Other Hoaxes Zionist Terror — 15 March 2015
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North Carolina Amtrak Train Crash Against Oversized Rig is Not a Hoax

Some people are claiming that the Mar. 9 crash of an Amtrak train in North Carolina against a very big rig is a hoax. It’s not a hoax. Rather, it is a real event. This is demonstrated by all the evidence at hand, including live video on-scene:


HookedOnYourHoax is making it out as if this is fake. If that is an error, fine. It does not appear to be an error but is, rather, a purposeful attempt to confuse. Therefore, the video should be removed from the Internet.


Even the still imagery, though, makes it clear that this is a real crash. It could not possibly be called a hoax when viewing all the imagery available.


Notice the impact zone, RE: the soil. It matches the expected consequences of the dragging of the cargo through the lines of force, that is from the road sideways.


Internet trolls make a game of real events, portraying them as fake. Mistakes can be made in assessment; however, it appears that this isn’t a mistake and is instead malicious. Notice the drag lines from the wheels as they tore up the soil sideways.


Those drag lines can be seen ever so clearly here, both from the wheels and the train body. This is a real derailment. It is absolutely not possible to fabricate those drag lines, which are fresh within the dirt. Claims otherwise, that is the claims that this was staged, are false.

No matter which way it is viewed it is obvious what happened to this rig. It was struck by the train. There is no way to fake this. Notice the shearing, tearing of the cargo and its sleeve. Notice how it has been spun off the trailer.



Additional, newer images:


Scrape damage to the top of the engine. Notice the placement of the ladder for rescuing the driver.


Scrape damage extends down along the blue-painted front. The load may well have been aluminum or light-framed metal of another sort; the locomotive is far more dense than the load.


Placement of woman from seated chair to gurney. Protocol is followed. It appears that she has been secured with a neck brace and may be holding an ice-pack to her body.



Shear damage is seen of RR crossing signs and posts. The trail of evidence is vast. Any video deeming this a hoax should be removed.


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  1. Thats another hoax

    Envelope Addressed to White House Positive for Cyanide; Did Someone Try To Poison President Obama?


  2. True or fake?

    Ukraine cops get ‘shoot-to-kill orders’ amid unrest over army hit & run killing of 8yo


  3. Question: how much fakery can Paki ppl get? And yeah, rite after the Lahore twin bombing hoax….

    Relatives’ final farewell as Pakistan executes 12 terrorists in one day: Country sends highest number of murderers to the gallows in one day as it continues its Taliban purge



  4. They’re not even trying anymore…. Less than ridiculous hoax in Tunis – Gunmen attack Tunisian Parliament



  5. We can delude ourselves that half or 20% or whatever percent these train & plane ferry & cruise ship crashes are real or look carefully and see they are all fake with any any evidence pointing to that fact that we find if we look witg open eye, open ears & open minds to see the truth.
    Obviously zionist change afenra means a hoax.
    Crisis actors means a hoax.
    Obvious staging means a hoax.
    Contradictory Scripts means hoax.
    Immediate or prior set fundsraisers or prior timestamps or prior posted reports mean a hoax. Etc…Etc..
    Any Hollywood actor, talent agent, producer, media mugal involvement almost always means a hoax.

  6. More proof of the Tunisian Zio-hoax


    • Looks like the tourist version of the Canadian Parliament show.

  7. This would mean that once there was a good Putin.

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  11. rion (Marrano Jew) Adams
    This Zionist Jew Change Agent of RioLinda, ZioLinda HoaxTown
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    • It’s getting pretty silly out there.

  14. Excuse me… would all of you mind please posting your street addresses and real names? I am producing a documentary about the world zionist conspiracy and the internet. Your time will be well compensated for. Thank You.

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