car accident.

  6. The Zionists pulled off 911. This hoax was small-fry in comparison.

  7. Back in January they said the Porsche company was going to investigate the air bags & gear boxes with the footage, what happened with that? Did they even investigate it or are they trying to cover up the accident?

    • Ive been looking for that dawn. All I kniw is porche werent happy and were sending a crew to work with the police dept and recover the 3 black boxes from the car and down load the info. Also to conduct their own investigation as all the blame was put on the car and porche dont believe the reports of how the accident happened.
      But ive seen no report as of yet.

    • I honestly doubt they investigated it. I remember an interview PW did where he admitted he had a close relationship with Porsche. They probably helped with this entire thing if you ask me. As far as getting some parts they could use for the accident scene. I heard a rumor years ago Porsche pays a lot of these stars for having accidents, like Lindsay Lohan and these other stars that have accidents in Porsche’s. It’s the whole all press is good press. This put Porsche’s name is every article with PW. I’ve honestly wondered if they paid him for it. I personally think so. That’s a hell of a lot of Porsche press.

  8. But what if you or I just happened to see them filming as we walked down the street and we refused to sign this C.A.? Surely they couldn’t force someone to sign it. …Or perhaps they could offer an incentive, like $1M, I’d sign it then. πŸ˜‰

    • I’m sure in this instance someone would’ve stopped someone just walking around before they even got close to where they could have seen filming going on. Even though you can’t see it on that blue car driving up video, I can guarantee you they would’ve stopped any normal driver just driving down the road before they would be able to drive up on something. They run tight tight ships with filming locations and access anywhere near them. Both for star security and expensive equipment security so people can’t just walk up and steal a camera or something. They can’t force you to sign anything, sure, but they can definitely physically limit your access to a place where you could happen to see something where you would need to sign it. And a filming permit allows them to do that. That area is actually known as a quick film permit turnaround place. They can get them pretty much within a few hours of application.

      • This is correct. Once you sign on with them, if they are using your property, they can even prevent you from accessing your own home.

  9. Sorry, the above was for ‘A’.

  10. I read somewhere that there was a filming permit for the area on that day hence why the area and the rd was so quiet that day.
    But when I go back to double check either webpage is down, cant be found, content removed or dead end. Information is starting to disappear.

  11. heres someinteresting links,
    wot is that behind rogers seat?, to me it looks kinda simular to the bodys from the crash, sure someone will correct me on wot it is,

    heres rogers porche, note it has it tow hitch in at the front, and that the engine cover is off on the back,–/YXBwaWQ9eW5ld3M7cT04NTt3PTMxMA–/

    • You know, I saw that back there a couple weeks ago and wondered the exact same thing. What the hell is that.

      Here, I zoomed in on the spot… still can’t figure out exactly what it is.

      • Hi A.
        There has been talks about 2 cars being used and crashed car was a kit car or copy.
        If thats true then that car in that pic wouldnt have a huge….v10 if im right…engine and that engine takes sll the rear up.
        I would imagine it would be something alot smaller leaving room to stash “items” in that unused space.
        So who knows.
        I am working on something at the min A where is your zoomed in pic posted as I need to share some pics but they stuck on my fone.

        • Where is the photo posted? Go to and you can post photos that way to make a link for sharing. Is that what you’re asking?

          And yeah, you can see how they have multiples of the cars they destroy for the film. There were probably more than 2 Porsche replicas used.

          A lot of the replica cars used on movies don’t even run they’re just a shell to make it easier to flip or blow up and less work cleaning up at the end and less money spent. My dad used to always talk about the Dukes of Hazard and how it killed him to see them actually destroy the Chargers in every episode. They destroyed so many. It’s always been his favorite car…he gets such a sad stare off into space look when he talks about it now. What a waste.

          • Thanks A.

  12. Well… we’re suppose to get killed by this asteroid Today (in an hour or so) so I guess we’ll know whether or not Paul died before this or died with the rest of us.

  13. Hi everybody
    That thing doesn’t look like a back seat for sure….does this car have back seats? I mean is there enough place for s dummy to fit in?

    • Mady,

      No, Carrera GT’s do not have back seats.. It loos like roger’s seat is pulled up a little closer to the steering wheel. Not sure what kind of dummies those would be.. If they are soft and really light and flexible then it wouldn’t need too much room.

      Here are two different Carrera GT’s to show how much space there is between the back of the seat and the frame.

      • Here, Keliss, Here’s the car. There is no room for a **** thing back there from what it looks like.

        The pictures of the car all on here:

      • Thank you Keliss for answering
        And smth else… just a random thought …
        Maybe this is ( the hoax) the reason why Justin Lin left the franchise, Maybe he refused to do it….I know he gave up 6 month before the accident but smth like this needs some time to achieve….and again just a random thougjt……
        No answer required πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

        • That’s a highly possible idea. If Wan had somehow expressed excitement in doing it, they might have asked him do it. He’s known for horror films, so this idea actually kinda up his alley as far as faking a death. He did crazy things all day with the Saw franchise. Love those movies. He’s honestly one of the most perfect people to bring in if they’re trying to go to a darker area.

          • A

            I always thought that the crashed car looks like taken from a horror movie …. and i never believed the reasons Lin gave when he gave up FF…. I mean come on, to give up smth like FFfor I don’t know what other projects …. I find this so hard to believe

          • He did move over to Bourne. So he stayed with Universal. I think the last Bourne made more than the last Fast movie worldwide. So maybe that was his motivation.

          • A,
            I take that back, i didn’t know ..about Bourne ……

      • Sorry if it posts twice everyone, I tried to leave it once, but it never posted.

        Here’s the actual car. There’s no room for anything back there for anything from the looks of it.

        • It’s so eerie to see the inside of the very car that Paul died in (if not a hoax)… It makes me sad.

          Have anyone tried to compare the inside of the car with the photo’s that the kid who stole the top of the car posted on instagram? I’ve been trying to compare them.

          • There’s a picture of the accident from that side parking lot, and you can see it just sitting propped up next to the car all suspiciously not crunched like it was never in an accident. I wonder if the stealing was even a real thing and not just something to add to the sadness of a death adding to help press and add to how crazy this entire thing looks. Look at how jacked up the car looked. That top looked pretty much untouched. The car hit the area where that piece would be, how did it end up with zero dents.

          • The stealing was a hoax, a distraction put out once the facts of the case were revealed.

      • Wow, looks like someone wandered in from a BMW forum. Way to keep it fun, sport.

  14. I thought the engine was right behind them, hence their bodies being so badly burnt?

  15. Could this be another photoshop deal? Will have to check against other pics.

    • I think it was photoshopped. When I did that zoom and went on to sharpen the image a few times to see if I could see what it was clearer, it had obvious lines of editing around that area back there.

    • Heh. Google the name of the person that took the pictures “” with the word photoshop.

      • @A, I Googled that but wasn’t sure what I was meant to be looking for? I saw some photos of bike riders on one site.

        • I was just meant how he would talk openly on forums about his lack of knowing how to do it. That’s all. Don’t read into it. πŸ™‚

          • No, I wasn’t reading into it, but seeing the bike pic jogged my memory, hence the question on whether he owned a bike shop. …Can’t say why right now.

      • Does anyone know if Paul owned a motorbike shop?

        • Oh. Well go to Wysk and search his name and a couple of the addresses registered to his businesses. A shop or 2 has popped up with the addresses. Don’t know if they are just bike, but I remember they were automotive related. Not particularly his name but registered to his business associates and people that did his taxes at the address. He may have a part in some. His name wasn’t on AE, so you never know. I think a even a brother has a shop registered in his name too. Try Rodas too. I haven’t searched either one lately maybe there is something new.

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  17. Larin / Say What / R /… – on holiday???!!!

    • What?

    • Motley,

      There’s a lot of people missing, especially on ANut’s blog… O.o

      • I was previously “pat”
        I had a change of email adress after losing my fone.

  18. I found something interesting when I was researching. I was searching for information on his father and two brothers. I came across IMDB. Paul Walker III worked on The Fast and The Furious as a Firearm Consultant and starred in The Skulls as the Boxing Coach and in The Wedge as Officer Banks. Caleb Walker worked on Running Scared as a Camera Trainee, The Death and Life of Bobby Z as a Clapper Loader and The Bus Boy as an Assistant Director. Cody Walker was a stunt person. Is it weird that they all one way or another worked with Paul on a film. My theory might have been that he was getting sick and tired of having his family around constantly on set.

    • i doubt he was tired of having his family around constantly on set I remember reading an interview Paul gave where he said something about how he was happy that he was able to work with both his brothers and how Cody played one of the young Bobby Z in the death and life of Bobby Z but i never knew Paul snr acted in any movies though Paul’s grandfather was boxer “Irish” Billy Walker so that may explain why his dad was the boxing coach in the skulls though i did find out that Paul may have another sister just not sure if she is a half sister or a step sister or if she is alive

  19. I also came across another interesting fact. Michael J Walker, a cinematographer, camera operator and special effect specialist. Might be related to Paul in some way I’m not quite.

  20. About the money. I just rented the new release “HOURS” yesterday with Paul Walker and right before movie starts there is a”Trailer”for ROWW like an infommercial asking for donations. I’ve never seen this before a dvd I rented and it just validates what you mention Dr.K. about the money. Keep up the good work sir!

  21. hello, first say sorry for how I write but I’m from Spain and I do not control the language very well. I just want acer few contributions which in my opinion, Paul faked his death, here I leave a picture of a guy with a strong resemblance to Paul, cutting the beard, the shape of the ear the small sink in the ear on the underside, upper lip, thin as Paul, the guy with the green hat:
    can find a picture of him and compare

    also watch this video, hours after the death of Paul suuesta, his girlfriend so happy and you can see how she smiles happily without sadness:

  22. Is there some new news about Paul?

  23. Call me slow or whatever but I just read what other movies the new director of the fast movies- James Wan- has done in the past….the Saw movie/s, The Conjuring, Insidious movies, Dead silence, death sentence!!! Um having Paul or anyone fake their death…sounds right up his twisted, #1 block office movie making ally!! This gives me hope that Paul is alive

  24. I miss him and want him back. Pray during the mtv awards he shows…pls Paul it’s been long enough! I will love u unconditionally, just as long as I know ur alive

  25. Question…does anyone know how strong those hose things are, the water blast that is? I’m just wondering cus they seem to be pointing those things very close to the wreckage and the “body”… did it not spray away potential evidence? Or harm the “body”? Ok harm isn’t the word I’m looking for but even with a blanket (which doesn’t look wet) covering the body wouldn’t the blast or if no blast, wouldn’t the water still find it’s way to the body and get it wet and maybe pull skin of or something? What about the blanket itself? It doesn’t look wet, how did it not catch on fire or be blown up from the force of the water hose or get stuck to the burnt flesh and pull some off? Even a dead body that has a clear reason for death still needs to be handled with complete care…doesn’t it? Why did they keep the “body” in the same spot for so many hours anyways? Uncovered, in the hot heat of the day, etc!? If they were so interested on who it was and making sure they collected all evidence needed….why the water or blanket or leaving it out to rot?

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  28. Whoever’s reading these..its pree late here nah. So this dude will hide around with his true identity snug that he’s shook car ride was not him driving. He drives and cant turn them into accusing me or him. Why see the other’s.

  29. They didnt fake there death….so people can just stop saying they didnt you aren’t them so you wouldnt know! They didnt fake it!

  30. Definitely believe that which you stated. Your favorite reason appeared to be on the internet the easiest thing to be aware of. I say to you, I certainly get annoyed while people think about worries that they plainly do not know about. You managed to hit the nail upon the top and also defined out the whole thing without having side-effects , people could take a signal. Will likely be back to get more. Thanks

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