**Breaking News** — 17 July 2016
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Nice Hoax Confirmed with Dummies and Fake Blood Everywhere

Updated, July 21, 2016

What a terminally corrupt arch-hoax it is, that is this ridiculously fake so-called Nice Truck terror attack. It’s fake beyond belief, and no one can demonstrate otherwise.

See the vast amount of fake blood that is seen. See also the endless numbers of dummies. It’s a hoax to the extreme, one that is impossible to refute no matter what any government or psyops agent claims.

France needs to get out of the hoax business. The French are the absolute worse staging and crisis agents for hoax generation known, as demonstrated thoroughly by the following video:

Now, of course, as always this was supposed to be perpetrated by a deranged Muslim who sought to kill as many Westerners as possible. Every effort was made by the France-based Zionists and their US-based proxies to achieve this. Yet, it failed miserably: a complete and absolute catastrophe. No one can believe anything the French authorities claim, now.

The use of actual dummies is hard proof of a plot to demonize Islam, especially the use of the fake or dummy pig which was placed next to a line of fake blood. This was merely a means of attacking the Islamic faith; the Zionists commonly invoke pigs and pork, symbolically, when attacking it.

The world should see this. It doesn’t know it. Instead, it thinks that, inherently, Islam is violent. This is a plot schemed by the Zionists, who are fully responsible for the Nice fraud, for creating the platform of blame, for placing the dummies, and for spreading about the fake blood.

Pink is symbolic in psyops imagery, as is purple.


So is yellow:


Anyone can see that this is nothing other than a stage prop. See the impossible position of the legs as the reticulated dummy was positioned. The reticulations can be seen right through the staging clothing.


The following images demonstrate the exceedingly obvious. No one can deem these as anything other than latex or silicone dummies or the air-inflated-based types.


See the above dummy with the obvious stick legs. All people can see that this is a fraud, along with the fake feet and shoes.

nicehoaxfake nicehoaxfake-333

The woman, left screen, had apparently just poured out the fake blood from her opaque container, spilling a fair amount on her skirt. The blood is not associated with any human or fake human. It’s just a miserable pool with no association to an injured person.

nice-99    nice-9

There are all manner of prop agents to be seen, fully dressing the dummies and the occasional live human. The woman in white and pink appears to be handling a fake blood packet.

Here is additional evidence of the arch-fake, with left screen imagery showing a woman with no pants on, also with a shoe just off her foot, with shoe and pants removal being a standard of these scams. There are no emergency workers to be seen anywhere.

nicehoaxfake44 nicehoaxfake-55

Notice the woman, right screen. She has had fake blood applied to both her shirt and on her face, that being done to the moulage mole to her left.

nice-4444 nice-88s


Notice the color of the fake blood, how violent-red it is and how it is consistent in its color. No one seems to know what is the entity on the left screen but regardless it is an arch-phony. Notice how the man with the white badge struts through the region, with prop agents behind him, including the man in the white hat.


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  1. I am really curios to know who is behind this website. There are two options here:

    1) You truly believe what you claim. That means you are blind to the evidence that there were real deaths involved in this event, and you just see what you want to see.

    2) You know you are lying.

    In any case, your so called “proofs” don’t prove anything. For example, what you call a slaughtered pig (by looking at a blurred frame) is actually a blonde women in a light-colored dress (if you pay more attention when looking at the actual video at 50% speed rather than speeding it up to “save time” and hide the facts.

    If your claims were true, can you explain how is it possible that with thousands of people around nobody noticed that the people on the street were actually mannequins? How many crisis actors should have been involved? Sandy Hook is a different story, because it happened in a building and nobody could see what was going on. Here, there were thousands of people on the street. Also, bodies are going back to their respective countries. Is this fake too: http://milano.repubblica.it/cronaca/2016/07/20/news/strage_di_nizza_voghera-144494896/?ref=fbplmi?

    What about ths: http://www.bestgore.com/murder/new-aftermath-video-attack-nice-film-italy-guy/

    You could have gained some credibility by asking the right questions. that is “who is behind this event?”, “Why?”, rather than disputing the fact that people died.

    Just out of curiosity: if the goal of the “hoaxers” was to make the event credible without arming anybody, why on earth would have they thrown a dead pig on the street?

    If you really want to have an argument, respond to my questions in a constructive way. Otherwise, if you just accuse me of being this or that, you will simply confirm this website is a scam

    • Are you saying Sandy Hook was real?

  2. J.Starr-

    Research al taqiyya

    That is the main motivation of the webmaster.
    The commenters are mostly simple dupes, anti-Semites, paid shills or gun nutters.

    There are really only 4 or 5 regular commenters.

    That’s the story in a nutshell. No pun intended.

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