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Mossad Clique Revealed in Theo Van Gogh Murder Hoax

UPDATED, Dec. 1, 2014

Revelation due to the erudite assessment of one of our posters

Regarding the purported murder of Theo Van Gogh is there anything about it that is real? It has all the indications of being a contrived event. Little which is claimed about it can be substantiated.

Sure it was, right, the supposed killer, Mohammed Bouyeri, was ‘radicalized’ while in prison for petty crimes. Sure it was, the same story as always. Radicalized, right, sure, with the purported killer being even associated with the hoax of 9-11:


Now, why would the man become actually radicalized just because of the death of his mother? What does that have to do with anything? By no means does this make any sense. There were no Sept. 11 hijackers. Therefore, the entire story line about a relationship to 9-11 by arch-Zionist mole Sterling is nothing other a filthy lie.

911 comes into play in this arch-fabrication in yet another incredible way. It is related to the date of Van Gogh’s purported death contrasted to the acclaimed death of another Dutchman and fellow homosexual, Pim Fortuyn. Here are the dates in question:

– Pim Fortuyn “died” on 6 May 2002

– Theo Van Gogh “died” on 2 November 2004

As pointed out by nodisionfo.com posters when calculated, the time span between these deaths is none other than “911” days. That can be no coincidence. This was all done according to plan, Satan’s plan, that is the plan of the wretched arch-Zionist Rothschild cabal. This is proof that the all the events surrounding the supposed deaths of these two men were orchestrated.

Another promoter of the event as an example of Islamic ways is none other than that terminally rabid arch-Zionist extremist, Adam Pearlman aka Adam Gadahn. Pearlman called for the Muslims to go out and attack Westerners, merely because they are supposed ‘crusaders’ or ‘Zionists.’ He upholds the purported murder of Van Gogh as a benchmark for the kinds of actions Muslims must take. That’s right, Muslims are expected to take advice from Pearlman, one of the most terminally rabid Zionist criminal minds known.

“Muslims in the West have to remember that they are perfectly placed to play an important and decisive part in the Jihad against the Zionists and crusaders, and to do major damage to the enemies of Islam, waging war on their religion, sacred places, and things, and brethren,” says Gadahn. “This is a golden opportunity and a blessing.”

He claims that many Western born or raised jihadis, the “brothers who came from abroad” are now thinking about returning to their “Crusader” countries to “discharge their duty of jihad.” He also says not to worry about imprisonment, since so many have been jihadis have been set free. “If it’s Allah’s will that you be captured, then it’s not the end the world, and it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re going to spend the rest of your life in prison.” Many mujahideen who were locked up “are now back home with their families, or back on the front-lines, fighting the enemies.”

Thus, clearly, Pearlman in the aftermath of the purported murder of Van Gogh is specifically urging Muslims to act, in fact, to act wildly, senselessly killing Westerners. He is inciting them to simply murder people, perhaps opponents of Islam or others in cold-blood and not even consider the consequences. It is simply not plausible that this could be a real event considering the heavy involvement of extremist Zionist Jew Pearlman. Then, with tsuch extensive involvement of this arch-antagonist and fanatical Zionist mole and other arch-antagonistic Islamophobes what could the Van Gogh event be other than an act of the Mossad?
Arch-Zionist agent Ayaan Hirsi Ali aka Ayaan Hirsi Magan also played a major role in promoting the lie. In this interview she spews nothing but falsehoods:


Allan Gregg says “Tell me about that incident,” that is the supposed killing of Van Gogh by an ‘Islamic fanatic,’ when Hirsi Ali says, interrupting him:

He was shot several times and stabbed and, uh, the man who killed him tried to behead him. And took a knife and left what is basically written in the structure of a fatwa, stabbed on Theo’s body; that was a macabre.

Screen Shot 2014-11-30 at 6.18.40 PM

Yet, there is absolutely no evidence for such claims by Zionism’s fan club member, Hirsi Ali, particularly the baseless claim of the plugging of the man multiple times with gunfire and the attempted beheading.

OK, at first it is that he was shot and stabbed, then, shot, stabbed and beheaded and now shot, stabbed, and mutilated:


Even so, it does look like the Islamophobe Mr. Van Gogh on the ground in the available imagery. There are two knifes that are apparently jabbed into the man’s chest area, both on the right side. Both these knives are associated with the implausible: areas which are free of all evidence of blood. In one case the knife is associated with a piece of paper, a purported note; there is not even the slightest evidence of blood on that note. How can that be when the knife is jabbed directly into the chest. If real, much blood would pour out, and the note would be stained significantly.

The top knife enters at a bizarre angle; again, there is no blood. With such a knife wound into the body there should be bright red arterial blood on both the white and blue clothing.


It is said that he was killed in front of dozens of people. Now, those dozens of people are seen but not in the original photograph. Even so, that’s quite a feat by the ‘murderer’ to do this, that is to shoot him, then stab him cleanly twice, and to in particular run the knife through a note and also through the chest simultaneously. How did you do so without causing the note to be blood-stained?

The fabricated write-up in arch-Zionist Wikipedia is revealing. It proves that the claim of a real death for Van Gogh at the hands of a vengeful, crazed Muslim is a terminal hoax:

Van Gogh was murdered by Mohammed Bouyeri while cycling to work on 2 November 2004 at about 9 o’clock in the morning, in front of the Amsterdam East borough office (stadsdeelkantoor), on the corner of the Linnaeusstraat and Tweede Oosterparkstraat (52°21′32.22″N 4°55′34.74″E).[7] The killer shot Van Gogh eight times with an HS2000 handgun. Bouyeri was also on a bicycle and fired several bullets, hitting Van Gogh and two bystanders. Wounded, Van Gogh ran to the other side of the road and fell to the ground on the cycle lane. According to eyewitnesses, Van Gogh’s last words were “Don’t do it, don’t do it.” or “Have mercy, have mercy, don’t do it, don’t do it.”[8] Bouyeri walked up to Van Gogh, who was on the ground, and calmly shot him several more times at close range.[9][10]

Bouyeri cut Van Gogh’s throat with a large knife and tried to decapitate him, after which he stabbed the knife deep into Van Gogh’s chest, reaching his spinal cord. He attached a note to the body with a smaller knife. Van Gogh died on the spot.[11] The two knives were left implanted. The note was addressed to and contained a death threat to Ayaan Hirsi Ali, who went into hiding. It also threatened Western countries and Jews


The claims of injuries as contrasted to the photography are physical impossibilities. Furthermore, the inclusion of “Jews” being a target is additional proof that this is nothing other than a Mossad plot.

Even the sheet the covers him is free of all blood staining. Yet, it was said that he was both shot and stabbed. If so, surely there would be the spillage of much blood.

According to the media sources:

A suspect, a 26-year-old man with dual Dutch-Moroccan nationality, was arrested after a shootout with officers that left him wounded, police said.

Filmmaker Theo van Gogh, 47, had been threatened after the August airing of the movie Submission, which he made with a right-wing Dutch politician who had renounced the Islamic faith of her birth.

Police had kept watch on Van Gogh’s house as protection immediately after the film’s release, but it was dropped because there was no concrete evidence of a threat, public prosecutor Leo de Wit said.

In a recent radio interview, Van Gogh dismissed the threats and called the movie “the best protection I could have. It’s not something I worry about.”

Police said Van Gogh’s killer shot and stabbed his victim and left a note on his body. They declined to comment on reports that his neck was slashed and would not reveal the contents of the note.

The attacker fled to the nearby East Park and was arrested after exchanging gunfire with police, police spokesman Eric Vermeulen said. Both the suspect and a police officer suffered minor injuries.

A witness told Dutch Radio 1 the killer arrived by bicycle and shot Van Gogh as he got out of a car. “The shooter stayed next to him and waited. Waited to make sure he was dead,” the witness said.

Van Gogh’s killing immediately rekindled memories of the 2002 assassination of Dutch politician Pim Fortuyn, who polarized the nation with his anti-immigration views — particularly against Moroccan and Turkish immigrants — and was shot to death days before national elections. A Dutch animal rights activist was convicted in his slaying.

Van Gogh’s next movie, scheduled to debut on the Internet in December, is titled 06-05 and is about the May 6, 2002 slaying of Fortuyn.

The filmmaker had often come under criticism for his controversial movies, and he wrote columns about Islam on his Web site and for the Dutch newspaper Metro.

He has had formal complaints filed against him for making alleged anti-Jewish, anti-Christian and anti-Muslim comments in interviews and columns that he wrote. His many provocative statements including mocking a prominent Dutch Jew, making references to “the rotten fish” of Nazareth and calling a radical Muslim politician “Allah’s pimp.”




Mr. Bouyeri

No doubt, he, too, is a crisis actor who by no means acted out of religious convictions to stabbed the purported victim.

 theovangogh-33Despite countless security cameras in such areas and numerous people with available cell phone cameras there is no imagery of Bouyeri being encountered by police, let alone shot and wounded by them.

Mohammed Bouyeri’s trial for the murder of Theo Van Gogh began Monday, July 11, 2005. For the most part, Bouyeri remained silent and told his lawyer, Peter Plasman, that he wanted no part in the case. He turned his back to the judges because he does not recognize the court’s authority.

Fox News reported that “Bouyeri, allegedly a member of a terrorist cell known as the Hofstad Network, is said to have attended private prayer sessions with a Syrian spiritual leader, Redouan al-Issar, who disappeared shortly before the Van Gogh killing.”

There was “some evidence Bouyeri had help, especially financial help, in preparing the killing,” but there are no other suspects who can be directly tied to the crime. The gun used in the murder was estimated to have cost EUR 1000, plus Bouyeri had no money of his own for living expenses.

The Guardian Unlimited reported Monday that Bouyeri “quoted Arabic prayers at judges as his trial began Monday and walked out of court holding a Quran above his head.”

Judges said Bouyeri laughed and told his younger brother, Hassan: “I knew what I was doing, and I succeeded.”

Rudolph Peters, Professor of Islamic Culture at University of Amsterdam told reporters: “My conclusion is that Mr. Bouyeri saw himself as an instrument of God.”

On Tuesday, July 12, the second day of the trial, Bouyeri, 27, told the court, “I take complete responsibility for my actions. I acted purely in the name of my religion.”

Prosecutors have asked for him to go to prison for life. Bouyeri’s response was “”I can assure you that one day, should I be set free, I would do exactly the same, exactly the same.”

The Khaleej Times Online reported that in his final statement to the court, Bouyeri said that he felt he owed Van Gogh’s mother Anneke some explanation:

“I have to admit I do not feel for you, I do not feel your pain, I cannot.   I don’t know what it is like to lose a child,” he said. “I cannot feel for you … because I believe you are a nonbeliever,” he added.

“I acted out of conviction not because I hated your son.”

What is not clear at this time is whether Bouyeri will serve his sentence in solitary confinement. Dutch prisons have been described as “holiday camps.” According to Expatica.com, prosecutors have sought to prevent Bouyeri from allegedly continuing to try to convert other inmates to his violent Islamist creed and from continuing to smuggle out texts inciting other Muslims to violence:

“It does not matter that his fellow inmates may not be susceptible to B.’s [Bouyeri’s] brand of fanaticism. Nor does it matter that his writings may have been rejected out of hand by those who read them.

The overriding issue is who controls the prisons: the authorities or the prisoners.”

The murder shook the Netherlands, once renowned for its peacefulness and tolerance, and led to a wave of violence in which mosques and churches were destroyed in retaliatory attacks.

Bouyeri was found guilty of being a ringleader of the group, but judges could add nothing to his sentence.

Mossad agents, Jason Walters, among others

Two Dutch Muslims, Ismael Aknikh and Jason Walters, received the heaviest sentences for throwing a hand grenade during their arrest on Nov. 10, 2004, which injured five policemen. Walters, a convert to Islam, is the son of a U.S. soldier and a Dutch mother.

Who is Jason Walters? He was the only member of the Hofstad Group who was a convert to Islam. The Hofstad Group was largely rounded up in November 2004 after Hofstad Group leader Mohammed Bouyeri, a Dutch-Moroccan, killed Dutch columnist and filmmaker Theo van Gogh.

English Jewish surnames revisited



The supercilious smirks and facial expressions by arch-Zionist mole Walters tell all. Once again, the Jewish Walters is in play in this scam not as a defender of Islaam but, rather, a crisis actor, actually a spy, for the Mossad.

Below is an image acclaimed as Walters when he was ‘arrested.’ The man without the shirt bears no resemblance to him.

Redouan al-Issar

Redouan al Issar (also known as Abu Khaled or simply “The Syrian”) was born in Syria in the late fifties or early sixties. He is by profession a geologist .

Issar” (pl. issarim) – a Roman copper coin

Al-Issar and Issar Harel. Obviously, this mole is yet another arch-Zionist agent, that is an agent of the Mossad.

The entire act was an attempt to demonize Islaam. In fact, this was precisely the result of this Zionist scheme:

theovangoghhoax-0 theovangogh-444

Bouyeri’s beard has always been short. There was no one roaming around by such a description anywhere near the hoax shooting site.

Recruiting for jihad’

Prosecutor Alexander van Dam opened proceedings on Monday, saying: “All suspects are being charged with being members of a terrorist organisation.

“The organization had as its aim to carry out terrorist crimes such as murder, explosions and threats.

“They are also accused of trying to recruit jihad warriors, instigation to commit crimes, and forgery.”

Samir Azzouz has become well-known in the Netherlands after his previous trial and for being picked up regularly in security services sweeps

Dutch television screened a video in which he urged jihad.

But he said it should not be taken seriously.







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