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Parkland Hoax’s Rabid Extremist Zionist Jews and the Continued Attack on the 2nd Amendment

Could it be more terminally corrupt than this? Make no mistake Parkland, Florida, is a scam and treacherous plot orchestrated by Zionist antagonists and their collaborators. The fact is the viciousness and rabidness of Zionist Jewry regarding the American nation and its fixed laws is clear and evident for all to see. Their raging hate and ultra-extremism is categorically evident through the most basic of all elements: their facial expressions and body language.

After all, Parkland is nothing other than an arch-Zionist plot committed by the most extremist elements of the chabad lubavitch clique. The Zionists would had to have schemed and plotted this in a premeditated fashion and would have necessarily signed off on the plot, known it is a fraud and a fake. The raging venom that is associated with this fraud is categorical proof of the role of the Zionists in perpetrating this plot. It is their plot, no one else’s. How could anyone of any degree of decency support these criminal elements in any of their plots and schemes? Those who do so are mere collaborators with the Zionists in their attempt to undermine this republic – making them accomplices to this crime.

Furthermore, the Jerusalem Post itself is saying that prominent Jewish groups are vigorously calling for gun control. The journal will be taken at its word for such a statement (that is “…Jewish groups called for gun control as the best way to end such shootings.”

Consider, for instance, that terminally rabid one, pro-Israeli mole Linda Schulman. Her attack against the people at-large, with the immediate adversary being the NRA, is highly contrived . Even so, if these Jews have their way, they will impose great tyranny in the land, just as exists in much of the rest of the world, courtesy of world Jewry’s other premeditated schemes: like the destruction of gun rights in Australia and the UK.

Reading from a script the Zionist and purported mother of the fake dead ‘heroic’ school teacher, Scott Biegel, spewed her venomous aggression against the Bill of Rights, her hatefulness being obvious and evident:

Image result for images; linda; schulman; parkland

In her buffoonery she makes the blunder of stating that somehow the law of the land is related to a specific type of single-shot gun, which was fully countered by the NRA representative. Despite, though, her vehemence during the meeting, shortly after the purported shooting she seemed to be in exceptionally fine spirits, despite the sudden supposed slaughtering of her son:

Image result for images; linda; schulman; parkland

Schulman seems to believe that someday soon she will be seeing her gone missing son:

“I just hope wherever he is — and I wish I knew — but wherever he is, I hope he understands that he did get through. He really got through.”

Is “wherever” in hiding in America or is Biegel now domiciled in the Zionist strip? Nevertheless, how happy she is at the thought of the blood-stained corpse of her beloved son.

He really got through, honestly? In other words, the Mossad mole’s scheme to participate in this led to a degree of anti-guns rights momentum, or so she believes. As the truth becomes revealed this will backfire. Nevertheless, she is a mere dupe for Zionist machinations. Where are those ultra-highly positioned plotters who put her up to this fraud? It is these who are cowards to the extreme who will not even show their faces.

Apparently, she actually does believe this Jew’s fake death had a major impact, this screen-capture being caught just prior to what she believed to be the rolling of the cameras:

There was also much raging hate from yet another Kenite, Sephardic, Kazarian Jew, Lori Al-Hattef. It is clearly an act, yet a treacherous one: make no mistake about it. Yet, despite the obvious hatred by such a one, despite the posturing and dramatics, still, the majority of people are fully bamboozled.

Image result for images; linda; schulman; parkland

You can see the raging aggression by the Zionists toward the goyum and their native rights as well as all others: all except fellow arch-Zionist moles.

Image result for images; linda; schulman; parkland

There was also F. Gutterberg, father of yet another fake dead person, in this case, railing, once again, against the NRA as well as elected officials. Now, just why don’t such officials say to these arch-corrupt ones, “Why are you if you are so concerned funding the weaponry arsenal of the Zionist strip, effectively directly perpetrating through your support the murder of innocents? It is certain that the likes of Guttenberg fully fund and support that vile, hideous entity. Guttenberg is a hypocrite to the extreme.

Moreover, as a enterprising individual he is doing all he can to personally profit from this arch-scam, freely purging funds from the gullible, vulnerable, fully confused and categorically deceived goy.

The are all chabad clique members, including the Mossad operative, pro-Zionist sheriff himself:

Image result for images; linda; schulman; parkland

Israel is a fully admitted chabad member, which means that he is fully plotting against the American people, never on their behalf.

It’s all filthy lies; continuously, these people are spreading great fabrications.

Image result for images; linda; schulman; parkland
All these rabid extremists, all these raging, fanatically elements, are Jews. In Newtown, too, virtually all the major actors behind the plotting and scheming were Jewish. Yet, then, there are actual Christians, the so-called evangelists, who are pro-Israeli? Any such individuals are themselves rabid extremists, mere hypocritical elements, never the true God-fearing/God-loving followers of the refined Christian way.
The degree of treachery and angst by these Jews is truly incomprehensible. While these hostile ones fully endorse the categorical supplying of the Israeli entity with countless billions of dollars of US-produced military equipment, including murderous fighter jets, they fight with all their might against the basic, legal rights of the American people to bear arms.
Such Zionists are hypocrites to the extreme. Moreover, they are cowardly in their acts. As well, these criminal minds are traitors, the enemies within, spies working for a foreign concern. They must be rounded up and dealt with by all the powers that might be: purged from the face of the for their high crimes they have committed, not only against the American people but also humanity at-large.
Through their spy agencies and internal high-treason entities, including their politically-charged synagogues and chabad lubavitch cliques, the Zionists have orchestrated this scheme. They had pre-selected their actors.
This is fully a premeditated plot. As such, no one should support to any degree the treachery of Zionism. All moral, financial, and tacit support for the Zionist strip must be obliterated. Anyone who supports pro-Israeli machinations must be held as a traitor and a fraud, and that includes all the various actors and perpetrators of the Parkland Florida school shooting hoax. They are all fully working on behalf of globalist pro-Zionist plots, never on behalf of any truly injured or harmed party and surely never on behalf of the American people and their society.


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  1. “America is a golden calf and we will suck it dry, chop it up, and sell it off piece by piece until there is nothing left but the world’s biggest welfare state that we will create and control. Why? Because it is the will of God, and America is big enough to take the hit so we can do it again and again and again. This is what we do to countries that we hate. We destroy them very slowly and make them suffer for refusing to be our slaves.”

    Benjamin Netanyahu

    • “Nothing is more insulting to a Jew than the truth” Alexander Solzhenitsyn

    • Zionist mole (but don’t feed the trolls).

  2. “Why is the Jew the enemy? Because he is superior; superior in intellect and wiser than all of us. We will falter if we allow the Jew to prosper. For the good of our nation and the world the Jew must be defeated. Otherwise we will always look stupid in comparison and be bowing to their needs.”

    Adolf Hitler

  3. The four campus cops that did not enter the building were all either cowards or they knew it was a hoax. Which is the most reasonable answer?

    • Better question- If they knew it was a hoax, why /didn’t/ they enter the building? Why didn’t they “play along” and act their part instead of being excoriated like they are ?

      In other words, you’re not too smart “Daryl” ,posing the question as you did… but we all know that truthers usually aren’t that smart…

      It’s very annoying to me that so many fellow Americans could be so fucking stupid. It’s the internet that has made this painfully obvious, Its god **** scary!

      • Wow, Trent, you are so smart.

        • And you are so stupid.

          • Is that all you have to say? Come’on man, lets put some blood into it. LOL

  4. Trent answered your question effectively Dad. Is that why you want blood?

    • Please why don’t you add some swear words to your remark. That will add some class to your inane reply.

  5. yes, OK, fine!
    its now pretty obvious that its some kind of hoax or, @ the very least, a false flag incident;
    Mr Alex Jones from InfoWars is saying, pretty much, the same and he has millions of followers;
    so, the next question is: what are the Yanks going to do about it?

    • You would throw a leg over her. Be honest.

  6. Alex Jones? Isn’t he the dude that sells dietary supplements on
    What is it about disinformation and dietary supplements?

  7. I miss cowboy. Did he fall off the earth?

  8. Ex70) Parkland PsyOp Zionist Jew Mossad Crisis Actor Cameron Kasky Steals over $2.6 Million Via Theft by Deception! For Massive Zionist Jew Agenda of Gun Confiscation AKA Treason!

    These filthy ziotrash even steal the name “March for Our Lives” from “March For Life” Annual Rally Against Abortion Holocaust of 50 million children murdered by Supreme Court Decree in the Last 45 years!

  9. Ex71) Parkland FL PsyOp- Fake Dead Crisis Actwhore & Jaime Guttenberg & Aunt Abbie Guttenberg Youkilis
    Steal Over $60,000- Theft By Deception, Lies&Fraud!

  10. Ex72) Parkland Fake Shooting PsyOp Crisis Actor Fake Dead Gina Montalto & Father Anthony Montalto Steal Over $367,000 inTheft By Deception!

    And remember ziojew fraudsters/ fiends will raise plenty more by having dinners & fundraisers at churches & schools all over Florida! From the same goyim they hate & want to disarm & enslave through these very PsyOps They continue to Perpetrate against the American people!

  11. Ex73) Parkland PsyOp- Mossad Agent Jay Moskowitz tricks dumb Goyim &