**Breaking News** — 17 July 2016
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Nice Hoax Confirmed with Dummies and Fake Blood Everywhere

Updated, July 21, 2016

What a terminally corrupt arch-hoax it is, that is this ridiculously fake so-called Nice Truck terror attack. It’s fake beyond belief, and no one can demonstrate otherwise.

See the vast amount of fake blood that is seen. See also the endless numbers of dummies. It’s a hoax to the extreme, one that is impossible to refute no matter what any government or psyops agent claims.

France needs to get out of the hoax business. The French are the absolute worse staging and crisis agents for hoax generation known, as demonstrated thoroughly by the following video:

Now, of course, as always this was supposed to be perpetrated by a deranged Muslim who sought to kill as many Westerners as possible. Every effort was made by the France-based Zionists and their US-based proxies to achieve this. Yet, it failed miserably: a complete and absolute catastrophe. No one can believe anything the French authorities claim, now.

The use of actual dummies is hard proof of a plot to demonize Islam, especially the use of the fake or dummy pig which was placed next to a line of fake blood. This was merely a means of attacking the Islamic faith; the Zionists commonly invoke pigs and pork, symbolically, when attacking it.

The world should see this. It doesn’t know it. Instead, it thinks that, inherently, Islam is violent. This is a plot schemed by the Zionists, who are fully responsible for the Nice fraud, for creating the platform of blame, for placing the dummies, and for spreading about the fake blood.

Pink is symbolic in psyops imagery, as is purple.


So is yellow:


Anyone can see that this is nothing other than a stage prop. See the impossible position of the legs as the reticulated dummy was positioned. The reticulations can be seen right through the staging clothing.


The following images demonstrate the exceedingly obvious. No one can deem these as anything other than latex or silicone dummies or the air-inflated-based types.


See the above dummy with the obvious stick legs. All people can see that this is a fraud, along with the fake feet and shoes.

nicehoaxfake nicehoaxfake-333

The woman, left screen, had apparently just poured out the fake blood from her opaque container, spilling a fair amount on her skirt. The blood is not associated with any human or fake human. It’s just a miserable pool with no association to an injured person.

nice-99    nice-9

There are all manner of prop agents to be seen, fully dressing the dummies and the occasional live human. The woman in white and pink appears to be handling a fake blood packet.

Here is additional evidence of the arch-fake, with left screen imagery showing a woman with no pants on, also with a shoe just off her foot, with shoe and pants removal being a standard of these scams. There are no emergency workers to be seen anywhere.

nicehoaxfake44 nicehoaxfake-55

Notice the woman, right screen. She has had fake blood applied to both her shirt and on her face, that being done to the moulage mole to her left.

nice-4444 nice-88s


Notice the color of the fake blood, how violent-red it is and how it is consistent in its color. No one seems to know what is the entity on the left screen but regardless it is an arch-phony. Notice how the man with the white badge struts through the region, with prop agents behind him, including the man in the white hat.


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  1. Obvious Hoax, Obvious Dummies, Mannequins, Dogs & Hogs, Crisis Actors, Makeup People, Staging Blockers, Nice Hoax:


    • Come on guys that was not faked.You can see the truck go right thru the crowd dude.please don’t cheapen the lives of these poor souls.Are there staged events?yes.but come on man get a grip!

      • How does one “Cheapen the lives” of silicone dummies Mannequinns, fake dead pigs & carcasses of euthanized pit bulls???!! You idiot look the videos! Get out of your delusion! Nobody died! Just another zionist & freemason PsyOp to hatemonger & warmonger the war hating French people into more genocidal zionist wars to mutually destroy goyim like human fodder for zionist goals & zionist jew war machine & bankster profit$! To hell with the blood thirsty zionists & all their bloody beloved wars!

        • Hi, I have been the victim of harassment from a sick group of zio people on NoDisinfo. They are able to transmit their voices to me via short wave radio and have been doing this 24 hours a day 7 days a week for 2 years now.

          I originally heard them through my air conditioner and the noise follows me wherever I go. Any noise source will amplify there signal such as a utility box or even passing road side traffic. I know who the people are involved as I had an altercation with one of the individuals involved named Gabriel and they were also stupid enough to tell me who they are – Ha Ha, Nodisinfo is Disinfo, Evidence Please, Cyndi Ha ha Lad di da, etc.

          I have found other people area who have told me they know how this work and that it is done with shortwave radio’s. They would not give me the frequency that they use, but I am in the process of purchasing a meter that will tell me what frequency is being broadcast to me and will be in touch with the FCC.

          In researching this I believe the frequency must be in the 50-100khz range, which would duplicate the effects of a neurophone, which is a device which allows the brain to hear radio broadcast through the skin. This explains why other people can not hear the broadcast.

          I was able to also verify that they are using shortwave radios as several of the people involved have FCC license’s listed on the government website. My advice to people who are hearing these “voices” is to get the frequency that is being broadcast to you and get it out on the internet and we can bring these Jew bastards down.

          I have other evidence I can send to you regarding who is involved and where they are doing it from I also believe that I am being messed with using this method. People broadcasting their voices to me from all directions making it seem as if the walls, floor and ceiling were speaking to me.

          I a know of no mental illness that can duplicate this. Please get the word out as i am sure this sick trick is being done across the country and the FCC needs to do its job and stop this bullshit. Please get back to me. The arch Zionists Craig and Julie Campbell are involved in this.; I believe this is true because I know of several other Zionist families in my area involved in this, they are Aimee Vanderlou, William Stein and Michael Stein.

    • Lookly a hloax in fukulshima cowbloy

  2. Ex #7) Baton Rouge Cops Killed PsyOp In Revenge for 2 Blacks Killed in Twin PsyOps in Twin Cities, MN & Baton Rouge!

    777 Coded Again as Script changes from 6 shot to 7 shot & now all are Officers! So this means:
    7 Cops were shot (zero bystanders in crowded area! & 3 of 7 killed! Right!! & you have:
    7th month & 7″ again in 17th of July
    7th day of week!

    Also we have from other stories:
    33 & 333 coding:
    3 Cops killed …&
    3 others shot…&
    3 suspects

    & 7 Cops Shot in this PsyOp
    11 shot in 1st Revenge Cops Kill Psyp in Dallas 711 coded. Watch for a 711 PsyOp soon. As in at 711.


  3. 777 coded also First Revenge Cops Killed PsyOp in Twin Cities of Texas for Twin Shootings of Blacks in Baton Rouge & Twin Cities of Minnesota!

    777 means order out of Chaos & is used a hoax code in most of these PsyOps done by zioMedia & DHS & their Script writers-Traitors!


  4. Ex 10) Nice Hoax Slimebag Double Crypto Jew Named Francios Hollande Up to his Nose in Nice Fake Truck Attack that killed 77 plus 7 more (777code) dead Pigs & Dogs, Dummies & Mannequinns as VicSims! Viva La Nice Hoax France!

    Leave it to an evil trifecta of Crypto, Talmudic & Zionist Jew to lead the war-hating people of France- like a Satanic Pied Piper Beady-vermin who hates French & most all goyim – to beloved Zio Sacrement of War where long lines hated goyim (good decent people) are led to savage & barbaric brutal death as human fodder!


    Double Crypto Jew:
    Hollande -Crypto Jew from Holland
    Fracois from France Country.
    Jews are always taking names of countries, towns & regions they move into especially when they move into the next town to make people think they are: English, Russian, Parisan, Irish, French, Polish, Swiss, Spanish, Italian, Portiguse, Berliner, anything thing that sounds like good honest decent hardworking, upstanding people & anything but Jewish!
    …And when a kid gets ritually murdered or drunk gets his throat slit for a hundred buck in his wallet just blame the gypsies or some old herman who’d never hurt a flea & watch ’em get hanged! As the zios scream get em’ killem’ and belly laughs!

  5. Ex14) Nice Hoax By Zios On Bastille Day- Busted ZioTrash Clowns!!!

    Crisis Actors Caught Red Handed Applying Fake Blood To Dead Pig & Silicone Dummies- VicSims!!!


    #Hogs Lives Matter! #Fake Lives Matter! #Dead Dogs playing dead humans matter!

  6. You rlike musik yes verly good with relax time

  7. Ex15)Nice Hoax Meets Dallas Hoax

    Dallas ZioJew Hoaxer Traitor Scum Crisis Actor Kristen Crouch jumps on a plane & joins the Nice France Ridiculous Truck Massacre of 77 plus 7 more Mannequinns, Dummies, Hogs & Dogs! With the zioHollywood fake-crashed stunt Truck that’s under 8 feet wide but magically left a 20 feet wide hoax trail of murder, mayhem & destruction of outlandishly fake purportion of fake people including four-footed beasts-people! Only in America & ZioDisney in France I guess can such buffoonery happen!


    French Guilotine will do for these traitors after Conviction!

  8. Oh no no we donot want to kirll medetating writh Zen Peace full wrarior always win Seiko admilation yes?

  9. Ex 15-b) Dallas Crisis Actor Does Nice France Truck Hoax Too, Like a Nice ZioJew Mossadomite might!

    Kristen Crouch a worldwide sayan, mossadomite!

    She says it was surreal..
    …Surreal means Fake! All Fake!

    I believe she was there in France doing Double hoaxster duty for the zionist psychopaths…As a Photographer!!! Yep!


  10. Keep doing the same great work, doc!

  11. Fake CIA Agent and FOX News “Terror Expert” Sentenced to Prison for Lying to the Public for Years


    • Give him a prize, Christinne! A fake CIA AGENT would commit less treason & bring in less drugs & commit less crime than many of these real CIA agent Criminals! LMAO!

  12. any chance of a re-visit of the 1996 Prt Arthur “massacre”?
    lotsa indications that it was an out-and-out hoax but really needs sifting through in detail……
    this bogus baloney is still used, over 20yrs later, as a pre-text to, basically, keep Aussies totally dis-armed…. ☹

    • A HOAX.

    • Firearms are almost impossible to purchase in Australia, Fake Rudolf, aka Gabriel Fag troll! Only a ziofreak like you would tell such a stupid lie! Australia is defenseless by it’s citizenry or peasantry & ready for easy invasion & takeover Millions of firearms were Confiscated by Queenie zioPuppet filth, and melted doen & bulldozed! Queenie should have been overthrown & sent to the gallows along with Evil Evelyne & Jacob Rothschild! And their illgotten wealth confication & distributed to their victims!

      • It is almost impossible to purchase firearms in Australia, except for these small Zionist details:


      • It’s so near impossible for 11-17 year old Aussie kids to get heir hands on a gun that they must apply online!


        • Ha ha ha thats whay everybody says when they see me maybe its because I’m funny

      • It is near impossible to purchase a firearm in Australia!!!


        Just because in Australia I couldn’t pick one up off a Walmart shelf with my drivers license as ID, that makes it impossible!!

        • Its not because your funny they are laughing at you

      • Such a Zionist plot that firearms are near impossible to purchase in Australia!!!


      • Such an insidious Zionist plot that even in Tasmania, (the arch gun-grabbing state of Australia) that firearms are near impossible to purchase!!


      • ☞Your definition of impossible is a Jocke, golden calf.

        There is a process which enables Australian citizens to possess forearms and be responsible owners.

        This explains why few Australian children even know when the last gun massacre occurred in their country, whilst they know that every second day Americans are shooting each other☜

        total BS from a fake jew boy BASTARD!;

        i/you are NOT allowed to own firearms for self-defence purposes in Australia;
        ii/it takes almost a year to get a basic shooters license;
        iii/there are whole categories of fire-arms that you are not allowed to own
        (viz: p/a shotguns, s/a shotguns and s/a rifles … inlcuding those of ’22’ clbr)
        iv/(legal) pistol owner-ship is almost impossible…..there are only a few thousand licensed pistol owners
        in a country with the ppltn of Canada;
        v/a s/lc can be cancelled for very trivial reasons or for no reason;
        (exmpl: ‘incorrect’ storage of ammunition, not regularly attending a designated rifle range, having a domestic violence order taken out……..s/lc remains cancelled even if DVO is struck down by a judge!)
        vi/the (dot)gov(au) clowns are always imposing more and more draconian restrictions….
        current proposals are:
        (a)banning lever-action rifles;
        (b)banning all currently legal s/a pistols (of which there are only a few thousand licensed)
        (c)banning manually operated rifles over 30-calibre;
        (d)banning manually operated rifles with magzn capacity exceeding 5-rounds…..

        all in all: ridiculous and ludicrous restrictions…..

        the two main-stream political parties, who instituted and maintain the current draconian gun laws are constantly getting BATTERED @ the polls b/cs of these bogus laws…there are almost one million licensed shooters and, prblby, triple that number of ex-gun-owners…..out of an actual ‘electorate’ of 13-odd million; these main-stream parties constantly have to change the ‘electoral laws’, engage in massive gerry-mandering and endless deals with minor parties and Independents to remain in power…..

        here is a good analysis of this…. http://www.class.org.au/howard-loses-another-election.htm ;

        as for “every second day Americans are shooting each other”…..many Aussies know that these ‘mass shootings’ are nothing more than hoaxes….just like many, many Aussies know that the so-called ‘Port Arthur massacre’ was as SUSS as hell!

      • Hahaha

        Still waiting for your gun licence to be processed?

        jumbo is too much of a loose canon to be trusted with a gun. That’s why he can’t get one. There’s a good reason for that, chump.



      • So, for a country of say 25 million people, by your calculations 1 million of them managed to get licensed. That’s a remarkable impossibility under a draconian government. Restrictions on classifications do not make purchase of a firearm impossible, and licences are processed within 28 days of application receipt. Not their problem you scare off the postman.

      • Dimbo is too shit scared to go near a police station since the ex girlfriend raised domestic violence charges.

      • Hey jimbo do you need a gun for protection? Those other proposals were pulled out of your arse.

      • More Fraudulent disinfo posts made by zio jew troll Gabriel the tranny-lover posted under my name by the lowest of dishonest cowards: Gabriel pure ziotrash sewer rat.

        (Brokeback fag Gabriel fake version of:) Cowboy JULY 18, 2016 AT 9:41 AM
        So, for a country of say 25 million people, by your calculations 1 million of them managed to get licensed. That’s a remarkable impossibility under a draconian government. Restrictions on classifications do not make purchase of a firearm impossible, and licences are processed within 28 days of application receipt. Not their problem you scare off the postman.
        Actual Cowboy speaking:
        I made no such claim that 1 million Australians own guns or own 1 million guns, I doubt thst very strongly. & Regardless the government has no right & no authority to deny free men the right to defend themselves & their families and neighbors with firearms! No racist Zionist jew psychopath like Gabriel, nor anyone else has any right to decide who can defend themselves from criminal Governments & common criminals! In a America we still have the guns & the rights to & you despicable ziotrash scum Gabriel can’t have them. More than half a billion of them. Try to come get them and they will be used on you- you pieces or ziotrash $h#t!!! Got that you little coward zioJew worm Gabriel??!!! Now pretend you are a man deviant & post under your own name!

    • Exactly. It wasn’t even a false flag but was, rather, merely a hoax with macabre-appearing prop dummies. Links, please.

    • Hi my names not jimbo its dumbo light are on but nobody’s home

  13. Exhibit 16) Nice Job France! Nice Set-Up! Only 116 Police on Duty in Nice on Biggest Holiday of Year! LOL! In City of 344,000 & 1million population urban area!

    So what does this mean??? It means the ziotrash enemy could only trust the 50 dirtiest, corrupt local cops in the entire police force to go along with the hoax Truck Terror Massacre PsyOp! And they brought in 62 feds /fed cops to help in the treasonous zioScam! So extra corrupt police must be hard to come by in this part of France! Normally you’d have 95% of your cops on duty & maybe 50% more auxilary cops of some sort on a day like this! Yet instead 95% of cops were ordered off duty to make sure this treason went off without a hook..aka without a hero Frank Serpico cop getting in the way of your Nice little dirty rotten treason warmongering, fearmongering hate-mongering Psychological Terror operation perpetrated against the French people by the zionist psychopaths & the Zionist Crypto Jew Traitor Hollande!

    (Sky News has learned that there were “a maximum of 62” National Police and 50 Municipal Police on patrol in Nice on Bastille Day – 14 July – a national holiday)


  14. If your into the Martin Bryant event the first sign of fakery began when they superimposed fake demon eyes on his portrait then published it in the paper. You would have to ask why? Your welcome to research it. M:

  15. Ex 15-c) Dallas Hoax Crisis Actor Helps In Nice Con-Job in France! Ziotrash B#tch be Committing treason World-wide!!

    Kristen Dee Crouch (age 29) aka
    Kristen D McMenAmy aka
    Kristine D Marsh aka
    Kristen DMC (MC for Mossad Cell)

    As Kristen Crouch she is a photographer so I guarentee she was sent to Nice from Dallas (after working that PsyOp) & used to take pictures of the hoax PsyOp in Nice in addition Crisis Acting/false witnessing for Zio Shekels! Plus also I believe she is a graphic artist aka CGI/photoshopping expert!….& I found this..
    Alternative Identity of hers with big job I found in Michigan that links to Chicago & Dallas & Orlando, etc & is really is big time Nationwide identiy & a job linked to special events booking event & hiring for such things:
    Radaris Search:

    Kristen D Crouch, ~29
    Niles, MI
    Known as: Kristen Danielle Crouch · Kristen D Marsh

    Has lived in: Niles, MI · Dowagiac, MI

    But anyway this is her admitted identity as Kristen Crouch McMenamy of Dallas & Nice Truck Hoax:

  16. Another Fraudulent disinfo post made by zionist Jew Troll fag Gabriel under poster Rudolf’s name here! You are such a piece of pathological fraud & lies Gabriel!

    (Brokeback fag Gabriel fake version of:) Rudolf Friedrich 01JULY 18, 2016 AT 6:24 AM
    Where are the images of the zionists positioning stage props and pouring paint since you self appointed forensic geniuses are so adroitly positioned to predict these hoaxes? Claiming that the public images are governed by the media is laughable and pissweak.

    ……..& I, did post a video proving it on this very thread Gabriel ziotrash horse’ @$$!

    • Another fraudulent disinfo post by ziojew troll Gabriel the tranny fsg lover!

      (Brokeback fag Gabriel fake version of: Rudolf Friedrich 01JULY 18, 2016 AT 7:06 AM
      Your bleatings golden calf are not conducive of proof. Produce your waffle here for ANALysis…:)

    • Ex17) 29 Nice Hoax Terror Truck Windshield Bullet holes & not 1 Crack in the glass! LMAO!

      Plus the art-set director let the Buffoons put one fake stick-on special effects glass bullet hole in the steel below the window! Certainly steel bullet holes don’t have star like rays identitical to glass ones! lol


      • I can’t prove there was an art set director though. You’ll just have to believe my braying or else you’re just part of the conspiracy!

      • ANALysis my fave

  17. Exhibit 15-e) Dallas Hoax Crisis Actor of Nice Con-Job & Jack@$$ of all trades traitor!

    See here on this Identity alone, her official admitted one of Nice Truck Hoax, she is an AdMan-Con Woman with experience MTV & monster Energy, etc. Also she has lived, worked been schooled in Australia, like a Nice massad agent multicountry internationally train in deception for fraud & treason & espianage PsyOps, Hoaxes, propagando & false flags!

  18. Kosherized Cartoon Character Caricature Krazed Killer Jewish Crisis Actor version of Martin Bryant aka “Marty Bryantwicz” like turning Fabio into a Woody Allen fake version of Fabio with a wig!

    • Of course I dare not take into account still footage VHS video quality from the 1990’s of a seriously disturbed individual.
      I’ll just tack on crap to convince you of my agenda. It works here.

      • Post under your own name massodomite fag Gabriel! You gutless coward disinfo fraud poster ziotroll A-hole!

        Another fraudulent disinfo comment made by coward buffoon schzoid Gabriel under my name!

        (Brokeback Fag Gabriel Fake version of:) Cowboy JULY 18, 2016 AT 8:07 AM
        Of course I dare not take into account still footage VHS video quality from the 1990’s of a seriously disturbed individual.
        I’ll just tack on crap to convince you of my agenda. It works here.
        VHS still photos are many times better quality that CGI & photoshopped blurred hoax events pictures of today DHS & ZIO Fakery! And usually better than still pictures from zioJew tube-youtube!

  19. Video of Man Alleged to Be Nice Truck Driver Emerges after Attack

  20. Ex 18) Nice Hoax ZioMagic Truck-
    Godzilla Terror of Japan 1 billion times more Realistic than this Nice France Hoax Fakery on the Riviera!

    77 dead plus 7 more for 777 Order out of Chaos Hoax Code!

    Watch these idiot Crisis Actors!
    How many American & UK Crisis Actors did the ziotrash filth send to the French Riviera to make this PsyOp seem real???


    • Anyone who wants to know exactly how many crisis actors were sent from America & the UK?

      I can tell you exactly how many since I am so good with numbers. But my special gift does not come free. Call me now and I’ll also give you the winning lottery numbers! Lol!

      • Rudulf for one night with Christinne I will give you the winning lottery numbers.
        I will naturally provide a stable and feed.

  21. Ex19) Nice Time for Nice Zio Hoax with
    66.6 Million France Population! ZioTrash, Freemasons & Babylonian Talmud Satanic freaks & Kabalists love 666!

    So they love perpetrating Psychological Terror Operatons against the French right now with there twisted minds believing the will gain more power over the Goyim of France while the population number remains around 66.6 million.
    Remember above all else the zionists & Talmudic jews are to very great extant trained to be psychopathic & insane from near birth! I mean image if life begins with a filthy Pedo Rabbi called a mohel sucking the blood from biting the skin off your penis! The Satanic Talmud is one insane, murderous, genocidal, racist, pedophilistic book from the depths of hell! A baseball is needed when such an animal is caught! No wonder why so many Crypto Jew Catholic priest are caught pedophiling little boys! And hundreds of Rabbis, in Brooklyn, NYC alone, have whistleblowers exposing them pedophiling boys & girls!

    • Woops I’m such a dill. The actual population is 64.7 Million. Bang goes my insane theory! Lol!


      • More fraudulent disinfo comments by Zionist Jew Troll Gabriel under my name “Cowboy”..

        (Brokeback fag Gabriel fake version of:)
        CowboyJULY 18, 2016 AT 10:32 AM
        Woops I’m such a dill. The actual population is 64.7 Million. Bang goes my insane theory! Lol!

        ————(Ziotrash fraud, fagboy Gabriel cannot ever tell the number who’s he is posting as with his fraud, disinfo, tranny fagggotry or gibberish or some other deviant perversion or warmongering & hatemongering!) Again the France population number is reported as 66.6 million! http://www.worldstopexports.com/frances-top-10-exports/

        And then imagine a ziotrash Buffoon who follows the insane, murderous, Tranny god Baphamet loving Book called the Babylonian Talmud–which believes in ritual torture & murder of goyim babies & and holocaust- burnt human sacrifice of babies to their fake god Moloche! And this buffoon clown freak tries to make fun of Christianity & Islam! LOL!

        Gabriel the Ziojew trannyloving fag posting under his Cabbie troll name:
        Cabbie JULY 18, 2016 AT 11:59 AM
        Cowboy is a fundamentalist Christian
        Explains a lot.
        Gabriel-Cabbie is a Babylonian Talmud following genocidal zionist Jew psychopath & that actually does explain his pathological lying & fraud & tranny-fag obsessions! lol

  22. Cowboy is a fundamentalist Christian
    Explains a lot.

    • My favorite as queer as folk does it for me

  23. Have you seen the young man with skateboard and plastic bag of blood?

    • Missed that one. Links, please.

  24. 30,000 or so people along the Plaza that night, thousands witnessed the horror, hundreds interviewed over past few days on France 24 and Others. Yet the cave dwellers here call it a hoax? Is this site and the commenters even real?

    • Ridiculous Liar- EtienneJULY 18, 2016 AT 2:45 PM
      30,000 or so people along the Plaza that night, thousands witnessed the horror, hundreds interviewed over past few days on France 24 and Others. Yet the cave dwellers here call it a hoax? Is this site and the commenters even real?

      It was the end of the night of fireworks & cops & military had already herding all non-drill badge people out…So only Crisis Actors & stag crew, set directors, & dirty cops & people in on it remained. Even the street was barricaded so they opened the barricades up for the super slow motion hoax terror truck..which so an underpowered European deliver would have koncked-out after it hit the first couple people at such a low speed and low idle-rpm’s. LMAO!
      & your idiotic 30,000 witnesses! ROTFLMAO! You are dumber than a barrel of rocks if you believe that horse $h#t! troll! Only an idiot liar Gabriel could be that idiotic & lying in a post!

      • You’re wrong, you lie, and you are very sick. All of you are.

        • Etienne- by the way- you’re arguing with a flat-earther. That should tell you something.

        • Are you psychotic?

        • Dear Dr Kaasem Khaleel,

          Thank you for the opportunity to provide three psychiatric evaluations. From studying the comments section on your website, it is with some urgency that I present the following preliminary finding:

          Assessment – Rudolf Friedrich

          The subject while relatively consistent in his Nazi conspiracy ideation considers himself a victim of conspiracies in his own life.

          Most likely of Northern Italian origin, throughout his life he has borne the shame of the World War II defeat, which has been imposed upon him by the world at large and reflected in his limited education. This has provided him with a primary interest in Nazism. His other interests include motor racing and firearms but I do not see this individual as having the stability in profile of one who has been accepted into the armed services.

          Pathological conspiracy ideation is associated with lower levels of intelligence and a lack of sociability and this subject has never been sociable. During adolescence he developed a monological belief system, in which conspiracy ideation was able to develop seemingly unimpeded.

          In the subject’s early years, he may have tortured small animals and in secondary school was undoubtedly a bully of smaller children. These traits were probably the product of family abuse, most likely sexual – possibly by the father although it is quite likely also, an older brother, seeking domination of his younger sibling in a demonstrably dysfunctional family.

          The mother was a domineering personality and the subject paradoxically, not only adopted this trait but developed a pathological hatred of women as a result. These experiences have contributed to the subject’s obsession with homo eroticism which is mostly born from the continual denial of his own homosexuality.

          The subject also exhibits neurotic and paranoid behaviours. He has a distinct lack of conscience but unlike many psychopaths is not in the least charming. However he does exhibit untruthfulness and insincerity, lack of remorse and shame, antisocial behavior without apparent compunction, poor judgement and failure to learn from experience, pathological egocentricity and incapacity to love, general poverty in major affective reactions, a complete lack of insight and ability to perceive himself in the same way that others do.

          I write this urgent preliminary report as a warning to you Dr Khaleel. This individual is dangerous and should be avoided in any way possible.

          The additional reports you requested on Christine Radu and “Cowboy” are pending but I feel compelled to transmit this analysis of such a treacherous psychopath immediately.

          Diagnosis: Sociopath

          Kind regards

          Dr J.

        • Hi I’m mentally deranged I got as much intelligence as that bloke Aussie

          • I’m so intelligent I’m reading books for dummies

  25. Look too how he distorts your words. You never said 30,000 witnesses. He also lie about police clearing the streets. The man lies. I think he gets paid for being here.

  26. We’re all paid. The 4 of us. Why do you think we’re the only ones who stick around here day and night month after month?

    You so stoopid!

    Some names occasionally change to keep it looking real but rudolf, cowboy and Christinne are the main cast. Just like hoax !

    You so stoopid!

  27. Fucken sick gay fuck.
    Why the hell do you want to be “friends” so much?
    Ever hear of NAMBLA? You a member?

  28. I pray for you, Rudolf.
    I pray to Chris, you stupid shit.
    (But keep calling me “joo” if it makes you feel manly)
    I hope he takes your mental illness into consideration on judgement day

    • Undeniable proof of the Nice hoax!!!

      In particular 26 seconds in.



      • Did you see it Rudulf?

  29. Cabbie, Gabbie, whoever-

    Tell me about this site. I just learned about it. Is it real? Are these people Muslims, gun nuts or what? One guy sounds like he’s a nazi.
    It’s not clear what this place is all about. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever encountered before.

    • Didn’t shnazzi-ism die out decades ago?
      Except for some fringe whack jobs?

    • Gaybee gaybriel is that you I love you the man of my dreams

  30. Rudolf-

    I have a serious inquiry for you. If possible, respond without invoking trannies, perverts, therapy and bootz? Doable?

    Question- This is a very popular site, right? With international reach, right?

    Why, then, do you believe that there’s only ONE “Gaybee”?

    There are at least 5 or 6 and you frankly look very stupid calling everyone who mocks you “Gaybee”.

    It speaks to your lack of judgement. How can we accept your positions on chemtrails and morgellons, for instance, if you can’t accurately guess the number of gaybees kicking you with their boots?

  31. boo hoo, you’ve been kicked by a joo, rudolf!
    Over and over and over. Oy vey!

    We have invaded your cranium. We spray you with chemtrails and infect you with morgellons.

    We own you. We control you. You are powerless to think of anything other than your joo masters.

    Don’t fight it. Accept it. Take it in through every crevice. Boo hoo, Christ boy.


    • Poor washed up nazi with the dog face.
      This is your life, dog.
      You can always be found here inviting men and women both to your “therapy”. You don’t care, as long as your cock gets relief.

      You never grew up. You likely never will.
      You and 4 losers here who, it is suspected, get paid for your “efforts”.

      4 people. You could fit in my car. You post and you post and you post and you post. To nobody. Yet It gives you satisfaction.

      I should probably leave you alone in this psycho circle jerk… But I won’t. Neither will the other gaybees.
      It’s fun to watch. Like animals in a zoo.

      [email protected]! Big man, you. Oy! Such a loser!

    • It’s hoax?
      How you know it’s hoax?
      You sure it’s hoax?

      Dumb dog.

  32. Ex.20) Nice Hoax Crisis Actwhore Caught Laughing & Grinning Ear-to-Ear as they hoax Run down the Hoax Terror Truck Runway Movie Set From The Super Slow Motion Killer Eeevile Mossadlim Truck!

    Let’s Hear Pathological Liar TrannyFag lover Fraudster Ziotrash Kosher Cabbage Head Gabriel try to lie his way out of this proof! Such a buffoon he’ll try! & Fail as usual!


    • Cowboy-

      I don’t think you fully understand our “relationship”. I mock you. I kick you. I pretend to be you for laughs. What I *DON’T* do is respond to you or engage with you. I leave that to others.

      Face it douche, you’re a fucking psychotic fruitbasket. You may be contagious. Yuk! Just keep on posting, I’ll keep on mocking, and the flat earth will continue to spin…

      Get it, fundie christ boy?

  33. Oy vey!!!
    Is any of this true?
    Can’t be..


    • Is that you prince I love you

  34. Ex21) Nice Fake Terror Truck Driver ISIS Crisis Actor Mossadlim fake Mohamed Bouhlel was Tunis Govt’ Official, linked to Movie industry & Embeded in French Fed’ Police! Like a Nice little ziopuppet Fraudster-change agent!


  35. Rudolf-

    I got tired of your begging and checked your blog.

    You know what? It makes you look like a sex-starved 18 year old.

    Is that what you wanted me to see?

    • can someone help me find a friend please one person said I was interesting so it must be true

      • I can’t help it that I’m a weirdo so what get over it

    • Is that what you want me to see i got tired waiting around for you my love So I started looking for boys under 18 instead love the innocence of youth my favorite

      • That’s renown but oscene in the same way..

        After all the money you have stolen from my wallet and your dear mom’s pillow…..

        Then all the lessons of that rabbi are useless….or maybe not…??

  36. You rlike singin girwl cooking Seiko hungly for rlove yese?

    • That video made more sense than anything the resident twits of this blog could contribute.

  37. Its gaybee using rudolfs name what a pathetic life I’ve got please someone find me interesting please

  38. ☞Still waiting for your gun licence to be processed?

    jumbo is too much of a loose canon to be trusted with a gun. That’s why he can’t get one. There’s a good reason for that, chump.☜

    uh …… wtf makes you think I don’t own a gun, you hunk of filthy jew crap, eh?

    lotsa Aussies got guns ‘under the radar’ ;

    FUCK off back to Tel Aviv, you Talmudic turd eater!

  39. thats cool im gay too we should hook up

  40. Ohhayu gozaimasu Seiko Watashi wa, oaishiteimasu yesly?

    • Meant to say “and more” dammit!

  41. Sorry, I mistyped “more” instead of my name. It happens.

    • I ate all the pies while u ate all the shit.

      • I could sit and watch you shit, then roll in it for hours.

    • Is that a dapper cadaver? What the hell IS that??

    • Don’t sweat it… Nobody reads your shit anyway.

      • But you eat it, gayboy..

        You vegan diet is strict on this………..:)

        Check further threads for lights…

  42. Here we have another actress in town: Patricia Smith, Mother of Benghazi Victim, Gives Emotional Speech at Republican Convention


    • That’s sound like gaybriel another dunzo

  43. An avalanche of hoaxes because “they” are on the edge and literally dont know what to do, to come up with. Heres another from France:


    • True, fake: good find.

    • You don’t even hear about many of the hoaxes. According to this bullshit site, Muslims are hurting people all over the world almost every day: http://Www.barenakedislam.com

  44. Our fave Nice boy – Smiling just hours before the attack, Bastille Day killer takes SELFIE in the terror truck he used to murder 84 people


  45. Fundie Christ boy cowboy refers to vehicle involved in Nice attack as a small European delivery vehicle “which would stall out if it hit a body”

    The vehicle was a 20 ton Renault reefer.
    No stall out lying sack of shit fundie trash cowboy!


    • I found it Rudolf. You must not had looked too hard. Lol. It’s earlier in this same thread!

      Hey- why you so much respond for Cowboy? You same person?


      July 18, 2016 AT 3:45 PM
      Ridiculous Liar- EtienneJULY 18, 2016 AT 2:45 PM
      30,000 or so people along the Plaza that night, thousands witnessed the horror, hundreds interviewed over past few days on France 24 and Others. Yet the cave dwellers here call it a hoax? Is this site and the commenters even real?

      It was the end of the night of fireworks & cops & military had already herding all non-drill badge people out…So only Crisis Actors & stag crew, set directors, & dirty cops & people in on it remained. Even the street was barricaded so they opened the barricades up for the super slow motion hoax terror truck..which so an underpowered European deliver would have koncked-out after it hit the first couple people at such a low speed and low idle-rpm’s. LMAO!
      & your idiotic 30,000 witnesses! ROTFLMAO! You are dumber than a barrel of rocks if you believe that horse $h#t! troll! Only an idiot liar Gabriel could be that idiotic & lying in a post!

      • I think the jury is back on this one, poo.

        If anyone can’t read or write the mother tongue, it’s you and cowballs.

        If I actually cared about what you wrote I’d need to have it translated to English half the time.

        You prove that constantly! ROFLMAO AGAIN @ rudolf.

        For now, get out of my face. I’m busy.

    • Its because I ain’t got a life I’m a loner Its the only way I get to talk to people is on blog

  46. You’re all nutjobs!

  47. I like em big and long

  48. I love NUTS especially on a man

    • Translation please.
      Completely incomprehensible.

      “You told you…” Wtf?
      “Now your drink, too”. Dafuck?

      Rudolf. You’re functionally illiterate!

      • Sadly you’re too stupid to realize what a dumb shit you are. So I’d suggest you ask others. Maybe you’ll get the picture.

      • I know well. Check my blog.

        You instead: your are a breathing shit who’s been walked over by Panzer VI in ’44..

        The smell is persisten, though.


  49. I’ll be devoting much of today to kicking our arch euro-douche-boy Rudolf. He seems to enjoy it.
    Otherwise he’d ignore it But he doesn’t.

    • I Want you rudolf thats what it really is I can’t leave you alone I think I love you it is like when I use to play kiss chase with my boy friends at school

      • ROTTFLMAO!!

  50. https://www.rt.com/usa/352131-kansas-city-police-shot/

    Police officer shot in Kansas City, in critical condition

    • Why hes still alive?

  51. I like the sound of that exploitable boy my favorite

  52. Eurodouche-

    Why aren’t you complaining like a girl about all the fake “gaybees”?

  53. Fake, fake, friggin fake!

    July 19, 2016 3:59PM

    July 19, 2016 2:56PM

    July 19, 2016 2:53PM

    Undoubtedly our euro-douche or his mini-me Hassan.

    They like being kicked!


  54. Rudolph-

    Are you familiar with our presidential candidate Donald Trump? He’s a total ass but doesn’t realize it. He’s a sociopath. He is also a compulsive liar.

    You related?

  55. The real, original Gabriel would be very amused to learn how he’s become a mythical figure here. Gone for months- tired of the abject stupidity here- there’ll never be another like him…

    Gabriel- you worked your way into Rudolf’s head good! He dreams of becoming even half the man you were.

    • I’m a fruit get over it I was born this way lady gaga LA lalala I was born this way my fave

      • Fake Cabbie- you’re doing nothing more with your blathering than making this site even more of a shithole.

        Good job.

        • It is satisfying to observe the degeneration of this blog and the mental manipulation of the residents.

    • Rudolf has wet dreams of men.

    • Rudolf is obsessed with the notion of Gabriel and there’s no denying that it’s sexual.

  56. Rent boy for hire e mai or call me for more info http://www.gaybee.com

  57. http://Www.realnakedislam.com for the real deal on these “hoaxes”.

  58. Apologies-
    Link is http://www.barenakedislam.com

    • One flew over the coo coos nest my favorite film remind me of me

  59. I was there and spotted the people setting this up and planting the dummies. I have pictures. Are you interested?

    • Intelligent comments there… Versus here…

  60. I am really curios to know who is behind this website. There are two options here:

    1) You truly believe what you claim. That means you are blind to the evidence that there were real deaths involved in this event, and you just see what you want to see.

    2) You know you are lying.

    In any case, your so called “proofs” don’t prove anything. For example, what you call a slaughtered pig (by looking at a blurred frame) is actually a blonde women in a light-colored dress (if you pay more attention when looking at the actual video at 50% speed rather than speeding it up to “save time” and hide the facts.

    If your claims were true, can you explain how is it possible that with thousands of people around nobody noticed that the people on the street were actually mannequins? How many crisis actors should have been involved? Sandy Hook is a different story, because it happened in a building and nobody could see what was going on. Here, there were thousands of people on the street. Also, bodies are going back to their respective countries. Is this fake too: http://milano.repubblica.it/cronaca/2016/07/20/news/strage_di_nizza_voghera-144494896/?ref=fbplmi?

    What about ths: http://www.bestgore.com/murder/new-aftermath-video-attack-nice-film-italy-guy/

    You could have gained some credibility by asking the right questions. that is “who is behind this event?”, “Why?”, rather than disputing the fact that people died.

    Just out of curiosity: if the goal of the “hoaxers” was to make the event credible without arming anybody, why on earth would have they thrown a dead pig on the street?

    If you really want to have an argument, respond to my questions in a constructive way. Otherwise, if you just accuse me of being this or that, you will simply confirm this website is a scam

  61. J.Starr-

    Research al taqiyya

    That is the main motivation of the webmaster.
    The commenters are mostly simple dupes, anti-Semites, paid shills or gun nutters.

    There are really only 4 or 5 regular commenters.

    That’s the story in a nutshell. No pun intended.

  62. What if Dr. K had NO COMMENTERS, such as many YouTube videos that disable the comments?

    Would you…

    1. Still think 20 kids were killed in Sandy Hook?
    2. Still think that the LAX shooting by Mr. CIAnCIA was real?
    3. Still think that the Charlie Hebdo shooting was real?
    4. Still think the Aussie shooting at the Lindt cafe was real?
    5. Still think that the Paris Bataclan shooting was real?

    You see, it really doesn’t matter what the commenters say, or if there are any commenters at all. If Dr. K posts a thread with a description and analysis claiming an event is a hoax, then all one has to do is view the media clips on YouTube, and find the anomalies of the event.

    When you view ALL of the media clips, then you can either confirm or deny if the media’s version of events makes sense. There are only two options: Either it’s a REAL event, or it’s a STAGED event.

    The media clips, and ONLY the media clips, will reveal the scam.

    Therefore, calling people names and going off on tangents that have NO RELEVANCE to the issue at hand are simply distractions.

    DHS has a multi-billion dollar budget to collaborate with its co-conspirators around the world to stage events. The TV is trying to blur reality with fantasy, so that the masses eventually become desensitized to supposedly barbaric events. The agents and their co-conspirators are actually making the hoaxes so bizarre it’s actually quite comical.

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