**Breaking News** — 28 July 2017
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Oklahoma City Murrah Building Bombing Solved – It’s a Hoax

Make no mistake without the slightest possible doubt there is only one possibility regarding the bombing of the federal Oklahoma City Murray Building. This is the fact that it is an elaborate scheme and hoax orchestrated by the arch-Zionist-controlled US federal government.

There is nothing real about it. Clearly, it is all staged. No one died, and no one was injured, including any children. There were no corpses there, no burned up people, no traumatized or injured individuals. There were no amputees and no individuals who suffered crush wounds, blunt trauma, and/or lacerations. All this is proven by a careful evaluation of the following video or for that matter any video involving this scam.

There was no ‘complicity of the federal government’ to injure and wound its citizens. This was a staged hoax, just like the terminally hideous, arch-fake Boston Smoke Bombing hoax and also Sandy Hoax. Claims otherwise are not correct. Regardless, there was no truck bomb, as advertising, here. Nor were there any car bombs detonated, as originally claimed by CBS News, for instance. Nor did, actually, as also claimed by CBS and other Zionist-controlled PR enterprises were 168 people killed. Nor were 19 children killed as part of the claim.

It’s all filthy lies, staged to the extreme. In this regard it should be remembered that it was CBS itself which claimed in the early hours that this had ‘all the hallmarks of Islamic extremism.’ The video, here, clearly shows the extremity of the fraud and arch-hoax, clearly showing no wounded people of any kind: demonstrating staging, crisis acting, and hoaxing.

In the video the scenes with the cars are hard proof of the degree of the fraud. This is because, incredibly, only the cars and vans are on fire, never the building. What is this fire? It is none other than Hollywood-style pyrotechnic fire. The activities of the firemen proves the scam. What is he doing there? He is standing about for the filming, doing nothing to put out the pyrotechnic fake.

Make no mistake they are just standing about and are making no attempt to put out the induced fires. Moreover, ALL the smoke is arising from the cars, not even a bit of it from the building. That building was blown up by pre-set detonator charges and, thus, was taken out by the Zionist-controlled federal government itself.

He has the hose in his hand and is not bothering to put out the fire. It’s all staged for the cameras.

This is a Hollywood-style scene and nothing more. No one can demonstrate otherwise.

With the image lightened up it can be seen that the firemen are there to stage the hoax and are paying no attention to any cars that might act as danger zones, exploding, for instance, with full gas tanks. No one is taking these fires seriously, proving they are staged.

What about these images? It couldn’t get more fake than this. Clearly, this is a fake: make no mistake. This is just tempura paint drizzled on. No one can see any wounds to any degree. This is even more evident in the images below, where this is clearly water-soluble paint applied as an artifact. It’s brushed and drizzled on as well as dabbed: all by a proficient moulage mole.

The same was done with the children, endless numbers of them. This one, in particular, was the center of the imagery and was held by a number of people.  Everyone can see it is moulage and that by no means is it a real injury.

The child truly did make the rounds, a true hoax-related all-star:

With the gurney toters, too, crisis moles abound. Here, they fully take over the job of legitimate EMTs.

Hard proof of staging and hoaxing with discovery of the camel-brown coat man acting out two separate scenes

Now, here is the infamous man in the camel-brown sport coat who was supposedly rescued from the building. There was no such rescue. This, too, was fully staged. It’s 100% fake; the man has no injuries and has no filth or dust on him.

In one scene he scoots down the ladder, all the way down until the camera pans away and when he is met by a few firemen. In yet another filming he is seen walking down the ladder. This is a separate film. This categorically confirms staging.

The doctor at-large assumed correctly, saying, all along, he thought it was a mere fake or, rather, a drill:

Some say that a picture is worth a thousand words. How about it being worth, at least, an element of emotional relief, that is as hard proof of a lie and a scam?

It’s to a degree revealing there really isn’t anything such as ‘homegrown terror’ and that, like the others, this is a concoction of arch-Zionist criminal minds.

Hoax index: beyond the pale, not measurable, this fake being so absolutely inane that it is beyond measure.

How desperate is the so-called federal government to achieve its filthy plots, this being one of many: a treacherous arch-lie, a fake, a fraud, a filthy money-grubbing scam – and the fully bamboozled, arch-fooled taxpayer is, once again, the victim.



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  1. what abt Timothy McVeigh?…if some-one could find him……then…..that would 100% prove the whole thing was a hoax….

    • proving what exactly?
      i read stuff years ago that said as soon as he was ‘pronounced dead’ by a non-prison doctor (apparently, there was a special, substitute doctor who certified him), FBI agents took charge of the ‘body’ and whisked it away….
      that’s hardly normal procedure is it?

  2. so…what happened to the actual building itself?

  3. Harrumph phumph… my English no very good, for safe. I go to Israel to learn the ancient Hebrew to better myself, for safe.

  4. Grenfall tower hoax funding charity event this week what bunch of scammers and theyve got the cheek to talk about people on welfare who need the money and the people at the top are scamming the public like that

    • If you’re dumb enough to think it’s a hoax.
      Which, Hassan, you are…

      • the trial transcripts need to be gone through and meticulously examined and critiqued to high-light any major inconsistencies and flaws that might point to the official story being bogus…..

  5. Clinton Missouri “Murdered” Cop Gary Michael’s Happy Hoaxer Duping Delight Family Proves He’s Not Murdered It’s A PsyOp 1 Billion %!!!


  6. Ex1) Clinton, MO Cop Killer Crisis ActWhore Ian McCarthy Caught By Massive Manhunt 100 Cops 110, 777, 666 & triple 13 Dual 66 Coded PsyOp!

    So in this story below:
    100 men catch 1 killer for 11 aka for 110 stories reinforcement programming of 911 Twin Towers.

    Caught @ 6:15 aka 6&6(1+5)
    & 66 is dual 33° code
    & 6+15 is 21 aka 777 Order Out Of Chaos Hoax Code.

    Eeevile Hoax Cop Killer Ian McCarthy is 39 aka triple 13’s!

    Story Includes a twitter Tweet that says McCarthy was arrest for stabbing a young boy in 2001 In New Hampshire.. for a 21 aka 777 code again & more 911 reinforcement programming with “2001”.
    Also that was 16 yrs ago for a 4×4 aka 44 death & destruction code!

    And Fake Dead Cop VicSim is Gary Michael which in
    English Gematria Equals: 612 aka 6&6&6 aka

    & Gary Michael in Simple
    Gematria Equals:102 aka 212 aka 66 aka dual 33° again!


  7. Ex2) Clinton Missouri Cop Killer PsyOp
    Notice this picture of Clinton Missouri Hoax Cop Killer… It shows what looks an old abandoned, uninhabited house. They often rent some old house months or a year or more before the PsyOp event & have the guy occasionally hang out there just enough for nieghbors to remember seeing him there & meeting him, etc.., establishing a history of him there!


  8. Ex3) Clinton Cop Killed Hoax Proved by Ridiculous Post On Facebook By his Mom
    Dorolyn Lauderdale where she twice uses military Time!

    What mother does that of a post about her just murdered dead son??? None! See other military embeded Crisis actwhore wrote it!
    Fake! Fake! Fake! Scripted Posted:

    I don’t often post personal comments on my page but today is an exception. I want to tell you about my son, Gary Lee Michael, Jr. A loving and kind soul who grew tall and strong in body and mind. He served his country in the US Army. After returning home and finding his feet, not to mention the love of his life, he achieved his dream of becoming a police officer. At about 2245 hrs the 6th of August Clinton Police Officer Gary Michael made a traffic stop for unknown reason. While Gary was approaching the stopped car the driver shot him. Officer Michael managed to get off four rounds after he was shot. At 2316 hrs the 6th of August 2017 Officer Gary Lee Michael, jr , my son, my precious baby boy, was pronounced dead at Golden Valley Memorial Hospital.


  9. Ex4) Clinton Missouri Cop Killer PsyOp- Keystone Cops/Buffoons Search Ramshacke Trailer & Lockdown Town In Drill PsyOp! Watch This Old Crisis Actwhore! 33° Coded Hoax PsyOp Done Drill Style!

    Pure DHS PsyOp Tricks, ZioHollywood Theatrics!

    In this Scripted PsyOp Story
    it says all the cops left at 3:30 after finding nothing & no hoax cop killer!


    Hoax Searching, Drilling all over the county & town & abandoned homes & Placing blue ribbons & memorials all over town in DHS PsyOp Hoax Cop Killer BS!


    We gonna’ Gonna’ Get that boy! Cause we the Highway Patrol!


  10. Ex5) Clinton, MO- Crisis Actor Brother Of Fake Murdered Cop Can’t Stop Smiling! Happy Hoaxer Duping Delight Busted! Father Smiling Too!

    Watch his old beady-eyed dad smiling too! No Cop Was Shot or Killed! Fake Dead Cop Gary Michael is a US Army Embeded Crisis Actwhore! Phoney like his happy hoaxwhore brother here & his whole fake happy family of fraudster Crisis Acwhores!
    No family is so smiling & happy just after their 37 yo brother & son is killed! Watch especially after 1min 17 second mark!


  11. Clinton MO Murdered Cop Gary Michael’s Happy Hoaxer Duping Delight Laughing Family Proves He’s Not Murdered & It’s A PsyOp 1 Billion %!!!

    This Actwhore Clown Traitor & his whole family especially his smiling happy mother are so far beyond Ridiculous in their Duping Delight buffoonery & excitment to be on TV! That’d have to all be completely insane to act this way if he was truly just murdered! These are not just clowns these are depicable people & traitors!


  12. I know there are a lot of smart people who lurk here and make funny posts… maybe one of you knows-

    Does anyone know the name of the psychiatric condition which cowboy suffers (as well as dr k).?
    I.e. not believing deaths to be real, grief to be genuine. There is a name for this condition though I can’t easily find it. Thanks.

  13. Charlottesville VA RaceWar & Anti-Southern Car Attack PsyOp Proven: ZioJew Fake White Attacker USARMY Actwhore & Jew Mom: Sam Bloom aka Meyer

    So his mom has two common jewish last names she uses! See ID Search further down!


    Quote from her Facebook:

    Samantha Bloom: Thanks Shelly James just left for boot camp. He’s all grown up. Aug 17 2015!
    -> So the little wiesel DHS Army Embede Ziopuppet Traitor Crisis Actwhore just joined the Army almost exactly 2 years ago!

    Ziojew Fake White Nationalist James Fields & ZioJew Mom Sam Bloom!


    Attack Car Driver is 20 &
    20 are injured for 22 aka 220 Twin Towers 110 Stories Each reinforcement programming.

    Also 20÷3 is 6.66 repeating

    Fake Murdered woman is 32 which is dual 16 aka dual 44 code.

    James Fields in Jewish gematria is 860 aka 14 aka 77 hoax code!



    Fake Car Attacker Crisis Actwhore’s mom has jewish name Samantha Bloom…


    From Radaris ID search:
    Samantha L Bloom~49 Florence, KY

    Known as:

    Samantha L Meyer

    Related to:

    James S Meyer, 74 Cheryn Meyer Sharon Sue Meyer Cherokee Meyer, 24 Kenneth E Rylee Kenneth E Rylee, 50 Sharon Sue Meyer, 55

    • Cowboy, what do you know about John “Kasbohm” and family?

  14. ROTFLMAO… Y’all need to be spending more time in Area 51 with your tin foil hats….

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