Asiana Hoax Other Hoaxes — 12 December 2013
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NTSB Fakes Asiana Crash – Releases New Video as a Cover-Up

Regarding Asiana “Flight 214” an actual crash of such a flight did not occur. This was a relatively sophisticated attempt at a drill “gone live” to make it appear as if a real plane crash. Apparently, this was done to lionize the head of the NTSB,  Deborah Hersman,  as a person bigger than life. The purpose was to prepare Hersman for a potential role as a political candidate. It was also done, possibly, as a distraction for a real plane crash, Colgan Air Flight 3047 carrying the now deceased 911 widow, Beverly Eckert (Note: a Dash-8 prop jet had never crashed in mid-air ever before; the plane was seen on fire before it crashed; Hersman covered all this up).

Yet, as can be seen from a review of the video footage related to this farce, Hersman plays the predominant role. Clearly, the Zionists were attempting to raise her stock before the American public, and to a degree this was successful. She was extensively praised for her ‘performance.’ Praised for what: merely standing before the cameras and reciting her pre-arranged lines?

It is Hersman’s NTSB which is responsible for covering up the facts surrounding the case, which is the evidence showing that the plane was brought down by a bomb or through some other sabotage.

Even so, despite the existence of the hulk of the plane and strewn wreckage, plus countless crisis actors, it was not difficult to determine the real nature of this event, which is that this was rather than a crash merely a drill.

Yet, is there any hard proof that this crash is a fake? It should be noted that all the people who claimed they were injured were, in fact, faking those injuries, including Zionist mole Benjamin Levy.

Regardless, let Hersman and the NTSB deny this was a hoax. We are waiting. There has been no comment or denial up to this time.

She cannot deny it. That’s because the hoax originated in the NTSB offices, as is clearly demonstrated, here:


Note the clear and categorical origin of the belittling names from the bowels of the NTSB. Once the hoax plane crash scene was publicized the NTSB moles, headed by Hersman, did the unconscionable with this brazen, audacious display. This was clearly a higher level NTSB mole who seeded these fake (and racist) names. The claim that it was only an intern was merely a cover-up for the scandalous nature of this part of the scam. Arrogant Zionists, they created this fraud, and even when they are caught they continue to spew terminal lies.

One of those lies, the greatest ones, were the claims for fatalities. There were no fatalities, because there was no plane crash. Notice the following picture of a supposed Chinese cash victim. The picture is a PhotoShop fake. The hand is completely fabricated; in many picture of this individual a fake, PhotoShop-induced victory sign has been added. The cut-and-paste nature of this picture is clearly evident upon close examination.


Notice the lighter-colored part of the hand that is bar-shaped. Notice also how long and narrow are those fingers, also the pointed nature of the index finger; also the soft features of the face, and far more.

The witnesses, too, were fraudsters playing a pre-determined role. Surely, that role included many favors and significant pay:


asianahomblackother  asianawohhhrr

Absolutely calm, shuttering of the eyes for the biggest lies, multiple dramatics, talking from the corner of his mouth: how many ways does it need to be said, “HO

All this and more has been revealed on this site and also be a number of Internet investigators. This explains the need to provide “new” video images of the fake crash.

It can be seen that this isn’t a real plane. Also, notice the sequential puff of fake friction action or smoke seen near the ‘nose cone’ of the image of this plane:


If the plane “violently cartwheeled” there would have been vast damage to the tips of the wings, the bodies of the wings, and also the nose cone. There was no such damage on this plane.


The damage that would result to the nose cone dragging on the pavement for hundreds of yards would be significant and would be clearly visible in the imagery.

The jet (image) suddenly disappears in smoke and puffs, a physical impossibility, never before seen in a runway crash. Plus, if the crash were of such a nature there would have been dozens,  rather, hundreds of fatalities. In fact, in a crash of such a nature it would be difficult to believe that anyone would escape alive.


In a crash, as pictured, there is no way that the plane would not have caught fire. The fuel is stored in the wings. A cartwheeling of a jet would cause sufficient friction such that the plane would catch fire. Likely, it would have exploded massively, causing near total fatalities. Regardless, those puffs are animations, as is the jet image. How could this be a real crash if the CCTV footage is animated?


Another great proof relates to the position of the plane carcass on the runway when compared to the CGI imagery. As noted above, the imagery shows the CGI fake dropping at a virtual 90-degree angle to the sea wall.


It is a perpendicular drop (note that, once again, the wing is missing and the fuselage is distorted. There is no definition, here. This doesn’t even look like a jumbo jet.


The drop of the image at a 90-degree angle to the sea wall is made categorically clear, here – versus:


That is not a 90-degree angle, not even close. Now, the two compared:



Clearly, in their attempt to substantiate this scam NTBS’ Zionist moles blundered severely. They created a new CGI imagery video of the fake crash and by doing so proved the degree of the fraud. The imagery was made for maximum psychological effect, therefore the showing of the full length of the back of the plane for public consumption.  The CGI phony places the plane’s final position, in terms of the fuselage, perpendicular to the sea wall – a 90-degree angle. In contrast, the real position of this make-believe crash is at about a 30 degree angle to the sea wall.



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  1. Thanks for bringing up the Colgan Buffalo crash (it’s flight 3407 not 3047) Warning bells are sounded by no mayday, dropping right out of the sky, 800 ft in 5 seconds 2000 in 20. Interesting passengers named as dead. Not much wreckage. Pilot Error/ice blamed. One person who died in the house allegedly is never named. Hmmmm.
    [B[One person in the home was killed[/B], and two others inside, Karen Wielinski, 57, and her daughter, Jill, 22, were able to escape with minor injuries Twelve homes were evacuated near the crash site. Did you see the fireball?

    Neighbor David Luce said he and his wife were working on their computers when they heard the plane come in low.

    “It didn’t sound normal,” he said. “We heard it for a few seconds, then it stopped, then a couple of seconds later was this tremendous explosion.”

    The house was totally demolished, with no sign of the plane through the thick, acrid smoke, Luce said.

    After hearing the crash, Dworak drove over to take a look, and “all we were seeing was 50 to 100 foot flames and a pile of rubble on the ground. It looked like the house just got destroyed the instant it got hit.”

    Erie County Executive Chris Collins said the plane was carrying 5,000 pounds of fuel and apparently exploded on impact. Firefighters got as close to the plane as they could, he said.

    Passenger list incomplete “Not every family of a deceased passenger has allowed the release of his or her name, so the list of passengers is necessarily incomplete, and has 30 of the 44 passengers on it.”

    Nothing here rings true to me. I smell hoax, as usual
    All caches of the official (incomplete list) are dead 404s

    A final list is here:


    This is where it gets interesting…
    A six member ZAKA team headed to the US from Israel on Monday, to assist local emergency workers in the recovery and identification of the victims of a plane crash that killed 50 people on Friday near Buffalo,

    The ZAKA volunteers said Monday that the rescue and recovery organization had “much experience in international rescue and recovery in general, and place crashes in particular,” and hoped to be able to assist in sifting through the wreckage “to ensure a full burial for all the victims.”

    According to the Foreign Ministry, two Israelis were among the dead on Continental Flight 3407 from Newark, New Jersey to Buffalo, which nose-dived into a suburban home, killing all passengers, and one person on the ground.

    One of the Israelis killed was 27-year-old George Abu-Karem from Tiberias, who had traveled to the US to visit a relative. The name of the second Israeli passenger has not been released.

    Also among the victims was Susan Wehle, 55, of Amherst, a cantor at Temple Beth Am in Williamsville, New York.

    So, the US can’t organise a plane crash mop-up?,7340,L-3671395,00.html
    Ruth Harel-Katz, 52, a resident of the United States, and 27-year old George Abu-Karem from Tiberias, were both killed in the crash.
    (not named in any other passenger list, complete or incomplete)
    The family of Harel-Katz, who resides in the US, received word of the disaster just a few hours after it had occurred.

  2. Still OT – this photo from flight 3407 just doesn’t look real. It dropped vertically, flames visible for miles, and yet the tyres don’t even melt or the

    Lots of hugging etc

    • I have reviewed you earlier post on 3407

      the wreckage looks staged. All those “witnesses” talking about funny noises, weird sounds, sputtering are probably there to support the official narrative.

      Steve Wallace interview – the one who provided all the photos….he was within TEN feet of the crater, 30 to 40 minutes max after the crash!!!!
      sees a crater! rubbish. Not enough damage. Serial number 784 visible.

  3. Just yesterday, 1/19, I saw a reference to lawsuits being started against Asiana by survivors of the crash. What does this mean when put alongside this article’s information?

  4. everyone look up how the u.s. left thousands behind after the Vietnam war and pow/mias are still being sighted alive, look up William milliner pow/mia.

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