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One Dead Jew Found Alive in the Parkland Hoax What Happened to the Other 16?

UPDATED, Mar. 1, 2018

NOTE:  this post was updated accidentally and is, therefore, incomplete. It is under review and is being updated with additional information with analysis of PhotoShop alteration, among other findings.

As it turns out the supposedly dead Jew, Aaron Feis, the heroic football coach, isn’t deceased at all. In other words, his death was completely faked.  In this image extracted from another Website, adapted from the original one published, here, he can actually be seen alive and well, in this case at the funeral of Meadow Pollack. This means, in fact, that the entire claim of an actual school shooting in Parkland is a fabrication.

It’s him, alright, make no mistake: an exact replica.

The Zionist mole is mocking the world by attending a fake funeral, while looking on as fellow Zionists feign grief. Nevertheless, anyone can tell by a careful review of the imagery that this is fully staged. The claim of 17 people slaughtered, of course, by a semi-automatic weapon is now proven categorically as a lie. Thus, the question truly is, where are the rest of them? Not all are Jewish, apparently – though the majority appear to be.

Nevertheless, Parkland is, without doubt, a plot by antagonistic, arch-Zionist agents, including pro-Israeli, anti-American Zionist Jew Sheriff Scott Israel.

Here is a image of the full lot of these fraudsters:

Where in the world are they? Let us all see if we can hunt them down. Are some of the digitally-altered entities?

It should not be too difficult. In order to do so perhaps more close-up images are required.

Maybe the funeral directors can help. Let’s see. Here is Mr. R. Epstein, director of the Eden funeral homes group. He has offered to perform the services for free, as per WLRN online:

The Epsteins said even though the state of Florida is offering to pay for funeral costs, families could better use that money for counseling for the long healing process afterwards. So their services will be free.

Who, then, does the State provide the illicit check from, purged from the public largess? Is it to the people themselves or the complicit funeral homes?

One important one to assess is Alyssa Alhadeff, particular in view of her arch-Zionist mother’s vehemence against the American people and their native rights. Said Loria Alhadeff:

“How, how do we allow a gunman to come into our children’s school? How do they get through security? What security is there? There’s no metal detectors. The gunman, a crazy person, just walks right into the school, knocks down the window of my child’s door and starts shooting. Shooting her! And killing her!”

It is also said: The mother of a 14-year-old girl who died in the Florida high school massacre is not backing down on her call for US President Donald Trump to solve America’s gun violence crisis.

Fraudster #2: Alyssa Alhadeff

Many of the following images indicate PhotoShopping. The following are images of Alyssa Alhadeff. Clearly, a number of these images have been digitally corrupted:

Alyssa Alhadeff soccer

She’s a soccer star, sure she is. Notice the width of the cheeks and the bizarre jaw-bone angle. This is a digitally altered image.

There is heavy use of the blur tool in this image. Notice how flat-lined is the upper lip. The face is completely corrupt.

Her mother is a terminally rabid arch-Zionist agent who is seeking to spread great corruption in the land. This is all based on nothing other than terminally wretched lies. Alhadeff and other Chabad members are leveraging this in order to attempt to cause complete gun confiscation while also installing hard laws in the system against their enemies, in this case, the American people at-large.

In a Facebook post, Estie Orenstein of Valley Chabad recalled that Alyssa was a “sweet, kind, smart and beautiful girl.” Orenstein offered the image below, which is not digitally corrupted: 

Alyssa Alhadeff family

However, the following soccer star image does appear to suffer from extensive alteration:

Image result for lori alhadeff; images; florida; shooting; parkland

Most likely, the entire image is a fabrication, with the emblem being added artificially. The facial expression appears contrived.

Brush stroke lines as well as cut marks are evident, left screen:

The neck area is corrupt. It is possible to see directly through a portion. Extensive use of the brush tool and blur tool appears to be evident. It appears that her head has been cut and then pasted on the torso, with the blur tool being used to cover-up the cut lines.

Make no mistake it is world Jewry that is the force behind this plot, spreading its wretchedness through mere lies and deception. It can do so, since the presidency itself is an arch-Zionist operation.

Why is the purported  mother smirking. Why are there no tears? Why is this youth wiping away fake tears, directly at the perfect timing, if this is real?

If she is that much in shock, “a knife was stabbing” her heart, why is she so calm? How in the world could she do this reading from a script? Obviously, this female that was supposedly shot was not there – and even more obviously, this is nothing other than an act. Moreover, digital alteration is proof that the claims of her death are a lie. This means that two of the 17 are now confirmed not dead.

She has the same smile in every image. This photo also appears to suffer from digital alteration.

Regardless, the finding of one fraudster still being alive, in this case, Aaron Feis, is sufficient proof the nature of this issue, which is the fact that it is all a fraud and that, thus, no one died, and no one was injured.





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  1. When it comes to these types of events…..if you find even one fraudster in the mix, that automatically throws the entire event in question. Its the same for all of these hoaxes in the past 25+ years.

  2. This certainly appears to be SANDY HOOK REVISITED.

    In that false flag, we had/have a credible witness that saw actual shooting victims. Of course, this teacher’s aide could be a paid off and/or threatened shill, as Dr K has repeatedly alleged. But he won’t file a court case. Hmmmmmmm…

    Well, you JEW BASHERS should file class action lawsuits for TITLE 42 – CONSPIRACY TO DEPRIVE RIGHTS and other valid claims – God/Allah knows that you do a lot of whining in here about having your Second Amendment rights violated. If you have so much credible evidence, why aren’t you in court?


    You know the skills, experience, and guts that we have, as evidenced by our unbeatable OKON (decorated combat vet) / STOLLER versus SANCTUARY CITY of PHOENIX INC IMMIGRATION LAW ENFORCEMENT CLASS ACTION ACTION PLEADINGS that are now on US SUPREME COURT ASSOCIATE JUSTICE NEIL GORSUCH’s desk and are going to all nine High Court legal brainiacs.

    The historic PETITION FOR WRIT of CERTIORARI and MOTION TO FILE OUT OF TIME are published at

    We will assist you in court with class actions against your ZIONIST ISRAELI SLAVEMASTERS, but you must first come up with a $ 50,000.00 deposit and a signed contract / service agreement.

    We are worth every penny you’ll pay.

    If you don’t pay, we will assist your enemies in taking more and more of your rights, confiscating your guns, trashing your Constitution and Bill of Rights, and ultimately have you living in a tyrannical Zionist / Israeli police state.

    You did it to yourselves.

    Brad DeShane, Press Agent, for FL Global Documents at

  3. Bill Stoller has found this site… FL Global Documents. I know him from way back… He’s as whacked out as cowgoy… this should be fun.

    • We’ll pass that libel on to the Stoller crew –

      how about an address and phone number for service of process ?

      • Ok Stoller you jew-******* mother-fucker…..
        you wanna go ‘on’ with this?
        then: just ring the Royal Exchange Hotel in Ballarat and ask for “jimbo”;
        if i’m not there, leave yr mobile ‘phone n° and i’ll get back to you…that’s how we’ll “play” it….
        i’ll meet you any-where, any fucking time in Melbourne or Ballarat….any-where…any fucking time, you maggot!
        don’t let fear stop you now, ****!

        • An Aussie – make us laugh – have they confiscated your paring knives yet ?

          The guns were gone long ago.

          Yeah, real tough guys / gals; so drunk and stoned you can’t fight your way out of
          a wet paper bag.

    • Any credible info on the blogster / shill # 45,859 posting as ” Mac Weldon ” will be greatly appreciated.
      (Probably Dr K, doing 98% of these posts, with his Israeli Mossad / Rogue CIA butt buddies assisting.))

      He/she/it can also send an email to [email protected] or appear on Sovereign CT America’s forum at .

      Better yet, PUNK – give us a call at 904-208-8200

      • Did someone hit a nerve?
        Thin skin wanker.

        • Made our case for fraudulent posts. Thanks.

          • you simply can’t believe the media these days;
            especially, the US main-stream media;
            they’re ludicrous;
            if not absurd;

  4. That reads like coward talk to me.

  5. Several of these named FL vicsims have shell FB accounts with no history and no friends. Their names and photos could have come from anywhere in the world.
    These people are created by the US Government Fake Death Agency. They have been in business for several decades…supplying vicsims for over a hundred hoaxes….including this one. That Agency can create one ”dead” person or thousands.

    • This post was uploaded by mistake and is in-process. A more thorough version is on the way, same post.

    • Got any evidence to back these claims?

  6. A rear pic of some fat, bearded bald guy’s head? I’m not convinced.

  7. VIDEO: Wow! Four more HUGE red flags in the Parkland school massacre and they all point to Sheriff Israel!

    • Thnks. Used one of the videos during the write-up.

  8. YouTube appears to be ‘del’ lots of channels;
    looks like their could be some law-suits brewing;

  9. Like there arent any other freemason false flag gun grabbing shooting hoaxes..this wouldn’t def be the first and definetly not the last. Hopefully people in the US wakes up and fast, they are the only ones to stop this marxist freak show which is run by talmudic jews and freemasons which is jewish institution btw!

  10. In the second photo of Alyssa with the red tea with emblem, the head is far too big for the shoulders and torso.

  11. Aaron Feis looks like he was plugged into the photo. The sun is shining only on him. Something wrong here.

    • It’s also shining on the car.

  12. Without a doubt, that is the same ugly fat kike. Keep on exposing these zionist criminal scumbags and scammers. If they think they will continue to control the narrative with their constant lies, they are wrong. The few that are honest with themselves know they are failing.

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