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Ohio Butcher Knife Attack is a Total Fake Islamophobic Hoax

The Islamophobes are at it, once again, perpetrating yet another inane, arch-corrupt hoax, in this case the terminally wretched, fake car and knife attack of Columbus, Ohio.  Make no mistake about it this is fake. There can be no other possibility. Moreover, no one can demonstrate otherwise.

Nevertheless, all the imagery proves one issue. This is the fact that this is a drill and nothing else and the fact that this was staged: a mere arch-Zionist-orchestrated psyops. The only guns about, the only actual deadly weapons, are those in the hands of government agents, mere moles and paid elements of the Zionist-controlled world government.


Even so, it is stated as if real, as if actual people were run down and stabbed. The claim is that a blood-thirsty Muslim did it, right, a refugee: an Ohio State University student in addition. Sure, he did it, right. He crashed the car into people and bodies were flying all about, over and under. No one finds such ‘eyewitness’ testimony plausible. Rather, it is obvious from the imagery that there was no actual crash at the site and that, instead, that car, a junk-yard element, was merely off-loaded there.


Notice the props, including the anti-freeze or windshield wiper fluid. Notice, too, the lack of skid marks. How did the car stop? Where is all the damage and/or bloooooddd?


Gov. Kasich says it was real. He insists that it is so. Yet, while he does so, he gives speaking out of the corner of the mouth a new definition:


He knows very well that this is a hoax, as do all the people in the background. Yet, before the entire world it is claimed as if this really did happen.


He knows its a fraud, regardless of how much he and his staff posture.

What about SWAT? They would appear to dispute the governor’s position, laughing it off, joking about:


If anyone sees this film clip, as above, it is clear that the SWAT team members are joking about, ‘horsing around.’

Yet, the Gov. has back-up, minions who said it all went according to plan and this is “what we train for:”


Now, after this, does anyone find the claims of a real butcher knife attack plausible?

Professor Clark says it was real and that he was actually injured. So do the doctors purporting to be in his care. Like the other hoaxes he heaps praise on the fake hero, the supposed heroic cop, who acted so “courageous, saving lives.” Even so, he attempts to exhibit a fake tear, further proof that this is nothing other than a terminally corrupt fraud:


In fact, no one is grieving to any degree, because there is nothing to grieve about.

Ah, the drama of it all, just as before: a prelude to the Sandy Hoax anniversary. Moreover, here it is, another false witness claiming to be in shock, in this case over the potential of injury of her child:


Hoax index: absolute trillions to one. This is fake, and yet countless millions presume it as real,  hold it as if there really is an ‘Islamic’ problem: as if Islam is the enemy. Simultaneously, the real enemy, Zionist Judaism, continues to prevail, perpetrating  high crimes: murdering countless innocents.


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  1. At last, doc!

  2. Its not Rudolph that needs to be banned, hello?

    • ExM-5) Ohio State Hoax Knife & Car Attack 66 Coded Again! Reporter Mentions Massive OSU Columbus Campus 66,000 Students! 1 more Reason to Use Ohio State in a PsyOp!

      This video s contains more Crisis Actors if I remember correctly. See my posts on the last for more busted Crisis Actors like this pretty blonde actress Air Force embeded DHS Crisis Actor Nicole Kreinbrink. Remember many of these Crisis Actors are in the US Air Force & in the Army a far lesser amount in the Navy & even a few in the Marines. Others are NSA & CIA. And jewish sayanim which may be in tge military also or not. But many NSA & CIA personel are also ARMY & Air Force anyway. This Aurora Colorado Air Force Base was involved with Crisis Actors & Hoaxes
      Long before Aurora Crisis Actors Studios was around as such, & long before Sandy Hook & Gabby Giffords & Crisis Actors were ever heard of to large numbers of truthers. A really old guy, friend of mine told me he went to a communist Spartacus Meeting pretending ti be obe of them with some other people back in the sixties or early 70’s and a ringleader was pointing to people at the meeting as to what role they would play at a staged protest event even staging a fake fight etc. And somebody suspected one of his friends not being part of the group & they all ran out of the meeting before they all got jump!

  3. Exhibit M-4) Ohio State Knife & Car Attack Fat Pig Laughing Crisis Actor Joe Smeltzer busted Crisis Acting!! Hero Ohio State Youtuber Brian Andrew Busted His ZioTrash Jew [email protected]$$!!!

    I found & posted his identity but Brian Andrew was got right in the middle if this punk’s scripted interview & started questing this evil lying jerk genocidal zionist jew helping the ziotrash jew stread their evil hatemongering & warmongering & take away Americans’ rights! Joe Smeltzer is a treasonous disgrace & should be tried allong with all the media & dirty cops & official in Ohio in on this hoax PsyOp!

    Way to go Brian Andrew! Youtube & Google are blocking his search results & breaking the links to Brian Andrew’s channel to stop his video from going viral. So reposters of his video have more view than him!

    I hope some youtuber sees this & now will name this pig Jpe Smeltzer in their video!

    Please go to the Nodisinfo Boston Cops killed Hoax thread & see my other post on this Ohio State Hoax!..If you can load it! LOL!

  4. Christinne this was Ziotrash jew Gabriel fraudulently posting as Hassan again:

    (Fraud ziotrash *** Gabriel posting as) hassan DECEMBER 1, 2016 AT 2:29 PM
    bout time. You need to ban rudolph before he ruins the thread.

    Christinne RaduDECEMBER 1, 2016 AT 2:32 PM
    Its not Rudolph that needs to be banned, hello?

    (Again Ziotrash *** jew Gabriel fraudster posting as)Hassan DECEMBER 1, 2016 AT 2:35 PM
    hello yes it is hes dirty all the other websites have done it

    ———The little *** boy fraudster Gabriel Nodisinfo’s resident troll figured if he started out posting real simple as Hassan & not with a bunch of other troll posts under several he could trick people into thinking it really was Hassan attacking Rudolf. You are a piece of gutter trash Gabriel, a cowardly lying fraudster zionist & Talmudic perverted jew with no class, no honor, no scrupples! I will always expose for who you are and never let people be tricked by your sleazy ziotrash tricks or thst you are different people. You and your Satanic Israel can all go to hell!

  5. ExM-5) Ohio State Ziotrash Hate Hoax Crisis Actor Joe Smeltzer Busted Live On Scene In This Video by Ohio State Truther Brian Andrew & Covered Up By Facebook,YTube & Google!

    Facebook, Youtube & Google are seriously blocking results & links to find this video! I only gained 500 views in last 18 hrs or so. I found it not coming the last two days even from direct links on Youtube from other youtubers videos about it! This video is damning of their hoaxes PsyOps & they ziotrash know it! Also Brian Andrew even posted that the ziomedia reporters were attacking him at the PsyOp at Ohio State! This video needs to be reposted on as many Ohio State Students facebook accounts as possible and everywhere. Anyone seeing this can quickly see that Smeltzer is an actor a fake & fraud even if the never heard of a Crisis Actor before!

  6. ExM-7) Ohio State Knife & Car Attack Creepy Khazar Crisis Actor Joe Smeltzer Mossadomite celebrating Queer Pride! He claimed he has a girlfriend! LMAO!

    This fat lying fagboy claimed his girlfriend witnessed the attack in his hoax script or his non existant is supposed to be a VicSim in it??? Regardless this bozo failed crisis actor clown has no girlfriend other than his dog!

  7. Ex M-8) Ohio State Knife & Car Attack Hoax Crisis Actor Joe Smeltzer is one Creepy Khazar AshkeNAZI Lubavitcher looking Freak!

    He probably reads his Satanic Babylonian Talmud often & gets off on the hate & genocide that evil bunch of insane books against the goyim! I bet he is in his Kabbala & Talmud trying to conjured up witchcraft black magic spells against Brian Andrew & others for exposing his sorry punk @$$!!

    Pray for the safety of Ohio State Youtuber Hero Truther Brian Andrew! DHS and -or the school admistration might try reltaliation against Brian Andrew! What a hero!

  8. ExL-3) Ohio State Hoax Attack Fraudster Nicole Krieinbrink US Air Force Embeded Crisis Actor has a zionist Jew Sephardic Boyfriend! Is he an Israeli too?

    One thing for sure this pretty little blonde actress is a fraud, a paid liar & a traitor who should be court marshalled, convicted sentenced to Levenworth, KS & then tried for more crimes for her warmongering lies!

    Nicole may not be a hideous Khazar deviant like Smelly Joe Smeltzer but she is just as traitorous & dangerous to Americans and peace & freedom & the world as this filthy animal going as Joe Smeltzer.

    Also I would like to apology to all the people named Smeltzer whose name these ziotrash Khazar’s family stole & disgraced like this!

  9. ExN) Dirty Harry Hoax Cop Super Jew Horujko!

    OSU Terror Attack Dirty Harry Cop Hollywood Script: “The officer encountered individual by 9:53
    — the subject was neutralized by 9:53,”
    OSU President Drake said…..Pure Hollywood Fiction!

    Zionist Jew Hollywood Fiction! & 953, 953 is a hoax code…

    And yes this fraudster cop Crisis Actor is a zionist Jew his whole fraudster family are jews! Unless you want to argue that his jewish Lewkowicz mom isn’t a jew! Lol Or Daddy Larry Lewkowicz aka Larry Graham or maybe his alias Harry Horujko is better! What are these jews doing with this fake stolen Hawaii or Japanese alias Horujko??? Do they have identitoes as Fake Hawaii tribe leaders or Alaskan natives or something where they are robbing the tribes?? & Why is this 28 yr old fake cop planning a marriage 1 yr or more in advance??? huh??? So they can get 10’s of thousands extra in donations & then the family can claim he got killed in another hoax & zioscam even more from the dumb hated goyim???

    Ok so 9:53, 9:53..add the 9’s get 18 code for 666
    then add the 2 sets of 5&3 & get 8&8 88
    also 9 is 3×3 aka 33 but also 66 since 2 ways you get 66 from adding the two 33’s or from 99 upside down. **** near all these hoaxes recently have 66 .. for example see my other post where CNN reporter says OSA has 66,000students…

  10. ExO) OSU Terror Attack -Talmudic Satanic Hollywood Screenplay Title:
    Fast-Acting Ohio State Officer Praised for Killing Attacker

    So subliminally we have (a fake) Dirty Harry Cop Praised for Killing Eeevile Goyim Muslim!

    Only the Babylonian Talmud & other Judeac books praise for Killing. Ofcourse in a real murderous attack killing a killer when necessary is acceptable but they are using the word praise so it gives it a religious- holy conotation & why not say praised for stopping or shooting to stop the attack or to save lives. But the idea is to reinforce the idea that Eeevile Muslims must be killed because they are killers and killing them is how you must deal with them. Just as Crypto jew Wahabist & CIA & Mossad torture camps teach Nominal Muslims & others to kill other goyim of different faiths. The zios have to keep the anger & hatred going and dump lots of gasoline on it with their hoaxes & PsyOps & lies & propaganda & subliminal phrases…etc.. as they site back and bask in satanic glee in the glow & warmth of the flames & belly laugh! ..Divide & Conquer..

    Ofcourse the “Fast acting” part of scripted title looks just like an advertising agent wrote it. ..And maybe a An advertising agent exec Jew Nancy Lewkowicz aka Horujko aka Misskelly wrote it???

  11. ExP) Ohio State Hoax Super Jew Cop Dirty Harry Alan Horujko (Lewkowwicz) Ridiculous 1950’s Style Dance Photo with Fiancee..

    This zio Jew Crisis Actor fake cop, fake hero is raking in the big $$$ with this zioScam! His goyim trophy wife to be will bring in a lot more too!

  12. Ex5) Barry Soetoro Obama & Tranny Michael’s Hoax Kids/Rent-a-Kids/Loan Closet Kids & Their Real Parents!

    A Tranny & another *** can’t bear a child no matter how much homosex mossadomization they do! lol

  13. ExQ is for Queer as they come!!) OSU Hoax!

    Ohio State Police Hoax SpokesLiar Monica Mossad Moll the Tranny! Look at this hideous Freakshow! Zionist jew tranny Monica Moll went from Police Chief at Bowling State Univ. in July 2016 to OSU Police HoaxSpokesLiar just in time for this Hoax PsyOp Operation!!

    This creature is scarier looking than zioScripted freakshow Bruce Caitlyn Tranny Jenner!

    • I could have sworn I saw her supposedly reporting live from Cuba for one of the networks on the 28th wearing a red outfit.

  14. ExQ2 (Q for Queer Tranny) Proof OSU HOAX SpokesLiar TrannyFreak Monica (Mossad) Mole was still the Bowling Green State Police Chief on this July 16′!

    This freakshow fraudster fake woman was moved to OSU to help run this Hoax!

    Notice the “whites” feature on the staff like Moll the Mole are also Jews: Sauer (pronounced sewer) & Slowinski & the two blacks even jewish common names Wynn & Polin. Are their daddies jewish??? Or just their ancesters zio slavemasters?

    Anyway does anyone dare dispute this zioJew looks just like a man & is a tranny & is not a real woman??? Gabriel may argue it’s a real woman since his dream woman is a tranny! But I mean any normal human this looks like a tranny, man! lol

  15. The OSU Trans-Vest-a-gation has begun!
    Of Transvestite Monica Mossad Moll!

    ExQ)33° coded & Proof! OSU Hoax SpokesLiar Monica Moll Tranny Freakshow took over as Ohio State Police Chief/Public Safety Director Exactly 1 Month Before OSU Hoax Knife & Car Hoax Muslim Attack!!

    They moved this freakshow Transvestite zio jew Monica just in time for this hoax! And Talmudically, Kabbala Kosher jew style they had “him” Monica Moll run the Police at Bowling Green Univ for 6 years exactly first. 6 is 3+3. Minimun way to achive a Baal/Babylonion/Mason 33°!
    (Below From BGSU Falcon News)

    Police Chief Monica Moll to leave for OSU

    By Amber Jones | Reporter Sep 29, 2016

    After six years with the University, Monica Moll, director of public safety and campus police chief, will be resigning at the end of October to take the position of director of public safety at Ohio State University. 

    Moll’s decision to leave the University came after she learned that OSU’s former director, Vernon Baisden, retired in April 2016 after 15 years of service. 

    “Ohio State was the next step,” she said. “I knew the prior director of campus safety professionally since I started at the University, and I had heard he was retiring. I talked to him about it and decided that I wanted to apply for the position.”

  16. Ex R (is for Retread) OSU Hoax Attack- Same Jew Used in Two Hoaxes Simultaneously???

    Is this the same Crisis Actor??? This $h#t is

    1) Hoax Hero Cop, Alan Horujko (Lewkowicz) Killer of Eeevile Butcher knifer Razak (Kazar)×620.jpg


    (2) His Twin Crisis Actor Keith Alvin Papini husband of Hoax Kidnapped & released wife by 2 female torturers: (linked within to next post, so it will immediately post!)

  17. Ex R-2 (is for Retread) OSU Hoax Attack-
    Same Jew Used in Two Hoaxes Simultaneously???

    Is this the same Crisis Actor??? This $h#t is

    1) Hoax Hero Cop, Alan Horujko (Lewkowicz) Killer of Eeevile Butcher knifer Razak (Kazar)
    (See picture link on Ex R-1)


    (2) His Twin Crisis Actor Keith Alvin Papini husband of Hoax Kidnapped & released wife by 2 female torturers:

    Do these “two” Crisis Actors not look identical even the hair cut??!!!

  18. ExR-3) Is Ohio State Fraudster Fake Hero Cop Alan Horujko playing 2 major PsyOps??? Also as Wife Kidnapped Hoax as Keith Alvin Papini!

    Give your opinion, campare all pics! & I not saying whether the wife is or is not or may be the same woman. More research is needed.

    (a) As Keith Alvin Papini husband of Hoax kidnapped by 2 foriegn Lesbo Torturers Sherri Papini. Chained-up Hollywood style!

    (b) As Ohio State Fake Hero Cop Alan Horujko (alias Lewkowicz alias name of mother & father)

    Regardless, both of these are hoaxes & this does look like the same Crisis act. It’s one hell of an in your face PsyOp within two PsyOps to simultaneously use the same crisis actor! But brillant since it’s even harder to believe they would try such an unbelievwable thing even to most die hard truthers! Exactly the reason they would do it! Exactly why I know they would do it! Ever see the same actor playing two different characters on two different Network TV channels at the same time??? I have, & more than once!

  19. BUSTED Crisis Actor Fake Cop Alan Actor (W)Hor(e)ujko!!!

    ExS) Ohio State Hoax Attack Active Shooter Training Drill Starring just hired Crisis Actwhore Alan Horujko (alias Lewkowicz) Fraudster Traitor! In Sept. 2015′!

    (& Possibly also Alias as & playing Keith Alvin Papini)

    Also the first month they hired this actor he did an interview about terror & Shooting attacks. Why would a non officer, non chief, non- manager rookie campus cop you just hired being doing interviews of shootings, drills & terror attacks??? Lol! Because he was already scripted to be the (Hoax) OHIO STATE Super Hero Jew Cop to kill the Eeevile Muslim African Terrorist Goyim Boogeyman!


  20. Exhibit T (is for Treason)
    Ohio State Hoax ISIS Attack DHS Crisis Actor Ziotrash Zio Jew Anderson Payne Fake Hero Steals over $5000 throw deception & fraud!

    Here ‘s the complete lies & deception on the Gofundme account of this evil, vile genocidal Zionist Jew Anderson Payne using his lies & Crisis Actor to gain $$$ & to steal American’s rights & to hatemonger & warmonger the American people into zionist & Israel’s genocidal wars, invasions & brutal occupations & forces starvations of milliona of people! You are a piece of human garbage Anderson Payne! An hell bound murderous zionist jew of the Synagogue of Satan!

    Read this lying propaganda from this piece of ****! He was probably a supply clerk in the military. Probably served in the IDF before that taking fifle pot shots a innocent Palestinians kids in the West Bank!

    Anderson Payne was injured in the ISIS inspired terrorist attack on the OSU campus on Monday, November 28. In his pursuit to help the victims who were hit by the attacker’s car, he was attacked and stopped himself from being stabbed by grabbing the blade of a machete with his left hand which cut through his tendons and nerves. He underwent emergency surgery and is expected to regain full use of his hand, but will require intensive physical therapy.

    Unfortunately, he suffered irreversible nerve damage. Andy is a hero for many more reasons than his bravery in this incident. He is an awesome father to 3 beautiful children, a phenomenal husband to his beautiful wife Hilary; he served his country as a soldier in the US Army for 6 years, doing 2 tours in Iraq, and is one of the greatest Americans I know. He loves God, his family, his country, and the Buckeyes; demonstrates tremendous leadership, lives his life by example and would give the shirt off his back to anyone in need.

    Andy is a full-time student, studying to become an engineer while he holds a job and supports his family. We are hoping to raise $5,000 to cover his portion of the medical bills and lost wages he will incur as a result of this attack. Any support you are willing to give to Andy’s family is greatly appreciated!
    Help spread the word!
    Yes I spread the word that you a filthy, cowardly murderous Crisis Actor committing treason for Zionist Enemy run DHS!

  21. ExT-2) Ohio State Hoax Crook Lorri Pickens White alias Lori Kroeger, etc (Connected to Zionist Berkshire Hathaway & JP Morgan) Andserson Payne’s Cohort At ZioScamming Money off The Fake ISIS Attack!

    This evil zionist Jew witch Lorri Pickens aka Lori Kroeger has an insane amount of shell jobs & positions in Cincinnati, New Mexico, Columbus, Phoenix & wealthy Preoria AZ, ASU, Ohio State, and Pittsburgh, & Vancouver Canada, etc. Definately MOSSAD & CIA & DHS & military & A NURSE & CRISIS Actor & tied to advertising!!! She may be one of the event organizers of this whole treasonous PsyOp event!

  22. ExM-8) OSU Hoax Attack Crisis Actwhore Fat Pig Ziotrash Joe Smeltzer Busted Again in Previous Hoax Attack! & Zio Crisis Actor Brad Kaplan False Witnessing in same ZioNews!

    This fat lying ziotrash Crypto jew Actwhore Joe Smeltzer needs to be busted every time, everywhere he spews his lies! How many times has he been used in these hoaxes/ PsyOps already! What a despicable lying scumbag!

  23. Ex M-10) 666 & 33 &77 coded Script- OSU Hoax Car & Knife Attack Crisis Actor Caught in 2 DHS Ohio State Hoaxes-PsyOps

    Yes this fat ziotrash Crypto liar Crisis Actwhore is caught twice!
    And this is also an OSU related hoax. And this prior DHS hoax is heavily coded again. This fat slob is a liar claiming to have a girlfriend though his own facebook admits he is single & very lonely & bitter & sometimes suicidal wishing he was dead. & Since when is an undergraduate 33 years old & no apparent job other than his treasonous Crisis Acting & zioScamming!

    Joe Smeltzer name is coded 33, age 33.. lol…His Hoax Robbery was at 18th St (666 code) & Summit– mm for 33 sideways!

    Summit in Jewish Gematria Equals: 459 4&5 is 9 with another 9 for a 9 & 9 like 2–33’s & also 99 is upside down 66 also the combined 4&5&9 or two 9’s is 18..&18 is like 3–6’s aka 666
    Summit in English Gematria Equals: 570 for a 12 aka 6&6 for a 66
    Summit in Simple Gematria Equals: 95 9&5 is for a 14 aka 77 order out of chaos code

  24. Ex-X2) OSU Hoax Attack Lying Indian Crisis Actor Claims He Saw 3 or 4 of his Friends & An Official Get Hit & 1 Flying Thru Air!

    A low speed small car making a turn, then running over & into numerous people is not likely going to throw someone flying thru the air many feet!

    This ziopuppet scumbag really loves to tell outrageous lies! Who was this official he saw get hit supposedly??? Who were his 3 or 4 friends who got (fake) hit by ISIS CRISIS ACTOR’S Car??? Lol! He can he not remember whether it was 3 or 4 of his friends who got hit by a car??? LMAO A friend would be checking on his injured friends constantly after a real attack! He’d know the difference between 3 & 4! LOL If it was 11 or 12 he might forget the exact number during an interview but not 3 or 4! lol This clown is a pathological liar! He’d do any script the zios handed him! He’s Probably a B grade bit- part actor & extra Bollywood actor back in India! He really loves his 15 minutes of fame! Watch all these happy hoaxster phoney Crisis actors in her video!

    And I mean B grade bit part & extra actor by Bollywood standards not Hollywood USA standards! lol

    See all the post I made about busted Bozo Crisis Actwhore Joe Smeltzer & watch all the videos about this buffoon repost them on twitter & Facebook too!

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