**Breaking News** — 25 June 2017
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Newcastle Eid Car Attack is a Hoax

The purported car jumping a curb and, then, striking six people, including a multitude of children, at a Newcastle-area Eid celebration could by no means be real. Firstly, there is no curb to jump. Nor was there any damage to the car, which would be expected in the event of striking human bodies. Moreover, it is said that the car ran people over and even that there were people under the car. Where is the evidence for this?

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Where are the skid marks? Where is the curb? Where is the evidence that this car struck anyone, let alone six people?

Someone put some slop on top of the car to mimic a human element. It looks like caramel ice cream. Regardless, no one find this to be anything other than evidence of a staged hoax.

Here is the supposed perpetrator. She is an actress, clear and simple. As well, in the video she has no shoes on. It’s illegal to drive without shoes:

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It is now said that she is a member of the community and that it wasn’t a terrorist attack. Yet, in the video people claim they don’t know her. Then, at the end someone claims to know her. None of this makes sense. The reason it makes no sense is because it isn’t real; in other words, it is an arch-fake.

The actress ‘ran them over,’ sure she did, right. Who are “they” regardless? Is this one of them?

That’s not blood but is, rather, tempura paint. That means this is a total fake and arch-staged phony.

When the skit is done with her on the ground being attended to by a cop, then, see what happens in the background. A cop directs traffic, pumping his harms, telling them to move on:

The existence of a police officer as a direction agent, conducting the activities and giving explicit directions, is hard proof of the fake and the arch-scam. In fact, people do follow the instructions of the officer and move away.

“Her name is Khadija,” and “You don’t know what you are talking about.” Notice that the UK government provided water bottles plentifully.

Here is the video, if a person can stomach watching it. Even so, it becomes clear that it is all an act and that none of the claims, for instance, of injuries or an actual car strike are real.

Does the world, then, regard the ‘Muslim’ lie as something exceptional? Perhaps, this is the case, because it is an avowed rule in the faith of Islam not to commit treachery and surely not to tell bold faced lies, especially those which might cause either harm or corruption. There is a corruption, here. This is the fact that people believe this and feel sympathy. They may even donate their hard-earned money as a means of such sympathy. They may fully buy into this, the distraction, the fake, and the con: all to their own detriment, particularly if they go to the extreme of donating their hard-earned money and time, as has occurred systematically in the Grenfell tower fire hoax.

It would appear, regardless, that, like America’s 501C churches the mosques and/or congregations have bought into the standard system. This is the system of the arch-Zionist New World Order, which is the controlling element behind these scams and which is the only one with the power to achieve them and also leverage them. The Prophet of Islam is surely tossing about in his grave at the thought that his followers would participate in such acts. In fact, the actual faith of this man, the real in Arabic “Deen ul-Haq” or “way of truth” would commit the opposite, which is to oppose fiercely all such acts, calling them what they are, terminally corrupt lies and licentious frauds.

Hoax index: off the chart, not measurable.


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  1. No offence to anyone, but it seems apparent that the NWO controls what the lay person sees as Islam. That seems obvious enough. The controllers control environmental groups as well and address issues of the environment that are hoaxes and non issues and based on fear.
    The greatest hoax they perpetrated is that melting polar ice will make ocean levels rise, a hoax which is designed to create panic and to extract money from the public.
    I read a quote by a supposed Mason “We control Islam”. It’s the fake Islam that only they control.

  2. For goodness sakes..MIRROR THE VIDEOS

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