9/11 — 08 August 2013
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Oliver Stone’s Son Says 9/11 Was an ‘Inside Job,’ Hezbollah Aren’t Terrorists, Israel Is a ‘Crusader State’
Hollywood director Oliver Stone’s son Sean made news last year when he said he’d converted to Islam on Valentine’s Day while working on a film in Iran and that he believed then Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was “misunderstood.”

Now the 28-year old actor and director is voicing his opinions on the Quran (“a very sensible book”), 9/11 (“an inside job”), Hezbollah (“don’t consider them to be terrorists”) and Iran (a “very civilized people”).

The younger Stone, who says he is part Jewish and was baptized a Christian before converting to Shi’a Islam, shared his views in an interview last week with RT, the Russian government’s English-language television network.

The Quran is a very sensible book. If you read it, frankly it makes a whole lot of sense regarding their interpretation of Jesus who they look to as a prophet. And obviously the Abrahamic lineage from Abraham to Moses are all very much respected in the Quran,” Stone said (emphasis added).

Oliver Stones Son Says 9/11 Was Insider Job, Hezbollah Not Terrorists, Israel Crusader State


Sean Stone gave a wide-ranging interview to Russia Today. (Image source: RT)

Revealing opinions in line with so-called 9/11 “truthers,” Stone said, “9/11 was probably an inside job of some kind that it was not simply a rag-tag group of terrorists led by bin Laden who conducted this operation.”

Caption: the David Handschuh photo at the moment of the explosion, showing lateral detonation, outward, not inward: no jet aircraft. He said there was no plane, and he was at the base of the building.

Speaking to an interviewer who expressed sympathy for his opinions, Stone called the U.S. war on terror in response to the attacks on the U.S. homeland “over a decade of constant fear mongering and aggression.”

“Despite the fact that there’s more awareness on it, why is it that we do continue to see this propaganda about the boogeyman terrorists whether they be Muslim or Russian or North Korean or what not? What is that system? It’s a cycle of fear. It’s a cycle that has to be broken internally,” Stone said.

Oliver Stone has in the past railed against what he called Israel’s “powerful lobby in Washington” and it appears his son sympathizes with his views. Sean Stone referred to Israelis as “European settlers” who don’t feel “comfortable in what is historically Palestine.”

The younger Stone says many Middle Easterners object to Israel’s existence, because they view it “as a crusader state, a crusader kingdom.

“So when they see all these European, Russian Jews, coming to Israel, they’re saying look at these European settlers. They’re not Jews from this region, they have no ties to the land,” he said.

“Now, I’m not a proponent of attacking Israel or trying to dissolve it at this point, but I’m simply saying that that is why there’s so much antagonism to Israel,” Sean Stone added.

Stone spoke to Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly last year about his impressions of Iran, saying “With Ahmadinejad, he’s a little bit misunderstood because there are many factions in that country and he said some sensational things.”

On Hezbollah, which Iran funds and trains, Stone now says it’s “debatable” if the group is terrorist.

“As they operate within Lebanese borders, I don’t’ consider them to be terrorists. I see them as defenders of Lebanese sovereignty because they, Lebanon has been invaded numerous times by Israel,” Stone said.

So Iran as a terrorist sponsor I think is a great exaggeration,” Stone added.

Stone compared suicide bombers to U.S. military drone strikes on terrorists, saying “the whole concept of terrorism is quite insane at this point where we have drones and missiles being launched and killing hundreds of thousands of people in that region, across the Middle East, across North Africa since this war on terrorism occurred.”

Because we killed them with our missiles, we don’t consider ourselves terrorists. We only consider those who blow themselves up terrorists. And obviously you cannot create that qualification. That’s a 1984 Orwellian double speak term,” Stone said.

“So, the idea of Iran as this great terrorist enemy is not true. They’re very civilized people, they have a 3,000 year history,” the actor said.

“They are not looking to destroy themselves in the process of a war against … Israel unless there’s a good motivation to do so,” he added.

See his interview towards the end of the video:


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  1. Sean Stone was right about many things.

    May be he will address the issue of America’s police state, militarization of US police and the culprit behind the police brutality namely Israel.

    Here is how two innocent men were abused by police:




    • Race Mixer? Really? Do you believe that God intended humans not to mix, fall in love and re-produce? This racist and backwards.thinking is what has this world in ruins.

      • 1. Im an atheist
        2. I studied the Bible too and do u know what really means “Thou shall not commit adultery”? Hint: its not about cheating. I let u discover. Do ur homework. U are nothing but just another American retard brainwashed by the Liberal Marxist propaganda. U have no idea what racism means. Im realistic not racist. Now go and pray for “angel” Trayvon….

        • Xyz, do you know what a retard is. Did I come on this forum to insult you? You assume many things without having facts.

          I do not follow any religion. I believe in the laws.of humanity. I know what racism is, I live it. You are blinded by your.hate which leads to stupidity.

          This site is about facts, not personal sentiments, bigotry and propoganda. What does Trayvon Martin have anything to do with anything? Bruto.

  3. Sean Stone is typical of Western males who foolishly convert to Islam. They like to dominate and mistreat females. Islam is not a religion…its a barbaric form of totalitarian government.

    • Do you have even the slightest evidence for Islam being totalitarian? As in Communism? You said it: back it up.

  4. One problem with me agreeing with everything young Stone said. In my faith, i am taught who ever doesn’t believe in Jesus as God’s Only Begotten son and the saviour of mankind would have to be classified as antichrist. You are either in one camp or the other. For Christ or Antichrist. If I am not mistaken, Islam teaches God does not beget & was never begotten. My belief is simple–believe that Jesus lived, was killed and then rose from the grave, thus being the first born from the dead. When he rose he proved not even death could defeat him, and promised those who believe in him can also conquer the flesh and have eternal life, with all sins forgiven. Yes, that simple. Just say you believe this and you are saved. Too simple? Too good to be true? This is Faith.


    • Brian…There is nothing simple about you saying, “Jesus rose from the dead”, that is one of the most complicated lies fostered onto the human race!…Jesus did NOT rise from the dead!…Jesus is the most understood and lied about person in history!…Jesus was the messiah, but he did NOT come to die and just because he died doesn’t mean his blood is going to do anything for you!…Him being the ULTIMATE SACRIFICE is a total complete lie!…They didn’t like what he said and the ILLUMINATI killed Jesus, then after came the rationalization of his murder!

  5. Let us keep our focus on the real enemy who is destroying humanity namely the Zionist Jews.

    Here are real crimes perpetrated by Bolshevik Jews as written by the columnist Jonas E Alexis.

    “Where did Netanyahu learn how to “sway” America? As the saying goes, tell me what you eat, and I will tell you what you are. Netanyahu was so enthralled by Bolshevism that he was planning to build a monument to the Soviet Red Army![3]

    Keep in mind that the Red Army collectively and indiscriminately raped and tortured countless German women and children and systematically plundered “all industrial equipment in the countries” they occupied.[4]

    As soon as the war was over, the Red Army “raped wherever they went. They even raped Russians and Ukrainians. The worst and most aggravated rapes were perpetrated against the women of the enemy—first the Hungarians, then the Germans.”[5]

    Jewish propagandist Ilya Ehrenburg for example “exhorted the Red Army not to save ‘the child in its mother’s womb.’”[6] The soldiers “were certainly egged on by Ehrenburg and other Soviet propagandists who saw rape as an expression of hatred, and therefore good for morale.”[7] Ehrenburg emphatically told the Red Army soldiers:”

    “Germans are not human beings. Henceforth the word German means to us the most terrible curse. From now on the word German will trigger your rifle…If you have not killed at least one German a day, you have wasted that day. If you think that instead of you, the man next to you will kill him, you have not understood the threat.”

    Here is the full article of Jonas E Alexis:


    Isn’t this same thing now been said and felt about Muslim people that they are not human beings and that they must be all killed?

    And this is what the Zionist Jews also say about White people in America. Make no mistake about this. Those Zionist Christians who are aiding and abetting Jews to destroy Muslims are doing a huge mistake.

    Read Dr David Dukes books and articles and see his videos and of course Brother Nathanael’s articles and videos at Real Jew News.com–to learn more.

  6. ya have to ask yourselves why part jews like sean stone and part jewesses like lauren booth convert to Islam …and to top it off …Shi’a Islam – these jews are converting to a less authentic form of Islam and pushing it – Shi’ites have strange doctrines in their Aqeedahs!!!

    • You can also understand that people are going to the country and experiencing goodness, experiencing the civilization. It’s how you look at it regarding their ‘conversion.’ It is commendable that they are being introduced to its refinements, to the grand Qur’aan, which is filled with magnificence. It is the Qur’aan, once again, which says that the people of Islaam are one, regardless of which doctrinal issues they choose to follow.

      It is sufficient to see that this entire society upholds the Qur’aan as a divine book, the magnanimous Prophet Muhammed as the messenger of God, the final in the long line of Abrahamic prophets, and the basic principles which are additive to this.

      It is sufficient to know that it is the Iranians of Islamic Iran who are the #1 power resisting the destructive machinations of the Zionist entity. Why focus on minor details?

      • i have my own reservations about Iran allegedly resisting the Zionist entity – the prime issue being the Israeli-American/Jewish British/NATO-led invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq – tell me why Iran didn’t effectively aid the resistance groups in those two important countries?

        They barked liked dogs publicly to show some fake *** “Islamic solidarity” but then when push came to shove and crunch time came around the consolidated their own power base in the region…

        …they just wanted to use the invasion as a way to expand Persian and Shi’a power in the region…they are not completely sincere in their “resistance”… that’s my honest opinion…

        don’t forget the Shi’ats opened the gates of Baghdaad to the non-Muslim Moghuls/Mongols… don’t forget the Hezbollah has the capabilities to launch an offensive war of total liberation of ALL of Historic Palestine in conjunction with Syria and Egypt but refused to do so….

        and all Ahmadinejad rails about is the holohoax? ya’d think they could maybe do more?

        • Use your head; think about it carefully. If they would have demonstrated even the most minute degree of overt resistance, they would have fallen into the Israeli trap, and the Americans would have bombed them to smithereens, with the Israelis in tow.

          Furthermore, by “consolidating their power” they have become a major thorn in the Zionist’s side: a very good consequence, indeed.

          Regardless, since the US-Israeli alliance chooses to continuously play the sectarian card, nodisinfo.com chooses not to and goes along with the words of Khamaeni and Nasrallah about stating that Islaam is one and its enemy is one. As long as they refuse to play the sectarian canard, they have our support.

    • “A great and wondrous sign appeared in heaven: a Woman (THE DESERT WOMAN WITH 12 STARS, THE 12TH BEING OCCULTED AND AWAITED TO RULE THE WORLD WITH THE MESSIAH ) clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet and a crown of twelve stars on her head. She was pregnant and cried out in pain as she was about to give birth. Then another sign appeared in heaven: an enormous red dragon with seven heads and ten horns and seven crowns on his heads. His tail swept a third of the stars out of the sky and flung them to the earth. The dragon stood in front of the woman who was about to give birth, so that he might devour her child the moment it was born. She gave birth to a son, a male child, who will rule all the nations with an iron scepter. And her child was snatched up to God and to his throne.

      Book of Revelation of Apostle Yuhanna (“john’ in the language of Magog/English) 12:1-6

      Such is the Wondrous and Glorious -TRUE- Islam in the words of Apostle Yuhanna (a true apostle of Issa Ibn Maryam UNLIKE the “13th apostle” deceived and deceiver Bulus also known in the language of Magog/english and other, Gomer, Togarmah, Tubal languages as PAUL )




    • Very, very strange, indeed. A Jihadist, an Islamic one at that, hunkered down in the Israeli entity? Supposedly not allowed entry, there? Then, too, “can’t get in?” Not believable.

  8. Arabs and other Muslims should not allow division among them because it allows Israel and its Zionist friends in Western countries to harm them more easily and that is how Iraq president Sadaam Hussein was used to destroy Iran more than a decade ago.

    Iran is a beautiful country which needs to be preserved and all citizens in the entire planet should stand against the Zionist Jews and their Christian enablers like Pastor John Hagee who are trying their best to destroy this noble country which has resisted the new world order plan for Jewish domination. And Iranian people have a right to live like any other people.

    Those who know more must educate people like Sean Stone about 9/11, Jewish involvement in other crime, Israeli cruelty on Palestinians and other such topics while encouraging him and others like him to go deeper into the truth.

    And of course ability to engage in a civilized and honest debate with a sincere desire to learn a good thing. NoDisinfo has graciously allowed a platform for such debate.

    9/11 was an outside/inside Jewish job. People who benefited 9/11 were Israel and American Jews.

    “War on terror” is a Jewish hoax.





  9. Correction to the above post:

    And of course ability to engage in a civilized and honest debate “with a sincere desire to learn is a good thing.”

  10. The Snowden fraud

    “Coincidentally” , Snowden’s other partner in scam, “investigative journalist” Glenn Greenwald of the UK Guardian, just happens to reside in, of all places, Brazil . It has already been revealed that the Snowden / WikiLeaks files will expose that the US has spied on MILLIONS of Brazilian phone calls and E-mail”


  11. “Abby Martin is spot on! Don’t count on US Mainstream Media to inform you of the facts about the ‘Israel-Palestine conflict.’ It is now a well-known fact that observers in US Corporate media express opinions that guarantee them a job, a prestigious position or academic tenure. I call them journalistic prostitutes. Prominent American (Alternative Media) journalist and Radio Talk host Stephen Lendman, likes to call them media scoundrels. They simply want to have the cake and eat it, too!”

    –Writes Debbie Menon in her article at My Catbird Seat, “RT’s Abby Martin : Israel’s War on Truth”

    Read the full article:


  12. More Zionist crime:

    AIDS is a hoax!

    Black People don’t have Aids – Biologist Christl Meyer


    • HARRIET…I agree with most of the things you say in your posts on this video except for this one..

      The Illuminati created HIV to reduce the population!

      HIV was made in the LAB!, most probably Fort Detrick, Maryland….HIV is a combination of a cattle & a sheep virus combined with other stuff!

      WHO MURDERED AFRICA!…WHO (the World health Organization) injected HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of Africans with smallpox vaccinations INTENTIONALLY LACED WITH HIV!

      Then in 80-81, SF, LA & NY, homosexuals were injected with Hepatitis B vaccinations once again INTENTIONALLY LACED WITH HIV!

      One of the ILLUMINATI aka the ROTHSCHILD MAFIA aka the SATANIC MAFIA’s main goals is to reduce the population by 90%!

      Oh ya supposedly the Illuminati has the real cure for HIV / AIDS but they keep that for themselves!

      But a person could cure themselves of HIV/AIDS with the MACROBIOTIC diet!

  13. The HIV/AIDS Hoax Explained – Dr. Robert Willner


    • Harriet, thank you for this!

  14. HIV=AIDS Fact Or Fraud.flv


    Peter Duesberg, part II: cause of AIDS is recreational drug use


  15. Educating Sean Stone and all others in Hollywood (and else where in the planet) interested in true learning about the real enemies of America and rest of the world for knowledge is the key to solving the world’s problems

    More Zionist Jewish crimes:

    Sinking the ship USS Liberty in 1967 for which there has been no justice up to now!

    “The attack on the USS Liberty by Israeli warplanes and torpedo boats on June 8, 1967 has almost faded from memory, but new evidence suggests that the White House might actually have had prior knowledge that the ship would be struck by Israel’s armed forces. In the worst attack ever carried out on a U.S. Naval vessel in peacetime, 34 American sailors and civilian personnel were killed and 171 more wounded in the two hour assault, which was clearly intended to sink the intelligence-gathering vessel operating in international waters collecting information on the ongoing Six-Day War between Israel and its Arab neighbors.”

    –Writes Dr Philip Giraldi former CIA

    Read the full article here:


    “Israeli War Crimes: From the U.S.S. Liberty to the Humanitarian Flotilla by Professor James Petras

    “This is dedicated to the brave Turkish martyrs on the Mavi Marmara, May 31, 2010, and to the 34 murdered American sailors on the USS Liberty, June 8, 1967 – all victims of an unrepentant criminal state – Israel.”

    –Writes Professor James Petras

    Here is the full article:


  16. “The usual suspects are the obvious enemy, Zionist traitors, Neocons, dual citizens loyal to foreign states, AIPAC lobbyists, etc. The not so obvious enemy is why we lost our nation. Zionists are only the tip of a much larger cancer, much of the nation has been subverted to collectivist notion of state worship, the state and its power has become “god” and that grates against the human spirit which is autonomous. Humans, by their nature, are against being slaves. A huge number of people worship power and statism over freedom and liberty. Many of these people go to church and believe in a malevolent foreign-alien mind as god.

    The sad fact that the United States military is a mercenary force of financial power, the US military invades foreign lands as an aggressor, and does this on false pretense based on engineered false flags. The situation is completely disgusting, the entire war machine is being activated by lies piled upon lies, it is repugnant to living beings, the antithesis of life. A major part of the demoralization process is using the military unjustly. Those that signup and forced to fight so regret their situation they often commit suicide and are abandoned or drugged by the system, and become enemies of the state upon repatriation. No one commits suicide fighting for a just cause like the freedom of your own nation. The Afghan freedom fighters are not committing suicide, even though they are outgunned fighting an invading empire with superior weapons.”

    –Writes Columnist Yukon Jack in his article on Veterans Today

    Full article here:


  17. Pastor Hagee and other so called Christian pastors need to see this video.


  18. Elite Underground Tunnels and City Completely Stocked March 2013

    While planning to murder millions of Americans this is what the Jewish bankers and other corrupt Jews like Henry Kissinger, Michael Bloomberg and Joseph Lieberman are doing.


  19. FEMA Drivers Expose mass Shipments Bullets Cofffins – extermination


  20. Crisis Actor Studio prepares for FEMA and DHS event at the Denver airport:


  21. Is your mind being controlled?

    “Our society is rapidly coming apart at the seams and people are seriously starting to lose it… Way too many Americans seem to be losing all sense of what is right and what is wrong. Way too many Americans seem to be losing all sense of what it means to treat others with dignity and respect… It is almost as if some sort of mental illness is spreading throughout our society that is expressing itself in thousands of different ways. We are seeing anger, rage, malice and brutality rise to very dangerous levels. Our population has become way too greedy, proud, selfish and hateful. America is on a very dangerous road and we need to wake up.”

    Read the full article here:


  22. “To Keep or Not to Keep”: Why Christians Should Not Give Up Their Guns, a book by Attorney Tim Baldwin and Pastor Chuck Baldwin

    “In their book, To Keep or Not to Keep, the Baldwins — Tim is a Second Amendment scholar and attorney, while Chuck is a minister and former Constitution Party presidential candidate — argue that “Christians should not give up their guns.” They back up their claim with logic and scripture, a rare combination even among gun-rights advocates.

    The authors warn readers:

    Gun opponents have been highly successful in disarming the citizenry of other nations. So the threat to America is real, not just theoretical. If something does not seriously change in the attitude of Americans, our future looks similar to those who have lost meaningful and free gun possession. Unfortunately, this kind of self-defense-rejecting philosophy is becoming prevalent in America. But only one philosophy will ultimately prevail. The philosophy that succeeds will determine between two very different futures.”

    Read the full article here:


  23. Mocking Jesus on Israeli Zionist TV – צליבת ישו – The Crucifixion of Jesus Christ:


  24. What the founding fathers had to say about the Jews:


  25. Another Zionist crime?

    Weather Modification is real and here are some facts!

    “Weather modification and Geo-engineering are both taboo topics for most people, with many believing that no such programs exist. Despite the mountains of proof put forward by whistle blowers and and independent researchers, weather modification is just too crazy for some people to believe.

    Weather warfare is banned under a 1980 treaty to which the U.S. is a signatory, but the U.S. intelligence community definitely has an interest in such technologies, said John E. Pike, director of GlobalSecurity.org, a security think tank in Alexandria, Va.

    The following quotes come from the Accuweather report that broke this story:

    “Because global warming may impact the security of other countries and create problems for the U.S. government,” Pike said. One national security benefit would be to prevent state failure in Africa, particularly in a nation such as Somalia, which has suffered through famine and a long-term civil war. It also would be perfectly ethical for the U.S. government to use weather modification to save lives and money, Pike said.

    Lauren Rugani of the National Academy of Sciences said that “The project’s main goal is to provide a technical evaluation of proposed geoengineering techniques such as carbon dioxide removal and solar radiation management, to determine what we know and don’t know about their physical capabilities, technical feasibilities, known risks, and intended or unintended consequences”

    Read the full article here:



    There are few real excellent shows at Republic Broadcasting Network where you can get 90 to 100% of truth you need to know and here you find the ones I listen to!

    Monday through Friday

    Deanna Spingola 12 Noon to 2 PM ET

    Michael Rivero 2PM to 5PM ET

    Rick Adams 9PM to 10PM ET


    Officer Jack McLamb 1 PM to 2PM ET

    Phil Turney (Navy Veteran Survivor of Israeli Bombing of USS Liberty Ship) 2PM to 3PM ET

  26. “Report: DHS spends $600,000 to buy $100,000 homes

    The Homeland Security Department spent $600,000 apiece to build houses in Arizona that would have gone for less than $100,000, according to a report in the Arizona Republic that’s raising questions in Congress.

    “This type of spending is irresponsible as our nation faces significant budget deficits and the men and women in the Border Patrol face cuts in overtime that are essential to their mission,” Rep. Ron Barber, the Arizona Democrat in whose district the homes were built, said in a statement Friday.

    The Republic said Homeland Security built 21 homes and bought 20 other mobile homes for $15 million. Comparable homes go for between $70,000 and $100,000, the paper said. The homes were build to be rented to border agents and officers.”

    Read more here:


  27. “It’s Now Illegal To Protest Against Israeli Speakers On Campus

    It is hard to believe in a country where the president of the United States is routinely demonstrated against and heckled, let alone governors, Members of Congress, etc.

    But the Constitution apparently does not permit interrupting an Israeli speaker on campus.

    A student who does jeopardizes his future as his “crime” will appear on his permanent record.

    THIS is the Israel lobby at work.”


  28. “Why Are SWAT Teams Answering Routine Police Calls?

    The SWAT team is the big guns of policing in the United States, reserved for kidnappings, gunmen and other highly dangerous and potential volatile situations. Right?

    Wrong, apparently, because in recent years, the use of SWAT teams for routine law enforcement matters has been on the rise, with sometimes fatal consequences. These highly trained police personnel are being sent out on gambling raids, ordered to break up underage parties and even dispatched to handle student loan fraud. Not the best use of taxpayer resources, given the expense of maintaining a SWAT team and sending members out on calls, but more than that, it’s a troubling indicator of something going deeply wrong in America.”

    Read the full article here:


  29. Evansville Firefighter Handcuffed & Threatened with Taser by EPD officers For Waving Hand to Say Hi:


  30. “An American hate preacher has called for Al Qaeda terrorists to launch attacks on Western diplomats and praised the murder of the U.S. ambassador to Libya.

    Adam Gadahn, who was born in California but converted to Islam and became a wanted jihadist, urged wealthy Muslims to dole out rewards for killing other Western ambassadors.

    The 34-year-old’s chilling message comes after Western embassies across the Muslim world were shut down earlier this month after warnings of an imminent terror attack.”

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2397000/American-jihadist-calls-Al-Qaeda-attacks-Western-embassies-praises-murder-U-S-ambassador.html

    The above article is another example of pro Israel and pro Zionist Daily Mail propagating false propaganda as they always do. (Even trying their best to do this through the facebook)

    Here is the truth:

    Fake Al-Qaeda actors who are Jewish operators who are there to keep the hoax” “war on terror” alive.

    “The truth is, there is no Islamic army or terrorist group called Al Qaida. And any informed intelligence officer knows this. But there is a propaganda campaign to make the public believe in the presence of an identified entity representing the ‘devil’ only in order to drive the TV watcher to accept a unified international leadership for a war against terrorism. The country behind this propaganda is the US . . .” — Pierre-Henri Bunel


    War on terror is a Jewish hoax:



    Here are Adam Gadahn & Yousef al-Kha (two Jews Adam Pearlman and Joseph Cohen falsely acting as Muslims)


  31. To take back America from the Zionist grip and to stop this madness and hoax called the “war on terror” we need courageous politicians like Merlin Miller, David Duke and Paul Topete the lead singer of the American Rock band: Poker Face, the organizer of Freedom Palooza.

    Here is 2012 Presidential candidate and Film Maker Merlin Miller at Paul Topete’s Freedom Palooza:


  32. “Islam is a religion of peace” says 2012 Presidential Candidate of American Freedom Party and Film Maker Merlin Miller who owns Americana-Pictures who is making the movie False Flag”

    He wants to take back America to preserve the American spirit and it is not about harming Muslims, killing them and destroying their countries. These are sinful activities and Merlin Miller will not allow that. He does not want a war against Iran or any other country. In fact he visited Iran and had a positive experience.

    With Merlin Miller in the White House there will not be crimes like what the following article describes:


  33. 9/11 Revisited: Live Mainstream Media Coverage Conflicts with Official Story


  34. Al-Qaeda a creation of Zionists in Zionist occupied America

    “The inspector general report declares that Al-Qaeda and his associates “may be enemies of the United States, but that is not enough to keep them from getting government contracts.”[8] The plot thickens. There is no need for the neo-Bolsheviks to say that they are fighting terrorism.

    What we are progressively seeing here is that Al-Qaeda is largely a creation of the United States, which is run by the neo-Bolshevik regime. Moreover, the NSA has covertly been working for Israel.[9] Some Israeli commanders have now come to the conclusion that “Israel is the reason for hatred toward America in the Arab world.”[10]

    In other words, we have reached a point where the neo-Bolshevik regime can place you in a box and then watch your next move. Both your TV and Gmail can also be used as spying devices.[11]”

    “In other words, the 9/11 attack was a paradigm shift for the neo-Bolshevik regime both in the United States and in Israel. The 9/11 attack was not good for the Muslim world or America, but it was only good for Israel.

    Right after the event, killing civilians and dropping drones on a massive scale became rampant in the Middle East.[14] The neo-Bolsheviks justified those wicked acts by saying that they were fighting terrorism. In the process, they have led us to perpetual wars. As former CIA official Philip Giraldi put it,”

    Read more here:


    • It is no wonder that there have been every attempt to take down nodisinfo.com with new hoaxes striking continuously, including the Duncan, OK, jogger murder hoax and the AK-47 hoax.

  35. Yes Israel and Zionist Jews get very threatened by the truth.

    NoDisinfo is exposing all of their crimes and hoaxes in the US as well as crimes abroad and that is the reason for attempts at taking down the site. These people know that they cannot win in a debate and that they will get defeated unless they suppress the truth.

    Did Mossad threaten the life of the Chief Researcher at NoDisinfo Dr K?

    “Jews have been threatening to kill me” says Brother Nathanael of Real Jew News and Brother Nathanael Foundation.

    Eustace Mullins had to struggle with Jews. There were many others who were victimized by vicious ones in the tribe.


    Israel, Jewish organizations that include ADL, SPLC etc and Zionist Jews in the US Congress and the US Government see no bounds in orchestrating crimes on America and rest of the world and even on certain individuals and groups. US war veterans have been their latest target.

    Here is the heartbreaking story about Israel targeting US War Veterans.

    A movie should be made about this crime against US war veterans.

    This is the first Snordster-Dufster VT special where you will hear the details of how Israel targets US War veterans:


  36. Eustace Mullins had to struggle with Jews. There were many others who were victimized by vicious ones in the tribe.


    Dr K

    Is it possible for the link (from http://www.darkmoon) in my previous comment to look like the one above in this short comment which means the link will take the person straight to the body of the article rather than to my comment?

    • It does seem to go directly to the source, RE: your comment posted at 10:17.

  37. IRS is another Zionist scam. Please support former IRS agent Joe Banister in his work to expose this huge crime on Americans by the Zionist Jewish IRS.

    When you join the patriotic American Joe Banister through signing up for his news letter and listening to him on radio as well as sending him financial help if you can you are helping to correct an immense problem in the US where you can put a stop to this illegal IRS theft of your hard earned money.

    Here is a message from Joe Banister:

    “Join me once again on the Unbound Radio network this Saturday evening, August 24th, 2013, from 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm pacific time for another edition of the Agent For Truth radio show. The website and online listening opportunity for the Agent For Truth Show are found at http://unboundradio.com/featured/joe-banister-agent-for-truth/ . Archives of shows broadcasted on Unbound Radio are archived here.

    I am gearing this new show to be not only a forum where we discuss ways to support and defend rights acknowledged in our state and federal constitutions but also a forum to address your IRS questions.

    I welcome you to call in to the show at (646) 568-1021 or toll free at (877) 456-7631. I will do my best to answer your questions or at the very least try to point you in the right direction.

    In the event you can’t reach the show during the live broadcast, feel free to visit http://www.josephbanister.com and email your questions using the “Contact” menu item on the website. Please put “Question For Agent For Truth Radio Show” or something similar in the subject box and keep in mind that I can only commit to answering questions on the air as time permits but I will certainly do my best to jam in as many questions as possible.

    Inviting others to join my email list on the right-hand side of my web page is also encouraged and appreciated. Or view a sample of prior newsletters here.”

    Thank you for sharing this information about Joe Banister: one of America’s best friends.


  38. How many things do people in America have to face because of this tragedy that has engulfed America namely the Zionist Jewish occupation of the land which was once free?

    How many more wars America’s military will have to fight and die for or get seriously injured because of the warmongering Israel and Jews who live in America?

    How many more false flags like 9/11 and hoaxes like Sandy Hook, Boston Marathon, Santa Monica shooting will be staged to keep us all locked up in fear in order to continue the “war on terror” which has also become a big business for Michael Chertoff and other Jews?

    And how can we best explain the Jewish conspiracy to take away guns from Americans?

    “It is an espionage operation by Zionist Jews who seek to revive their bizarre, yet diabolical, plot to conquer America from within, in this case by stripping the American people of their weapons or at least by imposing new regulations. Most importantly, the House of Rothschild – or shall it be said House of Satan – seeks to impose a kind of devious legislation based upon mental health criteria in order to mark patriotic Americans so they can be hunted down, attacked, and destroyed.”

    Couldn’t say it better!

    Here is the full article by Dr Kaasem Khaleel:


    James B Phillips who reviewed Hugh Akin’s book “Synagogue Rising” wrote the following;
    A few Jewish psychopaths—those behind the French and Russian revolutions, the two world wars, Vatican II, 9/11 and the phony War on Terror—are clearly not the Jewish people as a whole. As Hugh Akins argues in his outstanding 750-page tome, Synagogue Rising, these revolutionary Jews must be exposed, resisted and defeated, lest Organized Evil emerges triumphant.

    Read the full article here edited by the British poet and writer Lasha Darkmoon:


  39. “I was glad to be on K-TALK again because the owner of the station had received nasty phone calls from Michael Piper to keep him from having me on the air. This is what Piper has done to me since December 2001. It is what Mark Lane, the Jewish lawyer who really owns American Free Press pays him to do – attack me and do everything he can to defame me and prevent me from being heard and read.

    Piper, who supposedly works for Willis A. Carto, even threatened Carto to keep me from speaking at the paper’s 2006 Washington conference that happened on the Labor Day weekend after I was attacked in an undercover police action at my home near Chicago.

    Michael Bernard Piper, who works closely with Mark Lane, uses nasty threats and intimidation to try and prevent my voice from reaching the patriotic American audience they want to control.

    Dale and I discussed the latest news about Afghanistan, the fraudulent elections, and Italian ruling on the C.I.A. kidnapping in Italy. The events of the past week have revealed to all that the Zionist fraud known as the “War on Terror” is disastrous and illegal.”

    For more:



  40. “The Jews, fulfilling the wildest dreams conjured up in the Protocols, stand surveying the killing fields of the world they have conquered. Iraq and Afghanistan lie in ruins, thanks to their machinations. Iran lies in the cross-hairs, awaiting its expected doom. And meanwhile in America, as the body bags are flown in from foreign parts and the lurid circus of bread and games grinds on relentlessly, there is nothing much to live for except sex and death.

    Stalin’s willing executioners, the Jews, are now the ruling elite in America. As in Weimar Germany, the Jews make most of the money and help to create a culture of neo-paganism and nihilism, decadence and despair. Nothing has changed except the country.

    Russia, Germany, America — they all went down like skittles in a row.”

    Read more here:


  41. Architects & Engineers – Solving the Mystery of WTC 7 – AE911Truth.org


  42. “The four Jews—Marx, Engels, Lenin and Trotsky—who helped to destroy the Christian Russia of the tsars and replace it with an atheistic Communism in which 66 million Russian Christians were put to death in the gulags run by the cheka….the following numbers of victims in the first four years of the glorious Russian Revolution: 28 bishops of the Church, 1,215 priests and 6,000 monks. Why? Just because they were bishops, priests and monks, and because they believed in God.”

    Next come 8,800 Christian doctors and their aides. Why? Because they represented non-Jewish middle-class medicine.

    Now come the officers: 54,650 army and naval officers, 10,500 police offi­cers (lieutenant-rank and above) and 48,500 lower-ranking policemen. And for what reason? Because they were military and police officers, and we all know that “militarism” is no longer permissible for any nationalistic and Aryan-conscious.”

    Read more here:


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