Other Hoaxes Zionist Terror — 15 May 2014
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UPDATED: Nigerian Kidnapped Schoolgirl Caught Texting on Cell Phone

UPDATED: May 17, 2014

The security at the Boko Haram compound, if there even is such a compound, is apparently exceedingly poor. During the phony prayer session the untenable is seen. A ‘kidnapping victim’ can be seen sending a text:


She can be seen holding up her cell phone, while concentrating on it intently, right screen. She is either texting or reading a text. Or, perhaps, she is taking a “selfie.” Or, he could be reading her messages.


What is she doing in such a high security compound, so high in security and so well hidden that even the Israeli special forces can’t find them, texting or calling? She could easily call President Obama and give him an update. She could send a text to Michelle Obama and let her know their whereabouts. What about the local emergency line or, perhaps, the police? Moreover, what about her parents? Surely, she knows their number.

It is realized that she is intently fixed on that I-phone or whatever it is called. Her eyes are cast downward, focused on the screen. Yet, couldn’t she do something more constructive considering the nature of the circumstances? Couldn’t she call or text her granny, aunt, uncle, friends, neighbors, or anyone else in case her parents are indisposed?

Regardless, the capacity to use a cell phone in the midst of a kidnapping alone proves it a fraud, let alone the fact that she has one in her possession.

Who can, now, believe this is real?

Hold on; this is not being fare. They were in devout worship before this, reciting for them a brand new prayer, the Islaamic version of the Lord’s Prayer. They were taught this in captivity (sarcasm).


What about this fraudster? She’s worshipping underneath her gown. She clearly appears to be an actor rather than an actual Muslim, convert or otherwise.


None of these women, upon close inspection, appear as if they are conducting devout worship. What this demonstrates, though, is the ones in the back are not as careful in their fakery.


These are not worshipping Muslim women. Nor are the, clearly, kidnapping victims. These women in the back are looking in every conceivable direction but not down in reverent prayer. Plus, incredibly, the woman, far left screen, appears to be hiding something, either a smirk or a smile. Two of these women (not girls) are looking directly towards the camera.

However, wait a minute, despite all the proof otherwise it must be real. They must be truly oppressed women. Arch-fraudster and New World Order mole, Zionist Jew Malala Yousafzai has lent her support, endorsing the phony cause. When she opens her mouth speaks the likes of a ‘prophet,’ the Zionist media claims.


Could there be any creature on the earth more hideous -more vile – than this murderous Zionist mole? Her very existence represents nothing other than treachery.

This is a hoax. These are not religious people. They are actors playing a role for paltry gains.

Moreover, it’s a minefield out there. Surely, in the videos and photographs additional anomalies – additional evidence of fraud – will be revealed. The key issue, though, is the lack of panic,, pandemonium, and despair. There is no adrenalin running in this crowd, and there surely is no shock. By the way where are the Boko Haram guards? Is it possible that the entity doesn’t even exist?

Yet, then, if anyone had any doubt that this is a contrived event there is this:


Islaam this and Islaam that, Allah this and Allah that, revenge, hate, terror, and more: all attributed to Islaam or a supposed radical version thereof. Yet, while all this is being imposed upon this human race, who is behind it all? It’s note the followers of Allah but, rather, their enemy – his enemy – the Mossad.



That mercenary mole is a white-Khazarian man, not a Nigerian or Arab.



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  1. Not to mention that some of those girls are definitely boys/men. Whom are they trying to fool?

    • Definitely boys/men?

      How do you know? Could you see their genitalia?

      Are you saying black women aren’t feminine?

      *cough* Racist! *cough*

      Don’t try to deny it, you are surely a racist of the most unpleasant type and the truth is visible to all who read your evil and wretched comments!

      Begone from here!

  2. Completely off the topic, but is “Robbie Parker” of Sandy Hook really Samuel Travis Delaney? Cowboy, can you comment?


    • Ok well This I just found (yesterday) which could bring more. http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/July_for_Kings

      This is Travis performing with Kendra Peirroz aka Kendra Towery probably also Sharon Delaney. He has the same eyes and strange stares as “Parker”, heavier, younger but tall. It could be his younger brother or him even. But I still think that also who ever Parker is he must also be brother of his fake wife Alyssa Kaplan Blumberg aka Alissa Parker because they look so much alike–maybe even fraternal twin. Glenn Kaplan could be him but perhaps there are one or two more brothers unpictured, unindentified as Kaplans to really throw people off. All these people are sayanims/Mossad agents. They keep so many identities, addresses, semi-different identities and use the sons and daughters and brothers & sisters indentities as well. It works well ti frustrate researchers & criminal investigators very well. Never let yourself be limited in deception possibilities in dealing with these people. (will post youtube vids of him next)

    • Veterans Today corrected their Story, which I wasn’t buying when they released it. They do look a lot alike, but there were differences in ages and appearance too.

  3. From link above – I did a series of screen captures of “Walker’s” photos on facebook because they are already becoming inaccessible. Look at one of his aliases – “amuel Travis Delaney (aka “Robbie Parker”) is an actor, an entertainer and a musician who uses multiple aliases, including Robbie Parker, John Matthew Walker, Samuel Adams (his favorite beer, we were told) and Eugene Rosenberg, which is his alias on YouTube. (See [facebook, Robbie Parker] and [facebook, John Matthew Walker].)”

    Eugene Rosenberg??? Really???

  4. malala so fake wearing that stupid muslim garb! why cant I find a dumb girl like that?

  5. This zionist scam DHS crisis actor Vladimir Baptist is from another family if actors including mother. He ia supposedly out of Baltimore and drove a truck in a Baltimore TV station a couple days ago. He and family are out if Ft Lauderdale, Miami, Porte Prince, Haiti, NYC, & yes ofcourse Aurora CO! lol…& elsewhere. He is connected to slick Miami lawyer Allan Fiedel according to searches. How would he know a landscaping truck would be ready for his attack? Ofcourse this story is psychologically attacking truthers who say flight 370 & other hoaxes recent were fake & deceiving people that a truther is insane & dangerous and liable to commit terror attacks at any time.

  6. Last night’s New York Yankees win over the Boston Red Sox is a Zionist hoax. Yankee manager Joe Girardi is no doubt a wicked Mossad spy. A closer examination of the the Daily News’ picture of Alfonso Soriano’s winning slide into home plate proves it is a laughable photoshop forgery.

    Who are these Zionist scammers trying to fool? In fact, there is no such person as Yankee pitcher C.C. Sabathia. On the mound was actually crisis actor and New World Order mole, Arthur Rosenberg, who struck out 6 and walked 2 over 5 1/3 innings.

    Mr. Rosenberg, who also goes by the alias D Martinez, has also been uncovered by our own Dr. K (with the sleuthing expertise of Cowboy) impersonating the Easter Bunny at the game. The appearance of the Easter Bunny is an obvious false flag, designed to distract both the Red Sox and the world from noticing that Derek Jeter was not only stealing 2nd base, but millions of dollars — that he was funneling into Zionist Rothchild controlled banks.

    This devious scheme is clearly outlined in the Jews’ evil book, the Babylonian Talmud, where it is written that Jewish pitchers are permitted to throw the wickedly deceptive spitball, if, and only if, the batter is a non-Jew.

    In fact, the entire ballgame was staged by the Zio owned mainstream media in an obvious, yet failed effort to discredit innocent Muslims as terrorists. Wake up people! Israel won’t stop until Major League Baseball is under their slimy control. The evidence is right there if you’re willing to have an open mind!

  7. I dont know if she really is holdin a cell phone, to me it looks rather like a camera. Perhaps she wants to take a selfie, show her relatives and friends how to have fun…..

  8. Well, it was inevitable, I suppose: The U.S. wants to repeat history and RAPE Africa, so its sending REAL terrorists, but also FAKE terrorists into Africa–ANYTHING to have an excuse to subjugate and steal.

    I’m sorry, and some are not going to like this, but I fault THE SOLDIERS that willingly agree, in this Internet age, to prostitute themselves. They take money to go into Africa, on behalf of corporatists. The excuse might be, “Well, they’re young.” I was young, in the ’60s, and I DID NOT GO TO VIETNAM. Nor did a lot of Americans, some of whom left the country, and worked as bus boys, waitresses, WHATEVER, in order to maintain their integrity.

    I also fault the corrupt heads of the African governments that are ALLOWING AfriCom to enter their countries. Muammar Qaddafi did not allow AfriCom. He was not corrupt. But these other African leaders are corrupt to the core.

    The U.S. simply COULD NOT have entered Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, or anywhere had it not been for the ability to find, and PAY, corrupt people. Libyans SOLD OUT THEIR OWN COUNTRY.

    I can take this back to slavery days, and we can recall that Africans sold their own people to the capitalists, the 47,000,000 African-Americans standing as living witness to that corruption. I pray for the day when a “Mao” of Africa, or SOMEBODY will wipe out those corrupt African leaders.

    • Well said. Will add some of this to the post. Those ‘leaders’ are corrupt, wretchedly so. Malcom X wanted to forge ahead with a pan-African resistance movement. Thus, the consequences to him – a massive loss to the African-American community.

      Is anyone having trouble posting to this site? Having trouble on my end posting a new OP-ED.

      • Cannot post at all… see if this works. I don’t even see post I made with FB account of Deborah Peters aka Petersen.

      • Malcolm went to Africa & Asia and saw whites & blacks & Asians & Muslims & Christians all living in peace and willing to accept others & tolerate others without reguard to race or religion. Only one religion he discovered only accepts people by race. He discovered all the divide & conquer techiques employed. He also discovered that secretly only Jewish men had been Presidents of NAACP since it’s inception for around 65 years. So according to the Babylonian Talmud he had to die & was murdered. The truth he discovered made him a dangerous threat to the evil he had just begun discovering & exposing.

      • I posted other stuff but something is blocking me from posting the identity of Youfafzai. Please copy every picture from Deborah Petersen’s FB account. I have. I only have one link on the post that is being blocked. Yesterday tried it multiple times with no links & still blocked.

      • Please go to the facebook of Deborah Dye Petersen and see thathe is clearly the younger Deborah Peters & DHS & USA MILITARY. And her husband or brother Carl McCray is Adamu or whatever the fake victim/character’s name is. Just click on the links. Also Look at my Deborah SOLOMON POSTS. Forgive if you have updated any of this.

  9. Having a Malala lala endorsement is like a stamp of fakery for this faked staged drama.

  10. Clearly Parker in July for Kings

    I can’t find pictures of him as a band member but clearly this is him in a picture identified as from the band’s pictures. I think maybe him and brother were both members of the band at some point but maybe he was going by another name & younger brother usung the Travis name Delaney name.

    • I think Robbie is truly a Parker. There is a photo of what looks like Robbie Parker and his wife that was posted on Aangirfan’s site on April 1, 2013. It was clearly taken a few years before Sandy Hook, and it shows them in the presence of Ambassador Andrew Parker, who was Consul General of the US Embassy in Tel Aviv.


      Also, the tall, thin man standing behind Robbie in the Ambassador photo, bears a resemblance to the tall thin man who stood with Robbie Parker’s family as Robbie gave his “laughing” speech to the media. (Aged a few years, of course)

  11. Kendra & Kings with Travis playing guitar.. Several of these exists with her.


  12. I found one picture of Robbie Parker (looking just like him nowadays) before Sandy Hook under another name so there must be more. They seem to have scrubbed the net but not completely. The pic is posted here so look at it. More will be found in association with the Band July for Kings or Kendra Pierroz and the King or by searching any listed members of these bands or Bands connected To Travis Delaney who I now believe is his brother.

  13. Also searching any bands with Sandra Delaney could lead to Parker pre-Sandy Hook Gun Confiscation Event Operation pictures especially with old caches. I haven’t looked into the Mathew identity… so that could be even more fruitful I don’t know. We need to be as hard at work at truth as these sayanims are at lies & deception. Yea shall know the truth abd the truth shall set you free. And you Mossadomites can go to hell! I’d like to expose a hundred of you psychopaths and traitors a day! SANJAY you are nothing… a piss ant…

  14. A piss ant? Cowboy, you hurt my feelings. Interesting how you and your little clique of paranoid, delusional bigoted haters found each other here, thanks to the wonders of the internet. It’s all quite entertaining, the way you all string together “clues” from the internet to create fictitious narratives that advance your backwards agenda.

    You folks spend hours and hours gathering “evidence,” none of which would hold up in any court under any type of cross examination. Linking to sites and YouTube videos of organizations that support your agenda is NOT evidence. Anybody can write anything on the internet. It doesn’t make it real or true.

    According to you guys, EVERY newsworthy event is a hoax, a fake, a fraud, or a scheme to the point that you’ve lost all credibility. Is there no possibility that a deranged person committed a horrendous crime without it being linked to an international Zionist conspiracy? Apparently not.

    Have there been false flags and nefarious conspiracies throughout history? I’m sure there have been. But I’m wondering if this site itself is some type of hoax to actually make conspiracy theorists of your ilk seem totally unhinged and out of touch with reality. Because if you’re trying to win hearts and minds, the sheer lunacy of the stories on this site aren’t winning you any points, other than those cronies in your little echo chamber.

    • Go read your dispicable, genocidal Babylonia Talmud Sanjay. Or did I make up the Babylonian Tamud too? Why post here if you think think the truth is lunacy? You are a troll and a zionist shell.

  15. This Babylonian Talmud that you’re hung up on is a 5000 year old relic of antiquity. 99% of Jews have never even heard of it. The only people who have are religious academics — and bigots like you who search for “incriminating” nuggets to further their twisted agenda.

    Look, every ancient religious text of every religion has some crazy sh*t in it, including the christian bible and the koran. But civilized, tolerant, and accepting people of all religions reject that hocus pocus, and instead, focus on the parts of their religion which show love and acceptance of all people of all races, creeds, and religions. Unfortunately, a very small minority, such as yourself, have simple, un-evolved brains and can’t process that concept.

    • You are a damned liar Sanjay! Nearly all Rabbis consider the Babylonian Talmud their most holy book and you know that. Don’t accuse me of going by such a genicidal book. The old testiment as you know, liar, has nothing that advocates murdering innocent people– it tells what happened–even what God did or had people do to the wicked. Your despicable Babylonian book advocates murdering goyim, murdering innocent people whenever one of the self proclaimed Chosen can get away with. Don’t blame that murderous genocical filth on the bible nor even Islam. Jesus says never kill innocents. Even said vengeance belongs to God. You fully know that Reform (Rothschild’s zionist created Synagogue) and most all Orthodox Rabbis consider the Babylonian Talmud their most Holy Book. It does not matter if most Jews ever read that evil book they are taught to hate Christ and Christians & others from childhood to one extent or another– just as you were–based on the evil hatred taught in the Babylonion Talmud. And you can tell as many lies as you want and it won’t make any of them true Sanjay. You know the evil in that book and you probably like it and would like me exterminated for mentioning it wouldn’t you?

    • I advocate no wars or any hatred of races. Go use your ignorant lies for the dumb goyim on some poor Christians or Muslims or others who innocently don’t know of that Satanic book called the Babylonian Talmud and that it alone is the cause of all these needless evil wars against unwitting people–victims for profits and a Satanic world Empire. Your lies exposed against the truth will only awaken more people, anyway. You are like a wolf, but with truth I am like a Shepherd boy with a rifle and the wolf has no chance against my aim. You hate having your evil book mentioned, don’t you Sanjay?

      • Cowboy,

        It has been a while.

        Just thought I should call you out on this one. You do hate Jews and would push for all out war against them if you had any sort of power. You have said as much before to me and your comments to Sanjay are indicative of your position.

        At least have the courage to openly admit your beliefs. I dislike DrK immensely but I have to admit that he doesn’t shirk from expressing his views, no matter how idiotic and hateful they are. You know where you stand with him. From my point of view he is a complete tool and I feel sorry for all those who admire him but, as you do admire him, take a leaf out of his book and take ownership of your opinions.

        It was good to catch up.


  16. Nonsense. Absolutely no phone in her hand nor any texting. So misleading.

    • The girl is not holding a cell phone, she is breaking melon to cook elusive soup that you asked her to cook for you.

    • If DrK says there is a cellphone who are you to say it isn’t there?

      Admittedly it doesn’t appear to be there but that is due to the treachery of the evil Zionists, they have made it appear as if the cellphone that is definitely there is not there. Will their deceit never end?

      DrK never lets facts get in the way of a pointless and misleading post.

  17. this article was written by someone who is n dire need of emergency mental health assitance

    • I imagine DrK tries to stay clear of the medical profession as he has been giving them a bad name for years!

      He is a snake-oil salesman and ghoul and a simple online search indicate that he is definitely someone you wouldn’t leave your kids with.

      For just a taste here is a link to Snopes:


      Now, DrK would say that Snopes is all “Hasbara” or whatever but I really don’t like the fact that we have to take his word for it when he has been shown to be a dishonest person.

      My other issue with him is that instead of criticizing criminal behavior carried out by Muslims and adding his voice to the millions of Muslims who deplore such behavior he simply tries to whitewash Muslims criminals. This is problematic because it suggests to non-Muslims that Muslims are unable to accept responsibility for criminal behavior perpetrated by individuals within their community and will not make any attempt to address it. It also denies the humanity of non-Muslims; if Muslims are the only group above reproach it must mean that the rest of us are the source of all wrong doing. Although demonstrably false (sunni/shia violence anyone?), adoption of such beliefs can lead to individuals attempting to “combat evil” by attacking anyone they perceive as different. We see it with white supremacists, black militants, Jewish settlers in the west bank etc. DrK is adding to the amount of hatred in the world.

      What a douche!

      Stay well!

  18. Sad, this is like a “birther” site; I guess the bombing in Jos two days a go was a hoax too right? The other two bomb blasts last month as well right?

    I know I need to get with the program, the holocaust is a hoax too!

  19. You call a 17 year old Pakistani girl who was shot in the face a “Arch-fraudster and New World Order mole, Zionist Jew” ? You are so full of shit.

    • DrK happily takes aim at women and children if it is his pleasure. He is an equal opportunities scumbag.

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