Other Hoaxes Zionist Terror — 11 June 2014
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Oregon High School Shooting is a Complete Fake

What an absolute fake it is, fake beyond fake – the Oregon high school shooting hoax. In fact, it is so fake that a single picture alone proves the hoax.

Here is some of the standard story lines, as found in gossip blogs like the DailyMail and Hollywood Life:

At least 1 student is confirmed dead after student carrying a semi-automatic weapon and dressed in all-black opened fire inside Reynolds High School in Troutdale, Oregon. Multiple injuries are reported, and one witness claims they saw a teacher covered in blood.

An unknown number of injuries are being reported out of Reynolds High School in Troutdale, Oregon after an unidentified student gunman opened fire on the morning of Tuesday, June 10.t least two people are confirmed dead from this tragic incident, dincluding one student and the gunman.

Oregon School Shooting: 2 Dead After Gunman Opens Fire Inside Locker Room
Devastating news out of Troutdale, Oregon on Tuesday, June 10.

An active shooter was reported inside Reynolds High School, according to CNN at approximately 11:45am. At 12:20pm CNN reported that the shooter had been “neutralized” — meaning he is now dead. The shooter’s death was the first fatality reported in this tragic incident, and a second was confirmed by Portland Police during a press conference shortly after the tragedy struck. It was later confirmed that the gunman was, in fact, a student at Reynolds High School.

The shooting was first reported inside the locker room in the gymnasium, according to the Daily Mail. The shooter was allegedly dressed in all-black with a bulletproof vest and helmet.

Yet, as published in Hollywood Life, officially, the police make it clear that it did all begin in the morning (Note: there was nothing to begin, then, other than a drill):


It is completely implausible that a shooting began at around 8:00 a.m. with a lone shooter only, a mere teenager, and then lasted for some four hours afterwards. This was without any intervention despite the presence, in advance, it must be added, of “multiple agencies?” This alone proves the event is an absolute hoax. So does the announcement in advance of the social media monikers, the hashtags and more.

The fact that all others are asked to say away at risk of their own peril and at risk of being confronted by armed men is also another proof the the degree of this scam.

The hoaxes are getting increasingly inane, as the Zionist cabal, forcing the issue, commits blunder after blunder. Too, if one of these events turns into a real killing, with real blood and actual injured or killed people, that, too will be an act of Zionist desperation.

Look at these two fraudsters. They are as calm as can be, especially the lying, deceiving mother. There is no adrenalin rush or shock reaction in either of them, and the mother calmly and casually texts while the daughter, for public consumption, feigns tears.

She claims by her body language to be crying. Let us hold her accountable for it.
Her eyes are completely dry, not a tear or slightest bit of wetness to be seen.

Oregon, it would seem, has legions of such fabricators. Her is another one, sporting a large tattoo, who attempts, though in an asinine way, to fake tearfulness:

She’s holding the cell phone as a prop, too, on instruction from her Zionist masters, feigning as if she is calling someone about the horror of this (non) shooting.
In this image this huckster is assisted by the man seen in the image, far right, this time through his taking on the tissue paper prop:

Its the same fabricator seen in the previous image with the sleeveless shirt, taking the tissue prop and acting as if he is wiping her face: busted, they are all fakes and falsifiers. Who is going to take the time in a real crisis event, a real schoolyard shooting, to do such a switch routine, let alone even think about it? Nothing could get more fake than this.
Here is yet another team of fraudsters, presumably mother and daughter. While the daughter does her fake shock act  – and not very well, it might be added – the mother upholds the lie by carrying both water bottles. “Just one each; these hoaxes are getting expensive.”
Even a child can view this and see it is an act and that there is nothing about it which is real.

Now comes the mother, father, and son team, happy to sell their souls for the benefits they earn for the lie. Surely, the parents are in the casual mode, here, just are the people in the background. Yet, the son, oh that son, he is in such shock and grief, so sad, so pouring with tears that he must cover his eyes.

It’s a team effort of fraudsters and hacks. Suddenly, the son no longer needs to deal with that grief and it switches over to the mother, who gives that infamous Obama finger -the-eye falsifier’s sign.
It’s an entire family of liars and cheats, make no mistake about it. Selling their souls to the devil they have betrayed all those others willing to stand up for what is right, willing to risk even their lives fighting against the evil empire.
Too, the water bottle is ever-present in this hoax. A crisis actor sickened by dehydration would surely upset the fabricated system and leave the schemers vulnerable to litigation.

Zoomed in, clearly, that water is the standard in these hoaxes. If it is there in abundance, the fabrication is confirmed.
The under siege taxpayer pays for it all – pays dearly to be thoroughly bamboozled. It’s the vile pro-Israeli Zionists who are behind these hoaxes through their conquering force, the DHS. It was the DHS which was created by so-called dual national Israelis in the aftermath of their false flag attack against America, 911. One of the chief goals of this Zionist controlled group is to strip the people of their ability for self defense, so they can continue to rob them blind.

Regardless, who can deny it? It is clearly a drill, and, thus, all those who claim it as real are liars. See how casual it all is except for the various fake hugging and grieving routines done before the camera:

:TROUTDALE, OR - JUNE 10: Parents of Reynolds High School students console one another in a nearby parking lot after word of a school shooting June 10, 2014 in Troutdale, Oregon. Authorities said one student was fatally shot and the gunman was found dead at an Oregon high school (Photo by Natalie Behring/Getty Images)

Per, essentially, the Protocols of Zion the GMOs, refined sugar, vaccinations, and flouride have, in fact, done their job.
It’s another circus act, Canadian-Moncton style, with a big man featured in front of everyone’s face, gesturing and posturing. He has made himself bigger-than-life by standing up on the vehicle frame. Better watch out; that doughnut belly could drop him down in a flash, and there might be a real casualty of this scam.

The Portland, Oregon, area high school shooting is yet another Zionist-orchestrated scam through its deceiving, lying entity, the DHS. There is nothing real about it, which is categorically clear from the imagery. Without exception, all the people are calm and collect.

It’s a three ring circus with all the dog and pony shows, as expected, in such a fake. People seem to come out to be entertained by it all, as if it is a past time. All those men with the big guns and armored vehicles, it’s like going to the rodeo, air show, and more, and, yes, the circus.

Is Oregon this filled with the wretched? Will not one of these falsifiers come forward and speak the truth? Will they, then, all in unison seek the destruction of this country through the stripping away of the people’s inalienable rights? They put their faces before the world as cheats and do so willingly and in some cases with glee.

Is there not, then, even a single honest person left in this world – or, more specifically, in all these crowds who would speak the truth? Can they all in good conscious live with nothing other than a lie?





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  1. Another shooting in Vancouver, BC Canada – disgruntled employee pushes up against cop car and waits for boss/landlord to walk buy and shoots with huge gun. Lots of witnesses apparently. This happens in Yaletown. Biz owner prominent. Funny thing is 980 AM radio starts a long discussion with plenty calling in about gun laws and violence asking that guns be in the hands of police not people. Totally bizarre bc its like every day there’s another shooting event….!!!


    • Washington, Oregon, and, now BC: HOAX!

    • Ok. I will be the first nay sayer….
      I vote the girl with the blonde hair(from this moment on, her screen name is Blondie) as the best actress in history! She is able to make her face red and swollen from her “fake” crying.
      It is hard to tell if there are real tears coming from her eyes because of the blurry photo syndrome that afflicts this site 🙁
      Ok Prince William. …I found my fraudster.
      Your turn!

      • Sherlock,
        Sniff a little paprika , take some niacin , pinch cheeks ,your eyes will puff and red face too .
        no shit,
        try it

      • Anon,
        The police officer who is standing on the car is the absolute fraudster. In no way shape or form would he be standing up on the car for people to hear him as he shouts instructions. He is obviously on the car because he is asserting his dominance. The only thing he is missing is his DHS sponsored water bottle. Your turn

    • If these shootings were real , I would think real people would be asking wtf is wrong with the kids/parents today or did someone spike the water/vaccines ,NOT, gotta get everyones rifle that’s been in the family forever and never been fired.

    • What is this stupid site?

  2. http://www.vancouversun.com/news/injured+suspect+custody+after+shootings+Yaletown+Science+World/9925255/story.html?tab=PHOT

    Photos aplenty and 100’s of witnesses. I have biked near here and its a high density area…just not sure what to make of this.

  3. This is ANOTHER RECENT shooting of a reality star’s daughter who has appeared on Real Housewives of Vancouver …


  4. I find it hilarious that one of the WITNESSES is none other than a Real Housewives character: Mary Zilba!! See her in the first video. Perhaps she lives in the area?


  6. Thanks.


    • Easy on the caps.

      • Thank you for that Big Daddy!
        Typing in all caps makes reading the comments very hard.

  8. To the casting director , and not to appear insensitive to the actors ,but aren’t there a lot of extremely ….. “chubby” folks ,what gives ? Must be the last demographic that still believes this crap.
    This crew has got to have airplanes and tractor trailers to move all those props and actors around.Am wondering if the emergency crews are even real now.

    • Lightbulb flash thought , the actors used are from the DEA’s witness relocation program, good smokescreen cover and reason for silence and compliance.

    • Ooooh Spy Tracer,
      You seem to be hung up on chubbies lately…
      I wonder why? 😉

      • Anon,
        in response to blind monkey, the crisis actors have to be fat in order to be believable. You cant parade around beautiful women, like yourself, because no one would believe the hoax. You have to get “real” looking people in order to make the hoax that much more believable. It called “fake psyops 101” We didnt have that class when we went to domestic terrorism school

  9. I tried to get someone to bet me $100 that there would be another hoax shooting like Seattle in less than 3 days on the West Coast! Man! I wish someone took me up on the bet! These are too fuqing predictable and stupid!

    • I heard they were looking for crisis actors in Georgia for 6/12/14 , any takers for tomorrow or the next , down south ?

  10. Dr. Clifford T. Chase a fraudulant doctor according to College of Physicians and Surgeons in Saskatchewan http://tuum-est.com/medicare-fraud/pleasant-hill-investigation.html
    has worked in RUH – Royal Univ. Hospital. – http://saskdoctor.com/doctorsview.php?ID=827

    Dr. K sorry but this paramedic discusses albeit with annoying music the CPR vs. Control of Bleeding issue http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GVJOuaqYANI


  12. How disrespectful to those families who lost loved ones that you freaks go on about it being fake. God forbid someone in your family is taken too soon and people go on about how it was fake and disrespecting their name. You should all be ashamed but of course, you’re paranoid brains won’t let you feel anything as long as you get to keep your guns who cares. Idiot sheep.

    • Put down the meth pipe.

  13. So what we just pretended to be scared out of our minds and cost the city thousands of dollars just so we could get some T.V. time? Do you realy have so much free time on your hands that you can just make this whole story up just to get some likes? People like the writer of this article make me sick. Who in the hell want’s to make teens hide in class rooms while someone pretends to shoot at people? Though if you want to believe it was all a fake I guess more power to you and to everyone who believes this load of crap thanks. All of us can feel your love and support. Your all probably going to thing I’m a lier but so you know I was there. And it was scary as hell. Talking to my mom about my friend letting us read her new books this summer after shes done with them and was just waiting for class to start and the next thing I know I’m having to tell her we are in lock down for the 2nd time this year. The first one was I guess just a mistake. It was late and sometimes people see things that aren’t there but that doesn’t make being locked in a school for over an hour anymore fun. Expecially when you hiding behind a trash can. So yeah basically your telling me i and everyone else effected that we are lies and and evil for daring to have one of our students go fucking insane. I didn’t know the victim. I know his brother. Your telling me his pain isn’t real? That his graduation wasn’t ruined by the fact that his brother is dead and didn’t get to be there with him and that instead he had to walk across the stage with his brother soccer uniform so that he had a little piece of him with him that day. You people are sick. And so you know this is what happened. One shooter. A rifle and some kind of hand gun. And a knife . When leaving he ran into my friends brother. He was shot twice is what I was told. He’s dead. He then shot at one of our pe teachers. Grazed him. The teacher ran and put us in lock down. We always have cops on school grounds. The chaced him into the bathroom where the shooter killed himself. This all happened really early in the morning. Then more cops came and they evacuated us. We were held at gun point and hands up as we left the building. My phone was left behind. By the time I got to see my mom again I was so hot and sick to my stomach that I wan ted to throw up. Even with the water they gave me. And through it all I was thankful that my boyfriend had stayed home and I wanted to be the little boy running behind his mother with some chicken nuggets from the looks of it completely unaware of what was going on. Been wishing to be 18 since I was 8 and at that moment would have given anything to be that 5ish year old kid. Came home to find out my friend lost his sibling while I got to go home and hug mine. Get a life people. Go and hug your family. Make up with someone that you’ve been mad at . Hell give the person you owe 2 bucks to their money back like the kid standing next to me that day did. You never know. It may be the last chance you ever have.

    • You are the example of the inbred idiots from troutdale who would fall for fucking anything. You’ve been duped you moron. Wake the fuck up.

    • I’m very sorry. You have been lied to. You don’t quite understand what an enormous mountain of evidence you are up against. It is as though you are saying the sky is green. But the sky is blue, 2 + 2 = 4, and every mass shooting shown on network news is a fraud. It is not an easy thing to digest. Because people have internalized their feelings and have decided that such a thing is too terrible to believe. Fake all the shootings? Why? There are too many reasons to cite. But the sad, unfortunate fact is this: no matter how hard you try, how much you wish and hope and rationalize, nothing in the world, the universe, anything, can make these shootings real.

    • It’s too Bad that you are Stupid Amanda. I suppose that you can’t figure out why there is No Sun also. Either your a crisis actor or a shill. Go back to Sleep you idiot.

  14. If you really think this was a hoax you’re idiots.

    • Enjoy the delusion while it lasts. Maybe another month or two. Then the collective intellect of this country will crush the naive out of you.

  15. Man your fucking crazy these people are actually crying I can tell you first hand I was there when it happened I’m actually a student there and the shooter I happened to know since the 6th grade and I can tell you he worshiped the opposite of the devil and he wasn’t an actor. We were all escorted by police to the parking lot of the church in front of the school and we were patted down twice and they handed out water that’s were the water came from the kid in the red shirt drinking water I know personally and just the thought of him being a satanic actor is absurd. End result your just one crazy basement monkey who doesn’t know jack shit.

    • Well, then that makes you evil. Part of the dark side. The nazis, the bad guys, Satan, all that.
      Because we are on the side of good. The side with bullshit detectors that are actually functioning. Maybe yours is broken off, or your free will is completely gone. But nothing you do or say, no matter how hard you try, or what you think, can make these shootings real. I would bet you a billion dollars, I’d bet my life, I’d swear on my mother’s grave, I’d swear on a stack of bibles etc. etc. ad nauseum.

  16. Looking for the day you cunts on here lose a relative in one of your so called hoaxes and I can laugh at you instead and tell you it’s all hoax. Fuck, I might even come and say it to your face. That would be worth the effort.

    • You realize you’re going to have to take back what you said?
      Let me put it this way: The shootings are all fake. Every single one. And I’d stake my life on it, a thousand times over.

      Would you bet your life on them being real?
      No, because you’re naive, not stupid.

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