Other Hoaxes Zionist Terror — 17 February 2018
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Parkland Florida High School Shooting Hoax Proven in Pictures

There is no doubt that the Parkland, Florida, high school shooting is a fake and a hoax, that is there is nothing real about it. This is easily proven by a careful review of the imagery.

While people are being slaughtered, world-wide, as a result of arch-Zionist machinations, as in Syria and Yemen, all, by the way, at the behest of the Zionist-controlled US government, in the United States a great hoax is played out as if it is a real horrific incident.

It’s not, though. It’s absolutely fake, proven, here. For instance, here is an early image, admittedly so, of the purported triage scene. Yet, what is, in fact, seen, here? There is a golf cart delivering supposed gunshot victims to the staging site. How can anyone believe such a victim would be moved about in such a vehicle? It would be fully contraindicated to do so in the event of a real gunshot wound, where the bouncing about and the movement could put the victim’s life at risk.

This was early on in the scam. This was to create the impression that wounded people couldn’t make it to the triage site on their own.

See this close-up image of the cart. It’s hard proof of the fraud. This is supposed to be a gunshot victim? Where are the injuries that could account for the red matter seen?

Image result for broward county; shooting; parkland; school; florida; images

Where are the gunshot wounds? What is a man with military gear doing there? How did he get there so quickly? Why aren’t the police in charge of such an incident occurring so suddenly? Regardless, what a great scam and scheme it is, to represent what is nothing other than red, water-soluble paint as if real blood.

There is also the one-shoe-on, one-shoe-off, which is a standard of these arch-fake DHS-orchestrated hoaxes. Nevertheless, there is no wound in this individual. That is patently obvious.

The same person can be seen, here, being loaded just outside the school. No one seems to care about anything. There are no EMTs meeting this youth on-site to stabilize him and prevent any further hemorrhaging.

It’s the same youth, one shoe on, being loaded to then be transported to the staging zone.

Inside the school here is a person with fake blood spilled about. Notice how it separates. It’s also the wrong color. Why not take a photo of the complete individual? Why just photograph the legs? No one would do that unless attempting a disguise. With the dark pants, is this person a law enforcement aging acting as if deceased? This photo, by the way, was, apparently, taken by a student, as seen, here:

She took the image and then uploaded it, all on behalf of the DHS and its collaborators. It is fully proven, as above. After she took the picture she and a number of others started screaming and acting out. Screaming and yelling is not proof to any degree of a real, catastrophic event. Regardless, it makes no sense that they would do so only after taking photographs of the purported deceased. Wouldn’t they be terrified at the prospect of a dead person or two lying in a pool of blood on the ground?

Here is another student taking pictures. Incredibly, this is happening while people are screaming and ‘running out.’ Everyone knows that if this was a real shooting, no one would be standing around taking images to upload on the Internet or to offer over to the hoaxing, fabricating DHS.

Image result for broward county; shooting; parkland; school; florida; images

Sheriff Israel is leveraging this scam for his own gain, as follows:

“My message to the community, to Broward County is simple. Your elected officials, your commissioners, your state reps, your state senators. Make sure these are people that are not worrying about mileage rates, and saving money.  

Is this not incredible to the extreme?

What about this image? Teddy bears and balloons? No one can find it plausible that these are anything other mere props: Hollywood movie-style.

Image result for broward county; shooting; parkland; school; florida; images

“This is the time to save lives”, he added. “We need more law enforcement, we need more deputies. This isn’t the time to worry about how many dollars might be saved if we don’t have a deputy here or a police officer here.”

Why does he need more and more money–greater and greater law enforcement presence? Moreover, what is he doing launching a political agenda in the face of the death of so many innocents, how insensitive and crass. Local law enforcement wasted countless hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars on this terminally corrupt fake. There is no way he could be speaking in this regard unless there was a plot and an-arch scheme afloat.

What are these youths doing smiling and smirking? They are about to preside over a systematic attack on Constitutional rights.

They are smiling and smirking, because they know it is a scam and a fraud. There is no way these students could be so thrilled and excited in the event of a real school shooting. In fact, there are no tears, there is no sadness, and there is, in particular, no shock, awe, or fear.

Moreover, how are these people gunshot victims? Where are there wounds? An semi-automatic rifle causes severe injuries. Why is no one in pain?

Where was this woman shot? She has no obvious injuries.

Warning: graphic image follows

In a real gunshot wound, from a long-rifle, an AK-47 or AR-15, there would be extensive trauma plus the oozing out of bright red arterial blood and, potentially, extensive bruising.

People would be in pain; it would be obvious. It would not the the scene as shown and described above.








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  1. Four weeks ago the Secret Service was at that school preparing teachers for the up coming ”drill’. This is reported by one of the students at the school during an interview.

    • Link plz
      What kind of drills does the SS carry out at schools?

    • Yes, and many other revelations from the students proving this was absolutely staged, so many students saying “drill” “fake” “staged.” This was a very poorly crafted fake

      • Yes it was a staged drill but they actually killed some kids this time I don’t know how many but some kids died which means they are upping their bets on these staged attacks in the past they faked all the deaths like Sandy Hook and Orlando gay bar “attack” but this time there were 2 or 3 other shooters besides the brainwashed patsy and the real shooters did kill innocent students and teachers.

    • I hope the next ‘hoax’ kills YOUR children.

      • I hope you wake the **** up and quit believing what the jew media and government tell you ya **** *** sheep.

      • Why wouldn’t the funerals be huge events where the liberal media is falling all over itself and the big dems both state and federal be posing for the camera.

  2. Not too bright. Hamas and the Gazans are now going to get f*ucked up pretty badly.

    Hamas already turned the place into a sh*thole. Now it’s even going to get worse. Hit Israel, and they’ll hit you back 10X as hard. You stupid muslims will never learn.

    • considering the usa gives israel 5 billion dollars a year it would stand they are better equipped then the muslims whove been lied on from the beginning jews are the biggest thieves, drug users and murderers around and i know because in the 90’s orthodox jews were my biggest customers

      • Orthodox Jews are only one denomination of the religion and do not represent all Jews. Just like Presbyterians don’t represent all Christians. There are bad people within all religions, so it’s not fair to paint an entire group of people in a negative light based on your experience with a small sample of them.

        Most Jews around the world are secular. And followers of the faith have furthered humanity with numerous great contributions in science, medicine, technology, entertainment and other areas.

  3. Liar

    • Get back to your rape fantasies, pervert, and leave the intelligent discussion to others.

  4. Hey stupid Americans how about you determine that this hoax too.


    • 33 dead? right therebu have the answer

      • Very good. Down eith Freemasons.

    • Eat a dog, Chicom

  5. Cowboy is clinically insane- I’d bet my paycheck on it. Some sort of schizophrenia. Sad, sometimes funny, etc.

    The only worrisome thing is that he (claims) he owns guns. I hope that’s not really true.

  6. This is clearly a hoax and stupid sheeple need to wake up

  7. is there any (convincing) mobile ‘phone footage?

    • The answer is that there is none.

    • Yes the kid liar named David Hogg

  8. Did you notice that the School Board wants to demolish this school just like they did at Sandy Hook. Remember its always best to destroy the evidence that nothing happened. Sure….turn the building to dust and make all of wrecking crew swear to secrecy.

    President Lincoln was shot in the head at Ford’s Theater in DC. Excuse me but its still standing. But we might recall that it was a real event.

    • Yes, start contacting the state senators that are calling for the school to be torn down. (There was an article in the Miami Herald a few days ago by Mary Ellen Klas about it. Tell them it’s a crime to destroy evidence and to destroy a crime scene…if, in fact, a crime actually occurred there.

      These gun-grabbers just don’t quit, so we can’t, either.

  9. Great post, doc!

  10. the so called gunman is looking dead into the camera from his position on the ground… reporters were allowed to get that close that we see the color of his eyes….. anyone who believes this is beyond pathetic

  11. pedophile that you are go up in the wrong ***** and get something the military made sure will kill your trick ***

  12. Absurd – stay in school.

  13. It’s absurd, not obsurd

  14. Please show me proof that it’s fake,and ill be live you.Please thanks

    • and which proofs u have to believe it s real?

  15. They could be happy that they got out and saw friends and why would they try to make you see the wounds on camera

  16. Some reasons it looks like a false flag: 1) Secret Service changed security protocols 4 weeks before event. Security cameras were removed. Why Secret Service? V. suspicious. 2) A ‘code-red’ active shooter drill was announced to be happening ‘sometime this week’ by the principal, at which blanks would be fired, fake blood used etc. Coincidence? No way 3) Photo of National Security Agency vehicle at the school. What’s that doing there? 4) Students reported ‘army people’ at the school. Also, see above photo of an army guy at the scene. Why are the army at the school? 5) Army told students ‘not to look’ at the bodies, which they were covering with mats. Why were the army covering dead bodies with mats? 6) Five media reports of the ‘mass shooting’ before it happened (just like Sandy Hook). These included in Ohio.com (Feb12), CBS News (Feb 13), Santa Rosa Press Gazette (Feb 12). But the ‘shooting’ took place on Feb 14. 7) Alleged photo of the dead ‘heroic coach’ seen attending the funeral of the student named Joaquin. But this may be a lookalike. 8) Interview with pretty black girl student who said she deflected bullet with a small book. TV said she was wounded but she clearly wasn’t wounded. She pretended to cry. No tears. Looks like a crisis actor. 9) Suspicious student named Hogg talking on all media and obviously coached, or reading teleprompter. 10) Witness blonde student evacuated Senior building with Nicolas Cruz, who was unarmed and wearing a T-shirt. Sounds of gunfire came from the Freshman building some distance away. 11) Witnesses at Freshman building said they heard two or three shooters. 12) No one saw Nicolas Cruz shooting anyone. 13) Some witnesses – who may be crisis actors – said they saw a ‘kid’ shooting but he was wearing a mask.
    14) Why was a Swat team there almost immediately?
    No doubt more anomalies and questions will show up as people investigate this.

  17. I discovered somthing you will appreciate. It will go viral. Send me an email and I’ll send you my find. You’ll be the first to see this because I found it just a few minutes ago.

    • Is this a Parkland hoax issue?

    • Its in my pants.

  18. It wasn’t a surprise when I read some of the names involved with this incident, not to mention the date.
    February 14, “Valentine’s Day-is a pagan festival …” http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net
    Broward County Sheriff Scott ISRAEL
    and the perpetrator Nikolas, meaning “people of victory” http://www.thinkbabynames.com
    last name Cruz “Cross, the cross of the Christ” http://www.thenamemeaninng.com
    “The cross can be dated back to ancient Babylon and the worship of the sun gods Mithra and Tammuz.” http://www.nazarite.net
    And we wonder about the strange Medical Examiner from the Sandy Hook event, Dr. Wayne CARVER who performed autopsies. But what’s in a name?

    • I like the name of the doctor from Parkland Hospital, Dr. Boyar. BOY+AR.

  19. These amateur disaster producers need to watch “Wag The Dog” to see how to do it properly … what a bunch of overpaid, under-skilled losers. My Cub Scout troop could do a more convincing job of hosing the public than these fools …. and for cryin’ out loud, get some new crisis actors … the old ones are worn out has beens and are known all over the free world.

  20. As a firefighter, I can tell you we absolutely would use a golf cart to transport patients, if one were available. It’s faster and safer than carrying them on a tarp or backboard.

  21. The pictures of the classroom with the victim. This was a video and it showed a dark skin black girl on the floor in the pool of the blood. Where is this student now? No pictures, no names. Was this an actor?

  22. So far … no tears, no bodies, no official confirmation of deaths (death certificates, Social Security death list names, etc.), only hearsay based upon hearsay, none of the key students initially interviewed at the scene showed any sign of being shaken or traumatized but calm and composed, the girl standing next to Hogg during the initial interviews wouldn’t even look at the camera but was looking way off to the side, sheriff said they had video of the shooter in the act but weren’t going to release the footage, students are being focused on and organizing the rallies and marches overnight with ample financial support = grieving parents didn’t work so now using kids to appeal to the gullible, and I can stage all these shootings far better with actors, blanks, and exploding bloodpaks special effects in amongst unsuspecting dupes … have to conclude it’s more staged fake news propaganda at this point.

  23. You are incredibly ignorant. Holy hell. It would be hilarious, this bullshit you spew, if there weren’t so many inbred morons eating it up. Fucking assholes. Pray to god that your children are never victims of one of these shootings. You dumbasses are really all going to believe the analysis of “evidence” by a person who can’t even use basic grammar? Wake up! Quit making out with your siblings for a moment and either get an education, leave your bunkers or go see a psychiatrist, cause you’re all too stupid to function. Jesus Christ.

  24. But people really died like I know a teacher and students who died. Like they’re not around anymore. Saying there all in on it? It’s not fake. Maybe the politics behind it all. But respect those who were killed man don’t call it a hoax

  25. They are on a beach in Israel waiting for their next assignment.

  26. They are not

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