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No Bodies Recovered at Germanwings Site – It’s all Fake

Despite claims otherwise there were no human remains to be found at the purported crash site of a Germanwings jet. Regardless, it wasn’t a crash site but was instead a dumping site. There was nothing there to be found, because there was no crash into that mountain slope of a real plane.

Even so, in the Daily Mail it is said:

The hellish task of identifying 149 victims: 600 body parts removed from site as it emerges killer co-pilot’s remains have already been found

    • Forensic experts painstakingly try to identify 600 body parts of victims and have isolated 78 distinct DNA strands
    • Remains will be photographed and scanned in 3D before being placed in morgue until identification has occurred
    • It is hoped 95% will be identified within next three weeks as guards continue to keep 24-hour watch at site in Alps
    • Leading forensic expert Michael Tsokos told of horrifying task, saying: ‘These images will never go out of my head’ 

Yet, now, as of April 4, 2015, what does the Daily Mail say about the search? It is a complete turn around, to the degree of the unbelievable:

France halts search for bodies at Germanwings crash site.

“The search for bodies is over, but the search for the victims’ personal belongings is continuing,” a spokesman for the local government authority in the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence region told Reuters.

“Lufthansa has also hired a specialist firm to remove the debris of the aircraft, under the authority of the French public prosecutor and an expert in charge of environmental supervision of the operations,” he said.

According to the online feed they’ve got enough parts, now, to identify the people, supposedly through DNA testing. They’ll just leave the rest of the human matter there to rot. Sure they will. It will all be rotting away, while the carnivores feast over it.

Too, it was also said as part of the psy-ops distraction display:

Families of victims of Germanwings plane crash could face up to four months waiting for loved ones’ remains to be identified

  • DNA identification of victims will take two to four months, police chief says
  • Warning came from the Head of the Criminal Research Institute in France
  • Colonel Francois Daoust fears it may not be possible to identify all victims

In other words, it will take so long that this will all be forgotten from the public consciousness, which is especially important now that the nature of this arch-hoax is being revealed.

“A picture of horror,” the arch-Zionist narrator says. Sure it was: a horrible mess.

All these people are supposed to be dead. Where are their bodies?

How about this Zionist? What happened to him?


There are always plenty of boo-hoo’ers about to give the fraud a semblance of realism. Most people think it’s real. “Why would they fake an airplane crash? What happened to the passengers?”

Remember these people? They switch from one faker to the other. Who are they supposedly grieving for?


Yet, originally it was the sandy-haired woman that was dying in grief, while the lady behind her seem to be a bit more composed. What happened to the lady with the water bottle in the prior image?

What happened to Selke or whatever is her name? It’s likely an alias. Her fake relatives act as if they don’t actually know her.

How is this a body?


See how massive it is compared to the man’s body behind it. What is in it, rocks and shale? Whatever it is it isn’t human.

What is this supposed to represent? All those bags, and there is nothing to put within them?


Why is the corpse bag tied down so greatly? Did they hope people wouldn’t look and presume it to be a corpse?

150 corpses and corpse parts, likely more than this as people surely would be dismembered, and this is the best they can do, just three or four images?


Why is that entity so heavy that it tilts so greatly to one direction? Did they really pack rocks and soil in there?


Look at the man with the brand-new shovel. What in the world is he doing? He should at least be cleaning up the wretched mess. What does he do instead?


He starts randomly digging in the shale, even though there is nothing there. The shovel is a prop, and so is its administrator:


How in the world is digging in that shale going to unearth anything? There isn’t even any wreckage there. This alone proves the entire event as a scam, a terminally wretched hoax orchestrated by the high priests of the arch-Zionist cabal.

What about these men? What are they doing? Why are they merely mindlessly digging at the mountain?


They should be cleaning up all the trash that the helicopters dumped on site instead of making an additional environmental mess.


What are these men doing? Why don’t they do something productive, like restore the environment to its original condition:


Finally, they have gone to work but it is irrelevant. It’s all a wretched fake, all fully staged: a hoax to the extreme.


Who are these hoaxers in white? What are they doing there? Why in the world did they mess the area up with crime scene tape?



What did the people in white find? What is it, a crab leg/claw?


Sure they cut off the search. Of course they did. Why not? There’s noting to find. Moreover, the crisis actors have long ago gone home. No one wants to play the game anymore. Just looking for jewelry and luggage now. By the way, where is all the luggage? Where are all the seats? Where are the other engine components? Where are they wings?

Bye-bye, hoax. You are rotten to the core. How desperate these criminal minds are to fake yet another plane crash, testing the sheeple, taunting them, evaluating them: how many will still fall. How many: millions or countless billions?

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  1. View of the wreckage of the AtlasJet Airline MD-83 plane that crashed on the hills near the village of Cukuroren in the southwestern province of Isparta, Turkey.

    This is what a real plane crash looks like:


    • Let’s be honest Mr. Shill, does that site in the Alps look like a real crash of a huge jet airplane by any stretch of the imagination?

      • What do you mean by ”much left” of the airplane….Mr. Shill. Mountains of this type are rather solid. Where’s the plane? Wouldn’t the searchers be using heavy tools to look for it? All they seem to be doing is using little picks and shovels to turn over random pieces of ground. Wouldn’t searchers be desperate to find the cockpit, bodies and the rest of the plane? I don;t see any wings. The wings of this plane are huge. Did they just disappear into nothingness? Where are the wheels? We see one wheel in the photos. Where’s the engines?

        Since we don’t see that activity, the only idea that comes to mind that the searchers are merely standing around for photo-ops because they know there is no plane crash.

      • Shill: Your comments are specious in the extreme. IOW, superficially semi-plausible, but actually wrong.

        Instead of trying to answer questions…you attack me.

        Are you saying that the media is hiding photos of the scene from the public? You claim that I haven’t seen ALL of them….have you seen ALL of them? How do you know I haven’t seen ALL of them.

        The media first said there were bodies ”everywhere”. Then the media said there were no bodies…only parts of bodies. Which is it? Their really simple story keeps changing like the weather.

        This crash is great for someone who believes in cartoons like the ”Roadrunner”. That little bird makes planes simply disappear.

        You fail miserably to reveal the location of the plane parts. Where are the parts of the plane? Even you admit the mountain is solid. So where did they disappear to? Did they disappear into the black magic world of HOAXES?

        I give you credit for trying to answer in a lawyer-like manner but your answers don’t cut it.

        Instead of trying to answer questions…you attack me.

  2. Victims in Crash That Killed U.S. Sen. Ted Stevens Identified http://www.mcclatchydc.com/2010/08/10/98911/eight-aboard-plane-that-crashed.html

    Another photo of a real mountain plane crash:


    • Mr. Shill:

      I’m not going to reply to your comments. Your screen name says it all and by your posture, you obviously know this was a hoax. You’re just chaffing me and others on this site. It gets boring after a while.

      • Mr Shill:

        You can blah blah all you want…your replies are loaded with double-speak and nonsensical gibberish. Your comments are also typical leftist propaganda.

      • No, no Mr. Shill, I don’t need to read ”other pro-hoax posts for genuine examples of nonsensical gibberish”. Your examples of gibberish are the best. No one is better at nonsense than you are. You’re the demi-master of gibberish and obfuscation.

        Ping Pong.

      • So Sorry Mr Shill but there are no contradictions in my reply. The problem is that you do not understand English words. Your supervisors need to retrain you and assign you to someone besides me. You’ve floundered on this website. The water is way too deep for you.

        Oh well, more Ping Pong……….

      • Oh Yes, yes Shill…I know what demi means…you don’t need to waste your time schooling me.

        I really wonder why you find me so fascinating. You just can’t get over yourself and your constant obsession with me. Some would call it stalking.

        Ping pong….oh yes, ping pong…..etc., etc.

  3. The **** plane was flown directly into the mountain at speed. This is the reason why there are no whole bodies or sections of aircraft. The whole thing disintegrated on impact…it isn’t difficult to grasp.

    • If it was so we should have seen an impact area. Where is it? All the pecies are just everywhere in this mountain. So this can’t be true. You have to find an other explanation of no human bodies.

    • P.M you also are not hard to Grasp!

    • Once a plane which is coming it at top speed hits something, the energy dissipates backwards in a wave which means it is not all equally affected. That is why there are large visible parts of planes which crash into mountains, and why many of the bodies are found pretty much whole, even with some people sometimes found alive. Over and over ever since there have been airplanes, they have crashed into mountains, and none of the real crashes look like Germanwings’ (or for that matter Shanksville). Maybe they are collecting a catalog of fake crashes to “prove” each other.

      • This is also why 911 was a fraud. There should have been tons of airplane parts on the sidewalks below. There was none, except what was obviously planted.

        I’ve posted several photos of real plane crashes…we see huge sections of the crashed planes almost intact.

        To believe planes crashed into the WTC, you would have to believe the buildings were made of whipped cream. The same goes for this hoax in the Alps.

        • “To believe planes crashed into the WTC, you would have to believe the buildings were made of whipped cream.”

          Yes, for the CRITICAL THINKER, that’s a good analogy. However, when it comes to the masses of sheep, it’s the TV, and not their brains, that tell them what to believe.

          The majority simply do not have the ability to think for themselves, and that is why the media gets away with such scams.

          • Exactly! When I talk to people about these hoaxes and such, I often get this response. “OK, but I’m not going to loose any sleep over it.”

            The year 2015 is much like Germany in 1935. People said they saw the fences, the barbed-wire and smoke coming from tall chimneys but they didn’t want to think about it.

            I wonder just what type of hell for humanity is just over the horizon.

          • @Wake the Sheep——–i think that MOST of the people are to busy with their OWN life,and are to lazy to seek the Truth and don’t even Care or don’t take the time to find what’s true and what isn’t true….i think most of the people,just think:”Thank god it wasn’t me or my friends,family etc…that were the ones in that plane,or in that train “accident” or at that location or….”it’s the sign of the times”…the “funny”thing is…that EVERYBODY has a laptop and can find the REAL TRUTH…but most of them,can’t handle the TRUTH…

          • The CIA started Project Mockingbird in the 1940-50s to control the mass media of America. They spent billions of tax dollars and they have succeeded. The MSM of the USA is total 100% propaganda. Joseph Goebbels of National Socialists fame would be proud.


          • x – good summary, but in addition, intelligent people find it too big a step to believe that the MSM is full of fake stories, minor drills as well as major ones, and can’t bear the thought that they are being lied to. They don’t want to investigate, not so much that they are too lazy, because it would be too awful to discover what might be [is] going on, as the perps and their water carriers just do their job, keep their head down and wait until pension day, whomever they work for,

      • I suppose Aussie is a physicist. Laughable.
        The left has infected this site with their usual swearing, name calling and nonsense. This is the first clue that they’re paid disinfo agents. Naff off.

        • Well SHILL, if you can’t see Aussie’s potty mouth writing, get some reading glasses…that may help.

          Stop stalking me…that’s criminal behavior. Your obsession with me is perverted.

    • “The **** plane was flown directly into the mountain at speed. This is the reason why there are no whole bodies or sections of aircraft. The whole thing disintegrated on impact…”

      And where did the bodies go in Shanksville? Were those bodies disintegrated? Was it spontaneous combustion? Where was THAT plane? Perhaps they were broken into little pieces, according to the media, with “no piece larger than the size of a phone book.”

      You are simply regurgitating the media propaganda. The story is NOT believable, because it’s a STORY, a mere fabrication to fool the masses into believing in a plane crash, JUST LIKE THEY FOOLED THE MASSES on 9/11.

      If you are unable (or willing) to accept that the TV lies to you, then you will probably believe anything. If they told you a baby was found in the rubble and survived the crash, you’d believe it right? Of course you would, as long as the TV TOLD YOU.

  4. As it looks like more and more being a ‘fake’ (third black box found). Questions must be answered:-
    1. What happened to the ‘real’ aircraft ‘where and when’?
    2. What happened to the passengers?
    3. What was the reason for this complex hoax?
    4. Who benefited from this hoax?
    5. Why the elaborate cover-up?
    6. Who are the people and companies involved in the cover-up?
    There must be almost provable answers to the preceding questions otherwise the continual speculation over photos of the crash site and the constant repeating of ‘it was a fake’ is just a side show now.

    • I totally agree with you. And where is the official statement of Airbus? Are they also convinced that the co pilot has destroyed the aircraft and they don’t have to analyse the datas from the black box? It is the same like charlie Hebdo and 9/11 and most of the people (i would say 90%) are still sleeping and believe all this bs of the media.

    • This Germanwings hoax is a rehash of 9/11, and it has lots of similarities to the Shanksville Flight 93 “non crash” event.

      It prevents the sheep from potentially waking up by showing them another plane crash where the media can discuss the official narrative of 9/11, and therefore it’s a clever way to suppress the prior hoax of no planes crashing anywhere on 9/11.

      • Its a lot like old radio. They tell you there’s bodies and blood everywhere but you see nothing. Its all left up to your imagination.

        They show you a photo of small 5 x 5 foot section of a plane, one wheel and a heap of old clothes and TELL you that a 73 tonne ”plane crashed”.

        The whole ”event” is pure theater for the unthinking mind.

        • “The whole ”event” is pure theater for the unthinking mind.”

          Exactly. This is why the media can SHOW you one thing while TELLING you another, and even if it doesn’t match, the gullible sheep will accept it, no questions asked.

          Wolf Blitzer originally TOLD the world that rescuers would have to ski their way to the plane parts, and as he was doing this the camera SHOWED the mountain area with the debris, which had NO SNOW.

          On 9/11 they SHOWED only ONE supposed plane crash, yet TOLD us about four. The media didn’t have to show the other three, they just had to show ONE to plant the inception, our own minds did the rest of the media’s work.

          However more people are now realizing that the mainstream media has ZERO credibility, so the press must continue to lie to cover up their prior lies.

          • The “evil”thing is….99% of the people worldwide believe EVERYTHING the Media is telling them….they can’t imagine that they are being fooled from BIRTH….it takes ONLY one HOAX to WAKE UP…and see that the WORLD is a STAGED evil hollywood production.

          • In 1938 Germany the people of various villages saw the endless trains, high walls, the barbed-wire, the huge chimneys and the constant rising smoke.

            After the War they were asked about the Camps. They said they knew about the Camps but they didn’t want to ”think about it”.

            Its the same today in 2015. The Sheeple can’t get their brains around the facts of reality in the world. My neighbor told me just this week that it ”doesn’t bother” her.

  5. These forensic pathologists are the first people you need to have onside in any hoax
    look where else he’s been employed…..

  6. An Oscar for each of these morons, they fully deserve it, please….

  7. Washington’s Agenda: The Destabilization and Destruction of Syria. “Islamic State” Terrorists Deployed by the CIA


  8. Massive EU Weapons Sales to Saudi Arabia Contribute to Fuelling International Aggression and Terrorism in the Middle East


    • Geez, does it ever end?

      • Have they no shame?

    • Coldplay is a hero!

    • When they find a black-box, there are ALWAYS many photos of where it was found. Where are those photos? I guess they forgot to take documentary photos.
      Black boxes are in the tail of the plane. There are usually huge pieces of the empennage and the vertical tail nearby. Where are these photos?

      • sorry DrK , can you remove the upper image link above? Didn’t mean to post that – it’s not relevant to the investigation.


    • Alice is the “hero”….in WONERLAND

      • Alice Cooper in WONDERLAND??


          • Alice Coldefy=A.C….=ANTI CHRIST OR/AND=A.C=ALEISTER CROWLEY….

      • (D)

  9. Classic, always changing the story from day to day:

    So this heroine, Alice Coldefy, found the black box from an area that had already been searched many times before?


  10. Warning to Ohio residents, your gooberment is looking for crisis actors. Expect a false flag.


    • Two years before another ”drill”, there were Internet FEMAS-DHS ads asking for people to participate in another event……..Sandy Hook.

      The meetings for this hoax were held at the local fire station……800 feet from Sandy Hook School. Gee, …what a coincidence.

  11. Heads Up! Private Defense Agency Needs ‘Crisis Actors’ for Emergency Drill In Texas


  12. Remember DAY 1 from this Plane “CRASH”HOAX….the media/rescueworkers did say:.”THE DEAD BODIES WERE LYING ALLLL OVER THE PLACE”…..a couple days later…..”THERE ARE ONLY VERY very very SMALL PIECES OF THE DEAD BODIES”….=HOAX!.

  13. OFF TOPIC:the HIT television serie:BREAKING BAD(first episode:2008—-last episode 2013)—–has a lot of mindcontrol-9/11- a plane crash-moonlanding-boston marathon-ebola-one eye symbols(t- shirt Walter jr)-illuminati-etc…Messages— ALMOST in every episode(you see/hear a Mindcontrol-Message……WALTER WHITE=WW=the masonic number(s):33

  14. Alice Coldefy ”found” the black box. Wow…can she now ”find” the Ark of the Covenant and Blackbeard’s lost treasure ? Also, …does she know where they put Jimmy Hoffa?

  15. Please check could send mass links? is that most not stop posting and it’s annoying me. thank you. I would like also that the new material we have and having http://myjklmnop.tumblr.com/ publicases a new entry paul walker. Too many comments 🙁 new material is not necessary, just open a new page thanks. even repeated, maybe that’s why I can not send links

  16. hey! all bastards around here who paid to see fast 7 .universal giving them you *** !! assholes ! seriously do some soul . download online ****

  17. Happy Easter everyone!

    Christ has risen yes our Lord Jesus Christ has risen and rejoice in Him!

    • …and this is not a HOAX !!

  18. The crisis actors posing with the enlarged photos of their “loved ones” is classic. They did the same for Sandy Hoax. It’s one of the post-hoax requirements.

    Regarding the identification of DNA, if you recall Tom Frost (father of Lisa Ann Frost) made a speech in Albuquerque, NM in front of an audience where he claimed the FBI identified “four strands of Lisa’s DNA” in the rubble. He also made a point to mention the “fireball” that we all saw on TV was Lisa in that plane, or words to that effect.

    Of course, since NO PLANES crashed at the towers, or anywhere on 9/11, Tom Frost was simply making up a STORY as a post-hoax fabrication to sell the world the idea that his daughter had died in a plane crash.

    Here, in this Germanwings hoax, we now see printed stories of DNA and printed stores of body parts, however there is no DNA, since there are no bodies.

    It’s the same scam being repeated over and over. So we can expect these stories to emerge, one after the other. The sheep will soon forget about this hoax, as the “foundation lie” has already been sold by the media and the politicians to the world.

    EVERY subsequent story is simply and ornament to build upon the foundation lie of a plane crash. One you know the foundation lie is simply that, a LIE, then the entire pyramid of lies gets DISSOLVED, regardless of how descriptive the media gets with each report.

    When they show you pictures of the so-called “victims” just remember on 9/11 they used a software program to generate thousands of simulated victims, otherwise known as “vicsims”.

    Pictures are being shown for emotional appeal ONLY. Whether these “victims” are real people or simulated from computer generation is debatable. The fact still remains, however, that the pictures are NOT of people who died in any Germanwings plane crash.

    The September Clues moderators did quite extensive research on the pictures of simulated victims (“vicsims”) of 9/11. It’s well worth going over, and the link with the .pdf file can be viewed here:


    • Wake the Sheep writes: ”The crisis actors posing with the enlarged photos of their “loved ones” is classic. They did the same for Sandy Hoax. It’s one of the post-hoax requirements”

      I agree….this tactic is really getting OLD. I thought that it only infected the USA but now we see it worldwide.

      Oh btw, where are the photos of the other 150 so-called victims?

      We’ve already seen videos of a man who the MSM said is the ”dead” pilot. But now we see this fellow is really someone else who is very much alive. Of course this is typical of these ridiculous hoaxes.

      I must say that Ms Merkel of Germany has that ”down and sad” face well practiced.

      • “Oh btw, where are the photos of the other 150 so-called victims?”

        The media doesn’t have to show “the other 150” to sell the story as we know. They just have to provide a random sample to coincide with the official narrative.

        The media provides information “rapid fire” style regarding the vivid details of the event very shortly after it happens. Pictures are provided, stories of the victims are available to read almost instantly. Lighted vigils are a given, with flowers, candles and teddy bears. The sheep have very limited attention spans, so the media tries to get all the propaganda out at once.

        The CNN clip of the sim card being found at the scene which supposedly captured the last moments of the screaming pilot and passengers wouldn’t even pass muster for a B-grade action flick on Redbox.

        Now we will hear stories of the background of the pilot, co-pilot and other ways of preventing such “tragedies” in the future. It’s the same “oh, if we only knew about Adam Lanza BEFORE he snapped then we could have prevented the shooting” blah blah blah.

        Just get ready for more regulations of pilots, more leeway for the government or federal agencies gaining access to medical reports, and of course more hoaxes by the TV.

    • Wake – you will search in vain for any parents with photos of their children. You must ask yourself why.
      If you delve deeply you will find that there were some real people involved, as there were at 9/11.
      Paraded photos are usually of victims at a much earlier phase of their lives, perhaps not even looking like the victim at the time of their disappearance.
      Again you must ask yourself why this is.
      Of course, with children, it would be absurdly obvious that the photos were ancient; despite the fact that parents have hundreds and hundreds of photos of their children we don’t see any images or statements. Like they say “follow the money”, you also have to follow the families.
      The vicsim report did not anywhere near 3000 people.

      • “The vicsim report did not anywhere near 3000 people.”



        It doesn’t have to account for 3,000 names, as it provides enough evidence to make the allegation that names and written comments in various memorial sites were fabricated. If even ONE name in all of the 9/11 memorials is fabricated, then the entire claim of “3,000 deaths” is itself suspect.

        Only Kenneth Feinberg has supposed copies of the check register for the “victim’s compensation” fund. He was also appointed the “Special Master” for the TARP program, the person in charge of disbursement after the BP oil “event” and also appointed to handle all claims for the “One Fund” in Boston after the hoax bomb.

        September Clues maintains the claim that the buildings were empty before the demolition/implosion. Unless and until one knows an ACTUAL victim’s family and has seen their disbursement check of $1 million, it’s speculative.

        However, one thing is certain after reading the 80 page report is this:

        There IS evidence of fabrication, so the “3,000 deaths” figure is part of the scam. We know the operative procedures in these hoaxes is “nobody dies, nobody gets hurt.” What a brilliant scam 9/11 would be if the buildings were indeed emptied before they were demolished?

        Again, you’d have to subpoena Ken Feinberg in a jury trial to testify, and obtain the check register as part of discovery.

        Ya, good luck in THAT ever being a reality.

        • Wake, I am with you. Probably there were no deaths on 9/11. I dispute, though, that all the names were synthesised as some speculate.
          Furthrmor, there is ample evidence that some people named in connection with 4U9525 did exist previously. Since there was no crash, we must lay thoughts of death aside.

          • I agree, some names are real, some are fake. I think on 9/11 they used the names of real people (Lisa Ann Frost, for example). They also used imaginary names (vicsims), and probably got a list of prior dead people just to add to the mix, who knows. It’s all a way to draw confusion into the scam, so nobody except the developers of the scam know all the facts.

          • In the case of 9/11HOAX,there were NO dead victims(citizens)…..maybe there were a few dead firemen?

          • Stackpot channel-You Tube has a LOT of very GOOD vids about the 9/11 Hoax(crisis actors-no plane etc..etc..)

  19. Killer pilot Andreas Lubitz researched suicide under chilling username ‘Skydevil’ – as it’s revealed EU warned German authorities about ‘inadequate’ safety checks


    • What’s a CHILLING username?!
      Another msm fail.

      • “SKYDEVIL”=just a fear-mockery-mindcontrol-fake-msm Name….the Governments are allll LOVE the DEVIL-SATAN….they don’t love GOD….that’s why they use the “SKYDEVIL”name.

      • SKYDEVIL is a blasphemy

  20. Airbus 320 Germanwings Crash: German Regulator ‘unaware’ of Andreas Lubitz’s Severe Depression


    Pictured for first time, the hero pilot who tried to break down door of Germanwings cockpit


  21. Sky Devils is a 1932 movie starring with Spencer Tracy

  22. It is absolutely amazing how you can show with evidences and explain with facts these kind of hoaxes to people and all they do is staring to infinity and waiting for a chance to say something short and bounce off. They get into a blocking state of mind and no matter how hard you try to convince them of these, they will look like zombies trying to get away from you. This not only applies to co-workers and friends but members of your own famuly as well. They have some kind of programming wich immediately deactivates their capacity for thinking. Society has become desentized to the point of don’t even wanting to take good care of themselves. For example, how can you talk to them about GMo food if they give a **** to what they are putting into their mouths? If they have childfren and/pets they act exactly the same toward them. ZOMBIES ARE NOT ONLY MOVIE CHARACTERS but unfortunately people very close to us.

    • Researchers in 1945 asked people in Germany about the Nazi death camps. They asked if they had known about them. The people said yes, they knew about them but that they ”didn’t want to think about it”.

      Same thing is going on today in 2015.

      • In those times people didn’t have computers nor intelligent phones so there were no Google, no web sites, no blogs, no YouTube, no Twitter no Facebook, no Instagram to face the facts as easy and comfortable as they could do todays.

        • The problem is that people’s brains are just as dumb now as then….probably even dumber.

          TV and movies has trained people to freak out when they see blood. Their brains are so dead that they freak out when they see fake theatrical blood.

          People cannot tell the difference between fake and real. This is especially true when the government controlled media tells the sheeple its real.

          Joseph Goebbels is smiling. America is his dream come true.

          • Today we have the historical data to show them. We can tell them how life did not get better in more than 60+ years. How could anyone show them this fact back then? All they thought then was that things will get better. People living in this era is less intelligent than those of the past.

    • Deep, deep inside people’s brain they think that America or even other countries have a free and honest press/media. They think of Benjamin Franklin and all that stuff.

      Friends….the idea of a free press is DEAD. There is no honest free speech press anymore. The governments of the world have put a dagger into the heart of that idea.

      Its DEAD….very DEAD.

      • Todays people are desentized and confused. Back around WWII girls were not sluts as they are now. Young people and especially the girls were living at their parents house until the got married. Spoken language was correctly pronounced. People were not as mean as they are today. Women wanted to get married and have a family but today all they wanna is have sex then become single mom sluts. Natural woman selection for the right man is out today.

        What have the ZioIlluminati told people to believe in? “Nothing is true, everything is permitted”

        Back then at least great respect was shown from man to women and just because women also demanded it.

  23. Jayzus bejayzus, I suppose you believe in chemtrails and that the WTC was brought down by Bush and Israel as well. How is it possible that a human being can be so seriously disturbed? Did you forget to take your meds? Do they actually allow mental patients access to a computer? The mind reels.

  24. I wonder: Why is nobody talking aout the Bilderbergers? What about the Freemasons? Nothing from the Illuminati!? Why only silence from the Opus Dei? Not to mention the architects of the NWO! And the Elders of Zion?? High time that someone comes up with proper answers. Or is everybody afraid???

  25. if this is fake what happened to the people?
    two of my close friends were on that plane.
    it makes me sick to read things like this.

  26. You know nothing about forensic work in scenes like this.

    There’s people in my town who died in that plane crash so please, stop spreading dumb things like that. You just show how ignorant you are.

  27. You are one fucktarded idiot. Crawl back in your hole and play with yourself. Ignorant Fucktard.

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