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Orlando Shooting Hoax Corpse is Fake – Wax Dummy Found in Funeral

Yes, it is true the criminal Zionist mind has, once again, used the death hoax as a means to spread great corruption in the land, in this case regarding an individual named Eddie Justice. Mr. Justice is portrayed as dead. Yet, by no means is this the case; rather, he is alive and well, living off the fat of the land.

The world has been fully bamboozled by this hoax, in the case of one arch-corrupt fund, with some 75,000 fully bamboozled people donating money to the scam:

The crowdfunding campaign set up on GoFundMe has raised more than $3.3 million from almost 75,000 donors since it was created on Sunday. It has become the fastest growing and largest crowdfunding campaign in GoFundMe’s history, according to the San Diego and Menlo Park, Calif.-headquartered company. All this money has been purged by the Fund through fraud. All people must, therefore, boycott this entity.

As well, they must boycott the purported family of this fake victim, aka Eddie Sotomayor:

Family of Eddie Sotomayor

Sotomayor, 34, was killed at Pulse. Before the shooting started, his boyfriend had stepped outside, and according to friends, he texted his boyfriend and told him to stay out. His family is hoping to raise funds for his funeral and wake. “All funds will be given directly to Eddie’s sister Kimberly to help with the expenses she and her family incur as she goes through the heartbreaking steps of picking up the pieces in wake of this horrific event.”

An incredible 3.3 million dollars have been purged from the public largess, all based on lies and deception. It is images such as this, backed by dramatic, emotionally-charged, fabricated headlines, that have helped generate this fraudulent movement of cash:

Heartbreaking moment mother of Orlando massacre victim collapsed at his funeral


Here is the fake victim, Eddie (Sotomayor) Justice. Is he is even really her son, after all, she is so indifferent in the interviews to the supposed consequences?


Here he is in the nightclub, supposedly “minutes” before the arch-fake shooting:

fakedeathjustice1 hoaxfakejustice

In a video the arch-phony friend, who was supposedly with him in the ‘bathroom,’ mere story-lines are spouted, all of it absolutely fake. How can anyone give substance or credence to what is merely story-telling, mere playing with words:

Why does he have to protest that it is “not a movie?” Who talks like that in a real horrific crisis? Moreover, who bothers to fake it as if filled with tears and as if crying, in a real, catastrophic, and murderous, event
The fake mother can be seen in action, here, on the night of the staged (but phony) shooting:
She is obviously merely acting. Her is a video after the fact, that is after the staging of the arch-phony. The image, right screen, above is captured from this, where she forcibly holds back her smirk. Even the subconscious mind does not take lightly the telling of grandiose lies, particularly when it involves fake death.

Here she is seen putting on the act at the arch-fake funeral:
Notice what is seen in the background, with one woman obviously smirking and making a joke of it.
That’s a major, smug smirk on her face and acts as as hard, absolute proof of an absolute fake
Yet, it is said:

Mother of Orlando shooting victim who received heartbreaking last text messages  from her son, had to face his lifeless body one last time to say goodbye, but it proved to be too much for her to bear as the devastated mother collapsed during the open casket funeral service. According to the Daily Mail, during Eddie’s open casket funeral, the devastated mother collapsed, but was caught before hitting the ground by her relatives, who called 911. She was then strapped to a stretcher and loaded into an ambulance.

Her son, Eddie, was only present in the club for a few minutes before the shooter Omar Mateen entered the club, spraying bullets.

The mother and son had a brief text conversation before he was killed with the first text reading, “Mommy I love you. In the club they shooting.”
After Mina responded with, “U ok,” Eddie wrote back, saying, “trapp (sic) in bathroom.” “Call them mom,” he continued. “Now. He’s coming. I’m gonna die.”

Mina stood outside the club that night, hoping to hear that her son had survived, but she received the news the following day that he had died.  

No one can find such commentary plausible. It is simply absolutely beyond belief that this could actually occur and that all the players could be so casual in this regard. Thus, by no means did Mr. Justice die. Rather, he hoaxed his death, just as his relatives are doing.

Therefore, this cannot be a real corpse. In other words, this, rather than being the real Mr. Justice it must be a wax dummy.

No one acts like it is a real corpse. No one cares. It’s a replica, like these:

In fact, the fake Mr. Justice looks somewhat like Vincent Price: same sharp nose. Notice the hair line. That is artificial.

In fact, clearly, this face doesn’t look real, especially the forehead which looks liked it is made out of wax.
The relatives called 911 when she collapsed. Sure the did, right. It’s just way to dramatic to be real, too fake, too categorically scripted. The Orlando shooting hoax is an elaborate scam that took many months to prepare. Of note, it is no easy project to make wax/latex likenesses. Then, the contributing phonies had to be chosen, trained, and scripted. Countless millions of the taxpayer largess was used in this process. It’s an endless diabolical loop with no end in sight.
Those who say that there were real deaths and that people were really shot are fabricators. This is a fake played by mere amateur crisis actors. No one died, and no one was injured.


Photos: Heartbreaking moment mother of Orlando massacre victim collapsed at his funeral



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  1. if you are going to attempt to prove something, then prove it,
    you article is filled with words only,
    no sign of evident anywhere,
    So, we are to believe your words,furthermore,
    you have gotten some of the victims names and pics mixed up.
    There is no real proof that any of this is fake,
    however, you article is highly suspect.

    • Do you have any proof of the media’s version of events that 50 people died?

      If you are in disagreement of a hoax, then where is YOUR argument to support the official story?

      Have you ever fired an AR-15? Do you understand that if you’re not wearing protective gear YOUR EARS COULD SUFFER PERMANENT DAMAGE!

      Why hasn’t ONE so-called “witness” to the shooting complain of the deafening sound of an AR-15?

      Because that wasn’t part of the script! It was a sloppy scam, and those who are spiritually awakened will easy notice the script. Those who simply absorb the sound bytes from their TV will remain asleep.

      My advice to you is this: go back to sleep! You’re not ready to see the truth. Or perhaps you just can’t handle it.

    • Bingo! Very poor research and nervy accusations. I have some doubts myself as to the veracity of this event as it was portrayed by the media, but I would be absolutely certain to use verifiable data to support my findings

      • Are you retarded? Or are you retarded?

  2. Oh come on!
    He showed you some smirks- what else do you want? Tempura moulage??

  3. “Mina stood outside the club that night, hoping to hear that her son had survived, but she received the news the following day that he had died.”

    “She received the news?” Really? WHO exactly pronounced him dead? The video says his two sisters “drove from Georgia” when they heard the news. Who identified the body and notified next of kin? Why is there NO interview with the coroner who supposedly had to certify 50 BODIES that night?

    The news press conference the following day at noon stated the number of dead. Really? How was the case solved that quickly? How did the news get the pictures of the supposed deceased so quickly?

    Answer: IT WAS ALL SCRIPTED beforehand. It’s a MOVIE, except it’s being shown on TV.

    I do give them credit for emphasizing the “open casket” in this Orlando hoax. Yes, they used dummies, since there were no real deaths. At least they learned their lesson from prior hoaxes and improved a bit.

    • WTF are you talking about? Wake up sheep, you’re making no sense at all…

    • Is your dumb fucking retarded *** REALLY TRYING TO SAY THAT 50 people weren’t fucking murdered??????!!!??? This is @ you and the dumb retarded fool who has NO FACTS to disprove his theory of the largest massacre in American history to be fake.

  4. You are sick and pathetic. I was at Eddie Justice funeral and it was him in the casket, not a wax figure. You people need to seek psychiatric help

    • Trish, why are you on a conspiracy site… Funny that people like you “lose loved ones” and then go on youtube and sites like this very soon after the “FAKE INCIDENT”.

      • Looking up facts on the internet of loved ones lost isn’t abnormal you fucking moron.

      • Looking up facts on the internet of loved ones lost isn’t abnormal you ******* moron

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