Other Hoaxes Zionist Terror — 13 May 2014
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Oklahoma City Murrah Building Bombing was a Staged Psyops Hoax

Regarding the Oklahoma City Federal Building bombing how could it surprise anyone that this, too, was a staged event? It is now proven that the fraud committed by the arch-criminal elements of the licentious and corrupt Zionist cabal is truly unfathomable. For instance, 9-11 was a fake, although it is true that buildings were blown apart, in that case by remote-controlled pre-set bombs. Yet, the same is true of the Oklahoma City fake. This surely demonstrates as true, as predicted by the holy scriptures, that the deception in the final days of human existence will be vast beyond comprehension. Thus, once again, through great trickery and deceit the world has been bamboozled. Rather than a real terrorist act the bombing of the Alfred E. Murray Building this was a sophisticated, grandiose hoax, all perpetrated through agents of the federal government, where no one was killed, and no one was injured.

One key element of this hoax was the involvement of the children, the day-care center. This garnered great attention of the world and much sympathy for any crisis actors involved. It was a fake, though. There were no day care center children in the building at the time of the detonation.

Could the incredible, therefore, be true again? Could it have just been moulage – fake blood and other staging through the use of make-up, made-up bandages, fake blood, and other artifices – that is being seen on imagery of the ‘victims,’ just like the Boston smoke bombing hoax and the Nairobi mall fake?

Virtually no one has questioned the veracity of the claims regarding the dead and injured. Most of the focus has been the role or lack of role played by the accused bombers, particularly Timothy McVeigh. Another focus is who would have been the real bombers in the event that McVeigh was a mere patsy.

The devastation was surely vast, just as was the destruction resulting from the WTC bombings. Yet, once again, was this a staged event, that is a false flag bombing, a controlled type, where no one was killed and/or the deaths were minimized?

The devastation was great. When viewing the scope of the destruction 1000 dead and wounded is not a far-fetched number:

Yet, from the evidence at hand it was not a murderous event as advertised. Rather, as can be clearly seen this is a kind of precision detonation where any potential victims were long ago evacuated: or simply were banned from coming to the area that day. Therefore, was the Murray Building and those surrounding it empty at the time of the blast?
If real, limbs wound have been blown off: hands, feet, arms, and legs. Is there any evidence of such injuries extent? Blunt trauma would have been vast. There would have been vast chaos on the ground, with multitudes of individuals killed, wounded, and maimed. Still, is there any evidence for this, including head injuries and broken bones to include compound fractures?
The fact that there were cars parked near the detonation site and that these vehicles were damaged gives this a degree of realism. Yet, this, too, could have been readily staged.

While distracted by the scope of the physical damage of the Murrah Building and its surrounds the claim of 168 dead and countless others injured has never been fully scrutinized.

After determining that the majority of mass casualty events in the United States over the past two decades, including the acclaimed Columbine and Virginia Tech school shooting ‘massacres’ were all fakes, clearly, all the various ‘disasters’ acclaimed by the Zionist-controlled media are worthy of scrutiny. Pictures don’t lie. Therefore, as a result of such scrutiny despite what has been always believed the truth will readily be seen, clearly and definitively:


Does this not look like a stage, just like the others? It has to be a hoax. Note the presence of the Ben Nye-style moulage kits. Moreover, with all such emergency response personnel around, why leave this woman on a concrete slab?

This might well represent the most massive application on the face of, as one of our English posters opines, “red moulage jelly” ever yet seen. It looks like the fireman himself has applied the jam; note the fact that is non-sterile, dirty gloves are coated in it. Note also the lack of any obvious wounds or blast damage, plus the large brush-stroke patterns on the right forearm. With that degree of blood on the face why is there so little red matter on the undershirt?


Here is one such kit left on the pavement after the Boston smoke bombing hoax set-up. It’s the same size and color of the one seen in the Murray building image; note also the white clips, same in both.

Once again, did it really happen? Did the people of Oklahoma City truly die on that day in large number, nearly 170 of them? Where, then, hundreds of others injured? That number of deaths would correlate of a necessity to several hundred injured. Officially, according to some accounts exactly 500 were injured. Then, others claim it was more than 500. Still others say 650.  It sounds like the numbers were picked out of the thin air.

Even so, 500 to some 700 people injured is a massive amount of people. Where are all the images of such injured people. Moreover, nearly 168 dead is also a vast number. Where are the images of the dead, either in-place or being carried out?

Oklahoma City is like a small city in many respects. It is isolated. It’s a small place. Why is it that no one in the city seems upset about the event?

Was anybody really in that building when the bombs were detonated? Or, was it largely empty, as was the case on Sept. 11, 2001, with the WTC complex? Even so, if it were really filled with people the carnage would have been vast.

What about this man? He looks like he is bleeding to death. That’s surely a great deal of blood soaked in his shirt. Doesn’t anybody care? Why is a man bleeding to this degree allowed to walk around for mere camera-shoots? Why isn’t he being transferred to the hospital for evaluation?

That’s it? The only care he gets is a towel? Moreover, the State Trooper is busy directing the human traffic and, too, is indifferent to the bleed-out case. The fireman in the distance is also directing traffic rather than attending to the potentially mortally wounded. Shouldn’t he at least be seated or rendered supine to reduce the pumping power of the heart and, therefore, stem the flow of blood? Even so, could there be a more dramatic example of a fake, a terminally wretched phony, that such an image where there is absolutely no bright red arterial blood and instead there is only violet-red tempura paint?
Surely, the people at Crayola could confirm that it is all mere child’s play, purely sophomoric, absolutely inane.
Furthermore, there is no visible source for all that red paint, that is arising from a wound in the body. Note also the government mole wearing the cord while holding a baby. Why doesn’t he leave the area with that baby rather than loitering around? Hoax factor: beyond count.
What about this arch-hoaxer? Once again, where are the wounds that would account for the pattern of red matter? Note the ungloved hand or one of the firemen. Note, too, the soaking of the tempura paint into the underside of his outer gear: how sloppy.

oklahomacitybombingmoulage-9This is clearly mere moulage drizzle. Notice how the red, water-soluble tempura paint separates on his shirt. Blood doesn’t separate. This is a fraud.

Moreover, here it is, once again, crisis actors backed up by uniformed officials plus spooks. The highly paid spooks on the scene are wearing dark glasses. Regardless, what in the world is this? Where is the real panic, here, the pandemonium, the shock, and more? Look at these arch-fraudsters? Note the act being played by the woman the pink blouse. Too, notice the fake wounded woman. All that bleeding and there is no arterial spurting or spillage onto the blanket. There are no wounds on the face to account for the red pattern. Moreover, what is she holding so tightly in her hand?

oklahomacityhoax10Could that be a Ziplock bag of fake blood? There are surely no wounds or lacerations on that hand or the fingers.


Here is one of the key fabricators of this scam, seen in multiple images. Her notoriety is based on being, once again, the greater than life individual, the hero, in this case who rescues a wounded child. The heroism is based on the imagery demonstrated that she herself was injured and she was selfless despite this: what a crock of nonsense.


Hoax absolutely confirmed; this is clearly paint. There are no penetrating wounds of any kind to account for the reddish-colored matter. Nor is there any bright arterial blood. Notice also the fact that by the time of the ‘transfer’ imagery much of the moulage that was caked on has no rubbed off.

Her faces proves it. The Murray Building bombing was all a stage.


Here is the key crisis fraudster at a most crucial element in the scam: doing the transfer. It is the presumed transfer of the critically wounded child from common person hero to emergency medical personnel. It is all done with two psyops hoaxers in the background:



What in the world are all this D.C.-based spies and arch-Zionist moles doing on site right after the bombing occurred? Clearly, their presence is confirmation that it is all a wretched, terminal fraud.

How about this image with the major EMS ambulance in the background? What are they doing posing for the cameras when they should be whisked away to the hospital for evaluation?

Make no mistake about it despite the imagery no one was killed and no one was injured. This includes the children and/or infants. Yet, what could be a more emotion-jarring image than this, that of a public rescue official committing a great act of heroism, rescuing a dying child?


It is all for the cameras. This was a crushing hoax upon the patriotic community. Talk shows which were offering opposition to government policies were shut down. Militias went into hiding. Antagonists to federal government policies became very wary. It was a rallying point for support not for the people at-large but, rather, for the corrupt, treacherous policies of the Zionist-controlled federal government.







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  1. The scale of that “baby” in the last picture seems way way off… anyone ever seen a real baby with a body like that?

    • It does look like a stuffed doll.

    • Clyde actuaally yes I came across some pictures of Baylee that were taken 3 1/2 months before she died. And what you see in the fireman picture matches what Baylee looked like in the picture taken before she died.

  2. There are a couple of reasons why I believe this to be true. 1) At the beginning of the newscast about this bombing, or the first news cast, the news reporter pointed to a hole in the ground near the building and stated that that was the hole that the van made after it was blown up. However, in this original newscast people that were there watching the newscaster corrected him and told him that the hole was dug out by a bulldozer a couple days earlier. I saw this newscast, and than all of a sudden it was changed. Witnesses actually said that they saw a bulldozer digging out a hole next to the Murray building. They even questioned the bulldoze driver why he was digging out the hole. He was told to do so. The hole was about 20feet in diameter. and 2) Timothy McVey was executed by lethal injection. There were people present at his execution. However, many stated that after McVey was pronounced dead, they saw his chest move as if he was breathing. This actually came out in the news in the beginning, and than quickly eliminated. Apparently, Timothy McVey was not executed. One other thing, the brother of the Governor of Oklahoma at that time even wrote a book about the destruction of the Murray building 10 years earlier. In the book he stated that the man who was the bomber was a Timothy McVey. The Illuminati card game also shows the destruction of the Murray building as well as the bombing of the twin towers in New York City.

    • Another tactics to spread disinfo is to fabricate all sorts of contradictory stories, and this allows the official story to stand out as the truth.

      VcVeigh (1968-2001) had a social security number of 129-58-4709. Checking that with the Social Security Death Index master list should easily decide whether he was indeed executed or not.

      • Are you smacked out of your head? Why would a group of the powerful Elite (the ones perpetrating these frauds) not have the means to manipulate a mere number too? Wake up.

  3. 7/7 quality “injuries” there, DrK, you only need to look at one image alone, towel man, to know it’s just a drill following the explosion.

    • That’s true. They used the same purplish-red moulage jelly that the 7/7 hoaxers applied. Towel man is hard proof that the entire event was a sham.

  4. Your facts are WAY OFF.There was a daycare in that building at the time of the bombing. The only hoax,besides this article, Is that Mcveigh did not do this alone.

    • Actually, the Murray building bombing was a Psyops. Nobody died, and nobody was injured. There were no children in the day care center, and besides that, there were people that witnessed McVeigh’s execution and saw him breath after he was pronounced dead. You’re going to have to explain why the brother of the governor at that time wrote a book about a bombing of a building in Oklahoma city where he actually names a McVeigh that does the bombing. Have you ever heard of the Illuminati card game that was invented by a Jackson? The game predicts the Oklahoma City bombing a couple of years before the bombing occurred. This game also predicted the Boston Marathon bombing. In fact a couple of days before the bombing citizens noticed a back hole vehicle creating a hole next to the Murray building. Just after the bombing a local reporter was reporting on the bombing and then proceeded to point at the hole, and claimed that the hole was caused by the bombing. Citizens, while he was on the air, had to correct him. They told him that that hole was already there, that it was put there 2 days before. Also, a truck full of fertilizer cannot cause all that damage when it is parked in the parking lot.

      • very well said. Will add some of this data to a new version of the OP-ED.

  5. My dad died in this attack. You are a piece of **** and I hope you rot in hell.

    • prove it

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